Costa!! (2024) s01e08 Episode Script

Zon, zee, sex en gevonden voorwerpen

This is Esmee's voicemail.
I'm not here, so
She means we can reopen the club.
I'm so happy I could cry.
-Dukie, what's up, my man?
-We're opening back up.
-If you were rich,
and you went to the Costa for a few days,
where would you stay?
If I were rich, I would never
go to the Costa. Never.
No, okay, maybe not, but
I'd go to Bali, man.
Or the Maldives or something like that.
Dubai is wild too. Turkey number one.
Okay, but if you had to go to the Costa
Mike, just tell me what's
the most luxurious hotel of the Costa.
-The Majestic.
-The Majestic? Okay.
-Did you know Dukie is loaded?
-Duuk isn't loaded.
-He said so himself.
-Of course not. He works here, with us.
Hey, guys. Look.
"Dear people"
I would have liked to tell you this
myself, but there was no time.
I'm going back home.
I'm happy with this decision
and I think it's best for everyone.
If all went well, you've already heard
the Costa can reopen.
Make it work. You and the club
will always be in my heart.
-So Esmee saved the club.
Then why is she going home?
Have a look. Hold on.
Yes, Duuk, where are you?
Yes. Guys, Duuk is on the boulevard.
Can someone give him a ride?
Yes, I can drive. No worries.
Frida. Should I come with you?
Clean up that club of yours.
You want to open later, right?
-I'm coming too.
-Are you sure?
Drive safe.
-I thought you didn't like my driving.
-I'm getting used
Whose junk is this?
That's Fatih's.
Those are his graphic novels.
-They can go.
-I should say so. There.
Can I ask you a technical question?
Could you set up this DJ system?
Yeah, sure.
Tony's coming, and if it's not done well,
he gets very irritated.
-Who's Tony?
-My buddy, he's DJing tomorrow. Thanks.
Hello! Hey.
-What are you doing?
We're just
As brothers we're just cleaning the floor.
Yes, man.
-Kay, can I ask you something?
-Sure. I'll go over there.
-I can't reach June.
-June doesn't want to talk to you.
-I know, but I really want to
-She was fired because of you.
-That club night was a disaster.
Where were you? You were a ghost,
you were gone. I had to fix it.
You come here to relax,
with your "lean back, lean back".
"Should I DJ? Shouldn't I DJ?"
And when it suits you, you're gone,
Speedy Gonzales.
You are. But for us this is our life.
I understand.
-It's crooked! To the right!
-That way?
A little more to the right.
It's still a bit crooked.
Yes, perfect.
-Looking good, guys.
Zoë, wait. Do you have a minute?
We don't have to talk about it. It's hard
for you to admit you're in love with me.
No, that's not what this is about.
I found something in the trash that made
me a bit paranoid. We need to discuss it.
Okay, that was me.
Thomas wanted to get rid of it,
so I quickly tossed it.
Does Thomas know too?
If I thought you wanted to keep it,
I would have told you.
-What do you mean?
-What do you think?
-Is it mine?
-Of course, who else's would it be?
Honey, you have to look at it
from my perspective.
I don't want a relationship with a baby.
I mean, I'm 22. The fuck?
But I thought that we would
For me it's important
Hey, let's not make it bigger than it is.
It happened. Okay?
-It's not the end of the world.
-Yes, but, Zoë
Bro, thanks for everything.
-Really sweet of you to come and help us.
-Of course, bro.
Will you be there tonight?
I have to work, man.
I get it, man. It's okay.
But I might be able to drop by
after my shift.
-Yeah, that's nice, man.
-Yeah, man.
-Can you do me a favor?
-Sure, what?
I just realized no one knows
we're open tonight.
Isn't it time to let the world know?
Dad, if you want the club
to be packed tonight
Dude, come here.
This is your guy, he's the big papi.
Ay, papi. I just heard you're the man.
Yeah. No.
If needed.
Bro, where's your head at?
In a pussy or what?
-Where do you have to go?
-To the harbor.
Get in, sweetie.
I have to warn you, Frida is
Surrender to it.
Hey, bro, what's wrong? Hello, wake up.
-What did you say?
-You can't lie to me, you know.
-Zoë is pregnant.
-What? Seriously? You're shitting me.
-Hey, that's awesome, man.
-It is?
Yeah, bro, new life.
Have you thought of a name? Lil' Mike?
-Mikey Junior? You shouldn't have, man.
-No, bro.
I don't even know if we're keeping it.
Can you see me with a kid?
I'm still a kid myself.
Zoë said so, and she's right.
What have I accomplished in life?
No school, no diploma.
I can't even fry an egg.
Don't be so hard on yourself, man.
You'd be a fucking amazing father.
-You think?
-Yeah, man. I can picture it now.
You doing fun stuff
with that little girl or guy.
No banana boat, man.
But it's okay, no stress, it'll be fine.
You have all the time in the world,
you still have seven months.
We'll keep going, and we won't go home
until the entire Costa knows we're open.
Hey. Can we talk for a second?
-Kay told me what happened.
I'm really sorry.
I wish I had done it differently.
I didn't think about the consequences.
That's the thing, Mila.
You don't think. You don't choose.
-I do choose.
-Yes, the Costa. After you abandoned me.
Okay, you're right about that night.
But I want to make it up to you.
I feel really terrible.
-Are you going to get me my job back?
-Yeah, that really sucks.
Shit. They can't fire you
over one mistake, that's crazy.
I agree, but there's nothing to be done.
-I can help. I can call and explain
-Just go and have fun with your friends.
Sweetie, you're more important now.
That's a little late.
What do you mean?
Just that I don't really
need this right now.
-So this is it?
-Good luck with the opening.
-Thanks, guys!
-You go, Dukie!
Run after your love!
Isn't it lovely?
I've always wanted to experience this.
Turn off the engine.
-What's wrong?
Those small boats are usually used
by traffickers.
No, no, no.
-What the fuck, you're crazy.
Es, wait. Don't go, Es.
I know I hurt you
and I'm sorry about that.
And I understand that you feel this is
the only solution, but we'll find a way.
Es, you belong here, with us.
What an embarrassing scene.
Come on, honey.
You're doing the right thing.
-Hey, come on.
-Don't do it, Es.
-I have two questions.
-Namaste. Come in.
-One: Can I DJ tonight?
Because that's what I came here for,
but you wanted me to lug glasses around.
And I was headlining in the Bonza,
which I gave up for you,
and now my relationship is ruined,
so I deserve something in return. Right?
DJ Tony? Seriously?
I'm 100 times better than him.
My my.
-You've gained some confidence.
I already said yes.
-Of course.
That Tony sucks
and isn't that good of a friend.
-You had another question.
Dad! It's going to be busy tonight.
Those flyers went like hotcakes.
Well done.
Look at this.
-Are you okay? No stress?
-Totally zen.
Don't be silly.
-Can we talk?
-Sorry, not now.
Hey, Mil, spin that shit.
-You don't have any weapons. Bye, honey.
-I've got a VIP.
Hola, how are you?
Hey, don't I know you?
You are very beautiful, my love.
What are you doing?
You have a woman, you know.
-Bro, this is business.
-Of course, stupid of me.
-Girl. You are very beautiful.
-Thank you.
-What's your name?
My name is Fatih.
-Look at Mila playing.
-Hey, Mila!
She's killing it.
What a miserable life.
My God, kill me.
So that's it? Go party with them,
that's what we need!
Someone stop that noise!
-What the fuck are you doing?
-Why are you drinking?
What do you care?
You're a selfish bitch, you know that?
You may not want to keep it,
but who the fuck says I don't want it?
I'm not following.
Jesus, what are you doing?
I'm working. Thomas!
-What's wrong? You don't like it?
-I do.
I asked for a different one.
Incredible. Paying a fortune for a yacht
and getting served cheap shit.
It's taking too long.
I'm going to miss you very much.
-Goddammit! Let go of me!
-Take it easy.
What the fuck is your problem?
You're acting like a psychopath.
Listen, Zoë.
I want to talk about it
before you decide for yourself.
-Decide what?
-That you don't want it.
I get it, you think I'm childish
and maybe you're right,
but I can change.
Zoë, I love you.
Very much.
And I want to keep it.
If you want that too.
Honey, this is very sweet,
but what are you talking about?
-The baby, Zoë. What else?
-What fucking baby?
What do you mean?
That pregnancy test doesn't lie.
Pregnancy test?
I don't get it. When you said I didn't
What were you talking about?
Oh, that.
That shit you dumped on the bar.
My graphic novels?
Hold on. That pregnancy test.
That wasn't yours?
-Whose was it then?
Well, I found something.
-So you're DJing here after all.
-Thanks to you.
Why did I have to come?
I got you a job, here at the Costa.
You're kidding.
A very sweet, inspiring woman
taught me, after I let her down,
that if you want something,
you have to go and get it, so
Sorry, again.
I am going to the Bonza tomorrow to talk.
But if that doesn't work out,
I don't mind thinking about it.
Hey, Essie. Essie is back.
Where did you come from?
-Jesus, wet suit?
-I missed you, sis. Come here.
You smell like fish, man.
Shall I get you a towel?
-Let's all toast to the Costa.
-Yes, man!
-Here, open it.
-Where's Fatih?
-Where is Fatih?
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