Cow and Chicken (1997) s04e13 Episode Script

Invisible Cow

Mama had a chicken. ♪
Mama had a cow. ♪
Dad was proud, he didn't care how. ♪
Cow! ♪
Chicken! ♪
Cow and Chicken! ♪
Good morning, men!
Oh, good morning, Mr. Vendor Man.
Allow me to introduce you
to a brilliant new product.
Invisible Sauce!
It's right here in my hand, boys.
Hey! There ain't nothing there!
It's a fake!
Of course there's nothing there.
Because it's invisible!
I will take one!
Listen, my six-hundred-pound sister.
There is really nothing in his hand.
Sure. Cause it's Invisible Sauce.
Look, pal, she's not buying, okay?
So, that'll be one jar of Invisible Sauce
for the heavyset young lady here.
Well, gotta go! Don't forget to write!
Give my love to Uncle Gerald!
Cow, you is gullible as well as large.
I'm going to be so invisible!
Come on, Sunshine.
We're late for school.
First, I must turn into an invisible princess!
Oh, yay!
Lookie! I'm invisible!
Yep! Yep! I am completely invisible!
You can't see me, can you, big brother?
He can't see me! Nobody can see me!
I'm an invisible fairy princess!
I cannot be seen!
Oh, he did not notice me at all.
Can I come to P.E. class with you?
Hey, Chicken?
What's your sister doing here?
I'm invisible right over here!
A boom, chic-a-boom-chic-a-boom! ♪
Oh, listen boys. Just ignore her, all right?
She thinks she's invisible today.
Hey, guys!
There's a girl in the locker room!
There, do you see her?
It's your sister, Chicken!
She's got our underwear!
You must be nuts.
There's no heavyset sister here.
Hey, Chicken? I ain't seen nothing.
Me neither, Chicken.
But I
You must be nuts!
Oh, boy! I am so invisible!
Hey! What the?
Look how the pens magically float
before your head!
I'm invisible!
Lookie how the hat magically floats!
Why you!
Come back with my hat.
Cow! I mean Cow?
Is that you, Cow?
I'm right here, Invisible Sauce man!
Well, well, well! Aren't we invisible?
Yes. No one can see me.
Is that so?
Well I'd like to elicit
your invisible services.
Maybe you can go
into that bank over there,
and waltz out with a bunch
of withdrawal slips
for The Red Guy, hmm?
I am going to be rich!
Don't anybody move! Please.
I am invisible!
I can see you, but you cannot see me.
So, please do not move, all righty?
Because if you move,
you might bump into me
and hurt your nose.
What am I doing?
Oh, it isn't right to use
my gift of invisibility for evil.
I want to use my powers for goodness
and crud like that.
Well, did you get the withdrawal slips?
Here you go.
Why didn't I just ask for cash?
Oh, where is she?
I've been a bad cow!
I used my invisible powers
to do bad things!
I played invisible tricks on people.
And no one knew it was me!
Well, maybe it's about time
you started doing good things instead.
Like coming home, for instance?
Oh, yes! That's it! "Good things"!
Oh, from now on,
I will use my invisible powers
to do good things only!
Oh, look, big brother!
Oh, boy! Golfers!
I bet they could use my invisibility help.
Oh, no.
We are going home and that is final!
No, big brother!
I must help the lousy golfers.
Excuse me, Miss?
Why did you do that?
You can see me?
Yeah. You're a large cow.
How embarrassing!
I am not invisible anymore!
Could you pass me the pork lungs, please?
Let's see.
You're right here on the couch, right?
Oh, it's all right, big brother.
I am not invisible anymore.
I think the sauce wore off.
What a shame.
I kind of like it better this way, any who.
Before, when I was invisible,
I could not brush my hair in the mirror.
Hello! It's me!
Could I interest you
in an excellent new product?
We have had enough of your "sauces"!
How about this?
A new super fat sauce,
guaranteed to make you fat and fast.
No. I have learned my lesson.
Yes. But this sauce really works!
All you do is squirt it on! Like so.
And before you know it, you're fat!
Great! Now I'm fat! Thank you!
It works?
Oh, I'm gonna be rich!
Yeah, right.
Well, how about some of
that invisibility sauce
so at least I won't be seen this fat?
Oh, certainly. Certainly!
Oh, I'm so sorry, Chicken.
But I do not know where I put it.
It's invisible, you know?
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