Country Queen (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[in English] Thank you.
Good morning.
I'll have two poached eggs and er
I actually like her eggs.
The yolk is always perfectly runny
and I was really looking forward to it.
And I was looking forward to
enjoying a few million shillings,
in my bank account.
But because,
of your incompetence,
I'm left unsatisfied.
I'm working on it.
From here, it looks like
you're sitting on your ass doing
fuck all!
Go get me my money.
Why do some old men get
to decide Baba's resting place?
[in Swahili] Your father
was a member of that council,
and you have to respect it.
All they care about is selling the land.
What's going on?
Woah! Woah! Woah! Whoo! Haha!
Oh my Mother!
[tense music playing]
[Salome] Where are you going?!
- [Esther] You!
- Where are you taking the coffin?
- Stop!
- Stop the car!
- No!
- Stop!
No! Stop!
Aaah, shit!
Is this the respect
you were talking about?
[bustling traffic and car horns]
[in English] Hello.
[Vivienne] Are you still
determined to slander me, my dear?
[Joe] Who is this?
I'm hurt Joe.
I usually leave more of an impression.
Mrs. Sibala.
There we go,
all caught up.
Now, answer my question.
Oh, that story?
Well, you'll have your answer tomorrow.
You're going to read all about It.
[Vivienne] That's unfortunate.
I was hoping we could
come to an agreement,
me, you and Cynthia.
What are you talking about?
I hear childless
marriages don't last long.
Things must be getting
pretty tense with poor Cynthia.
Keep your filthy hands off my family.
I am calling with good news,
for you and your barren wife.
Or is it you who is shooting blanks too?
The head of Nairobi's best fertility
clinic happens to be an old friend.
I could give him a call.
I could do one better.
I'll cover the cost.
you cannot buy me.
It's just a kind offer.
Mull over it.
[Titus in Swahili] We talked so many
times, I tried to tell him about it.
Those women from the coast,
are wicked, totally wicked!
Why don't you call me wicked to my face?
Where is my husband's body?
I couldn't leave Mwalimu's body with you.
Do we even know if his death was natural?
A Kamba doesn't die without a reason.
How can you say that?
We all know Mwalimu died
because he was sick.
[Titus] His death was too sudden.
Who knows what Esther was putting in
his food? We don't know.
Don't talk about my mother
like that, okay?
[Juma] And you. Who are you to speak here?
As Mwalimu's daughter,
I have the right to speak here.
The only daughter of Mwalimu I know
is a teenager,
who was running around with my son
and leading him astray.
You are a foreigner.
You don't have permission to speak here.
[Akisa] Listen, I don't need
your permission to speak.
I want my husband's body back.
[in Kamba] You know
what is being said here,
has a huge impact. And
My wife is sick, she's vomiting!
[in Swahili] It's her.
- It's her.
- She has served us poisoned food.
If she's done it now,
she's done it before.
Let everyone here be cautious.
If we don't do something,
we'll all end up dead like Mwalimu.
Okay then. I am postponing this meeting,
and also the burial,
till we investigate,
and solve this matter.
[in English] Retired presidents
want travelling allowances.
[in Swahili] This country, Kenya.
[in English] Next time it will work.
- We just have to
- Let's just stop this.
- Stop what?
- Stop trying.
[in Swahili] Maybe we are cursed.
[Joe in English] Ah, come on.
We can't think like that.
We haven't even exhausted all our options.
What other options?
One course of IVF
treatment costs us half a year's salary,
Half, Joe.
[in Swahili] We can't afford it.
- [sad music playing]
- [Joe in English] I can talk to my boss.
We get an advance.
We just can't give up.
I can't go through this again.
I'm exhausted.
I'm done.
[cellphone buzzing]
Hey, my love.
Nice to hear your lovely voice.
[Akisa] Say more nice things.
What's up?
[Akisa] It's nice to know I still
have someone on my side.
Is it that bad?
Well, we can't bury my dad
because his brothers stole his body.
And all the villagers at
the funeral who ate got sick, so
That sounds bad. You want me to come?
[Akisa] No.
I really wanna see you but
I can handle some stubborn villagers.
Are you sure?
just tell me more nice things.
[Max] I can't wait for you to get back.
I can't wait to hold you in my arms.
I can't wait to take you back to Malindi,
just lie on the beach,
watch the sun rise
[Vivienne] No swaggering Erick.
I just want a progress report on
the secured buys and any holdovers.
Yes, um, more
villagers are signing on every day,
and I'm closing in on the centerpiece.
[Vivienne] How close are you?
Uhm, eh, the late village elder's two
brothers are willing and eager to sell.
Nail them down.
This is going to be
an open cast mine, I need
every single piece of land.
And I want exploration to
start within the next four weeks.
Yes. One more thing,
the small matter of the mining license?
Don't worry about that.
No, I have to worry after what happened
the last time I could have gone to jail.
- But you didn't.
- I would just be more comfortable if
Your comfort level is really
low on my list of priorities Erick,
just handle your end.
[car horn]
[in Kamba] Take it easy,
don't hurt yourself.
Take it easy.
[in Swahili] They are all sick.
Fainting, vomiting.
[in English] That sounds like
food poisoning.
[in Swahili] The word going round,
is that Esther poisoned them.
It's Titus and Musa pushing the rumour.
The real issue is Mwalimu's land.
You mean it's always about land
when someone dies.
Why today of all days must this happen?
Don't worry.
I'll make it in time.
What's this?
[Silas] I believe that children
are our future ♪
Work them hard
and we will get the gold ♪
You've got to stop this, Silas.
Why would you bring more children here?
This is no place for them.
This place is good for them.
They are better off here than wandering
around begging for food.
Here they are getting paid.
You. If you don't want kids in the mines
then you go down
the little holes yourself.
But don't expect me to rescue you
when you get stuck down there.
Erick gave you a simple task,
write a list of all the farms he showed
you on the map.
Do your job and let me do mine.
What are you looking at?
Get back to work!
[female voice] Hi, sweetheart. What's up?
[in English] Mambo sweetness.
Girl, I've been trying to
reach you for the longest.
[in Swahili] I'm so sorry.
[in English] I decided to take
a silent retreat
at this meditation centre by the beach.
You know, it was painful being
away from my phone but,
I actually feel a bit more,
zen now?
At least one of us is.
I am so far from zen right now.
Oh no, what happened?
Well, I'm in Tsilanga.
I thought you said you'd never
ever want to go back upcountry.
Yeah well,
Ivy, my dad died.
I'm so sorry.
I just feel so lost right now, you know.
Come on.
Chin up.
You are the strongest woman that I know.
Yeah, but even strong women
need someone to lean on, you know.
Virtual hugs.
You know what? Everything will be okay.
You are going to be okay because
you are going to make everything okay.
Cause, that's what you do.
Thanks, girl. I needed that.
Anytime sweetheart. I love you.
Bye, loves.
[indistinct chatter]
I was supposed to have the Eco Rock story
in my inbox this morning. What happened?
It's not done yet.
I still have to verify a few things.
Joe, you've been pushing
this story for weeks.
Why you putting on the brakes?
It's not like you to get jittery.
It's not jitters.
Are you afraid, of the big bad wolf?
I don't wanna get hit with defamation.
Allegations of gold laundering
can be very serious.
Okay, okay.
I trust your judgment.
You have to get this right the first time.
Get it done and send it to me.
Will do.
[cellphone rings]
Mrs. Sibala
I've thought about it.
Let's deal.
[Max] Isaac. How are you doing, buddy?
I need your help.
I need you,
to gain access to company finances.
- Yes.
- What for?
Just some business
Vivienne wants me to handle for her.
What about
you ask your wife to grant you access.
I'll level with you.
I'm in a bit of a bind.
And what, do I have to do with that?
And would you please step back?
I know you heard what
happened to that gold shipment.
Yes, I heard you lost it
and that was disastrous for Eco Rock.
- Circumstances conspired against me.
- [scoffs]
[Isaac] That is what people
who fuck up say.
I need you to do some
clever accounting to fill up that hole.
[Isaac] You mean, I make
it look like you never lost the money?
Why would I do that?
Because if you help me
somewhere down
the line when you're in trouble,
I'll help you.
I'll do you a favor.
I knew I could count on you.
I'll do you a favor
of not telling your wife,
that we've had this conversation.
[tense music playing]
[sighs deeply]
[in Swahili] Honestly,
we can't continue ignoring the issue.
What are we doing about Papa's funeral?
You heard the council's decision.
We have to wait.
They have their way of doing things.
When I was at the market,
I heard people talking.
All the people who got sick,
ate the food here.
You guys are lucky,
I gave both of you left overs.
And I was too nervous to eat.
I'm glad nobody died.
[in English] Are you being serious?
Do either of you even care about Papa?
Of course, I care.
[in Swahili] What do you want from me?
- What do you want me to do?
- [Akisa in English] Something.
You know what? I'm not just
going to stay here doing nothing.
[Muli in Swahili] I'm starving.
[man shouts] Help,
the boy is hurt on the head!
Hey! Hey!
- What's going on?
- [miner] He is hurt.
[Silas] Take him to the tent.
Is there anyone else hurt?
Then what are you waiting for, a whistle?
Get back to work!
Why don't we have helmets?
We are the ones who go into the caves.
What's in my head,
is more valuable than what is in yours.
Get back to work.
I'm not going back until I get a helmet.
They don't make helmets for children.
Do you understand?
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
If you don't want your job, you can go.
There are many others who will take it.
[in English] Neema,
it's you I'm looking for.
[Neema in Swahili]
I have business in the village.
I'll drive you. We can talk.
Akisa, you are not the only
one with a car.
[in English] Fine Neema, look,
Titus and Musa have stolen my dad's body.
Oh Akisa, that's family business.
There's nothing for me to intervene.
Come on Neema, stealing a body.
That's a crime.
Depends on the circumstances.
[in Swahili] Go back home.
If you don't manage to
sort it amongst yourselves,
I'll see what I can do.
[Juma] Ten percent.
I only got ten percent.
[Tony] Yes, Mzee.
[Juma] What?
Why are you not at work?
[Erick] He is,
in fact he works for me I promoted him.
[in Kamba] Sure, Dad.
[in English] I am listing all the parcels
around the planned mining area.
I'm trying to locate all the owners.
- [in Swahili] Heh! Tough job!
- Yes! It's tricky.
[Tony in Swahili] Mr. Erick, here
[Juma] Ey, eh, eh
Excuse me,
this parcel of land,
this land belongs to Mathias.
This is Mathias.
Why didn't you ask me for help?
Mzee, you were busy, I didn't
want to disturb you.
Hey! Nonsense!
Hey, I know everybody around here,
and nobody can dare lie to me.
[in English] I'll talk to my bosses.
[in Swahili] Okay. Then,
don't forget to tell them,
here in Tsilanga,
there is no one else, apart from me, Juma,
who can help,
finish all these land issues,
without turning it into a mess.
[male vocal music playing]
[Max] Eh-eh-eh.
- [man in Swahili] Hi Max.
- Hi, how are you?
- Very fine.
- Very fine Max, How are you?
- Eh, Sama.
- Yes.
- You are all grown up.
- Not that much.
Let me go to Mama Akinyi's.
- Alright, it's okay.
- Okay.
- It's okay.
- Okay.
Oh my!
Who has died?
Why would you ask that?
Max, when was the last time I saw you?
Like three or four years
and then you come here with flowers.
I've missed you, a lot
and also your chapatis.
Ehe. What are the flowers for?
The flowers are yours.
Something beautiful for someone beautiful.
You never stopped being a charmer,
what are the flowers for?
[in English] Come here.
[chickens clucking]
[in Swahili] What are you doing there?
My father is there, but Uncle Titus isn't.
If that's who you're looking for.
[Akisa] Uh. No, er, Kanini,
it's you I'm looking for.
You know, we haven't caught up.
When I left you were so young.
Now look at you, wow!
Do you remember me?
Just a little bit.
I heard more stories
about you after you left.
Were they bad?
I was told to behave,
or else I would be like you.
[Akisa chuckles]
But you don't look bad.
When you go to Nairobi,
will you take me with you?
Kanini, I can't.
I want to go to Nairobi with you.
[in English] It's not as glamorous
as you think.
[in Swahili] I'd rather be anywhere else
but here.
Maybe you can visit.
I know what you are looking for.
Promise to take me to Nairobi
and I'll show you.
Yeah. Okay, yeah. I promise.
Follow me.
[sad music playing]
I can't believe you still have
this old teapot.
[in English] Ah. The teapot.
I have so many
amazing memories from this place.
[in Swahili] Sometimes
I feel like I shouldn't have left.
Ah, nonsense.
[in English] You had a dream.
[in Swahili] Your dream
was bigger than washing utensils.
[Max] Amen.
I am serious.
Look at you.
You turned out quite okay.
Good thing you picked up boxing because
that's when you finally got
your sense of style, eh?
I get some biceps,
women started buzzing around me.
See now?
You found something to distract them
from that balding head of yours.
[male voice] Mama Akinyi!
Mama Akinyi, it's Butere.
The boy who shit himself,
we used to call him "shit face"?
Hey, stop it.
- Stop saying that, he doesn't like it.
- Why not?
[Butere] How many times will I call you?
Mama Akinyi!
Mama Akinyi!
He is the leader
of the gang for this area.
Him and his boys
have made this place their spot.
When they eat, they don't pay.
They disturb my girls.
I was beginning to wonder if
you didn't want to see me today.
Why the long face?
Eh, eh, eh.
Is that you?
Shit face!
What do you think you're doing?
One wrong move and I spill your guts.
- it's been such a long time.
- I've heard you've changed.
All you do is eat without paying.
Big balls, huh?
You don't have a password,
you have nothing to hide.
Hide, hide what? Do you know who I am?
Give me the pin for your mobile money.
- Give me the pin
- Get lost!
I won't ask again,
Give me the pin.
Do whatever you want!
- [groaning]
- [hushing]
[in English] Two, three,
nine, zero.
- [in Swahili] I have received.
- Is it enough?
Yes it is.
Don't ever show your face here
again, okay?
[overlapping chatter]
[in English] How are you?
Okay, considering
everything that's happened.
You didn't get food poisoning
like everyone else.
No, I didn't.
That's good.
It should have been bad. Considering
everything you have on your plate.
Kyalo, I need him for something.
Do you know where he is?
Isn't there anyone else, who can help you?
He's one of the few
people I know here, so
Your family?
Your uncles?
My uncles are the two
people I need help against.
Yeah, uhm, he's probably at his garden.
Where is it?
It's behind the old Pentecostal church.
I'm sure you know where that is.
Yeah, I think I do. Thanks.
Tell him not to be late.
He'll know exactly what I'm talking about.
[pensive music playing]
- I
- How did you
Kyalo, this is so beautiful.
your father was always talking about,
old methods of
farming that are sustainable.
So he encouraged me to start,
- this little project.
- Yeah, sounds like him.
[birds chirping]
[in Swahili] How did you know I was here?
I, uh
[in English] Kyalo,
I need your help with something.
I need a pick-up.
- A pick-up?
- Yeah.
[in Swahili] The boot
of you car is not enough?
[in English] Smart as usual, I see.
[in Swahili] Are you sure
about what you want to do?
People will hate you.
[in English] Kyalo, all I want is
to put my father to rest,
and go back to
Nairobi as soon as possible.
Back on the run.
Please just help me out with this.
[Esther in Swahili] How are you?
How are you?
[shop girl] Ah, what's wrong with her!
[shop owner] I can't sell to you.
Now, what is this?
Can't you see what I'm losing
just because you're here?
I didn't poison anyone.
You shouldn't listen to everything
people are saying.
What I am saying is,
I don't want to be associated
with a witch!
- Leave!
- Ah!
- What do you want?
- Money.
Get out of here.
Leave him alone, come with us.
[in English] Don't let the dark clouds
get you down.
[in Swahili] I have brought you
some pilau.
I would have brought you bread
and fruits but Zipporah
Can you believe Zipporah
has called me a witch?
Everybody believes I put,
poison in the food.
[in English] Other people did.
I saw what I saw that night.
What did you see?
Those two
the thin one and the fat one.
They won't stop until the end.
Nobody will believe us.
Especially not at that Village Council.
Speaking of the council.
Akisa wants me to fight its decision.
[Prof] Where is the brave?
He's waiting for you.
[mystical music playing]
I couldn't stop them. I'm sorry.
[in Swahili] Hey! There he is.
He's a mad man, don't you know?
So? I am hungry and so are you.
No, let's go.
[Prof in English] Come out!
A coward dies a hundred times.
A hero, only one.
[in Swahili] See? I told you.
I am going.
I have come with my friend.
[in English] Do you need sanctuary?
[in Swahili] Yes, we are hungry.
[in English] The universe provides
for the good
and the honest.
Be my guests.
[in Swahili] Oh my! Pilau!
[classy music playing]
[in English] What a wonderful surprise.
Yes. I'm equally surprised that
you'd have the guts to show up here.
I wanted to celebrate
the good news with you, in person.
It's all smoothed over.
A bad reputation, poof,
gone. Like magic.
Eco Rock will shine again,
bright as gold.
And I'm sure you want your piece once
the Tsilanga mine takes off like a rocket.
And to assure you,
there's no hard feelings.
Here's a little tribute for
you to facilitate my mining license.
You're a snake.
I won't touch you or your poison sack.
And who is this sitting on my chair babe?
[Governor] I have no idea.
She must have mixed up the tables.
Careful, it might happen to
you too, once you reach her age.
[Governor] Good.
Let's eat.
Hey sweetheart.
When you invite your work friends over,
tell me, so I can prepare. Please.
What are you talking?
What are you doing in my home?
I was in the neighborhood.
I thought to myself,
how about I pop in
and say 'hi' to the family.
What for?
You never really know a man,
until you see what he values.
Show Daddy what you drew.
Daddy look at this painting. It's us.
This is nice, Brian.
Now show him the one Uncle Max drew.
Uncle Max didn't put me in the picture.
No, he didn't.
Because I was lost,
and Daddy had to find me.
- It's a new game?
- Yes.
It's a shame.
How sometimes we lose the things we value.
Daddy, will you find
me when I get lost again?
Yes I will.
[Max] Of course he will.
Your daddy Is a good man.
Aren't you?
Aren't you a good, man?
Look at the time.
It's okay.
I'll show myself out.
be a good boy,
and keep drawing.
I would help you if I could.
Careful Isaac,
I wish I could perform magic. I swear.
I will not.
- All the accounts are empty.
- What?
Eco Rock is completely broke.
[in Swahili] Make sure
to return it by tonight, okay?
Okay, thank you.
There's your pick-up.
[in English] So now, just drive me back.
Hey, Kyalo, honestly,
you don't expect me to do this by myself.
Akisa, I can't.
[in Swahili] Maybe I ask Musyoka
to help you.
Okay, fine that will help but it won't be
enough. Kyalo come on, I need you.
[in English] Akisa, I can't.
[in Swahili] I am meeting Anna
this evening.
- [in English] It's our anniversary.
- Fine then, we'll hurry.
- No, I can't.
- Kyalo!
Wasn't it you today telling me
how much my father meant to you?
Do it for him.
[tense music playing]
[Akisa in Swahili] We won't argue mom.
[in English] I got Papa's body back.
I'm doing this with or without you.
We'll do it together.
Get it out.
No, not here.
I'll show you.
Come on, we don't have much time.
Let's go.
[Anna] Kyalo!
[in Kamba] Kyalo! Kyalo, open up.
[in English] Are you both in there?
Open this door!
[Titus] Musa!
[in Kamba] Musa! Where is he?
- [in Swahili] Where is he?
- Titus, what is it?
You have been drinking.
What type of stupidity is this?
Where is he?
- Stand up!
- Titus, what?
Stand up!
Where is he? Where is he?
[tuts] Where is he?
Let's go.
Ay, ay, ay!
[in English] Bad date?
You look greyer than the weather.
[Vivienne] Do you have my money?
- Or are you still working on it?
- You should have told me.
Told you what?
I was wondering why you were on
my neck to chase down small money.
Only to find out that Eco Rock is broke.
Just a temporary situation.
You see this marriage thing?
It doesn't work when
you keep things from me.
We don't discuss boardroom business.
[Max] Let's start.
Let's start now.
Playing fetch and being a pit bull,
has lost its lust.
But you're so good at it.
I am painfully overqualified.
[Max] I am ready for
an official position at Eco Rock.
[Vivienne sighs] Anyway,
all of this won't matter,
unless I manage to squeeze a mining
license out of this Governor of Tsilanga.
- Not going well?
- Hm-mm.
He's holding on to that license tighter
than one of his cheap whores.
Let me do this one for you.
I thought that kind of thing
had lost its luster.
One last time.
One for the road.
Do this for me.
For us.
And I'll think about that official title.
Consider it done.
- [crickets chirping]
- [owl hooting and dog howls]
[in English] How did you know where to
He told me,
this afternoon.
- Mwalimu.
- [tender music playing]
You were always part of this land.
I'm glad I got to see you one last time.
Rest well, old friend.
Your work is done.
[Akisa] Thank you.
You don't have to thank me.
I'll do anything for Mwalimu.
It's done.
Papa is at rest.
I'm leaving tonight.
[Kyalo] Back to the city?
[Akisa] Back to the city.
- [Kyalo] And your mum?
- [laughs] She doesn't need me.
[tender music playing]
It's like nothing's even changed here.
The posters and smell of chicken.
The cold at night.
It's all the same.
[in Swahili] The world is unpredictable.
[in English] Aunty,
he would have been ten years old.
I have to go Aunty.
Bye Aunty.
[Esther] Akisa.
[in Swahili] It's really late.
[in English] Are you sure
you should be traveling to Nairobi?
I'll be fine.
I did what I had to do.
This will always be your home.
Mum, this has not been
my home for a very long time.
It's yours now.
Bye Mum.
Be safe.
[moving African vocal music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Antoinette Smit
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