Conviction (2016) s01e03 Episode Script

Dropping Bombs

1 [Siren wailing, horn honking in distance] [Indistinct conversation] [Siren wailing] [Camera shutters clicking] [Indistinct conversations] - Hey, over here.
Miss Morrison, please! - Miss Morrison.
Can we get a comment? To your right, Hayes.
- Miss Morrison.
- Miss Morrison.
Hayes Hayes, your thoughts on your mother's surge in the polls.
The people of New York State recognize what a wonderful senator my mother is going to be.
Some are saying the bump is connected to your success as the new head of the Conviction Integrity Unit.
I'm not surprised.
Hayes is doing a fantastic job.
Why wouldn't New York want more of the Morrison women's mojo? Man: A picture together? You look amazing, as always.
You look like the second oboe player in the Garden State Philharmonic.
Wallace, did the Innocence Project inspire you to start the CIU? No.
Their sole focus is getting people out of prison.
The CIU's job is to review convictions.
Our clients could be innocent.
They could be guilty.
Our job is to make sure the system got it right.
- That justice was actually just.
- Mm-hmm.
Which is basically lawyer speak for you get good guys out of jail.
- Good, bad isn't the issue.
- Thank you.
Debating moral/legal distinctions with the press.
You know better than that.
They're reducing the CIU to a noble-cause sound bite.
Only you would be bothered by that.
[Camera shutters clicking] D.
Wallace, how did you know that a former First Daughter, someone who grew up with so much privilege, would do such a great job running CIU? If you'd known Hayes Morrison as long as I have, you would know that describing her as a former First Daughter is selling her short.
She's passionate.
She's tenacious.
She's a brilliant defense attorney.
And a bit of a party girl who's had a few brushes with the law.
Unless that's all behind you now.
Have you reformed or lost your edge? [Scoffs] I don't know about that.
That's all in the past.
Why do you think I hired her? You're looking at the new Hayes Morrison.
[Mother Feather's "Living, Dreaming" plays] In a dream I'm dropping matches Fanning the fire by batting eyelashes You've got that thing I need A hot hook and heart on your sleeve And maybe all it means I'm living, breathing [Telephone rings] I'll call security.
About time you slackers got here.
[Grunts] Ohh.
Were you sleeping under there? Ohh.
Just a quick catnap.
Our new case.
[Sighs] Rodney Landon? I was hoping for a Charles-Manson-type with new DNA evidence, but he's the closest I could find.
You really want to spend the next five days on this? The Veteran's Alliance submitted it.
A pretty solid argument the prosecution rushed to judgment.
Because allegations against law enforcement are always true.
Landon's an insane bigot.
He gave speeches calling for a "new crusade to confront the Muslim infection.
" I'm sorry.
Did I sleep through the repeal of the First Amendment? Being a hateful jackass isn't grounds for four life sentences.
No, but celebrating the 10th anniversary of 9/11 by bombing a mosque is.
Four people were killed, including the imam.
A terrible crime.
Whoever did it should die in prison.
I'm just not sure it's him.
You said you wanted poster boys.
Landon's a long way from Sometimes, I like poster boys.
Other times, I like tattooed bikers who pull my hair, especially when everyone is expecting me to show up with a poster boy.
The CIU is here to save anyone who was shafted by the system, bigots included.
And in the process, we will challenge the cops, prosecutors, the scientists, and the bleeding hearts.
Anyone who isn't down to fight like hell for the unpopular causes as well as the popular ones don't let the door hit you in the ass.
Get the crime board ready.
I need to take a quick shower and change my underwear.
I never wear underwear.
I was in prison with guys whose lawyers slept through trial.
Here we are defending some degenerate bigot.
You really okay with this? Am I annoyed that Hayes picked this case just to piss people off? Yeah.
She does love a reaction.
If I got riled over every bad guy who said something racist, sexist, or just plain stupid The guy's either guilty or not.
The thoughts in his head don't matter to me.
They should.
They matter to the law.
Hate crimes aren't just an attack on an individual.
An entire group is terrorized.
If he actually backed his words with violence.
So you don't think he's guilty? What I know is our job requires an open mind, our boss wants to work the case, and the law guarantees bigots a fair trial.
So, let's go hear this bigot's side of the story.
Landon: I'm not a bigot.
I'm a professor, a political activist, and I had nothing to do with that bombing.
You were seen on the exterior security cameras.
Walking my dog.
It isn't a crime.
But casing a bomb target is.
You served in the military, Special Forces, explosives training.
I risked my life, saw my friends lose their lives to protect freedom and justice.
And then I get home and have my freedom of speech assaulted.
You're not in prison for what you said.
I was arrested an hour after that bombing.
They didn't have fingerprints.
They didn't have me on camera inside the mosque.
All they had was my history of speaking the truth about Muslim extremists.
You mean when you referred to Muslims as terrorists, a threat to our way of life.
Islam is not a religion of peace.
It's a militant movement to create a global caliphate by any means necessary.
ISIS recruits 1,000 new members every month, and each one of them would gladly blow themselves up to kill as many Americans as possible.
The Crips and Bloods kill way more Americans than ISIS.
So do drunk drivers, backyard pools, and killer bees.
See, this is a healthy debate, which we're allowed to have because our Constitution wasn't written by a Muslim.
Your case isn't about freedom of speech.
My speech put me in the police cross hairs, and once I was there, they didn't look at anyone else.
The forensics team didn't collect your words.
They collected bomb fragments and matched the bomb you blogged instructions on how to build.
Maxine: And the cops picked you up an hour after the attack with explosives residue on your clothes, so explain that, Professor.
Maxine: The Counter Terrorism Unit did not frame Rodney Landon.
They're the most prestigious unit in the NYPD.
The best of the best.
Remember when I talked about challenging the cops? With a totally unfounded allegation? We don't know that until we fully investigate his claims that CTU planted the explosives residue.
Brown really looks good on you.
Maxine: So you disagree with Landon's views, but you'll trust him over the cops? No, this is not about trusting him or his views, which I find repulsive.
It's about investigating his claim.
And what happened to not caring what's in a perp's head? I don't.
I care about what comes out of his mouth, which is a lie.
- The residue wasn't planted.
- Fine.
Prove it.
Good to see ya.
You too, Professor Shaunessy.
Thanks for helping us out.
My colleague Tess Larson.
Professor Shaunessy was my Bomb Scene Investigation instructor.
Taught me everything I know about explosions.
Oh, he taught me a few things, too, like how to hot-wire a car.
[Laughter] Let's see if we can't sort out your nitrogen oxide problem.
So, I built this site to replicate the crime scene where the bomb went off.
Shouldn't we be doing this inside? The bomb went off in the imam's office.
All we need is the residue from the device once it detonates.
This way, no structures get destroyed, which can ruin some of the fun.
And what's the nitrogen oxide problem? The bomb used at the mosque was structurally identical to the one Landon described how to build in his blog, but the analysis of the debris post-explosion indicated a slightly different mixture of explosive chemicals.
Doesn't that suggest Landon didn't build the bomb? Well, it's a possibility, but chemical reactions are unpredictable.
The only way to know for sure what the exact residue of Landon's device would be is to test it in the real world.
And if our test residue doesn't match the crime residue Chances are, your guy's not the bomber.
Hayes: We're reviewing the Rodney Landon conviction.
How unlike you.
Uh, by me, you mean "the new Hayes Morrison"? I knew you hated that.
You thought I wouldn't want you reviewing this case? He's hardly a noble cause.
Bigots deserve justice, too.
And it's a perfect demonstration that CIU doesn't just get people out of prison.
Some convictions deserve to be upheld.
You're really that confident? Landon's conviction was solid.
And I appreciate the update.
Although I'm aware that by saying that I may have just ensured I never get another one.
And there I go getting predictable again.
- Not a bad thing, you know? - Hmm? It's how you know that people know you.
Or how you know you're falling into a dull, boring, comfortable pattern.
Stay dangerous.
Ride your proverbial motorcycle.
Just wear a helmet.
Where's the fun in that? [Hinges squeak] Frankie: The bomber knew the imam's schedule exactly.
Entered through his office in the morning, when he knew no one would be there.
The bomb was constructed from a block of homemade C-4 hidden inside a three-ring binder, covered in ball bearings.
A number 10 detonator was inserted into the explosive material and connected to a trip wire fastened to the underside of the desk with a half-inch steel staple.
[Staple gun fires] [Beeps] The bomb was set to detonate when the drawer opened.
The imam and his associates came back from lunch at 1:15.
They walked into his office like it was any other day.
They never knew what was coming.
Peter: When a bomb detonates, people say it's like ice picks plunging into your ears.
The shock wave can rupture organs, even liquefy your eyes.
[Screaming] Thank you so much for inviting me into your home.
Your children are beautiful.
They would make their father very proud.
He watches them from wherever he is now.
From Jannah, I'm sure.
Let's have a seat.
My sympathies to all of you for your loss and for any further upset caused by our investigation.
Why are you doing this? The Conviction Integrity Unit has a mandate to Shut up.
Spare us your fake sympathy.
You're gonna set a murderer free.
Rodney Landon and every person in this room - deserves the same protection - Just stop! My husband wasn't just a Muslim.
He was a father, a lover, a soccer coach.
He was a beautiful human being.
Not just a victim whose wife you have the chore of notifying.
I appreciate you telling us in person.
I sincerely hope that Landon was justly convicted, but if there was a mistake, even a legal technicality, you have to follow the law.
It's what makes us civilized.
Oh, that's very forgiving of you, considering Landon's beliefs.
"The recompense of evil is punishment like it, but whoever forgives and amends, he shall have his reward from Allah.
" Is that from the Qur'an? I wish that didn't surprise you.
The Muslims they show on the news, the ones who have distorted and hijacked my faith they don't understand Islam any more than you do.
[Cellphone rings] Hey, Frankie.
The nitrogen oxide residue on the debris in my test doesn't match the forensics from the crime scene.
Can you repeat that in English? I don't think Landon built that bomb.
Frankie earns a gold star for coming to the bigot's forensic defense.
Maxine: Just because the bomb wasn't a perfect match doesn't mean it wasn't Landon.
He could've made a mistake mixing the chemicals or used a different recipe.
I doubt it.
He's experienced enough to know it's not like making brownies.
You know, don't just toss in an extra pinch of nitrogen.
Well, I'm experienced enough to know that there's no such thing as a perfect crime.
Criminals make mistakes.
But as far as we know, Landon's not a criminal.
At least not yet.
Well, you were the one who said his thoughts were already a crime.
Actually, I didn't.
I agreed with the law that says hate crimes should be punished more severely than other types.
Thought police versus former police.
I'm gonna re-check the test on his clothes next.
It's rare, but some non-explosive materials can cause a false positive to the test.
So can planting explosives residue.
I researched lawsuits against CTU.
I figured if Landon was right about them planting evidence, his case wouldn't have been the only time.
No other suits were filed by suspects alleging planted evidence, but there was one file by a detective who worked Landon's case.
Stan Sowinski claims that "work-related stress" caused by extreme pressure to meet arrest quotas, close cases, and sometimes even plant evidence.
CTU settled for an undisclosed amount.
Looks like Landon's totally unfounded allegation just got founded.
Sam: How do you like the private-security game? Sowinski: [Chuckles] Beats NYPD any day of the week.
Double the pay, half the B.
Where's it come out on planting evidence? You do more or less of that than you did with CTU? What happened to "CIU might be hiring"? - Let's talk about - Rodney Landon.
Can't help you.
We don't want your help.
We want the truth.
Which CTU officer planted the explosives residue on Landon's clothes? No one.
Landon was a good collar.
So it's just a coincidence that you and Landon accused your unit of the exact same thing? Look.
I lied.
No one in CTU ever planted evidence or pressured anyone to plant evidence.
I made it up for the lawsuit.
You falsely accused your own unit? After 9/11, I worked 18-hour days, seven days a week.
I wasn't sleeping.
Kept having anxiety attacks.
My wife dumped me and then hit me up for alimony.
I had a breakdown.
I was disabled.
I couldn't work.
And the settlement they offered just wasn't enough.
My lawyer said if I wanted to see any real cash, I needed to take it up a notch or two.
So what about the other detectives? Could any of them have contaminated his clothes? Not a chance.
Working in CTU, hearing all that chatter from the radical Muslim cells, the guys on that case were more likely to agree with Landon than to frame him.
Sowinski is a lying, money-grubbing dirtbag but draws the line at framing someone like Landon.
Sowinski's claims were bogus.
CTU is a dead end.
They didn't plant evidence on Landon's clothes.
So, on to alternate suspects.
Tess has been compiling a list of other anti-Muslim activists.
Don't forget the Malcolm X angle.
He was killed by rivals, not racists.
Check out to see if anyone benefited from a leadership position at the mosque at the time of the bombing.
I need to talk to you.
Why the hell are your people sniffing around the Counter Terrorism Unit? They're reviewing Landon's case, like I told you.
Reviewing a case means re-running forensics, checking alibis, widening the suspect pool, not alleging corruption in one of the NYPD's most elite divisions.
This is my unit, my investigation, and I will run it the way that I see fit.
No, you will not.
This line of attack on CTU stops now! Message received.
I'm sorry.
I have a temper.
You have a rebellious streak.
We've got to set those aside, and you need to trust me.
CTU did not frame Landon.
That unit is too important to the city's safety to have its credibility undermined by one baseless allegation, which is what could happen if you keep digging into this.
Do you hear me? Loud and clear.
Thank you.
Uh, can we skip the part where we pretend we didn't just hear everything and cut to the chase? Why didn't you tell him we were moving off CTU? Because we're not anymore.
Sowinski was convincing.
CTU didn't plant the explosives residue.
Wallace is one of the best trial lawyers I know because he remains completely objective.
If he's pissed off, there are bigger implications.
There is a connection between CTU and this case.
Wallace is trying to cover it up.
We're gonna uncover it.
What's up, guys? Hey.
- Hey, baby.
- Hey.
- You want a burger? - No.
I can't stay.
- How's my grandson? - He's good.
He got picked to be class rep for student council.
I need a favor with someone in Counter Terrorism.
CTU, huh? Don't know anybody there.
Come on.
You have friends in every squad room in the city.
Everyone I know is busy with the current crop of criminals.
A cop with your talent shouldn't be wasting her time re-investigating old crimes.
Perps already get a hundred appeals.
Now we're gonna give them a whole new investigation? You know this isn't my first choice of job, either.
But since I'm doing it, I am not gonna half-ass it.
I'll get my own source at CTU.
Let me make a few calls.
[Car alarm chirps] Ow! [Groans] Aah! I-I just want to talk.
And you thought wearing a ski mask was a good ice breaker? Your dad asked me to help you.
Look, I work in CTU.
[Sighs] Hayes: So much for the Malcolm X theory.
The new imam was hired after a nationwide search.
No one was promoted in the wake of the bombing.
And according to everyone we spoke to at the mosque, Imam Abdullah was loved by kids, counseled troubled teens, went out of his way to ensure that the young female members felt respected.
- Adored by all.
- Basically.
I just got a tip from an inside source.
CTU did not plant the residue on Landon's clothes, but Wallace is covering something up.
An off-the-books CTU surveillance team that was trailing Landon in the weeks before the bombing.
Did they see where he was that day? No.
They were too busy breaking in to Landon's apartment.
Without a search warrant, I'm guessing.
That's some old-school J.
Edgar Hoover-type shade.
And while they're in his apartment, they found Landon's journal, which detailed a plan for the Clash of the Civilizations.
Step one blowing up a mosque.
He's guilty.
And I, for one, am happy that he is never, ever getting out of prison.
Turns out I do hate the thoughts in his head.
[Chuckling] Yeah.
Hayes: Don't pop the champagne just yet.
If that journal is the reason CTU picked up Landon so quickly and that's why they caught him with the bomb residue on his clothes Then that residue, the most damning evidence against Landon, it can't be used in court.
It's fruit from the poisonous tree.
No dirty clothes, no clean conviction.
Frankie: So, wait.
So, even if what CTU found proves his guilt, by exposing that they found it illegally We might have just guaranteed Landon a new trial.
And taken away the state's best shot at convicting him.
And now we know why Wallace wanted you to stay away from CTU.
An illegal search in Landon's apartment? This is why I told you to back off CTU.
We're gonna have to give him a new trial.
- No, we don't.
- If CTU picked up Landon based on evidence from an illegal search CTU didn't pick up Landon.
Beat cops did, because he was on a watch list, on video casing the mosque, and all over the web promoting anti-Muslim violence.
That's a yellow brick road of probable cause.
There's no reason to compel a new trial, especially since it would subject CTU - to allegations of corruption.
- Which would be totally justified.
But have already been taken care of.
One commander and two officers went rogue on Landon's case.
All three of them got fired a long time ago.
The problem was solved.
The system worked.
You need to walk away.
The illegal search did not contribute in any way to Landon's arrest? No.
This is why you were certain that Landon's conviction would stand.
You couldn't leave it alone.
I was trying to protect you.
Neither the old or the new me needs protection.
Why is it impossible for you to trust me? - Well, you hardly set a precedent.
- Hell no.
You don't get to do that.
I never betrayed you.
You're the one who left in Chicago, not me.
I left Chicago because I was fired.
You got yourself fired because things were going well for you, for us, and it freaked you out.
Oh, right.
This is all about you.
This is all about you and your need to constantly challenge people with the things that you say and the cases you pick and how you defy everyone and trust no one.
And you never, ever admit when you're wrong, no matter how much damage you leave in your wake.
All I'm doing is my job.
[Door opens, closes] [Buzzer] You approached bombing the mosque with military precision.
You made a plan, wrote it up, followed it through.
Might as well admit it.
My plan was to blow up a mosque, not that mosque, and with a much more lethal device.
So you're not denying the journal is yours.
I don't need to deny it because it's legally inadmissible.
Must be, since NYPD never mentioned it.
Smart as well as evil.
When I joined the Army, I swore to defend the Constitution against any enemy, foreign or domestic.
The best way to defend this country is to eradicate all Muslims before they eradicate us.
That's genocide.
A just genocide.
No different than fire-bombing Dresden or dropping two atomic bombs on Japan.
What you are talking about isn't a military tactic.
It's mass murder, and you know it.
The problem with the War on Terror is that it's not terrifying enough.
ISIS doesn't deny their attacks.
They film them, publicize them, brag about them.
If I executed that plan in the journal, I wouldn't deny it.
But what I do deny is planting a bomb that destroyed only one desk and the measly four Muslims near it.
I'm done lying.
I've done nothing I'm ashamed of.
Or that I can be punished for.
Hayes: His defense was he was planning to blow up a different mosque, full of worshipers, with a bigger bomb, and I believe him.
He wouldn't have bothered with such a low body count.
Even if he didn't finish the plan, just starting it makes him guilty of attempted mass murder.
That's not what he's in prison for, and he never will be because the only evidence came from an illegal search.
How can you take Landon's side? This is not about sides.
This is about the truth.
If he isn't guilty, then he doesn't belong in prison.
Well, that's what I thought, too, until I found out what he wants to do.
I mean, prosecuting gangs, I had to put bad guys back on the streets, but none of them were intent on killing thousands of innocent people.
How could you possibly let him out? Because he may be in prison for a crime he didn't commit.
Yeah, the key words here are "may be.
" We still haven't proven his innocence or anyone else's guilt.
That's why we're gonna keep looking at alternate suspects and exploring the possibility that explosives residue found on Landon's clothing was a false positive.
Hayes! We get it! This unit challenges the establishment, defends the indefensible, and gives the finger to public opinion.
And at the head, defying all expectations Hayes Morrison.
But innocent or guilty, Rodney Landon needs to stay in prison.
That's not our decision to make.
Let's get back to work.
Sam's right.
I'm done.
I mean, we have to have some kind of priority, and this bigot ain't gonna be mine.
- You sure about that? - Yeah, I am.
Okay, you're fired.
Frankie, no! You can't.
This is a good job, one that's not easy for someone with your record to get.
Don't throw it away just because because your boss is being a bitch.
Well, Frankie, the bitch is asking in or out? In.
Nice work.
I'm sorry.
Jackson had this thing tonight, and I had to speak to someone.
You provoke your team to mutiny and then come to me when no one else is available.
Old Hayes Morrison in full effect.
What if the team's right? We don't put people in prison because they're dangerous.
We put them there because they're guilty.
I could drop Landon's case, move on to the next one.
Could, but you're not going to.
If you prove Landon didn't bomb the mosque, you'll get him released, and then I'll tell CTU to put him under 24-hour surveillance.
They couldn't keep that up forever.
He's smart.
He'll bide his time.
We're lawyers, Hayes, not superheroes.
Or provocateurs.
The biggest fight I ever had with my mom was the day I bought a motorcycle.
I was 24, living on my own.
She still made me sell it.
She was right.
Enough with the motorcycle metaphors.
I get it.
I liked your mom.
She was cool.
She hated you.
[Both laugh] My mom hates you, too.
Oh, if she did, you'd probably like me more.
I should go.
Big day tomorrow.
Riding my convictions full speed into a wall.
Don't forget your dad.
He loves me, too.
My dad loves everybody, and everybody loves my dad, especially the cute, young What? I got to go.
Frankie re-checked the explosives residue test on Landon's clothes.
The positive residue test could've been caused by the nitrogen-based fertilizer from the dog park near his house.
That's the only thing left connecting him.
I'm glad you didn't bail.
When I said to Imam Abdullah's wife he was in heaven, Jannah, she said nothing.
Maybe we've all been thinking too much like Landon only thinking of Abdullah as a Muslim, not as a man.
But he was a man.
A warm, friendly, popular man known to closely mentor and nurture the women he worked with, just like my dad.
The first time I found out my dad cheated on my mom, I walked in.
There was broken glass everywhere.
I thought we'd been robbed.
It seemed impossible until I realized every frame that had my father's picture in it was shattered on the floor.
What does that have to do with finding the imam's wife on the security videos? Yeah, we already know she visited the mosque almost every day.
It's not just about the mosque.
It's what I noticed when I visited her home.
[Knock on door] [Police radio chatter] The imam's wife has pictures of her children everywhere in her house, but not a single one of her husband.
Maybe, like my mom, Kadisha couldn't stand looking at his face anymore.
She visited the mosque 23 times in the month prior to the bombing.
And how many of those times did she carry a bag big enough to hold a three-ring binder? [Beeping] Only once.
And what day was that? September 11, 2011.
The day of the bombing.
We need to find that bag.
Yes, we do.
Let's start at Kadisha's house.
This wasn't a hate crime.
It was a love crime.
And now we have to prove it.
Maxine: You can tell she carried a bomb in that bag? The C-4 explosive was in a binder.
It probably didn't even make direct contact.
Probably why she didn't bother getting rid of it.
Even in solid form, C-4 molecules still disperse into the air.
That's why dogs can smell it.
It can't be washed away.
It sticks to stuff on a molecular level.
[Beeping] She carried the bomb in here.
Landon's innocent.
Kadisha's guilty.
We got to let him out.
CTU will be on him 24/7.
I hope that's enough.
Of course.
Landon: The imam's wife? She discovered her husband was having several affairs.
Did some research, found your blog, followed your instructions the best that she could.
She wasn't trying to frame you.
I think she felt guilty that an innocent man was paying for her crime.
Did she know the others would be there? No.
He usually ate lunch alone in the office.
You're not a soldier anymore.
You're right.
But this war isn't just between armies.
Killing innocent people isn't the answer.
Actually, it is.
Our enemy understands this.
It's time we realize it, too.
That sounds like a threat.
Just an observation.
But thanks for the reminder.
I'll be much more careful about what I say or write in the future.
[Buzzer] [Door opens] [Handcuffs click] [Buzzer] [Indistinct conversations] [Knock on window] Yeah? May I help you with something? [Shackles rattling] [Buzzer] So, about yesterday Thanks.
I just got a call from Sing Sing.
Rodney Landon assaulted another prisoner.
Really? A rumor started that Landon was getting out for snitching on other inmates.
A skinhead attacked him.
Landon stabbed the guy with a shiv.
He committed a felony on camera this time.
He isn't getting out of prison any time soon.
Bad guy stays off the street.
Sounds like a win to me.
I wonder how that rumor started.
Not a clue.
[Knock on door] Thank you for the other night.
Turns out you didn't need my help.
Do I want to know how that happened, catching the actual murderer without setting free the would-be mass murderer? No.
Come on in.
Have a drink with me.
[Chuckles] No.
I hate when you go You were right.
I shouldn't have taken the case.
I don't know why I do things like that, but I do.
And I hurt people.
I was fine all alone And I'm sorry about a lot of things.
Before you appeared Including Chicago.
But the second you come back Got me talking fast, making me weak Thank you.
Throwing everything off track Oh, you're trouble The new Hayes Morrison.
I'm in too deep I'm still pretty fond of the old one.
[Text alert beeps] Ignore it.
[Text alert beeps] [Cellphone buzzing] [Text alert beeps, cellphone ringing] To be continued.
Turn on the TV.
It's a breaking scandal.
You'll see in the security-camera footage former First Daughter Hayes Morrison conferring with her longtime friend District Attorney Conner Wallace.
Inside sources have told me that Wallace let Morrison off the hook after she was picked up with cocaine in her purse.
Rather than charging the former First Daughter with possession, Wallace rewarded her with a sweetheart deal to run the CIU.
It's serious