Coroner (2019) s01e07 Episode Script

The Suburbs

1 - You can't fire me! - You are arrogant, you cut corners, and you are not gonna change.
You know, the last time I was this close to one of these, it cost me 30 grand.
I bow down to a woman who knows what she wants.
- [SCREAMS, GLASS SHATTERS] - ROSS: Liam, are you and my You will have to talk to your mom about it, all right? DONAVAN: This is what we know for sure, Jones killed Shipman.
We have nothing to tie him to the other murders.
I need proof.
- [DOG BARKS] - JENNY: Arski was real, and that doesn't explain why my dad lied to me - about shooting him.
- [GUNSHOT BLASTS] A new day Yeah yeah A new day A new day I thank you for a new day That's all right Ooh ooh ooh [DOG BARKS IN THE DISTANCE] [SINISTER MUSIC] [GRUNTS] [VOMITS VIOLENTLY] Help! Help me! Please! Please! [GASPING] No! No! No! No! No! No! [GASPING] [LABOURED BREATHS] My name is Glen King, [LABOURED BREATHS] and if you're seeing this, it's already too late.
It's too too late.
It's too [LABOURED BREATHS] [SIGHS] Poor guy.
He was found in the street, a few feet from his house.
Wonder why he ran outside, instead of calling 911? Maybe his cell was dead? This is why you shouldn't live alone.
I am not getting back with my ex just so I have someone around in case I have a heart attack.
I'd rather get a landline.
Your funeral.
Something's wrong.
Touch him.
Beautiful! Sorry I'm late.
[CLEARS THROAT] Uh, it's nice to see you, too.
I meant your offices, but yes, present company very much included.
Uh so, should we should we talk about Thanksgiving? Uh how 'bout I apologize first, and then we pretend that we can't remember what I'm apologizing for? [SCOFFS] No? What? - Who's that? - Uh, the one on the right is my boss, and the one on the left is um, was my co-worker, until I fired him.
You should've had my back, Bryan.
You let that girl fire me! I'm sorry, I'll be right back.
- Politically correct, or not.
- I don't care either.
- You're not coming back.
- My lawyer gets Hey, hey if you're gonna talk about me, at least invite me to the table.
- No one is discussing you.
- Since you fired me, I hardly think of you at all, Miss Cooper.
Jenny! We need you downstairs.
Something strange - Dr.
Peterson, hi.
- Alison, hi.
So the body from last night, it's warm, and getting warmer every minute.
I've never seen anything like it.
DWAYNE: His temperature has gone up five degrees in the last 10 minutes.
Okay, let's check it again.
- Ah whoa! - [PAINED WINCE] That wasn't supposed to happen.
Are you okay? Yep.
[DOOR OPENS] What's he doing here? You have to leave.
Peterson, we are already having enough issues as it is, without you adding to [DEVICE CRACKLES] His body's radioactive.
[EXHALES] Everybody get back.
[BIRDS CHIRP] [FOOTSTEPS CRUNCH IN THE FOLIAGE] [HEAVY BREATHING] Gerald Henry Jones is headed your way, Handing him off to you.
TAYLOR: We'll pick him up when he surfaces.
MADDEN: We need to figure out how Glen King was exposed to enough radiation to kill him.
You cut yourself on his rib, We need to monitor and isolate you.
I need to be in there with my team, Agent Madden.
The CNSC has jurisdiction now, Dr.
Plus they've been screened and they're clear.
You're not.
You go back in there, you risk re-exposing them and yourself.
Hopefully this sample will help us identify which isotope caused the exposure, maybe even what the delivery system was.
So, you are helping, Dr.
Cooper, even stuck in here.
[DOORS WHIR OPEN AND SHUT] [TAPS ON GLASS] You shouldn't be in there.
[SIGHS] [TAPS ON GLASS] Hey! Hey! Hey, I need to be able to see in there! Hey! [DOOR BEEPS REPEATEDLY] [DOOR BEEPS] [DIALLING BEEPS] [RING TONE] OPERATOR: Your call cannot be connected.
[PHONE RINGS] Autopsy suite.
River, I'm locked in the work room.
I need you to get me out of here.
We're not allowed to leave either, Dr.
Yeah, we're trapped.
Holly shit.
Holy shit, we're on lockdown.
- Oh! My God! - Hey! Sorry, I didn't mean to scare ya.
Oh boy, do you look like my old neighbour, Murray St.
Clair, or what? Of course you can't be him, Murray St.
Clair's 80.
- No um, Mr.
Cooper? - Yeah.
- Right, Gordon? - Yeah.
Oh, Thanksgiving! I know you! You're um the French guy.
- Yeah, uh Liam.
- Liam, how ya doin'? Good, thanks.
No, I just don't have my key with me, so I broke the window, so I'm not gonna get in there.
I shoulda broke this window.
Yeah, don't worry, I have my keys.
- You have a key? - Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- Really? - Just, oh - gees, you're bleeding.
- Yeah, it's a scratch.
- It's nothing.
- Uh, you know what? Come inside, we'll clean you up.
- Well, thank you.
- Yeah.
It doesn't hurt.
What the hell? MALIK: Trust me, Mac, he's in there.
He's house-hunting.
What's a place like that run, maybe $2,000,000? Bank account is swole.
I mean, that garage costs more than my condo, that I share with a roommate.
And two cats.
Yeah, so the question is, what's he really doing in there? TAYLOR: Malik and I could go in? Just a couple out, looking at some houses.
DONOVAN: Ah, don't even think about it.
He's waiting on his new trial.
You go near him and his $500-an-hour lawyer slaps us with a harassment suit.
We'll do this one by the book.
Damn! - What's up, Mac? - Another ex-wife? - Hey.
- Detective McAvoy, you're blowing my cover.
You don't have a cover, Greer.
And you're interfering with an active investigation.
You can't go in there.
You mean, you can't go in there.
- Hey! - Uh, what the hell, Mac? Do you want us to intervene? No, hold your position.
Hey, Alison, it's me.
Is your uh - is your cell working? - No one's phone's working.
- The signals are scrambled.
- What do you mean, scrambled? Like eggs, terrifying eggs.
CSIS showed up.
The feds are here? And they don't want any information leaving this building.
Jenny, they're saying the decedent could be a terrorist or a spy, or some other risk to national security.
Holy shit.
- Alison, I'm stuck in the - I gotta go.
No, hey uh [SIGHS] You're fine.
You're fine.
You're fine.
Come on, pick up, pick up.
Hey, Alison, I need you to call me back, okay? I am stuck in the workroom, and I need you to bring me my pills, okay? Just figure it out.
[NERVOUS EXHALES] Just bring them.
[BREATHING DEEPLY] Oh, hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! I need to speak with someone! - Hi.
- Sabina! Hey um, what are you I-I was coming up to meet Jenny for lunch, um, then the whole place was put on lockdown so I'm kinda stuck here.
Well uh, seeing you here it's uh making me feel a lot better.
Okay, great.
'Cause I didn't know how this would go considering The body downstairs? The radioactive one? I passed by it like 10 times this morning? So to be honest, I'm completely freaking out right now.
I just kept thinking of that part in Terminator 2 where all the kids in the playground get vaporized.
And I'm worried that's what's happening to my baby right now.
Alison, listen, you're obviously fine, which means your baby is fine.
And if you weren't, would all these suits just leave you standing here? [SMALL LAUGH] Okay, okay, screw this.
[HEAVY BREATHING] [DOOR WHIRS OPEN] Don't bother, there's an armed guard in the hallway.
They still don't know how, when, or why Glen King got exposed to the radiation.
Well, what's taking so long? The CNSC and CSIS are battling for jurisdiction.
Everybody's strangling in red tape.
It's like an acronym orgy.
You're stuck here until somebody wins.
Yeah, well, you don't exactly win an orgy now, do you? Hm.
Agree to disagree.
I keep telling them that they need to focus on the physical properties of the isotope, in terms of the half-life that it's emitting.
How do you know about all this? I was on an international advisory board after Fukushima, back when I was still a pathologist.
Okay, so they don't know what happened to Glen, and they're not gonna let me out of this room until they do.
Yeah, they're keepin' me outta the loop too, even though I told them I'm an expert.
You know what? I'm just I'm just gonna have to figure this out myself.
While you're locked in this room? Yeah, well, can't be harder than passing med school with a 7-year-old at home.
Thank you.
Then I'd like to help.
Let's start over.
Hi, I'm Ian.
[CASE THUDS] And I stole Glen King's personal effects.
Glen King, September 3rd.
Maybe it's his birthday.
His birthday is not his password.
Well, our decedent is not a terrorist.
He's a corporate videographer.
Welder by day, dancer by night.
Maybe we don't need his password.
I'm not used to being ghosted.
And, when I didn't hear back from you after Thanksgiving - Yeah, about that.
- No, you don't owe me anything.
I just, I wanted to make sure that you're okay.
That I didn't overstep.
Sabina, I'm gonna tell you something that will probably make me seem unhinged, but I think you deserve to know, so I'm just gonna say it.
Sometimes I feel like there is a finite amount of happiness I can have in my life.
You don't seem like a pessimist.
No, I'm thinking more of a realist, especially since it took me eight years, and most of my savings, to get pregnant with this baby, which has made me happier than I've ever been.
And then that night that we - Thanksgiving? - Yes, that night.
It made me even happier.
Which made me really scared.
Does that sound dumb? That's dumb, right? The way-the way you feel is the way you feel.
I'm just glad you're okay.
Come home with me.
What, like right now? No, we're still in lockdown, but um after.
I made a mistake.
I want a do-over.
You gonna call me in the morning? No, because you'll still be there.
I mean, if you wanna be.
- Yeah.
- [LAUGHS] Let's do that.
[MOUSE CLICKS] Looks like Glen was shooting a corporate video at the Pendleton Nuclear Power Plant.
That uh, explains the where a bit.
[MOUSE CLICKS] And he interviewed the plant manager.
I'm Spencer Brinks, the plant manager at the Pendleton Nuclear Power Plant.
Here at Pendleton, we have an unblemished safety record.
Heck, you can even eat off the floor.
But don't, because food absorbs radiation.
To make sure that you are safe, every employee wears a dosimeter, like this one.
It monitors your exposure and makes sure that you are safe while you work.
You know, you're presupposing that Glen King got exposed to radiation at Pendleton.
Mhmm, that seems likely, wouldn't you say? SPENCER: Getting some good stuff here, Glen? - Yeah absolutely, Spencer.
- Great.
You know my wife's never forgiven me for the hack I hired three years ago to shoot our wedding.
Ran out of batteries during our vows.
Can you believe that? Just as I was getting to the good stuff.
PETERSON: I guess he is who he says he is.
JENNY: Are you getting anything over there? Curious.
All of these interviews are labelled with the job title of the interview subject.
This one is just labelled Camilla.
My name's Camilla Brent, I've been the head of health and safety for three years.
It's a bit young for a manager job, but okay.
CAMILLA: I'm sorry.
I'm a bit camera-shy.
Not the best time to quit smoking.
[CLEARS THROAT] GLEN: Uh, I've got some nicotine gum, if you like? Take the edge off.
I'm okay, thanks.
Besides, no food or drink allowed in the plant.
My husband's a bit of a stickler when it comes to the rules.
Uh, who's your husband? - Let me guess Spencer? - CAMILLA: Spencer.
- Nailed it.
- I was right about her.
Camilla said that she's been head of Health and Safety for three years.
Spencer said that they'd been married for three years.
That is not a coincidence.
Yeah well, maybe you just have a problem - with women being in power.
- Well, I'm here, aren't I? Helping you when no one else would go near you? Okay, what happened to you, to make you like this? You fired me, and you destroyed my career.
No, actually you destroyed your career.
I just noticed.
Okay, our time here is over.
[SCOFFS] Well, not soon enough.
GLEN: Here, here let me help.
I'm sorry if my hands are cold.
I can take it.
You're a very warm person.
Yeah, and I, I remember vividly.
They were sleeping together.
Well, you don't get radiation poisoning from sleeping with a married woman, but that is interesting.
I'm sorry, I thought you were leaving.
So how does he get radiation poisoning while working with Health and Safety people? [FOOTSTEPS THUD] [DOOR RATTLES] [LATCH CLICKS] [STARTLED GASP] All yours.
I so despise a staged home.
Isn't it so that you can imagine yourself living here? Why they stage it? Fake art and furniture that's never been lived in? No, no, I wanna see I wanna see every nook and cranny.
I wanna see every loose floorboard.
I wanna learn its secrets.
You know, where it's vulnerable.
People want their houses to be solid.
Well, I think of flaws as character, uh, vulnerabilities as an opportunity.
Why is that? [CHUCKLES] Are you a contractor or something? No, no, no, no, no.
I'm still trying to figure out what I am.
I've been away for a long time.
Have you seen the ravine out back? It's a real selling point.
Hmm, yeah, yeah, no it's my God, it's wonderful.
If you wanna get murdered in your own home.
[CHUCKLES] I'm sorry.
That's a terrible joke from someone you just met.
I'm Gerald Henry Jones.
Do we know each other? [SHAKY EXHALES] Hey, what happened? Are you okay? I think he figured out who I was.
It's all right.
You're okay? It's all right.
Thought you might like something sweet, Detective McAvoy.
And share it with your little spy.
And your friends down the street.
I should've known.
I saw a car outside my house last night, at a grocery store this morning, and now here you are parked outside an open house that I just happened to be at.
World's full of coincidences.
I know what you and your friend did.
My lawyer is gonna rip you to shreds.
You're lucky if my re-trial even makes it to court.
So eat up.
[PLATE CRASHES] You're gonna need your strength.
That's a week of surveillance down the drain.
Sucks for you.
Greer! How did you even know he was in there? You wouldn't by chance have planted some sort of tracking device, would you have? What if I did? GORDON: Three tours? Yes, sir.
- And the joint task forces.
- Most impressive.
You serve too? Oh, I was in and out real quick.
But if I had been born 20-years either way, would've been a different story.
- Grandpa.
- Hey, buddy boy! Where've you been? Here he is! What did you do to your hand? Oh, nothing, just a scratch.
He-he nicked himself on some glass, - but we've got it sorted out.
- Here boy! We're actually probably good then, if you just wanna Arski! Arski! Here, boy! Come on! Arski was his dog when my Mom was a kid.
You know, I'm not seeing any water down for the dog, here.
There's no food.
Where's his food bowl? I don't see his food bowl anywhere.
Come on! Got some water for ya, here! Where's he gone? How come Hey, Murray, have you seen our dog? - Okay, uh, Gordon? - Yeah? Yeah, you're at Jenny's house.
Your daughter's house.
Arski isn't here.
But your grandson, Ross, - he's right over there.
- Right there.
- That's it.
And I'm Liam.
- Hi.
Hi, we were just talking about our time - in the armed service.
- Sure, three tours.
And we're having some tea.
You want some tea? I can make a nice fresh pot.
- How 'bout that? - Sure.
Good strong builder's tea there, sport? Okay.
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, he's beat.
Okay? After your tea I'll drive him back to the home.
You can't just You can't just walk him in there.
He's already gone missing a couple of times, and they already want to move him to a more secure floor.
Stricter care might be good for him.
No! No, I've looked into it.
You don't recover from there, okay? You just lose your freedom, and then you die before you actually die.
I can't let that happen to him.
Okay, but we'll need a plan.
Definitely, yes, I absolutely will.
Hey, did-did Alison have something for me? - Hm? - Hm? Oh, no I'm sorry, I was thinking about something.
By my count, you had your child at what, 18, 19? I have a son, so I know what it's like, how hard it can be.
And yet, here you are, Dr.
Jenny Cooper.
Yeah, well it was-it was important to me.
Then I had a lot of help - his parents, my father.
Where was your mother? Uh, she was in uh she was in Palm Beach, since I was eight.
Explains why you didn't have an abortion.
I'm sorry, what? You didn't wanna be a deadbeat like your own mother, so you kept the baby to re-right her wrongs.
How does your wife cope with you? Oh, she doesn't.
She um she left, right after Emmett went off to university.
- Sorry.
- Don't be.
Everyone deserves to be happy.
Even ex-wives.
[SINISTER MUSIC] There's a folder called I.
In case of Emergency.
I had one for my ex-wife.
I went in-I went into the restricted area to capture some interesting visuals, and um there was a valve malfunction.
We were evacuated, and Spencer said I was okay.
He walked me through the decontamination, the security clearance.
[EXHALES] He checked my-my dosimeter per-personally.
I don't understand what's happening.
Well, you don't think? That Spencer created a valve malfunction to murder the man who was sleeping with his wife? Or he just seized the opportunity when it presented itself.
MAN: Okay, Ron, here is the paper that you wanted with yesterday's game.
- [BOX RATTLES] - Hey! Uh sorry, do-do you mind giving me a hand? - Yeah, sure.
No worries.
- Great.
Ugh! - I got it! Ooh.
- Yeah, Thank you.
Uh, right there.
What's in here? A tonne of bricks? It feels like it, doesn't it? - You know, it's my equipment.
- Hm? My uh, my magic equipment.
- You're Mystico? - Yes, I am.
I'm uh Mystico, that's me the magician.
- You're a day early.
- Am I? But the residents would love to see you, so let's just get you signed in, and then I can show you to your stage.
Well, yeah, sign in, sure.
[CLEARS THROAT] Just right there.
- Oh.
- [PAPER RUSTLES] Oh Jesus, he visits a lot eh, this Ross person? That sweet boy.
Most days he's our only visitor.
We should all be so lucky when we get old.
Sounds like he's a great kid.
Uh okay, Mystico.
- Thank you very much.
- No worries.
Um, it's actually upstairs, and uh, to the left when you go up there.
- Okay, sure.
- The stage.
DONOVAN: That little green dot, that's my career in freefall.
You know, you can buy these trackers at any big box store.
I wonder why the police don't use them? Because we're supposed to be better than this.
Okay, either you wanna stop him from killing more people, or you don't.
That he's a serial killer is only a theory.
The world was flat before someone was willing - to sail over the edge.
- I get it, this isn't just academic for you, it's personal.
Oh yeah? How do you know that? I know your father was in Tent City.
I know he was one of the men killed there.
Guess I'm not the only one who's been doing research.
It's part of the job.
You know I'm not trying to pick at painful memories.
My dad wasn't always homeless.
He was just a regular guy who sold optometry equipment.
Then one day, he just disappeared.
You didn't know he was on the streets.
I didn't even know he had a mental illness.
My grandmother called him "weak bamboo," which is the biggest insult.
[SMALL CHUCKLE] He'd been a dead John Doe for months before the coroner tracked me down.
I don't know that I ever would have found him if he hadn't been killed.
All this is for him.
And no.
It's for me, too.
He stopped moving.
Don Valley United.
Let's go.
[ENGINE RUMBLES] [DOORS OPEN AND SLAM] It's a soup kitchen, That means homeless people.
- Hey.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Hey! Get off me! Hey, easy bro, my bad.
I just need to take a look in your pockets, all right? One sec.
- Damn it.
- [EXHALES] Sorry man.
Glen King had symptoms akin to stage III Leukemia.
His bone marrow was compromised, which means mass tissue degeneration.
And in the autopsy, Dr.
Allen observed that the lung lining was sloughing off.
As well as the stomach lining.
Radiation affects tissue which regenerates the quickest.
Because irradiated cells don't divide properly.
But if most of his symptoms were internal, and the valve malfunction is what made him sick, wouldn't he have radiation burns? You know, if I were gonna use a radioactive isotope to murder someone I said if I'd wanna make sure that it did the trick, and that means getting it inside their body, inside their bloodstream, ideally.
JENNY: River, are you there? Still here, Dr.
I need you to check his oral cavity.
Oh, we were just getting there.
Tell me what you see.
Cancerous lesions on the inside of his cheeks and lips.
Large pustules all over the tongue.
[GRUNTS] Is that his tooth? His molars are rotten through.
It wasn't a valve malfunction.
No, it was something he ate.
Hold on a sec.
Let me look at this.
Day 3 since the exposure.
Exhausted and nauseous pretty much all the time.
SPENCER: Did you know that radiation exists in plants, fruits, and airplanes? But it's safe, safe, safe.
Well, that's very convincing.
GLEN: Went to the hospital, they said I had the flu.
SPENCER: We have an unblemished safety record.
Every employee at Pendleton wears a dosimeter.
CAMILLA: My husband's a bit of a stickler when it comes to the rules.
SPENCER: Getting some good stuff here, Glen? Yeah, absolutely, Spencer.
Sorry if my hands are cold.
You're a very warm person.
SPENCER: If it's green, it means you're a-okay.
Are my eyeballs bleeding? I feel like my eyeballs are bleeding.
GLEN: Day 9.
Nowhere is safe.
Can't trust the authorities.
I've been eating the right foods Wait.
and taking supplements.
IAN: Maybe it was in the vitamins.
[PAPERS RUSTLE] SPENCER: You can even eat off the floor.
But don't, because food absorbs radiation.
[REWINDING SOUND] Just exhausted and nauseous pretty much all the time.
SPENCER: If the light is red, you are oh God, oh gosh, I don't wanna say uh, dead.
CAMILLA: I'm sorry, I'm a bit camera-shy.
Not the best time to quit smoking.
GLEN: I-I've got some nicotine gum, if you like? Son of a bitch.
What? What is it? MADDEN: Yes.
Agent Madden, I need you to get in here now, - I need to talk to you.
- On my way.
What is it, tell me, goddamnit.
- What is it, Dr.
Cooper? - The uh he was chewing gum, the whole time.
The radiation, it's in it.
You need to check his house for nicotine gum.
If you're not gonna go, I am! I am done being cooped up in here.
Can you pass me the sauce? Thank you.
So you and I made a good team today.
Then issue me a public apology.
Well, you want an apology, gimme your reason.
I proved myself today! No, it's it's not what I mean.
I uh I want you to tell me what happened, Ian.
I don't follow.
I've studied all of your reports, and at the beginning of your career, you were you were thorough and you were sharp, and then-and then something changed.
Nothing changed.
Something changed around 10-years-ago.
You started acting erratic, you were sloppy, you didn't dig deep into anything.
- I lost my appetite suddenly.
- What was it? Was it? I mean, was it the divorce? Were you sick? I mean, were you drinking? Like Just say something mitigating and I will give you a job recommendation right here, right now, because you are a good pathologist.
I am a I am a great pathologist.
[KNOCK ON DOOR] Hey uh, Agent Madden, come on in.
You were right.
We found a package of nicotine gum in Glen's camera bag, and it spiked our Geiger counters.
You have a "but" face? But Spencer Brinks had no idea his wife was having an affair.
What, the gum wasn't poisoned, it was just irradiated by accident? That's what our analysts think.
He had the gum in his pocket when the valve malfunction happened.
He must have dropped it and Glen brought it home, chewed it day, after day, after day, after day, until it eventually killed him.
So it wasn't murder, it was just a-a terrible, horrible accident.
It's a tragedy, but it could've been much, much worse.
For everyone.
Including you, Dr.
Right uh, I haven't got my blood test results back yet.
Results came back hours ago.
I gave them to your colleague, Alison.
Uh, before you jump to any conclusions Wow.
Wow, you are unbelievable.
I'll let you two work this out.
You knew? When Alison called, but you kept me trapped in that room to what, to prove to me that you are a great pathologist, to convince me to give you what, - a public apology? - You're missing the point.
We did some extraordinary work today.
Yeah, well I was vulnerable, and you kept me that way for your own personal gain, and that is the point.
Sometimes the end justifies the means.
You had a good run, Dr.
Peterson, but uh, it's too bad you decided to ruin it at the end.
You stuck your arm in a radioactive body, and you barely thought about your own health, because you were so consumed with trying to get to the truth of Glen King.
You immerse yourself in the truths of others so that you don't have to deal with your own.
You're so concerned with my secrets? What are you running from, Dr.
Cooper, because I can tell it's something big? [SIGHS] Well, if you'll excuse me, I'm-I'm gonna finish my soup, and then I'm gonna spend some time with my family.
[SCOFFS] - What's he doing? - I don't know.
Now to conclude the Tower of Death.
- [ALL GASP] - [ROSS CHUCKLES] Okay um so this will be Mystico's final trick for the evening.
Thank you, merci.
[APPLAUSE] - Hi, Jenny.
- Hey.
Hi, are you guys okay? I'm so sorry, dad, are you all right? Oh yeah, perfectly.
They called me like a dozen times, they said that-that Grandpa was missing, but then he was with you the whole time.
No, it's-it's a really big nothing at all.
Oh no, it's not him, it's me.
I-I went to your house.
I-I shouldn't have done it.
I didn't tell anybody.
I went there because I had to tell you something.
It's very important that I tell you.
What's up? It's time you knew the truth about Katie.
[SIGHS] It's just driving me crazy.
[SIGHS] It was Arski.
What do you mean, it was Arski? I mean, it was Arski.
He didn't run away.
I shot him.
I know.
No, I shot him because he killed your sister.
Don't you understand? I killed him because I kept warning her and him - I said Arski, you can't play on the stairs, you just can't play on the stairs, but no one actually listened to me, as per normal.
Wait, A-Arski killed Katie? No, that's not it - Dad, you said - No, one second, one second.
I just lost this for a second.
I have to tell you the truth.
Katie? Now, what about Katie? No Dad, you were saying that you wanted you wanted to tell me the truth.
- Hey.
- No, one second, - what about Katie though? - Grandpa, that all happened - a really long time ago.
- Oh, a long time ago.
Look, I'm gonna take him to get some tea, okay? - I want some tea.
- Yeah, let's go.
- Would you like some tea? - Yeah, thanks.
You just wait there.
I'll be back.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I um I feel like I'm - like I'm losing my mind.
- No, no.
- Everything is gonna be fine.
- Yeah, just I don't - Shit I have to get this.
- Yeah, yeah, sure.
I'll pack my things.
It's Alison.
I have some bad news.