Costa!! (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Zon, zee, sex en connectie

-Es? Can we talk for a moment?
-Get lost.
I just want to explain, alright?
-Leave me alone.
Our license has been revoked.
We have to close tonight.
Just so you know.
-What do we do?
-We got fucked.
-Take a break, I guess.
Fuck, this is serious.
Are you okay?
-We have to think of something.
-No, we have to call Thomas.
When my dad's at a loss,
he eats spicy shit.
-Yeah, he comes up with crazy ideas.
-This shit, right? Spicy shit.
-No, wait, that's fucking hot.
-Can we please
-The first thing you think of.
-MILF night.
-You're crazy.
Naked speed dates,
trampoline parties, Barneveld,
monkey ass, Grandma Trudy, LGBTQ,
who let the dogs out, who, who, who,
-No! Not you. I meant Fatih
-Someone has to call Thomas.
-That's what I said.
-You will.
-Why me?
-You've known him the longest.
-It hurts less.
-I'm not good at that.
-Can't we hire a lawyer?
-With what money?
-We could get jobs, to pay the rent.
Great idea. You go work somewhere else,
and maybe you should stay there.
Maybe my dad has a job for you.
Since you get along so well.
-Genius, I'm coming with you.
-Call him. You have his number, right?
-Never mind.
-Guys, we should figure this out together.
-Fuck, shit. I seriously thought
-Sweetie, it doesn't matter.
It does, dummy.
-Can't we fight this? I can look into it.
-And someone has to call Thomas. Mike.
Toiletry bag!
-I get that you're angry.
-What do you want from me?
-I'd really like to talk to you.
-Too late.
I understand, but I want to do things
differently from now on.
You should've thought of that sooner.
Do you have far to go?
Do you want a lift?
I'll buy you an ice cream on the way.
With sprinkles.
Yes, I understand it's way too late.
Thank you. Bye.
Hey. June.
I came to say I'm sorry.
I was a bit stressed, I think.
It's okay. Thank you for saying so.
Sorry, I have so much
on my mind right now.
-Hola, guapas.
-Heya, Kay.
-Are you coming to work here?
-No. June is my girlfriend.
Yeah, I know. I'm cool with that.
I have tons of gay friends.
-You have this, there's this
-How are things over there?
-We have to close.
June. Then you can come work
here tonight, right? As a DJ.
-No, I can't.
-Why not?
I would be abandoning them.
Whatever. You have to put yourself first.
Pull out your parachute and fly!
Have they ever given you a chance to DJ?
No one's looking out for you there.
Here the opportunities are endless.
Binoculars, zooming in, everything.
-Look at me. I'm already a senior.
Junior. You want to play, right?
This is your chance.
This shit better work.
It better work, it better work.
Hey, Dad, it's Mike. How are you?
We got Tower-Bridged, in the ass.
Goddammit, after everything
I've done for you! Asshole!
Look at that ass.
Yeah, man. Yes, yes, yes. I got this.
I don't know about this.
I want you to take me on the desk.
Sorry to bother you,
but I need your advice.
No problem, dear.
Young people always have trouble
thinking for themselves.
-What do you want to know?
-You have more experience with this shit.
-We certainly have experience.
-Yeah, you know? How do I ask this?
One more sip.
Mikey. This is a safe space,
you can ask us anything.
We have no sexual shame anymore.
-Frida had a threesome this weekend.
If it doesn't feel right,
you don't have to say anything,
but you shouldn't be ashamed.
Honey, keeping it in
gives you a stomach ache.
Bad news, how do I break that?
Straight away,
or should I do talkie-talkie first?
-Sweetie, listen to me.
If you reach your climax too early,
you should tell the lady in question
so she knows what she's dealing with.
If you don't, you spend another 20 minutes
pushing that shrimp inside,
which makes her think: This isn't working.
Am I not pretty enough?
I'm confused, man.
Sylvia means you should be honest
so everyone knows where they stand.
-Beautifully put, Frid.
-You're not doing anything illegal.
-I know.
-Or are you a little nervous?
-You're afraid they'll get angry.
-No, I just don't want any fuss.
I don't want them to think
I'm letting them down or
I had to get my stuff out
-What are you doing?
-Nothing. You?
Also nothing. Good talk.
-Good luck.
-Yes, good luck.
You're doing so well, darling. Really.
Nice colleagues, great parties.
Beautiful climate. Good job.
That's true, isn't it?
You at least understand what it's about.
But me
I accomplished everything I wanted,
and much more, but
I wasn't happy.
It took me thousands of euros
and years of coaching
to understand one very simple thing.
What's that?
Being close, to someone you love.
And that
Well, I completely neglected that.
And I'm sorry about that.
Are you going riding later?
Horseback riding.
Your mother would have
liked that. That you still do that.
Shall we go together?
Can that old body still do that?
Just wait and see.
-Hey, Mikey.
Hey, Tom. Hey, dude, what up?
Everything cool?
-Yes, I'm alright.
-You are? Great. This shit is hot, man.
My head is hot,
but I have to tell you something.
Oh, dear. Is something wrong?
Did you lose all our savings?
Gamble them away?
Or did the club burn down?
Fuck, man. Listen, the thing is, I
Yes, what's wrong?
-Hell, yeah. That shit really works, man.
Is it weird that we want to have sex
all the time?
-Why? It's just sweet love, right?
-Maybe we're dirty perverts or something.
Since when are two perfect naked bodies
rubbing against each other dirty?
Everything is going to hell,
and the only thing we want is to fuck.
Zoë, if the world ends tomorrow,
would you be happy we just did it
or would you rather we hadn't?
Good point.
You think you can just touch
anything in here?
-We were just
-Yes, I can see that.
-Appraising the valuables.
Why lie?
Dude. Of all the people here,
you are the one breaking my balls?
I'm sorry, bro.
We wanted to tell you,
but you're being difficult.
I thought we were buddies.
Weird shit keeps happening.
Today was the wrong day to tell you.
You can only hold my baby
when you washed your hands.
Are your hands clean?
Let me smell them, now.
-Dude, I just took a crap.
-Why does your crap smell like pussy?
Wash your hands, slob.
What's wrong with you?
This guy. We're just kidding, right?
Listen, in five minutes
Come outside. I got a crazy idea, man.
Hey, dude.
We have to show our hard dick, bro.
-Show dick?
-Our early-in-the-morning boner.
You know, big dick energy.
-I don't get it.
-You want to make a statement.
Get it? A statement.
We can't let them fuck with us.
How do you want to do that?
By chaining myself to the club.
Genius, right? Be honest.
-How is that supposed to work?
-Excuse me? This chick.
-It's that crazy Greenpeace shit.
-Get it? Greenpeace shit.
They're not demolishing the club,
they're closing it down.
She's right, man.
Then what do we do? We can try, right?
Come on, chain up your brother. Please.
-I'm not sure this is a good idea.
-It is. You're doing great.
You're okay?
Go ahead. You got it?
Oh shit, I can't move. Stupid.
Hey, the key.
What are you doing?
Just like in the movies.
Now I really can't go anywhere.
-You're in too, right?
-No, we're leaving.
It's cool, it's cool. I'll just be here.
Thank you.
-Hey, chicas. Hey.
What happened? Who did this?
No stress. Calm down.
I fixed everything. Magic Mike is here.
He's saving the club.
Imagine that fucker's face when he sees
us chained up. He can't do a thing.
That spicy shit.
I need to crap, man.
But fucking genius, right?
Yes. Good thinking, Mikey.
-You got balls, Mike.
-I do?
I don't know,
somehow I think you're freaking hot.
Against that tree.
All those chains around your body.
Broad chest, muscles, drops of sweat
-What? Sorry, I was just
-We have to go do something. See you.
-Yes, I'll be here.
Superman Mike isn't going anywhere.
Maybe you need a little chain to keep
everything down there under control.
Sorry, it's a reflex.
Just like during puberty.
In the back of the classroom.
"Mikey, come forward." No way.
I wonder how long he'll last
in the blazing sun.
-Funny, I didn't know you were a couple.
-We aren't.
-You were just kissing.
-Forget it, Fatih, Mila already knows.
-Why do you say that?
-What are you doing here?
-We are on our way.
To the
-Okay. What are you going to do there?
-Mila is DJing with us tonight.
-You took getting a job quite literally.
-Says who?
-You've wasted no time leaving us.
-Fucking snitch.
We're closed, aren't we?
-You know how much I
-Do what you want.
Okay, fine. Come on, let's go, Mil.
That was nice, wasn't it?
I heard your company
isn't doing very well at the moment.
-Did he tell you that too?
-Don't be mad at him. He means well.
And I can tell he cares about you.
But what I meant to say
is that I'm here to help you.
What do you mean?
I have people who might be able
to do something for you.
No, thanks.
Looking at your colleagues,
as nice as they might be,
I don't think things will just work out.
-They're my family and they can do a lot.
-I get that.
And I love seeing how well you all
get along, despite the circumstances.
-No buts.
I just wanted to offer you my help.
Sorry, hang on. Where is this coming from?
-I'm your dad.
-But you were never there.
So what are you doing here?
I'm getting older and
I miss you.
And I want to ask you again if you would
think about coming to work for me.
-I believe in you.
-So that's it. You came to get something.
No. I'm bringing you something.
You don't have a future here.
Why not?
-You're the only one I trust.
-No, it's the other way around.
No one can trust you
because you screw everyone over.
-I'm doing this out of love.
-Find someone else to burst your bubble.
Hey, hi. This is Zoë's voicemail.
Leave a message after the beep.
Why is no one answering, man?
Shit, come on.
Just call him, bitch.
Sorry, I need to take a crap.
-Yes, Duuk! Where are you right now?
-Where are you, mate?
I'm I'm gone, Mike.
-I need your help, man.
-Duuk, come here, now.
-Sorry, but I can't hear you.
-Come to the Costa!
Where did you learn that?
How do you do it?
-Mike, what did you do?
-Untie me, untie me.
-Do you have a key?
-I swallowed it. I can't hold it anymore!
Yo, bro.
You left me like a dog in the woods.
If you want me to cut you loose,
you have to be quiet.
Why are you wearing each other's shirts?
I wanted to tell you earlier,
but Fatih is a scared little bitch.
What? Behind my back?
-Bro, listen.
-No bro.
When I get out of here
and have taken a crap, I'll kill you.
-What the fuck?
-What are you still doing here?
-Mike needs help.
First you mess with someone's emotions
and then you disappear? Convenient.
-What? You just said
-Fight it out later. I swear, I'm dying.
-Cut him loose.
-You're only thinking about yourselves.
I know someone else like that.
Mila is DJing at the Bonza tonight.
I'm going to be sick.
Thanks, angel, this is going to be great.
-Hi, this is Mila.
-Mil, where are you?
Leave a message after the beep. Bye.
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