Cowboy Bebop (2021) s01e02 Episode Script

Venus Pop

1 Hola, amigos, all you bounty hunters out in the system.
How are you doing? Punch and I have got a good one for you today.
That's right, Judy, a mad bomber is terrorizing Venus.
He's blown up not one, not two, but three public buildings in the last ten days.
And word on the street is this master-of-boom only has one hand and a creepy calling-card to match.
Roll the vid! Get back! Holy shit.
Maybe he's trying to make a statement? Who knows? This is a juicy steak, cowboys.
With a two million woolong bounty.
Two million, Punch? That's one of our biggest bounties in a long time.
Yes, indeed, Judy! - So - So go get him! I was supposed to say that part.
I'm just saying, you don't need the ceremony.
You skip right to the reception.
People would be much happier.
- The ceremony is the whole point.
- No.
Great music, open bar, food.
I could do wedding receptions all day.
Could you just focus? Please.
You do realize this guy is blowing up public buildings in the middle of the night, right? I do.
Which means he has to plant them when the buildings are open, during the day.
Look, we need the dough from this, so - Where are you going? - I'm going to the bathroom.
I told you to lay off that Venusian tea.
Stuff burns right through you.
Thanks, Mom.
Excuse me.
Can you hurry it up? I'm flowing as fast as I can.
Well, make it flow faster.
More guests are arriving and I need you looking out for anyone suspicious.
I hate to break it to you, Jet, but you're the most suspicious-looking guy here.
Please, I did a year undercover with Io bootleggers.
Let's just say, I know how to blend in.
Jet, there's a thousand buildings on Venus.
Trying to figure out which one this guy's gonna blow up next is like trying to find a needle in a haystack of needles.
And yet here we are at a wedding.
Hunches are a very important part of our job.
But, hey, I'm happy to stake it out alone.
And the all-you-can-eat noodle bar afterwards.
Noodle bar? Well, you should never ignore a hunch.
What, are you taking a dump now? We ain't got all day.
Hello? Spike! Hello? God damn it.
Spike? I think I got something.
Hey, pal.
You know what's worth 2 million woos and looks good in handcuffs? Shit.
God damn it, Spike, where are you? Move, move! Move! Move! Who sent you? The Syndicate? Fuck you, that's who.
You keep saying it like it was all my fault.
It was your goddamn fault.
I needed you and you weren't there.
Look, I'm sorry about your face and all, all right? But the good news is your hunch was right, so unless you died and I didn't notice, how about we move on, huh? I haven't died yet.
And lucky for you, I got this.
I could use an extra hand.
Evidence, wise-ass.
The bomber had to handle the explosives, right? - Hmm.
- Figure there's got to be traces on it.
The chem-sig reader will tell us what kind of explosives he used.
Then we can source suppliers.
Spike! Are you even with me? Yeah.
Uh You know, explosives and then we gotta find that supplier, right? Hey, how long is this gonna take, do you think? Couple of hours.
- I'm going to go get some noodles.
- The hell you are.
- We've got to dissect this.
- "This" being? - The bomber's manifesto.
- Oh.
If we're going to find this guy, we've got to figure out what kind of crazy asshole he is.
Anarchist, terrorist, guy who never got his Boy Scout badge from fire-making.
Um, yeah, I don't read when I'm flying.
Makes me nauseous.
We're not flying, Spike.
I'm about to be.
Like I said, I never got my noodles.
Spike! We're in the middle of a goddamn job.
Here you go.
Have a lovely evening.
We always do, darling.
Well, well, looking gorgeous as ever, Mrs.
And you, you're quite sharp and delicious yourself.
Always the tease, Gren.
And the music has only just begun.
Shall we imbibe? Mmm-hmm.
Now, you'll be thrilled to know that I personally reserved table 8 for you tonight.
Front and center.
The Markmans were vying for that spot but I just plain like you two more.
Oh, naughty Gren! What you must say about us when we're not around.
Only decadent things.
I, uh, heard a rumor Rita Leontine is not on the bill tonight.
Oh, don't be coy.
We all know she's on planet.
And she craves her after-hours jams.
And of course, where better to jam into the wee hours than Ana's? Mmm-hmm.
Oh, the birdies do squawk so when they shouldn't.
I shall neither confirm it nor deny, but you may want to order that second bottle of reserve and linger 'til sunup.
Keep 'em coming.
My father taught y'all folks to stand up like a man! You forget where you are.
Tory, what's the first commandment of Ana's? Differences die at the door.
Now, imagine me telling Santiago you were spinning up some bullshit in my place? - Get him out of here.
- Let's go.
It'd be his balls in the sugar bowl.
And good night to you too, Detective.
But he Fine.
I'm going.
Making a drop.
Send it.
They told me They told me you were dead.
It's okay.
I'm okay.
I'm okay.
- Ow.
- Three years.
Three years you let me believe you were dead.
They tried to kill me, Ana.
Of course they did.
No one leaves the Syndicate.
Not even you.
Start talking.
"Food, water and education are a form of mind control.
" "People can only be pushed so far, but also not far enough.
" "All will see the Angel's halo shimmering in the sky.
" Gibberish.
All of it.
May I? By all means, help yourself.
No Kudo? What happened to your leg? Getting old.
There she is.
Thank you.
So what brings you back from the dead after all these years? A week ago I did a job.
I got mixed up in some Syndicate shit.
What kind of job? A bounty.
You're a cowboy? What else would you have me do? - Something that won't get you killed.
- Okay.
- So did you leave any loose ends? - No.
Nothing to worry about then.
Yeah, that's what I thought.
Until an assassin came at me this morning.
It wouldn't be the first time an old bounty came after me, but, um Today was different.
The guy was Syndicate-trained.
What they send to take care of a problem.
Say I agree to help, which I shouldn't, since you let me believe you were dead, let me mourn you.
But let's pretend I can find it in my dark heart to forgive you.
Why come to me? So you can do what you do best.
You can listen.
Replay the security footage for the bombings, Marvin.
"And all will see the Angel's halo shimmering in the sky.
" Piece of shit just likes to watch them burn.
Where the hell is he? Marvin, track the location of the Swordfish.
- I've got to go.
- Hot date? My partner, believe it or not.
He know what you used to be? No.
Dying didn't teach you that lying is no way to be? You don't know him.
He wouldn't understand.
And you ain't going to give him a chance.
The guy's an ex-cop.
He despises the Syndicate.
It would It would break him.
Then he'd break me.
Is she happy? She's married now.
To Vicious.
Been a few years.
And, yeah, she's happy.
I have to go.
If I hear anything, I'll reach out the usual way.
Thank you.
And, Fearless will I ever see you again? Fearless is dead.
I go by Spike Spiegel these days.
What? The Elders would like a word.
You betrayed us, Vicious.
You've been dealing Red-Eye behind our backs.
I was merely attempting to expand our business.
Our profits.
Your profits.
I thought if we You thought? You're not here to think.
You're here to do as you're told.
I misunderstood.
It won't happen again.
Forgive me.
Words are insufficient.
Actions must be taken.
Loyalty must be proven.
Take from us We take from you.
Your wife.
- Please.
- Vicious Please.
Anything else.
Take a finger.
Take my whole hand.
Syndicate above all else.
Do it! Don't make us question your loyalty again, boy.
- Look who finally showed up.
- You're welcome.
While you were out chasing a meal, you know what I was doing? - No, but I bet you're gonna tell me.
- The job.
Analyzing the explosives, breaking down its composition, hoofing it to every demo site in Ishtar.
This is the fifth place I've checked.
Which you'd know if you'd picked up your goddamn phone.
Yeah, I would have, if I thought it was important.
Jesus, you're prickly today.
Hard times at that noodle shop? - It was a bust.
- Yeah, tough nuts for you.
Yeah, I get crabby when I'm hungry.
- I hear you.
- Excuse me.
Mind telling me what you're doing on my job site? And you think the explosives came from us? He's using Vaxium Nitrate to target buildings made of Venusian quartz.
When the two interact, they create a halo-like effect that the bomber seems to enjoy.
You can use a lot of different types of explosive to demo Venusian quartz.
We analyzed a bomb fragment.
You mean your machine analyzed a bomb fragment.
When you cook an egg, do you need to give credit to the frying pan? I'm just saying.
It's Vaxium Nitrate.
We're positive.
Your machine is positive.
At least I didn't screw off to get noodles for six hours, and not even get noodles.
- I told you where I was going - You didn't tell me anything.
- That's the whole point.
You - Hey, hey.
Hey! What the hell? I've seen the good-cop, bad-cop routine, but never the dick-cop, asshole-cop.
- We're not cops.
- Then what are you? - Just assholes? - Oh.
What we are is not above cutting you in on the payout.
If you help us.
Look, I'd love to make some extra scratch, but nothing's missing from our stock.
I go over the paperwork at the end of every week myself.
The Vaxium Nitrate didn't come from us.
You have the paperwork to prove it? You don't believe me, ask Theodore yourself.
Theodore? Our supplies guy.
Theodore Clark.
Keeps the stock in his freighter a few buildings down.
Are you telling us your bomb guy's name is Teddy? Could it really be this easy? I don't know.
It's never this easy.
How do you want to do this? Door knock or B and E? Mmm B and E.
That way we get the drop on him.
You B, I'll E.
Whatever's up your ass, you've just got to tell me.
It's probably nothing I haven't heard before.
This is what partners do.
They air this shit out.
Look, um, I'm tired.
I'm tired and I'm hungry, that's all.
So, um, let's get this guy and get out of here.
- All right? - All right.
I knew the gun wasn't loaded.
- The weight was off.
- Liar.
What was I supposed to do? Make sure the gun is loaded next time.
- Julia - No! No, you promised to keep me safe.
From the Elders.
Especially from him! But I see now you will always be in the shadow.
- Julia - You may as well put a bullet in me now.
Because you will never be man enough to stand up for yourself! Don't you ever tell me I'm not man enough.
Put your gun away.
We're surrounded by explosives.
Hey, where are you going? He's probably in the cockpit.
That's too obvious.
It's too - Follow me.
- Yeah, but the cockpit Spike.
I He's probably in the cockpit.
What? Booby trap.
Step on that, you're wearing your asshole for an ascot.
You're welcome.
Still warm.
He was just here.
And we're moving.
Cockpit! Don't you dare say it! - Don't you dare say "I told you so!" - I won't.
But I did.
- It's locked.
- Is he in there? I don't think so.
I can't see him.
Maybe he's crouched down by the door.
Oh, shit.
Probably just space debris.
I've seen "just space debris" shred armored ISSP cruisers.
Would you relax? We have been through a hundred of these.
There's nothing to worry about.
Whoa! I think we lost our bounty.
And any way to steer this thing.
We've got to get off this ship before it blows.
Help me look for an escape pod.
Are you serious? On this bucket? What piece of crap ship doesn't have an escape pod, Spike? - Your piece of crap ship.
- Hey! And if you would have listened to me and gone to the cockpit in the first place, none of this would be happening.
You know, I've been giving you the benefit of the doubt because I figured you had a shit day, but I'm 100% sure that your being an asshole has nothing to do with noodles.
What? What is that supposed to mean? Who turns off their tracker for six hours to get noodles? Are you Are you tracking me? - Where were you? - I was at a bar.
- With who? - What does it matter with who? It matters because partners don't disappear on partners.
I'm there when it counts.
Until you're not! I need honesty from the guy who's watching my six.
God damn it.
I'm sorry, what? - Did you get that? - No.
I'm sorry, I can't understand a word you're saying with the mask on, pal.
Oh, no.
I got it.
He's going to blow us sky high if we don't catch the Ichabod.
What the hell is an Ichabod? How the hell am I supposed to know? You read the manifesto.
I skimmed it.
You skimmed the manifesto? Well, you weren't there.
I had a bonsai to take care of.
After the guilt trip you gave me, you didn't even read the manifesto? - We were running out of fuel.
- You told me to read it.
- I mean, the point was - Huge guilt trip.
Spike! Hey, I hear you.
You are making a lot of great points.
We get it.
You're going to blow us sky high Right.
I understand.
You are a bad man.
Spike! Clutch move.
Not Ichabod.
- Escape pod.
- Escape pod.
You take the escape pod.
I can handle the weight I'll probably get distracted.
Stop for noodles or at a bar, or take a massive dump.
Or all three, so I'll be back.
- Jet.
Um - Yeah.
There is something I've got to tell you.
I'm starving.
Would you mind bringing me those noodles? You got it, partner.
Thanks, partner.
We should have Tui tell him.
He's not going to kill us.
Have at it.
We got word on Gunther.
Fearless killed him.
At the church.

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