Coroner (2019) s02e04 Episode Script


I don't see the baby's body.
We were never gonna find him alive, Jenny.
Thank you for this moment to hold him.
I've got an appointment at my psychiatrists.
Yeah, 'cause that's who you talk to now.
When you got things to talk about.
Everything is worse since you shook-up my meds.
You're still sleepwalking.
My thoughts are under my control.
I am calm and relaxed.
I think you just broke my arm.
- Ms.
Noor Ermias? - Are you following me? Mal! You know Mal, right? He tried to kill himself today.
Oh God.
Harold! Harold what's taking you so long? Are you going to get me my sandwich? Where is my sandwich, Harold? Jenny, can you hear me? Wha?! Jenny? Hey.
No-no-no, Ross.
Ross, back to bed.
What's she doing there? Look, it-it's okay, I'm handling it.
Is it a myth that you're not supposed wake a sleepwalker? That's "asleep"?! What she even looking for? I I have absolutely no idea.
Where are you? Oh, okay, last time you woke up in the fridge? Yeah.
The fridge.
The garden and the road.
- You were digging on the road? - No.
I wasn't digging the road.
I was just on the road.
While you were asleep.
I'm not exactly sure why I'm sleepwalking.
Right? But maybe it's just because I'm stressed.
Or because we're renovating.
Or just because I need a nap.
Okay, Ross, you're on night duty.
I'm staying with Mal at the hospital overnight.
I don't need a babysitter.
And I can't babysit.
It's half-price Pizza night and the Dundas Women's Slo-Pitch Team comes in and they drink a lot of beer.
Come on, can you ask for the night off? I'm lucky I still have a job.
Hey, I'm okay.
I promise.
That's my cue.
I'm gonna go to my tent now.
You know what? - I'm gonna come back tonight.
- No.
No, go be with your friend's family.
They're upset, they don't know the city.
He's gonna have an emergency craniectomy, okay? You need to be there until he wakes up.
- That's my ride.
- Yeah.
You go.
You know what? Maybe it's because you're drinking too much coffee.
I've only had one today.
Late night? Any any luck on ID'ing the body yet? Oh, that part was easy.
Some kind of sick, psycho joke? "Sick" and "psycho", for sure.
Left him next to his own picture.
Any idea how long he's been here? All morning.
Talked to a couple commuters and joggers.
Somebody walking their dog.
Everybody assumed he was passed out.
Bus driver finally calls after looping past him three times.
Let's take a look at Mr.
He was hit in the back and the front of the head.
Maybe that's how he broke his glasses.
Yeah, looks like the killer might have taped them back together.
And then he cleaned his face and his hands off.
Maybe we can get a print on the lenses or the tape? Process the hat too.
Definitely not our well-dressed man's.
Well, he wasn't killed here.
Everything else aside, the lividity of his body doesn't match the way that he's sitting.
We can we can send his body to pathology now.
He's a good-looking dude.
Well, maybe an angry ex? He was a Real Estate Agent.
Unhappy client? His office opens in ten minutes.
Shall we? Oh.
Uh, yeah, sure.
If it helps figure out where he was killed.
Don't worry, I've got a job for you.
Jacen had a couple showings last night.
First was at 6.
Then 7:30.
He would have gone to the area early and gone farming here.
Farming? Going door-to-door.
Talking to people.
Asking if they'd consider selling.
He'd would have left one of these.
Thank you.
He always wanted me to come with him.
He loved it.
I hated it.
People are so weird in this city.
How long did you work for him? Five years.
And you like Mr.
We're so sorry for your loss.
Uh, Malik found Jacen's car.
We'll start there, and get to "farming".
You moving back to the city? Uh, if I was which I'm not Definitely wouldn't be moving there.
Look at the address? The Whitfield Co-op.
Multiple people die in a fire, and they're building condos already.
That's Toronto.
Drop you at your car.
By all accounts, our decedent was an amazing guy.
Someone didn't like him.
Well, it looks like two things happened.
First fracture of the skull here and then his brain tips are bruised.
Indicating that he fell backwards.
And slammed his head on the floor.
Yeah, and then bled out from his head injury.
What a horrible death.
Farmin' Donavan.
Jacen Kalla He laid on the floor and he bled out.
Whoever killed him May have watched him die.
Stop! Please! My wife's asleep.
She has headaches.
Any noise.
Any racket is excruciating.
I'm sorry, sir.
We can-we can talk quietly.
Yes? What's your name, sir? Harold.
Harold Carruthers.
And Mr.
Carruthers, were you home yesterday? I was working out back.
It's okay.
Well, maybe you saw this man? I don't think so.
That's weird.
Next door's saying they talked to him, and The house next to that.
He didn't come here.
Sir, you said your wife is asleep? - She has headaches.
- That's too bad, sir, I'm gonna need to talk to both of you together.
Please! She won't talk to you.
Well, she'll have to.
Now is she downstairs or upstairs? Sir What room is she in? Sir? It's my heart.
I can't breathe.
Well, maybe you should sit down.
No-no-no, you need to call 9-1-1.
Sir I am 9-1-1.
I caught the guy.
- Huh? - I caught the guy.
Uh, that's great work, Malik.
Hope Donavan is impressed.
You want me to show you inside? Mhmm.
Hey, you sleep, dinking all that coffee? It is a sad cycle of self abuse.
Wanna walk me through it? Okay.
Well, front door is where the murder happened.
In his bins we found bloody towels, and empty bottle of bleach, but wait till you see inside.
Why? What's inside? Yeah, I didn't smell it at first.
- But I came in the front door.
- Hmm.
All I could smell was bleach.
Where is it coming from? Yeah.
Donavan is with the old man in the kitchen.
Come see this upstairs.
The old man kept talking about his wife.
How she was sleeping how he didn't want me waking her up.
That is not asleep.
Her husband's been living with her like this? Thank you.
You do anything for exercise, Mr.
Carruthers? There's a pool up on Oakwood.
And you go there? I swim.
Thirty laps.
Back and forth.
You do anything else? I'm outside as much as I can be.
'Cause I'm wondering how is a guy your age Haul another, who's what? Maybe 180 pounds? All the way to a bus stop that's blocks away.
I'm very sorry about that.
What year is this wallpaper? - I don't know.
- Or this pendant light? Rug.
Floor underneath is gonna be in perfect shape.
You know, most homes I go into, if the people are older, there is all this clutter.
But this place? This place is a time capsule.
Why did you kill Jacen Kalla? - I didn't.
I warned him.
- With a shovel.
Because it was there.
Can I see upstairs? Oh! It hurts.
You okay? Wanna sit down? You have pills? Heart pills? Will your wife know, you said she's home.
- MA'AM! - DON'T.
You'll wake her up! And if it had been an umbrella? I would've used the umbrella.
I asked him to leave.
He wasn't listening.
I'm calling an ambulance.
So he's there on the ground, bleeding and bleeding.
Why didn't you call an ambulance? - I couldn't.
- Why not? That would mean sirens.
I didn't wanna wake her up.
- Who? - My wife.
Their wedding photo was on the bureau.
This was "Linda Lee Carruthers".
They look so sweet together.
- Mhmm.
- Aw, adorable.
Okay, well, let's confirm the identity of the body.
Can you ah can you pull her dental and medical records? Yeah.
What was your last conversation? With Lindy? Yeah.
What'd you talk about? Lunch.
And and how-how did that go? I asked if she wanted white or brown bread.
Pickles or peanut coleslaw.
Water or tomato juice.
And? She's been having headaches.
Oh yeah.
And it's been hard.
Usually she's into you.
What you're doing.
What do you think? She's like Lightning, like a hyperactive kid.
But now? All she has is me asking her what she wants to eat.
Did she eat the sandwich? How long has she been here? Hard to say.
It could be two years.
It could be ten.
The bugs have come and gone.
All that's left is casings.
We can autopsy her, but I'm not even sure there are organs left.
Okay Uh, let's take a look around.
See if we can find any letters or bills that give us an estimated date of death.
You guys let me know when you get her back to the lab, okay? That's the problem.
She and the floor they're attached.
Then we take the floor with us.
He thinks she's still alive? And she's hungry.
Could it be dementia? No.
My dad has dementia.
Harold Carruthers this place it's um it's too clean.
It's too well-preserved.
Could be sociopathic dissembling.
All to hide the fact that he murdered his wife.
Well, I guess we'll know more once he talks to a psychologist.
- You're getting an assessment? - Full psych eval.
Well, good luck.
Feel the energizing light pulse through your body.
Enlightening your sensations from you head to your toes creating positive vibrations.
- Jenny - There are so many neighbours.
Like nobody stopped to say hi? Nobody mixed up the mail? No one argued over who rakes the leaves? Well, Malik said that nobody knew Harold.
Nobody remembered his wife.
Yeah, but there would have been flies coming out of the window.
It would have smelled like rotting meat.
And nobody like nobody noticed.
- You okay? - Just like, millions of dollars for a home, to what? To just wall yourself off away from society, away from Away from people and your neighbours? Yeah, okay, um Sorry.
You find something? A couple things.
Linda Lee Carruthers died in 2012.
Why do we think that? That's when she stopped depositing her pension cheques and he started.
So she's been dead eight years? Fraud leads to motive.
Well, not necessarily.
If you talk to him, she's napping and he's handling the family finances.
- She's - Napping.
For eight years? Well, maybe we should ask their son, hmm? We should find him.
At least find out what happened to him? How? This is the only evidence we've seen that they even had a kid.
Oh uh here.
You can start there and just let me know how it goes.
Keep me posted, okay? Thank you.
Hey, Kelly.
Is anything in this house even from this century? Bottle of wine isn't the - Best housewarming gift but - It's great! Thank you for inviting me.
- It's not bad, right? - No, no, it's It's really nice, it's - Quiet.
- Yeah.
Except on the weekends.
Ty plays his divas loud.
Ha! Ty is not home.
We get to be the divas tonight! Oh S-sorry.
I can't stay.
- I just wanted to - Oh, it's not optional.
I uh I would lose my esthetician's license, if I let you go with those nubs.
No, I just-I I wanted to to stop by and see how you, how you were.
They're um they're tearing down your building.
That place is a graveyard anyway.
It's best that they just Get rid of it, rip it down.
Haul it away.
So that everyone can just move on with their lives.
You know what? I uhm I'm yes-I', gonna pay for my manicure.
And I will happily take your money.
I have a waitressing gig, but it's only two nights a week.
I would work every night if it meant not being alone with myself.
Grief is a monster.
And I run from monsters.
I ah I my sister died when I was, when I was young.
I mean, it's obviously not the - The same, at all - You get it.
You look tired.
I didn't say you looked like shit, just actually tired.
Um, I mean, yeah.
I just haven't um I haven't been sleeping too well lately.
So yeah.
Hands in.
Mom? In here.
She was so tired I had to drive her home.
She fell asleep on my shoulder.
You must be Ross.
Um, sorry who are you? I'm Kelly.
There were Margaritas, and tequila shots I just gotta say, the Dundas Women's Slo-pitch Team is-is is not welcomed again.
- I'm a waitress.
It happens.
- Yeah.
It's brutal.
There was this one group of guys from like this darts club down the street from the bar I worked at.
And every night they'd come in and they wanted me to make them "Kamikazes".
Do you know what a Kamikaze is? It's the most disgusting drink in the world.
Kingston? Ontario? Your boyfriend lives in Kingston, Ontario, and you haven't visited him? Yes But I currently live in a tent and have no job.
So I'm kinda trying to get it together, a little bit there.
What I thought was even weirder so.
So does he know? Ow.
- Good morning.
- Hey.
Did you guys even sleep? Hey, I got fired because of this.
And I have been fired.
So I was initiating Ross into the club.
You need this.
Uh, grandpa had an "incident".
Uh, my dad.
Ross's grandfather has dementia.
So I have to go to an emergency meeting at his care home, before I go to work.
Um can I take you to the GO Station on the way? You know Liam left his truck here, I can just give her a ride home, right? I can also do that emergency meeting for grandpa if you want.
- No, I'll change and - Shut up and let us help you, Okay? - Hey.
- Hey.
I'm starting to think you like it here.
I'm here for the psych eval.
Have you ruled on the cause of death for Mrs.
Carruthers yet? Medical report says that she was healthy.
Her last doctor's appointment was with an optometrist.
Ah what's the body telling us? Scan shows that, unlike Jacen Kalla, her skull was intact.
What about the rest of her body? No broken bones.
No fractures, even.
No lacerations.
No abrasions.
What about strangulation? No ligature marks.
And decomposition means we can't get toxicology specimens.
Well, I don't like unresolved mysteries.
What's on these floorboards? Bits of Linda Lee.
We used cheese wire to separate the body.
- Mhmm.
- I'm gonna miss cheese.
You're not answering your phone.
Nobody's answering their phone.
Damon Carruthers? I got mixed up.
Heard your message late.
Put "Coroner's office" together with mom's name - and I just realized - We don't need you to I.
her body.
Hearing how you found her, I'm not that sure I could.
When was the last time you saw her? 32 years ago.
I left home early.
I'm gonna go get the photo from your office.
It was uh It was disturbing, what happened to her body.
It's messed up.
And the condition of the body doesn't allow us to determine how she died.
You think he hurt her? Was he ever violent? Never I never saw my parents argue, let alone fight.
What about mental illness? Oh, he is eccentric.
Uh, what does eccentric mean? Denial was his thing.
When I was in high school, my dad caught me with a freshman guy from U of T.
He didn't freak out, he gave me a list of church girls to date.
So I started staying out.
He'd tell my mom that I was with my "study buddy", Louisa.
But there is no "Louisa".
And when I got diagnosed with HIV, when I got sick I told Dad.
He gave me ibuprofen with milk.
And that's when you left? Here is the photo.
I was 18.
I wanted life.
As much as I could get.
Thanks for picking me up, I can't believe they freaked out like that.
- Grandpa - Zach cuts my hair, okay? He cuts it.
Very respectable job.
Very, not like I cut it myself.
Zach quit, remember? He got a job in film sets.
Then they wanted me to go and sit in Vicki's chair.
I wouldn't sit in Vicki's chair if you paid me.
You can't throw a jar of barbicide at her.
You just can't.
This is so humiliating.
I'm sorry, Roscoe.
It's okay.
- I know.
- I'm sorry, Ross.
What's happening to me? Whoa idea.
You used to cut hair, right? What? Is this true? - Yeah.
- Uh, Information that I gave your grandson while listing the many places I've been fired from.
So you busy? If feels like you know what you're doing.
Maybe it's just the lack of confidence that was the problem before.
I don't know.
I mean, if the last job you did, didn't work out.
I mean, I don't think you have to worry.
How bad can I mean, look at me, what you're starting with.
Did Vicki do your last haircut? I'd throw barbicide at her, too.
You would? What if I trim it? Taper the back.
Get you looking handsome again, at least 'til you can find a real barber? You're wonderful.
- Thank you.
- Okay.
- Wow.
- Here we go.
I'm not worried.
All my years on the job, I've never seen anything like it.
Imagine being so in love with someone, so profoundly connected, you couldn't see the truth.
Devotional delusions.
Maybe all devotion is delusional.
What's the word, Doctor? There is nothing textbook about Harold's psychosis.
First we get him into the geri-psych unit.
Then we get him started on anti-psychotics.
- And then what? - Cognitive therapy.
Likely followed by grief counseling.
- Okay.
What about the trial? - Trial? M-my dad's insane.
- No.
He's not.
- What? I believe Harold is mentally competent to stand trial for the murder of Jacen Kalla.
What are you talking about? Harold is highly functioning in every other aspect of his life.
He said he murdered a man to protect his wife, who was already dead.
Or maybe he murdered a man, to protect his secret that he'd killed his wife.
You don't know how my mom died.
She doesn't know that.
Only he knows that.
Please My father will spend the rest of his life in an institution.
It's Damon, dad.
It-it's me.
It's me.
Damon? You look old? Alive, Dad.
I'm alive.
And-and yeah I-I got old, but, But mom She died She-she-she's dead.
So how'd it happen, Dad? Everybody keeps saying she's dead.
Tell them it was an accident, okay? That's how you found her.
We have to go home.
We can't.
Wait 'til your mother sees you.
She'll be so excited.
Damon's home! Dad, stop.
Are you gonna commit him now? I have a bed waiting.
I don't wanna be here.
I wanna be home.
I wanna be with my wife.
- Someone help here? - Okay.
Maybe we can make a stop on the way home.
We don't have all of the answers and-and maybe, maybe it'll trigger something.
I can't authorize that.
I can.
You said there's nothing textbook about his psychosis.
He wants is to take his son home to her.
Then he's going home.
Why is that tape on my door? It's a crime scene, sir.
Dad? Do-do you need help? Wait here.
I wanna surprise her.
First, let me see how she is.
She has these headaches.
Severe, really painful.
But she'll wanna be at her best for you.
Carruthers? Your wife is not upstairs anymore.
We took her body to the Coroner's office for autopsy.
My wife doesn't leave the house.
Just let him, let him - Lindy! - Let him see.
Lindy I'm home! This is cruel.
Cruel is putting him in jail.
Cruel is the courts, the banks taking his house.
Your dad's got a lot worse cruel to come.
He has a hard time facing things.
NOOOO! Lindy Lindy, Damon is back, he wants to see you! - Her wallet.
- Dad.
She's not here.
She didn't go out.
She didn't get her purse.
She died! A long time ago.
How did she die? She was having these headaches.
And you took her to a doctor, right? But not to Doctor Sanders.
He's retired.
This was a new doctor.
He was an eye doctor? He gave her glasses.
Then things got worse.
She'd get nauseous reading the paper.
Pulling on her shoes.
- Then her words - Did she slur? Yeah? I'd laugh, it was funny.
And she'd get so angry with me.
Yelling and swearing.
She is not a swearer.
I mean, she'd swear, but not at me.
What about pain? It'd be numbness.
It'd be very suddenly.
It'd be in her arms, and her legs? - Yes.
- Yeah? How'd she end up on the floor? It's okay.
What do you remember? I was in the bathroom, hanging up my swimming suit.
I was telling her that it had started to snow and I was gonna have to go out and shovel.
Your job.
Before you left.
She wasn't answering, so I told her again.
She still wasn't answering.
So I went in to check and Ohhhh I'm so sorry, Mr.
- OHHH! - Hey-hey-hey-hey.
You're okay.
You're good.
It's okay.
I-I got you.
I'm here.
I'm here.
If I had called the ambulance No-no-no-no.
Hey, listen to me.
- Listen to me, you're a good man.
- No! No, no.
You listen to me! It's okay.
You loved her so much.
You're a good man.
- You're such a good man.
- Oh God! It's okay.
It's okay.
She had a brain tumor.
Can you prove that? Never.
But I feel better declaring her autopsy as "undetermined".
I wanna get the number of that eye doctor.
With those symptoms, she should've been diagnosed.
A retired family doctor, different appointments, offices, files back and forth.
It happens.
She fell through the cracks, Jenny.
Yeah, but she would still be alive now.
She'd be with him.
"Til death do us part".
I met someone.
Really? Someone you're interested in? She lived in the Whitfield Co-op.
Well, former co-op.
Her name is not Kelly, is it? Noor.
Well, I I look forward to meeting Noor in the future.
Dad? Dad! - Hey.
- Uh He just collapsed.
I thought he was upset and he couldn't breathe.
I need an ambulance - 86 Granton Ave.
Elderly male, unresponsive.
He's breathing.
Talk to him, it helps.
Hey, dad, listen to me.
Hey, guess what? I have a family.
And a husband.
See? His name is Jayden.
Look at him.
And uh, and our three kids, okay.
They are all adopted.
Uh, there is Laura, she's eight.
And Ryan, he's five.
You're gonna love meeting him.
And uh Esther - okay, just between me and you - I did not pick the name - but she's two.
And she's adorable.
And uh, we all live in a big house.
I love you so much.
Keep talking to him.
Keep talking to him.
- He can't hear me.
- He can hear you.
Just keep talking to him until the ambulance gets here.
Donavan! Uh okay, Laura.
She just got into a math program.
And Dad Dad - please Dad, can you hear me? - Jenny! Jenny! It's too late.
Sometimes the thing you're looking at is blocking you from seeing In here! - Hi.
- Hey.
Hey, you're still here.
Uh, Ross had to go to work to pick up his last paycheque.
We're watching this old show, "Fernandes".
It's about a coroner, like you.
Not bad.
You ever hear of this show? Yeah Yeah.
- So? - Hm.
My haircut? She styled it.
No uhm It looks it looks great.
Not "she", sorry.
Oh my God.
Okay, last time.
What's your name again? Uh, it's Kelly, Dad.
Kelly! Kelly! Kelly! - Okay.
- Yeah.
Jenn, I can't stay at that home anymore.
I'm done with it.
So I'm gonna have to move here.
That's over.
- Okay.
- I've got some takeout in the fridge to get.
No, thanks.
I know Ross went up there and fought for me.
Talked them right out of even kicking me out, but - It's too much.
- Yeah, okay.
Yeah, Dad.
I mean, obviously I-I I don't want you living anywhere that you're not happy.
I just never thought I'd see it go this way.
That was not the plan.
You know? Yeah.
- I'm sorry.
- Okay.
Yeah, I mean, obvi-obviously you, you can-you can stay here Until you know, we figure something else out.
- Thanks.
- Yeah.
I just-I need to realize, that things are really chaotic for me, here right now, okay? 'Cause Liam is renovating.
Ross is floating.
And when I'm not working, I am wandering around like a zombie and What-what do you mean you're wondering around? Hmm.
Are you sleepwalking? Uh - Oh no.
- How - How do you know that? - Well, you must be really troubled because you used to do it as a kid, after your sister died.
The sleepwalking.
Oh okay.
Um so I'm gonna be right back.
I-I'm just I'll be right back.
And then when I am, we can uh We can watch "Fernandes" together, okay, Dad? Oh great.
Well, I'll wait for you.
I uh, told Ross I'd wait until he got home from the bar.
Yeah, my uh My Dad's sundown.
So it's not a steady decline.
Thank you.
I work 2 nights a week.
If you need me any of the other 5? That would never happen in real life! Never.
Yeah, uhm That would be That would be really, really helpful.
Consider yourself hired.
- I like your family.
- Hm.
They seem to really like you too.
Especially my dad.
Are you sure, about this? Dealing with your family it Helps me to forget Sorry.
One sec.
It's Ross.
Say goodnight for me.
That's my Uber.
- Yeah, okay.
- Hey baby, just hold on one sec, okay? GOODNIGHT, GORDON! Oh Goodnight! Kelly.
- Goodnight, Jenny.
- Goodnight, Katie.
I mean Kelly.
That's uh, that was my sister's name.
Of course! Of course it was.
What? No, Ross, I can't hear you, the music.
- Mom! - Hey.
Over there.
He said he was at the hospital.
I am so scared to ask.
Whoa! Sorry, Sweetie, uh, Liam text me last night.
Mal is Mal is fine.
I just-I forgot to tell you with everything that was Uh, going on with grandpa.
Um Okay.
So You're digging, and He is dancing? Uh, should I be worried? Yeah uh you know, I uh I I'm handling this.
All right.
OHHH! Hey.
- You okay? - Hmm? - You okay? - Oh yeah! - Mal's okay? - Oh yeah.
- Dancing! - Mhmm.
Wanna dance?! - Sure.
Of course.
- Yeah.
- Oh my God.
- Oh.

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