Cowboy Bebop (1998) s01e01 Episode Script

Asteroid Blues

1 ASTEROID BLUES Hey, Spike! It’s ready! I’m just about done myself.
What’s cooking? Special “beef with bell peppers.
” Qing-jiao-rou-si.
Asimov Solensan.
This is our next target.
Hey, Jet… He’s a high-end of the syndicate that deals all around the asteroids.
About this Qing-jiao-rou-si… The guy’s name is Asimov Solensan.
Weren’t you listening to me?! You don’t call a meatless “beef with bell peppers”… …“beef with bell peppers”… do you? Yes, you do.
No, you don’t! You do when you’re broke! What happened to the 1 million woolongs we got as bounty from that last guy?! The repair bill for the plane you wrecked… …and the repair bill for the shop you trashed… …and the medical bill of the cop you injured… Killed all the dough! Three days ago, there was a shootout between his group and an enemy syndicate.
He killed his own men and took off.
They say he’s hiding with his woman in Tijuana.
That’s a place for nobodies to go.
Despite being a nobody, he’s worth 2.
5 million.
Don’t feel like it.
Tijuana… The beef there… …is really tasty… “Attention, please.
We will soon arrive at the gate.
” “We look forward to serving you again.
” Please line up single file at the tollbooth after clearing the gate.
Please pass by after switching the credit sensors to debit mode.
I’ll head over after hitting the cops for clues.
Then I’ll try seeing old man Bull.
Can you trust that old guy? Such an easygoing song.
Thief! This again? Goddamn sonofabitch! Man, you’re totally ripping me off, but do ya realize… …the reason you can live here is because… …I dug that gate with all my might, ya hear? This again.
You always say that when you lose.
We all dug the gate together, remember? That we did.
We dug like there was no tomorrow… Goddamn idiot sonofabitch! Gimme a beer.
And I’ll have a Bloody Mary.
I got vodka, but unfortunately I’m out of tomato juice.
I’m sure there’s one can in the back room… I’ll take a look.
Top-notch “Red-Eye.
” You’d know, as a buyer, right? Can it be… “Bloody-Eye”? Prove to me that it’s the real thing.
Keep those eyes open! This is dandy, but you got anything to eat? I see… The red-eyed coyote will appear at the north end of town.
That is what I see.
A red-eyed coyote, huh… You, “Swimming Bird.
” You shall meet a woman.
You shall be targeted by that woman… And then… death.
I see.
“Again”? I’ve already died once.
Got killed by a woman.
You take women too lightly.
Catch ya later.
May he be blessed by Wakantanka.
Presidente? I’ll have a glass on the house.
Asimov sure lost his head.
No shit.
We gotta do something before the cops start moving.
Ya wanna leave it up to the cops? He IS using those eye drops.
There’s no way we can win.
I’m tellin’ ya, we got nothin’ if we don’t get that “Bloody-Eye” back.
But, man! Hey.
Can you give me the specifics? Man, I’m hungry… You, too? It’s better to leave the water running.
Or it’ll clog.
Oh, I’m sorry! Thank you… Um… …l’f soffy.
Ew! I don’t want that anymore! You can have it! Lukfy! I’m really sorry, honest.
Felt like my stomach was going to be glued to my back.
Nice fighter.
It’s an old model.
She’s been with me for over ten years.
Looks like you’ve gotten a lot of use out of it.
I travel around a lot.
I’m actually a wandering performer.
I can’t tell if you’re for real or just joking.
A lot of people say that about me.
Been to Mars yet? I was born on Mars.
They have everything there.
Unlike here, Mars has lots of people, lots of things… They must live happily there.
Only the rich.
Then I’m sure we’ll be happy there.
You planning on escaping to Mars? Running away… but how far can you go? You planning on escaping to Mars? Running away… but how far can you go? Who are you? An old-fashioned cowboy.
A bounty hunter? Good call.
You’re not going to catch us? Your buddy seems to be pretty ill.
I don’t deal with weakened nobodies.
Wise decision.
You are the nobody! Asimov! That’s enough! Adios, cowboy.
Why did you stop me? I coulda killed him in one second.
You’re tired.
If you do this anymore… He was young and attractive.
I was waiting so long for you to come pick me up.
I can finally escape the low life I’ve had here.
I can finally live happily on Mars… A nap.
How peaceful.
I had a good dream.
That’s great.
Then you can see the rest of that dream on the Bebop.
I’m giving up on this one.
It’s impossible to catch him.
There’s no way we can win.
When Asimov left his syndicate, he snuck something out with him.
The top-end stuff of all the illegal eye drops that the syndicate makes.
He took off with all of the drops, so the group is in a mess.
They wanna catch him, but all they get back are corpses.
Because Asimov is using it… The eye drops known as “Bloody-Eye.
” They’re planning on going to Mars.
Mars? But before that, they’ll sell this off.
Hmm? That’s… I grabbed it from his breast pocket.
You… met him? A nightmare.
He got you? The red-eyed coyote will supposedly appear at the north end of town.
This again? Goddamn sonofabitch! Man, you’re totally rippin’ me off, but do ya realize the reason you can eat well… …around here is because I cultivated the land with my buddies, ya hear? Yeah, and that’s us.
That we did… We planted seeds like there was no tomorrow… You were always planting “seeds” of a different kind, though! You have any Bloody Marys? I only got beer.
I’ve got tomato juice.
How much? 300,000 woolongs.
I got 50 packs.
15 million woolongs, eh? I’m in a hurry.
I’ll find others if you don’t want it.
Show me.
Lookin’ for this? Hey, do you know what YOU are worth? What? Only 2.
5 million woolongs.
You’re such a cheap guy.
Long time no see.
Since when are you a buyer? Did you give up on bounty hunting? No thrill in cheap bounties.
Looks like you do better as a thief.
Give it back.
Sure I will.
I owe you one! You trust your eyes too much! You’re not a chameleon! You can’t see everywhere all at once! Let’s go! That way! That way! That way! What the hell are you?! Don’t move! All right, stay still! Idiot! We’re doomed if these break! Be more careful! Sorry to keep you waiting.
You’re late, Jet! Oh… …shit! Asimov.
Stop! Doing any more is insane! Don’t do it! We can’t run anymore… There’s no way we can get away… Adios… Hey, Spike, it’s ready! It’s ready.
What’s cooking? Special “beef with bell peppers.
” Aishiteta to nageku niwa… Too much time has passed by… …amarinimo toki wa sugite shimatta …to lament that we were deeply in love.
Mada kokoro no hokorobi wo… The wind keeps blowing, while my heart… …iyasenu mama kaze ga fuiteru …cannot heal all the tears in it.
Kawaita hitomi de dareka naite kure Someone, cry for me with parched eyes.
The real folk blues.
Honto no kanashimi ga shiritai dake I only want to know what true sadness is.
Doro no kawa ni tsukatta… Sitting in muddy water… …jinsei mo waruku wa nai… …isn’t such a bad life… …ichido kiri de owaru nara… …if it ends after the first time… COMING EPISODE Well, and so this program is finally under way.
COMING EPISODE Well, and so this program is finally under way.
What’s the meaning of all this? Next week, we’re completely changing gears to show an anime for all ages.
Was it that kind of a story? —Cheerful animals wreak havoc all over! —WHAT?! But Dr.
Doolittle won’t be making an appearance.
From little kids to the elderly, if you love animals… Hey, hold on now, Spike! Everyone gather around and watch the show! Is it all right to say stuff like that?! I’m not responsible for anything! But there is one favor to ask right now.
Good little kids should sit far from the TV when watching the show.
Come on… Stand back about a kilometer.
STRAY DOG STRU Stand back about a kilometer.
STRAY DOG STRU That’s too far.
STRAY DOG STRU 800 meters then? 800 meters then?