Coroner (2019) s01e08 Episode Script


1 Where do you think we should put this? I think we should put Dad in the closet until we know what to do with him.
I don't like lying to Ross about us.
What was the plan, Mom? Hmm? Get a new job, in a new house, with a new boyfriend, and just erase Dad? Tell me what you know about Gerald Henry Jones.
He's a Bay Street banker, went for a jog by Tent City.
Claims a homeless man tried to rob him.
Jones stabbed him 26 times with a pair of scissors he had in his running pack.
Jones may get released from prison soon.
It's time you knew the truth about Katie.
- It was Arski.
- Arski killed Katie? Katie? Now, what about Katie? You wanted-you wanted to tell me the truth.
You immerse yourself in the truths of others so that you don't have to deal with your own.
What are you running from? Oh hey, the assailant shoved tissue down Dr.
Peterson's throat.
Very odd.
I'll run some tests.
Ross! Is that you? Okay wait, you're the woman who died in my house.
Well, I guess it is your house now, but you have not been feeding the birds! They're also yours now, too.
I'm sorry I-I didn't know, Mrs.
Sassy! Never lose that part of you, deary.
It's what makes you special! Man of the house and all! - Hey.
- Hey.
This is how Gerald Henry Jones got in.
He climbed up the trellis.
So, you think he killed Dr.
Peterson? Yeah, he stalked him.
Found out he put his house up for sale, came to the open house, and that's when he removed the locks.
But why would he kill Dr.
Peterson? He had reasons.
Jenny? What? Daddy! No! Daddy! - Hey.
- Yeah.
If working this case is too much for you.
No, I'm okay, I'm okay.
I'm okay.
I'm I'm just I'm just, I'm having a a bit of a panic attack.
You have someone you talk to about all this, right? - Yeah.
- All right, come on, I'll drop you off.
It's okay.
I uh I found that.
"Police are questioning life-long Kawartha Lakes cottager," "Gordon Cooper," - in relation to" - "His eldest daughter's death.
" You've been looking into your past.
No, not me, my uh, my former colleague must've been.
My dad told me that uh, that Katie tripped over the dog and she fell down the stairs, but in that article, they describe how she was found, and she she had to have gone over the railing.
You can't know that.
I'm a coroner.
My dad is lying to me, and I don't I don't What are you doing? This is EMDR - Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing therapy.
Follow my fingers.
Your memories of trauma come up involuntarily, but if we bring them up now.
You're trying to overload my brain.
Yes, disrupt your defences, reroute your processing.
What memories come up around your sister's death? In any order.
I remember I remember stairs.
I remember them being so high.
I look down but I-I don't remember what I see.
If you're here to interrogate me, call my lawyer.
Just out for a friendly run.
I'll give you a chance to come clean, Gerald.
So, we're talking about that pathologist? Peterson? Heard on the news that he died last night? - Where were you? - Out running.
- By yourself? - Always.
Other people mess up my rhythm.
I ran 30K, then took a bath.
Hm? You run the same route every day, huh? Well, I'm trying to get back in shape.
I'm training for the Hamperokken Skyrace in Norway.
Wanna hear a theory? There's a 5-kilometre loop between your old office on Bay Street and Cherry and Lakeshore, formerly known as Tent City.
You killed 'em on your runs, Gerald.
Thought nobody cared, and you were right, for the most part.
But with Dr.
Peterson, people care.
If I did kill Peterson, it was your fault.
You and Peterson planted evidence that pinned Floyd Shipman's murder on me.
You can't do that again.
Ross, my love, I am going to be late tonight, okay, so there is pizza in the fridge.
Okay? Hey, you wanna come with me to work? I mean, you can sit at my desk, you can, I don't know, you can draw animals, like you did when you were tiny? Yeah, rad, I'm in.
- Mrs.
Panych, - Mhmm.
she's pretty cool, huh? Is that why you bought the house? Uh, I don't know.
Can I go to the morgue with you? No.
Dwayne? Dwayne? We are going to treat this just like any other case, okay? Dr.
Peterson would want that.
Yes, he would.
Look at rib number 9, does that look deliberate, to you? The scratch? Well, he was viciously and repeatedly stabbed, so yes, I would say it was very deliberate.
Can I have a? Thanks.
Are those letters? He has letters on the rib? K-N- I-T.
It spells knit, which I don't, but I do crochet.
Just lightening the moment.
Look at this.
This is uh, the human bone we found in the bucket of pig bones Detective McAvoy brought it in.
The edging looks like a T or XXIV.
So, this would be number 1.
I think we're talking about a serial killer.
So, a bucket of bones was found at 366 Malvern Crescent, - East Scarborough.
- Mhmm.
But we don't think the rib originated there.
They excavated the entire yard, but they didn't find any other traces of human bones.
Where did the pig bones come from? Based off pig roasts.
So, you think the human rib I found was connected to a serial killer, and the same serial killer killed Dr.
Peterson? Mhmm.
And Dr.
Allen said that the bones were 30-years-old, so the real question is where did they come from? And if we're saying that Jones is a serial killer, how does this fit into his pattern? Hold up.
That's a coyote paw print.
Can I have a piece of that string, please? - Yeah, is that good? - Yep.
All right, coyotes travel in a 13-kilometre radius to hunt and forage.
Don't ask, they do.
So, they could have found that human rib somewhere else.
So we're looking for a possible site of origin, and 30-years-ago the terrain would have been ravines that coyotes would have run through before suburban sprawl.
I place my bets here.
- Hey.
- I'll meet you there.
Hey, what's up? I'm the coroner's officer, not the coroner's babysitter.
I have real work to do.
Okay, yeah, it's just gonna be a tiny bit longer, all right? I have to go somewhere.
Uh, he'll be quiet.
He'll be on his phone.
He'll play video games.
And I have a baby inside me.
I can't deal with one outside me, especially one who's stoned out of his gills.
Of course, he is.
Ooh, pumpkin patch.
Yeah, or it could be a crime scene.
Okay, stay put.
Do not wander.
I mean it.
Okay? Just-just crack the window.
- Hydrate.
- Aye, aye, Capitan.
- Hey.
- Hey.
How's he doin'? Good.
Shit! Wait! Wait! Wait! Don't get scared! The bang is for the damn seagulls and them.
You more city inspectors? Uh, we're not city inspectors.
Is your farm being expropriated by the city, Mr Kingston Ramadhin, but call me Tiny, Tiny.
Because dem was my name ever since I was a youth, and I could only handle a tiny, tiny spice.
Imagine that from a Trini.
Detective Donovan McAvoy, homicide.
Hi, uh Jenny Cooper, coroner.
- The coroner? - Mhmm.
Don't rush me to my death.
We're here about something that happened 30-years-ago.
Did you own the property then? Way before the city come and take my land to build some ticky-tacky houses.
Ever have a coyote problem? All the animals are part of the circle of life down on the farm.
Coyotes, rabbits, rats, raccoons, all of them.
And a random pop of colour.
Them is real special.
One year, about 30-years-ago, these roses started growing, and growing outta nowhere.
The wife loved them.
Tended to them every day.
She called them her little patch of magic.
When she passed away, I didn't have the heart to chop them down.
Hey, the soil is stained.
I see the discolouration the farther down I dig.
There is a there is definitely decomp fluid in here.
Sir uh, you have a dead body buried under your wife's flowers.
What? Wey, Papa you.
Wasn't me! It's full circle.
What do you mean? My first case with Dr.
Peterson, was digging like this.
He gave me my first shot.
He was your mentor.
He didn't deserve to die violently.
In disgrace.
He wasn't that good at the end, but before that, he was legendary.
What do you think happened to him? He saw hundreds and hundreds of dead bodies and it fucked him up! He's dead because you fired him! Um, Dwayne? Pull yourself together.
You need to bag that, Dwayne.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You okay? Look, I'm very strict about keeping my work life separate from my personal life.
My personal life is full of art and beauty.
You know, keep a healthy balance.
That's my motto.
But Dr.
Peterson is affecting me like a normal person.
It's okay to have feelings like a normal person sometimes.
Even I do occasionally.
Will you pray with me? I haven't been to church in a long time.
He doesn't mind.
Thank you, Father.
Thank you for watching over us.
Guiding us.
Thank you for bringing me here.
Watching over Dr.
Carrying him above If you've ever been in nature, imagine yourself there, now.
You may notice that your shoulders begin to lift.
Homework before phone.
Your calculus marks aren't where they should be.
We'll hire you a tutor, even if you have to wake up an hour earlier to fit it in.
Are you listening to me, Ross? Yep.
People like us, who look like we do, don't get the benefit of the doubt.
People will always judge us.
You're gonna go through your whole life always having to prove yourself.
And I'm not going to be around forever, that's why I'm hard on you now.
You need to be better.
So, they can't knock you down.
Yeah, Dad.
Okay, go get changed for practice.
Don't dilly-dally.
I'll see you on the deck.
I love you, son.
Dad? Dad, what did you say? Dad? Dr.
Cooper, we're ready to bring down the second half.
Okay, great.
You guys start.
Uh I need to check on my son.
Dad? Dad! Rip stop nylon.
Could be from a tarp or a tent.
I know this blue tent, as sure as I know the back of my hand.
That belong to the itinerant worker who used to come 'round every summer, and help out on the farm.
He and he son so poor, they had no place to live.
So I used to let them stay in the back of the farm - by the trees.
- You have a name for him? Reggie.
Reggie Johnson.
The man had big, big dreams.
Always talking about buying penny stock, and winning the lottery, and all them kind of foolishness.
Then one day, he gone.
The man no even have the decency to leave a note.
You never looked for him? I figured the man go and chasing his big money dreams with he son.
All right, thank you.
Brought you this.
Thanks, Mom.
- Let me in.
- Okay.
So, how long have you been self-medicating, buddy? Since Dad died.
You know that's no way to cope with life.
The gummies take the sadness away.
I'm just doing what you're doing.
You leave your pills in the cup holder all the time.
- I do, don't I? - Yeah.
You know I'm always here for you.
I know I work a lot, and, and I mean, I'm not the best mom, but I'm your mom.
I just wanted to manage on my own.
You know, the morning of my swim meet, he was giving me one of his um, "you have to do quadruple as good," lessons you know, and as usual, I just tuned him out and I just, I-I always thought he would, he would be there and and it's like, what if I keep forgetting? You know like, the way he slurped his soup, or the goldfish mobile he made me for Nowruz, or you know, his stupid life lessons.
What if I keep forgetting? You won't.
You won't forget.
Do you remember your last moments with Dad? I do.
We uh, we got into a fight right before he drove you to the swim meet.
About what? About hiding the truth from you.
Which is? We had uh, we had decided that we were gonna separate.
No more gummies, okay? No more secrets, okay? Okay.
- Get me up.
- Yep.
Know where the real money is at? Cannabis stocks.
- It's a bubble.
- Please.
You know who's gonna invest in the Malik side hustle? Big Mac? Why would he? - I'm his favourite.
- Nah.
When's the last time he texted you? Never.
What's his nickname for you? None.
You are not his favourite, Malik, - and I'll tell you why.
- Why? Here's what he knows about you, you like garbage jewellery, you can't stop eating at only one hot dog, your mom loves your girlfriend more than you, and your dad displays all your Boy Scout badges in his office.
So? Here's what he doesn't know about me.
I moved away from home when I was 16.
I was an elite rower.
I live with my girlfriend, and our 3 dogs.
I won the Tough Mudder last weekend.
Here's what he does know about me.
I'm a kickass detective, ergo I'm his favourite.
I'll take the dad, you take the son.
Hey! I'm on drugs! - What are you, an idiot? - Wha no.
Get in the truck.
Thanks for coming.
Yeah, sure.
Um, can we talk? Hmm? I know, I know it's probably not a good time, but um I need to talk to you about something.
Well, about some things.
I um Okay, I'm not seeing anyone else, all right? I don't want to.
I I like your kid, and um I'm ah, Jesus.
Mon coeur s'enflamme.
Do you know what I'm saying? Just Dr.
Cooper, they're looking for you.
Um I'm sorry I just, I need-I need I need some time.
I just uh - I need time, okay? - Yeah, yeah, sure.
I gotta Okay, come on.
There it is.
Lazy Killer.
Shallow grave.
There's a lot of debris in his stomach.
Looks like a kid's toy.
Looks handmade.
Someone lived out here with a kid? The rib's cracked off.
River, do you have a favourite rib? I never go anywhere without it.
Roman numeral I.
It's a perfect match.
It's consistent with the marks on Peterson's body, too.
So, the killer kept an etching tool for 30-years? Hey, you're looking at Reggie Johnson.
You know his name? Oh, hold the phones.
I've got a Jerry Johnson born 1965, at Mississauga General, father listed as Reggie Johnson, mother Kayleigh Noyes.
I got something even better.
I'm calling Mac! We checked all the databases; ours, RCMP, FBI Jerry's mother died when he was a baby.
Dad must've pulled him out of school.
He disappears from records when he's only 9.
But then reappears in high schools' records in 1980, at age 15, with a different name.
Wanna take a guess? - Gerald Henry Jones.
- Yep.
All right, thanks Malik, T-Rex.
What about M-Rex? Yeah, I could live with that.
So Gerald's first victim was his father.
That body better give us some DNA.
We need to find Gerald Henry Jones' DNA on this body, as well as Dr.
Peterson's body.
He probably wears gloves.
Serial killers are careful, that's how they don't get caught.
She reads a lot of true crime.
Reggie here was malnourished, or chronically ill.
The lesions on his pelvic bone would suggest prostate cancer or tuberculosis.
Tuberculosis? Yeah, TB or nor TB, that's the question? - This can't be a coincidence.
- Hmm? What? What am I looking at? The sputum I found in the tissue - in Dr.
Peterson's throat.
- Mhmm.
Tested positive for tuberculosis.
I just assumed Dr.
Peterson was a latent carrier.
What if he wasn't? Well, what are the odds that both victims had TB? Less than the odds that Father and son did.
You are having some sort of mind meld.
If the, if the sputum found on Dr.
Peterson came from Gerald Henry Jones, then we we have his DNA.
He's the latent carrier and, and we can link the past and present murders together.
He swallowed that tissue on purpose.
Peterson was a true forensic pathologist to the end.
He was clever and heroic.
He left a clue.
Yes! Okay, you guys can go home.
I'm gonna take the sputum sample up to forensics, and I'm gonna get a rush on it.
Now we can stop saying sputum.
Sputum saved the day! Did you get my thank you for getting me out of jail present? Dr.
Peterson? Then that was a pretty fucked up thank you.
Oh, no, no, the newspaper article about your sister's death.
You dig up my ghosts, I dig up your ghosts.
I became interested in you after you helped me.
I just-I knew that we had something in common.
Did you know that the library still has microfiche? Just, that's where I got that article.
You see, there's nobody here that's, that's gonna help you.
We have your DNA.
Give it to me.
My dad was a deadbeat.
Couldn't even keep a roof over my head.
He was a bad bad dad.
No, your dad loved you.
He whittled a car for you.
I whittled that toy.
It was me! I did that! That was me! So I killed him.
Your father kills your sister, you don't wanna kill him? He didn't kill her.
He didn't-it was the dog and he-he Oh, you're you sure you on that? You sure? Because I think that you are like me.
- Security!! - Oh! Security, help! Security! Help! Mine! No! Katie! Jenny.
Jenny! Jenny! Hey, can I have a second? Thank you.
- Hey.
- You doin' okay? Yeah, yeah.
It's just uh it's just a puncture wound.
It coulda been it coulda been a lot worse.
You know? - Yeah.
- Thank you.
His weapon of choice, a one-eighth inch socket chisel.
They barely make these anymore.
Yeah, well, it's a wood-working chisel.
It's just a-it's just a guess.
I cross-referenced homeless murders through VI CLASS database with trail races that Jones has run.
Got hits all over.
Niagara, Flagstaff, Gatineau, Aspen, Italy.
I'm guessing we'll find the rest of our 22 bodies there, too.
That's really good work.
I'm glad you're okay.
I can't believe I was eating cannelloni with Sabina - while you were getting stabbed! - Cannelloni? Store-bought, but I don't mind.
Um, can I get you a blanket, or or do you want some candy, or - do you want your pill- - No, I'm okay.
- Just take deep breaths.
- Mhmm.
Take some time off.
Spend some time with that Frenchman.
He seems like a good guy.
He's Quebecois, and yeah, he uh, he's a good guy.
All right.
Hi, Detective.
I lost my key to your house.
You think you can help me find it? I most definitely can.
- Dad? - Yeah? - Dad.
- Yeah? Why did you lie to me about Katie? - I told you what I know.
- I remember everything.
Why didn't you-why did you not tell me that I um- - You were so traumatized that you stopped speaking.
And when you finally started talking again, you never mentioned anything about it.
I thought maybe you had forgotten it.
Oh, Dad.
I didn't wanna screw you up.
Did I do wrong? I did, didn't I? By lying to you all these years, I did wrong.
No, no you were just you were trying to protect me.
I wanted to carry Katie's ghost.
I didn't want you to have to.
Oh, you were such a little thing.
I'm tired all the time.
It's okay.
Arski! Arski, come here! Come here! Oh, good boy, good boy! There's a good boy! Good dog! Such a good dog.
You old pot-licker.
We're done carrying around our ghosts, Dad.
We have to let 'em go.
It's gonna take a bit of work Oh, work Now that you're here Whoa, work 'Cause people come and go But I think you should know That I I think this will work Ohhh oooooh It's gonna take a little time But with you by my side - Hey.
- Hey.
I wanna try.
Is it too late? No.
I mean, I don't know I don't know what trying looks like, or But with you by my side I won't let go 'Til I've got what's mine I just don't remember.
I don't know.
- Think! - You were really high.
Yeah, I was.
What is he looking for? We found Dad! Found Dad.
You ready? Yeah.
Look, um I actually don't think I'm ready yet.
Hey, that's okay.
It's we'll just, we'll we'll move him around.
You know, we'll keep him close.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- Okay.
"As I see you," "I see myself.
" "Both in life and in death," "I see.