Costa!! (2024) s01e07 Episode Script

Zon, zee, sex en mission impossible

-What are you doing?
-I can't do this.
Can I decide
whether you can do it or not?
Sorry, babe. Every time I start,
I picture Mikey's bald head.
You guys need to talk this out,
as soon as possible.
Hey, Es. Had a nice ride?
Okay. Cheery, guys.
Mike, can we talk for a minute?
-Should I blow off your door?
-What are you doing?
I'm sorry, man.
I should have told you sooner.
What are you doing?
-Apologizing. He doesn't want to hear it.
-Because he's not there.
He didn't come home last night.
Where are you going?
Okay, great, so everyone is fighting.
-Hey, Thomas. How are you?
-Hey, dear Essie. How is it going?
-Are you in the car?
Yes, good news, I'm on my way.
I'm coming to the Costa.
What? Now?
-Didn't you have a burnout?
-Yes, but that break has done me good.
From now on I'm completely zen.
And it's all because of these ladies here.
-Hiya! How are things?
-Absolutely great.
Never better.
We're almost there,
so get ready for the big inspection.
Can't you bring a snack?
Esmee loves turrón.
-To celebrate that you're back.
-Well, if you're in the mood for that.
-Very much.
-Frida, nougat.
-Yes, I know a great place. No worries.
-We'll bring nougat. See you, darlings.
-Looking forward to it.
-Get to work.
Mike is freaking out.
I can feel it in my bones.
We should never have secretly
Get a grip.
-Do you regret it?
-Not because of you.
Zoë, you're the bomb. It's just
I shouldn't have screwed over my brother.
Mike is a sensitive boy.
-He may never want to see us again.
-Don't be silly. Mike just went
-skinny-dipping with a drag queen,
stealing a go-kart, comparing dicks.
What does Mike do to blow off steam?
Mike isn't like that. If he feels shitty,
he wants his brothers around him.
-No, I am sorry.
-I'm more sorry.
No, I even wrote a song about you.
Kay is my guy
But I really lost him now
I'm in danger without him next to me
Push me off a building
Jump in front of a train
-Why so intense?
-It's all about emotions.
Mila, floor. I'll do the bar.
-I'm really not in the mood for this.
-Thomas is coming.
-I know, but I'm not a dog.
-Clean up the shit first, then we'll talk.
Make sure it's clean,
he could be here any minute.
Be careful. Guys, how won
-What happened here?
-Okay, try to stay calm.
Thomas? Thomas!
Where are the others?
Where are the others?!
I want everyone here, now. Now!
There's a thin line between love and hate,
remember that.
-That's the thing.
-What's this?
-No, man.
-What's up, Zoë?
-I'm sorry, man.
-So you're the guy who screwed my buddy.
-You screwed everyone. Shut it.
I should have been honest. No secrets.
But when you brought up condoms
Why would you do that?
Unprotected and shit. I hate you for that.
Hello, male gaze, I was there too.
I didn't want to use a condom.
Do you know what that Kanye song is about?
"Real Friends."
-I shouldn't have done it.
-Honesty. And you weren't honest.
-This shit hurts my heart.
-But, bro, do you really like her?
-Of course, man.
-She doesn't like you.
Simply like her, or like-like her? As in:
get on your knees, popping those rings.
-What's the difference?
-"What's the difference?"
I love her. Zoë is my sweetheart.
If the love is real
and you feel that shit,
then I won't stand in your way.
Esmee? Sorry, love,
I'll have to call you back. I'm
-Thomas is here?
Goddammit, I was gone for two weeks.
Two weeks.
-I thought you were zen now.
-Zen? Zen, Es?
A Buddhist yogi master, right?
That Buddhist yogi master is on retreat,
I'm afraid.
Do you realize what you're risking?
-Can I have some of that turrón?
-Sure, honey.
-Please think about your heart.
-Yeah, that's going great.
-Daddy, you're back. How are you?
-I was doing great. Until now.
-Sweetie, just sit down.
-What on earth happened?
-Who took a dump in the pool?
-Super gross.
-Thomas knows.
Really? I'm sorry, my stomach hurt.
-They screwed us hard, sir.
-He's right.
-And you are?
-Fatih. It's a beautiful club. Elegant.
Are you okay over there?
-Sorry, I'm kind of an emotional eater.
-Screwed you hard?
The neighbor, Dos Santos. He works
for the city and we were bothering him.
Surely he can be bribed.
I already have a record.
Let's keep the crime to a bare minimum.
How do you think
I got the permit for the yurt?
Construction wasn't allowed
on my property.
You said you'd arranged that
with the city.
Yes, after giving Mr. Santos
a big bag of money.
This is Spain, guys.
Crazy Syl.
This is that wild Goodfellas shit, man.
No. No, it's too big of a risk.
And it's illegal.
You run a risk when you have something
to lose. That's not the case here.
Touché. We have to do something.
-What do you suggest?
-Esmee and I stand guard at city hall.
-When we see him, I'll notify Mila.
I wait outside to see
if he's getting his daily coffee.
At that place on the boulevard.
-Huh? Right. I'll wait incognito.
Send me the address,
I've never been there.
This won't work.
It means you're in disguise
so no one recognizes you.
-Shit, that's even better. Good one.
-You put up a roadblock,
so he has to detour through the alley.
That's where Fatih and I will wait for him
to check if no one's coming.
And then I'll lure him into the van.
And then
-Sounds foolproof.
Before I forget The money.
-That's going to be a short negotiation.
-Christ, guys. You get salaries, right?
-Life is expensive, Dad.
-Fatih? Zoë?
-I spend my cash on the basic necessities.
Hey, what did you buy?
-These are exclusive graphic novels.
-Did you find them? Nice.
Right. Esmee?
Do you have any money hidden somewhere?
All this is going to be 812 euros, okay?
Payment by card. Thanks.
-Mila's broke too, I guess.
I can check my wallet
For food.
I'll advance it.
I'll have to go to the bank.
We can do that.
I usually make the deposits.
They know me. How much?
-Six grand?
-Six grand? Jackpot. Good afternoon!
-That's a lot, man.
-Guys, here's the stuff.
Alright, you stand guard in this.
Hey, nice outfit, Dukie.
Ouch. It looks smooth.
And make sure
you can be reached at all times.
Guys, let's hold hands for a moment.
Come, we'll have a nice hum together.
-Tune in to a positive energy field.
-Look at me.
-How does this work?
-Hey, are you struggling?
-What are you doing here?
-I'm your man.
Jesus. Stupid thing.
Are you okay?
It's very important.
-Did you mean what you said to Mike?
-I said a lot to Mike. I don't know
-That you love me.
Oh, that.
I said that for Mike.
-For Mike?
-Yes, and it worked, right?
He stopped being angry. Bro, listen
I don't know why I did it. I fucked it up.
-Have you had a chance to talk to her yet?
-No, she doesn't want to.
Es, I think we should come up with
something. Some kind of secret code.
A noise we can make.
Something inconspicuous. A bird of prey.
Just call.
Yes, that works too.
-It's not fair I'm not allowed to explain.
-So tell her that.
I heard you had 99 problems,
but a bitch ain't one.
-Yeah, man.
-What the fuck is going on?
Listen. We're going to bribe Héctor.
I have to lure him into that alley, where
they'll be waiting for him with the money.
-This is that Goodfellas shit, man.
-That's what I said. Dude, déjà vu-vu.
Déjà vu-vu?
So where the hell is Fatih now?
-Or did he leave you hanging again?
-Don't be like that. He's a sweet guy.
"Sweet guy."
You replaced me after one second.
-You're the one who left.
-No, man.
-You were.
-No, man. I was.
He was there for me. You know I can't
stand being lonely. I almost jumped.
You're right. I shouldn't have left
without saying anything.
-I'm sorry.
And? Do you have the money?
You're not going to talk?
-And now?
-He's still in his office.
-How long is this going to take?
-No idea. I'll call you later.
Es, can we please talk about it?
Not now. That guy will be here soon.
I know you don't want to talk to me,
but it's unfair you won't let me explain.
So I just hope you'll listen to me
for a second.
When you told me about your father,
I thought I could see you missed him.
What are you even doing here?
You think: she calls him, they talk
for a bit, and everything is fixed?
-You haven't got a clue.
I hung out with him. We went riding.
-Okay. What was that like?
-Great. He missed me.
As a board member.
Next time think before you turn
someone's life upside down.
-Sorry, I didn't
-I should never have confided in you.
I just thought
if you saw each other again
Because you're an expert
on parent-child relationships.
Es, I just wanted to help you, but
maybe you're right. Maybe I'm not the one
you should be taking advice from.
Fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck.
Mila, is Héctor coming out on your side?
-Weren't you in front of his office?
-Yes, but apparently it has two doors.
-Shakira or Beyoncé?
-Shakira, no contest.
-Co Stompé or Raymond van Barneveld?
Co is the shit, man.
He's coming. He's coming right now.
Shit. Thanks. He's coming.
-What happened?
We missed him.
-He's looking. Look, look.
-Damn, look it that, beautiful.
Are we in touch with Syl and Frida?
-That's Mike's job.
-There he is.
-Get ready.
The usual.
Got it.
Frid and Syl are ready,
but the money isn't there.
-How is that possible?
-I don't know.
I'll call Zoë.
It's childish you can't be honest
about your feelings.
-I'm childish?
If you're in love with me, you can
just say so. What's the big deal?
No big deal.
-This is Zoë's voicemail. Leave a message.
-"Make sure you can be reached." My ass.
you are super cute, super cool,
good body
-but love, that's
-You'll sleep in your own room tonight.
Honey, wait a minute, let's talk
Is that Kay?
-Hey, Frida, we're in trouble, man.
-Trouble, man.
-Do you need help?
-Hold on.
Frida, never mind.
It'll be fine. They're coming.
José? José, it's me.
-It's not him.
-What do you mean?
Yes, it is. This is our neighbor.
This is him, Syl. Héctor Dos Santos.
Oh guys, this is bad.
Mine was called Enrique Dos Santos.
It's not him.
-That's someone else.
-How's that possible?
Syl, try it. Come on.
Guys, Zoë's still not here.
People are on to us. We have to act.
Not now.
What are you doing?
How do you think it went? Goddammit.
Guys, I have the money.
Daddy, sorry, it didn't work.
Guys, I did the best I could.
I thought you were doing a MeToo.
I couldn't breathe.
It was the wrong Dos Santos.
This one couldn't be bribed.
-Dad, good to see you.
-What the fuck are you doing here?
Essie, let it go. It's okay.
Did it work?
What? No?
This is it.
It was great while it lasted.
Thirty years, that's not bad for a club.
It can't just be over, can it?
We have been through so much here.
We're all going
to have to find a different life.
-I'm afraid so, Mikey.
-That can't be. We belong here, together.
Is there really no use in hiring a lawyer?
-Where are you going?
-To see the horses.
The club is no longer allowed to open,
but the bottles are.
Are we okay?
I don't want to fight.
-To the Costa?
-Yes, to the Costa.
Mike, shouldn't you eat something?
Have a water, bro.
-Have you heard from Esmee?
-No, not yet.
-Es isn't good with this kind of thing.
-Who is?
-Would you like an egg, Mike?
-Would you like an aspirin?
-Yes, I would.
What is she saying?
-Did you arrange this?
Why do I know that name?
What are you doing?
This is Esmee's voicemail.
I'm not here, so
I don't know what you're planning,
but don't do it.
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