Costume Quest (2019) s01e13 Episode Script

Breaker Breaker - Factory Tour

1 Did I just hear you pretend-cause a car crash? It was a car explosion.
Doesn't sound very safe.
Well, yeah.
Safe is boring.
You know what's not boring? Talk radio.
Kimberly Butterwater here, wishing all Auburn Hollow listeners headed to today's ceremony Happy Nougat Day.
It's so cool, Dad, that you deliver the Nougat Nugget every year.
Honk the horn so they know you're coming.
Honk, honk! Can you come in from the window? What do I always say? "Honking" Hmm? Honking is for geese.
Here we are.
Stay out of trouble, big guy.
Come on, got to go.
Look both ways.
Everett, tell this guy that the best part about Nougat Day is the food.
It's the only time all year they sell double deep-fried nougat.
Can't beat it.
Well, I love the carnival games.
This is the year I'm finally gonna knock over that milk bottle pyramid.
The worst part about Nougat Day is seasonal allergies.
That, or having a boring dad.
Guys, it's about to start.
Oh, yeah! Excuse me, Everett.
Okay, uh-huh, - uh-huh oh.
- Step aside, Norm.
I got the touch.
Happy Nougat Day, Auburn Hollow.
Kimberly Butterwater here, live and totally psyched for the festivities.
Today, like every October 15, the Nougat Sommelier selects a prime cut ten-pound Nougat Nugget freshly mined from our own Auburn Hollow.
Then, it's loaded into an armored truck, which faithfully follows the historic Ol' Nougat Trail onward to City Hall.
That's where it's set in Scottopolis Auburn's rugged hand.
At exactly 10:00 a.
, when the sun hits the Nugget, it'll do what it's done the last hundred years: cast a perfect rainbow, signifying this year's nougat will again be the best in the world.
Let's get a word with an eager Auburn Hollower.
Ma'am? - She's a monster, Kimberly.
- Uh-oh.
Are you as excited as I am to see today's rainbow? Who's to say there will be a rainbow? But there probably will be.
But there's always a rainbow.
What are they planning? Their monsters, it's a giant nougat.
I think they're gonna steal it.
My dad can't handle a monster attacking his truck.
He's so safe, I mean, he wears like a jillion seat belts.
Guys, if I'm gonna protect the Nugget and save my dad I'm gonna have to become his truck.
There it is.
Okay, here's the plan.
Lucy, be the eye in the sky.
Reynold, chuck rocket fastballs at monsters.
On it.
Wren, do cool Wren stuff.
And I'll get us to City Hall.
It's go time.
Your dad's heading in.
Spread out and transform.
Now, what to do with the real truck? Hide it like a bad report card.
Beep, beep.
Ah Blegh.
Okay, how's traffic? Uh, traffic update, uh, cars are driving on the road? He bought it.
Stay alert, buckos.
Nothing good ever happens in the woods.
Road conditions are extremely roady.
Roady? Hmm, okay.
Time for some driving music.
Driving music? Well, uh Uh Truck song, ba, da, da, dee This is a song for when you're driving a truck Hmm? Hmm.
Breaker, breaker.
Buzzsaw here.
Who wants to hear one of my cool stories from the road? I want to hear a cool story, Buzzsaw.
All right.
Who's this on the horn, by the way? This is Truck Boy.
I-I mean, Regular Boy.
Uh man.
Regular Man here.
Nice to meet you, Regular Man.
Let me tell you about the time I defied gravity.
It was 1992.
I was loading ice cream to a boat on Lake Auburn.
Uh, Lucy, you okay up there? Yeah, I'm just having a bad reaction to something I pulled up to the docks just as the ship was leaving.
But I wasn't about to miss a delivery.
I hit the gas and sped down the pier.
It's gaining on him.
- Not on my - watch.
Huh? Whoa! Uh, to be continued, Regular Man.
Got a situation on my hands.
Make it stop! What's going on? A monster's got the Nougat Nugget.
Not for long.
Reynold, Grubbinize it now.
Uh Okay, I can do this.
I can do this.
I can uh I can do this! I got it.
We saved Nougat Day.
Not quite.
We have a problem.
Everett, stop! We got to turn back! I'm trying.
My dad won't let me steer.
No messed up truck is gonna break my perfect record.
This is nothing after Lake Auburn '92.
U-Uh, Buzzsaw, how-how does that story end? I made the jump and I made the delivery on time, just like always.
After all, that's why they call me Buzzsaw.
- Why's that? - Because I can get through anything.
Listen, keep it to yourself, all right? I'm trying to set a good example for my son.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got a delivery to make.
Guys, quick, get in! Do you have a plan? No, but Buzzsaw does.
That's more like it.
Everybody's buckled in, right? Kimberly Butterwater here, reporting live from City Hall.
The Nugget has arrived, and Ned Nougat is about to kick off the ceremony.
Hey, kiddo.
Oh, Buzz saws can be used to make tables.
How was your delivery? Uh, fine, I guess.
Nothing eventful.
Oh, hey, look, ceremony's starting.
It's officially 10:00.
The rainbow should appear any second now.
Duh Uh, something appears to be happening.
Oh! Ned! No! A-a crooked rainbow? Guys, the monster.
It must've done something to the Nugget.
This, uh, this has never happened before.
What does it mean? The end-times are upon us.
I have seen the signs.
People, please, let's not panic here.
Sure, a crooked rainbow is a terrible omen.
A much, much worse omen than if, say, the nougat was hijacked on the way here.
Big trouble is coming fast, friends.
Who will guide us back to glory? Oona? I'm Bob Dickerson and I'm running for Nougatown factory president.
KAHN Auburn Hollow news.
Panic has swept Auburn Hollow as citizens desperately stockpile what very well could be the last remaining stores of nougat.
After the horrific crooked rainbow sighting on Nougat Day.
We all know the crooked rainbow is bad, real bad, but just what does it all mean? - I'll tell you what it means.
- I'm sorry, who are you? It's me, baby.
Roody Tootz! Mr.
Tootz, I-I didn't recognize you.
Of course you didn't.
My face was ruined in a freak accident at Auburn-Con just days ago.
It's all 'cause of the rainbow.
A rainbow ruined your face? We've been doing things all wrong round here for too long.
We got to make a change if we want to weather this storm, and it starts at the top.
Oona? But we're the ones that wrecked his face.
I say it's time for new leadership.
We need a man that can lead us through the crooked rainbows of oblivion, and that man is Bob Dickerson.
Hey! We now turn to some breaking news coming in live from Oona's tower.
Inter-Dimension Ladies and gentlemen of Auburn Hollow, hello.
My name is Oona.
Due to some of the excitement happening in town I have decided to host a private tour of the Nougatown factory for the very first time.
Now I invite Miss Kimberley Butterwater and her fabulous news team, and Bob Dickerson, to see just how wonderfully our precious factory operates.
Thank you for your time, everyone, and back to you, Miss Butterwater.
Ugh, what is she thinking? We got to do something about this.
About what? Looks like Oona has everything under control.
Reynold, Bob is a monster and Oona is a shriveled old lady.
If he gets a single moment alone with her on that tour splat! Oona is turned to jelly, and Bob gets to run the factory easy peasy.
So what kind of costumes should we use to take him down? N-N-N-Nope.
No way are you kids going to that factory in magic costumes with a live news team and Bob there.
- But, Norm! - Not this time, Wren.
- Wait! - Nope.
- Norm, just listen.
- We got to do something.
I said, "Nope.
" What was that about? Do you think he's hiding something from us? Uh, why are you asking me? Hey, where's Wren? Suit up, gang.
We're going to the factory.
Yeah, check it, check the mics.
This is gonna be epic.
This is gonna be a disaster.
Keep the faith, man.
These are, like, the sneakiest costumes ever.
Well, looks like the old gran isn't gonna show af My goodness.
Hello, my friends.
So good to have you.
And, Bob, my how you've grown.
The last time I saw you, you were just a little one.
- Bleh.
- Oh! Right this way, everyone.
Oh, it's neat.
No security? No backup? Man, it's a good thing we're here.
Let's get moving.
Everett, wait.
This is crazy, right? Forget it, Reynold.
It's Nougatown.
Now, this is our sorting area.
We take raw, naturally-occurring nougat - Fascinating.
- and divide them into their many delicious flavors.
The fabled nougat sorting machine.
This is so wizard.
- Total organization.
- You guys, quit gawking and keep an eye out for funny business.
And on your left is our pulverizer.
Wow! Looks dangerous.
Bet some poor worker gets their finger squashed in there every day.
Actually, Bob, on Halloween we'll celebrate our 100th year without an accident.
Now, if you'll follow me this way, we can Seems like Oona's doing fine without us.
The factory does look pretty well managed.
Bob's not gonna do anything Bob-like in front of the camera, right? Shh! She'll need us.
Just wait.
Here are our nougat cooling trays, where we've got a brand-new flavor ready for taste testing.
Bob, you seem eager to try it.
How about a free sample? Here we go.
Well, actually, I just got some dental work done, so I can't eat anything chewy.
- What? - Phew.
You've got a lot to learn, pal.
Mmm! Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm! It's obvious.
Oona is still the best choice to guide us through these troubling times.
All right, folks, now for a real treat.
May I present to you the nougat-swirling machine.
Ooh, it looks delicious.
And that, my friends, is how nougats are made.
Oh, no, what's happening? Quickly, everyone, stay right behind me.
It seems that the curse of the crooked rainbow Hang on, Miss Butterwater.
You monster! - Get back here! - Come on.
Wren, no! We got to help the news crew.
What? No way.
Oona is more important.
Sis, stop thinking about only what you want and look.
Those people need our help.
Earth to dink.
If Bob gets Oona, he can take the factory, - the town, the whole universe.
- Yeah, but Guys, enough.
All you do is argue with each other.
Why don't we split up? Wren and I will protect Oona, you two go save Kimberly and the news crew.
Mamma mia.
Come on out, old gran, you can't hide forever.
Let's finish this.
Oh, yeah.
This is good nougat.
What was that? Ninja surprise! Yah! Whoa! Wren! Yeah! Help! I'm trapped! Miss Butterwater! A ghost! Oh, right.
It's okay, Miss Butterwater.
- I'm here to help.
- What?! Where did you come from? Oh, thanks.
I really needed to freshen up.
Uh, can I have that back, please? No! Everett! Help! We're stuck, and my costume's gone! All right.
Hang on! Everett! Come on, man.
You got to go get help.
What luck! I come here for Oona, and you runts show up on a silver platter.
Too bad the old lady ran off.
Not that she could have protected you.
Well, look who finally decided to show up.
And just as ugly as I remem Oof! Ha! It'll take more than that to Grubbinize me.
Face it, old gran.
Your time has passed.
Why did Bob call the dragon "ol' gran"? Oona's the dragon, you dink.
Huh? The dragon is Oona.
Yes, it's so obvious now.
Oona is just like us.
Wren! Your brother he needs help! Wren, help! Reynold! I can't power up.
My costume's too shredded.
Wait, I know.
You fell right into my trap, Bob.
Uh, excuse me, Oona? Oona! My brother's trapped in the swirling room! - Help! - Help! Help them.
Whoa! Bob.
Uh Oona, I'm sorry.
This is why I work alone.
Wait! I'm here with Bob Dickerson, eyewitness to this cursed event today.
Bob, your thoughts? I'm just glad no one was hurt.
It's reckless actions like these in already troubling times that prove that Oona is not fit to run the So, Oona is one of the costume kids from a hundred years ago? Maybe we could team up with her.
I don't know.
She seemed pretty mad we messed up her whole "trap Bob" plan.
- Everett.
- What? Oh.
Did you know about her, Norm? I told you kids you weren't ready.
And she wasn't ready either.