Coroner (2019) s04e11 Episode Script

Blast to the Past

Mommy doesn't want to see you right now.
A few weeks ago, when I had that panic attack, I had this memory of you being taken away in an ambulance.
And I wanted to know if it actually happened.
Could we just build something new? Instead of dredging up the past? I, uh, was cleaning out some of Grandpa's stuff, and I, I found these.
I was just seeing if I had enough saved to get my own place.
Grandpa and I had this shared bank account where we were saving money for you.
I'm confused, what you're saying is that my dad.
was scammed for $10K, and Peggy put it back? I found your pills.
Where are you? I went to the flower shop.
Been out chasing suppliers all day.
But, I'm here at the shop, now.
You know what? Don't move.
I'll be right there.
Jenny? Jenny? Jenny? Hey.
Come on outta there.
So, I-I have to go away for a little while.
But, when I come back I'm gonna keep my promise.
I'm gonna keep my promise.
I'm gonna keep my promise.
Go ahead, open it.
Open it.
Open it.
Open it.
Open it.
Everything's gonna be okay, Jenny-Jen.
You'll see.
It's gonna be okay Jenny-Jen.
You'll see.
Peggy! Jenny? Jenny.
I'm gonna need a rush on the tox screen, and dental records.
We're on it Dr.
Hey, hey, Jenny, you-you can't go in there.
There's no way I'm taking my eyes off the body.
- Hey, hey, you can't! - Donovan, no, hey! Dennis! Dennis! Open the door.
- I need to do my job.
- You can't be in here.
- Dennis, open the door.
- You can't, I'm sorry.
Hey, Cooper.
Thompson, I am more than capable of doing this autopsy.
Right, listen.
You know I'm not good at feelings, so, I'm just going to state the obvious, - you can't autopsy your mother's body.
- Yes, I know that.
Okay, if you go in there, you'll taint my investigation.
No, I won't, Donovan.
That is not Peggy in there.
All right, Jenny? Jenny, I know you just lost your dad.
Donovan, I am not delusional.
That is not her! It's not her.
Okay, if that's not her in there, then there's no need to panic and there's no need to rush.
- So, first things first - Stop.
- We'll make sure you're okay.
- Hey, I'll let you know, as soon as I find anything.
- Are you nauseous? - No.
Do you have a headache? No, Eli, I don't have a concussion.
Well, that's exactly what someone with a concussion would say.
Huh, lift your shirt.
This better not end up in your book.
You think I would do that to you? Well, you like a juicy story.
Let me see that hand.
No, they already looked at it on the scene.
Yeah, I need to clean it up.
I need you to hurry, 'cause I need to get in there.
- Ow! - All right.
One way to speed this up, is you letting me know if your mother had any bone fractures.
You know, dental work, anything we can use to prove that's not her in there.
Well, I Okay.
I, uh Peggy took off from my dad and I, when I was a kid, so, I um I have no idea.
Does she have any family you could ask? Hey, Potato, it's Aunt Vick.
Um your dad's gone to get some cereal.
The kind you like.
I-I really think you should eat something today, okay? Oh, Potato, your mom's not missing, she's I need you to know that none of this is your fault, okay? Okay? Hmm.
I know your mom said she'd take you to this, but I'd like to go.
I'll let you ride the rollercoaster all day? Let you put as much cotton candy in that belly as it can fit.
Peggy had a sister, Victoria, who came into town for my dad's funeral.
Said she was sticking around for business.
I can see if she's still here.
There's lots you can do to help, Jenny.
Just not in there.
I'll be in my office.
You let me know if you find anything.
Anything! I don't care if it looks like nothing, just bag it all, okay, please? Hey.
You get any sleep? Not really.
Jenny needs answers, so - We're gonna get 'em for her.
- Yeah, well, Fire Inspector's still poring through this mess, but he did find one thing.
A tear in the gas line.
Were the edges clean or frayed? Clean.
Like someone made a nice, little slice with a very sharp knife.
Someone blew this place up on purpose.
Yeah, well, can you tell me if she's checked out? I'm her niece.
Of course, I've tried calling her directly.
I have, I have left several messages, but please, can I just, leave a message for her here? Victoria Lang.
It's, uh, it's spelled exactly like it sounds.
Great, thank you.
Screw it.
I'm the Coroner.
Ross! Ross! Hey.
- What're you - Hey.
Oh, honey.
Honey, no.
Why didn't you call me? Alphonse called me.
Why didn't you call me? Ross, come here.
I don't understand.
Alphonse, you said it was my grandmother, and, uh, now Mom, you're just saying it's not? - It's not.
- Okay, but it's not because it's not, or it's not, because you don't want it to be? Honey, I know in my gut that that is not her down there.
Okay? I only know what they're saying downstairs.
I'm gonna prove it.
I'm gonna prove that that's not her.
I'm gonna be right back.
Hey, how are you holding up? I don't even know how to answer that.
What'd you find? God, I'm sorry to say, Jenny, but, the explosion wasn't an accident.
Wh What do you mean? Someone cut the gas line and created a leak, and blew the place up.
Usually these things are insurance jobs.
Okay, but why would sh I don't Uh Before my dad died, he was scammed out of $10,000 and Peggy put the money back in.
Okay, any idea where she got the money from? No, I mean, I don't, I don't think she would do anything to put anyone in danger.
Well, maybe she wasn't thinking clearly.
Like, how did she seem the last time you talked to her? I mean, she was unwell.
All right? Okay, she was hypomanic, even, which is why I need you to use all the resources of your department, - to track her down.
- Jenny! Well, I-I Her phone is off, or it is dead, - or it blew up in the explosion.
- Jenny.
I don't know, but I have been calling her, Donovan, and Look, you have tricks.
Right? You have tricks.
That's what you do.
- You find people.
- Jenny! The victim's body matched your mother's size.
Her car was idling in the parking lot, and you told me she called you 20 minutes before the explosion, from inside the flower shop.
I know! Donovan, I know.
But Look, I-I know you're going through a rough time, and, you just lost your dad.
But Jenny, you need to Can you please? Can you please just do whatever you do when someone is missing? All right.
I need you to call the station, and fill out a missing person's report with the desk sergeant.
Sure, if that's what it takes.
We got the evidence box.
We gotta go.
All right, I gotta get back.
I'll talk to you soon.
Ross, do you have a, a recent photo of Peggy? I need to send it to the missing person's unit.
Uh, yeah.
- Yeah, sure.
- Great.
Do you know if she has any dental work done? It's the best way to identify a person in a situation like this.
Um, yeah, Grandma spent, like 20 minutes every night brushing and flossing, I don't think she had any dental work done.
I didn't notice any caps, crowns, or fillings.
She was always singing when I was around.
Okay, what about broken bones? What She-she didn't mention anything to me.
- Did she mention anything to you? - I don't think she - Look, can you think harder, please? - We are! We are trying.
Okay, just because you didn't have a good relationship with her, doesn't mean you have to punish the rest of us.
Um, yeah.
I'm sorry, I didn't It's fine.
You know, I did.
I I did Try to have a relationship, with Peggy.
Ross, I can't explain it, but I know I know I know that she's alive, okay? I just, have to focus on, on what I can control.
A body, a clue.
Something that just proves - something that proves to me, - Mom? that she's alive.
- Something that - Mom? proves that she's alive.
Mom? Mom? Mom, are you having a panic attack? Mom, I need Okay, do you still take your pills? Can I get, what do I do? Oh, honey.
Aunt Vick? I told 'em to bag it all.
Yeah, I can see that.
Hey, Mac, uh I, uh I kinda need to talk to you about something, man.
Fire Inspector flagged this for us.
Great, what is it? - Oh! - Whoa! Reeks like gasoline.
Put that all together, what have you got? Uh Light bulb.
That reeks of gasoline? Someone made a lightbulb bomb.
Okay, let's say hypothetically I don't know what that is.
You fill a lightbulb with gas, then you screw it back in.
When the light gets switched on the spark ignites the gas inside the bulb.
Which, combined with the gas vapours, leaking outta the cut gas line - Kaboom.
- Yeah.
This wasn't a desperate woman taking desperate measures.
This was a professional job.
You get panic attacks, huh? Not often.
Your mom got those, too.
I always thought it was a side effect, of being an agent of chaos.
- You get my messages? - Yep.
You're looking for a way to identify your mom's body? No, I'm tryin' to Prove that it's not her down there.
- Hmm.
- As I said, broken bones, dental records, those are the things that help.
Do you remember the night the ambulance took your mom away? Um Pieces of it.
You and your mom got into an argument.
She was trying to force you to remember the truth about what happened with Katie.
She was wild with grief.
Your father stepped in to protect you.
And she hit him.
He called 911.
The hospital, convinced your dad, to have her committed, for her own safety, and for yours.
I remember visiting her afterwards.
She had a She had a cast, on her arm.
She broke her wrist.
It's not her.
It's not Peggy.
My mother broke her wrist when I was nine.
Right? But the decedent Doesn't have any healed fracture lines on her right wrist.
If this decedent isn't your mother, who is it? Dr.
Cooper? I got a call from the lab.
The victim is Maria Fiori, 25.
Lives in Toronto.
Identified by the family dentist, via two crowns on the bottom right pre-molars.
Okay, I'm gonna call Donovan, and let him know.
No, no, no.
You, go find your mother.
We'll deal with the detectives.
Right, thanks.
Donovan? Cassidy.
Thanks for meeting me.
Been trying to get in touch with you.
Here I am, just calling 'cause I need a favour.
I only have a few minutes.
I need someone to look after Lexi while I'm away.
And she's technically half your dog.
Yeah, I'm-I'm on, I'm working a really big case right now.
It's not a romantic weekend with Harry Styles, or anything.
I'm struggling.
Because of Surmount? I embraced their philosophies and now, I can't trust my own thinking.
Hey listen.
You learned some good things in Surmount.
I saw you develop skills that, you'll have forever.
Yeah, but they were bad people.
Yes, they were.
But there's good and bad in every organization.
You take the good you've learned and Leave the rest behind.
There's a rehab centre, that can help me deprogram.
I can check in tomorrow.
I'll take good care of Lexi.
You can pick her up tomorrow? - Yeah.
- Okay.
She needs eyedrops every two hours, or she'll go blind.
I'll show you how to do it when you come by.
Maybe you can bring me to the centre, if you have time.
I'd love to.
Thank you.
Every two hours? Okay.
All right, um I'm gonna take her bedroom.
The rest of you guys spread out.
We're looking for anything that's gonna give us a clue, as to where Peggy went.
Um, can you check the basement? I'm gonna look around the kitchen.
Heh, if this were normal circumstances, I'd give you a tour.
Just so you know.
It's strange.
Not seeing the family for so long, and then, all of this.
Yeah, well, I for one, am glad you decided to stick around.
Gives me a chance to get to know you.
So you know, I never held it against your mom, that she didn't wanna see me, after Peggy left.
No, I'm sure you just, uh - Reminded her of Grandma.
- Yeah.
Jenny did what she needed to do to get through it.
You know, you could always come see me in Calgary.
Bring your boyfriend.
Yeah? - That would be okay? - Yeah, yeah.
We've got gay folks in Calgary too, you know.
Oh, well then, I won't bring Alphonse.
Aunt Vick! Duty calls.
Hey, maybe we, uh, come back later? They deserve to know.
Waiting isn't gonna make it any easier.
Yeah, well, it might make it easier on me.
Carmella! Ange! Oh, my gosh, you made those? Beautiful! Just inside, go.
Come, come, come, come.
Hey, welcome, welcome.
You guys are here for the party, yeah? - Mr.
Fiori? - Yeah.
I'm Detective Donovan McAvoy.
This is Detective Malik Abed.
I'm sorry.
Were we being too loud? I'm sorry.
We're Italian, we got a little bit of trouble with volume control.
Do you have a daughter named Maria Fiori? Yeah.
Who went to Merrymake Flower Shop last night to pick up an order of flowers? Yeah, the flowers are for my granddaughter's First Communion.
Sir, I'm sorry to say Your daughter's dead.
Get outta here.
Get away From my house.
This, is a day of celebration, for my family.
How dare you Come here and you say something Like this? No!! No!! No!! No!! Have you any idea what Peggy's password might be? I've, I've tried everything I can think of.
You're barkin' up the wrong tree on that one.
Damn it! Okay.
It's like a time capsule in here.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I think I know where she'd go.
Grandpa's grave.
He was the love of her life, right? That's a great idea, Ross.
Can you and Alphonse go check it out? - We'll keep diggin'? - Okay.
Find something? Uh, doctors' numbers, hair salon.
But first I'm gonna need a drink.
Agh! Ross, let's just call an Uber.
I just I just fixed this with my grandpa.
I'm not gonna call an Uber.
Come on, we're wasting time.
We're not.
It's okay.
It's okay, let it out.
You're safe.
I I was just thinking about it.
I was thinking about moving, okay, and look at Look at everything that's gone wrong.
Ross, you know this isn't your fault, right? You don't get it.
I was the glue.
Okay, if If I would've been there, Grandpa wouldn't have been scammed.
If that wouldn't have happened, Grandma wouldn't have had to make up the extra money in the flower shop.
You know, if would've been If I would've actually been paying attention, I might've been able to save him.
But no, I was, you know, I was caught up in my own stuff, and I was just busy, and I was being selfish, but not actually thinking, - about anything - Ross! Ross! Ross! Ross! They wanted you to be happy.
Right? To go out there, and to thrive.
Which is what you were trying to do.
You don't know what they wanted, Alphonse.
Okay, maybe not But, what I know is that your grandparents adored you.
And they were proud of the man that you've become.
I know that Gordon's gone.
And I'm sorry.
But what you had with him was beautiful.
People like us, we're not always lucky enough to have a family who see them, and who know them, and who love them, for exactly who they are.
Love takes courage.
Gordon, he loved Peggy with his whole heart.
So, instead of dwelling on what you didn't do, let's go out there, and find the love of his life.
And make sure she's okay.
I love you.
If that's okay.
It's great.
We should probably call an Uber.
Let's do that.
When Maria moved out, I didn't need the room for anything else, so I left it like it is.
Thought maybe someday, when she had kids, they could sleep here.
What can you tell us about Maria? Anything that can, help us figure out how this happened to her.
She's, uh, beautiful.
And smart.
And stubborn.
She looks exactly like her mother.
She died.
Uh, five years ago, from breast cancer.
When she died, I thought that that would kill me, but I can see now that that That's a blessing.
She wouldn't have survived this.
You've had a lot of loss in your life, Mr.
I'm sorry.
I try to, uh, trust that God has a plan.
But This is, uh Did Maria usually shop at Merrymake Flowers? Or, was this her first time? She never mentioned it, but I don't know, uh I don't pay attention to that sorta thing, that's - I dunno.
- It's okay if you don't know.
Oh, no! We had a little argument about the flowers.
And, what was wrong with the flowers? She spent $800 on them! She loves her niece, and wanted to make her feel special on the day of her First Communion but She was trying to save money.
I didn't understand that.
What was she saving money for? Maria had a medical condition, um Where she couldn't have kids without help.
And she's She's always wanted to be a mom.
As soon as she found out, she started saving money for treatment.
Where was she getting the money from? She worked.
She was a secretary at the school, at St.
Angelo's, full time, and then, she worked evenings, and weekends, as a bartender.
Where was that? Rigoletta.
On College Street.
Did your daughter have a partner? Well, if she did, wasn't anything serious, she would She woulda wanted him to meet me.
She's a She's a, she's a special girl.
- So sorry for your loss.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, um There's a lot of food, downstairs, so You make a plate.
Both of you.
Thank you, Mr.
I think she's unwell, so if she does contact you, if you could call me, I would, uh, I'd really appreciate it.
All right, thank you.
You looking for her, or are you just rummaging through her stuff? You got your methods, I got mine.
Check this out.
It's a letter from my dad to her.
"I know his family has money and power," "but I have a heart.
" "And all of it belongs to you.
" Uh, little snippets of when Peggy left, have been coming back to me.
New grief shakes old grief loose.
You, uh, you were there for me when Peggy left.
I'm sorry I pushed you away.
Today I realized, I don't know anything about her.
She was a firecracker.
Exciting and bold.
But hold on too tight, or for too long, and she'd blow your finger clean off.
Is that why she left, 'cause we held on too tight? I don't know why she left.
But I do know she did everything in her power, to dig herself out of the hole she was in.
Meds, therapy.
And then, she got desperate.
Desperate, how? She went to New Jersey and did ECT therapy.
She did electroconvulsive therapy? Nothing else was working.
There was a three-month waiting list here.
You know, she borrowed a small fortune and Went to a private clinic.
Where did she get the money from? Well Back then, there was only one person we knew in the neighbourhood, who could get $40K liquid, in an afternoon.
- Hey.
- Hey.
I ran a search on other insurance jobs, that match the MO of Peggy's flower shop.
Lightbulb bomb, remote switch, gas lines that were tampered with.
Eight hits, going back 10 years, just in Ontario.
But, only one matched exactly.
Restaurant on St.
Clair West.
2009, a restaurant that was deep in debt, owned by a Toronto businessman, named Lorenzo Scalfi.
It's a miracle no one was killed.
Scalfi? Yeah, you know him? I did two years in organized crime enforcement.
Okay, is there any chance that Scalfi could be involved? That depends.
You think Peggy Cooper borrowed money from the Mob? Hmm.
There was an Italian guy in the neighbourhood, who was sweet on your mom.
His family was connected.
So, she asked him.
Connected, like connected, connected? Let's just say they had a lot of money, and nobody ever knew where it came from.
So, you're saying that, Peggy dated a Mobster? Maybe that's what he was.
But to us, he was just a guy who came from a family who knew, because of where they came from and what their last name was, that they were never gonna get ahead, playing by the rules.
So, they made their own.
Right, um Do you know if he's still around? Are they still in contact? So, let's say, Peggy borrowed money from Scalfi, she couldn't pay it back, so, he blew up the flower shop, for the insurance money? And killed an innocent bystander in the process.
Yeah, but if you're loaded, why go through the hassle, for 10 grand? That, I don't know.
Time's up! We can try the password again! Coming! Okay.
All right, so it's gotta be written down somewhere Bingo, I'm in.
What was it? Your birthday.
Her text messages are syncing.
From some unknown number.
I have to show Donovan this.
They go back a month.
"You're a good woman, Peggy.
You deserve the world.
" "I can give that to you, just ask.
" Yeah.
"I need $10,000" "and I don't know where else to go.
" And right away, Scalfi agrees, no questions asked.
Then after that, there's nothing for like A couple of weeks.
I'm assuming that she was distracted with You know, what happened to my dad.
But then, two days ago.
"Answer me.
Don't make me regret helping you.
" And then yesterday.
"You leave me no choice.
" Whoa.
Full house.
Are you guys good? Can't speak for everyone Detective, but I've been better.
Who are you? Uh, that's my Aunt Vick.
Pleased to meet you.
Uh, Mac, can we uh Um yeah.
Excuse me.
Traffic pulled CCTV footage from cameras near the flower shop.
The footage shows a black Town Car driving down the road, toward the flower shop, and then, speeding away, right after the kaboom.
All right, that car connected to Maria? Well, she got to the flower shop somehow, and she wasn't gonna take a bus with $800 worth of flowers.
Did you get a plate? Did I get a plate.
Come on.
You're damn right I did.
All right, let's wait 'til we know what we have, - before we tell Jenny anything.
- Mm-hmm.
Okay, I think we should go back to the house, and make a few more calls.
Um, I-I'm sorta tired.
Oh, um, okay, why don't you head back to the hotel.
I'll call you when we find her.
Ugh, I can't do this anymore.
She left me too, Potato.
I mean, yeah, I know, I was grown up, but It hurt, just the same.
Well, thank you for coming and helping.
I appreciate it after all this time.
Maybe someday we'll get to Ontario Place.
Ride that big, old rollercoaster.
Take care, Jenny.
The Town Car that dropped Maria Fiori off, was registered to a fleet, owned by Scalfi.
Oh, you'd think a guy smart enough to crime his way into this life, woulda, been smart enough to have her - just take an Uber.
- Hmm.
Can I help you? Uh, Toronto PD here to see Lorenzo Scalfi.
You wanna talk to him here or bring him downtown? Depends.
You wanna talk to him, or, do you wanna talk to his lawyer? Uh, that's right.
It's a good point.
Pull! Pull! Put the gun down, Scalfi! - Okay.
- Put it down.
No problem.
Can't a man shoot for sport in his own backyard? No, you're breaking like five by-laws.
Okay, no problem.
No problem.
Mo, you take care of this for me, please? All right.
I'd ask you guys if you, uh, wanted a drink, but, then, you'd stay longer.
We'd like to ask you about an employee of yours.
Maria Fiori? You know her, don't you? Well, I mean the um, the name sounds familiar, but um I have a lot of employees.
I, I own over 20 different businesses, so.
Maria died yesterday.
Well, that's a shame.
Was she sick or something? You know Peggy Cooper? Peggy? That last name never suited her.
Well, you lent her some money last month.
A very large sum of money.
I loan a lot of people money.
Yeah, well, we have the receipts, though.
Well, I doubt that's true.
Not literal receipts, just something we young people call text messages, and screen grabs.
You're not being very forthcoming.
Maybe you'd be chattier down at the station.
Oh, I doubt that.
All those polyester uniforms.
They give me "agita".
You have yourself a nice day, Mr.
Scalfi, and um, no more shooting in your backyard? Sure.
By the way, if you run into Peggy, tell her I said "Ti amo".
So beautiful.
I should've married that girl when I had a chance.
We would've made beautiful kids.
We're just gonna leave? Keep him guessing.
Okay, so she wasn't at the cemetery, or, any of the other places in the address book.
I did get Ross and Alphonse to drop off my business cards, just in case, you know, she showed up after they left.
Ah, you might've missed your calling as a police detective.
So, it's confirmed.
Peggy borrowed Mob money, and it got an innocent woman killed.
Well, that's the short version, yeah.
But there's no evidence that Scalfi hurt your mother.
In fact, it seems like he was still pining for her.
Well, I learned more about my mother in one day, than I had the entire time she was living with me.
At least you knew it wasn't her down there.
I mean, deep down, I was scared to death that it was.
I mean, all I could think was, you know, all these years when I was younger, I was looking for her, and then, she comes back, and I'm so angry that you know, I get this second chance, and I miss it.
Every cop on patrol has a photo of your mom.
Someone's gonna spot her.
Uh Jenny Cooper.
Yeah, I called about my mother.
Okay, uh, where exactly? Yeah, okay thank you.
All right, so a cyclist, uh, saw a woman that looked like Peggy, wandering around the Lakeshore waterfront trail.
They called CMHS because they didn't know what else to do.
All right, any idea why she'd be down there? Uh, I mean, what's down there? Um Medieval Times, the CNE.
Maybe she's training with the Raptors.
I know where she is.
All right, you want me to come with? Uh No, you know what? I need to do this on my own.
But thank you.
I'll, uh, I'll send you our location.
Mom? Peggy? Mom! Mom! Mom!
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