Coroner (2019) s04e12 Episode Script

Death Goes On

1 The victim is maria fiori, 25.
Okay, I'm going to call donovan and let him know.
No, no, no.
Go find your mother.
It was me.
I wrote it.
"justice for Dean Breyer.
" So, you're saying that peggy dated a mobster.
Maybe that's what he was.
Toronto PD here, to see Lorenzo Scalfi.
If you run into peggy, tell her I said, "ti amo.
" So, a cyclist saw a woman that looked like Peggy, Wandering around the Lakeshore Waterfront Trail.
What's down there? Mom? Peggy? Peggy? Mom, you need to come down from there, okay? No, you You stay away from me.
You - Mom! - You're not real.
I watched you blow up in the flower shop! No, Mom, that wasn't me.
I didn't go in the flower shop.
Okay, this is me, I'm real.
Okay? This is me, I'm I'm really cold.
My teeth are really chattering, okay? Let's Let's go back to our house.
Let's sit in front of our fireplace in the living room.
No, Jenny doesn't say, "Our living room.
" Jenny doesn't call me "Mom".
Jenny hates her Mother.
No, Mom, I don't hate you.
Okay? And if anything were to happen to you, and I was too stubborn, or I was too angry Jenny is stubborn and angry.
Do your homework, Faker! Mom, look, I know why you're here, okay? You made a promise to me, - that you would ta - I broke a promise, to you and Katie.
But I I broke a bigger promise to Katie, because I could I couldn't protect her.
From me.
I know.
But Mom, get back from the edge.
Okay, Mom! Let's go on these rides, Jenny-Jen! - No.
- Like, nothing ever happened.
Like Like Katie never died.
- I'll go find - Donovan, I need you.
Operator somewhere.
Must be here! Peggy! Please just Mom! Mom! Mom? Hey.
Are you okay? We couldn't talk about Katie's death.
Because we were trying to protect you! Jenny doesn't remember what she did, so, we can't either.
That was a choice you made as parents! I was just a child! Please, just get in the car.
Peggy, what're you doing? Peggy, get out.
Peggy, no! Open the door! Peggy, no, Peggy! Open the door! Get out of the car, Peggy! Peggy, stop! Peggy, stop the car! Hey.
- Hey.
- Yeah, I'm okay.
Thank you.
How is she? I mean, she needs to be looked at.
All right, you want us to come with you? No, it's okay.
Pumpkin spice lattes.
Hey, uh, pumpkin spice latte, extra whip.
Even your coffee's an entire meal.
Mm! All right, Jenny called, Peggy's home from the hospital.
Medicated and slept.
Now let's head there after we interview Maria's father.
See where we get.
Sounds good.
Uh I know this woman.
You brought a lawyer with you.
Was that necessary? Uh, Rosa's a family friend.
We don't usually have Family friends with us in the interviews.
I'm also a lawyer.
A defence lawyer, which is why I asked.
Not a defence lawyer anymore.
Uh, this says you're a defence lawyer.
Yeah, I-I gotta update those.
I'm actually part of an alternative policing organization, I like to call the "Justice League".
I mean, I can't, because that name has been used, by a massive superhero franchise.
It's really unfortunate, because it just encapsulates us, so, succinctly.
We champion cases, that, we think the police, might overlook.
All right, let's get on with this.
Uh, Rosa's been doing some digging.
Did you know that Maria, and Scalfi, were seeing one another? Maria was travelling a lot, lately, with her girlfriends to uh, Costa Rica, Cabo, Bali.
A lot of travelling for someone who was trying to save money.
And I took a look at her socials.
Okay, so what am I not seeing? Exactly, zip.
Who goes on a trip with her girlfriends, and doesn't take a single picture? So, you're saying she was taking these trips with Scalfi.
We know.
I called her girlfriends, and they all confirm it.
- He's married, so that's - He is.
And he's connected.
And Maria, perhaps, in your eyes, is a nobody.
She's not a nobody.
Well, that remains to be seen.
- See, my group - The Justice League? Are concerned, that the murder of a bartender, might not rate as a high priority, when there's a big gangster on the line.
And why wouldn't we wanna get a big-time gangster off the streets? Frankly, we're concerned about you.
See, I look into all the police detectives that my clients deal with and Uh, do you know a man named Dean Breyer? You were the arresting officer, right? He died in custody? Enrico we will follow up with Scalfi, despite what your lawyer says.
Maria should not have been involved with a married man, but, she doesn't deserve this.
In my experience, police don't learn integrity on the job.
They either have it at the start, or They don't.
Yeah, you-you know you got him wrong.
Right? Or, maybe you've got him wrong.
La la la ♪ La la la la ♪ La la la la ♪ La la la ♪ La ♪ La la la la ♪ - La la la la ♪ - It's Donovan and Malik.
- Hey, come on in.
- Hey.
How's she doing? Um, you know, she was uh she was good at the hospital.
Euthymic, even, just But now um, but now, she's devolved.
- Detectives.
- Hey.
- Peggy.
- Mrs.
How are you doing? You want some tea? I have some tea, already.
Yep, yep, here.
Just put some water in.
Did you wanna sit down, Mrs.
Cooper? I borrowed some money, from Lorenzo Scalfi.
I was gonna pay it back.
Selling flowers.
Since you couldn't pay it back, is it possible he blew up your shop? Well, it makes sense.
I mean, what was I gonna do? Not hand him the insurance cheque? And uh, what about Maria Fiori, the woman whose order you were working on.
Did Scalfi place that order? No, a woman called.
Um First Communion.
She needed uh, everything for the next morning.
$800 worth of flowers.
But, I didn't have any.
I was out all day looking for Mont Blanc amaryllis and Calla lilies.
And-and did you see Scalfi at all? No.
When you got back to your shop, did it seem like anyone had been there? Well, there was a there was a thing with the light switch.
It was, it was broken, and I, well yeah, the switch was different.
What'd you mean, different? I mea You didn't find that odd? I was in my element Jennifer, I was being creative, and making beautiful arrangements.
You know, I, I knew that you were calling, but, I was focused.
That's when I called her, to tell her to stay there, and that I was coming.
And then I, and then I I went to the bakery, because I thought you'd like their scones and And then I saw you.
I saw you drive up, and I saw you - go inside.
- I didn't go inside.
And I saw the explosion.
And you died! I I And then The next thing I knew, I was at the rollercoaster, and-and, you were there, and I And, I knew that you were, I knew that you were gonna meet me there.
Thompson, You need to see this.
All right, so Scalfi tells Maria, he'll pay for her Communion flowers, he knows a place, just call 'em up and tell 'em what you want.
Yeah, while Peggy's out, sourcing the flowers, Scalfi sets up the lightbulb bomb.
That's a lot of trouble for $10K.
Yeah, we've seen his place.
He spends $10K a month on Windex.
Yeah, and he can just deny the affair, so, why kill her? - Huh.
- We're missing something.
- McAvoy.
- McAvoy.
That's what I said.
Maria Fiori was pregnant.
We found traces of a fetus, - in her uterus.
- Yet her father said, she had trouble conceiving, because of a condition.
Whatever she tried, finally worked.
How far along was she? Uh, roughly 13 weeks.
Seems like she was intending to keep the baby.
And, what if he wasn't? Uh, he if wasn't, that's not something we're going to find out in an autopsy.
Unless she's had it tattooed on herself.
Dennis, do you see any tattoos that say, "He doesn't want this baby?" What? God! Okay, so Maria was pregnant with Scalfi's baby.
If-if we can match his DNA, that's proof of the affair.
It's cheaper to keep her.
The divorce would've cost Scalfi, not to mention child support to Maria.
That's motive.
I feel wonderful, by the way! You borrowed money, - from a gangster! - Ross.
Look, it would've been nice to have a heads up on that, - yes, but - I do not need, to tell you, absolutely everything.
No, but you do live in my house, Peggy, and you put everyone in danger, so, I need to Hello? Peggy? Hi, all.
Uh Oh, wipe your feet! Ugh! - So, I was sitting in my hotel - Here, I - No, it's okay.
- Peggy.
I was sitting in my hotel room, thinking about this mess.
And I think, Peggy should come back to Alberta with me.
Honestly, Victoria, I haven't seen ya in 20 years? You still wearin' the same boots.
There's a place near me, an institution with a great reputation.
It's not exactly near me, it's not in Calgary, but it's close enough, - and I'll pay for it.
- No, I You know, things got a little stressful around here.
Look, I'm gonna have my medication adjusted and I'm gonna be fine.
First, I don't need you to pay for it.
- I - Jenny, you just lost your father.
You have an incredibly demanding job.
Your son needs to start his life.
This is not sustainable.
Okay, so let me get this straight.
You wanna send Grandma, - to an institution.
- No, Ross Those places are terrible.
- They suck.
They're - No, no, no.
This place is great.
Hell, she'll think she's at the Ambassadors Towers.
I will not be going to a facility.
And who the Hell is gonna take care of you? Jenny? The daughter you abandoned for Gordon to raise? That's asking a lot.
Victoria I don't need anybody to take care of me! Okay.
Okay, I leave tomorrow at 10:00 a.
, give it some thought.
Mom, I I don't I don't think I should leave.
- I don't think I should be going.
- Ross, this is not your responsibility.
- I've told you this before.
- I know that you tell me that! You always tell me that, but, you don't do less hours! You say that I have the freedom, but, your actions tell Ross? - Sweetie, breathe.
- I know.
Breathe, baby.
Here, sit, sit, sit.
Sit down.
It's okay.
Breathe into my hand.
Look at me.
It's okay.
Peggy! - I will leave.
- Peggy! Stop! But, I will not be put in an institution by my sister.
I will decide, where I go.
Peggy, we can talk about this.
- Just stop.
- Maybe we can try again, some day.
Ross, breathe.
I know how to leave you.
I left you! - Hmm.
- Honey, breathe.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
You gotta go.
Okay, but this ends here.
Peggy! Peggy! Ross, keys! Thank you.
This is Peggy Cooper.
I can't come to the phone right now.
Please leave a message.
Peggy? No! Ah! Agh! 'Bout time you got here.
I'm freezing.
I just got a call from Judge O'Connor.
What are you doing applying for warrants, for Lorenzo Scalfi's DNA? If he's the father of Maria Fiori's baby, we've got motive.
Waylen, we had Officer Stanley search the 911 log, and last Friday night, Scalfi's wife called, because a woman wouldn't leave her front doorstep.
Now, we can track down the responding officers, but my guess is, Maria Fiori was threatening Scalfi's domestic bliss.
It's not enough for a DNA warrant.
Okay, we'll bring him in, ask him how he likes his coffee, a few other routine questions.
His $800 an hour lawyer, is gonna fire cannonballs, through the holes in your circumstantial evidence.
And charge us with harassment.
So, save us all the trouble, okay? Harassment? Yeah, I mean you said you were gonna get him a coffee, and everything, too.
So, I don't get it.
Maybe Rosa knows something that we don't.
God, be careful with those things.
Are they clean? Yeah, of course.
We sterilize them.
Please, sterilized.
I've been staying in your house for the last months.
I know what I'm doing, okay? Oh, do you have to be so aggressive? You were always so aggressive.
Okay, I need to focus.
Well, we don't wanna make you angry.
She pushed her sister down the stairs, you know! God forbid we should make Jenny Cooper angry.
I'm sorry, is there any way that we can sew her mouth shut? Over my dead body.
Welcome to your autopsy.
What're we looking for? We need to find out why, Peggy didn't return to Jenny, when she was well.
And what the impact of that was on Jenny.
Well, you ran from me.
Like I was a monster.
So many years I blew out my candles, wishing for a mother, who thought I was worth something.
Where-where is my purse? Is it, is it in a safe place? Oh, she stabilized here.
But she didn't try to make contact, until here.
Dennis, hand me the scalpel.
After you left, I would sleep in Katie's bed, and, I would find these, strands of Arski's hair.
Poor puppy.
He must've been so confused.
He was only doing what he thought was the right thing.
Do you have the scans, River? What do they say? Why did Jenny Cooper become a coroner? Dr.
Cooper? Because I needed to understand death.
To try to control it.
Cooper needs to control everything.
Typical response of an abandoned child.
No, it was b it was after Katie died, and David died.
There was a lot of tragedy.
I And do you understand it now? I understand the cause, and mechanism.
Is that what you were looking for? This is interesting.
What is it? Ah, an overblown survival instinct.
Responsible for the fight or flight response.
An emergency arises.
The hypothalamus kicks the sympathetic nervous system into gear.
Cortisol surges, adrenaline floods.
You left me.
A quickened heartbeat, thrusts blood, to the vital organs, at 3 feet per second.
I was a kid.
The pupils dilate.
And you left.
And Jenny grows up without a mother.
I mean, love never felt safe to me, but, I always thought that that was because of the people who left me, through death.
Not the people who left me, through choice.
The neurons in her anterior cingulate cortex, and insula, have clearly been firing in overdrive, for a long time.
I mean, how am I supposed to love myself, when I am not even good enough, for my own mother? What do you want from me, Jenny? What do you want? I just want you to love me for What's that? The microwave.
My chicken soup! River, the tweezers.
There is A large defence mechanism, obscuring it.
I almost missed it.
Don't! I don't want her to see it.
It's a broken heart.
Wh Peggy You can't die from a broken heart.
Peggy? Peggy! All right.
If Waylen doesn't want us messin' with Scalfi, that usually means that someone higher up in the police food chain needs him for a bigger case.
Scalfi murdered Maria Fiori.
Wh-what's bigger than murder? That's what I'm tryin' to figure out.
I've been scrolling through known associates of Scalfi's.
Now, this dude's got a face tattoo.
I've always wondered what went into such an Important life decision like that.
Anyways, then I found this.
Scalfi won the grand prize, at the Taco Lodge Bottle Cap Sweepstakes.
Here he is doing a local news segment.
Lucky guy.
And yet, another winner.
The tattoo-face man.
What are the odds? They scammed a fast food sweepstakes.
And yet, another grand prize winner.
Recognize him? Imagine him tossing a clay pigeon in the air.
He's got crazy in his eyes.
RCMP must've turned Scalfi, to testify against his higher-ups.
That's what trumps the murder of a woman, and her unborn child around here? Defrauding a fast-food chain? Multi-industry conglomerate, actually.
And do you know who owns Taco Lodge? I'll get the DNA myself.
Hey Mac, don't Go outside on this stuff.
- Mac? - We're investigating a homicide.
- Two homicides.
- Yo, I'm I'm not going against Waylen's orders.
Since when? Since, I'm writing the Sergeant's exam next week.
I wish I had given you more.
I died, the day that Katie died.
We all did.
Grief causes the brain to release stress hormones, into the cardiovascular system, which can change its function.
- Sometimes irreparably.
- Yeah.
Her heart's broken.
Because of Katie.
Well, not just Katie, oh, no, no, no, because of you, because of Ross, because of your Dad.
Uh, she missed everything.
There are huge, haunted spaces here.
Look, we rarely get what we need, from the people who should've provided love, but, wronged us instead.
The healing has to come from within me.
We are autopsying the wrong body.
Do you smell gasoline? Peggy? Peggy, you need to wake up, okay.
The car smells like gasoline.
- It's gonna catch fire, okay.
Come on! - No.
- What? No, I can't! - Come on, Peggy.
My legs, I can't! Look, just go.
It's all right.
You go.
- Please.
- Come on.
- No, you have to go.
- No, Peggy.
- Just go.
- Peggy, the car could explode! - Let's go! - Please, leave.
- You're gonna tear my legs off! - Peggy! - Ugh! - Okay.
- Argh! - Okay, come on.
Come on, Peggy.
- Let's go! - Argh! Last person I expected to call me.
I love that.
Life's little curveballs.
You wanna know what happened with Dean Breyer? Uh, it was your first week on the job.
He died in his cell.
I subpoenaed the SIU files.
I also know, that you spraypainted, "Justice for Dean Breyer", on the side of your own precinct.
Last year.
Scalfi is a protected witness.
They're gonna ignore Maria's murder, because he's gonna testify, against a bunch of his buddies, about a corporate sweepstakes scam, they were running.
You couldn't do anything to help Dean Breyer.
But, you could do something now.
We may have Scalfi's DNA in some form.
Recovered from a crime scene? You could say that.
But I can't prove it, because I can't get a warrant, to get a sample from him.
Rogue DNA.
We have a lab for that.
Let's go get some.
I can fit 10 marshmallows in my mouth at once.
You wanna see? No, I'm good, thanks.
How are we supposed to develop a shorthand, if we don't share, right? - I have a 90 mile an hour fastball.
- Hmm.
I once bought $900 leather pants.
I joined a cult.
You still in this cult? Nah.
Wasn't for me.
I still have the pants.
All right, so tell me more about your organization.
Defund the police, I mean, it either inspired people, or, freaked them right the Hell out.
I mean, my own mother still thinks it means we just let Jeffrey Dahmer walk around, just eating everybody.
But-but I see a team, of lawyers, investigators, activists, social workers, former, homicide detectives.
Uh, let's not get carried away.
City-funded programs.
Private benefactors.
It's why I gotta nail the name, you know.
The guy owns 20 businesses.
You'd think he'd have to leave the house at some point.
I know, right? All right, come on.
Let's go.
Yeah? Okay.
I'm done waiting.
I'm actually really good at stealthy trash collecting.
Maybe we'll get lucky.
Maybe he'll be a sneezer.
Or, a blower.
Or, a sprayer.
That is disgusting.
DNA is disgusting, my friend.
I know what DNA is.
Malik, what are you doing here? Mac, what are you doing, man? You could lose your badge for this, Mac.
And you could lose yours too! You can't become a Detective Sergeant without one.
What are you pissed about that? - Can you guys get it together? - What? We're supposed to be incognito.
Oh great.
What are you doing outside my home? - Mr.
Scalfi, - Yeah.
just have a few follow-up questions.
Oh really? Okay, shoot.
Who the Hell is this? - Hey.
- Wait - Scalfi! - Uncle Rico! Calm down, all right? He killed my daughter.
Hey, it's private property.
- You're not welcome here.
- Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey, okay.
- Okay, okay.
- Whoa, who, whoa! Put the gun down.
Put it down! Put the gun down! Hey, okay, if bullets fly here tonight, you're not gonna get any justice for Maria.
The police don't think my daughter matters.
Isn't that right, Rosa? Uncle Rico, I did not mean to pull a gun! Okay, listen.
Hey, all right.
Enrico, your daughter matters.
All right, maybe some of the police force, they have their priorities screwed up.
Ah, you're just saying that.
- You're all the same.
- W-what's it gonna take? Y-you want me to arrest this guy? - Just shoot him! - Shut up, Scalfi! You can't touch me, and you know it.
Hey, Mac, you know we can't touch him.
Hey, you can't touch him.
You won't.
- Hey, Enrico - Hey Mac, please don't do this again.
I get it.
I get it! Okay? You don't think we'll get justice for Maria, or for your family.
You're disillusioned by the police.
Well, so am I.
All right.
In fact I'm leaving the force.
Mac? You're tricking me.
It's true, Enrico.
I-I can't, do any good with this badge anymore.
Who's gonna get justice for Maria? He will.
He's gonna make a great Detective Sergeant.
And he's gonna change the system from within.
Isn't that right, Malik? Yeah.
Lower the gun.
Hey, it's okay.
Turn around.
Ah, you're wasting your time.
You know I'll be home in half an hour.
Yeah, we'll see about that.
Thank you.
Hey, Mac, you're turning in your badge, aren't you? At first, I was just trying to connect with Enrico.
But as I started saying it I realized it was true.
I'm done here.
How am I gonna do this without you, man? Take what I've taught you.
Only the good parts.
And the rest, you'll figure out.
Teach the new kids to be more like you.
Now I wanna hug you, but I'm mad at you.
No need for any hugs.
This isn't goodbye.
Where I'm going, I'm gonna need you.
Uh Ross, hey.
Okay, wait, wait, what's going on? How long's your Mom been missing? You okay, Mom? Are you cold? I remember when Arski was just a puppy.
It was love at first sight.
He was so new, and so eager.
So happy.
So hopeful.
Our house was always full of laughter.
First Oliver died.
And then Katie died.
And then the dog died.
Wait, who's Oliver? Do you see an Oliver in there? There's nothing here.
No Oliver.
It must be your memory.
After all, none of us are really here.
- Ready for the Y incision? - Yeah.
Wait, stop, stop, stop.
What's she doing here? Your primal wound.
We can measure and weigh her.
That'll help us find a timeline.
No, I-I I understand the timeline, I just I don't know why she's here.
She's trying to tell you something.
Do you know who Oliver is? Oliver.
You loved him very much.
And he loved you right back.
And he's always gonna be with you, you know.
Just in a different way.
How about, we say a little prayer to send Oliver on his way.
I got it from her? Heart.
287 grams.
A coroner walks into a bar, and sees a chicken, tickling the old ivories.
The place is totally dead.
1,132 grams.
Slightly below average.
The coroner asked the bartender, where all the patrons are.
Bartender shrugs, and says, "I guess they don't like the entertainment.
" 340 grams.
To which the coroner replies, "Ah, so this is a case of" "Foul play.
" Dr.
Cooper would've loved that joke.
Ah, Dr.
Cooper told me that joke.
I'm gonna miss her.
Oh, - whatcha got there? - Huh.
- Nice.
- Mm-hmm.
Cool, cool, cool.
Looks great.
I'm gonna have to take that.
You're not allowed to eat in here.
- It's uh - What? It's written in here, some of the rooms you can't - Oh.
- I'm gonna have to take that.
Sarge, but Just don't throw it out.
All right? It was six bucks.
Oh yeah, no, no, no, I'm not gonna throw it out.
You eat sandwiches weird, by the way.
You gotta start from one side.
- It's terrible.
- Oh.
- Big Mac! - Hey.
Well, I knew this day would come.
Hmm, you know me too well, Big Cheese.
We're Mac and Cheese.
Good luck, man.
I got it.
You really did it.
Welcome to the League.
Oh, you are so gonna get sued.
They're not gonna sue us.
Not when they see how we change the world.
Welcome This is headquarters, isn't it? Yeah, you get half a glovebox and a full cup holder.
You promised me a corner office.
Every office is a corner office.
Take your pick! If you take the trunk, you get a panoramic view.
I'm kidding! Of course there's an office.
Truthfully, I paid more for the truck.
How's it goin' with the Scalfi case? Well, media picked up on the murder charge, so, looks like it'll stick.
All right, let's go change the world.
Whew! - Hey! - Hey, okay.
I uh, got the green onions.
Wanna chop 'em for me, too? No, I'll chop 'em.
Give me a good knife, though.
Okay, well you can have a knife, because all the good ones, keep going in the dishwasher.
There you go.
- Got the wine.
- Hi.
Thank you.
Ah! I got the firewood! Amazing! You can, put it over there.
Uh - Get the passports renewed? - Mm-hmm.
- COVID test? Vaccine passport? - Yeah.
JC, now that I'm out of a job, I got lots of time on my hands.
Well, sounds like the perfect time to travel the world.
I got you a Travel journal.
So, you won't forget any minute of this trip.
Don't know if you'll have time to write in it though, but.
Thanks, Mom.
Of course.
This is really nice.
You deserve it.
You come from a long line of women who Leave when they need to, and You always stayed.
You're gonna miss me.
Ugh! Why does this have to be the natural way of things? That you leave me.
I'm coming back.
You won't.
Not like this.
Okay? And I am going to live for every moment of it.
Oh! This reminds me, I got something for you and Grandma.
It's Grandpa's poetry.
Well, he would be so proud that he was published.
I think he'd be proud of us.
He is proud of us.
I know he is.
And he's here.
You know? Just In a different way.
Hey, table's set.
Uh, your water's boiling, Jenny.
Right, I just have to grab something from the garden.

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