Cowboy Bebop (1998) s01e24 Episode Script

Hard Luck Woman

1 I think it's time to blow this scene Get everybody and the stuff together OK, 3-2-1, let's jam W-What the hell are you doing here? Waterfall Do you know this place, Ed? I think I know I don't think I know I don't think I think I know I don't think I think Which is it?! Come on! Dammit, Ein! Hey, Spike, where the devil are we? - It's Earth, isn't it? - Earth? This ship was headed for Mars! What are we doing on Earth all of a sudden? - Don't know.
- Oh, shit! This isn't funny! While we're wasting time, our bounty head's getting away.
This was our best lead in months.
- How do we just get off course and-- - Jet.
The girls are gone.
What? All right, I promise.
If you lead me to that waterfall place, I'll give you something good.
Oh! Good thing, what? You'll see.
It's something wonderfully, tremendously good.
All right! Something wonderfully, tremendously good for Ed! Hot! Hot, hot, hot, hot, hot, hot Over here! Waterfall! Right listen to Ed What was I thinking? Hey, look! I found Ed! So Edward is found? Do you know these kids? 35 point 38 point 1 Look it! Cool, huh? Look! - Can I please have your nails? - Nails? I'm collecting them.
Can I? Just the pinky would be all right, but anything you could give me would be great for my collection.
What are you doing? Children! Oh Edward! Is that really Is it you, Edward? I'm sorry about all that.
I'm afraid it's the only way I can get the kids to pay attention sometimes.
It's all right.
Is Edward Is she from this place? She wandered in about five years ago.
Before I knew it, she was eating here as if that's the way it always was.
Then about three years ago, she wandered away again.
Like a cat, you know? I've often wondered how she's been getting along.
But I didn't think that she would suddenly appear like this.
Children, let's eat! Our Father in heaven, you know we're here so I'll leave off the rest.
Eat hearty, kids! Thanks, amen.
- Hey, I can eat faster than you can! - Get your elbow out of my face! Uh I'm afraid I have to go now.
Why, dear? You're welcome here.
Actually, I'm looking for something.
Ed knows where it is.
We just came here 'cause there's good food, Faye-Faye.
You little rat.
You have to give me something good! Oh, that's right There's something good in my desk drawer.
- I've been saving it for you, Edward.
- Something good? - See for yourself.
- Something good for Ed? It's in the top drawer.
No, not that one.
Yes, that's it.
Open it up.
- It's your father.
- Ed's father? Mm-hmm.
He came here looking for Ed about two months ago.
He said he forgot that he put her in a daycare center, and that he'd been looking for her for seven years, hopping around the world.
Oh, he's not your model father, I suppose Still, I do hope she finds him.
In this world, people must cherish whatever ties they have.
Yes! Are you Faye? You are! Impossible! It's me, Sally Yung! I was in your graduating class in high school.
Are you OK? I was so surprised.
I thought you were some kind of ghost.
You look just the same as before.
They say they appear in places where they have regrets.
Of course, I remember now.
They put you into cryogenic hibernation after that accident.
- That's why you still look the same.
- Accident? Faye, don't you remember it? Maybe Grandma! Hey, Grandma! Grandma, we have to go back now.
Is it time already? Do you know who this nice lady is? You'll never believe it, dear.
- But the fact is that she's-- - a ghost from beyond.
Goodbye, take care.
All right, you two! Changing course without asking Our plans have been completely screwed up because of this.
I don't appreciate these kinds of stunts, Faye.
Hey, Ein, I got us something.
Wanna smell? What's with them? It's like they got a big secret or something.
Better let it be.
Maybe they're just too hungry, you know? It's a known fact that human beings go insane if they don't eat.
It's 50 million? Huh, that's pretty big.
Appledelhi Siniz Hesap Lutfen.
You want one? Huh? MacInroe? It's MacIntire, and I'll take a pass, Mr.
You sure? Sucking eggs is good for you.
Give you power and charge.
That's what counts.
Telling you, MacIntosh.
It's MacIntire, actually.
I know I'm just your assistant, but you could remember my name.
It's not hard.
Don't sweat the small stuff, my friend.
- Hurry, MacIn whatever! - MacIntire! Hey, watch where you're going! - Uh - What? - I'm sorry.
- You're sorry? Yes.
I have to go.
Are you going out? Where are you going, huh? Edward I finally remember where it is that I belong.
You belong? Yes, Ed.
You have someone waiting for you, too.
There's somewhere that you belong, Edward.
- You should go and find out where.
- Hmm It's the best.
Belonging is the very best thing there is.
This is gonna be a piece of cake.
50 million in the bag.
If the girls could eat some sukiyaki with meat, then-- Jet, Faye took off again.
Oh, swell.
Where'd she go this time, Arcturus? A woman's heart's as fickle as the skies of Ganymede.
We'd like you to come along with us, all right? A little basic cooperation here, and you won't get hurt.
Who are you guys? We got work to do, and you're in the way.
Work to do? Since the gate accident, chaos rules the Earth.
Now how do you think we can regain peaceful peace, - and non-chaos in the cosmic sense? - Huh? Only through maps.
That's right! The Earth has changed, so we map those changes to understand them.
We're creating maps of the newly altered planet Earth so we can save it.
That's great.
Only the meteor showers change the terrain every two days.
So what you're trying to do is impossible.
Bah, that's exactly why we travel around so much.
We chase down every major meteor.
Then we update the maps, thus changing chaos to order.
All right, I've heard enough.
I wasn't expecting a match.
- Edward! - Hey, hold it! Francoise! Yay! 'Round and 'round we go! - Higher! Higher! - Upsy-daisy! This is the father-person.
F-Father? You mean your father? You have a father? This is Spike-person and Jet-person, OK? OK.
No, these are Ed's friends! I stay with them, OK? Oh, that's different.
Thanks for taking care of my son.
Or, uh, was it my daughter? Well, either way, you guys are all right.
Little token of my appreciation.
Ed, don't tell me, did you put that bounty in the computer or-- Fifty point zero, zero, zero, zero, zero, zero.
Only 50 Woolongs? So, Francoise, wanna stay with me now? Hey! Wow! Whoa! Let's go, MacIndingle! It's MacIntire! Hey, hold on! Father-person gone.
I close my eyes and I keep seeing things Rainbow waterfalls Sunny liquid dreams Confusion creeps inside me raining down Got to get to you But I don't know how Call me, call me Let me know it's all right Call me, call me Hey, dinner's ready! Please, won't you call and Ease my mind Spike.
Reasons for me to find you Peace of mind What can I do To get me to you I had your number quite some time ago Back when we were young But I had to go Ten thousand years I've searched it seems and now Got to get to you Won't you tell me how You can't come with me, Ein.
Edward is going someplace far, far away.
Ed might not be coming back.
So you better go back to the ship, Ein.
Oh Do you wanna come with Ed? Come on now, won't you Ease my mind Reasons for me to find you Peace of mind What can I do Come on, let's go! To get me to you Aishiteta to nageku ni wa Amari ni mo toki wa sugite shimatta Mada kokoro no hokorobi o Iyasenu mama kaze ga fuiteru Kawaita hitomi de dareka naite kure The real folk blues Hontou no kanashimi ga shiritai dake Doro no kawa ni tsukatta Jinsei mo waruku wa nai Ichido kiri de owarunara Everything has a beginning and an end.
Life is just a cycle of stops and starts.
There are ends we don't desire, but they're inevitable.
We have to face them.
That's what being human is all about.
It's been a fast trip for Bebop.
Only two episodes left.
But make sure you pay close attention to the end.
Next episode: "The Real Folk Blues, Part 1.