Coroner (2019) s04e09 Episode Script

Our Home on Native Land

- It was a cult! - But it saved me.
No, you saved you.
Us? You? Me? That's real.
- You don't get it.
- I'm gonna be there for you.
Dennis, I get that your mom is your community, but I've literally never met her.
Yeah, I know.
Despite my best attempts, you always find a reason to not meet her.
Doctor Cooper, where have you been for the last four months? - I've been on sabbatical.
- Can you tell us why? I couldn't do my job because I was afraid that I would lose everybody that I love.
And do you still feel that way? Sometimes.
You have no money left in your joint savings account with Jenny.
You were scammed.
Hey! I'm in here.
Mom? What? Are you eating frozen waffles in the middle of the night? You know, I try to be a cool mom, but when you don't text me "I'm alive," I do worry.
You know who I was with.
If he's really that dangerous, maybe you should get a new assistant.
Mm Maybe we need a meeting with HR.
Oh so funny.
What're you doing? Well, I'm just trying to make sense of these Post-it notes.
I've been finding them in Weird places, and I don't think they're labels.
Did you check the dishwasher? No.
Well He likes to put them in the soap dispenser and then it floods.
I've been keeping them in here.
Yeah, I've been finding them everywhere.
I think it has something to do with coping with dementia, but I have no idea.
Hey Thank you For always taking such good care of him.
Grandpa's tucked away in bed; that's probably where you should be, yes? Come on.
Let me take this.
Come on, come on.
Come on! Okay.
Let me get this.
Let me j I wasn't always on the street, right? I am proof, that all it takes, is a desire to change, and Wait.
I'm a Okay.
Living, living proof.
I am living proof, that all it takes is a desire to change, and a little support.
Hey, S-Stig?! It's freezing, man.
Where are your clothes?! Stig? Oh shit.
Oh man.
Oh no Stig.
- Hey.
- Morning.
Yeah, victim was discovered by someone who knew him.
Officer Stanley was the responding officer.
- They're with him now.
- Leave me alone! The witness's name is Elmore.
As far as we can tell, both he and the decedent are residents of the Jethro Park Encampment.
Couldn't get much more out of him though, 'cause he's pretty strung out.
I'll have to circle back once the drugs wear off.
Got it.
The decedent was found in his underwear and socks.
I'm assuming this is his clothing? He's got scratches all over his arms and legs.
They're fresh and bloodly, so it means it's pre-mortem.
All right.
Could've been dragged here, beaten and left for dead.
Unfortunately, hate crimes against the homeless Or, that prefer to go unhoused - Are not uncommon.
- Mm-hmm.
River! Hey.
Glad you're here.
I volunteer with the Unhoused Support Group.
So you know these folks? Most of them.
The decedent's name was Stig Olafsson.
An ex-con.
He had trouble securing housing when he was released, so, he ended up here.
Well, maybe he made some enemies on the inside.
Hey, everyone! Today I'm here to help find out what happened to Stig.
We're gonna come around and chat with you.
This is my boss, Dr.
Jenny Cooper, and Detective Donovan McAvoy.
Anything you know could be helpful, even if you're not sure it's related to Stig's death.
You're under no legal obligation to answer any of the police's questions.
Though I doubt this case is gonna get the attention it deserves anyway.
Uh, Ma'am, we are here to help.
You really wanna do some good? Get these folks permanent housing.
That's Delores Henry.
Her bark is worse than her bite.
She's a retired lawyer, and she's one of our allies.
Hey! Where's my lighter.
- What? - Huh? Officer Stanley, what's going on here? 2-Jacks here thinks Elmore stole his lighter.
Just give it back, Elmore, - and nothing'll happen.
- I didn't take it.
Let's take a look in your hut then.
No! Get outta here, 2-Jacks! 'Kay, I didn't take your lighter, and you're not getting inside.
I guess you need something more than a fancy suit to keep you clean and stop you from thieving Sir, I need you to step back.
And take down these bloody wind chimes! They keep the whole place awake.
Not 'til you stop feeding every bird and stray that comes by! I step in crap every morning you know! Better to feed the animals - than your drug habit.
- Hey! Yeah?! Guys! Guys! Knock it off you two! Seriously? Right in front of the police? The City's just looking for a reason to send everyone packing.
Look Elmore's our only witness to your neighbour's death.
Let's give him some space, all right? I'll look for your lighter, okay? You're nothing but a puppet in a used suit, Elmore! It always like this? No.
2-Jacks was just popping off.
He usually keeps to himself.
What about Elmore? He's a model resident.
Especially after finishing rehab a couple a months ago.
You think finding Stig's body, - triggered a relapse? - Yes.
And it's a shame too, he was doing really well.
And seriously, when he's clean, Elmore gets along with everyone.
Except 2-Jacks.
There's Sketch.
Come on.
I'll introduce you.
No one's gonna talk to you without her say-so.
- Stay with him, all right? - Okay.
Sketch, this is my boss, Dr.
Jenny Cooper, and Detective Donovan McAvoy.
This is, my urban cousin, Sketch.
She sort of runs things around the Jethro Park Encampment.
I'm sorry for your loss.
You know him well? They're allies.
You have my word.
I knew him well enough.
People that live here go through a vetting process.
Let me try.
I like your sign.
Yeah, I made one for each resident.
People gotta know these are our homes.
City's trying to say that they're a fire hazard, but they come equipped with smoke detectors, and fire extinguishers.
No more a fire hazard than a Christmas tree.
Christmas trees are actually pretty flammable.
Yeah, well, you don't see the City banning them, do you? It's the first time I've been warm out here, and safe.
Someone just donated a dozen free locks.
They ever freeze up on you? No.
2-Jacks comes around with his stash of antifreeze.
Look, everyone takes care of everyone around here.
Can I ask, I mean, how did Stig end up outside alone last night? Cops came by here yesterday tried to force us into the shelters.
Yeah, there was a City directive.
Trespassing blitz on all the parks.
"Trespassing?" Come on, man! Our allies and support workers rallied to stop them.
Not before they took Stig's hut and all of his contents.
- They took everything? - Everything.
Look, I can't tell you how Stig died, but I can tell you the reason why he's dead, is because he had nowhere safe to sleep last night.
Yes, but why didn't you flag it, after the third withdrawal? Aren't you people trained to recognize the signs of a scam? Yeah, but they claimed to be employees from your bank! Oh, you should put a hold on funds after more than two unusual transactions are made! Yes, I did apply for a loan, and you turned me down, so No, I'm not a customer, but my, my daughter and my husband, have been banking with you, for over a decade, so, surely that should count for something.
Oh yeah, I will be! Believe it! I'll-I'll be writing to your head office! Where's my wallet? Oh, here it is.
Wischnewski spots.
Okay, so His wounds aren't defensive, there's nothing under his fingernails.
He was found partially undressed, which was more likely a side effect of paradoxical undressing Feeling of hot when you're actually freezing.
In that case, he would've been disoriented, and scrabbling around, hence the scrapes and scratches.
Classic signs of hypothermia, so he wasn't assaulted.
So Stig died because of exposure.
I guess my question is, is anyone responsible? I mean, the City ordered the cops to take his shelter, right? And according to Sketch, they took everything that was inside as well.
- Yeah.
- So do we classify his death as accidental, or is this a homicide? I need to make some calls.
No, Staff Sergeant Waylen, I-I'm not accusing the department of anything, but, what I am saying is that, if they were ordered to take all of the man's belongings away, then the City is liable.
No, I don't want-I don't wanna talk to the comms liaison, I want Don't put me on hold.
I just I can wait out here.
No, come on in.
I uh - I've been calling.
- Don't, this is uh this is just for work.
- You're upset about what happened in - Clark, I understand why you did what you did in court, but, full disclosure, if I could've called anybody else I would've.
What do you need? I need to go after the City.
For what? Murder.
I believe that Stig Olafsson would still be alive, if the City hadn't interfered.
Can you prove it? Not definitively.
Then I'm not sure I can help.
I need an injunction, to stop the City from evicting the residents of the Jethro Park Encampment.
It'll give me time to prove liability.
Well, I'm gonna need to find a judge who's amenable.
You got any leverage? Well, there's a retired lawyer, that works with the residents, boots on the ground type stuff.
Her name is Delores Henry.
She might be of help.
That woman was lethal in court.
If we got a shot here, she'll know.
- Okay.
- I'll - Loop her in, and file the motion.
- Great.
I'll look at exposure deaths in the city.
See if I can link anything back to encampment evictions.
Great, that'll give us better grounds for the injunction And see if there's enough cause for an inquiry.
- I'll be in touch.
- Yeah.
I cannot believe how long it's been since I went skating.
Or did anything other than cook.
Or get busy with your mom's assistant.
Or that.
What's the tea? I like him.
Well, at least you got something going on out there.
What do you mean, "out there"? In the country cooking, cleaning, babysitting your grandparents.
Makes sense that you'd marry into the family business.
Yeah, I actually didn't meet Alphonse through Mom.
It was uh It was on the apps.
What are the odds? You-you remember that little phase I was going through.
The odds are pretty good actually.
When your mom was away.
Yeah, now That phase had its moments.
Well, we miss you in the city.
Moving back? You're making decent money.
Move back to the city? Where uh Where a condo facing the freeway goes for a quarter million over asking? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Not that decent.
All right, let's see what we got here.
Exactly how long has it been, - since you used these skates? - Um Probably since before Grandpa moved in.
So - Four years, five years? - Yeah.
We definitely need to get you your own place.
Peggy?! Where are my binoculars?! You know what I think I see? A Ross's Goose, right outside! [FRUSTRATED SIGH.]
Ahhh Katie? Katie? No! Oh Uh Wha Uh Help me - Oh - Peggy.
What happened? Are you okay? I dropped the laundry.
I'm okay.
You're crying.
Did something happen with Dad? No, your father's fine.
He's angry with me.
Thinks I'm treating him like a child.
'Kay, well Behavioural changes are a part of the progression, of his illness, but uh I'm sorry.
I'm probably making it sound worse than it is.
It's all right.
No, hey, you can talk to me, about this.
I gotta get the laundry on.
Peggy, the laundry can wait.
Don't be silly.
Do you have any idea what your clothes smell like, coming off those crime scenes sometimes? They smell like death.
Got a 7-day injunction, but it won't hold.
The City's coming for these people.
They're citing safety issues.
Call me.
- Hey - Hey.
Is everything okay? Yeah, yeah.
Well, okay.
Well, where is everybody? Uh, they're all in bed.
Peggy uh I think Peggy's exhausted and Grandpa wasn't feeling too well, so I'm okay.
It's just, you know, I It's hard to To see him get weaker and weaker, when you know he's been so Strong.
Oh, time sucks, right? Yeah, yes, it does.
Oh God! Oh no! Fire! Warn everyone! Fire! Outta your tents! - Fire! - Help us! Hey.
Well, it's Elmore, from yesterday.
Fire Marshall thinks it was an accident.
He found no signs of an accelerant, but, he found evidence of a candle.
He probably lit it, passed out, and, knocked it over.
This was no accident.
Elmore was careful.
We never had candles inside.
None of us did.
It was camp rules.
There are candles at the memorial.
He could have gotten one from there.
He wouldn't.
You work so hard, to keep people safe, and then this.
The police'll do a thorough investigation, and I'll let you know what we find from the autopsy.
Please let me know what you discover.
Uh Your Crown Attorney friend got us a temporary injunction, but, we need more than that, to secure permanent housing, for these folks.
He'd been doing so well, I really thought he was gonna make it.
River, if you wanna take a sec, you know you can.
No, I'm I'm good.
All right.
Visible track marks on both arms.
And there's soot around his face, nose and mouth.
There's a gooey substance in his molar.
Likely remnants of his last meal.
- Can you test that for me? - Yeah.
I mean, his skin should be pink, from breathing in carbon monoxide, but it isn't.
You think he died before the fire? Well, Donovan's theory is that, he lit a candle, got high, and then knocked it over when he overdosed.
Not according to his tox screen.
He had heroin in his system, but only trace amounts.
Wait, so you're saying he wasn't high when he died? Doesn't look like it.
- Hey, Donovan.
- Find anything? So The decedent was dead before the fire started.
And he wasn't high, so something or someone else started it.
Well, there was friction between the victim and 2-Jacks, so I'll start there.
- Yeah, thank - Wait! Uh Before you question him, I'd like to be there.
2-Jacks distrusts everyone and I could see this going sideways if you take the wrong approach.
All right, fine, but you need to get down here right now.
- I'm on my way.
- Okay.
Yeah, of course.
The body shows no external signs of trauma.
He didn't O.
No posterior circulation infarction.
So it wasn't a stroke.
Well, his heart looks fine, but Take a look at his kidneys.
- Interstitial inflammation.
- Yeah.
I mean, I assume it's from his heroin use, but then I'd expect to see signs of that in his brain.
We're gonna need a urine sample.
You remember meeting my mom, right? Yeah, why? Well It feels weird to me, to move in with River, when she's never met my mom.
And every time I try to set up a dinner or a coffee for them to meet, River won't commit.
Well, I mean, maybe she's nervous.
She knows how important your mom is to you.
You guys are, really close.
I mean, it's pretty high stakes.
Will you, talk to her for me? You know how it is, being close to your own son.
I mean, I could or you could just communicate how you feel.
Tell her that it's important to you.
Yeah Wait there's calcium oxalate in the urine, which is the same as the kidneys.
I think Elmore died of ethylene glycol poisoning.
You think he drank it by accident? Or someone gave it to him.
Hey, it's me again.
What've you got? 2-Jack's zippo lighter, the one Elmore denied stealing.
- We have a COD yet? - Yeah.
Ethylene glycol poisoning.
- Antifreeze? - Exactly.
And apparently 2-Jacks is the keeper of the encampment's supply.
- River, they're coming.
- All right, time's up, River.
We need to talk to him.
Cops never wanna talk.
Hear 'em out.
We just need to take a look inside your tent.
It might only be a tent, but, you still need a warrant to search it.
All right, your choice, 2-Jacks.
You can either have Malik here go on in, take a look around, and we can talk to you here, or we can take you down to the station, I'll get that warrant, then it'll be a swarm of officers going through your things, not just one detective.
Your call.
Hey! He's got rights, man.
He doesn't have to go anywhere with you.
This your lighter? I knew he took it! Guy gets 8-grand to stay in rehab, still gotta steal my stuff.
Do either of these belong to you? What're you doin' with Elmore's backpack? He left it outside his hut last night.
I just took it to look for my lighter.
I was gonna return it, but then the fire broke out.
I didn't have a chance.
I'm gonna have to take you into custody, 2-Jacks.
He only wanted his lighter back.
It has sentimental value.
Yeah, come on.
There's no way he'd burn Elmore's hut.
Elmore's died of antifreeze poisoning.
We have the proverbial smoking gun, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, man.
Turn around, please.
Hey, 2-Jacks! Hey, 2-Jacks, you all right? Stay there.
Stay this way.
Come on, stay on your side.
Stay on your side.
Hold on.
His pulse is racing.
We need to get him to the hospital.
- Malik, get the car.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Stay on your side.
Help is coming.
You'll need to receive dialysis to help rid your body of the ethylene glycol.
You're lucky that they brought you in when they did.
Do you remember drinking anything out of the ordinary? Nothing but water.
Did you notice anyone strange lurking around the encampment? Nah.
It's always the same people.
No new residents.
And Sketch, she's She's pretty protective.
What about food? Did you eat anything New, anything different? Yeah.
Chocolate this morning.
I got it outta Elmore's backpack.
I figured it was fair game, since I knew the dude took my lighter.
I'd like that back, by the way.
That belonged to my grandfather.
We found a brown, gooey substance, in Elmore's mouth, when we were doing the external exam.
Dennis is testing it now.
But You have any more of that chocolate left? Still be in the backpack.
I'll have Malik send it over to you.
- I'll let you know what we find.
- All right.
Hey, uh, one last question.
You said Elmore recently did a stint in rehab that cost $8000 dollars.
Any idea how he paid for that? Same way he got the parka and the suit.
He was Jethro Park's reformed poster boy.
Poster boy for who? I don't know.
Elmore is a sell-out.
Or at least he would've been had he stayed sober long enough to look pretty for the City Hall housing project thing.
Instead, I heard he showed up wasted and trashed the place.
Where'd you hear that? From him.
Said people were pretty pissed.
People are always using us for their causes.
Elmore knew it too.
A lot of us out there, we're clean, just can't afford the rents.
- Thank you.
- Yeah.
It's positive! Every single one contains ethylene glycol.
There's enough antifreeze in here to take out an entire herd of caribou.
Well, that tracks with the results on the substance, found in Elmore's mouth.
Also chocolate, also positive for ethylene glycol.
I mean, whoever made these chocolates, is our killer.
- JC? - Yeah? Crown attorney Coleman is waiting upstairs to see you.
Okay, thank you.
Thanks, River.
So the poisoned chocolate was meant for Elmore.
But who'd wanna kill him? Well, you said that 2-Jacks hadn't seen anyone new, or strange lurking around, so, it had to be someone he knew.
Maybe another resident, but who? And why? Yeah, well, you of all people should know big groups can't be trusted, right? Too soon.
Heard from Cassidy? Not really.
I think she's just disappointed how it all turned out, because, the experience was helpful in some ways.
I thought so, too.
- Helpful how? - Well, it Forced me to re-evaluate some of my bigger life choices.
I'm thinking about making some changes.
Springside Rehab.
This is Detective Abed.
Thank you for returning my call.
Thank you.
I appreciate it.
I know who paid for Elmore's rehab.
How bad is it? Well, I just got back from court.
The fire and Elmore's subsequent death were seen as evidence that the encampment's unsafe.
The judge overturned our injunction.
What does that mean for our residents? Well, they can either voluntarily clear out or the police will be called in to remove them tomorrow morning.
Yeah, I know.
Well, thank you.
Ugh Uh, sorry.
I just really uh Really could've used a win today, you know? Yeah, I feel that.
I tried.
Hey, uh, Delores Henry's ghosting me.
She had some drama with a housing proposal getting voted down in council.
Tried to find her at her house today, but she was talking to a reporter, and she was pretty upset.
Maybe this isn't about the encampment for her.
You've been busy, Delores.
We spoke with Springside Rehabilitation.
It seems you paid $8000 dollars for Elmore's rehab.
That's a lot of money.
'Course I did.
I wanted to help him.
And I'd have helped a lot more, - if they'd let me.
- Hmm.
So what was the plan? You were gonna use the people of this community, to get the City to fund your housing project, and line your pockets? How dare you.
I kill myself for that community.
You picked your poster boy, but he let you down.
I'd be very careful about making accusations, with no evidence, Detective.
Malik, you have that letter you found in Elmore's backpack? Yup.
"My name is Elmore and I am an addict," "but, I am living proof" "that all it takes, is a desire to change" "and a little support.
" Elmore wanted a better life.
I was in a position to help him.
But it wasn't without strings now, was it? And to repay you, he fell off the wagon, embarrassed you at your meeting with the City, and they denied your funding.
I sunk a fortune into him.
Yeah, but you'd always planned on getting paid back once you got the financing for your housing project.
You know what I think? If you couldn't prove, the people of this community could be rehabilitated, you'd prove they were a danger to themselves, and to others.
The way he shouted at the mayor, at your pitch yesterday afternoon, maybe he was a danger to other people, right? Yeah, we heard.
Elmore took your hand-outs, then made you look like a fool, in front of some very influential people.
And you didn't like that, so you punished him.
We know you poisoned him.
Then you took a candle from the memorial, and you set his hut on fire.
Of course, no one noticed you, because, you're a regular face around the encampment.
I'd like to see the warrant you used, to confiscate this trash, which is private property and therefore, inadmissible in a court of law.
Yeah It was private, until the garbage truck pulled up to collect it.
Once it was in the hands of the City's sanitation worker, we obtained it from him, making it public property.
Your plan probably would've worked, if 2-Jacks hadn't eaten some of the chocolates you made for Elmore.
Is he dead? Well, lucky for you, we got him to the hospital in time.
Otherwise, you'd be facing, two murder charges, instead of one.
I can't believe it was Delores.
I thought she was an ally.
Well, sometimes the It's the people who claim to have all the answers that are the most dangerous, you know? I'm sorry.
River Baitz.
That was Sketch.
There's a removal team at the encampment.
We're supposed to have one more day.
This isn't the end, okay? I'm gonna open an inquiry into every death in city encampments, from now, until the beginning of the pandemic.
But ultimately, it feels like Delores won.
No, she didn't.
Not if we stick together.
I'm glad you made it, ya grump.
- Ugh! - Even if you're a pain in my butt.
Hey! Officer Stanley? Just Tina today.
Felt like I was on the wrong side of things, so, I'm here to help.
You all know Tommy, from the Unhoused Support Group? - Of course.
Hi, Tommy.
- Hey, folks.
So, we're doing hot meals, over in Echo Park, and, if you need help bringing any of your things, I brought the van, okay? - Yeah, that would be great.
- Okay, great.
Here, hold this.
Wah Are you serious? For Elmore.
Sketch, since they've torn down your shelter, do you Do you have a place to stay tonight? I got some gear she can borrow.
Are you serious? Are you getting soft in your old age, man? Hey, cousin, keep it up, that offer come right off the table.
River, thank you so much.
- Take care out there.
- Thanks, River.
All right, I'll see youse around.
- Bye.
- Let's go.
You really think an inquiry will do any good? Well If it doesn't, we'll just keep fighting, right? Come on.
Need a ride home? Uh, nope.
I've got dinner plans around the corner with Dennis, and his mom.
I don't really feel like being social tonight, but, I don't wanna let Dennis down, you know? Yeah.
I know he'll appreciate that.
River, I just wanted to say that You know, what you're doing here, makes a difference.
You're more than just an ally, you're a You're a friend, and I can see that they trust you.
It's It's beautiful.
Thanks, Jenny.
Of course.
Hello? Peggy, hey.
I um I just wanted to, call, and say that I'm really glad, that you're here helping um Helping with Dad, and I'm really glad that we You know, that we get to do this together.
Jenny Gordon isn't moving.
I Just came up here to check on him.
What? He has no pulse.
Peggy, I need you to call 9-1-1 right now.
Call 9-1-1.
I'm on my way.
Oh God I'm sorry.
From what we can tell, he died in his sleep.
Hey Okay.
Okay, Dad.

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