Country Queen (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

[ominous music playing]
[ominous music continues]
[female voice in English] Thank you
for calling, please leave a message.
I'd like to send you a draft
of the story that I'm working on.
If we get our IVF appointment,
this story could just be launched.
[opening theme music playing]
[music fades]
[cellphone rings]
Nice snapshot.
[Joe] Well, this could be your front page.
You have your appointment back Murage.
Your time slots will be communicated
in 20 minutes via text.
[comforting music playing]
[in Swahili] Come on Mum.
That lamp is old and it doesn't even work.
It should be thrown away.
Why would you want to throw things away
that can be fixed?
[in English] Really?
This feels so terrible,
after all these years.
Mom, you'll be fine back home.
Here, this is my home.
Without Baba?
Your father is still here.
Everywhere I look, I feel him.
Look Mom, you can't stay here
living with ghosts.
It's better to live,
among the living, in Kilifi.
[birds chirping]
[Juma in Swahili] Now here,
is where you will sign the last one.
[man] Sir, this is not the amount
we had agreed on.
This is the first installment.
The rest will be sent to your phone.
Okay then.
- [man] Mzee, this is too little.
- [Juma] Eh-ehh!
[Juma] No, I am adding on to that.
I'm giving you this
to pay for the wheelbarrow.
[Juma] Be happy man, cheer up!
You and your family are saying bye bye
to this hard work on the fields.
And now, you are welcoming
the good life of the city.
- It's okay. Thank you.
- Okay.
[Tony] Mzee, how will one start a life
with the little money we are giving them?
It seems as if you are yet
to know how to do business.
[Juma] You. This is what
you are spreading? Things of the village.
This fake is news
from your friends at Eco Rock.
Even you, you know this is a lie, and
you are still working there at Eco Rock.
How do I know it's a lie?
You mean that
you have become so cold hearted?
I am just doing my job.
[Juma] Leave your brother alone.
He knows what he is doing.
Not like you.
When a child loses their life
in that mine, then what?
Will you be able to live with that guilt?
- [prof in English] One times one?
- [children] One!
- [Kyalo] You!
- [prof] Eight times two?
- [Kyalo] You!
- [prof] Why are you interrupting my class?
[in Swahili] What
are they saying about me?
Why are you telling people that I hit you?
I have not told anybody anything.
Say the truth, how much did they pay you?
Nobody has paid me. We were with you
fighting for the same side.
You are the one
who took me to hospital when I was hurt.
Why would I say lies about you?
[in English] Good character shines bright.
His glows, but you
you've just dimmed yours here today.
[Akisa] This will be a good thing.
[in Swahili] Once the land has been sold,
I can build a house in Kilifi.
[in English] A house big enough for you,
grandmother, Aunty Salome.
If you can convince her
to stay in one place.
[in Swahili] Once this place
is demolished, what will we remain with?
[in English] The lives we lived here.
Good ones and bad ones.
Those always stay with you.
[sighs] When you ran away,
that's all you had.
[in Swahili] Was it enough?
[in English] The good ones got me through
and the bad ones overwhelmed me.
Listen mom, if you don't leave now,
someone is going to bring something
more than just a goat's head.
Why do you want to fight
for a place that's fighting you?
Go and pack your room.
[in Swahili] I'll finish up here.
[Akisa] Okay.
[Grace in Swahili] Don't be tense.
Kyalo, is not the kind to hit kids.
That's just stupidity.
- You have over done it.
- [Grace chuckles]
[Grace] For somebody, who doesn't even
oil their lips, overdoing it a little bit,
is a good change.
Grace, the issue of closing the bar,
it's it's too much!
[Grace] Why are you acting like
I have hired an entire stadium?
- It's just a small event.
- Grace!
No. You and Kyalo have really taken me
in circles concerning your engagement.
This is a celebration for me too.
- Let it go.
- [Grace] Uh-huh. Agh.
[Cynthia in English] What's wrong Joe?
You look like
you are going into a slaughter house.
Don't you want this?
[Joe] I do.
Just tired.
- It's been a long night.
- It's okay.
[receptionist] Mr. And Mrs. Murage?
[Cynthia] Yeah, that's me.
Sorry, that's us.
[receptionist] Down the corridor
second door on your left.
Dr. Shitsama awaits you.
Babe. Come on! Let's go.
[Akinyi in Swahili] That's a lot of money.
These days
you don't deal with little cash.
Only big notes.
[Max] Big notes come with big problems.
Right now, I don't have time
to deal with these problems.
Give me that phone.
There's a way I can help you.
No, I am not here for that reason.
I am here
because I want to be listened to.
I know. But you are family.
And you really helped me out with Butere.
It's not a must for you to help me.
- I want to help you.
- [Max scoffs]
All that money,
where will you get it from?
I am the treasurer for my chama, so I have
access to all the funds for that chama.
Money from the chama? I can't take that.
You will pay once that deal is done.
Or you have another place
to get the money from?
Two million. In one day.
You've come here and told me
your wife has cut you off. Surely,
you expect me not to do anything?
- Okay.
- Okay then.
Remember that the interest is 15%.
[laughs] I don't want any of your slyness.
Okay then, now leave my kitchen.
Let me get done with this.
The food will be ready in a minute.
Okay then.
- [both chuckle]
- [cellphone buzzes]
[Akisa in English] Hello my love.
It felt so good to hear from you.
Reminds me,
I still have a life beyond Tsilanga.
Your city misses you. I miss you.
I cannot wait to be done with all of this.
You have no idea.
How's your mom?
She's having a tough time
with the packing, but
She's still going through
with the sale, right?
Yeah. I finally managed to wear her down.
[Max] Good!
- I mean, good for her.
- Ala!
[in Swahili] Put the phone aside,
food is ready.
[in English] My food's ready I have to go.
I miss you.
Miss you too.
[Vivienne sighs]
[Vivienne] Looks like I'm winning.
I hope you don't regret inviting me.
- The game is not over yet.
- [Vivienne chuckles]
[governor] Heard you were buying
big batches of land in Tsilanga.
- Preparing for an opencast mine.
- [clink]
[birds chirping]
[governor] I'll make sure everything
runs smoothly without any revolutions
and you give me my fair share.
That's insane.
[governor] Have you heard of
the initiative to protect Tsilanga
as a national heritage site?
They even get international support.
[Kingsley] There you are.
[Vivienne] Kingsley!
This is a private meeting.
[governor] For a moment I thought it was
your father coming to join us for a round.
[Kingsley chuckles] Funny you
should say that Bwana Governor.
Some people say,
I look more like my mother,
my real mother.
I'll meet you at the office Kingsley.
Eco Rock is planning something big.
Now that we're expanding
the mine in Tsilanga,
you and I will be partners
for a very long time.
Let's see.
You're fast growing
into your father's shoes.
Tell you what?
Why don't you join me
and my family for dinner?
Ivy's also back in town. You two kids
should get to know each other.
[nostalgic music playing]
[Mwalimu] To my wife and daughter.
I apologize for my refusal
to acknowledge the cracks,
my sins have caused in this home.
I also have left my family, vulnerable
to the parasites that threaten to eat away
what we have built.
I feel the strain of the ties
that held this community close together.
As I watch neighbor turn against neighbor,
friend against friend.
[in Swahili] This is a curse
we have brought upon ourselves.
[in English] I don't know why
you insist to stay in this dump!
[Mwalimu] And brother against brother.
It is clear that
those strained ties will break soon.
Our mother is buried here.
[Mwalimu] And when that day comes,
it will be everyone for himself
and God for us all.
To keep us safe. I bequeath,
all my properties to my grandson.
- [Mwalimu] Hello.
- [children] Hello!
[Mwalimu] I ask you my wife,
Esther Mariamu Mutunga,
and my daughter, Akisa Hawa Nduku Mutunga,
to find him and care for this land,
until he comes of age.
[music fades]
[Esther in English] What is it?
Where did you get this?
He lied.
And you knew this whole time.
No, I didn't.
[Musa in Swahili] Slowly.
Turn to the other side, here.
Use your side mirror,
it's not for shaving your beard.
Come. There.
[Titus] Okay then.
- [Musa] Young men, hurry!
- [Titus] Load everything to the truck.
Other things are inside the house.
[Musa] Hurry up! [claps]
[Musa mutters]
- [Esther] Put back my things!
- [Musa] Huh?
[Musa] But Esther,
we are helping you move out.
- [Esther] Who is moving out?
- [Musa] You!
- [Esther] I am not moving out!
- [Titus] What?
I have told you, I am not moving out!
[Titus] But we had an agreement.
- We had an agreement.
- [Esther] Leave. Leave. Leave!
[Musa] Take those things fast. Bring them
[Esther] Leave! Get out of here! Leave!
[Musa] Let's go.
[Esther in English] We have to fulfill
your father's wishes.
[Grace in Swahili] Come!
I show you something.
[in English] I can't wait,
to be called Aunty Grace.
What's wrong?
- Hm?
- [Grace in Swahili] What's wrong?
[sighs] [in English] Morning sickness.
[Grace in Swahili] At this time
of the day? Pregnancy!
Okay then, go and rest.
I will call you when things are ready.
[indistinct chatter and laughter]
[motorbike engine revving]
[Kyalo in Swahili]
Are you out of your mind?
- [Kyalo] You could have hurt me!
- [in English] Kyalo, we need to talk.
- [Kyalo] Look for me tomorrow, not now.
- [Akisa] Kyalo, it can't wait please.
- [in Swahili] Look for me tomorrow.
- Can we sit?
[Akisa in English] Please.
[birds chirping]
[in Swahili] Tell me.
[in English] To keep us safe, I will give
all my properties to my grandson.
[in Swahili] He never told me
that he had a you have a
[in English] Me and you.
What are you talking about?
We have a son, Kyalo.
That's why I had to go away
all those years ago.
I didn't have a choice.
[tender music playing]
you disappear from my life
for all those years,
you suddenly come back and
tell me that I've
[Akisa] I thought he was dead.
When I was in Nairobi this man,
he gave me a letter from my dad.
It said he had died.
And I believed it.
Now I know it's a lie.
Look, I just need you to
help me find him. That's it.
Kyalo, please.
[in Swahili] This time,
I will not let you come from nowhere,
and stop me from moving on with my life.
[in English] I won't accept it.
[in Kamba] Where there is no worry ♪
Jesus will hide me ♪
In the hands of the Lord ♪
Zippy. One more!
Who am I married to? Is it you, or Musa?
[in Swahili] Titus, don't do that.
[Zippy] Asshole.
Even a snake, has more backbone than you.
[scoffs] Musa.
You mean, ten million!
Ten million.
Has passed right by our eyes.
That woman, she is a witch.
[in English] We may have lost the fight,
but we have not lost the battle.
[in Swahili] Whoever has the title,
is the one to sell the land.
Mwalimu never had the title.
Look Titus, we can
- You get me?
- [chuckles]
Musa, sometimes your mind
can really give a bright idea.
Huh? Sometimes
[suspenseful music playing]
[Vivienne in English] Kingsley, come in.
[Kingsley] Non-alcoholic.
[Vivienne] I'm surprised.
So, mother.
[Kingsley] I was honestly surprised
when you invited me for dinner.
I wanted to celebrate,
how far you've come.
I can see how much you've grown.
[Kingsley] Good. Good.
Well of course it will be bigger,
once I take over.
[chuckles] We'll see.
And it would have come earlier, if you and
Max didn't kill my father.
[softly] Oh my God.
You poor boy.
You're hallucinating again.
I was not hallucinating then
and I'm definitely not hallucinating now.
[wine pours]
Water, please.
There you go.
[Kingsley] There are court orders running
to exhume my father's body.
[Vivienne] Mmm.
- [smacks lips] Really?
- [Kingsley] Hm-mm.
Finally you and Max
will get what you deserve.
Kingsley. I invited you here
for a nice quiet dinner with family.
Don't spoil it. [inhales sharply]
Let's jump right into dessert.
I'm watching my weight.
There's no shame in a little bit of
glucose to get the energy going.
[Vivienne chuckles and claps]
Well done. I was just testing you.
[somber music playing]
- Don't worry son.
- [Kingsley gasps]
Mommy has more.
- [lively music playing]
- [whistling]
[Grace in Swahili] Doctor,
what's wrong? It's a party.
[Anna] Where is Kyalo?
They'll get here when they get here.
Bring the doctor a drink.
- Let me call him just once.
- [Grace scoffs]
Why isn't he picking up my calls?
[in Kamba] Where is Kyalo?
We don't know, we are here because of you.
[dog barking]
[door unlocking]
Anna, please open the door so we can talk.
I am begging you, please.
[Anna in English] You've missed
another event Kyalo.
[in Swahili] You left me standing there
like a fool and you were with her.
Anna, I am saying please, just open
the door so that we can talk, please.
I will explain.
For now, just open the door. Please.
[door creaks]
It's late. And I have work in the morning.
Kyalo, what's wrong?
There's something you should know.
God, this is not easy.
You're scaring me, what is it?
[in English] Kyalo, are you dumping me?
Come on, Anna.
So then you're abandoning your baby.
[in Swahili] You know me very well,
I can't do such a thing.
I need, I need you to trust me.
Tell me first.
- Akisa
- [scoffs]
Look, Anna.
Let me explain please.
Then explain.
Akisa, was pregnant
when we were still in high school,
when we were together.
This information, I've gotten it today.
That's why I didn't come to the party.
- Kyalo, get out.
- But I wanted you to know
Just get out. You and that Akisa
of yours. Get out of my life.
But, it's not my fault Anna.
It's not your fault?
How is it not your fault?
Kyalo leave!
[in English] Please just leave.
Anna, I want you.
You and our baby. Please.
Our baby?
[in Swahili] Kyalo, leave, just go.
Kyalo, I have told you leave.
Just leave!
- Anna, I love you, Anna.
- Please, just leave.
[sad music playing]
Catching pneumonia
won't help you figure things out.
[in English] Everything is a mess.
[Esther] It can't be fixed overnight.
[in Swahili] Come in. I'll make some tea.
[in English] In a minute.
[motorbike engine rumbling]
[sighs] [in Swahili] What do we do?
[Akisa] I don't even know.
I don't even know where to start.
[Esther] Look for Salome.
[Akisa] Salome?
[Kingsley humming]
[humming continues]
[in English] Did you poison him?
[chuckles] Relax.
I just gave my baby
some of his favorite things.
You've outdone yourself.
- And half the criminals in Nairobi.
- [Vivienne] You should be thanking me.
- He's asked to have Gor's body exhumed.
- Are you serious?
- I'm calling Watos.
- No worries Max.
I've got plans for our little heir.
That'll finally get him out of our hair.
- Okay.
- [Kingsley hums]
[ambulance siren]
I was so shocked when I found him
like this. I blame myself.
[director] Don't worry.
It happens all the time with addicts.
There was nothing you could have done.
Strap him in.
My father is calling me from the water.
He's speaking to me. Can you hear me?
- [director] Hold him!
- [Kingsley grunting]
- [director] Syringe.
- [grunting]
You want to kill me.
[director] Easy, relax. There you go.
- [Kingsley grunting]
- [director] There you go.
[director] His treatment
will take longer this time.
- [Vivienne] How long?
- [director] I can't say.
This is one of the worst relapses
I've seen in a long time.
[sirens wailing]
[tense music playing]
[Silas in Swahili] Bosses!
You have arrived.
So today I want you to go into the tunnels
in pairs as we need a lot of samples now.
There's no work we are doing here
ever again. We have come for our money.
[Silas] Relax young man, okay?
Don't tense even a little bit.
You will get money today.
Today I wanted to pay you
double of what you are usually paid, okay?
Okay then, work on it faster, faster.
[Josiah] But the money, we want our money.
[Silas] Listen to me.
You will not get any money unless
you go into that tunnel. You hear me?
Get lost!
[smacks lips]
[in English] As you can see,
we've made quite a bit of progress.
Most of the land has already been cleared.
[engineer] What about the center piece?
We can't start without it.
Don't worry. We'll get that too.
We already have the mining license.
Machines are on order
and soon will be on the way to Tsilanga.
We are ready to start next week.
With such probable extension
and the mineralization,
it would indeed be a great shame
not to go for the opencast mining.
[engineer] Stage one.
One third of the village
would be flattened for the open pit
and a large washout lake
will be just next to the centerpiece.
[engineer] Stage two, two thirds
of the village will be flattened.
And stage three,
the whole village is history.
The open pit is in full swing.
What is our schedule
until we reach stage three?
[engineer] Six months.
And what's the expected output?
[engineer] Eight to ten grams per ton.
[in Swahili] I can't believe
how fast Eco Rock has corrupted
the hearts of the people of Tsilanga.
[in English] Kyalo, look at how little
this place has changed since I left.
[in Swahili] This road is still murrum.
How many new buildings are there
in the center? Two, three?
[in English] Have you ever stopped
to think that
maybe these people just want
a little bit more out of life?
Is that so bad?
[in Swahili] I had forgotten you
were speaking to an insider from Eco Rock.
Is that the stupidity
that boy usually tells you?
[in English] Let's just hope
we find this boy.
[in Swahili] Now look at these people.
I am sure they have sold their property
at a throw away price.
And life in the city
is a shack in the slum.
When I look at you, I'm reminded of
a very difficult day in my life.
You were still a child. I had no choice.
So as to give you a decent life.
[Kyalo] What do you mean
you had no choice?
[Akisa] You just did
what my father told you to do.
Please understand.
That was a very hard time.
Even my sister, your mom,
wasn't able to oppose Mwalimu.
[Salome] There was one lady,
there at church,
who had a children's home.
I don't think that
I can remember her last name.
After, taking your son
You mean when he was stolen?
We met there at Thika.
Since that day,
I have not seen them again.
You gave away a child? Just like that?
I was following instructions from Esther,
and your father.
Then Mwalimu told us the baby had died.
[in English] That's what we all thought.
[Kyalo in Swahili]
How will we get this lady?
I have told you everything that I know.
Where is the children's home at?
It's in Makuto.
[nostalgic music playing]
[Kyalo in English] It must be here.
- [door opens]
- [in Swahili] Visitors! We have visitors!
[woman] Let's show the visitors
what we've learned in class, okay.
[all in English] Two!
- [woman] Two plus two!
- [children] Four!
[Akisa] It's okay, no need, please.
[woman in Swahili] Okay.
Which one do you want to adopt?
Look at all of them, they're all okay.
- Even this one. Open your mouth.
- [Akisa] We are looking for,
[Akisa] we are looking for
a specific child.
[woman in English] Very beautiful, look.
- [woman in Swahili] Look at these ones.
- [Akisa] Mama!
- Very strong, hardworking!
- [Akisa] We want a specific child.
But everyone here is okay.
You were given that child
when they were very small.
- Okay.
- A boy. Barely a week old.
I understand, you want a baby.
However finding a baby is hard.
You know, because
those ones are adopted fast.
But, you can leave me with your contacts
Look, Mama.
- The kid came here about ten years ago.
- Yes.
[woman in English] Ten years ago?
[in Swahili] You were given by a lady
called Salome. Your friend from church.
[in English] Back to your duties!
Back to your duties all of you!
[in Swahili] Follow me to the office.
Okay. Yes.
[woman] Who did you say brought the kid?
[woman] Sorry, I don't
know anyone going by that name.
You must remember, that was my child.
Sorry, I can't help you.
[Akisa] But you have records,
we can check.
Why would I keep records
of that demon child?
That was a child, who had bad manners.
He was so hard headed
and lacked discipline.
In fact, when he left here he ran away.
- [Akisa] Okay, but where is he?
- I don't know.
You didn't look for him?
Why would I look for him?
[clicks tongue] This is stupidity.
[woman] Boss, what are you doing?
Please leave those files alone.
[Kyalo] I am not leaving
without that child, you hear me?
- Madam, please leave those files alone!
- [Kyalo] Stop your stupidity!
[woman] Leave my office!
Please leave my office!
- [Kyalo] I must get that record.
- [woman] Munyo!
[Munyo] What is going on?
[woman] Please remove these people
from my office.
[Munyo] You, get out!
- [Kyalo] Who do you want to beat?
- [Munyo] Get out!
[Munyo] Get out. Let's go.
- [Kyalo] This is not over.
- [Akisa] Kyalo, let's go.
[in English] I'm going to get her
to show us those files.
- It's the only thing we can do.
- [in Swahili] How now?
[in English] I'm going to get a lawyer.
[in Swahili] By the time
the lawyer goes to court,
sees a judge, so much time
would have been lost.
[Akisa in English] Kyalo,
we have to do something.
- [in Swahili] We should talk to Neema.
- What will Neema do?
She may have some connections.
Are you okay?
[in English] I'm just wondering
where he is. How he is?
Kyalo, I'm just hoping he's safe.
[liquid pouring]
[Vivienne in English] Feels good to win,
doesn't it?
What a mighty scheme you pulled off.
A little bit of this,
a little bit of that.
So you're back to keeping secrets?
Are we?
[Vivienne] You know,
if you were a powerful man,
I would allow you even ten of them.
I'll get you the Tsilanga center plot
by end of week.
Don't doubt me.
You give me so many reasons to.
Always slinking about.
I should put you
on a leash.
[kissing and moaning]
Give me
[kiss] a seat,
[kiss] at your table.
You won't regret it.
Don't fool with me, Max.
[cellphone rings]
Hello. Yes, I hear.
[whispers] Kingsley has escaped!
[Kyalo] Do you ever wonder what,
life would have been like, with him?
[Akisa] I used to. A lot.
But it just got to a point
where I had to stop. You know.
You have to keep living.
[birds chirping]
[Kyalo in Swahili]
How did you survive in Nairobi?
[in English] Imagine I just had to do
what I had to do.
Life forces you to grow up so fast.
You make some tough decisions.
[in Swahili] I lived in Nairobi for a bit
but, it's like a farm that grows stones.
[laughs] Wait.
Kyalo was in Nairobi? You, Kyalo.
[in English] I had to come back.
Had to, why?
Just like you,
I had to make some tough choices.
- Hmm.
- After making some,
stupid decisions.
I have my fair share of those.
- [hopeful music playing]
- [Kyalo] We shall find our son.
[crickets chirping]
[in Swahili] We should
look for food somewhere.
Who will go to the village this late?
[Josiah] Nobody is coming with me?
[children] There are hyenas.
[Josiah] You are all cowards.
[Josiah] Muli, let's go.
[car doors shut]
- [Akisa] You!
- [Kyalo] You!
[Kyalo] Come here!
[Kyalo] Come here.
Are you a chicken thief?
[Akisa in English] Isn't this
the boy from the clinic?
[in Swahili] Why are you stealing?
I am hungry, my friend too.
[Esther] Are you one of them?
The kids who work at the mine.
He is one of them.
I'm not going to work there again.
They are not paying me, my wages.
Take this.
- It's okay?
- Hmm.
[Esther] Where are your parents?
[Josiah] I don't have parents.
What's your name?
[Kyalo] And where did you grow up?
Children's home.
I didn't like the lady from there.
She used to hit me all the time.
Is she called Mama Laiza?
I am not going back there.
Don't take me back there.
We won't take you back.
Wait there, okay? Kyalo.
What are you thinking?
[in English] He said
he is from Mama Laiza's.
[Akisa] Papa's middle name, Josaih.
[Kyalo in Swahili] We can't be sure.
[Akisa in English] But what if?
[Kyalo in Swahili] Go check there.
- [Akisa] Josiah!
- Josiah!
[deep music playing]
[birds chirping]
[Akisa in English] I will never understand
how you could take a child.
I will find my son.
And if fighting for him
means fighting for this land,
then that is what I will do.
[beautiful music playing]
Subtitle translation by: Antoinette Smit
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