Coroner (2019) s01e06 Episode Script

Confetti Heart

1 JENNY: It is my mission as the coroner to speak for the dead so that we can protect the living.
My office made mistakes.
I'm officially reopening all of the cases of former pathologist Dr.
Ian Peterson.
Effective immediately.
Every lawyer with a convicted murderer in the past 10 years is about to file an appeal.
That's my work you're undoing.
ROSS: Liam! Are you, are you and my mom? Liam is a good guy and I was lonely! Dad is dead! You are supposed to be lonely! I just need to get out of here.
I have to go.
That was our dog? [ECHOING BARKS] Arski.
What a good boy he was.
[GUNSHOT FIRES, JENNY GASPS] [MUFFLED SCREAMS] Gail Pullman, 58, delusional.
Past, minor drug offenses COP: Stand back! [MUFFLED TASER ZAPS] [PAINED GRUNTS] Tested positive for amphetamines.
COP: Stand back, drop your weapon! JENNY: Maybe that's why the tasers didn't work.
[MULTIPLE MUFFLED GUNSHOTS] Taser deployed at 15 feet, but the gun discharged at 8.
It doesn't make sense.
Cooper? Dr.
Cooper? [PHONE RINGS] - Oh, uh I'm just reviewing uh, the cases for today.
Visualizing - it's a common performance technique, It's used by athletes and surgeons and what's up? You told me to grab you when it's time.
It's time.
Already? You want me to pull the fire alarm? [AMUSED CHUCKLE] Okay Uh where are we with the body chart that I requested? We got the most professional of apologies, and a guarantee that it'll be here this morning.
Okay, that's good.
It's normal to be nervous.
No, I'm not I'm not nervous.
Sure you are.
Nobody likes their first inquest.
It's a huge responsibility.
You're basically saying, these people died, and I'll make it never happen again.
Uh good luck.
CORONER'S CONSTABLE: All rise! CORONER'S CONSTABLE: Be seated please! This Coroner's Inquest is now in session, Dr.
Jennifer Cooper presiding.
Do you know why I stopped you here today? I'm sure I don't.
You failed to come to a complete stop in the allotted zone just back before the intersection at Avenue and Wilson.
And which intersection was that? I noticed you following me through a few.
Pardon me, sir? - Have you been drinking? - It's 9:00 am.
Why don't you go ahead and get your licence and registration for me.
My apologies, Sir.
I I didn't realize you were on the job.
I am.
And now I'm late for court.
Ah, geez, well, let's just get you on your way.
You have a good day.
Again, my apologies, sir.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where you going? I thought you said I rolled a red back there? How about you do your job? If I did in fact break the law, as you claim, I expect you to write me a ticket.
Let's go! Hurry up, I'm late.
Come on.
As the jury, you have the unique opportunity to give voice to the dead through this inquest.
Each of these cases concern an Emotionally Disturbed Person, whose encounter with Police resulted in death.
In each of these cases you'll be asked to assign a verdict of accidental, natural, suicide, homicide, - or undetermined death.
- [DOOR OPENS, SHUTS] [CLEARS THROAT SLIGHTLY] You'll also be asked to give recommendations that may assist in preventing a similar death in the future.
Crown Counsel is Leigh Marks, and Rory Durham is here on behalf of the Toronto Police Association.
We'll begin with case one, the shooting death of Kofi Abanda.
Our first witness is Det.
Taylor Kim.
Detective Taylor Kim, Toronto Homicide Division.
Aside from my duties as an investigator, I also teach Use-of-Force Training at the academy.
Could you please describe this for our Jury? Certainly.
It's the process of learning when and where lethal force may be applied.
Regulation 926, Subsection 9 of the Police Services Act states that a member of a police force shall not draw, point or discharge their firearm unless he or she believes, on reasonable grounds, that to do so is necessary to protect against loss of life or bodily harm.
LEIGH: And would that apply in this case? Unfortunately, yes.
In the event of an EDP, emotionally disturbed person, they're not always able to comply, which leads to escalation if officers are confronted with violence.
And in the Use-of-Force training, are officers taught to de-escalate? Of course, it's part of the training, but it's not always practical in the field.
In your opinion, could this incident have seen a different outcome? TAYLOR: Having reviewed the evidence and the statements from the officers involved, a different outcome was very unlikely.
JENNY: Uh, thank you, Det.
If there are no further questions, please excuse the witness.
Prepare the next witness please.
RORY: Please state your name and occupation for the Jury? Constable Peter Bell, 10th Division.
Could you give us your account of the night Kofi Abanda was killed? Yes, sir.
Myself and my partner, Constable Scott Deveaux, were patrolling an area that had been experiencing - a high volume of disturbances.
- [SIREN WAILS] We came upon Mr.
Abanda in an industrial zone adjacent Cherry Street.
He was making a lot of noise, so we approached him.
We identified ourselves, asked if he needed assistance.
He was immediately hostile.
It was clear that he was on something.
He later tested positive for amphetamines.
But he wouldn't comply.
We gave him space, but then he reached for a weapon and came at us, and we were forced to use lethal measures.
JENNY: You tasered Mr.
Abanda, correct? I did.
I deployed a conductive energy weapon, hitting him centre mass.
But that didn't slow him even a little.
He kept coming.
He displayed "excited delirium.
" And that's when my partner fired his service weapon.
[GUNSHOT POPS] - UGH! JENNY: Now, the "weapon" Mr.
Abanda reached for turned out to be a musical instrument? Correct.
It was a trumpet.
JENNY: And did you consider the trumpet an immediate threat to cause you harm? It was dark, we couldn't tell what it was.
Hindsight is 20-20, but we were afraid for our lives.
Look, we didn't want Kofi to die.
- Everything was by the book.
- Enough lying! Kofi did nothing wrong! - You murdered my son! - Please RORY: This is unacceptable, Madam Coroner.
- You can't allow this.
- I'm very sorry, Ma'am.
- How can you sit there and lie?! - I got this, I got this.
Hey, Ms.
Van? [SOBS] I still can't believe Kofi is gone [SOBBING] Thank you.
Um well, a caution's been issued, but Ms.
Kenia will be allowed to return to the courtroom.
Thank you, Van.
I'm so sorry.
No, you have nothing to be sorry for, Ms.
KENIA: Nonsense, Van.
I remember when you used to call me Mama.
IMANI: Yes, thank you, Donovan.
I'm surprised to see you here.
KENIA: You need to come back to church, Van.
The kids need to see you there.
Well, I'm here, so, if you need anything We needed you a year and a half ago.
It was a conflict of interest.
I wasn't allowed anywhere near the case.
JENNY: Sorry, Ms.
Abanda, may we speak in private for moment, please? - IMANI: Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.
Things were missed from the beginning.
JENNY: We're just gonna go to my office.
Abanda, I want you to speak for your brother, Kofi, for today.
But for us to do that, your questions can't show any bias.
Well, Madam Coroner, the only bias in this court is the systemic targeting of Black and Indigenous people.
I don't disagree.
I support any and all discussions on the imbalances in our system when it comes time for recommendations.
But today is about the facts in this case.
FACT: Kofi fell in with stupid people when he was young.
AND FACT: he had a problem with drugs.
FACT: he pulled himself up, and out, to become a good, honest man.
Yet still, he dies needlessly at the hands of police.
What Dr.
Cooper is asking is that we all work together and try to stay within the purview of the inquest.
My family and I have been through endless court dates, review boards, appeals.
Most times we couldn't get investigators to return our calls.
Do you have children, Dr.
Cooper? I do.
Uh I have a 17-year-old son.
My son's 15, and I'm terrified for him every day.
So for his sake, I try not to leave anything outside my purview.
Deveaux, you and Cst.
Bell both claim the Taser was deployed at 15 feet? Yes, give or take.
And how present a threat was Mr.
Abanda at that distance? Madam Coroner, asked and answered.
That's all right.
I don't think people quite understand what someone hopped up on snap is like.
15 feet's pretty close at that point.
He displayed "excited delirium".
LEIGH: Madam Coroner, Ms.
Imani Abanda is prepared to question the witness.
[EXHALES] Constable Deveaux.
Senior Constable Scott Deveaux.
My apologies.
You did mention your exemplary record earlier? [SMALL LAUGH] I did.
I've reviewed it myself.
Commendations for merit, bravery very impressive.
But could we also review the section of your record with the abnormal amounts of complaints against you? RORY: Cst.
Deveaux will not be answering that question.
His record is not under review today.
JENNY: Please stay within the scope, Ms.
Had you stopped Kofi before? I don't recall.
I obtained records that show Kofi had been carded more than a dozen times.
Several times by you alone.
RORY: The witness won't be answering that.
Madam Coroner, are career patterns of misconduct and profiling not relevant to Kofi's death? I would have to agree.
The witness may answer.
I do not recall.
IMANI: That's quite all right.
I would, though, like to discuss my brother's trumpet next.
It was our father's.
It was almost as old as Kofi.
He played it every day, for hours.
It was precious to him.
And because of this, I'm completely certain he would never have endangered it, let alone used it as a weapon.
RORY: I'm happy to note Ms.
Abanda's opinion and move on, - Madam Coroner.
- [DOOR OPENS] [LOUD WHISPERS] The body chart.
Thank you.
[FILE RUSTLES] The horn was up in his right hand, to attack, when he was tasered? Yet, one prong hit Kofi in his right bicep.
Can can you explain that? No.
I I don't need to explain it.
Right hand, left hand, what's the difference? That's what happened.
JENNY: Both you and Cst.
Bell both put the trumpet in his right hand, and now you're claiming it could have been in his left? The witness won't be answering that.
Things happen fast at that range.
He was a moving target.
He displayed Excited delirium? You're telling me "excited delirium" is a common expression? They didn't mention it in their statements during the SIU investigation.
I'm just saying it's not uncommon for witnesses to rehearse.
And the Taser? I mean, they said that they fired it at 15 feet, but but the prongs should continue to widen the farther they travel.
And the contact points on Kofi's chart, they were so close together, it just we need to pause.
We need to pause, we need to take second and we need to find out the facts here.
I just [EXHALES] Inform all parties that we're adjourning for 48 hours.
[SARCASTICALLY] Oh, I get to do that? Amazing! [SIGHS] [DOOR BANGS SHUT] Can I help you, Officer? Wow, that obvious? Thought I'd at least pass for an old funk bassist or something.
Try again.
You must be Z-Ro.
Record producer who worked with Kofi Abanda.
All right, how about an introduction? I'm Det.
Donovan McAvoy.
That's it! I was trying to place you.
- Donovan, yeah.
- We know each other? Nah, but you played ball with my cousin like a 100 years ago.
I used to watch y'all up at Baycrest Park.
- Man, you played a slick 3rd base.
- Hmm.
Been recording Imani and Kofi from time.
Imani used to always sit in that corner to write.
Called it the "flow point".
That was Kofi's spot.
How'd you say you knew him again? Oh, I grew up around Imani and Ms.
Kofi was this nappy-headed kid always chilling in the corner.
Yeah, man, he never changed.
He liked to be out the way, keep to himself.
Look, I know he had some problems with drugs in the past.
Was he having any trouble that you knew of? Nah.
Kofi been clean for years.
Smoked a little weed, but nothing else.
Not even a drop of liquor.
His tox screen from that night - put Get Ups in his system.
- Nah, man.
Not possible.
Kofi didn't touch any of that stuff.
And we did great work that night.
You should listen.
- Sick, right? - Yeah.
- Right? Ridiculous.
- Why are they so short? - They're reference tracks.
Kofi would get an idea, record it to his phone, and upload it to the cloud.
Most times he didn't even mean to upload 'em.
His phone would update and I'd spend half a day sifting through throw-away riffs.
And this one? That's also from the night he died, right? [MOUSE BUTTONS CLICK] [TRUMPET RIFF PLAYS OVER SOUND OF A TRAIN PASSING] Mm.
It's a throw-away, but I kept it 'cause it's the last thing he ever sent me.
You mind running that back again? [MOUSE BUTTONS CLICK] - [RIFF PLAYS] - One more time.
[RIFF PLAYS AGAIN] I think I hear something.
MAN: What'd I say, Bivvy? Just shut it.
MAN 2: Come on, just let him.
Can you lift that train sound out? I can lower it.
[MOUSE BUTTONS CLICK] MAN: What'd I say, Bivvy? Just shut it! MAN 2: Come on, just let him.
[SIREN CHIRPS] I'm gonna need that recording.
RORY: You're adjourning? Dr.
Cooper, this is outrageous.
Well, we can't proceed until I'm satisfied with all the facts that I'm presented with.
These officers have been through an SIU inquiry, they're on desk duty.
They need this resolved.
You're the coroner, not the Pope.
Well, I didn't know that job was available.
- Sorry to interrupt - Hi.
but I'm wondering if you're done harassing my boss? Dr.
Cooper, may I borrow you a minute? Yeah.
[RECEDING FOOTSTEPS] Good God, thank you Don't thank me yet.
We have another problem.
Do two people still count as a sit-in? IMANI: This delay will lead to another delay, then another and another, until our case is buried under a pile of new ones.
Abanda, I can assure you that is the furthest from our intentions here.
Okay, I I only want the truth.
Then why are you letting those officers lie to you? My brother hasn't touched anything like that since he was young.
And even then he never messed with PCP.
He was so docile.
You know, just numb sometimes.
He'd never even raised his voice at anyone.
So what they're saying he just couldn't.
Imani, we are not resuming today.
I understand, but we intend to wait.
Do you want us to remove them? No, thank you.
Please give Ms.
Abanda and her mother some space.
[RECEDING FOOTSTEPS THUD] MCAVOY: I need you to run a name, and broad search Bivvy, Biv, Bivins or anything like it.
Could be a cop, a CI, codename, nickname, whatever.
Nothing? Yeah.
All right, keep searching.
Call me back if you find anything.
No, I'm good all good, Malik.
Is that why I'm here, Mac? MCAVOY: You know Deveaux and Bell, right? MALIK: Sure, mostly just Pete Bell.
What's Pete's deal? Enh.
He'a decent cop, tragic softball player.
Seriously, the guy's positionless.
[CHUCKLES] Everybody knows he's a complete flunky of Deveaux's.
It's like high school with these morons.
Pranks and shit.
Like they egg each other on.
You know if Bell ever gets called "Bivvy"? Hmm.
Bivvy's another cop.
Seth Fuller.
Who's he to them? He's plainclothes now, but he came up with them.
The three of them got pinned with the nickname Bell-Biv-Devoe.
You know? [HUMS A LITTLE AS HE DANCES] - I gotta go.
- [LAUGHS] Cool.
Sure you don't want this dog though? Nah.
It's all yours, Malik.
DWAYNE: Why are you so fascinated with Kofi's heart? I'm not sure, but the cops taser story doesn't make sense.
[TASER ZAPS] [TAPE RASPS] RIVER: You're right about the distance.
We've done six tests, each time the impact points of the barbs are way wider than on Kofi's body chart.
But what does that prove? That the barbs land further apart on a completely flat, stationary target? Well, if Dr.
Allen's up for it, I am more than happy to start testing on a moving target.
BRYAN: I just had an irate call from Police Services.
JENNY: Well, there were some glaring questions, so adjourned for two days.
They're filing an injunction to kill your inquest.
Wha-I mean, come on, they're, they're posturing.
T-those tissue samples are suppressed.
Put them away! Back in the box they go.
Like those DVD's you got me.
So, tell me exactly what recommendations are you expecting from this inquest? That the police place a greater emphasis on de-escalation training.
That would be a really great outcome.
Here's what I see: You've lost your courtroom.
And you've separated this case from the inquest in such a way that the other two cases may well not be heard.
Maybe they should be separated.
Ooh, you're gonna be my "Cause of Death.
" - Bryan - No, no.
Jenny figure it out by tomorrow morning or I'm taking over your inquest.
And make sure those samples are secured, they're Kofi's.
[DOORS SLIDE OPEN] [SIGHS HEAVILY] You aware Imani and Ms.
Kenia are still in your courtroom? I am.
Do you mind if we walk and talk? 'Kay.
What's with the cloak and dagger? Uh Imani said that Kofi was numb, that he was docile.
- Okay.
- Okay, well, Methcathinone can look like amphetamines by their virtually identical structure.
- Sure.
- So I uh I need a urine test kit.
I did some follow up on Kofi.
There's another witness.
Another cop was there the night Kofi died.
Seth Fuller.
I'm taking a ride now to go talk to him.
Okay, well, if this is about the inquest, I'm, I'm coming with you.
I just, I-I need to make a stop along the way.
[SIGHS] All right.
You can even bring your creepy cooler.
- It's not creepy.
- Oh, it's creepy.
Yeah, no, I'm fine.
[FOOTSTEPS THUS ON STAIRS] [DOORS BANG SHUT] King City is a long way from Toronto.
Some cops like the separation.
WOMAN: Leave us the hell alone! Three seconds to tell me who you are.
Donovan McAvoy and Dr.
Jenny Cooper, Coroner.
Can you put that gun down, please? ID Slow.
Hey, hey.
What can we do for you? Seth Fuller? We need to talk to you.
What about? There's a Coroner's Inquest in Toronto involving a couple of your friends, Scott Deveaux, Pete Bell.
Yeah, all right.
But just you, not her.
So what's this about? There was a shooting about 15 months ago.
Kofi Abanda ring a bell? - Nope.
- You sure? I have a recording that says different Bivvy.
Hear any bells now? I know you were there.
You saw it all.
Why are you covering for these guys? I'm not covering.
He and Pete Bell threaten you? That why your pregnant wife's on the porch with a shotgun? DR.
SHARMA: The fact that the dog was real may change what it represents entirely.
Okay, but why don't I remember him? DR.
SHARMA: You had this episode, impending doom, when unable to take your Ativan.
And at the same time, you let Ross run off to Muna's.
This dog may be a manifestation of fear towards yourself.
What, like, I'm the dog? That's like DR.
SHARMA: Try to think of it less literally.
I mean, Arski was his name, he was real.
And that doesn't explain why my dad lied to me about shooting him.
I know you wanna talk to me, Seth.
I can see it eating at you.
Just tell me the truth.
Did Kofi attack them? [PLAYING TRUMPET RIFF] I should never have been there.
Seth, did Kofi attack them? No.
- Say again? - SETH: No.
No, he didn't.
He just wanted to put his trumpet away.
[SIREN CHIRPS] But Scott was screwing with him, so I all I said was, let him.
Let him put the horn in the case.
He thought he got the okay and he reached down and something shined inside the case and shots went off.
It was the mouthpiece to the horn.
Scott was saying he had a gun.
Pete was freaking out, it was a goddamn shitshow.
What happened after that? SETH: Checked his pulse.
He was gone.
So I said we needed to call it in, and that's when they they gave me an out.
They told me to leave, like I was never there, like they'd handle it.
So I left.
You're going to say exactly what you just told me, to the Crown Attorney, tomorrow.
- I I can't.
- Too late.
The "can't" train has already left.
And I'll see you at the courthouse AT 9:00 AM sharp, or I'm coming to get you myself.
The worst part is you you had all this time to do the right thing.
[PHONE VIBRATES] Neil, I'm gonna have to call you back.
SHARMA: Jenny, let's make an appointment next time.
- Hey! - ROSS: Mom? Hey, honey.
[CLEARS THROAT] Thanks for calling me back.
Well, I mean, you called a million times, so Well I mean, no, I didn't call a million times, I just Look, uhm.
- I'm actually kinda busy right now.
- I know, I just wanted to know if you had put anymore thought into coming home.
I mean the house is way scarier without you in it.
[SIGHS] I love you, Mom.
[DOOR OPENS] - Uh - ROSS: I have to go.
Okay, love.
Uh I'll talk to you soon? - Okay, bye.
- Okay, bye.
[CLEARS THROAT] - How's Ross? - He's good.
Yeah, he's uh he's good, he's good.
[CLEARS THROAT] It wasn't excited delirium, he was depressed.
Kofi was on antidepressants, not PCP.
I just tested his tissue samples.
Scott and his partner got lucky with a false positive, but this is this is something.
We got everything.
[CHUCKLES, STUNNED] What do you mean, everything? It, it means I'm starving.
You hungry? [CHOPPING] JENNY: I mean, we could've gone the entire inquest without even knowing Seth existed.
How did you know to talk to the record producer? Well, I've been doing this a long time.
I saw the looks between you and Kofi's sister in the court today.
Is that why you're doing it? Why're you doing this toting around your creepy cooler [LAUGHS] It's not creepy.
Oh, it's creepy.
Hiding from your boss, doing urine kits in my car? I don't know.
It's like people don't trust that I can do my job.
That's why the Abandas are still sitting in my courtroom.
It's why my boss wants to replace me.
[SMALL CHUCKLE] Oh, and my son my son is so mad at me that he is staying with his Grandmother right now, so - Shit.
- Yeah.
- You're batting a 1000.
- Mm-hmm.
[CHUCKLES] We're from the same area, the Abandas and me.
Kenia was always good to me.
You know, right around the time I became a cop, people started treating me different everyone but them.
They never changed up on me, but I still stopped coming around.
I wanted to make things better first.
Change things, help the community grow.
Then I'd be welcomed back.
I was gonna be a hero.
Yo, yo, there's that guy, he fixed everything, brought the cops and the community together and [LAUGHS] I didn't even know Kofi died until a month or so after.
It hit me pretty hard.
It's not just that.
Part of me was hoping I'd find out that Kofi had attacked those cops, and had no one else but himself to blame.
That's why I went to the inquest.
How messed up is that? Who am I protecting, if not them? Here's to Kofi.
- [GLASSES CLINK] - To Kofi.
[SLURP] Jenny, these damn raccoons never take a night off.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - Ugh Sonofab [FOOTSTEPS THUD] Can I help you officers? OFFICER 1: Do you have any ID on you, sir? Why? We got a call about a disturbance in the area, fits your description.
Is that so? This is my home.
Let me step inside and get you some ID OFFICER 1: So, no ID? You know what, we're about to search you.
Do you mind stepping towards me, please? Hands above your head, please.
Lock your fingers.
- I'm on the job.
- Where's your shield? OFFICER 2: He's clean.
Must have the wrong guy.
Have a good night, Det.
Hey! Somehow our last bottle's empty.
Should we open another one? You know, uh, why don't we just call it a night, and get an early start in the morning.
- Yeah, sure.
- [DIALING BEEPS] - You okay? - Yeah, yeah, just tired.
Uh, I'll call you a cab and fix you a plate to go.
Hey! Oh, dear God, thank you.
I just go by Donovan.
[CHUCKLES] Ready to do this? Yup.
Let's just hope he shows.
Do you know them? I was intoxicated yesterday when we spoke.
Anything you perceive I said is incorrect.
Don't do this, Seth.
I'll be filing a complaint against you for your conduct.
I don't know what game you're playing, Officer Fuller, but I can get a motion to compel, and you will testify.
[PAPER RUSTLES] You can talk to my lawyer.
Hey, where are you going? I'm about to go make Deveaux confess.
I know I I know you're angry, but let me get an official tox screen for the anti-depressants.
No jury's gonna care about tox screens, jazz recordings - or your taser charts.
- I think they will care.
No offense, Jenny, but I've been around.
There's two ways this ends up, either tied up and drowned in bureaucratic bullshit, or another medal pinned on Deveaux for a good shoot.
Just wait.
When Seth told you what happened the night Kofi died, did he did he mention the Taser? No.
Just do me a favour and don't do anything until I call you later.
- Sure.
- Okay.
DWAYNE: What are you doing with Kofi's heart! JENNY: Dwayne, it's okay.
Uh Uh, I couldn't get my head around the position of the Taser barbs on Kofi's chart.
I mean, the-the cops, they would've had to have been standing so close.
But it wasn't that they were standing close, they were standing over him.
He was lying down when they tased him from above.
That's why the impact points are grouped like that.
Why was he lying down? They did it to support their story, but what they didn't account for was the confetti discharge from the taser.
It went into his chest wound and ended up in his heart, before it stopped pumping.
Holy shit.
It's proof that they shot Kofi first and then tased him to cover up a bad shoot.
Is this about that? Hey, c'mon, bro.
Look, we've both been around the block, we know what's what.
Blue counts on blue.
There's enough animals out there trying to kill us, we don't need to worry about our own coming after us too.
What're you doing? [HARSH SLICE, WINCES IN PAIN] You shouldn't have slashed me like that.
- What? - That's my story.
This how it's done, right? Isn't this how you do it? Hey, hold on, man.
I-I didn't murder Kofi, it was, it was a tragic accident.
No, I said this is how you do it, right? I didn't say you attacked me first? I-I feared for my life.
I had no choice.
Please, brother.
My wife's inside.
- Your wife? - Ungh! [BREATHING HARD] You didn't give a shit about Kofi's family.
Why should I give a shit about yours? Because we're both blue, brother? [HARD EXHALES] The name's Detective Donovan McAvoy, and I'll be seeing you real soon.
You have it? Mm-hmm.
Heart confetti.
Counsel's filing the paperwork to turn it over to the Crown.
Heart confetti you incredible nut! We got 'em.
[DOOR OPENS] Well, it is in the hands of the Crown now.
Yeah, they're gonna open a new case with all the new evidence.
He'll get justice.
I promise.
I hope you understand if we reserve judgement until that promise comes true? Still, for now, it's something.
I'm sorry I haven't been around, Mama K.
You're gonna see me more.
Thank you, Van.
Thank you.
Van, come through.
The people need to see your face.
[SIGHS] All right, come on.
BRYAN: Well, you were right to look deeper.
Yeah, well, he shouldn't have died.
The police need to be trained to de-escalate.
That's gonna be my first recommendation.
You know, recommendations like that came before you, and most likely they'll come again after you.
[SMOOTH TRUMPET RIFF PLAYS] I wish somebody Would come and ease my-y-y Troubling mind Yeah-eah-eah-eah I wish somebody Would come and ease my-y-y Troubling mind Oh, yes I do Why won't somebody Come and ease my-y-y Troubling mind Oooh-ooh-oooh I sure wish somebody Would come and ease my-y-y Troubling mind Oh, yes I do