Counterpart (2018) s02e04 Episode Script

Point of Departure

1 Counterfeit visa supplier needs to be paid off.
I need for you to take care of it.
76 Glasgower Str uh, Clare? Did you hear the address? [BULLETS RICOCHETING] - It was a trap.
- Lambert thinks I'm blown.
He gave me that intel to smoke me out.
He knows all about us now.
PRIME: I'll get you out.
But Lambert knows too many people who know about me.
You need to take care of him.
And my friends are not to be harmed.
- You understand? - Okay.
Management would like to confess they weren't forthright about Mira.
- Where's the case? - You will never find it.
My other was here, in our world.
Your other used to talk about a hiding place from childhood.
A place she kept things she'd gathered.
A place only she would know.
Which I would know.
PRIME: Welcome home.
Everything's a bit off.
Do you want me to tell you what you did - for a living? - OSMAN: Immunizations.
You have to take them before you leave for Echo.
Why did I do that? Tell them to send him there? - MIRA: For me? - HOWARD: All these people - are-are being - Harvested for their memories.
HOWARD: Marcel.
I knew him on the other side.
You are a gentleman, and this is war.
Look, it's time we had a grown-up talk.
You want to sit down? We have a common problem by the name of Claude Lambert.
It's silver.
No, darling, it's platinum.
It's far more valuable than silver or gold.
Why do people wear them, anyway? Dates all the way back to ancient Egypt.
People used to tie strings around their spouses' fingers.
They believed there was a very special vein that ran all the way from the heart to this finger.
- Is that true? - No.
Their science was primitive.
But Daddy says the pyramids will last Emily, darling, can we not talk about your father right now? - Why not? - Well, because this is our weekend.
Girls' holiday.
[CHUCKLES] I have an idea.
Let's make up new names.
Who do you want to be? Why can't I just be me? Well, it's just pretend, for a few days.
Never been to this inn before, no one there knows who we are.
We can be whoever we want.
I'm Annette.
I am a pianist.
I gave up music in the pursuit of moral philosophy.
I want to be Belinda.
Like Belinda Carlisle from the Go-Go's.
I can breathe underwater - because I'm from the future.
- No.
- That's not how the game works.
- Why not? Well, because I do play the piano, and I read philosophy at university.
I can talk at length on both subjects should anyone ask.
Only lie a little.
If you lie a lot, people can see through it.
CARA: You're not coming to this meeting with Management? I'm sorry, it [SIGHS] There's something I need to investigate.
Is there any way you can push it off? CARA: You're deputy director now.
This is the job.
I haven't got time to explain now.
I'll get back to you by this afternoon.
Huh? Belinda.
I wasn't expecting you.
Did you make the reservation with my son? - Herr Phong.
- Herr? Since when are we so formal? Well, you're in luck.
The couple who were staying in your cottage, they had to leave early.
Will you be with us for long this time? Um, no more than a day.
I can't wait for you to see the renovation we made last summer.
The walls are the same color as when you were young.
[GUN CLICKS] EMILY: The Tin Drum! PRIME: I'm sorry, what? I've been sitting here all morning trying to work out what the damn thing says.
"The Tin Drum.
" That's it, isn't it? Yes.
That-that's great.
You don't seem very excited.
I'm sorry, I'm distracted.
I'm But I'm-I'm thrilled.
Pretty soon you'll be reading Rilke again.
And now you're pat "patternizing" me.
Yes, exactly.
Sorry, I'm not sure how I'm to correct your use of the word "patronizing" without sounding patronizing.
Let's celebrate tonight.
I'll-I'll take you to a very fancy dinner.
I'd rather you cooked.
See you tonight.
[BELL RINGING IN DISTANCE] Are you packing right now? I love it when a woman packs.
Don't worry.
Me, too.
Felt like sound precaution, given our trust issues of late.
You set me up yesterday.
More of a test, really.
Gave you a little bit of candy, and I found it in your husband's mouth.
Where do you get off testing me? After what happened to Edgar, can't be too sure where the leaks are.
Did your husband steal them from you, or did you give them away? The only thing I've given away is my entire life for this cause, so fuck you.
Well, excuse me for asking.
We're not all fanatics.
I feel sorry for you.
That you'll never know what it's like to be a part of something more important than yourself.
I knew you felt something for me.
Call me a fanatic if you want.
At least my life has meaning.
How long has Mr.
Quayle known the truth about you? My dear, if you're worried about me notifying our friends of your predicament, what good would it do either of us? If Indigo were to catch wind that you'd been compromised, they might think I am, too.
So if you're fucked, I'm fucked, and not in the way that I like.
Do you think any of this is funny? I find innuendo can be comforting in difficult times.
I think it's something to do with my mummy.
We're bound to each other, Clare.
Like an arranged marriage.
You're familiar with those.
So now what? Well, you created this chaos, so uncreate it.
Or we'll both be shopping for headstones instead of veggies.
We'll talk soon.
[SIGHS] He hasn't told anyone about us.
QUAYLE: You're positive? We're still safe? When he's dead, we'll be safe.
We better hope Silk does his part.
You go to the Office, wait for the call.
I'll go to Lambert's crash pad, clean it out.
Could you please not smoke in here? Spencer rides in this car.
Aren't you mother of the year? [ENGINE STARTS] [CHIMES] [PHONE BEEPS] Ready.
- Oh! - Scheisse.
- Ah, sorry.
- Kein Problem.
- Sorry.
- [SPEAKS GERMAN] Okay, my friend.
In we come.
Look who we have.
Old friend of yours.
I know you.
What are you doing? What is what is this? Some-some sort of game? Hmm? Naughty game.
I know you.
I really do.
You're, you're My head is like a Fuck me.
Yep, that'll be the Fentanyl.
It'll fuck you up.
I know you, too.
Your-your the, uh, s the Silk.
That's you.
You're S I don't know you, though.
Or you, handsome.
To what do I owe the pleasure? They're trading us in.
To the Office? Is that what Oh, come on.
You bring me us in, and-and you really think that they're somehow going to treat you well? [LAUGHS] Well, that's adorable.
[LAUGHS] You're all adorable.
I'll reach out to the Office, handle negotiations.
Baldwin and the ambassador for our immunity.
You sit tight.
I'll let you know when I make a connection.
Howard, thank you for doing this.
Of course.
That's right.
[GROANS] [EXHALES] Thank you.
Coffee, yeah.
Everyone here thinks you're a pretty bad guy, Howard.
Because you're responsible not-not well, he, your other Howard, he's responsible for getting most of the people in here locked up.
But I think you're all right.
[LAUGHS] Mm, what? Nothing.
You're very different from your other.
- Different like I'm worse? - No.
Uh, more I don't know, more human, I guess.
That doesn't sound too bad.
Yeah, I think I think that is pretty good.
Yeah, 'cause you know, Yanek says nice things to me, but I know it's only 'cause of him, you know.
Like, you're valuable 'cause he's valuable.
You know, you're important 'cause he's important.
But I'm-I'm-I'm that I mean, I could be valuable.
You know, you give me one of those director deputy titles, I could be fucking running this place.
You know, I'm It's not easy being the kinder one, Howard.
Nice guys always finish last.
MORITZ: I see a favor coming.
You have a squawk box that needs fixing? Ah.
You always know the way to my heart.
- You want? - Mm.
Fucking fascists.
Banning these beauties.
[BLOWTORCH HISSING] [EXHALES, LAUGHS] What is it? If I knew that, I wouldn't be here.
[GRUNTS] Never seen one of these before.
Did you get this at the Office? Dug it up in a back garden.
[LOCK BEEPS] Seems important to a lot of people.
[WHIRRING] [EXHALES, GRUNTS] What the hell? You bring this shit to me? And what is it? I think it's Management.
- You serious? - You see this marking? I've heard about these cases.
They're supposed to use it to talk to each other.
So they use this to talk across worlds.
No, no, same side.
Rumor is they don't like to be in the same place.
Ian, where did you get this? I'm gonna need your help.
I need any intel you can extract.
I'll make it worth your while.
Not in cigarettes.
Are you in the middle of something I should know about? No.
[FOOTSTEPS ON STAIRS] Mum! Did you pack my boots? Herr Phong says I need to change my shoes - before my riding lesson.
- [LAUGHS] - Daddy? CHARLOTTE: Emily, don't come in here.
Close the door.
MAN: I told you not to be so loud.
CHARLOTTE: Did she see you? Is she there? [PANTING] [SEAGULLS SQUAWKING] - Hi.
- Hi.
I'd like to return this book, please.
Your card? I'm sorry, what's that? That you used for checking it out.
Oh, I-I didn't bring it.
I-I can go and get it.
Oh, no problem.
You're in the system.
See? Belinda Clemens.
Belinda? The fee will be Oh, it's very late.
I'm sorry, it's 22 euro, Frau Clemens.
You must love this book.
[LAUGHS] Excuse me? You take out The Tin Drum often, for a day or so at a time.
This says that I've taken the book out multiple times? Funny.
This book is only read by two people in the whole library.
You and this man.
What man? He's requested a notification for when you return the book.
Do you want me to put a hold on it for when he returns it, too? No, um, no need to put a hold on it, thank you.
You're Clare's girl, aren't you? That contractor she adored.
I thought you were taken care of, though I always suspected she had a hint of loyalty towards you.
She didn't.
Well, you do seem like someone with a knack for narrow escapes.
So, where did you head off to? Somewhere nice? Nowhere.
You tried on another life, didn't you? You tried it on, but it didn't fit.
Like an old tin-pot dress.
I don't wear dresses.
Good girl.
Very good.
My turn.
I'll call you back.
What the fuck! [LAMBERT GASPING] Shit.
Drop the knife.
Just let me go.
Get down on the fucking floor now.
You don't want this.
- Get down.
[CELL PHONE RINGING] - Yes? - BALDWIN: Lambert is dead.
You're safe now.
Thank you, Nadia.
Tell Silk I'm sorry for what I had to do.
[CLICK] [KNOCK ON DOOR] - Your wife.
- Yeah, send her through.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you, Milla.
[PHONE BEEPS] - Clare? - CLARE: Hi, sweetie.
I'm gonna make white asparagus for dinner tonight.
Okay with you? Yes, that is brilliant.
Thank you.
I'll-I'll see you later.
QUAYLE: Yeah, no, no, but then I recalled something new.
Goldfish, I hate them.
YANEK: We have never talked about goldfish.
No, I know, but it I had this dream that [STAMMERS] I didn't remember the dream straightaway, but I used the recall methods, and it made me realize that I had three goldfish, but they kept Uh, no, please don't stop.
I want our friend here to see what we do.
Why don't you tell Howard here what you fear most.
- Responsibility.
- And why? Because it means I can get in trouble if I, if I, if I make a mistake, if I make a mis if I, if I fum i-if I, if I, if I fum if I fumble, if I fumble with my if I Thank you for sharing.
And thank you for the new memories.
- Would you like a soda? - And a candy, please.
[YANEK CLEARS THROAT] Very little resistance to the process of harvesting his past.
I think it's because he was so young when we took him.
Sit, please.
What's this? Cyproheptadine.
I'm making a few adjustments to bring your physiology a little closer to your other's.
You might feel drowsy, dry mouth.
We'll get you some ice chips if you'd like, and, uh, perhaps an ice pack as well.
Did you sleep all right? That attack was, uh oh, an experiment of some kind to see how I'd react? I wonder if your other would have fought back.
You'd have to ask him.
I can't.
I don't know him, apart from the files Management has sent over.
They are very eager to learn from you.
You know that.
I thought we would start by establishing a baseline.
Any major events in your life from the years 1987 to 1996? Sorry, what-what is the point of this? When did you come to West Berlin? You're looking for differences between us? Yes, points of departure.
This time period is rather adherent in the history of our two worlds.
We need to narrow down the divergence.
- Why? - Because, Howard, if I can determine the conditions under which the same man split in two, I might be able to better understand what made you who you are.
I received a notification about a book I requested.
What's the title? MAN: Tin Drum.
S'il vous plaît.
[SIGHS] Wasn't sure we'd ever see you again.
How's your head? It's still on.
You have no idea who I am, do you? You can drop the charade.
My other told me your memory's a little rusty.
[SIGHS] Sit the fuck down.
- We've met before? - Once or twice.
You're my other's customer, really.
But he seems to have taken the day off.
Your-your other? It's dangerous in your trade.
Meeting people without knowing the terms.
What's to stop me taking you out right now? Just like Indigo wanted? How queer it is to see you in this state.
We had a lot of customers from both sides.
But you used to be one of our best buyers.
What did I buy? Information? When it was for sale and you had the money.
Which I gather is not why we're here.
So you were my, um you're my s - You're my sort? - Source.
I was your source.
Are you fucking with me? Do you have a message for me? Something about the whereabouts of my other? - No, I don't.
I'm sorry.
- He's been missing since this morning.
[SIGHS] If you hear anything, go here, you order a mint julep with Templeton Rye.
Don't waste my time.
HOWARD: I came to Berlin in 1986 to work for the U.
Treasury Department.
You were a clerk? So was he.
Then it says he was hired by the Office of Interchange in 1990.
So were you? - I guess.
- What happened next? After I started working in the Office, I met my wife.
Strange to elope so quickly.
No, we didn't elope.
That was him.
My Emily and I had a wedding.
October 9, 1990.
Why a wedding? My father was sick at the time.
We thought he would enjoy it.
So that's your point of departure, right? Tell me about your father.
He was outgoing.
He-he [STAMMERS] He was more of a-a guy's guy, I guess.
Um And, eventually, my mom couldn't stand him.
It must have been complicated.
What with the gambling.
Your other mentions it.
Quite extensively, actually.
He calls his father "a worthless man.
" Lost the last of his inheritance in 1992.
Had to turn over the house to the bank.
Wh No, no.
Dad never lost the house.
It When was the last time you spoke to your father? 14 years ago, on his deathbed.
You kept in touch with him until his death? Of course I did.
The last time your other spoke to his father was in 1992.
He says your father had just lost a lot of money to some bad people.
Came to him asking for more.
Your other paid his debt, then dropped him off at the airport.
Told him it was the last time they would ever speak.
Did you ever think of saying any of those things to your father? No, of course not.
Never thought you might be happier if you told that man, that degenerate, that you didn't want to see him He was he was not a degenerate.
He-he he was just He was never good at-at What? Winning? I never turned my back on my father.
But you did, Howard.
That's the thing.
Under a different set of circumstances, that's exactly what you did.
And it freed your other from the lies and hypocrisy of those around him.
His father, his wife, your wife.
Can you really say he wasn't better off? He sees his world for what it is.
Not with empathy; with clarity.
How do you think he is making out in your life right now? [TRAIN WHISTLE BLOWING IN DISTANCE] [SIGHS] Emily? Emily? Jesus.
- Are you okay? - I'm fine.
You should have called or-or left a note.
Howard, I'm fine.
Where did you go? - I went to the library.
- To the library? Howard, I'd like to be able to trust you.
Well, yes.
Yes, of course.
I took the book back.
I don't know why, it was just bothering me.
But you'll never guess what it was.
It was a signal.
Like I used when I was working.
A signal to a source.
An hour later, he turns up.
And I met him, this source.
- Who was he? - And it's the strangest thing, just retracing my own steps, and-and realizing that I-I'm meeting people and going to places - I have no recollection of.
- Okay, Emily, who did you meet? Why are you so angry? Look, you can't just run around meeting with people.
In-in your condition, it could be dangerous.
[SIGHS] I-I understand.
I-I know how difficult it's been.
I'm I'm trying to help.
Who did you meet? It doesn't matter.
Of course it matters.
Y-You could be walking into a fucking ambush with a big fucking smile on your face! You didn't speak to me like that before.
Well, I don't think I had the luxury of being kept in the dark about your work anymore.
Maybe it was better when you were.
An instinct, really.
She was like any little girl.
Wanted to be loved.
So we loved her.
LAMBERT: What a coup.
A diplomat's daughter.
Well, how fortunate for you that both her parents died of the flu.
POPE: Yes, well, Mira takes care to ensure things work out, doesn't she? LAMBERT: Not sure I follow.
POPE: You really think it was the flu that got them? Hundreds of millions were dying back then.
Do you think anyone thought to perform an autopsy? Acute arsenic poisoning.
The symptoms were similar enough, and with so many bodies, no one was looking for a cause.
It was rather easy for her to pull off.
Anyway, we're sending Clare over to you soon.
Do take care to make certain her placement is seamless.
Over golden fields [DOOR OPENS] [DOOR CLOSES] We'd have but few times like these - Hi.
- Hi.
Did you put her down? Yeah.
An hour ago.
In between [LAUGHS SOFTLY] You really did make white asparagus.
Yeah, they're in season.
Are they not always in season in Berlin? You mind if I join? Tuck the darkness in Dragged the harrow Across the land Found my fresh start - Sowed my wildest dreams - Hey.
We're safe now.
I know.
What's wrong? Nothing.
[LAUGHS] This is delicious.
["SOMEWAY" BY JULIANNA BARWICK PLAYING] Moritz? Moritz? [TIRES SCREECHING] [SHOUTING IN GERMAN] What the hell is this about? You responsible for this? I just got here.
He was already dead.
Where's the case, Ian? You better hope Mira doesn't have it.
Who are you? [PHONE RINGING, VIBRATING] Yeah? MIRA: You have the case? Yes.
Then there's only one piece left to recover.
I was there today.
It was right beneath me, after all these years.
How are we gonna get in? Don't worry about that now.
Pack the car, and I'll send you coordinates.
So now you need to shower and shave.
Thank you.
[RAZOR BUZZING] [CLASSICAL MUSIC PLAYING] Ah, top o' the evenin' to ya.
Hey, where'd the rest of your face go? I was very impressed.
I can't I can't really grow there.
A beard, not much anyway.
Just kind of whiskers, really.
Like a cat.
Or an earless seal.
Even that, it's pretty patchy.
It's mainly here is the problem, and here.
Hey, where you going? Pardon me, is this seat taken? [SIGHING] Oh, my feet are killing me.
Actually, I'm kind of sore all over.
I I knew you on my side.
We were colleagues.
Fuck you.
A few years ago, you you invited my wife and me to a holiday party.
And we had a-a really nice chat with your sister, Noor, and her boyfriend.
Marcel, you were kind to me.
Over there.
Did she really have a boyfriend? Yes.
Uh, Victor.
Although I-I don't know how long it lasted.
My wife said that, uh, your sister deserved better.
[LAUGHS SOFTLY] I know what it's like to be taken out of your life and to know that-that someone is living their life without you.
What do you want? I want first of all, to apologize for what my other did to you.
I'm sorry.
SYSTEM] I I don't really know what I'm doing here, but You did the right thing reaching out to me.
What is it? There's someone I think you should meet.
[ALARM BUZZES] [KNOCKING ON DOOR] Would you come with me, please? Mm.
We've got a breakthrough, courtesy of a new source.
Yeah, I think you're going to like it.
Open the door.
What I'm about to show you, it's of utmost importance it stays between us.
You look like you've just seen a ghost.