Cowboy Bebop (1998) s01e25 Episode Script

The Real Folk Blues Part 1

1 I think it's time to blow this scene Get everybody and the stuff together OK, 3-2-1, let's jam My love for you Burns deep inside me So strong Embers of times we had And now, here I stand Lost in a memory The elders are making their move.
You're in danger.
Go quickly, but quietly.
I see your face and smile What a foolish thing this is that you have done.
A fortuneteller warned us.
On the night of the red moon, the snake will slither and strike bearing its venomous fangs.
You look so pitiful, Vicious, and you are.
We have already informed you of our final decision.
You cannot succeed us as a leader of this clan.
The syndicate doesn't need corpses that can't fight, who've lost their taste for blood.
Nor does it need callow upstarts.
Your unbridled arrogance has sealed your fate.
Take him to the chamber.
Kill me.
Just do it now.
You cannot choose how you will die, nor when.
You must learn humility.
When you pride is broken, then we will send you to the underworld.
Don't forget A serpent's venom poisons slowly after the bite.
Oh man I've never screwed up that bad before.
What was I thinking? You and I were doing fine.
Then they come along and mess up everything.
Seems like every bounty's a problem.
"Pamper me! Baby me!" Nothing but trouble.
I understand now why you have this attitude about women and kids.
Definitely too much vermouth.
Who are these guys? Lin? I'm Lin's brother.
Shin That's right, you were both inside.
Once you cross this line, you can never go back to the syndicate.
What happened, Shin? Vicious is gonna be executed.
He tried to pull off the coup, but it backfired.
They got him in the chamber.
And you're a target now, too.
So's Julia.
Julia? They're in Tharsis City.
I'll cover your escape.
Please, go now while you can.
- I owe you, Shin.
- Good luck.
I don't know what's going on with the Red Dragons, but it's really not your problem now, right? Vicious, Julia To me, those names sound ominous.
Like a magic spell that unlocks an old door.
A door that should stay closed.
What are you gonna-- Keep it still, please.
You're not in the syndicate anymore, Spike.
Yeah, I know.
And you, doctor.
Forget everything you've heard.
In fact, forget we were here.
What are you yowling about? I'm just feeding stray cats that wandered into the office.
Pesky cats I can't even get rid of.
When this is over, I'm leaving the syndicate.
They'll kill you.
You know how they work.
Let them say I'm dead.
I'll be waiting at the graveyard.
By the graves, not in one.
Spike I can't come with you.
Yes, you can.
We'll leave here.
We'll get out of this.
And go where? Do what? Live.
Be free.
It'll be like watching a dream.
So you were going to betray me? Did you really think you could just leave? Vicious Keep dreaming, Julia.
It's never gonna happen.
Are you gonna kill him? I won't.
You're going to do it for me.
Either you kill him, or else both of you die.
Those are your only options.
So there's no place for me after all.
Well, I won't go, and that's that.
And I don't care who comes here to pick me up.
I don't want to live a life where I'm always in someone's way.
Mother! I've been looking for you! Alfredo! Oh, I told you to wait at the curry restaurant.
I'm sorry.
That's OK.
I'm just glad you're here.
Can you really take care of me now? It sounds too good to be true! Yes, Mom.
Don't worry, I'll take care of everything.
Have you found a new job yet? No, but I will.
What about your co-host, that blonde girl? Oh, I think she's marrying her agent.
Something about that guy Where are you? What do you want? I'm heading out to the city of Tharsis.
- I want you to meet me there.
- Why should I? Well, it's hard for Jet to get around by himself with his leg all shot up.
So quit wasting time and get your ass back to the ship! What makes you think I'm coming back? You take too much for granted.
I have my own place to go back to! What an attitude, high and mighty.
Jet is not alone.
He can take care of him.
Ed and Ein are there, too.
- You saved me.
- And you saved me back.
You're a good shot.
It's a plus when you're chasing bounty heads.
You're a bounty hunter? Well I'm taking a vacation for personal reasons.
Looks like you're going through a rough time yourself.
It might be good to work with another woman.
How about it? You wanna partner up? I have something to care of.
Too bad.
Do you know places where bounty hunters hang out? If you wanna put a bounty on someone, I can take care of it.
I'm looking for a bounty hunter.
I'll drive you back.
I haven't even asked your name.
- Faye? - Faye Valentine.
It's a very common name.
And how about you? - Julia.
- Julia? It's also a very common name.
I'm glad I met you, Faye.
Same here.
Um have I met you somewhere before? If you see Spike again Tell him I'll be waiting for him there.
That's all.
He'll know what it means.
Tell him that I'll keep waiting.
But why? See you later, Faye Valentine.
Hey, wait a minute! How do you know I know Spike? Are you still in pain? Have you heard this story? A man injures his leg during a hunt.
He's in the middle of the savanna.
No means to treat the wound.
The leg rots, and death approaches.
Last minute, he's picked up by an airplane.
He looks down and sees a land of pure white below him, glistening in the light.
It's the summit of a snow-capped mountain.
The mountain is Kilimanjaro.
As he gazes down, he feels the life flowing out of him, and he thinks, "That's where I was headed.
" And? I hate stories like that.
Men only think about the past right before their death.
As if they were searching frantically for proof that they were alive.
Turn back.
When you and I first met, you told me something.
You said that you had died once.
That you had seen death.
Why can't you just let it go? Forget the past.
There was a woman.
First time I found someone that was truly alive.
At least, that's what I thought.
She was the part of me I'd lost somewhere along the way.
The part that was missing.
That I'd been longing for.
- She's back.
- Huh? Who? This is not a repair shop, all right, Faye? Don't just come back here when you've thrashed your ship.
- Where is he? - Where's who? The guy with the fuzzy hair.
Fuzzy hair, huh? Can't you just say you're looking for Spike? Where is he? Doing something in the workshop.
Wait a minute, Faye, what are you up to? You didn't come just to see Spike, that's for sure.
I was asked to relay a message.
From Julia.
Hold on! Jet, you there? What? I don't have any new information.
We're not really in a position to-- I'm glad you're all right.
I was worried.
It's getting pretty intense, you know.
- The Red Dragons? - Yeah.
There was a coup attempt two days ago.
New guard versus old.
The old guard won, and now they're hunting down anyone who could be connected to the coup.
They'll annihilate every single target down to the last man.
- And your partner's on their list.
- Yeah, I know.
But why would they go after a guy who left the syndicate years ago? If he was ever part of the group that staged that coup, they take him out.
- That's how they do it.
- What kinda logic is that? Just run, Jet.
The police can't stop these guys.
Leave Mars, and do it fast.
It's too late for that, but thanks.
You got something? You look like you have some information.
It's gonna cost you.
Well, I don't have any cash.
You picked a bad time to come back, Faye.
You sure you didn't call them here? Yeah, right.
Or maybe they followed you here.
Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later, huh? Wait! - Hold on! - I don't have any money.
She said she'd be waiting there.
She said you'd know what she meant.
Well, I don't.
Her name is Julia.
Someone's trying to kill her, Spike.
They're after her.
Hey, Jet, I'm ready to take off.
One who disturbs the general affairs of our clan must be executed according to the general will of our clan.
I'm taking off too! You can't, one of your main thrusters is totally shot.
Same difference, if we go down with the ship! You may leave final words.
Or you may bequeath your possessions.
And you will shed tears of scarlet.
Spike, can you still fly? Don't worry about us, just go! Find what you lost, and get it back.
Go! The leadership of the Red Dragons has now changed hands.
From this time forward, my power is the only power.
Aishiteta to nageku ni wa Amari ni mo toki wa sugite shimatta Mada kokoro no hokorobi o Iyasenu mama kaze ga fuiteru Kawaita hitomi de dareka naite kure The real folk blues Hontou no kanashimi ga shiritai dake Doro no kawa ni tsukatta Jinsei mo waruku wa nai Ichido kiri de owarunara The past is the past, and the future is the future.
A man is a man, and a woman is a woman.
The present is the present.
I am who I am, and you are who There have been many things, but the next episode is the last.
Sure was long.
No use doing this.
So how was it, Jet? 'Cause of you, I ended up I ended up raising Ein.
Found out I like dogs after all.
- Hey, Jet - I wonder where he went off to? Come on, you're not even listening to me.
- Oh what's that? - Never mind.
Next episode: "The Real Folk Blues, Part 2.
" - We'll see you again somewhere.
- Huh? It's over?