Cowboy Bebop (1998) s01e02 Episode Script

Stray Dog Strut

1 I think it's time to blow this scene Get everybody and the stuff together OK, 3-2-1, let's jam Come on out.
You can't run anymore.
- We'll shoot! - It's all over, Abdul Hakim.
- Wanna fight? - You're crazy! Attention, please We will be arriving at our destination shortly Please prepare for departure We look forward to serving you again Please line up single file Hi, amigos! All 300,000 bounty hunters in the star system, how y'all doin'? And now it's time for Big Shot, the show that tells all about fugitives! Shucks howdy! Up first today is this hombre.
Abdul Hakim, a notorious serial pet thief.
In his latest crime spree, Hakim nabbed an innocent lab animal from a research facility, and he is still on the loose.
Ooh, and the good news is he's worth a whopping 8 million Woolongs! The terms are standard, you must bring this fugitive in alive and undamaged.
If you kill him, kiss the reward goodbye.
This is the biggest reward this season, so go out and get him, buckaroos! - Well? - It's history.
Man, everything's broken around this place.
Yo, Doc, you got something? Yeah, on Abdul Hakim.
- I'll take it! - 300 Woolongs.
That's a discount.
I've got his face post-plastic surgery.
I'm low on cash, Doc.
Can you shave it? All right, 280.
But only if you make me a solemn promise.
- Like what? - Punch him out for me! He trampled me when he ripped off my lab.
Give him the once-over, in fact, do it twice! I got the goods, if you know what I mean.
This one's a surefire winner.
I'll see you in about six hours.
His carrying case was very distinct.
- This info's no extra charge, right? - Oh, all right, then.
That case is big enough to carry a small person inside.
- Or a treasure.
- Can't really say.
The way he handled it seemed like he had something special on his mind.
Ni lai la! If you feel run-down, have some ginseng hei sui.
It'll keep you up for a week! Out of whack? Oh, try sugarcane hei sui.
Ate too much? Have pineapple hei sui.
Gimme some lao chu.
Momentai, here you go.
Sorry there, bro.
A little slip, you know? Hey, I said I was sorry.
Oh, you think you're too good to talk to me, is that it? H-Hey, what's your problem? You wanna fight or something? Here, it's my treat.
Drink it.
All right.
Hmm, let's see what kinda loot I got.
Even if I overhaul this whole ship, I'll still have cash left over.
At least enough for, let's say, some Peking duck? Don't count your chickens, Spike.
Or should I say, don't count your ducks.
I've got this one nailed.
Take your best shot, kid.
So all three of them went down, eh? Seems that way.
And Hakim's still out there, eh? Seems that way.
Dammit! He has no idea what that thing is worth.
Pet shop? What kind? The shady kind.
Listen, brah, here's the deal.
You can buy anything here on Mars from guns to human lives.
And of course, choice information can be purchased as well.
So if you wanna know something, let me see some cash.
Hmm, long chain on this one.
Way of the Dragon model? Hey, pretty good eye.
That's a rare one from back in the mid-30s.
Yeah, it's an antique for sure.
Try a store called Animal Treasure.
It's off Caiphon Road past the cyber mall.
Pretty sure you'll find what you're looking for.
Hmm I'll look, but that's all.
I'm not promising I'll buy it, not till I've seen it.
Right, fine.
Did you run out of funds from all the plastic surgery, Hakim? You got it all wrong, I'm not-- Don't move.
Pretty slippery, the way you change your face around.
- But you're not slipping out on me.
- What? Now, both of you stop this funny business.
My babies are very sensitive, please.
- Open the case.
- Why me? - This is a misunderstanding! - Do it! All right, I'll open it.
Ah! A Welsh corgi.
They're very sweet, but you see them everywhere.
I'm afraid they're hardly a rare breed.
Well, how much is it worth? I mean You could sell him for about two.
- 200? - No, no, 2 Woolongs.
- No way! - Yes way.
And if you don't like it, take him back.
Eat the poor thing.
It is just a puppy.
Sorry about the gun thing.
Have a nice day, huh? I-- Uh-- Didn't really want that Peking duck, anyway.
- At least give me 200.
- Sorry.
- 150.
- No can do.
- 120.
- Zero.
I'll take it back.
Oh, not again! What now? My babies are all running away! Somebody help! - There it is! - All right! Huh? That was Hakim! What the hell's going on around here?! You said you wanted to see Paris So I took you to the movie Bon Amie or something French like that And then you said you were embarrassed 'Cause I never bought you jewelry Television shopping fixed all that Funny thing 'Cause I haven't seen you lately Outta the way! I heard it all from your dad I used up all my money on you, baby And I want it back So, you a bounty hunter? Or some animal rights chump? You know, you really make me laugh, Hakim.
Risking your life for a dog that's only worth a fistful of Woolongs.
- What's it to you? - Nothing but a giggle.
But you're worth a barrelful of Woolongs yourself, my friend.
I couldn't take you to Miami But took you to the ocean and we Had some Blue Hawaiis on the beach Not bad, Hakim.
What? Dammit! Ah, shut up.
I'm not in a great mood right now, all right? Here you go, a nice little collar, all right? Got a dog instead of a duck, huh? Yeah, right.
What do you got? Well, I've got plenty.
This is a Welsh corgi.
100% mongrel.
100%? Yeah, that's right.
That's all the percents there are.
Shit! This whole thing gives me a headache! And all because of this worthless mutt.
The dog is worthless, Spike, but the owner is worth a fortune.
Yeah, think about it.
And try to make friends with the pooch, would you? I hate kids and pets.
They're all a royal pain in the butt.
- Whoa, it's big! - All right! - Here it comes! - Pull it in, come on! What time is it? I-It's 4 o'clock right on the button! Just two more hours.
Who was that running with Hakim, one of his boys? Seems that way.
We have no clues! We've got to find it.
If it falls into police hands, we're in very deep shit, my friend.
- Seems that way.
- All that work, the experiments, it'll all be for nothing if this gets out in the open.
Seems that way.
He has no idea how much blood and sweat we put into that data dog.
Why don't you do this part of it? Complaining again.
Didn't your grandmother ever tell you that a good boy has to finish what he starts? My grandmother died before I was born.
My condolences.
We've got our guy exactly where we want him.
For once, just stick to the plan.
Code name Snoop.
Put me through.
It's me.
Yeah, I had a little trouble.
No, it's nothing I can't handle.
Stop, Mikey, come back! Come on! I need to reschedule the meeting one more day.
No, it wasn't a big deal, I just-- What do you mean, "impossible?" Why?! Hey, wait a minute! Really great plan here, Jet.
Hey, you! There's something you're looking for, isn't there? Something you need to find? Wait, don't go! My little Peeko can help you find the object of your search.
Yes, my little Peeko knows all about it.
Well, do you wanna know where it is or not? Time's running out, my friend.
Good dog.
Wherever you go, Hakim will follow.
Yeah, and I'll be tracking every move.
That's right.
It's dog eat dog.
We have no choice.
We have to use the dog whistle.
You know what that could mean.
It's very risky.
- I don't care.
- It'll draw attention.
It's our only option.
- We're ready to go.
- Then do it.
Is it on? I can't hear it.
It's too high-pitched.
Only animals can pick it up.
I knew that.
I was testing you.
Well, here's another great moment in the legend of Spike.
Famous bounty hunter and dog walker.
Huh? Hmm it's the moving card.
What you're looking for is about to move.
What's the matter? Something's upsetting my babies! Wha-- Hey, wait! Come back! Jet, he got away! - Huh? You mean Hakim? - The dog! It's close.
It's very close.
What you're looking for is drawing near.
In fact, it is here! It is right here! Wait a minute! My money! - I'll pay you when I'm rich! - Not again What the hell? Has every dog gone crazy or what? - Are you happy, dear? - Everything's perfect.
- Excuse me-- - Harold! What the devil do you think you're doing? Hakim! Dammit! Time for a dog nap.
Hakim! Spike, he's headed for the causeway.
Trying to outrun me, huh? I don't think so! Now don't get too hotheaded, Spike.
You haven't seen hotheaded yet, Jet! There's our man.
Payback time, Hakim! Hey, back off! This pooch-bagger is mine! - What the-- - Get him! Get off! Shit! This is why I hate pets! Hi, amigos! All 300,000 bounty hunters in the star system, how y'all doin'? And now it's time for Big Shot, the show that tells all about fugitives! Shucks howdy! The big news is Abdul Hakim, who chose a flashy way to turn himself in last week.
Mm-hmm, he sure did! Before his crime spree came to a crashing halt, he stole a mysterious data dog which was developed in an illegal research lab.
Whoa! What is a data dog? If I told you that, I'd have to kill you! Though seriously, that information is classified.
Though we do know it is a very canny canine.
Collectors will pay a fortune for it.
Wow, fancy that! A genius hound dog.
I'd like to own a dog like that.
I'm afraid this one disappeared without a trace.
Another mystery! Where did it go? No one knows, but shucks howdy, it's time for a commercial! Hmm I doubt it.
You keep mopping.
And when you're done, feed the Komodo dragons.
Watch your fingers! I am going to work your butt off! Hey Get down.
No dogs on the table.
- That's cold! - Aww That's why I said I didn't want any stray mongrel mutts in here! But you're the one who brought him here.
Anyway, we gotta do something about the ticks.
Ticks now Let's just salt him and eat him.
Time to hit the road! See you next time! Sayonara! Aishiteta to nageku ni wa Amari ni mo toki wa sugite shimatta Mada kokoro no hokorobi o Iyasenu mama kaze ga fuiteru Kawaita hitomi de dareka naite kure The real folk blues Hontou no kanashimi ga shiritai dake Doro no kawa ni tsukatta Jinsei mo waruku wa nai Ichido kiri de owarunara Show no mercy.
When it comes to high rollers, that's the way the game is played.
The bell tolls even for the great ones, for they too must fall one day.
Money makes the world go round, but before you know it, you can be buried under a mountain of debt.
Wandering through the far-flung reaches of space, that's where I met a cowboy.
A stardust session played in an off-key melody: "Honky Tonk Woman.