Cow and Chicken (1997) s01e05 Episode Script


Mama had a chicken. ♪
Mama had a cow. ♪
Dad was proud. He ♪
didn't care how. ♪
Cow. ♪
Chicken. ♪
Cow and Chicken! ♪
Ha ha ha.
We sure are glad you could pop
over on such short notice
and baby-sit Cow.
Where would we be without
you, Boneless Chicken?
Well, you'd be up a
creek without a paddle
or burning your bridges
before they're hatched.
Who can say, really?
Oh, Boneless. You
always kill us.
Ah, go on!
Will you be needing
anything while we're away?
Sure. How about a spine for
my limp and lifeless body?
No, really! I could use a spine!
Oh, Boneless Chicken!
Oh, my favorite cousin!
Have you missed me, cousin?
I missed you!
Oh, oh! Let's take our
little selves outside
to play catch, cousin Boneless!
Yeah, I'd love to, Cow,
but I promised the TV here
I'd keep an eye on him.
Ohh, ohh
I know!
We'll play catch now
and watch TV later, ok?
Let the games begin!
Whee! Doink!
And home run, too!
Ha ha ha!
Hey, you been practicing, huh?
Hey, kid!
Game over!
Help me!
Oh, the hot sun is going
to cook Boneless Chicken!
I've never been way up
on the roof before.
Oh, thank goodness
you made it, Cow.
The heat's really
starting to get to me.
Uh! Got you, Boneless Chicken!
Oh, we're stuck!
I can't argue with
you there, Cow.
We're about as stuck as it gets.
Oh, boo hoo!
Mom and Dad will never find us!
We're lost!
We're marooned
What about food?
Oh, I'm starving!
Without food or water,
we will die!
I don't think anyone's ever died
from being stuck on a roof.
I got to eat something
Oh! Oh!
I'd even eat bo--bo--
Bad idea.
Don't move, Boneless!
Oh, boo hoo!
I can't!
But I'm so hungry!
Ok, Boneless.
Lunch is on its way.
Oh, yes, yes, yes!
Come on, you little fishy.
Get in the box.
Ohh oh!
Oh, the days seem to
be turning into weeks!
Oh, boo hoo!
How long we been
up here, Boneless?
Is that you, grandpa?
We're going to be
rescued, Boneless!
Hey, Mr. Helicopter!
We're here!
And we're alive!
There's a 10-minute tie-up
on the southbound 105 and--
wait a minute!
Somebody's up on a roof,
spelling out something.
It says, uh
"My cousin and I
were playing catch,
"and I tossed him too high,
"and he got stuck on the roof,
and now we need"
Need what?
Oh! Oh, no!
That was our last hope!
Cow Wake up, sweetheart.
Cow's dad!
Oh, we're saved!
Grab your cousin
and come on down!
I'm alive!
Oh, Mom and Dad!
Oh, I have missed
you both so much
these long months
of being marooned!
Sweetheart, we've only
been gone a half an hour
at Chicken's
parent-teacher conference.
Oh, I missed you
The most, brother!
Oh, now, isn't that cute, Dad?
Sends shivers up
and down my legs.
Well, looks like cousin
Boneless is going to be ok.
Cow, we need to talk
about your poor grasp
of the passage of time.
I was going to wait till your
wedding day to give you this,
but I think you may need it now.
It's a clock, Cow.
It was worn by my mother--
something passed down from
generation to generation
to all the girls in my family.
Mother gave it to me--
and now I present
it to you, Cow.
I love you, Dad!
I think I'm going to be sick.
Hey, remind me to never go into
the roofing business with Cow.
I know I'll get burned!
Ha ha ha!
Remind me to put myself
up for adoption.
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