Coroner (2019) s04e08 Episode Script


I almost died.
My life imploded.
Until I found Surmount.
For people who have faced death and survived.
And now, I'm CEO of a tech start-up.
The Surmount instructors picked me up and put me back together.
They pushed me to evolve.
Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! So, our autopsies found nothing to refute the findings of suicide.
This is our last body.
It's our last chance.
We need evidence to prove this is murder.
Cassidy James.
Are you ready to evolve? Here are the files of the Surmount members.
It looks like each one of them died of an accident, or an injury that they had previously survived.
Can you pull them up for me? Angelo was bitten by a deadly banana spider in 2005.
- Yeah.
- He survived but was killed by banana spider venom in 15 years later? Vishaya, was in a brutal ski accident in the alps at 16 and she died in a ski accident at 29.
Mm-hmm, right, and the case The case that I worked up north, the decedent's bullies carved an "l" in his leg, and nicked his artery.
Almost killed him.
But a year later, he carved letters into the exact same leg, only this time, he died.
Rameen Shirazi, shot himself in the exact same spot, he was shot years prior.
And Blake Zelek, was pushed off the same bridge a serial killer tired to push him off, years before.
What is going on, JC? I don't know.
I don't know, but that's what I have to figure out.
Hey, Malik, have you heard from Donovan yet? No, but I'm not panicking yet.
I went down the rabbit hole of Surmount's website archives to read up more on the group's founder - Ljnd.
- Ljnd? Yeah, his real name is Tim Whitman.
What do we know about this Tim? Well, Surmount started as Tim's personal blog about five years ago, after he almost died cliff diving, in Jamaica.
He was freaked out over his disfigurement.
Tim was posting inspirational blog entries about recovering from his catastrophic fall.
Well, then he started hiding behind this mask get up.
His message board has all these people posting about their traumas, and their own brushes with death.
Well, and three years later, it got flashier, and he started making money off of it, and he's certainly He's certainly come a long way.
'Cause now, you can book one-on-one sessions with him.
Take self-improvement courses, sign up for member-led exercise classes.
They-they even have merch.
Does this uh, Tim, have a record? No! On paper The guy looks like a Saint.
Well, let's see what Fred Wozniak can tell us.
Yeah, well I ran all the names of the deceased Surmount members you exhumed, and Fred Wozniak was basically a con artist and petty criminal.
Busted for fraud, mostly.
His body can't lie, so Let's see what it can tell us.
I have heard good things, from our instructors, about your progress.
I have turned my life around since joining Surmount.
But there's a block.
I'm sober, work's good.
I have a relationship with my family.
Hmm No.
Something deeper.
From the time you almost died.
Your trauma.
What is it? What's blocking you? You won't evolve unless you admit the truth.
Is it shame? Guilt? Blame? Hmm.
What is it? What has you blocked? What is it? Fred Wozniak, drove his car off a cliff, three years ago.
Coroner ruled it a suicide.
Okay, previous accidents? Near-death experience? Not according to his medical records.
But he is another dead Surmount member, so There's gotta be a link, back to Tim, aka Ljnd.
What are you doing here? Y-You said you weren't coming here, and then, you just send me a message? I worked really hard for this! Of course I came! I had to slip away.
I remember being married to you.
What, you don't think you can talk to me? I never got to make my own mistakes.
You were all like, "wear a bike helmet," "'cause I just came from an accident" "where I was picking brains up off the road.
" Well, that's actually pretty good advice.
Cass I need this as much as you do.
I wanna do this with you.
I feel like, you're the only one who gets me anymore.
- Really? - Yeah.
I uh, completed the course and qualified, to be here with you this weekend.
Ha, impossible.
Nothing here is impossible, Cassidy.
No, Donovan's test results came in.
Very impressive.
You did a whole course just to be here with me? - Well, that's weird.
- What? You said that he had no prior accidents, but, his body's telling me a different story.
I swear I can feel calcium build up right Feel? Yeah.
All right, I'm gonna need a better look.
Hi, uh Mira.
Just getting settled.
Thank you.
Ugh! There goes chicken soup.
This is the best way to remove decomposing skin.
Wait a minute.
Something strange at the bottom of the pot.
Hold on, I can grab it.
What is it? It's another moonstone.
So, that's the fourth Surmount member to have a moonstone on them, when they died.
And now that we found one in Blake, and in Fred, I'm starting to think this isn't merch.
This is a signature.
We're dealing with a serial killer.
Okay, you see this? It's a complete fracture.
It's healed.
Fred died three years ago, but these had to have happened at least two years prior to his death.
And this? That's a fractured humerus.
Proximal and mid-shaft.
There are at least two dozen older bone fractures that have healed.
These are significant injuries.
And you said they're nowhere in his medical file.
Only immunization shots, flu, bronchitis.
I mean, his body is telling me, that he had a catastrophic fall, sometime before he died.
Catastrophic fall? Tim's blog.
Hey, Malik, remind me again, when Tim had his fall? Uh Five years ago.
Why? I'm gonna need Tim's medical records.
I'm sure you're wondering, who is this crazy guy, in the middle of this crazy place? Yes, I have travelled, the world.
I have lived, amongst many cultures, and peoples, but I'm just like you.
Someone who faced death, and won.
Faced death and won! I was 21.
And Partying in Reach Falls, Jamaica, mon! And I took a leap of faith Off of a 33-foot cliff.
And I hit rock bottom.
The doctors said that I was lucky to survive.
Lucky to survive! Guess what happened next? What?! My friends abandoned me.
Work, fired me.
I had nobody to love me.
No love left to give.
I was Alone.
But I reached out online And I found you.
My fall, taught me That I could use my power to transcend anything in my path! But I kept asking myself, what is my true purpose? Donovan! Come on! Okay, so according to Tim Whitman's medical records, he Fractured his humerus, proximal and mid-shaft.
So did Fred Wozniak.
Tim fractured his left femur, - clean through.
- Same as Fred.
Resulted in 10 pins and a rod? These scars, suggest a long rod, fastened with 10 pins, inserted into Wozniak's femur.
I'm guessing we're gonna find the exact same thing - on this skeleton.
- You got it.
They said my left leg would be deformed.
With 10 pins and a long rod.
They said I'd never walk again.
I'd say that walking, is just the beginning of what I can do.
Ten ribs exactly.
Okay, so every old fracture on Fred's skeleton, exactly matches the injuries in Tim's file.
Who here has ever broken a rib? Or two? Hmm? How about 10? I was healed On power of the moonstone.
Yeah, Jenny, what do you have? The skeleton we're examining, it's Tim Whitman, - the founder of Surmount.
- Are you sure? It has to be.
Well then, who the hell is running Surmount? Here, Donovan.
You'll need this.
We are water, Moon, Earth, and stars.
When global warming scorches the earth, everyone will die.
But you, my Ljndaries, will harvest the power of the moonstone, and we Will Rebuild The World! Can I get an "evolve"? Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Join me, in achieving the unachievable.
Reclaim, control, your near-death experience.
There is someone with us today, who knows all about that.
Today, she, has been chosen.
Cassidy! You've been invited, to evolve, to Ljndary status.
I wanted this for so long.
I'm so glad you're here for this.
Tell them.
I was drinking, taking pills, anything, to make the pain stop.
I lost the love of my life.
The night I signed my divorce papers, I uh I was so tripped up.
I was I drew a bath Slid under water, and took a deep breath.
I didn't think I would be in a place of happiness and peace again.
But, then I found, Surmount.
I found Surmount.
Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! - Evolve! - Evolve! - Evolve! - Evolve! - Evolve! - Evolve! Evolve! - Evolve! - Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Evolve! Power! Ascend, up! - Evolve! - Evolve! - Evolve! - Evolve! Evolve! What? It's a lot, right? The ritual.
I kinda love it.
You look like you did on our honeymoon.
Remember? You wore that white hotel robe for three days.
Actually was only white the first day.
You spilled wine on it.
Spilled food on it.
You just kept wearing it.
It was so cozy.
I should've stolen it.
That's the downside of having a cop husband.
- You okay? - Yeah.
Are you? - You ready? - Mm-hmm.
I'm so excited! Hmm.
What the? Donovan, where are you going? I'm gonna go get her outta there.
No, no, no, no, you're not doing it alone, man.
I don't need anyone's help! I'm sorry, but I'm not taking no for an answer.
So, they're brainwashed to commit suicide.
And how does that even work? Okay, and what would a cult gain by having their members kill themselves? There is this thing called a transfer of trust, in cults it's used as collateral.
It's like a show of faith.
Malik, put cameras on the cabins.
And there's a large building, with lots of windows.
So, can we trace the money, then? There's nothing illegal about transferring money to someone.
Yes, unless you caused the death, and you keep it all.
We need to catch him in the act.
I'll get working on a warrant, and an extraction team.
Come on, Mac.
He sees us.
Welcome, friends.
Today, is a sacred day.
Today, we will have one of our own, ascend.
This is your time of reclamation.
A chance to overcome the very thing that almost Overtook you.
Conquering your chi.
We are here, to take you To the highest of highs.
I-I'm sorry, ascension? A muscle tears, before it can rebuild.
This is the pillar of Surmount.
The willingness To reopen a wound.
To heal.
And then, to soar to the next level.
Next level? Cassidy You must recreate, your near-death experience, in order to close that circle of trauma.
This is so weird.
Hey, you sure about this? If you really love this woman, you'll let her leave the past behind.
Yeah, yeah.
I'm-I'm down with this.
This is great.
All right, so The theory is that Fred Wozniak, is a con man, who stole Tim Whitman's identity.
And then used Surmount Wellness group, as a murder-for-money cult.
But the bodies show how hands-off he is.
He gets into their heads, convinces them to recreate their near-death experiences, without leaving a trace on their bodies.
The perfect crime.
A coroner's worst nightmare.
But, how do you autopsy their minds? I don't know.
With Blake, it was different.
With Blake, it escalated.
He used his own hands to strangle him.
All right, so we're saying We're saying that the moonstone is a signature, and a signature is like a calling card, it's something you leave, after you kill someone.
We're now thinking that Ljnd, or Fred Wozniak, shoved the moonstone down Blake's throat, before strangling him.
What if the moonstone was placed after he died? And, if Blake ceased producing saliva at death Then we may Still be able to get a print.
His teeth Are the perfect surface for prints.
They're smooth, hard and non-porous.
Gotcha! Sleep.
Slip away.
Don't struggle.
That's it.
Move! I got you.
I got you.
Come on, breathe.
There you go.
What did you do? - Did you drug her? - I did it.
I did it.
I ascended.
Rise up! Breathe! I got you.
I got you.
How does it feel, to finally show up for her? You weren't there for Cassidy's first near-death experience, but now you are.
For the reclamation, of her past.
How does it feel? I love you.
I was put on this earth to love you.
Donovan What are you afraid of? - Answer him.
- Let's go.
Answer him.
He can save you, too! Come on, Mac.
Come on, come on, come on! Gimme a signal.
Come on.
What weighs you down with dread, Donovan? What plunges your heart into fear? Monsters.
He's afraid of monsters.
What are you really afraid of? My health.
I'm afraid of losing my health.
Losing his health.
Losing his health.
What else? Donovan, don't look at him, look at me.
I'm afraid of Losing my job.
Losing his job.
Go deeper.
What's behind that fear? Losing myself.
Losing yourself.
Exorcise those demons, Donovan.
Are you brave enough to admit what you're afraid of, or are you going to run again? I'm-I'm afraid of my cancer coming back.
Cancer coming back! Of-of the false promise of remission.
Remission! - The thought of being attacked.
- Being attacked! The hole in my spine.
Yes, tell it, brother! That I won't be able to protect you.
Every time I close my eyes I see the guns And scars The wounds.
Then, don't close your eyes.
Stay with me.
I'm afraid, every time you look at me, you see You see me stuck in our past.
I'm-I'm afraid I'll die.
I'm afraid I won't die.
I'm afraid, I'll live, and I'll always Be alone.
Every time, I find a bit of happiness, it-it, the ground just gets, ripped out from underneath me.
I'm afraid my fears will never end.
The ground doesn't move, Donovan You do.
Our sense of self Has to die, in order for us to realize, that it was, never there in the first place.
Now, Donovan, you are ready to ascend.
Hey, Malik, we're running the partial that we found, on Blake's tooth, now.
Come on, Donovan's still not giving me any signal, and Cassidy got outta that damn bathtub, like she won the lottery.
What? Just tell me you got something, please, Jenny! - How much longer, Alphonse? - Uh, still searching.
One second.
Guys, I can't wait anymore! Something freaky's goin' on down in there, and we got nothin' on this guy.
- Come on! - Malik, I know.
I Bingo! The fingerprint belongs to Malik, we got him.
It's Ljnd.
Fred Wozniak killed Blake.
Malik, go, get Donovan now.
With this blade, you will find the death of your fears.
It is only in death That we might find new life.
Cassidy If you truly love this man, you will help him ascend, as he did for you.
Woman up, Cassidy! No.
You, Ljnd.
Ljnd! Ljnd! Ljnd! Ljnd! No! No! Ljnd! Ljnd! Nooooo! - No! Let me go! - Ljnd! Ljnd! No! - Donovan, no! - Ljnd! Ljnd! Ljnd! Ljnd! - Nooooo! - Ljnd! Ljnd! Ljnd! Ljnd! Ah! Ah! Hey.
Got you a coat.
I handed Blake over to Ljnd.
He was gonna expose Surmount on the podcast.
I saw the consequences when Ljnd killed him.
He was my friend.
When I saw your phone, I knew you were a cop, and that you would help us.
I wish I could've done the same for Blake.
I wish I could've saved him.
You were brainwashed.
- I mean - So sorry, Cass.
I feel so stupid! Uh I just, I thought it was, I thought it was good! But It's bad.
Look, it-it was a cult.
But It saved me.
No, you saved you! No, it helped me so much.
It-it really did so much good for me.
Okay, now, that's how they work.
But it was false.
Us? You? Me? That's real.
Real? You were working undercover this whole time.
- No.
- Was anything today real? Today, I mean - There-there were moments that, - Oh, okay.
- No, no, moments - Oh, please, - I can't right now, - Okay, okay, okay.
- Donovan, I just can't.
- Okay, okay, I know, I know.
Okay, okay.
Okay, I get it.
I get it.
I get it.
Look at me.
You don't get it.
I need to debrief you, all right? I'm gonna be there for you.
Take care of her.
- Malik, I - I know, I know, Mac.
I know.
Thank you.
I wasn't ready to die.
Here, or at the pharmacy.
Today was risky but Took a leap of faith of our own, right.
You know uh You know, I always trusted you, man.
I was just afraid I was losing my hero.
You did good.
Yeah, I did.
Yeah, don't let it get it to your head.
I did.
You wanna finally grab that beer? - Oh, hell yeah! - Yeah.
- Hey.
- Jenny, hey.
Jenny, I I know.
I know.
But, I - I need to - I just, I want No.
- You go.
- No, you, - Please.
- No.
You know You know I have a six-pack, in my car.
If you guys wanna Wanna go and You two been talkin' to each other? My god, you scared me.

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