Cowboy Bebop (1998) s01e10 Episode Script

Ganymede Elegy

1 I think it's time to blow this scene Get everybody and the stuff together OK, 3-2-1, let's jam Shut up! What the hell are you? Wha-- - Hey, Jet.
- Huh? I'm asking you, how much longer before we land this damn thing? All right, hold on.
How long were you there? I didn't hear you come in.
- I've been here for a while.
- Oh I see.
What's he spacing out about? Let's land this tub already so we can hand over that pathetic bounty head.
I want my reward in nice, crisp bills.
You know what I'm saying? Hm? Whoa, Jet, you haven't even gotten permission to land yet.
I'm working on it.
You two are so obnoxious, I swear.
You can't rush genius, my friends.
Call the control tower for me, will you? Ganymede's your home satellite, isn't it? You weren't thinking of some sweet thing from your past, were you? Someone who cried over you? Or maybe it was somebody who made you cry.
Didn't I just say you're obnoxious?! Hello This is Ganymede Police regarding your-- Donelly! Oh man, Jet! I can't believe it! Yeah, it's you, all right.
Top of your head's looking a little sparse, but other than that, same old dog.
Yeah, yeah.
Long time no see, bud.
When did you get here? Haven't seen you in what, seven years? Maybe eight? What's up with the sudden homecoming? You here for work, or just getting into trouble like the old days? I've got a bounty head to hand over to you boys.
Verification number EX41285.
Baker Panchorero.
So you're a bounty hunter.
Never thought I'd hear that.
The guy they called the Black Dog, because once you got your teeth into something, you never let go of it.
I figured you'd be retired by now, 'cause you were a vet way back then.
No way! I'm still on active duty.
Hell, I'm busier than ever.
Now don't judge things on your time scale, you old Rip Van Winkle.
Well, well.
He used to be a cop, huh? - That explains it.
- What's that? Why we can't get along for five minutes.
Now let me think here, what was her name You know Yeah, Alisa! Yeah, she's got a little joint out at Marvis.
You remember, the old port.
Bar's called La Fin.
Since the recession hit, I hear she's got a lot of debts to pay off.
Well, I'm sure it's not easy for a woman, living alone trying to keep body and soul together.
You know how it is.
are silent in a noisy way The stars are bright but give no light The world spins backwards every day Hey, look at that A rainbow rat A checkered cat Go tail in tail along the road Sense of justice and duty, huh? First time he's home in years.
'Course he's gonna go see her.
You know, he's kidding himself if he thinks his old girlfriend's still carrying a torch for him.
And you're kidding yourself if you think every woman's like you.
They're not, you know.
Duty calls! Three o'clock tea! Really Men They are such hopeless romantics.
Hey, Faye, what'd you put that stuff on for? Beautiful skin can only be maintained by tireless efforts, which are ultimately totally futile.
Understand? Yes! Futile! Useless! Excuse me.
This is La Fin, right? Yeah.
Who are you? An old friend of Alisa's.
I haven't been around here in a while.
Alisa is gone.
Jet? What a shock Is it really you? Rhint, he is my guest.
You don't need to worry.
It'll be all right.
You don't mind? No.
So how about it? You'll have a little drink, won't you? You're my last customer.
- Hm? - I'm closing shop.
The ships don't come in like they used to, and the whole area's getting run down.
I'm thinking about moving out to another town somewhere.
- You get in over your head? - Hm? New island mortgages are high, and the bankers aren't too understanding.
Must be hard for you to manage.
It's so like you to worry about things like that.
I'll work it all out after I'm resettled.
Don't worry, I'm here with Rhint.
It's OK.
- You mean that guy that was here? - Yeah, why? You know why.
You've heard we're married.
We have three kids, Jet.
Kidding, just kidding.
It was a joke.
Rhint's my boyfriend.
And how about you? You must be married.
No, just wandering around with some weirdos.
And on top of that, I'm a bounty hunter.
You remember? Where's Jet? Doing some personal stuff.
You're his partner, right? Yep.
I've got some information on a new bounty head.
This isn't public yet.
W-Whoa! Name's Rhint Celonias.
A thug who operates down at the port of Marvis.
Last night, he had a run-in with a money guy named Law Rentzuo.
Another lowlife scam artist.
The guy's dead.
Yeah, and? Rhint is Alisa's main squeeze.
I thought you boys would wanna know.
Man What's the bounty on this guy? Back then, when I got home from work, you were always there waiting for me.
And that was all I needed.
Just you.
But on that day When I came back home, the only thing there was that pocketwatch.
That, and a small piece of paper that had just one word written across it.
" For some reason I didn't feel sad or broken up.
It just didn't seem real.
But slowly I realized that is was real.
That you were gone.
And little by little, I felt something inside of me go numb.
After six months, I made a kind of bet with myself.
A pledge.
That I would leave this planet and start a new life if you didn't return by the time the watch stopped.
I didn't come here to blame you, I I just wanted to know why.
Why you disappeared like that.
The way you talk about it You seem to think that time really has stopped here.
That's a story from long ago.
And I I'd forgotten about it.
Time never stands still.
I've gotta go.
Bye, Jet.
Excuse me, I'm looking for a place called La Fin.
Over there.
A bounty hunter? Can he be Rhint He's after me! I have a bounty on my head! It's all over! It's not your fault.
It's because I borrowed money from a crook like him.
I should've never let you get mixed up in this.
If I get caught, nothing can save me.
I killed him.
Let's go.
We've gotta run, right now! Well, it looks like all my good karma is finally paying off.
Sorry, but this is business.
Grab the wheel, hurry! What's up? I'm after a head worth 1.
8 million.
- What? - Here, I'll send you the data.
There's a bounty on this guy? Yeah.
Inside info from your pal, Donelly.
Apparently, he gunned down a loan shark.
I'll take care of this.
You can go back.
You're not gonna let him get away, are you? When I was a cop, this was my beat.
I'm the Black Dog, and when I bite, I don't let go.
I have no regrets about her.
But I'll settle this score on my own turf.
Justice and duty, huh? All right.
Listen carefully.
Cut your engines, now.
Jet! Stay back! Leave us alone.
Please, Jet.
There are other bounty heads to catch.
You don't need this one! If I let him go now Someone else will be after him tomorrow.
- And by then, you'll be an accomplice.
- Stay away! You still have time, Alisa.
Stop protecting me! That's just how you were back then.
You decided everything.
In the end, you were always right.
When I was there with you, I never had to do anything for myself.
All I had to do was to hang onto your arm like a child, without a care in the world.
I wanted to live my own life.
Make my own decisions.
Even if they were terrible mistakes.
No, let go! Stop! I don't wanna go to prison! Wait! Let go! Help me! Help me, please! Please, help me! You gotta-- You'll survive this.
Be strong.
And take care of her.
They think he'll get off with a self-defense plea.
So what are you gonna do now? Well, I won't be on the run.
I'll just wait there at my tavern for Rhint.
I don't think you'll be waiting very long.
Because time never stands still, you know? Aishiteta to nageku ni wa Amari ni mo toki wa sugite shimatta Mada kokoro no hokorobi o Iyasenu mama kaze ga fuiteru Kawaita hitomi de dareka naite kure The real folk blues Hontou no kanashimi ga shiritai dake Doro no kawa ni tsukatta Jinsei mo waruku wa nai Ichido kiri de owarunara A terror never seen before has assaulted the Bebop! Caught by the venomous fangs of the unseen enemy, another victim falls! No! Who, or what, is the fearsome enemy that refuses to show itself? A symphony of shivers that will send you into the deepest trenches of terror! Next episode: "Toys in the Attic.
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