Country Queen (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

[Max in English] Mrs. Sibala,
the boss asked me to deliver this to you.
[groans softly]
Mrs. Sibala.
Come on, come on.
I will call an ambulance.
- [groans]
- [Max] Shhh.
- [ominous music playing]
- [crying]
[in Swahili] Got you, got you.
[in English] Do you know what my father
does to people who go behind his back?
[softly] Please don't.
[young man] Daddy must know,
his pretty little bird sings for everyone.
[Max] She's hurt.
[in Swahili] She needs a hospital,
please call the ambulance.
[in English] What do you want?
I've already gotten what I wanted.
I wonder if he'll,
cut your bodies into large chunks,
or tiny pieces.
[opening theme music playing]
[music fades out]
[traffic noises]
[car door opens]
[phone rings]
[in English] Thank God you're here.
Guys from the Christian Business
Association are looking for you.
[in Swahili] But,
it's supposed to be tomorrow.
[in English] It doesn't look good.
Hello guys!
[Akisa] Look, trust me.
Everything for your event is ready to go.
And if anything should happen,
we will solve it.
Trust me, you're in very good hands.
So this is what you thought
the Christian Business Association meant
by open for business?
[dreaded music playing]
[Akisa] I
We're gonna have these reprinted.
Immediately. Trust me,
this is not what I commissioned. Okay I
And thanks to you,
we are now trending all over social media.
I'm so sorry. I I don't know.
Wait, wait. Please, please!
Wait. Just, just give me
- Please just give me
- Ah, don't touch me!
[in Swahili] Be defeated!
[in English] Listen, it must have been
a problem with the printers.
I will call them up,
we will find a solution.
I'm so sorry.
Just give me one more chance.
The damage is already done.
And besides,
we've taken our business elsewhere.
Where this person believes
in good moral values. Unlike others.
[man] You'll be hearing from our lawyers.
[door opens]
Give me one good reason,
why I shouldn't fire you all.
Jay, "hackers". What do you mean
"hackers"? What is this? A bank?
Our social media sites are deleted
and the website is down.
- Why have you not told me this?
- I've been trying,
[in Swahili] Akisa, I was trying.
[in English] But for you, ever since
your dad died, you've never been yourself.
- Fine, uh, we need to find a solution.
- [cellphone rings]
Call off the printers right now
and do everything in your power
to find another
appointment with the association, alright?
[Jay] Yes, our website.
Please, check
and call me once everything is done.
[Akisa] I'm going to go
to the printers myself.
[Jay] Yes please, call me okay?
- Akisa.
- What?
[Jay] How about, you go home?
Take a shower and probably a long nap.
Okay, okay. Um
Jay just just sort it out. Okay.
[door opens]
[door closes]
[Akisa] Fuck! Ivy!
And vodka. My favorite combo.
Oh my poor half orphan.
Come, let me hold you.
After that call.
I knew I had to be on the next plane.
[Akisa] Yeah, it's perfect.
Because I just got back from shags.
- How was shags?
- [Akisa laughs]
Let's just say I am glad to be back.
[liquids pours]
Ivy, how did you get in here?
With the key that you gave me?
[Ivy] Phew.
[Akisa] And, when was that?
[Ivy] Um
[Akisa] Anyway, I'm just glad you're here.
- [Ivy] You wanna
- Thanks.
Argh, yes.
[cellphone rings]
[in Swahili] Tortoise, you're here?
You're back?
[Akisa] Yeah, I'm back.
[Max] I could pass by.
[Akisa] Ah, maybe later.
Look who's back in town.
[Ivy] Hi!
Ivy, globetrotter, it's been a minute.
Guess who will be happy you're back?
Tell him Watos is
his side chick, not mine.
- Let me call you back, okay.
- Sure, have fun.
[blows kiss]
Oi! I've neglected Max
these last few days. I feel bad.
You're dad just died. He understands.
I know you and your dad
weren't really on speaking terms, but
must be hard. I mean,
you know, the way he just died suddenly
Ivy, Ivy trust me, I have fresh problems
that have nothing to do with Baba's death.
- So, apparently,
- Hm-mm.
we sent out this,
- for the Christian Business Association.
- [laughs]
- Yeah.
- [laughter]
Oh kinky. I love that.
Yeah, you would. But trust me, they don't.
I'm sure right now they're gathering
the thunder to smite my business.
Oh and did I tell you?
Our website is down too.
Jay says it's probably
some hacker or something.
This just doesn't make sense.
[Akisa scoffs]
don't crack your head about it. Ehm.
Let's go shopping.
[sensual music playing]
[music fades]
[phone chimes]
[children's voices in distance]
[message tone]
- Good news.
- Hm-mm.
We are getting an appointment.
[exhales] How?
Well, I've been talking to
one of my bosses,
[in Swahili] on the down low.
[in English] He knows someone
who knows someone, you know.
[sighs] Babe.
You're the best.
I love you.
- I love you, too.
- Thank you.
Dust everywhere.
[Vivienne] Dust, dust.
[housekeeper] But Mrs. Sibala,
the house has been closed for months.
Months which you've been
receiving your salary without fail.
Am I wrong?
I'm sorry, Madam.
- [Vivienne] Get me some water.
- Yes Ma'am.
- [uneasy music playing]
- [birds chirping]
You'll need a bucket full of that stuff
to hide this ugly mug, my dear.
Poor thing hey.
He inherited all of
his father's bad looks.
Stop it. You're both very handsome.
Hey, my pretty little bird
doesn't need any of that stuff.
She's a masterpiece, just as is.
Thank you, dear.
[photographer] Let's see those smiles,
and one, two, and
[camera shutter noises]
[cellphone rings]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Silas in Swahili]
Stop with the games, fast!
[digging and thuds]
[Silas] Hey, can you work faster!
You think you came here to
bask in the sun?
[Silas] Whoever puts in the work now,
will get an opportunity
to work when the real job starts.
There is a machine coming
that will carry more soil
than those sticks you have for arms.
Get back to work!
[suspenseful music continues]
[Kyalo whispers] Watch out,
make sure he doesn't see you.
[Silas] Hey! Hurry up.
[Kyalo] My people of Tsilanga, I want you
to see the evil that goes on in Tsilanga.
Our children are being harassed
and the environment is being spoiled.
All this is being done by a company called
Eco Rock. Let's reject this!
Watch them.
[in English] In four days, I expect
to see all land transfer documents
duly signed and stamped,
or your resignation letter on my desk.
I hear you just remortgaged your house.
So let's keep in mind that at
your age, unemployment and homelessness,
is a difficult thing to come back from.
Have a lovely one.
- [phone ringing]
- [beep]
- Hello.
- [Erick] Hello, Tony.
How far are we with the land allocations?
And how many contracts
has your father already signed?
[Tony] Eh! Don't expect miracles boss.
Most people around here,
don't even have a title deed.
[Erick] Even better.
And uh,
where is our village elder
at this hour of the day?
[Tony] He's in his bar.
Thank you.
[energetic tribal music playing]
[Erick] So while the child is
out under the beating sun,
trying to get me signed documents,
the father is here reading
things that don't even concern him.
[in Swahili] Young man.
Don't tell me how to do my job.
And I won't tell you, how to do yours.
Are we clear?
[in English] I need these contracts
signed in a week.
[in Swahili] I haven't seen a deposit
for parcels I have brought in this month,
and here you are giving me four days.
[in English] Look.
I am very much aware that some
of those parcels of land that you sold,
is school property.
Local village chief.
Grabs school playground.
It would be a shame,
if this was next week's headlines.
Don't let nobody ever put you down ♪
[music fades]
[attendant in English]
Hello ladies, how may I help you?
[Ivy] Hi, uh so,
my bestfriend is getting married.
Yes. Yes. Uh and I'm trying to
nudge my Mr. Right in the right direction.
Um, you know what I mean? So, I'm just
looking for a specific, um green stone.
Hm-mm. And a ring
and it has to be really special.
- [Akisa] Yes, very.
- You ladies have good taste.
[Ivy] Wow!
Come on, help me choose.
- It's your wedding.
- Of course.
That's rare tanzanite from Tanzania.
These are uncut diamonds from Botswana.
Which do you like better?
[attendant] Try this one. This is a Bahia.
[Akisa] Wow!
[Akisa] It's amazing.
[Ivy] Oh, wow!
- It's gorgeous.
- [Akisa] Right?
Oh wow!
You have to make sure
you show my mister man.
No worries.
So I will bring in, her lucky guys.
Okay, I'll be delighted.
- Okay, thank you.
- Bye bye ladies.
[Ivy] Bye.
[Ivy laughs] "Oh, I'd love to
point my man in the right direction."
[Akisa] Whatever girl,
you're the one who started it.
- Akisa?
- Yeah.
You like it?
[Akisa] Ivy, what the fuck?
God, I thought you stopped this.
Akisa, I was bored
and you were taking so long.
You think you can get
away with everything Ivy.
Ivy Muoka, the governor's daughter.
Do you get that
through your spoilt little brain?
Akisa. Okay.
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
Listen, will you forgive me if I
If I get you back
the Christian organization gig thingy?
"Ivy Superwoman" can make magic happen.
Oh no, it's not magic.
It's just sometimes it does help to
have a spoiled brat for a best friend.
Whatever Ivy, leave me alone.
My dad is the chairman.
[crow caws]
[sinister music playing]
[sinister music continues]
Your guy has taken his tea break.
Mrs. Sibala's Rottweiler
seems to have many gifts.
The matter of the license is closed.
There is nothing you can do about it.
[sinister music continues]
Ivy Muoka, 25,
Charged with theft in Prague,
Eastern District Court.
Oh! This one's from Durban, South Africa.
Miss Muoka, allegedly
stole a diamond broach
at a jewelry store
on Samora Machelle Street.
A yoga retreat in Bali.
A visitor, accused her of st
Mr. Governor.
I am sure,
the matter of the mining license,
can be revisited.
[Kyalo in Swahili] My people of Tsilanga,
I want to show you the evil
that goes on here.
Our children are being abused
and our environment is being spoilt.
This is all because of a company
called Eco Rock.
Let's reject this.
Here they are, look.
[in English] Joe Murage here,
call me back as soon as
possible. There's a situation.
[Yvonne] Looks like
you found our headliner.
Get on it, now.
[Joe] Shouldn't we,
check with our own
sources before we run this?
- It could be a fake.
- Joe.
You've been chasing
a similar lead for months.
And now, when hard evidence
plops on your desk,
is when you start to second-guess things?
Just caution.
You know how these big lawyers
And since when are you worried about
how your exposes
have affected this paper's bottom line?
All I'm saying is,
- we need to do some fact checking
- Ah, move!
Move, move.
There! That's your headline.
Now start typing.
[in Swahili] Do it fast.
Paper goes to bed in an hour.
[nostalgic music playing]
[nurse in Swahili] Eh-eh.
Today she is only seeing patients.
But someone has to eat lunch.
She doesn't want to see you Kyalo.
[baby crying]
Stop playing.
[in English] Manner-less.
[Kyalo] Hey
[in Swahili] The picnic was Sunday.
Is today really Sunday?
[in English] Come on, babe.
Mwalimu's family asked for my help.
[in Swahili] Or is it Akisa?
Tsk! [in English] Nurse?
[in Swahili] Sit.
[in English] You can't
stay angry at me forever.
- [in Swahili] I want to do a check up.
- Okay.
[man] Kyalo.
You have really exposed these people.
About ten thousand people,
have seen your video.
For real!
Thanks.[makes blowing noise]
Please wait, we also want to know,
how that witch, Mwalimu's wife,
cooked and ate her husband.
[sensual music playing]
[woman in English] Hey ladies!
Good to see you.
[man] Welcome, welcome.
[man] Hello. I'm well.
[man] Hello, how are you?
[second man] Excuse me.
[Vivienne] Mummy.
I am so glad you could make it.
Tsk. Oh Daddy.
Vivienne, you are supposed
to look like the lady of the house.
Not like a toilet girl.
[mother] Collins.
Calm down. We'll work this out.
[mother] I didn't see Max.
He'll come later.
Sleeping with
your late husband's watchman is one thing,
but did you need to marry him?
Leave Max alone.
He's the only man,
in fact, the only person in my
life who's ever been truly good to me.
[Vivienne] I'm not going back mommy.
You have to.
Do you really want to
lose a third grandchild?
Your father is also getting
very worked up from time to time.
You just have to
learn not to push his buttons.
That's all.
[knock on door]
[Collins in Swahili] Claire!
Tell Vivienne her husband is here.
[softly in English] You called him!
your father did.
Leave me alone. I'm busy.
[cellphone rings]
Good, you're here.
[woman] Do you have the floor plans?
One of my assistants will
bring them in a few minutes.
Ah, Mrs. Muriuki.
Hello, how are you?
I'm good.
Yes. Ah, can you believe that man?
Blindfolded me, put me in a private jet,
and just like that I'm in
the most beautiful city in the world.
[man] You know his sudden
death was a shock to all of us,
but Gor worshipped
every ground that you walked on.
[man] Holiday in Mombasa?
[Vivienne] No, that was the Bahamas.
[Mrs. Muriuki] Where is the young man?
The third rehab in five years.
Honestly, I don't know where Gor
and I went wrong with him.
[peaceful music playing]
[goats bleating]
[man exclaims]
[indistinct chatter]
[Tony in Swahili] Move the ball,
he should pass it the other way.
No, what
No, what
Argh! What are they like!
[man] What are you doing now?
[woman] The game
was just starting to get interesting!
[Tony] Relax, I am fixing it.
[man] Stop lying,
we all know you can't fix anything.
What? What are you saying?
[woman] Hurry up and fix that thing.
[in Kamba] Get a girlfriend
and stop troubling us.
[man] Even if we find him one
can he perform?
[laughter and jeering]
[in Swahili] I'm sorry Tony,
there was so much work.
I was not able to make it to our date.
- Which date?
- [indistinct chatter]
[Grace] But it's okay, uh,
I'm on a break from now.
[indistinct chatter]
[door creaks open]
[door creaks shut]
- Sit.
- Hm.
Sit down.
Why do you allow them
to treat you like shit?
But, it's true.
I don't know, maybe I am afraid of girls.
Maybe, you don't know how to deal
with the ones from here.
Okay, but they don't stop picking on me.
Stop complaining, come here.
Move closer.
Tsk. Move closer.
[moans loudly] Tony!
[whispers] Grace, what are you doing?
- [Grace moans]
- [Tony grunts]
- [whispers] Did I do it right?
- [giggles]
[whispers] Why do you sound like a goat?
- How should I do it?
- [giggles]
- [clears throat and groans]
- [Tony clears throat]
- [moans]
- [groans]
- [both groaning and moaning]
- [clapping]
- [man] Ohh!
- [muffled clapping and moaning]
You, get out of there.
That room is for staff only.
[Grace] Tony, yes!
[Juma] Where is Grace?
[door creaks open]
[Juma] Huh? Tsk.
[Juma scoffs]
My boy is a lion.
[Juma] Hey!
Musyoka and your friend,
if you want free spirit,
go to church. Not here.
[Juma] I see the doctor,
has given you pocket money.
Wear a dress, you are the lady.
[indistinct muttering]
[Musyoka] Leave him alone, let's go.
When you see a man
trying to beat his father,
he has been cursed.
You have been cursed.
[Kyalo] My people of Tsilanga,
I want to show you the evil
going on here in Tsilanga.
[Juma] You.
You are trying to spoil my name.
Eh, so that Tony can be fired.
You don't even care about us.
Your behavior,
is what will spoil your name.
Tony shouldn't be working at that mine.
Those people are destroying Tsilanga.
Who has it ruined? Eh? Where?
It's better your mother is not here to
see the stupidity you are doing.
[Musyoka] Hey. Stop!
[male voice] Leave him alone.
It's okay. You'll see for yourselves.
[overlapping crowd] Whatever! You go away!
[Kyalo] You'll see!
[Musyoka] Leave him.
- [Juma] Let's go and drink.
- [crowd cheers]
[insects screeching]
[indistinct chatter]
[clears throat] [in English] So Max,
what business did you say you do?
[Collins] Marrying Sibala's widow,
was enough of a career move, eh?
[indistinct chatter]
[ominous music playing]
[Max] Do you remember the times
when we could only meet secretly?
[Vivienne] That was a million years ago.
[Max] To your parents
it might as well be today.
Max, the license?
[Max] I want more involvement
in your business.
[Vivienne sighs] It's not that easy.
[Max] For starters,
no more pressure about
the money we lost in the Congo deal.
I lost.
Argh Max. Forget it.
[Vivienne] Okay.
Then swear.
Swear on the soul of your dead husband.
[sighs] Max, stop being so juvenile.
Okay. Okay. Okay. You win.
This time.
You have my word.
[Max] I had a really nice chat
with the governor of Tsilanga.
[Max] He's actually
a really reasonable guy.
Come on, they must
surely be looking for us.
[Vivienne sighs]
Max, you can't just
Ladies and gentlemen,
may I please have your attention.
As we gather for
the official closing of Sibala House,
I'd like to invite your interest
in turning Sibala house,
into your new home,
through Patel and Khan Real Estate Agency.
You and all your questions,
are in the very best of hands.
Today, I would also like to remember
the man who worked his way up
to buy this house from a White settler
and make it African owned.
To Gor!
[guests] To Gor!
[slow clap]
Hello, Mother.
[Max] I'm sorry I couldn't be there
for your father's funeral.
[Akisa sighs] It's alright.
Of course you did help a lot.
Because my dad's death is
not the only thing on my mind.
Business is struggling,
some debacle with
the Christian Association.
I thought Ivy was following it up.
Even if she gets the event back Max,
the damage to my reputation, it's done.
How can I help?
This time, you can't.
[Ivy sighs] Dad?
[Ivy] Er, did you have a hard day?
I'd have preferred,
if you hadn't showed up.
[in Swahili] If you weren't my daughter,
I would have killed you.
[in English] If it wasn't for the
inconvenient fact, you're my only child.
Mrs. Sibala is using
these files to blackmail me.
Dad, I'm
I'm sorry.
Today it's a simple blackmail,
tomorrow, it's my entire career.
[in Swahili] Politicians are thieves
just like any other thief.
[in English] The only difference is
that we've learned
how not to get caught.
Are we clear?
[governor] And you're going
back to that psychiatrist.
you know what those meds do to me.
If that viper of a woman puts this out
then it had better appear to the public
that you are doing something about it.
On one condition
Making demands even when
you've lost your moral high ground?
It means I'm raising a strong politician.
Tell me.
My friend,
- Akisa.
- The one with a nice backside?
Dad, please.
The one with an event company.
she got fired by
the Christian Business Association,
and I want you to get her rehired.
Akisa has very
important roots back in Tsilanga.
She might just be good for you, one day.
Now, you're thinking like a politician.
A governor, even a president.
Her Excellency Madam Mwende Muoka,
how does that sound?
It sounds perfect.
[governor] Great.
[Vivienne] How did you escape
from that facility?
I did not escape. I'm clean now.
[scoffs] The toilets in this house
might be clean,
but you my dear are
and always will be a drug addict.
I'm calling those people
at the rehab first thing in the
The doctor signed off on my release.
Just in time before you sold my house.
Listen Kingsley, the sale of this
Whether you like it or not,
I'm moving in.
I'm taking over my father's legacy.
In case you forgot, Eco Rock,
just like this house,
is mine now.
[receptionist] Mr. and Mrs. Kipng'etich
you can go in and see Dr. Shitsama.
Excuse me, we were
booked in for the same slot,
the Murages, please confirm.
I'm sorry, but Mr. and Mrs. Kipng'etich
had already booked for this time slot.
[Cynthia] Tell your doctor
that we are going in.
Baby, relax.
But we woke up at six to be here.
Yes and I know but it doesn't
warrant to cause a scene. Okay?
I'm going to make a few phone calls.
- [dial tone disconnects]
- Eh?
What's happening?
[Joe] I'm sorry. I
Look, by tomorrow morning
I'm going to sort this
[uneasy music playing]
Mrs. Sibala, the board meeting
Not now, Isaac!
But it is really
important to hear this Madam.
[Vivienne] Isaac
I need you to stop talking.
[Isaac] But this is really important.
- [Vivienne sighs]
- Madam
[tense music playing]
Ladies and gentlemen,
most of you have met
my stepson, little Kingsley.
- [phones ringing]
- [Akisa] Your dad is a genius.
The event is back on.
How about your BFF is the genius?
Okay, fine!
- So,
- Yes?
you know that
open for business prostitute poster
that you circulated to just half about
the most important clergy in Kenya?
Ivy, can we not,
bring that up again. Please?
Well, they'll forgive you,
but they'll never forget.
So, this has got to be the
absolute best event they've ever had.
Ivy. It's me. It will be.
My dad will personally be there,
so it had better be perfect.
So the tent people need to bring
the seats and Jay needs to call catering.
[Kyalo] And the environment is being
destroyed by a company called Eco Rock.
Let's reject this.
[Kingsley] This is what our company
has been reduced to,
under the stewardship
of my stepmother.
[somber music playing]
exploited for profits.
My father would never stand this.
Members of the board,
I am here to restore the reputation
of this company
and bring it back to
the glory of its founder.
[Vivienne] Eco Rock alone,
cannot end a culture of ignorance
and poverty that sees
children employed in
mines all over East Africa.
What we can do, however,
is ensure we have experienced non-locals
on ground overseeing things from now on.
And nothing,
would make me prouder than to
see my son take over this company.
But it would be unfair for a mother to put
so much pressure
and responsibility on her child when
he should be focusing on his sobriety.
How long has it been
Kingsley since your last relapse?
Three months?
[Kingsley] Actually, dear Vivienne,
I've been clean for a year and a half now.
Regular and consistent
drug tests can prove this.
I have dedicated,
myself for months,
into creating a vivid business plan,
that will restructure Eco Rock,
and guide our company
from the dark valley,
that my stepmother maneuvered us into.
Hm. I'm so very proud of you. I must say
You've done a great job Vivienne,
but maybe this company needs new blood.
[female board member] Young blood.
[male board member] Well done Kingsley.
I'm very proud of you.
[another board member]
Thank you very much, Kingsley.
We shall give your plan, an in-depth
consideration and we'll agree to that.
[female board member]
In the next meeting, we revert.
[cellphone ringing]
I was just thinking about you.
[Max] Tortoise. You're just in luck,
I'm done with the most urgent
business. What time should I pick you up?
I should be done around nine.
[Max in Swahili] Okay then, see you later.
[in English] Okay, bye.
[cellphone vibrating]
Yes, darling.
[Vivienne] I need you to come
to the office and pick me up.
Is anything wrong with your car?
I am your wife.
What does the state of
my car have to do with that?
At your service, Mrs. Sibala.
What time do you need to be picked up?
[Vivienne] 08:00 sharp.
Yes, Madam.
[choir singing]
[pastor] This has come together
so much better than I expected.
Thank you. I appreciate that.
Well listen,
such a thing should never happen again.
Of course.
Pastor Cornelius got a mild heart attack
and had to be rushed to the hospital.
Agents of Satan, pastor, agents of Satan.
[in Swahili] Curse him!
[in English] My daughter.
[different man in Swahili] Tell me.
What have you done, my daughter?
I stole money.
[different man] From who?
From my boss.
[different man] Stealing,
is a big crime my daughter.
[in English] I am not your daughter.
[different man in Swahili]
Why did you steal?
My child.
There was a lot of work.
And they hadn't paid me for two months.
They didn't even give me some food.
Madam beats me every day,
and now, the husband is harassing me.
Give me a place to sleep till
I go back home.
[different man] No.
You will have to go back
to the person who employed you,
ask them for forgiveness,
and give them back their money.
- [Jay] Akisa!
- Yeah.
You have to see this.
[Kyalo] Our children are being
harassed and our environment destroyed.
[Akisa] Let's go.
[Kyalo] All this is being done
by a company called Eco Rock.
Let's reject this.
Here they are, look.
[Akisa in Swahili] This is true.
[Ivy in English] Looks like Tsilanga
is on the map now.
Dad is gonna be so livid.
- [lively music playing]
- [cheering]
[Akisa] Thank you so much
for getting this job back for me.
Don't mention it. The job
rightfully belonged to you, my dear.
- Thank you!
- Ivy.
- Hi Dad.
- This way Sir.
[Max] Really sorry, Mrs. Sibala.
[Vivienne] Max cut out that shit.
[groans and sighs]
[Vivienne in Swahili]
Have you ever drunk champagne?
[in English] Nope.
[in Swahili] Since I got saved,
don't drink alcohol.
You are saved?
It has been three years now
since I gave my life to the Lord.
[Vivienne] Is it tomorrow
you're going to pick Mr. Sibala from JKIA?
Yes, it's tomorrow.
[Vivienne] Okay.
Today, you'll take me home,
so that I can show you
the things sinners like doing.
[sensual music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Antoinette Smit
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