Costa!! (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Zon, zee, sex en een slechte recensie

Oh my God.
-We're being canceled.
-What do you mean?
-Here, look.
"Fucking Costa with your fucking
Full Moon. Death to the Costa."
-Why do we care what that kid says?
-That kid has 400,000 followers.
My God, it was a mess
in the Costa last night. Terrible.
They treated me horribly
and didn't know anything.
Tonight I'm going to the Bonza
to have a good time.
-This looks like a Bonza setup.
-Why would you say that?
Those influencers get paid
to say things like that.
-I don't know, this doesn't feel right.
-It'll blow over.
It's going to get very quiet around here.
That's not that bad.
We'll have more time for fun stuff.
I'm really happy this won't have
any bigger consequences.
-What is he saying?
-That he works for the city.
We're fucked.
-I'm naked.
-That's right.
Did we
-Zoë, I can explain.
I finally had sex
and I can't remember anything.
-Nothing at all?
That's a shame,
because it was a madhouse, man.
-It was? Did we
-Bang all night? Absolutely.
At one point I thought
this thing was made of steel.
Missionary, crazy Kamasutra,
complicated positions.
Your leg in my ear. Never did that before.
You wanted: ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta, ta.
At one point: slow down, slow down.
Your sweat was my drink break.
We banged all night, man.
Strange that I can't remember anything.
-Did you drug me, creepy pervert?
-No, I'm not into that.
You were all over me,
but we were a bit drunk.
Okay, okay.
Then why are you sneaking out, bastard?
Honey, I have to go see
how Mikey is doing.
Okay, Mike can wait. Come here.
-Second round.
-No, I can't leave Mike hanging.
-You can hang it in me, right?
-Crew call, lovebirds.
You see?
Okay, okay.
They're checking everything.
Occupational health, hygiene, fire safety.
Can I have a look?
Hey, that's that old fucker from the city.
Old fucker?
Hey, dude, what are you looking
at my dick for?
-Fatih, don't do that.
-Your permit got us into this.
-Why is everyone up so early?
He refused us that permit for no reason.
I had all the paperwork,
Harvey Specter shit.
He got out his stupid stamp, bro.
Why? Because it's the Costa.
Get lost, man, with your stupid face.
Who the fuck is this child molester?
Guess who's back from jail? Mighty Mike.
-I missed you guys.
-What the fuck are you wearing?
-Hey, I smell sex, man.
Yes, alright.
-Did he Did they
-Yes. Thanks a lot, Mike.
He works for the city.
You have to go easy on me, man.
I did time for you all.
-Was it chaos in there, bro?
-You know nothing.
I looked death in the eye.
I feel for you, man.
Now what?
Should we close for a bit?
To get everything back in order?
-We can't afford that.
-He can't just destroy us, can he?
-Who's going to destroy you?
-No one.
-That hangover this morning destroyed me.
Those shots got me too. I had
I spoke to Thomas. He's doing much better.
He's happy
everything is going so well here.
It's incredibly impressive
how you've handled this.
Oh, that's okay.
No, no, that's important to note.
You can be proud of that.
I find it really inspiring.
We actually have to get going.
Nice to see you.
-Alright. Goodbye, dears.
-Have a nice day.
-Have a very nice day.
-You too.
Guys, we really have to do something.
If you start promoting,
we may get some people in.
-Es, we will run the bar.
-I'll go over some important things.
Yes, then maybe I can
I don't like bitches, man
But I do like hoes
She said, "Are there bitches?"
"I don't really know"
-What do you have there?
-Crazy glasses.
No, on your back.
-What's up?
-Are you cool?
Yes, I
-Zoë, I don't think it's smart to
-Is this what you mean?
Are you doing dirty things in here?
-I scared you, didn't I?
-Sorry, man.
Dumbass. Come on, let's go.
Cool? Later. Let's go.
-Take it easy.
-I scared you, right?
Promoting is about making connections.
You have to look around.
How, you ask. I'll explain.
It's all about scanning.
Who should I get, and who shouldn't I?
Chicks have to be willing to bang you.
And boys have to be willing
to share chicks with you.
Crazy line.
I'll have to write that one down later.
-Can you put these in that folder?
Hugo is my father.
Apparently he's in the area.
Don't you want to know
what he has to say?
Are you coming tonight? Ciao-ciao.
-The first four people are in.
-I'm proud of you.
But four is not enough. Latch and wearn.
Pay attention.
Crazy chicks. Hot stuff. How are you?
I'm Mike. I work at the Costa.
Come dance. Twirl for me. Right?
Hey, love you.
What was that? What
-Are you okay?
-Yeah, I'm cool, man.
What What's his problem?
Sorry about my cousin.
He's here through Make-A-Wish.
He's had a bit of a difficult time.
That's why he's acting like that.
He doesn't have a lot of friends and
we're celebrating his birthday tonight.
-Are you joining us?
-Do you have another one?
Two, three, four.
Kimberley. Nice to meet you.
I didn't know you liked horses.
That's fun. No need to be ashamed of it.
Hey, guys.
I'm stepping out for a while.
I'll be back in an hour.
-What are you going to do?
-Arranging some things for tonight.
See you.
I'm so happy for you guys. You're glowing.
-How are things with you and June?
-Great. We're crazy in love.
-How do you know?
-Know what?
That you're in love.
-I can feel it.
-In what way?
In every way. How we look at each other.
How we touch each other.
Have you never been in love?
-Are you in love now?
-Being in love is the best. Enjoy it.
-What if the other person isn't?
-What do you mean?
Or if they have different intentions?
-Like June with the Bonza.
-June with the Bonza?
She wants something from you.
Do you know what helps if you're scared?
To just admit it.
I think Duuk is a very good talker.
I'm going to get to work.
Good afternoon,
my name is Duuk Voorhouten.
-Did you have a blackout?
Did you get the inventory done?
-Can I trust you?
Yes, of course. Why?
-I had sex last night.
-Finally. Nice one, honey.
With Fatih.
I can't remember it,
but that's what he says.
-Were you drugged?
-No, of course not. Just drank too much.
Things are slowly coming back,
but I don't have all the pieces yet.
-Are you okay?
-Sure. I just hope I wasn't a turnoff.
-No way.
-And that he doesn't tell Mike.
-I won't say a word.
I think it happened here.
Then you can watch it back.
Look, there. Esme put it up.
She thought some booze had disappeared.
Yes, into her mouth.
Want to take a look?
If it's a good tape,
you can make some money off it.
-I was kidding, crazy.
What was that?
Five-Frames Fatih.
Well, it's kind of sweet.
Sweet? He acted like it was
the fucking fuck of the century. Jerk.
He's just embarrassed.
Are you on the pill?
How are you?
Good. And you?
I really liked waking up next to you.
Me too.
I know I can be a bit jumpy
or rude sometimes,
-but I have a hard time trusting people.
-It's okay.
But I think I do trust you.
Are we now
Yes, I guess so.
-Hello, señorita.
-Stop that.
-It'll be alright.
-That's done.
Let's get you some water.
You shouldn't do that anymore.
Hey, chicas. Nice.
No one is sick, I hope.
Tonight's the big party.
-I got some ibuprofen for my headache.
-I could use one after my night in jail.
-We don't have any water.
-I swallow them dry, I don't care.
Just one? Is it super strong, or what?
It's a morning-after pill.
You like girls, right?
You don't need that shit. Dumbass.
-Did you have sex?
-Can I?
Unprotected sex? Bare-dick sex?
Who with?
-None of your business, Mike.
If I get my hands
on that unsafe-sex maniac,
I'll rip his heart out and throw it
on the ground. I'll stab his mother.
I'll go home and grab my Glock.
-What have I done? Don't lock me up.
-Chill. Take it easy.
-Do you know who it is?
-No, man.
He bangs her just like that. Pervert.
You don't do that shit unprotected.
-That's not how you treat women.
-Are you like that?
-Yeah, man. No.
-I'd be really disappointed in you, man.
-I'm not into that. I always use a condom.
She's also kind of like my sister.
He banged my blood. Pussy.
I hear you.
You're looking a little pale.
Are you cool?
Yeah, the sun is bothering me.
-Why don't you go home?
Yeah, Daddy will go on solo.
I got you, bro.
Just hand them out. Bam, bam, bam.
Just calm down.
This guy.
Zoë, listen up.
I'm not going to kiss your feet, you know.
-Okay, I'm sorry.
-For lying or your performance?
-Wash your mouth. I didn't want Mike
-I don't care.
Gather round for a moment. Alright
-Es, did you check everything? Mila?
Okay, we can't make any mistakes tonight.
-Is the inspector coming?
-No idea, but we have to be prepared.
-How are we going to stop him?
-We're back!
That won't be necessary,
but tell us if you know who it is,
so we can step it up a notch.
How do we know who it is
if he's undercover?
-It could also be a chick.
-You'll be done quickly then.
He or she or they could be anyone,
so pay close attention.
Refuse anyone under the age of 18,
check all IDs.
Say what? My door policy
is Champions League level.
-Zinedine Zidane.
-I've heard that before.
It'll be alright.
If we don't open up now,
we're ignoring our opening hours.
-Es, do you have one second?
I wanted to talk about
-Hey, beautiful.
-Don't you have to work?
-I'm here to support you.
-That's sweet.
Is everything okay?
Mike looked kind of stressed.
Did you pay that influencer to boycott us?
-Or are you the mystery guest?
-What are you saying?
-Never mind. I'm going back to work.
-Why are you acting so weird?
-Sorry, we're a bit worn-out.
Did someone here say something?
Sorry, but I think
all of this is kind of childish.
-Why do you let it get to you?
-Your staff is the cause of this.
Why are you so focused on others?
Are they focused on you too?
-What do you mean?
-Did they ever ask you to DJ?
-They've got other things on their mind.
-I don't mean it like that.
-I'm coming. Sorry, I really have to go.
-But Mil!
No, it's true. Should I call him?
-Who are you?
-Who are you?
Okay, he's taken. Bye!
What are you thinking?
Do it once, on to the next?
That's not how these things work, toddler.
You were inside of me.
-If I had known you were like this
I thought you didn't want me anymore.
Because I
Came after two seconds and lied about it
so I had to get a morning-after pill?
-Yes, that's low.
-That's super low. Sorry.
I believe in second chances,
and the possibility for growth.
This is dangerous.
-I have enough.
-No, Mikey
Damn, this guy.
Sorry about those bums. I tried to stop
them, but there are a lot of them.
Did you give them those flyers?
-I didn't give anything to anyone.
-Then how did they get them?
Guys, free beer.
Oh, those? I might have thrown those away.
No, no, no.
They really need to leave before
Is that the inspector? How did he get in?
I'm going to distract him.
Hello, sir. Mister Inspectacular.
-Good evening.
-Oh, you speak Dutch.
-I'm looking for Esmeralda.
-Don't know her. Who's that?
Hello, darling.
-Are you her
-Father. Yes.
Essie, you do have a father.
You said you were raised by two lesbians.
-She did.
-How did you get here?
Thank you.
Take it easy.
What's your problem?
No, no, no!
-Son of a bitch!
-Mike, Mike
Essie, what did you do?
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