Cowboy Bebop (2021) s01e01 Episode Script

Cowboy Gospel

Shitbag corporations.
They control everything now.
Fuel! Even this place.
Just got to squeeze every last drop of blood out of the little guy, right? Now, I do not like speaking in absolutes.
But I've got to tell you, fellas, I absolutely wish every single one of these corporate, cockroach assholes be taken out to the woods, and the woods set on fire! This is taking too long, boss.
Norman, how we doing? We're close, boss.
Carol, I worked in a casino once.
Until they fired me.
For stabbing a pit boss in the eye.
And then he got fired because what's the use of a one-eyed pit boss? Am I right, Carol? You know who had me fired, Carol? Hmm? No? The shit-bag corporations.
You tell me.
Who do you work for? Huh? Oh, for the love of freaking God! Who's covering the elevators? Floyd was up there! What? Hey, you with the headphones! Yeah.
The hell you think you're doing? Me, oh, I, I just, um I came here to place a bet.
God damn, Spike! You were supposed to wait for my signal.
I was wondering when you'd show up.
Hey! Come on, Spike, we have to take them alive! How many times have I told you? Yeah, what was that about taking them alive? Shut up.
You didn't kill Tanaka, did you? - Uh - Drop the guns! Not yet.
I am walking out of here! Or she dies.
Or she dies? Wait, that's That's your hostage? - Spike - What is she? Like 80? I mean, she looks like she's led a very full, rich life.
- Haven't you, ma'am? - Spike! You've got kids, right? You're ready to go.
What the hell, Frank? Who takes a shit in the middle of a heist? Goddamn pigs! Stay back! Jesus Christ, is that a Disruptor? Listen, buddy, you can't fire that thing in here.
Watch me, asshole.
Uh, Frank, let's take it easy with that thing, all right? We're all going to be sensible, right? Right, Spike? I ain't screwing around, cop.
See, that's your mistake.
I'm not a cop.
And you're not worth that much.
Piece of shit, cowboy! Damn.
So rude.
Hold on! Jet! Shit! - I got him! - Go! The shielding switch! Where is it? It's over there! You okay? Yeah.
Just to be clear We don't get paid if we bring them in dead, but damaged is okay? I'd say very badly damaged would be A-okay.
Huh? Who are you? Just a humble bounty hunter, ma'am.
Transport Class Designation "BeBop.
" We have you on approach.
Astro Gate toll will be deducted from your account.
I'm going to take a piss in transit.
Wanna charge me for that too? We already do, BeBop.
- Read the fine print.
- Jesus.
Papers are good.
You are clear for travel.
We'll turn Tanaka in on Europa.
Assuming you don't kill him before we get there.
That's a big assumption.
I hope his price went up.
Kimmie has a birthday coming up and you wouldn't believe how much a kid's doll costs.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
Be nice to be out of the red for once.
All the shit you've been through, you're overdue for some good luck.
- Am I right? - That's right, smart guy.
That sounded like you, admit it.
Come on.
Goddamn thing.
They can grow you a new arm, you know.
You know, sometimes when you lose something, there's just no getting it back.
Any more fortune cookies you want to crack open, or can we eat now? You work at being an asshole? No, actually, it comes naturally.
Unlike your arm.
Eat your damn peppers.
Are you sure this is the place? Everything's going to be fine.
Trust me.
May I have a glass of water? No water today.
Does it look like I should be drinking tequila? You look like you should be drinking nothing but tequila.
Got something for me? Red Eye.
I can get you a hundred vials today.
You're wasting my time! Listen.
You don't know what I've been through to get this.
It's real.
I need proof first.
If it is what you say it is, then we make a deal.
Then, we have cupcakes.
Cupcakes? Yeah, who don't like cupcakes? Show me.
Tell me.
Tell me, what does it feel like? It feels like I just mainlined God! Hey.
You screwed up bad, Asimov.
You shouldn't take what's not yours.
The Syndicate wants their Red Eye back.
He's using! Are you kidding me with this shit? You know the drill.
Credit goes into your account, minus expenses.
And the station fees.
- Lookie here, buddy, you put - Next.
Next! No.
Hey, buddy.
Is that Tanaka? Kudos! But I could have sworn he had a crew of six, Jet.
I'm only seeing one here.
Thought you were working a case on Ganymede.
Well, my plans changed when I heard you were coming in.
Good haul? Ah, pocket change for hauling in an anal fissure.
Piece of shit, cowboy.
One that walks with a limp.
That's pretty funny.
I'd say it's good to see you again, Chalmers, but it wasn't.
Ah, shit.
Hey, Jet! Hold up.
Listen, there's a bounty coming up.
It's not on the wire yet.
Some asshole shot up a bar on TJ.
Yeah? Why are you giving it to me? Personally, I wouldn't cross the street to piss on you if you were on fire, but your ex-wife asked me to throw you a bone every now and again, so While you were throwing her your own bone, I bet.
Take it or leave it, pal.
I could give a shit.
- A hundred thousand? - Yeah.
Barely covers fuel.
Never mind food.
I thought you said this bounty was going to go up? Well, it did! Tanaka was worth $1.
5 million! We got charged for half the goddamn casino floating out into space! Hey, it's not our fault somebody brought a Disruptor to a robbery.
If you would have waited, like I told you, we could have controlled it! Just a few of Tanaka's dogs could have offset the property damage.
But you had to kill them all, Spike.
In my defense, you tagged the guy with the gold grill, just as you were telling me to take him alive, right? See the look on his face, though? He did look pretty shocked.
He was shocked and then he was dead.
Come on.
I got a lead on a bounty.
Asimov Solensan.
Post-Earth refugee.
This is the big lead you got? Doesn't look like he'll keep the lights on much less buy me a lobster dinner.
What about the Doleac bounty? I hear he's still out by the Belt.
I told you.
Running after ship-jackers is a wild goose chase.
And this guy's right in front of us.
Last seen in New Tijuana.
T TJ, no.
No TJ.
What now? Do you know what I got the last time I was on TJ? Herpes? Stabbed.
You know what I was doing? Buying a churro.
There's got to be something better, Jet.
Come on.
My daughter's turning eight.
And I can't afford to buy her a present because of you.
I can't afford a goddamn Walking Sally Doll, which is apparently all the goddamn rage in little girls' toys.
Because of you! Now, this is my ship! And as long as you're on it, we're going to go after the bounties I say we go after.
Do you feel better? Yeah.
A little.
I need this one.
And you owe me, Spike! Hey, you Okay.
All right.
Who's she? Girlfriend, maybe? Ah, she's pregnant too.
Why do all the pretty ones end up with psychos? It's beyond me.
Excuse me.
Have you seen this man right here? I ain't seen shit since Earth! Ooph.
Thank you.
I hate this place.
He killed them all.
Some with his bare hands.
I ain't never seen nothing like it.
Then some others, just like them, they came in and they, uh, they took away the bodies.
Goddamn Syndicate.
Who else cleans up the dead like they never died? Anything else? - Right before you - Mmm-hmm.
someone else came in asking after him.
Who? Young bird.
Purple hair.
That's not what we're here for.
We can't compromise any more.
Excuse me, fellas.
Have you, by any chance, seen this man? I saw him.
Didn't look so good.
Sick maybe.
Really? Do you know if there's a clinic or a hospital nearby? May I help you with that? I'm sorry? May I? It's bad for your health, I hear.
I've heard that too.
Hey, forgive this for coming off like a cheap pick-up line, but what is a nice girl like you doing in a nasty cesspool of a place like this? Hmm, I'm just passing through.
Where you headed? I guess it doesn't matter.
Anywhere's better than this rock, believe me.
So, why are you here? Oh, I hear there's, um, great dancing at The Fox.
Have you ever been to Mars? I was born there.
I haven't been since I was a little girl.
But I remember it was beautiful.
You know, a good place to start a new life.
It's never too late to start a new life.
You okay? Yeah.
Never better.
You just You just remind me of someone.
Really? So, um Where's your man? He's running an errand.
He'll be here shortly.
- Rough trade being a romantic.
- Hmm.
Spoken like a man who's never been in love.
I was.
What happened? I was dreaming.
It was time to wake up.
Those are some real pretty words there, cowboy.
Does that shit work on all the girls? Can I help you? Yeah.
You can kindly fuck off.
Nothing personal, your mark's coming with me.
I don't know what you're doing, but I was here first.
- He's mine.
- The boyfriend? I don't give a shit about him.
I'm after her.
- What? - Hi.
One, get that gun off me, or I'm going to make you eat it.
And two, why would anyone care about her? There's no bounty on her.
Oh, I care about her because Ellis Montgomery does.
Pack up your bags, 'cause Daddy wants you home.
- Wait.
- No, no, no.
- She's Katerina Montgomery? - She is.
Help me, I can't go back there.
I know.
But a whole lot of money says otherwise.
You don't know him! - You don't know what he's like! - Everyone knows your dad Rich, powerful, total dick.
Get over it and move.
Walk away.
I don't know if you've noticed, boy toy, but I'm the one Hey! Katerina! I'll give you one last chance to stop this shit before I kick you Ah! What the hell, psycho? The bounty's worth squat if you put a bullet in them! - How about I put a bullet in you? - Shit.
Spike! Spike! Spike! Who's in the bathroom? Please let me out of here! What? Who's in the bathroom? Hey, dick-hole! Can you please let me out of here? God, does anyone ever clean up in here? Gross! Finally.
Hey, uh, super cool accommodations, uh, but do you think you could handcuff me to an even bigger, more disgusting toilet? 'Cause that would be great.
Who are you supposed to be? Jet Black, meet Faye Valentine.
Hey Fuck you! I'm just kidding.
I'm sorry.
We got off on the wrong foot.
Kick the key under the door We have a problem.
Apparently, when Asimov showed up at the bar, the Syndicate came gunning for him.
The Syndicate? Yeah, it gets worse.
Asimov is one of them.
He was trying to move Red Eye.
Are you guys afraid of the Syndicate? Okay, who is she? She's a bounty hunter.
Her mark is Ellis Montgomery's daughter.
Asimov's girl.
God damn it.
Yeah, and she's mine, so don't get any ideas! They want to escape together and start a new life and because Asimov's stupid and in love, he sees his chance.
So, he stole something from the Syndicate, trying to make a score on his own, now they're trying to disappear.
Which they did thanks to pretty boy.
She said she wanted to go to Mars.
We've got to find Asimov before they do.
And this city is crawling with them.
Hey, I would agree But you always say that we've got to live by rules, and the rule is, when it comes to the Syndicate, we walk away.
Right? - Suddenly you give a shit about the rules.
- No Right when I need to buy my daughter a birthday present? Jet! You don't want my daughter to have a birthday? This isn't going to get us paid! It's going to get us dead.
If Asimov and Katerina are trying to get to Mars, - they're going to need a ship.
- Oh, no.
And I think I know exactly where they're going to get it from.
Don't appreciate being ignored.
All right! Go, team! We're gonna split this 50-50, right? Guys? Okay.
Hey, guys! Hey, computer, find me whoever owns this piece of shit boat.
Password required.
Fucking idiots.
Whoa! Hey, you guys can't be here! Spaceport's closed! You can run, or you can die.
You're going to kill your way to Mars? You.
No one has to get hurt here.
You really think you're going to be safe anywhere? If the cops and the bounty hunters don't get you, the Syndicate will.
We'll take our chances.
There's no happy ending here for you, Asimov.
But there can be for her.
What are you doing, Spike? I can help her get away.
You just have to let me.
Not interested.
Please don't hurt him! Asimov! Kill them all! Katerina, get out of here! You said Asimov was alone! Who the fuck are these guys? I don't know! Help me! Come on, we've got to go! Fearless.
It's not possible.
You're dead.
We killed you.
You did.
And I want to keep it that way, Chivo.
Asimov! Get up, we have to go! Come on.
I'm kind of impressed.
Daddy's little rich girl can fly.
Is that my gun? Give me that.
You guys are dicks.
Come on.
Come on.
Baby, I love you.
I love you, Asimov.
We're going to Mars.
We're going to Mars.
Attention all ships.
This is an ISSP action.
You are ordered to stop.
Turn away from the gate or you will be fired upon.
Katerina, listen to me.
It's over.
There's nowhere to go.
I repeat, turn away from the gate or you will be fired upon.
Katerina, come on, turn around.
Let me help you.
Just like you said, right? It's time to wake up.
And you will shed tears of scarlet.
Asimov where is he? I swear, it wasn't our fault.
The place went all to hell, there were these cowboys and they killed him.
Cowboys? Yeah.
One of them he killed Chivo, he killed everyone.
Cowboys killed a dozen of my men? I didn't recognize him.
But Chivo, he called him Fearless.
But - But that can't be right.
Can it? - I mean Fearless is dead.
Right? Find this bounty hunter.
If he really is Fearless, bring me his head.
Is everything okay? Old business.
My love.
Nothing to concern yourself over.

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