Cow and Chicken (1997) s04e15 Episode Script

Chicken's Fairy Tale

Mama had a chicken. ♪
Mama had a cow. ♪
Dad was proud, he didn't care how. ♪
Cow! ♪
Chicken! ♪
Cow and Chicken! ♪
Okay, Cow.
Our Olympic diving pool is finished!
I'm going to do my famous belly flop!
Well how'd I do?
You honked?
What'll you take in trade for the Cow?
Trade? Are you nuts? That is my sister!
Sister? Cow? What's the difference?
You want to trade?
I'll give you four Magic Canadian
Jumping Beans for the Cow.
Four Canadian Jumping Beans?
Do I look stupid?
He don't know who he is dealing with here.
Oh, yes.
You're not half as stupid as you look.
How about five Magic Canadian
Jumping Beans?
Wow! Magic Canadian Jumping Beans!
Goodbye, Chicken!
Yeah, yeah.
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye!
Wait till Mom sees this!
Hey, Mom! Guess what I
Hi, honey! Where's your large sister?
I traded her to a farmer
for five Canadian Jumping Beans!
Oh, no!
I'm sure Cow's worth a whole lot
more than that!
Young man, I want you to go to your room
till you get your sister back!
And throw out those beans!
"Get your sister back."
I'll have you know this will hurt me
more than it does yous!
Horse? Pig? Sheep?
I'd like you to meet Cow.
How do you do?
I've got to find some way
to get my heavyset sister back,
or I'll be grounded till I'm a grandpa!
It's morning!
Hey, Cow! Wanna go play?
I forgot! I sold her!
Guess I'll go swing by myself.
Man! Dad should really think about
cutting the lawn.
Wait a minute! That's a giant bean stalk,
just like in the fairy tale teacher
told us in math class.
It was something about a big, fat giant
and gooses with gold eggs!
That's it!
I'll get a gold egg and buy back Cow!
Hey, Chicken!
We noticed you have a giant bean stalk
growing in your backyard!
Yeah! What's up with that?
No time to explain! Follow me!
Is this one of them
divine quests or something?
Cow's in trouble! We gotta hurry!
Maybe somebody at that giant
castle will know where the giant is.
Good thinking, Chicken!
Oh, look at that!
It's just not fair, I tell you!
All the other giants got really nice
big eggs of gold!
When I have none whatsoever!
Fee-fiddle-foe-fudd. I smell.
I don't know what I smell.
Man! That giant's huge!
Well, hello! It's me! The giant!
I remember this story from math class.
You're the magical Chicken
that lays the golden eggs!
And his, oh two idiot friends!
Just like in the story! It's destiny.
I'm going to be rich!
It's a good thing
I'm poking holes in the lid.
I remember that guy, Jack,
who came up here the last time.
Please pass the sugar, Horse!
Oh, much obliged.
Cow? Please pass the milk.
All righty!
My udder sense is tingling!
Oh, that means Chicken's in trouble!
Super Cow, a la rescate!
Something tells me
this ain't no regular Cow.
It's my lucky day!
Come on, come on!
Give me a golden egg!
Or I'll be forced to hook up
your "genius" friends, too!
Give him an egg, Chicken!
I'm gonna be rich!
Someone at the door?
How adorable!
Oh, grandma!
It's the Cow that lays the golden eggs!
Just like in the story!
Now, get into the jar.
Adios, muchachos. A la granja me voy!
I still gotta buy Cow back from the Farmer,
and we don't got no gold egg or nothing.
Flem! You laid a gold egg!
Now we can save Cow!
Oh, you are my hero, Flem!
You traded your golden egg
for little old me!
And thanks to Super Cow, too!
She saved us from that mean,
casually dressed giant!
I just wish we could thank her.
Where ever she is.
All right! Who's gonna pay?
Well, don't look at me! I am spent!
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