Costume Quest (2019) s01e15 Episode Script

Stuck in the Middle - Tootz and Scout's Honor

1 Do you like local history? Diesel buses? - [Wren groans.]
- And family fun? Then come on down to good old Gordon's family-owned bus - [beatboxing.]
- MAN: Tootz Films! - [beatboxing.]
- ROODY: Panic! - [echoing.]
Panic - [vocalizing.]
Crooked rainbow, crooked rainbow What does it all mean? ROODY: Terror! Violence! Panic! [beatboxing.]
- Mayhem - [screaming.]
Blame, b-b-b-b-b-blame, blame - Oona - [distorted laughter.]
Blame Oona, Oona And who will save us from all this nonsense? - Bob Dickerson.
- [beatboxing.]
That was my newest jam "Crooked Rainbow: We're All Doomed and Bob Is the Best!" - Mm-hmm.
- All right, Tootz.
Time to listen to my newest jam.
Okay, so what do we know so far? Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! We know that Oona is a dragon.
Ooh! Also about Oona, we know she thinks we're dinks and wants nothing to do with us.
Let's try to focus on helpful things.
You can put down that marker 'cause I got something that's gonna destroy Bob - once and for all.
- Roody's human suit? What? How did you? It's written on the bag.
It doesn't matter.
What matters is what's inside the bag.
Wait, what's inside the bag isn't Roody's human suit? This went much better in my head.
[indistinct radio chatter.]
Do you really think you can trust him? I don't know yet, Reynold.
That's why we're meeting him in a public place.
I just feel so vulnerable without my costume on.
I told you, he'd never make a deal if we were in costumes.
Besides, Luce and Ev will be there to back us up, just undercover.
I just don't know why we got to work with Roody.
He's a monster, Wren.
We got to do something already! Bob's getting more attention every day.
Oona could've gotten him at the factory, but she had to save you instead.
And then she just flew off without us.
[clears throat.]
Anyway, it's my plan, so we're doing it my way.
H-Hey, it's my two favorite tax deductions! Hop in.
Oh! [clicks tongue.]
You really think he's gonna show? He has to.
Ever since I stole his suit, his likes have been trending down the toilet.
If he doesn't get his face back, he's [gasps.]
Ladies and gentlemen, Mr.
[buckles seat belt.]
Bring the package? Oh, I'm sorry, is my umbilical cord showing? 'Cause you seem to think I was born yesterday.
Of course I didn't bring it.
But your message! Turn around, fool! No one can see us talking.
And then Scottopolis said, "You can't marry that nougat.
" Where's my human suit? You want it? You got to pay the piper.
And I'm the piper.
Yes, yes, I'll do what you want.
- What is it already? - I want Bob's human suit.
- [stammers.]
What? - Turn around! Ah! I can't! He'll Grubbinize me, or worse.
I'm sorry.
There's worse? Look, pal, I thought you were here to talk turkey, but I don't hear you gobbling.
Do we have a deal? It's too dangerous.
You have no idea what Bob does to monsters who betray the mission.
- Roody.
- [groans.]
What do you think is gonna happen to you when this whole shebang's over? Sure, Bob will have his nougat and an entire universe to rule, but what will you have? Just like that, your Tootz fam will be gone.
Without our likes, who are you? The choice is yours.
GORDON: This is it, folks, the Turning Point, where Ignatius Turning developed the very first nougat press in 1876.
[unbuckles seat belt.]
You're right, I'd be nothing.
I'll do it.
Nice costumes, guys.
You two look like a couple of wax statues - that got left out in the sun.
- EVERETT: Psst! Reynold.
ROODY: Hola, fam.
There's no easy way to say this, but this might be my last video.
I can't tell you why, just know I'm doing what has to be done.
It's all 'cause one loyal fan showed me what's really important.
One special girl with a big heart.
Who reminded me that my fans are everything to me.
That's why I'm dedicating this video to my fans, my fam, 'cause sometimes words alone aren't enough.
[music playing.]
Words alone are not enough Yeah, yeah, yeah Words alone, no Feel bad for me, feel bad.
- [phone ringing and buzzing.]
- [screams.]
ROODY: Tomorrow.
The docks.
Come alone.
- [phone beeps.]
- [sighs.]
I almost forgot.
A fake Roody suit? I made it, with love and polymer adhesive goo.
You want me to give Roody a fake suit? After he's risked his life to get us Bob's? But, Wren, if Roody gets his suit, he'll be too dangerous.
You guys just hate him 'cause he's a depraved egomaniac who uses his foxy good looks to open our hearts to pure evil.
Don't you? Fine.
I'll do it, but I don't have to like it.
I was starting to think you weren't coming.
You got the suit? Let's do this.
I meant what I said in the video.
You know me so well.
How do you know I saw it? Because I know you, too.
I read your fan fic.
You read it? Of course.
You got talent, kid.
Enough sweet talk, Tootz.
On the count of three.
- One.
- Two.
BOTH: Three! Pleasure doing business with you.
You're not gonna check? Ah, why would I doubt my biggest fan? [seagull squawking.]
Ow! Why did you choose to be an anchor? You said I could be anything.
Check the bag.
Make sure he didn't pull a switcheroo on us.
The "ol' switcheroo"? Come on.
- Big surprise, it's Bob's face.
- That's not Bob.
What? [gasps.]
No way.
He-he didn't.
It's okay.
I was totally right and you were totally wrong, but that's not important.
So we got the wrong mask.
All Roody got was His real suit.
I switched out your fake one for the real one.
I thought I could trust him.
What? Do I have water in my ears? Please tell me I misheard you.
[grunting, screaming.]
- It's a trap! - [squawks.]
- [screams.]
- [screams.]
Where are you going? Roody's about to trend down.
Way down.
Oh, baby, I missed you.
Huh? - [screams.]
- [grunts.]
I trusted you! Well, that wasn't very smart.
Fish attack! Wh Aah! Tell me the truth.
Did you really read my fan fic? Yeah, yeah, of course! Good stuff! Great stuff! What was the main character's name? Uh Abe Lincoln Jr.
? No! [screaming.]
No! It was Skippy! - No! - [gasps.]
- [grunts.]
Ha! - Ah! - [grunts.]
- No! Wren! Are you okay? What happened? [crying, coughing.]
Help me look for my suit, you dumb Grubbins.
It's over.
Come on.
Let's go home.
[crying, grunting.]
So long, Roody Tootz.
EVERETT: And then the Grubbin kicked me and stubbed his toe and fell right in the water.
Yes, I was there.
- [line ringing.]
- Come on, come on, Norm.
Pick up.
NORM [on recording.]
: Hi, it's Norm.
Leave a message.
Hey, Norm, we're headed your way.
I don't want us to barge in unannounced and, heh, you know, catch you off-guard again.
WREN: Reynold, quit lollygagging.
So make sure you got your human suit on.
This is a list of every potential monster creep in town.
Our job: identify them all and crush them.
It's over 200 pages.
Hey, why is my mom on this? And Norm? Really? The guy who gave us costumes to fight monsters is a monster? [chuckling.]
So silly.
I was fooled by Roody Tootz.
I will not be fooled again.
Right, right, but maybe we should put this off till Norm's shop is open.
He could be sleeping now.
- Or showering.
- Have you smelled Norm? That dude doesn't shower.
I'm going in.
You doing okay, Reynold? I'm fine.
Norm? Norm.
Normy-Norm-Norm! Oh, too bad.
Looks like he's not home.
We should come back during normal business hours.
[heavy footfalls.]
[door creaking.]
Oh, hey, guys.
Just saw your missed call, Reynold.
Is everything okay? Yeah, it's just so good to see you looking like yourself, like you do.
- Hey, Norm, we need your help.
- NORM: What can I do? We need your knowledge so we can crack down on this monster invasion.
Your zipper! I mean my zipper.
Silly me, my zipper is down.
I must have forgotten to zip my zipper because my zipper is down.
Dude, you don't have to announce it.
Huh? Oh.
- Whew.
- WREN: All right, team, let's get some dirt on these suspects.
You know what we need to get our detective brains churning? Snacks.
So I'm going to get you guys snacks.
Norm, help me in the kitchen.
Hey, little buddy, you okay? Do I look okay? I haven't slept in three days, my sister's in a monster-hunting frenzy, and I'm stuck with your secret.
They're gonna find out, and when they do, they'll hate me.
Aw, I'm sorry to put you in this position, pal, but it's not the right time to tell them.
WREN: Hey, what's the ETA on snacks? Can't hunt monsters on an empty stomach.
You really think Wren can handle the truth right now? Am I twitching? Because it feels like I'm twitching.
You've had to cover for me.
Let me cover for you.
Take a break, clear your head.
I'll take care of Wren.
But you're on her list of potential monsters.
Look, I'll handle it.
I'll tell 'em you're, uh, going out for snacks.
Let it go, Reynold.
It's Norm's secret to tell, not yours.
I just wish I could talk to someone, anyone other than myself.
Ah, now, that's the stuff.
My chill zone.
Better than any superpower.
Great costume.
Are you lost? Nobody else my age ever comes down here.
Oh, I just came to check out this awesome new nougat packaging display.
Right? They switched from wax paper to foil in '49, then to BOTH: Cellophane in '82.
Double jinx.
[both laugh.]
- I'm Scout.
- Reynold.
- [both laugh.]
- Wow.
It's so great to talk to a fellow town history buff.
I feel the same way.
When the present gets rough, there's nothing like losing yourself in the past.
You are so cool.
Hey, my twitch is gone.
- What twitch? - Oh, it's not important.
Let's go.
SCOUT: Well, we're at the end.
I wish there were more hallways.
Like, a hundred years from now, we'd still have a whole century to go.
I know, but here we are.
It's funny, we only just met, but I feel like I could tell you anything.
Can you keep a secret? - [phone chiming.]
- Sorry, got to check this.
What is it, Norm? Hey there.
Just wanted you to know [whispering.]
I got Wren distracted.
So, Norm said Yangdoodles drool blue and love caramel, and the Wahooians drool orange and love marshmallow fluff.
No, Norm said the Yug-nugs drool orange, and the See? Nothing to worry about.
We're all good.
Yeah, all good.
Except I got to keep your secret bottled up.
SCOUT: Everything okay? I'm fine.
Not stressing about anything in particular.
Then let's check out the Secret Catacomb of Secrety Secrets.
What? You're making that up.
Mamma mia.
This place is heaven.
The famed prehistoric nougat pit.
That's right.
And an Auburn Hollow historical diorama.
Rontopolis Auburn, the founder's grandson, loved nougat so much, he actually married it.
Yeah, for generations, the family kept it a secret.
Se-Secret? Hey, Scout, have you ever been asked to keep a secret? Like one you really wanted to tell? Oh, uh yeah.
I kind of want to tell you something now.
Uh come on.
A stereoscope.
Is that, like, your great-grandma? - SCOUT: No, it's me.
- REYNOLD: What? Reynold, I know so much town history because I lived it.
- You mean, you're a - Yes.
A monster.
I came through the portal with Bob.
He ordered me to capture you and steal your costume.
But now that I met you, I'd rather be your friend.
Scout? But I thought Repugnians were all, like, huge.
Yeah, most of us get bigger when we eat nougat, but I get smaller.
- Hmm.
- Can we still be friends? Even if I'm a little monster? It's funny, I'm, uh, actually friends with another monster.
Really? You're not just saying? No.
That was my secret.
I'm friends with a nice monster.
Two nice monsters now, actually.
Oh, man, that's such a relief to say.
It's so nice to hear.
- Oh - What's wrong? Oh, Reynold, it's awful being a small monster.
They tease me.
I get no respect.
Sometimes I wish I could just run away, but there isn't an adult suit small enough for me.
I'd be stuck as a ten-year-old forever.
Scout, I could help you.
You can? Well, not me but my monster friend Norm.
He's a costume expert.
He can make you into anything.
Norm the junk shop guy? Yeah.
Scout, what's wrong? [sighs.]
I'm sorry.
What Um, Scout? Hey, what are you doing? Please understand, Reynold, if I tell Bob where you get your costumes, I could be somebody.
Like-like a big monster.
I thought we were friends.
I trusted you.
We are, but I can't give up this chance.
I'll never forget you.
Scout! [grunts.]
Got you.
Now listen to me, Scout Yow! Fine.
We'll do this the hard [gasps.]
Sorry, Scottopolis.
Mm, hang in there.
What do I do? What do I do? - [woman screams.]
- You all right, ma'am? What was that? - It just jumped in the toilet.
- Scout.
Scout! Is that thing yours? Huh? Yeah.
It's my pet bird.
You both disgust me.
Now, where are you going? Ha-ha! Ooh.
Ooh whoa No! NARRATOR: The Galapagos Islands.
[thunderous thud.]
I'm sorry, Scout, but I can't let you go.
You know our secret.
No, don't leave me, Reynold.
Reynold! Guess who's got snacks.
EVERETT: Snacks.
Reynold, you're my he-hero.
Do you have any sprinkly foods? I want to test for Wahooians.
No, no.
REYNOLD: Knock yourself out.
You're welcome.
- Wren? - New plan.
Uh, we bust known monsters now, deal with the rest later.
[snoring, moaning.]
NORM: Psst, Reynold.
Come here.
Hey, I've been thinking, - maybe we should tell - [sighs.]
Whoa, buddy, are you okay? Hmm? Yeah, I'm good.
Norm, today I learned a secret about keeping secrets.
You keep them secret.
Reynold, what happened to you? Oh, nothing.