Country Queen (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

[traffic noises]
[Akisa in English] I still haven't
found out who screwed us,
but after that disaster at Eco Rock,
I wouldn't be surprised if it was Mrs
- What? Cruella-de-Vil Sibala?
- Yeah.
[Ivy laughs] No, that's not her style.
- Oh really?
- Yeah!
[Ivy] It was your assistant.
What's her name?
I'm always forgetting names
of people I don't trust.
- Jay?
- Jay.
[Akisa] Girl, bye.
I checked your website
and there was no hacking there
and Jay was the last person logged in.
It's not the first time
an envious assistant tries to take over
her boss's business.
You know what, call her.
Pretend to be a client.
[dialing numbers]
[phone rings]
[Jay] Akisa events, good morning!
What can I do for you today?
[Ivy] Uh, hi!
I need an elegant,
sunflower themed baby shower.
It's for one of my girlfriends.
She's about six months
and it's a surprise.
I want sunflowers everywhere
and I need it to be in
one of the most exquisite places in town.
She's very particular.
Do you think you could do that?
Yes of course.
What date were you looking at?
28th. Yeah, we have space.
[Jay] I'll check with my boss,
but don't worry it will fit perfectly.
And is a Akisa events
as good as its reputation?
Yes. It's definitely the
best and most reliable
you can ever get.
Just give me the confirmation
as soon as possible. Thanks. Bye.
[Akisa] To be honest.
I'm really, really glad you were wrong.
[opening theme music playing]
[music fades]
- Akisa.
- [cellphone rings]
Um hello?
[Jay] I'm sorry,
I couldn't speak frankly before,
but actually
Akisa events is on its way out.
Poorly structured events.
Yes. Scandals.
And then drama splashed all over news.
Who wants that?
But, I'll be creating my own company.
That is JJ International Bespoken Events.
Yes! I'll do such an amazing job
at your friend's event.
Let me give you my WhatsApp number.
That is 075
[Akisa] Jay, what the hell?
You're so fucking fired!
You have two minutes
to get the fuck out of my office!
- Akisa! It is not what you think.
- [Akisa] Really?
[Ivy] This chic
was talking about trending.
- Okay. Aha!
- Open this door.
- [Ivy] Today we are exposing a fraud!
- [Akisa] Get out!
[Ivy] She was trying to ruin
my best friend's business.
[Ivy] Take that cheap weave, bad breath
and those hockey stick legs
out of our presence.
Guys, her name is Jacinta Ukabeth Itumbi,
remember that name guys. Hashtag exposed!
Hashtag buyers beware, hashtag
do not mess with me or my people. Okay!
[in Swahili] I will send you some thugs,
I don't care who you are.
- [Ivy laughs]
- [Jay] You will know what's real!
[in English] Oh my gosh, guys.
Can someone please translate that
in the comment section?
Because I don't speak hood rat!
- [Ivy] Look at her! You're a thief!
- Hood rat! Hood rats!
- [Ivy] Get out!
- [Akisa] Thief!
- [Ivy] Leave this office right now!
- [Jay] Hood rat!
[door slams shut]
Remember to hydrate
and don't be a hater like, Ucabeth.
Okay, alright. Bye. Cheers.
[blows kiss and giggles]
Everything they do we do it better ♪
[phone chimes]
Hey my love.
[Vivienne] Max, I need you to drop
everything and come rub my feet.
God knows it's the closest
I'll come to sanity right now.
[Max] Nothing, would make me happier.
But I'm kinda out of town right now.
I saw the news
about Tsilanga in the morning.
You're my husband not my business partner.
Not yet.
And also,
I don't want my beloved wife
to be attacked again.
That's sweet.
But don't forget, you're not
on an official Eco Rock mission.
No worries.
[suspenseful music playing]
[birds chirping]
[in Swahili] Ai! Mr. Kitili.
What's happening?
[in Kamba] Where are you going?
[in Swahili]To Nairobi.
To go and look for a better life.
Ai! Even you?
[Kyalo] These people,
have given you how much?
Go ask your father.
[Kyalo] But Mr. Kitili,
we spoke the day before yesterday,
and agreed no one in Tsilanga
should give them the time of day.
Today, you are changing your mind?
What do you think you can teach me?
Go look for a wife first. Tsk.
Let's go!
[ominous music playing]
[traffic noises]
[Musa] Oh!
[Titus] She has used her own name, Akisa.
Isn't this a tray?
- People from Nairobi, will show us things.
- Hey?
Isn't this used
for winnowing green grams? [chuckles]
[Musa in English] Okay then.
It's a nice place.
[in Swahili] It's not a bad place.
Do you remember what I told you?
Yes, I understand this is Nairobi.
[clears throat]
[Titus in English] You must
have influential friends.
[Ivy] No. She,
is a very hardworking woman.
Ivy, meet my uncles, Titus and Musa.
What do you want?
[in Swahili] It's about your mother.
[in English] Follow me.
What happened?
We fear for her life.
[Titus in Swahili] Okay, ever since
your father's body disappeared,
[in English] they've been talking
about many things.
[in Swahili] "Oh, Esther ate him"
[laughs] [in English] Wait. Wait.
So, not only is my mum a witch,
but she is a cannibal now too?
Wow. You two must be very happy.
[Titus in Swahili] Don't be like that
Akisa, after all we are family. Huh?
And we wouldn't want anything bad
happening to your mother.
[Musa] Akisa,
these kind of situations
can easily get out of control.
- [Titus] Yeah.
- We will remain crying in the woods.
- [Titus] Yeah!
- What are you going to tell people?
[in English] True. Akisa.
If you truly value
your mother's life, help us
to convince her, to go back to her home.
[Ivy scoffs] [in English] Same old shit.
You just want to steal her inheritance.
[in Swahili] Did you hear that?
[Titus in English] Akisa.
We would not be here,
if this matter
was not as dead serious as it is.
- [Titus] Akisa
- Fine I'll call her!
[Titus] See, I told you,
she's a reasonable girl.
[Musa in Kamba] Yes,
this one's the problem.
[Titus in Swahili] We know
you are a hardworking woman.
[in English] Akisa, where do your
people go to eat here?
There is
a Nyama Choma joint down the street.
Right. Thank you. Musa.
[Titus] Let's go.
[in Swahili] My name is Musa.
Have a nice day.
[in English] Can I just have one day
where everything doesn't go to shit?
I need to call her,
find out if she's okay.
Shit, it's not going through. Kyalo.
Shit, I don't have his number.
[Ivy] Akisa, if I were you, I would jump
in the car and just dash to the village.
I just fired Jay, Ivy. Do you remember?
I could take care of everything.
Ivy, you're joking.
[Ivy] No, it's going to be fun.
And, you know, it'll keep me busy
and keep me from wandering into places
that I shouldn't be.
You know I love you, but we both know
you're the master of disaster.
Why doesn't anyone give me
a chance to prove what I'm capable of?
Ivy, look, this is my business.
One more failed event and I'm done.
You know that.
So your business is more important
than your mother. Okay I get it. Yeah.
[Akisa] Okay.
- I have one event in three days.
- Okay.
Ivy. All you are going to do is sit here.
- You're not going to make any decisions.
- Yes.
Any questions,
Ivy, you are going to call me.
- Okay,
- Seriously.
Akisa, I promise.
Okay. Okay. Okay.
[ominous music playing]
[in Mandarin] Gentlemen, hello.
[in English] Thank you for making
this meeting possible on short notice.
I really appreciate this.
Hm. So glad you could finally join us.
[Vivienne] This is Chairman Ling and
his team from the Imperial Merchants Bank.
- Hm. [in Mandarin] Hello.
- Hello.
[in English] I'm afraid that's all for me.
It's a pleasure to meet you.
[Vivienne] This is my late husband's son.
[in Mandarin] The boy is visiting home
from studies abroad.
He likes to sit in on meetings
to learn a bit
about the real business.
We have prepared all the documents,
just as you requested.
[in Swahili] This meeting is not
so serious, you can write down some notes
and we can discuss them later. Okay?
[man in Mandarin] There is no mention here
of how you intend to secure the loan.
That's because we intend to
complete repayment within a year
and have agreed to your interest rates,
steep as they are.
three million dollars requires
more than a confident business plan.
[in English] You'll have to excuse me.
I have urgent matters I must attend to.
It was a pleasure to meet you.
This is more than
a confident business plan.
Eco Rock isn't a start-up.
We've been
in this business for over 30 years.
So, take it or leave it.
But I'm sure you don't want
to miss this opportunity.
[softly speaking Mandarin]
- [dramatic music playing]
- [birds chirping]
[sizzling and scraping]
- [in Swahili] Will you eat?
- Yes.
I am still mad at you.
[in English] But even I have to admit
when you've done a good thing.
[in Swahili] And now, Kyalo, I understand
why you haven't had time for me recently.
But, to be honest,
[in English] I'm really proud of you.
Front page.
My God!
Wow! [laughs]
[in Swahili] Are there other papers
with this story?
[Anna] Nairobi Chronicles, Kenya Daily
and East African Tribune.
East Africa, Kyalo!
[in English] So,
what's the plan, Mr. Big Shot?
[in Swahili] Do you have data?
- Hm-mm.
- [in English] Video.
[Anna in Swahili] You're okay.
[Kyalo clears throat]
- Are you ready?
- Yeah.
[Anna in Kamba] Go ahead.
[in Swahili] My people of Tsilanga.
I see that we are in the newspaper.
The time to take action is now.
Let's meet at the base.
We must stand up
for the rights of our children.
We must give them a better future.
If we don't fight for them now,
what future will they have?
Let's meet.
Yeee! Kyalo!
[both laugh]
[Musyoka] Hello.
[Musyoka in Swahili]
I think what we should do,
is go there and take all those kids away.
Let many of us go,
even the boda-boda riders.
We are here, because of Kyalo.
Then, can we listen to him.
I know even him, he has good ideas.
Better than the noises being made here.
[Kanini] Then speak.
[Kyalo in Kamba] How are you my kinsmen?
[community] We're good but angry!
[in Swahili]
Community land belongs to the community.
Nobody should be allowed
to touch our land without us here,
- without us agreeing to it.
- [community] True.
[Kyalo] We have no problem,
with those children who work there.
Or the people who work there. No.
- [in Kamba] Who is hurting our children?
- [community] Eco Rock!
- Who is destroying our property?
- [community] Eco Rock!
- Who is stealing our property?
- [community] Eco Rock!
- Shut down Eco Rock!
- [community] Shut down Eco Rock!
- Shut down Eco Rock!
- [community] Shut down Eco Rock!
[hopeful music playing]
[Kyalo] Eco Rock!
[Kyalo] Children, farms, money.
- [community] Children.
- [Kyalo] They are ours!
- [Kyalo] Farms.
- [community] They are ours!
- [community] Money.
- [Kyalo] We don't want!
[Max in English]
Asleep on the job as always.
Is, Vivienne Mrs. Sibala
[Max] Luckily for you,
she decided she needs
more muscle on the ground.
[Erick] As you can see,
everything is going according to plan
and we have no reason to worry whatsoever.
Um. No hiccups on the job.
It was extremely naïve of me
to expect honesty from you.
[Erick] That's I have managed to succeed
in getting some small parcels of land,
but the centerpiece, Mwalimu's land,
that one, is a bit complicated
and I still haven't succeeded
in getting the title yet.
[in Swahili] Welcome Sir!
[in English] I'm Silas.
I'm the field marshal of these mines.
I'm the one who found the gold.
I'm very honored to meet you, Sir.
I'm also the chief supervisor
and if you want,
I can take you round to see.
[distant chanting]
To see
[uneasy music playing]
To see what exactly? Binoculars.
[community chanting]
You really do have
everything under control.
[Grace in Swahili] Wow.
A viral video of Tsilanga is what it took
for a handsome man to come here.
Eh hello.
My name is Joe Murage
and I work with Kenya Daily.
I was asking if you could show me
where the Eco Rock mines are.
[Grace] Excuse, let's go.
Make sure your camera is ready.
Today, the mine will be on fire.
- [Kyalo] Eco Rock!
- [community] Are devils!
- [Kyalo] Children!
- [community] They are ours!
- [Kyalo] Money!
- [community] We don't want!
[community] Eco Rock! Are devils!
- [Kyalo] Children!
- [community] They are ours!
- [Kyalo] Land?
- [community] Is ours!
- [Kyalo] Money!
- [community] We don't want!
[community continues chanting]
[in Swahili] Hello, police.
There are protests here at Eco Rock mine.
People are angry. They are going to fight.
[Kyalo] Get out of here.
This is communal land.
This is private land,
you are the ones who should leave.
[Musyoka] Is your head
not functioning well?
- Whose land is it?
- [community in Kamba] It's ours!
- [in Swahili]Whose land is this?
- [community in Kamba] It's our land!
- [Kyalo] What will we do?
- [community] We'll take it by force!
[Musyoka in Swahili]
What's wrong with you?!
Get out of here.
Not tomorrow. Today!
Are your ears okay?
[Max] What?
- [dramatic music tone plays]
- [outcry from crowd]
[dramatic music playing]
[Chief] He-eh-eh!
Be very careful, Kyalo.
[somber music playing]
Is there anyone else wanting to try me?
[Chief] Anybody else?
From the media.
You, let's go!
[officer] Bring him!
[indistinct muttering]
[tender music playing]
[in English] Mom?
- Mom!
- [Esther] Akisa.
Mom? Are you okay?
[in Swahili] Why are you back?
[Akisa in English]
Titus and Musa came to Nairobi.
[in Swahili] I know, that they have told
you to convince me to sell the land.
[Akisa in English] They said that
something might happen to you.
- He said
- I'll be killed?
Don't worry.
I am ready to defend myself.
Mummy, whose blood is that?
[Esther] Follow me.
[Esther] I told your father,
this land issue will kill us. See.
Eh mum, I don't like Uncle Titus and Musa.
[in English] It's not safe for you
to stay here anymore.
[in Swahili] This Tsilanga, is tiring me.
I am not leaving. This is my home.
My Kivoi has been buried here.
Maybe God, has decided
that I follow him soon.
Mom, don't say that.
[in English] I just want you to be safe.
Uncle Titus and Uncle Musa,
they don't care about you.
All they care about
is their share of the sale.
[in Swahili] Eh! What?
They were paid long ago.
They won't even get a cent of this land.
[in English] Okay.
Then this is better mom.
It puts us in a stronger position.
Mom, I will get a good deal for you.
[in Swahili] I even know someone
who can help us.
You can live a full and decent life.
[in Swahili] Is it the man
who is always calling you?
[in English] Mom, it's way better
than people harassing you here.
Or you risking
getting killed by some lunatic.
Mom, what would Baba want you to do?
This is good.
Okay then.
We'll use this as evidence.
[in Swahili] Hm-mm. What happened?
[in English] Well I, um
I arrived when the two groups
were facing each other,
but the Tsilanga people had already
ruined most of Eco Rock's equipment.
[in Swahili] What equipment? Listen.
[chief] Murage,
you will say,
[in English] only what you saw.
- [in Swahili] Okay?
- Okay.
[in English] So, I arrived uh,
when the two groups
were facing each other and then,
this man here,
Kyalo, yes, Kyalo.
Kyalo, he
[splutters] He threw a punch
at Mr. Sibala.
And that started everything.
You're not going to believe
a stranger over me.
[chief] Hm-mm.
[Max in Swahili] Leave my phone alone.
You, let me call a number!
- [guard] Hey!
- [Max] You! What's wrong with you?
[in English] Or else what?
[tense music playing]
I see.
You're a man of influence, huh?
- [chief] A man of power.
- [scoffs]
- [in Swahili] Kill each other then.
- [guard] Let's go.
[door bangs shut]
[Josiah] You are stupid,
which side were you fighting for?
[Muli] I am better off,
you guys will be fired and start sleeping
hungry. Then we will know who is stupid.
I don't care.
Remember when I found that gold
and Silas said he was the one who got it?
That's not okay.
All those people, are not good.
Just keep blabbing. You know
you can't fight with an empty stomach.
[prof in English] Good boys.
Each one of you has strong points.
You're using your brains
and that's what counts in life.
[in Swahili] So, what are you saying Muli?
Is the money we are getting so much?
[prof in English] That is how
capitalism works, dear boy.
It exploits the poor
and favors the rich.
Have I told you about Karl Marx?
[prof] Give me that stone.
This is Silas.
[in Swahili] He is called "bourgeoisie."
[in English] And this is, you and you.
The small people.
[in Swahili] You are the proletariat.
[prof in English] That's what we call
[in Swahili] So us proteins,
what should we do?
He didn't say "protein", that's food.
There is nothing, we can do. When you try
anything, you'll be beaten by the police.
If you continue like that, you'll end up
back in the orphanage you ran away from.
No, I'd rather die.
[in English] Calm down.
We won't solve social imbalance today.
But we could at least, have some protein.
I caught a rabbit this morning.
If you get some firewood
[Muli in Swahili]
Let's go for some firewood.
[cellphone buzzing]
[in Swahili] You!
[in English] That's my phone.
[Max in Swahili] That's my phone ringing.
- [disconnected dial tone]
- [Vivienne in English] How dare you? Tsk.
- [elevator dings]
- [disconnected dial tone]
[elevator door opens]
[cellphone buzzes]
[Max in Swahili] That's my phone.
let me just answer it.
[in English] Bastard.
I know who he might be with.
I'm sorry, Mrs. Sibala. I know
probably you don't recognize me, but
- I used to work for Akisa
- Little girl,
What makes you think I care about
what you do, or what you used to do?
[female voice] Sorry,
the mobile subscriber cannot be reached.
[elevator door opens]
Excuse me, Mrs. Sibala
Sweety, don't miss the exit,
it's right there.
[uneasy music playing]
[Max] Hey!
[Max in Swahili] If you don't let me
talk to my lawyers,
I swear you will know who I am.
- Max?
- [Max] Akisa.
- Akisa, come.
- [Kyalo] Tsk.
- Akisa.
- [Max scoffs]
[Max] Akisa,
how do you know this stupid person?
[in English] I knew him from when
I was young. What are you doing here, Max?
[Kyalo in Swahili] Akisa, don't tell me
you belong to the Eco Rock bunch.
[in English] Guys!
What are you doing here?
[chief] Akisa.
[in Swahili] You shouldn't be speaking
to my prisoners.
You! Kingo!
- Kingo!
- [Max] Madam!
You. Don't try me, okay?
[Akisa sighs]
Why don't you bail out your boyfriend
and relieve me of some stress?
[in English] Look this isn't
what I came for.
[Akisa] Yeah.
[in Swahili] Who has done that?
[in English] I don't know. Neema,
you have to do something about this.
This isn't the first time
my mom is getting threatened.
[in Swahili] Akisa,
what do you want me to do?
[in English] What do you mean?
Protect my mom!
So, you expect me to,
go about and arrest every villager?
- Come on, Neema.
- Listen.
Police can only take action
and make an arrest
if something actually happens.
Not before it happens.
Okay, look.
[in Swahili] People are asking questions.
Like what happened to your father's body?
If they don't get answers, they start
[in English] fantasizing and
that's exactly what's happening.
Listen, the only answer they need,
is that my dad got
the decent burial that he deserved.
[chief] Okay, that's fine.
- But where?
- Somewhere safe.
[in Swahili] You.
You know Akisa?
Very well.
It makes you jealous?
You and I aren't in the same league.
[guard] Okay, let's go.
I thought I'd grow old in here.
No. You don't have a visa.
[Kyalo] Visa for what?
[Max] Don't fight battles
you can't win, bro.
I am the big league.
Let me never see you in Tsilanga again!
I'll split that head of yours!
[guard] Ahh!
[in English] I'm sorry about the delay,
but there was some problem with the money.
Now these are the people
we need to put in our pocket.
To make sure, the process goes smoothly.
[clears throat] Gentlemen,
please meet, El Capitan.
[Erick] Jambo.
[car door opens]
[dark music playing]
[in English] I'll pay for Kyalo's bail.
[chief] How generous.
[chief calls] Kingo!
- Kingo!
- [Kingo] Yes Madam.
[in Swahili] Release Kyalo.
Tell him his bail has been paid by Akisa.
[Akisa in English] It's only because
it's what's fair if the other guy is out.
[sighs] [in Swahili] It seems like
your business is doing well in Nairobi.
[Akisa in English] I do fine.
Sign here.
And then sign that.
It's the only thing I can do for, Esther.
- [Kingo] Eh Madam.
- [chief] Hm-mm?
[in Swahili] Kyalo has refused to leave.
[Akisa in English] Why?
[in Swahili] He says, he doesn't want
to be bailed out with money from Eco Rock.
That's so ridiculous.
You know what? It's fine, forget it.
Akisa! Akisa!
[pensive music playing]
[Akisa] Hi, Aunty.
[in Swahili] Whenever you show up,
something bad happens.
And if I am not there,
something bad happens to my mother.
Aunty I want you to
stop this nonsense. Now!
[in English] Don't you ever
call my mother a witch again!
- [in Swahili] Have you heard?
- Ai! Me?
[in English] Yes you!
[Zippy in Swahili] I never said anything!
[Akisa] Then, tell them!
[in English] Everyone who comes to the
shop you tell them to stop this nonsense.
Do you understand me?
[in Swahili] Can you hear me?
- [clattering]
- [agonizing scream and moaning]
Are you hurt?
[Zippy] Is that a question you can ask?
You can see.
[Zippy sighs and moans]
[Akisa] Let's go to the clinic then.
[Akisa] I can't wait for you.
Musa will come for you.
Thank you so much for bringing me.
We have agreed.
- Have we agreed?
- Hmm.
[seatbelt unclicks]
[car door closes]
[in English] Hey, how's it going?
[Ivy] Yeah, it's great. It's fun.
Can you imagine,
there's this crazy lady who came in to ask
for the same baby shower that I pretended
to book with your sneaky assistant?
[Ivy] Oh darling,
I sold her a premium show.
Congrats. What's the date?
Don't worry, it's only next week.
Anyway, how's mom?
Stubborn, but I guess she's okay.
Well, just stay until
you feel ready to come back.
Yeah, hopefully soon.
Anyway, bye.
[Zippy] Hm. Hm-hmm. Hmm!
[in Swahili] Zipporah, what is it?
It seems like, you have chosen
to keep your enemies closer.
[in English] What do you mean?
[in Swahili] Even I would've defended
myself if my home had such problems.
Did I not tell you to stop
these stories about Akisa and Kyalo.
Personally, I'm only trying to share
what Mercy told me.
Get pregnant!
Whether it's an immaculate conception,
or by Kyalo, just get pregnant!
You'll see, your husband will
stop wandering around.
[grunts softly] [inhales sharply]
[in Kamba] Young girl.
[in Swahili] Thank you very much.
[in English] I don't know why Mrs.
Ndegwa insists on doing pregnancy tests.
Even after receiving
the same results at home.
Some of us we like to be sure
before we get our hopes up.
I'd like to go
to the market before they close.
Could you kindly run this for me?
Great. Thanks.
[chair scrapes]
[thoughtful music playing]
[music stops]
[Titus in English] You know,
our late father used to always say that
this land is blessed by God himself.
[all] Amen.
[Titus] Now the area, our area is uh,
starting from those trees over there and
extends all the way to the forest about,
100 meters or so.
Let's say 30 acres, give or take.
[Musa] 34.5 to be precise.
[Titus chuckles]
[Titus in Swahili] He was
the math genius of the family.
[Musa] Totally.
[Erick in English] We look forward
to doing business with you.
[Titus] Thank you.
The main gold vein,
is right under this land.
[Max in Swahili] Who lives there?
[Titus in English] Our late brother
used to stay there.
[in Swahili] But
it's falling apart already,
[in English] it won't be a challenge
to bring it down, at all.
[in Swahili] When did he die?
[in English] Last week.
Last week?
[in Swahili] My condolences.
[Musa] It's okay.
[in English] Take care of these people.
[Erick] Done.
[in Swahili] No, it's okay.
He will sort you guys.
[knock on door]
Hello? How are you today?
I am quite thirsty,
I am asking whether I could use your tap.
- That's not good. It is rainwater.
- That's okay.
Are you a visitor here?
Yes. I had some business
to do at the chief's place.
Welcome inside.
Please, have a seat.
- [Esther] Are you visiting your family?
- No.
I'm just passing by.
You know how to arrange a house.
Take this.
Thank you.
- [Esther] You stay in Nairobi?
- Yes.
You are far away from home.
Sometimes a long drive,
helps me think clearly.
[in English] I find a long walk
does the same.
[in Swahili] What work do you do
for a living?
My wife and I, we run a small business.
You are married.
[door opens]
[Akisa in English] Max, what are you
what are you doing here?
[in Swahili] You know each other?
Very well. Or what?
[in English] Can I?
- [in Swahili] Thanks for the water.
- You're welcome.
[Max] So, you know that stupid guy?
[in English] It doesn't matter Max,
what are you doing here?
- Business.
- Business?
- At my parents place?
- Yeah.
Plus, I like your mom.
She reminds me of my mom when my dad left.
She looks like a really courageous woman.
I've been trying to get her to go back
to her home village at the coast.
Things are getting really unpleasant here.
- That bad?
- You have no idea.
Then, it's a good idea your uncles
are holding up the sale of the land.
Oh yeah, so that they can cheat her.
They think she doesn't know.
Apparently my uncles have
no claim to this land.
Apparently, my dad bought
them out like years ago.
- Really?
- Yeah.
[birds chirping]
Good to know.
Max, you're here
to buy land for Eco Rock, right?
Sort of.
Then get me a good deal for this place.
And it's not for me, just,
I want my mom to have a decent life.
It won't be easy.
If Vivienne finds out this is your land.
I mean,
your family land
she will do everything in her power
to prove it doesn't belong to you.
[chuckles] Yeah, she can try.
She'll put an army of lawyers
on the case there is no way you will win.
There's another way we can outsmart her.
You sell this land to me,
at a good price.
And when the large-scale mining begins,
they will need this land.
We sell it to them at an insane price.
Then you and I split the profit 50-50.
How do I know
you're not gonna let me down in the end?
Because I won't.
Trust me.
[keys clinking]
[in Swahili] Your people
have paid your bail.
[chatter and laughter]
[Kanini in Kamba] Hey Kyalo is here!
[cheering and clapping]
[crowd sings] Here he is here he is ♪
Come and see him ♪
Those who were asking
When Kyalo will be seen ♪
Here he is here he is come and see him ♪
[sensual music playing]
[music stops]
[in English] Pretty good harvest.
For a start.
Which one is for the centerpiece?
Still working on it.
Erick was talking to the wrong guys.
But I had a really good chat
with the owner's widow.
[Vivienne] I'm sure she couldn't resist
your charms.
Today I tried to buy you roses.
My card was declined.
I'm still waiting for that money I lost.
We had a deal Vivienne.
Come on, Max don't be naïve.
Should I have let you burn
that precious piece of paper?
[Vivienne] I'll have one too.
Get it yourself.
[in Swahili] That visitor friend of yours,
[in English] he looks like a good man.
He is.
[in Swahili] You've known him
for sometime?
A short while.
Does he have children?
- No.
- Why?
I don't know mom.
[in English] Find a good man, Akisa.
Get married.
Have children.
I don't think
I'd know how to be a good mom.
[pensive music playing]
[in Swahili] Forgive me if, lately,
I've made you feel as if I don't love you.
[in English] You're the best thing
that's happened to me.
[in Swahili] I want you to know that.
[ragged breath]
[in English] Will you marry me?
[hopeful music playing]
[soft laughter]
[male vocalizing music playing]
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