Cowboy Bebop (1998) s01e18 Episode Script

Speak Like a Child

1 I think it's time to blow this scene Get everybody and the stuff together OK, 3-2-1, let's jam Been a fool, been a clown, lost my way from up and down And I know, yes, I know And I see in your eyes that you really weren't surprised at me At all, not at all And I know by your smile It's you So as a reward, the turtle took him to Ryugujo, the dragon temple.
Ryugujo? That's right.
It was like a palace.
And they gave him a big welcoming party.
Beautiful women, scrumptious feasts, breams and halibuts swimming around He spent his time there as if in a dream.
I haven't eaten bream or halibut in a long while.
The days passed, and before he knew it, the time came to go back.
And as a keepsake, he was given the Tamatebako.
Tamatebako? Is that scrumptious too? No, it's not food.
It's a big chest with a treasure inside.
I haven't seen any treasure in a long time either.
You two are so clueless, it's pitiful.
This is an ancient fantasy.
It's a folk tale.
Tamatebako's the turtle? Where'd you get that idea? I should give up the ponies.
Well huh? Pay up.
6,300 Woolongs.
What? Where did that come from, huh? Special delivery for you.
Well, I didn't order anything.
It was C.
Top it off, there's no return address on it.
I had no choice but to accept it and pay your tab.
Hey, hold on! Hey, I want my money, or else! She's a busy girl, huh? A collection for the life extension agency? Or else No, could it be Oh, there's just too many people who want a piece of me! Time for Faye's famous disappearing act.
Don't you think it's odd? For a woman who always wants other people's stuff, here she gets something for free, and she won't even touch it? Yeah, but she's made a lotta enemies.
Think about that.
Well, I'd better run some tests on it.
An explosives test, and a biochemical examination Nah, I'll just return it to the freight company and tell them I want my money back.
I'll say it was a mistake.
Whoa! H-Hold it, S-Spike, no-- Spike! Huh.
What the hell is it? It's not ticking like it's about to blow? - Uh-uh.
- Ed's got data! Data on the freight routing, see? The sender is a nonprofit convent on Europa? There's more, look.
Pluto Penitentiary? Asteroid B Actors' Studio? Uranus Observatory Number 9? Venus Action News Network? Forwarded and forwarded again.
This thing's been passed around the entire solar system.
Oh, read this! Due to the explosion of the lunar gate, all data encoded before 2022 is missing.
So it's an antique then.
Apparently, it's something called a "videotape.
" - An artifact from days gone by.
- Hmm She ran off without a word, so she's got no complaint if we sell the thing.
You think it'll sell? This guy's crazy for anything from the twentieth century.
- He'll buy it.
- I can't believe it's worth anything.
The real value of a treasure like this can't be determined by looking at it.
You'd be surprised how much you can sell this stuff for sometimes.
Anyway, if it covers the C.
charges, I'll be happy.
- Excuse me.
- Quiet! But it's so different here than where we grew up.
Nothing is like it was in Minnesota.
I'm so worried.
Do you think we'll be able to fit in here and live like everybody else? Um, to be honest, sis, I was worried about it too.
- But now I'm sure we're fine.
- Uh? Because I'm here with my own twin sister.
I'm glad, twin brother.
Well, I gotta start work bright and early tomorrow.
- Good night, Brandon.
- Good night.
God, that was good! Twentieth century TV was the best! On the other hand, our dramas are so boring, it's pitiful.
I have something to show you you're gonna-- Hey! You-- You can't do that! Cigarette, man! Don't you realize that smoke can screw up electrical stuff? Sheesh! This is why I hate people who don't know anything.
Idiot! Idiot! What are you thinking?! What the hell do you guys want here?! What do you have against me?! We've got nothing against you, pal.
We've just got something you might wanna buy.
Is that a Beta cassette? Wow! What an amazing find! Where did you guys get ahold of this thing? It's a miracle it's all in one piece.
A miracle! - Beta? - Never heard of it? I'll explain for your benefit.
Well, back in the twentieth century, you see, they didn't record movies on discs.
It was primitive.
They used these things called videotapes, which are in cassettes like this.
They're not digital, mind you.
They're completely analog.
And they're also magnetic! Magnetic! Wow! You see, it's all because they used electromagnetic signals to record.
Isn't that wild? I mean, talk about primordial technology! But the guys who came up with this stuff created two standards, Beta and VHS.
The Beta cassettes were small for their time, and the decks didn't take much space.
Still frame and slo-mo were almost noise-free.
And since Beta had high quality images, smart users supported it heavily.
But that's just the beginning of the tragic history of Beta.
No need to tell it all.
Huh? Oh man, I was really on a roll Look, buddy, are you gonna buy it or what? There.
We gotta see what's in it, you know.
- Ohh - So what's wrong? It's hard to adjust the tracking on these early Betas.
This way? Or this way? Um there we go Huh? The tape is messed up! That isn't helping, Spike.
It's not? Huh.
Come on You can do it, boy! Run! Yeah! Dogs are better than ponies! My ship works better when I kick it.
Right you just don't know when to quit.
Brute force doesn't solve everything.
You owe me a new deck, dammit! You back again? You are refusing to take responsibility for breaking my machine! Yeah? And how about your responsibility for ruining my videotape? Early Beta decks eat tapes all the time! Anyway, you're gonna have to pay for the cost of the repairs! - We'll call it even for my tape.
- No way! I-- Guy's crazy.
Ed to Beta deck.
Come in, please.
There's only one of them around.
Where are you hiding, Beta? The Underground City Museum.
It's there in old Asia.
I'm gonna find out what's on that tape if it kills me.
Yeah, just might.
You really think it's worth it? Go, go, go, go! Yes! I did it! Oh, I wonder if all this time, those guys were just sucking up my luck.
Yes? Hello? Anybody? Hey, it's me.
Hello Oh, it's Faye! What's up? Hello, Ed.
What's going on? Where are you guys, anyway? - We're on Earth.
- Huh? - We're on Earth! - Earth?! What? You just took off for Earth and left me behind? Spike and Jet are trying to find a Beta deck.
All right, just a little farther.
Think we're really gonna find one at a place like this? Well, we'll never know unless we check it out, right? Twenty-eight floors down.
It's not working? No wonder it's stuck.
The cable broke.
Tell me again why in the world we're going through all of this? It's a lesson to remind you that treasure hunts are always trouble.
Treasure hunts? What treasure are we hunting? Tamatebako, was it? When he opens the Tamatebako, he turns into an old man.
Now I know why.
Even if we turn back now, we wouldn't be any younger.
This place is some Ryugujo.
Where'd that minx run off to, anyway? Go, go, go, go! Well, nothing I could've done.
Races are all luck anyway.
So? Is it here? - It's here.
- All right.
Is this it? Yeah, that's gotta be it.
And? Which one do we take back? Um, let's see Well, they say the greater serves for the lesser.
Hmm - What's wrong? - The size.
- What about it? - It won't go in.
- Push harder.
- But it's-- - Uh, that's the wrong one.
- Huh? - You got a VHS.
- Huh? - It won't play Beta! - Huh?! Oh, hello? It's me.
Hmm Mm-hmm.
Ein, who are you talking to? Oh, it's Faye! Well, I'm glad I reached a life form that's capable of speech.
What do you want? Did any visitors show up looking for me? Visitors? Hmm I mean like scary guys who screams stuff like, "Gimme back my money!" Or, "You're under arrest!" Mmm there was one.
Huh? What'd he say? Something like, "Pay me back, get even," "tape munch-munch grind-grind, bye-bye!" Huh? Oh, right.
Oh well.
Where's Spike and Jet? Disappointed and sad.
Oh, I see.
Hmm That's how it is Oh well.
Listen, Ed, I guess if they're that lonely without me, I have no choice.
I'm coming back to the ship.
What? Another package for that wench? I won't accept it.
Take it back! Dammit, why should I have to pay the shipping for her? And not once, but twice! This sure is a lotta packaging.
Ahh! Beta! - We can see the tape with this? - Mm-hmm! Hey, how's it going, guys.
Long time no see.
It's showtime! Hold on.
If you wanna watch, you have to pay the C.
31,500 Woolongs.
All right, then, I won't see it.
- Oh! - We got picture! Ooh, what's that? Ooh, look, what's that? Shh, watch and see.
Uh, well, um We're here because, um, well, we all decided that we'd send ourselves a message ten years in the future.
Come on, you guys, don't laugh! Well This is making me feel really shy.
Um, something I wanna say Uh Good morning No, wait! Good morning, me.
Did you sleep well? Did you wake up feeling good? Do the light and the wind and the smell and the sound all seem like they're brand new and fresh this morning? Is each and every cell in your whole body awake and alive now? Today, you are who you are today, see? You're still me, but you're a newer version.
Myself ten years from now It's so far away, it's almost impossible to imagine.
Am I alone, or is there a wonderful person next to me? Well, knowing me, I'm sure you're causing all kinds of trouble for lots of different people.
I'm sorry, I don't mean to.
But it's all right.
That's part of life too, isn't it? You're not perfect, but you've got a lot to give, so remember, I'll always be cheering you on.
And now, a big cheer from my heart.
Let's go me! All right! Do your best, do your best, don't lose me! Let's go, don't lose, don't lose me! Do your best! Do your best! I can't remember Don't you lose, don't you lose, me, me, me! Go me! Yay! In your time, I'm no longer here.
But I am here today.
And I'll always be cheering for you, right here.
Cheering for you, my only self.
Aishiteta to nageku ni wa Amari ni mo toki wa sugite shimatta Mada kokoro no hokorobi o Iyasenu mama kaze ga fuiteru Kawaita hitomi de dareka naite kure The real folk blues Hontou no kanashimi ga shiritai dake Doro no kawa ni tsukatta Jinsei mo waruku wa nai Ichido kiri de owarunara You know, I'm starting to get tired of us doing all the previews like this.
Once in a while, can't we have someone else? Huh? Oh! Hey, you're perfect! All right.
Here, you try doing it this time.
Really Oh, so that's how it is Wow, this is gonna be an interesting episode.
Next episode: "Wild Horses.
" Whoa, he talked!