Coroner (2019) s04e07 Episode Script

True Crime

1 what're we doin'? Are we drowning our sorrows or are we celebrating? I got a terrible review on a food scouts order.
Come on, say it, I know you want to.
Say, "I told you so.
" Oh, hi Mira! That's Mira Samaroo.
She won the silver in the 100 in the summer games.
She's one of the leaders of Surmount.
Hey Mack, um, are you gonna ask Waylen to reassign me? Let's just keep it professional, man, We don't need to be more than that.
- What is this? - A few nights ago, Gordon was having a hallucination.
He thought I was someone else and he grabbed me.
Oh, my god, what's happening? Lovely.
I'm glad you're here.
But this is not right.
I-I'm just excited, getting this all up, and running again, you know.
I-I, I want this place to look like a A flower shop that I saw in Tuscany once.
Allora, non stare lí con le mani in mano.
Sarebbe bello se fossi una brava figlia.
E aiutare tua madre.
I uh, had no idea that you spoke Italian.
Yeah, I guess there's uh, There's a lot of things that I don't know about you.
Well, we have time, huh.
Ask away.
Actually, yeah um A few weeks ago, when I had that panic attack, I had this memory of You being taken away in an ambulance, And I wanted to know if it actually happened.
Let's not go backwards, hey.
I mean, I just really want to be here with you now.
Yeah, I just, I think it would help me understand Could we just build something new? Instead of dredging up the past? Because things are better now.
Out with the old, I say.
Whew! Whew! - Whew! - Whew! Good job, everybody! Woo! Woo! If COVID Has taught us anything, It's a world divided, is weak and sick.
In order to survive, We must evolve.
And be strong, together.
Mentally and physically.
Yeah! Surround yourself with those who inspire you, - Not those who drain you.
- Yeah.
Those who allow you to grow, To transcend, To evolve! Woo! Woo-hoo! Yeah! - Thank you! - Right on.
Woo! All right! Bye.
- Thanks, guys.
- All right, see you guys.
Hey! - Just gimme a sec, okay? - Okay.
- You okay? - Yeah, it's nothing.
I was on track to be selected for this weekend's big retreat.
in Ravenleigh Valley, but work got busy, And I didn't finish the course, so I won't be selected.
Won't there be other retreats? Yeah, but Ljnd will be at this one.
- Ljnd? - The founder of Surmount.
I took a few online one-on-ones with him, and he's so inspiring.
And Mira said he specifically asked, if I was going to be at this retreat.
Well, um Why don't I offer you the next best thing? We do a weekend retreat of our own? Too much, too soon? No.
Are you kidding? A weekend away with you sounds like heaven.
It's just These courses are really expensive, and they're only worth it if I keep at it.
All right, what'd you need to complete your course? I'm 15 miles and two mindfulness meditations short.
I could do it, if I took today off.
Then maybe you should.
I mean, if it's important to you.
You know what? Maybe I'll sign up as well and uh Motivate you with a little virtual trash talk.
- Hmm.
- That'd be so much fun for me.
Oh-oh! Well, that will motivate me.
Because I'll never let you win.
Oh, and I'll never let you win.
Ooh, looks like we're gonna be spending a lot of time together, if we wanna keep tabs on each other, to make sure the other one isn't winning.
We're still talkin' about exercise, right? - Mm-hmm.
- Oh.
When I'm done, I'm gonna come over to your house.
And crawl into your bed.
Oh, oh! Just - Hold that thought.
- Mm-hmm.
Just Go save the world.
- Okay.
I'll see ya later? - Yeah.
All right, bye.
Time to get to work, eh, Dr.
Cooper? There's no rest for the wicked.
Right thoracic impalement.
Looks like it punctured the chest wall.
Not as much blood as I'd expect from an injury like this.
There's some petechial hemorrhaging visible.
Punctured his lung on the way down.
Oh, look who finally turned his frown upside down.
Oh, nothing's gonna break this stride.
Not even you, Dr.
- Jumper? - Uh, possibly.
Either way, hell of a place to land.
What is it? You guys ever see the true crime web series, "Surviving the Past" with Rohan Arjune? I get enough true crime in my real life.
Okay, well Arjune and his boyfriend were attacked, by a serial killer who used to drug gay men, Assault them, and drive them out to remote locations.
He-he would dump the bodies.
I remember that.
That was like, six-ish years ago? Oh, yes, and your Chief, refused to confirm the existence, of a serial predator in the community.
Said they were suicides.
Case closed.
Well, miraculously, Arjune and his boyfriend survived their attack.
All right, so what does that have to do with this case? Well, this is the exact spot they were dumped.
High safety railing.
Yeah, definitely not an accident.
Lots of foot traffic around here, too.
Might not have been alone.
Well, tourists and hikers are common to this area.
Dog walkers, too.
Wait a second.
Hey We're headed back to the parking lot.
The decedent was living in his car? Yeah, could support the jumper theory.
If he was struggling with housing, navigating mental health issues.
The receipt said he filled up last night.
I don't know if I'd fill up if I was gonna check out.
Well, maybe he wasn't living in his car.
Maybe, you know, he was running from something.
The uh Raptors won This weekend.
You probably already, you know, heard that.
And there was a wing special.
Guess what, I ordered some wings for both of us, But you know, fine by me.
- More wings for me, right? - Sorry, man, I've been distracted.
Hey, no worries.
Hey uh, how did Arjune and his partner survive the attack? Uh, blind luck.
Arjune landed on the beach, sustained some pretty bad injuries, But a group of kids interrupted before his partner could be thrown off the bridge.
What was his partner's name? Blake Blake Zelek.
Why? 'cause Blake Zelek is lying dead beneath the bridge.
Gotta get the body back to the lab.
Hey, is the original killer outta jail? Martin Lee Gaswick died in custody before facing trial.
Got it.
All right, so, he could be a copycat killer.
Or suicide.
And he came back to the place of the original trauma.
Need to talk to Rohan Arjune, bring him in.
- Yeah.
- I'll take a look at the body.
- Let you know what I find.
- All right.
Malik's really stepping up, huh? You guys better? Gotta stick close to those who inspire you.
Not drain you.
Where's that little nugget of wisdom from? Honestly, I joined a wellness group.
It's called Surmount.
Cassidy got me into it.
And it's terrific.
Award-wining athletes, Motivational speakers, We do a lot of physical work, and some emotional.
I'm glad you found something that works.
Just you know, Malik's Malik.
He's one of the good guys.
I'll handle things my way.
Cool? Let me know what you find.
It's nice of you to care enough to try.
Even if you get shot down.
What? I'm serious.
I'm learning a lot from you, Dr.
Okay, that's weird.
Hey, period.
It's Friday, exclamation point.
Uh, and it's lunch.
I know we usually meet in the parking lot.
But, I thought today would be a good day to - Tell my mom.
- Ooh.
Is this movie star your boss? Uh no, yes.
- It's-it's complicated.
- Hey.
Hey! Your, uh Your-your lunch is on your desk.
- Thank you.
- Um Ross, um These are my parents, Adeel and Parveen.
- Hi.
- Ami, abu, this is Ross, my B-boss' son.
So, your boss' son - brings you lunch? - Yes.
You're spending too much time in this place, Alphie.
How are you gonna find a girlfriend, if you keep this up? O-Kay.
So You It was lovely to meet you.
I'm sorry, I need to take off.
- I'll see ya later, Alphie.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
- See ya.
You okay? Yeah, it's just been a morning.
And I'm just offering to listen, without judgment.
The Jenny Cooper way.
I don't know, it feels like people have been shutting me out lately.
You know, I know it's hard to open but I mean, it doesn't mean they're hiding anything, it's just maybe they I don't know, maybe they can't.
Well, for some people, being forced to reckon with the past is a bomb.
For others, it's vinegar in the wound.
Ha, great, so I'm vinegar? No.
All I'm saying is that some folks face things head on, while others need time to get there.
Even the process doesn't make sense to you.
Even if, it feels like they're pushing you away.
Just have faith that eventually they'll meet you halfway.
Oh, there you are.
- Detective McAvoy just called.
- Great.
Oh, maybe he's ready to talk.
Uh, he says that Blake Zelek doesn't have any next of kin, or emergency contact.
- No family? - Emancipated himself as a teen.
He hasn't been in contact with his family in over a decade.
It seems like Rohan is the only person we can find who Really knew him.
Okay, so we get Rohan in to ID the body.
Yeah, yeah, detective McAvoy would like to be here for that.
Um I'll go do the ID with Rohan.
I'm sorry There's definitely something that is going on with you, because you would normally climb out a window, than go and talk to friends and family.
Yeah, well, maybe I realized connecting with those who are grieving, isn't a weakness.
If anything, it makes you more resilient.
Which I admire.
Okay, you've definitely been body-snatched.
No, seriously! Who are you? Uh-huh.
Thanks for helping us out, Rohan.
- I know it's rough.
- Yeah, of course.
- Thank you.
- Uh, this is detective McAvoy.
He has a few questions for you.
Oh, uh Dr.
Thompson explained everything.
He's been very helpful.
We're so sorry for your loss.
Yeah, Blake was special.
I still cared about him.
Even after things ended.
We're hoping that we could get a little more information.
About Blake, his headspace, something that would inform how he died.
He had survivor's guilt.
That I had it worse than he did.
That I got thrown off the bridge, that I had to deal with these injuries.
You know, I tried to tell him that, that not everybody survived against that monster.
That we were the lucky ones.
He wouldn't let it go.
You give as much as you can, and you love them.
But if they aren't able or willing, to treat their issues, that's not on you.
Thank you for saying that.
We-we drifted apart.
We kept a few mutuals over the years but Our connection's been spotty.
When was the last time you saw him? Uh, I'm sorry, was it suicide? Uh, we don't know what happened.
What do you think happened? It just, it wouldn't surprise me.
You know, I've been waiting for this call for a while now.
Is that horrible? Excuse me for a second.
- Hey.
- Hey.
So, I was searching the Internet, for info on the victim, you know, and I just, you gotta take a look at this, it's from, it's from Rohan's web series.
- Okay.
- Yeah.
We know the killers.
Their crimes.
They are the celebrities.
But the victims remain silent.
I am Rohan Arjune, And I'm a serial killer survivor.
And this is "Surviving the Past".
You see, the thing is, Rohan didn't post anything this morning, But the title, "Family Reunion", it got me curious, so I had the tech desk scour the code of the webpage.
And they found a video that was buried.
Whaddya mean, buried? I mean, like the video was there, the link was removed.
It was like Rohan just, he wanted to post it, but then you know, he reconsidered it.
Today is a special one, folks.
As my loyal watchers know, I have spoken extensively, about my attack at the hands of the Bridge Killer, Martin Lee Gaswick.
But tonight, we have a special guest.
Someone who has held back from appearing on the show.
Until now, that is.
Please welcome my fellow Gaswick survivor, and ex-boyfriend, Blake Zelek.
- When was this recorded? - Yesterday.
All right, let's bring him down to the station.
- Finish the questioning there.
- Yeah.
River, hey, are you okay? He looks peaceful, but his death was anything but.
I remember him in all of the interviews, post-attack.
He always seemed really shaken and scared.
The impact that killer had on our community, No one listened to us.
The cops didn't help us.
We protect each other.
We always have.
We're strong.
All right, let's take a closer look.
Eli was right about the petechial hemorrhaging.
I think you'll want to look at this.
The Hyoid bone is so protected within the body, that a fall from a significant height won't break it.
His is in pieces.
The only thing that could do it Is strangulation.
Blake was murdered.
Take a seat, Rohan.
We'd like you to take a look at something.
I mean, Gaswick was so unassuming at the bar, that when he gave me that drink, and I started to feel off Can we talk about something else? Uh, Blake, it is important, that we layout a timeline for our viewers.
Yeah, no, okay, we can move on, from getting drugged at the bar, - to the bridge.
- Please don't.
You once told me that, you would often think about that moment.
You waking up, his smiling face towering over you.
Hey, uh, I know this is hard but It helps to talk about this.
Does it, Ro? Or does that make you just like everyone else? No, hey, that is not fair.
I was there, too.
- I thought you loved me.
- I did! I I do.
That is why I am doing this.
You're just another person exploiting my story for profit.
No, no, you knew that we were gonna talk about some uncomfortable things.
It's always the same, isn't it? Make a buck off of trauma.
under the guise of helping someone evolve.
Tell me I'm blocked, That you can help me harness my power, And then just Drain me.
You're no different than any of them.
You dodged the question, when I asked you when's the last time you saw Blake.
This footage puts you with him hours before he died.
Look, I-I was Really upset after Blake left the interview, s-so I went to my partner's house.
You can call him, or I don't know, check the-the security camera footage at his condo.
Okay, why not tell me the truth, when I asked "When's the last time you saw him?" I panicked, okay? I-I know how this looks! How does it look? I knew that Blake was having a hard time.
That he was funneling his money into some sort of online thing.
I thought I could have him on the show, And get him a bit of cash.
You know, and maybe push him to talk about what happened.
Heal him a little.
Yeah, and get monster views online.
Yeah, a reunion special would uh Bring out all the true crime junkies.
No, this is my story, too! After the Gaswick incident, We were inundated with requests for podcasts, documentaries, news stories.
Do you guys know what it feels like to be violated? Your body broken, and then, there's this pressure to perform.
People would gawk at us on the street.
They would ask for our autographs.
They'd ask for us to describe what happened.
We were continually being re-traumatized.
At a certain point, I just gave up.
So, you created the show.
Yeah, I figured, if-if, if I can't escape my past, Then I might as well monetize it.
Make money, and give agency to the survivors.
But I knew that Blake wasn't well, when he came in for the interview.
I shoulda stopped him.
What do you mean by that? Well, he-he was agitated.
I don't know, he was spitting some paranoid stuff, About the end of the world, Uh, glaciers melting, food shortages.
I mean, does that really classify as crazy talk these days? Everybody's stressing out about these things.
No, this was next level.
It was truly delusional.
He Went back on it, when it was the on-camera stuff, but, he started goin' off towards the end.
Up until that woman interrupted him.
What woman? She came to the studio with him.
He said that they were friends, but she acted more like his handler.
Cut things off when it got too intense.
They left together.
This woman could've been the last person to see Blake alive.
Or the one who murdered him.
Murder? What? What are you talking about? We have reason to believe that Blake was killed.
No, no, I I didn't know.
If anyone hurt Blake um Oh, god.
Detectives, whatever you need, I'll do.
Do you have any idea who this woman might be? No Wait, one of the cameras might've caught her.
I can send you whatever I have.
All right.
And in the meantime Let's hope your alibi checks out.
Fast turnaround on the samples from the lab.
No Leukotriene B4 detected in the tissue surrounding the wound.
So the impalement was post-mortem, not the cause of death.
Oh, oh that explains the lack of blood at the scene.
He was tossed after his heart stopped pumping.
I mean, it's inline with everything we're seeing here, the petechial hemorrhaging, the fracture of the hyoid, and the The asphyxiation due to strangulation.
But there's just a There was a shadow in the esophagus.
I just wanna Yeah, see, right there.
Part of the mucosa? I think it's more substantial.
Let's dissect the trachea and take a closer look.
That was weird.
No, no, no, no, no.
Do your parents, not know you're out? Definitely not.
Sorry, what's the matter? I ran into Alphonse today, With his parents, And he acted like we were just friends.
And I mean, I'm, I'm trying to be sensitive about it, but It It hurt.
Yeah, it hurt.
Of course it did.
Give him time.
This isn't about you.
And while you're giving him time, I need some help, desperately, with some boxes.
I just got an order on my food app.
Oh, is that another one? Oh, there's two more.
Okay, this is a glitch.
How? That's not a glitch.
Obviously, people are finding out about your food, and they want it.
Okay, I-I gotta cook! - You gotta get cooking.
- I have to cook.
'Cause you're my retirement plan, so let's get at it.
Oh, you know who that is? That's my buddy callin'.
There's definitely something in there.
You're kidding me.
I've seen a stone like this before.
On a case I worked while I was away.
Is that a moonstone? It is.
I've seen one, too.
George Rivera, 15, Bridgewater, Ontario.
He bled out from a self-inflicted wound.
When he cut his femoral artery.
Carving "evolved" into his leg.
Body was found with a moonstone pendant.
Rameen Shirazi, 63, Etobicoke, Ontario.
Suicide from a gunshot wound.
Allegedly brought on by professional rejection and isolation.
- Body found in a park.
- Yeah, but River flagged this moonstone ring, and he had a piece of paper in his hand, that was written in Farsi.
Yeah, he had "Degargoony" which, which means "to grow" or "transform.
" But Blake only had the moonstone in him.
"make a buck off trauma," "under the guise of helping someone evolve.
" That's what Blake said in his interview.
This must be more than a coincidence.
The apparent suicides, the moonstones, the messaging.
It's definitely more than some Gaswick fan boy.
Yeah but-but But we've got vastly different victim profiles here, over a wide geographic area.
Yeah, but I stand by my initial rulings.
I mean, George and Rameen's deaths were self-inflicted.
Blake was murdered.
Uh, hey, Malik.
You're on speaker.
Um Rohan's alibi checks out, But uh I think you're gonna wanna look at something else, so I'm sending it over now.
Let's pull it up on the computer.
Rohan sent me this footage of Blake's interview.
You have to scroll to 38:24.
You're no different than any of them.
What are you talking about? Who is them? No one.
This interview is over.
Cut the cameras, please.
No, Blake, wait.
Who is them? I won't say anything about Ljnd! She was the last person seen with Blake.
But could she be connected to George and Rameen? And what is Ljnd? We need to find out who this woman is, Mack.
Yeah, I'll call you back.
Hey, you okay? Yeah, yeah.
I'm good.
Uh Just, just, I'm not feelin' so hot, uh I just need some air.
Keep me in the loop.
Should we be concerned about that? I don't know.
Uh I'll get Alphonse to call Tyler, he was George's friend and mentor.
See if we can find out what group the moonstones came from.
Oh, did I miss something? I mean, could I have put, these cases together sooner? Hmm, even if you made a mistake, and I'm not saying you did, we all make them.
We can only try to be better at correcting them.
You got this, Dr.
This doesn't fit.
Doesn't even.
It holds two! Well, then, just put two in there! 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 orders! - I'm so proud of you, kiddo! - Yeah.
- 15 orders! - I know, it's a new record.
- What was the old record? - One and a half.
- Half? - Yeah You know, I, I got lost, and then the guy canc I, I ate it, okay? Okay, I believe ya.
You know, I'm a lot stronger than what I look.
When I was in my prime - I used to bench four plates.
- Yeah, I bet.
Well, sometimes even five, but the guy in the gym says no, no, no.
- JC! - Hey.
Uh, did you talk to Tyler? Uh, he said to tell you he's okay.
George's mother is still on him.
Apparently, George's trust fund that his grandfather gave him.
Went missing around the time he died.
What about the moonstone? Do you know what group it's from? Yes.
- I'm sorry, what? - Surmount Wellness - Yeah, I know.
I'm sorry.
- Is the name of the group.
Um, yeah, thank you.
I just, I have to call Donovan.
Hi, you've reached Donovan McAvoy.
Please leave me a message.
Donovan, it's Jenny.
I need you to call me back.
As soon as possible, okay? Not now, Jenny.
Tell me you haven't been out here all day.
And tell me you didn't come to work out dressed like that.
Hang on.
Uploading my stats.
Smoked you, by the way.
Ate you for breakfast.
Guess it just wasn't my day.
That, and I'm tougher than I look.
Hey um, do you know someone named Blake Zelek? He was connected to Surmount.
I do.
Pretty high up in the ranks.
I used to see him at classes with Mira but I haven't seen him in a while.
He's dead.
They found him at the base of a bridge.
That's terrible.
It just never gets any easier.
Hearing we've lost someone.
I know we're a worldwide community of trauma survivors, Which means, our members are particularly vulnerable.
Have there been others? Oh, my god! - Wow! - What? There's space for me at the retreat! Me pushing myself so hard to finish the course.
I guess it paid off.
Ljnd took notice, And now I'm in.
I don't think you should go.
Because of Blake? Donovan, I know how much Blake struggled.
But, that has nothing to do with the group, or my personal journey.
Besides, I almost gave myself a coronary, trying to finish the course today.
Heh, yeah well, you know, I mean, I-I had some pretty big plans for us this weekend.
Donovan McAvoy.
This is a side of you I never thought I'd see.
I was always the clingy, needy one, when we were married.
Remember? It was your favourite.
Look, I'm not being clingy, I'm just Concerned.
I need Surmount.
The fact that you and I are even talking, let alone this, again, after everything that happened.
Just proves they're miracle workers.
You're more than any group, Cass.
We are more.
Please? Fine.
You're lucky I like you.
Oh, my goodness.
Uh oh.
Carry me to my car.
My legs are jelly.
Why, yes, ma'am.
Uh, FoodScout's here.
Yeah, be right there.
- Well, hello there.
- Hi.
Of all the places, to deliver my last order of the night.
Well, it's a small world.
I um I wanted to apologize for earlier.
It's completely fine, really.
Well, is it? Heh.
It's difficult, having things blend.
Look, Ross You've kinda come out of nowhere, And I'm, just not ready to have that conversation with my family yet.
I'm sorry.
I get it.
Tell me about your day.
My day? Well, my day was weird.
Yeah, I had a ton of food scout's orders, - Which was amazing.
- Okay.
Yeah, but they all had one thing in common.
- You! - Busted.
I may not be out to my family yet, but, the people you met today, That's my chosen family.
And now they know the guy I have a crush on.
You have a crush on me, Alphie? Yes, dummy.
I guess you're lucky I have a crush on you, too, then, huh.
Thank god for that.
You have no idea how much money I spent on food today.
Sorry, I didn't hear that.
Could you speak louder? Yeah, I thought so.
So, everything's okay? Okay, perfect, well, I'll just be here.
- Who was that? - Oh, just a friend of mine.
Who needs a little help.
Oh, it feels so good to be helping somebody again.
You've been helping people your whole life, honey.
Well, that's nice of you to say.
Do you happen to remember our uh Our first date? I bet you don't.
Oh, you mean when you got the car stuck in the snowbank.
In the middle of the snowstorm.
You were shoveling out the back tires.
Yeah, that was some date.
Oh, you remember it.
Well, you were very impressed by my shoveling.
- I will never forget that.
- Oh yeah, I loved those moves.
Sh shoveling? - Ooh.
- Oh.
Do I remember your favourites, or what? When I gave you my heart now I thought I gave it too fast How did I ever get someone like you? Just lucky, I guess.
- I wanna ask you something.
- What's that, baby? I would love to have some babies.
You ever thought about having little kids? Like What if we had like, two little girls? Wouldn't that be amazing? And then we can just sit back, and watch them grow up, and Live out their dreams and everything.
Do you know how you would glow, if you had a bun in the oven? I can't wait to have your babies.
The future awaits.
We can do anything - Anything we want.
- Anything.
I tried and I tried I can't break away from you girl - That doesn't hurt, does it? - No.
- What about this one? Is that - No.
- Is the bruising all gone? - They're all gone, Gordy.
Well, how could I have done that to you? No, it wasn't you, baby, it was Lewy body.
Well, it was still me, though.
- No, no, no.
- Oh, I love you so.
Never mind, love.
Who is this? Oh, that's my buddy, you know.
I'll be right back.
Two minutes.
Oh, look, wait.
It's the bank.
Say what? Hi, your timing's not so good.
You have no money left.
In your joint savings account with Jenny.
No, it-it's okay Peggy.
It's all part of an, undercover sting.
We're trying to catch this-this Network of really bad eggs.
And they're trying to defraud the bank, right.
- Gordon.
- Well, no.
It's very official sounding.
Like I You know, they asked for my help, so I'm helping.
I'm being useful.
Honey, you were scammed.
Mira's place is right down here, right? Thank you.
I'll take it from here.
Come on.
- Jenny? - Malik, it's Donovan.
He's part of the same wellness group as the victims.
Yeah, uh, we need to find him, now.
"Don't be mad, can't pass up on an opportunity.
" "To get to the next level.
" Damn it, Cassidy! Resolve to evolve.

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