Cow and Chicken (1997) s02e11 Episode Script

Which Came First

Mama had a chicken. ♪
Mama had a cow. ♪
Dad was proud, he didn't care how. ♪
Cow! ♪
Chicken! ♪
Cow and Chicken! ♪
Poor little egg.
We'll have to find you a mother!
I got goose bumps all over!
Wakey, wakey, Chicken!
Time to get up!
What-who-where am I?
Oh, Chicken! You have laid a egg!
I couldn't have laid no egg! I'm a boy!
I'm a girl!
Whatcha gonna do with all that stuff?
Those kids are gonna miss breakfast.
No! Cow!
Oh, Mom and Dad?
I know something you don't know.
What is it, Cow?
Chicken laid a egg!
Son, is this true?
Oh, son? This is wonderful!
We're so proud of you!
I'm going to be a grandmother!
Me, too!
Me, three!
Now, son.
You must sit on your egg
to keep it nice and warm.
Over here, Big Brother!
Oh, I mean Sister.
I will make it nice and cozy.
Cozy! Cozy! Fairy Brother Princess!
Hey! That's mine!
Now, put your brother right
Now, Cow and Chicken?
Enough horseplay.
It's time for school.
Hey, but I can't leave my egg.
It'll get cold!
We could take it to school with us!
No, sweetheart.
Chicken, I don't want you
dropping out of school
because of your being
in the family way and all.
I'd be happy to egg-sit for you.
I'll be back real soon. Don't worry.
You settled in there, Momma?
Yes, honey!
Oh, boy! This brings back memories.
Man, does it!
See you in class, girls!
Hi, fellas!
Chicken laid a egg last night!
Well, actually I did.
A pretty big one.
Did it hurt?
Nah! Piece of pie!
Gee, Chicken. You do look great!
Yeah. A girl would never even talk to us,
and now our best friend is a girl!
Say, Chicken? You busy this night?
Is Miss Chicken ready?
Not yet.
Why don't you boys
come wait in the parlor.
Oh, Chicken? Your dates is here!
So, Flem? Earl?
Just what are your intentions?
Well, we're hoping for a kiss
in the dark movie theater and
We thought we'd just go see a movie.
Why, you're beautiful!
Why, thank you, Earl.
Let's go, men.
Say bye-bye to Mommy!
Oh, Dad!
There goes our little Chicken,
all grown up and wearing my dress!
Just like me on our first date.
Did you see that, guys?
Try the other right leg, Momma.
Chicken? Would you like my cherry?
Why, Earl, you are such a gentleman.
Here! Take my cherry, Chicken!
Men! Men! Enough with the cherries!
I got one already.
So long, fellas!
Goodnight, Chicken.
Yeah. Thank you for a wonderful evening.
Hey, don't mention it.
Sorry, boys,
but I'm savin' myself for marriage.
Well, son? How was your date?
Fine. How's my egg?
It's hatching!
I'm going to be a Auntie!
Dad! Whip out the video camera!
We're coming, Chicken!
This is not a chicken, Chicken.
Not only am I not a boy, but
I'm not even a chicken!
Oh, Chicken!
Gettin' them goosebumps again!
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