Cracow Monsters (2022) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

1 A NETFLIX SERIES ["Miasto” by Baascha playing.]
[indistinct chatter.]
Oh! Yeah? Hey! Med school? - Do I know you? - Only med students drink like that.
Seriously? Lucky? You don't choose nicknames.
[dance music continues.]
And are you lucky or unlucky? You buying? [whistles.]
Takes a lot to earn that kind of respect from Cracow's bartenders.
Whistling before bedtime summons demons.
Then the demon will just have to wait.
Haven't decided who I'm gonna sleep with tonight.
So - You like boys or girls? - And you? I haven't made up my mind yet.
[dance music continues.]
[music fades.]
- [engine accelerating.]
- [gasping.]
Mama! [gasps softly.]
[breathing heavily.]
[intense music playing.]
[faint crackling.]
[grunts softly.]
[steady dripping.]
Bon appétit.
I wanted to see if you were awake at 3:00 a.
Tick, tock, tick, tock Alex, please.
tick tock.
- What are you afraid of? - Mm, nothing.
Yeah? I think you're afraid of everything.
Don't diagnose me.
Don't analyze me.
- Don't take any interest in me at all.
- Or? Don't they teach you in psychiatry that sometimes you'll come across a schizoid specimen, some broken thing? - You can't fix it.
- What are you talking about? Alex, I don't want to fix you.
I've told you that many times.
I want to be alone.
So your solution is vodka and other stuff? Better to get fucked up than to talk about it.
Sex works quite well too.
I'm going.
Got a guy in my bed.
[door closes.]
Good morning.
- Get out now! - [man grunts.]
Get dressed and get the fuck out.
Get the fuck out! [man grunting.]
What? - [man.]
But - Come on.
Fuck, get out! [man.]
Good morning.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[lighter clicks.]
[lights flickering.]
[thunder rumbles.]
[eerie music playing.]
[bottles clinking.]
[woman 2.]
[bottles continue clinking.]
[woman 2.]
Rafał, please.
In total, that's four zlotys and 35 groszy.
Tell your dad he needs a receipt to get his deposit back.
Okay? Dad's asleep.
He'll bring it later.
Take them.
[bottles clink.]
And a hot dog, please.
Tough job you got, huh? Hey.
Let me help.
See you around.
[thunder rumbling.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[indistinct chattering.]
- What's going on? - System's down.
Zawadzki has put up a sign-up sheet.
You gotta sign in by hand.
[indistinct chatter.]
Last year he diagnosed anaphylaxis.
No way, you can't diagnose that.
There are no symptoms.
Read Forensic Science International? Published a serious article.
I'll go crazy if I - [Lucky.]
Hold on.
Your name? - Szepelska.
- Szepelska.
- Hmm.
- I was I signed up on the list.
- You're not on it.
- I was on the list.
- Sorry, you're not.
- Can you listen for a second? - [Lucky.]
We have an exam.
Hey! This is bullshit [exhales.]
Freshman? Seriously? You can begin now.
[worker 1 yelling.]
come on.
Come down this way.
- [worker 2.]
Okay, whoa.
Almost there.
- [worker 1.]
Come on, damn it! More, more, more.
Go down there.
Go ahead, start digging.
Doesn't matter! We gotta get this done today.
Take the scoop up! What the fuck did you do? We gotta get this going! What happened? Come on, faster! Dig! Dig! - Ah! - Oh fuck! What is that? What's going on? Crude oil? [bubbling.]
[glass bottle clanks.]
[lighter clicks.]
[loud bang.]
[eerie music playing.]
All right, guys.
Come on, the boss is gonna get here soon.
Here he comes.
- [worker.]
Hey, boss! - What's up? We found something here! [foreman.]
Back to work! Standing around like idiots.
Not with fucking shovel.
Move! [worker.]
Hand me that plank.
[water bubbling.]
[faint, indistinct chanting.]
Listen, you didn't find anything.
Archaeologists are worse than Greenpeace.
I graded the exams.
Can I take a look at them? There's no one of interest.
I'll go to the dean's office and handle it.
ENTRANCE EXAM Who is Aleksandra Walas? Freshman.
Only good grades, student financial aid.
A typical nerd.
Look her up on the internet.
[keyboard clacking.]
This about her? - Mm-hmm.
[key taps.]
[man on video.]
What's the mystery behind Route 99? This is where the girl's mother died in the car crash.
No one can answer the question: how on Earth did that girl survive the car accident and spend several days alone before she was found? Why is no one connecting this accident with the tragedy at the beach, where out of six children, only one surfaced? I would like to point out that one child is the same girl who survived that horrible car accident.
Coincidence? Or maybe this route is cursed.
You will have to answer that question yourselves.
PERSONAL DATA - Have you seen her drawings? - God of the Underworld.
[bugle call in distance.
I'll be right back.
[tense music playing.]
[low growl.]
[heavy machinery beeping.]
Someone on the phone for you.
No, not now, Xenia.
I'm done for the day.
Have them call Neumayer.
[intense music playing.]
[choir singing softly.]
AITVARAS - [thunder rumbling.]
- [lights flickering.]
[soda can opens.]
[thunder rumbling.]
[music intensifies.]
You'll never be alone.
And yet [chuckles.]
[fire crackling.]
[intense music playing.]
Hmm [sighs.]
[thunder rumbles.]
[deodorant spraying.]
[music fades.]
I thought you were Has something happened? [scoffs.]
No way.
Non scitote.
We can't make a mistake.
You promised me! No.
It was the last time.
And what if you're wrong? Huh? Have you taken that into account? It was your idea to do this.
[siren wails in distance.]
You know where to find the car.
["Dare to Take” by Baascha playing.]
I could stand behind you I could stick around I could disappear But always coming back I could integrate you I could make you stroke I could civilize What you're so hungry for Leave it, leave it or dare to take Give it, give it the second chance Lick it, lick it and check the taste - To pathology.
- To pathology.
[song continues.]
Have you come to negotiate peace? I was just curious if you're here for fun or cramming for anatomy.
Aleksandra Walas.
The scaphoid bone, os scaphoideum.
The lunate bone, os lunatum.
The triquetral bone, os triquetrum.
The pisiform bone, os pisiforme.
How about a palm reading? [laughs.]
Why did you choose Zawadzki? I wanted to find you.
- Okay.
- Okay? - You want to work with corpses? - I'm not afraid of corpses.
- I'm not asking if you're afraid.
- Should I be? There's always something.
Wanna tell me something? Is this some kind of warning? [bartender.]
I got it.
I don't like vodka.
Tick, tock.
Tick, tock.
Tick Ah! [chuckles.]
What is it? You'll like it.
- One.
- Two.
- Three - [Alex.]
- [Lucky.]
- Five.
- [Lucky.]
- Seven.
- [Lucky.]
- Eight.
- [Lucky.]
- Nine.
- [Lucky.]
- Ten.
Let's go.
[Alex laughs.]
Love me forever [engine accelerates.]
Does it make you happy or sad when I turn the light on? It's a beautiful night.
Where are we going? [chuckles.]
A secret.
[tires screech.]
What the fuck? Maybe don't show off, huh? [exhales.]
Slow the fuck down.
What the fuck? [gasps.]
Uh [engine accelerates.]
Fuck! [splashes.]
Mama! [water gurgling.]
[water rushing.]
[intense music playing.]
[cell phone vibrating.]
[cell phone continues.]
[cell phone buzzes.]
[breathes deeply.]
Good morning.
- May I? - Mm-hmm.
I've completed all the paperwork.
Um, certification, diploma, and death certificate.
I'm an orphan.
Um, we live off my grandmother's pension.
It's important that I get this money.
First and last name, date of birth.
Aleksandra Walas, January 5th, 2001.
I'll have to quit school if I don't get this scholarship.
I also worked as an ER volunteer for two years.
You take those things into consideration, right? [drawer slides.]
I need that money.
Why are you so nervous? It's about your housing.
What? You've been accepted into Professor Zawadzki's student research group.
All you need to do is relocate.
Here's the address.
His students live together.
But the results are announced next week.
Is this happening? Mm-hmm.
[Alex chuckles.]
May I? Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
[dog barking.]
[cell phone ringing.]
[woman sighs.]
- Hello? - [Alex.]
Grandma, you're not gonna believe this.
Evil is at work.
The hens are dying.
No, the opposite.
I've passed an important exam.
It's not safe for you there.
Could you for once talk to me like a normal person? I mean, be happy you have a talented granddaughter or something? [sighs.]
Don't tell me what I should or shouldn't be happy about.
I'm changing dorms.
At least write down my new address, okay? What do I need your address for? I've got your number.
Don't attract evil.
Behave yourself.
- Be careful out there.
- [dog barks.]
Hello, Grandma? [dial tone.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[dog barking.]
[suspenseful music builds.]
[bell tolls.]
SOUVENIRS Good morning.
[footsteps approaching.]
Soon you're gonna be jumping out of my fridge.
Maybe the one in the morgue.
You gave me shit drugs last night.
Were you trying to drown me? I don't know what you're talking about.
Please don't insult my intelligence.
I don't need to insult your intelligence, you do it to yourself.
You don't know how to drink or do drugs.
After you passed out, I carried you to your room, so be a little nicer.
Where's Professor Zawadzki? [door opens.]
Who's this? [Lucky.]
I don't know yet.
The professor's not here, come back later.
It's okay.
She already brought her stuff.
You have good eyes.
Height's maybe better than mine.
Show me your hands.
You'll do fine.
Let's go! [tense music playing.]
Don't touch that.
You haven't had your introductory talk with the Professor yet? No.
Here's your room.
And stay put.
[eerie music playing.]
[Alex gasps.]
[breathing heavily.]
[instrumental music playing faintly.]
[1930's tango playing softly.]
Hungry? Midnight snack? - Hania.
- Basia.
Don't be scared.
They won't hurt you.
- Hey.
- [Lucky.]
If you behave.
New victim? [woman.]
Gigi! [Gigi humming.]
- [grunting.]
- [kisses.]
This is Birdy.
The eighth passenger of the Nostromo! [Hania.]
This is Alex.
One night I met a scary demon whose name was Munchies.
You know him? Who visits you? Everyone's got somebody, right? [instrumental music continues.]
That woman in your dream Does she come often? [woman.]
- Nightmares are normal.
- Nightmares are normal in old houses, hmm? We'll do something about that.
I've got something to help you sleep.
We're doing a little experiment with therapy based on regression to earlier incarnations.
We'll just analyze your nightmares, to put it simply.
- [Hania.]
Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.
- [Basia.]
Want some? - [Gigi.]
Smile for me.
Birdy, love, you do the honors.
- [Gigi.]
Yo, yo, yo, yo! - Mm.
[music continues.]
- Nepal - [Hania.]
Mm, Nepal.
- Mmm - [chuckles.]
sunshine [all chuckling.]
Hmm The guy had really dirty fingernails.
- [laughter.]
- [Hania.]
For fuck's sake! Oh my God.
Our friend is a lightweight and a little crazy.
He thinks he can read joints.
- Right, Birdy? - Good night.
- [Hania.]
Night! - [Lucky.]
There's a meeting with the professor tomorrow.
- Attendance is mandatory.
- Mm-hmm.
Listen say what you will, whatever she may be like, she's our ninth.
And that opens new possibilities to us.
Keep your mouths shut.
Not a word.
 Not until Zawadzki has a chance to talk to her.
- Got it? - [Antoni.]
- Whatever you say.
- Yes, sir.
[hooves clattering on street.]
[door opens.]
[door creaks, slams.]
Professor! - Here.
- Show me.
Right there, that glow.
You see it? [Zawadzki.]
I told you she was going to be all right.
Take it.
I'd never seen anything like that before.
Alex is the ninth.
We have a quorum.
So, what are we gonna do? [Zawadzki.]
Well, the most important thing is not to scare her away.
Fuck! Just let him explain.
- [Basia.]
You need us! - Alex! - Alex! - [door slams.]
[streetcar bell rings.]
[breathe heavily.]
- She heard everything.
- What did you do to her? [sighs.]
I'll bring her back.
[tense music playing.]
[Rafał whispering.]
[continues whispering indistinctly.]
Are you okay? Hey! [Alex.]
Hey! [eerie music playing.]
[Rafał chanting softly in Old Slavonic.]
[continues chanting.]
[intense music continues.]
[squishing sound.]
[loud bang.]
Are you in there? [water dripping.]
Are you okay? [low growl.]
[creature snarls.]
Leave him alone! Hey, you! - [banging.]
- Come here! Here! - [Alex.]
Leave him alone! Here! - [roars.]
Leave him alone! - [banging continues.]
- [Alex.]
Here! Here! Ah! [yells.]
[water sizzling.]
[creature screeches.]
[fire whooshing.]
[Alex grunting.]
- [groans.]
- [loud shrieks.]
- [steam hissing.]
- [Alex coughs.]
[Alex sighs.]
[Alex coughs.]
[steam hissing.]
[Alex groans, coughs.]
Hey, kid.
Hey, come on.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up! [whimpers.]
Come on Come on.
Please! [Alex breathing heavily.]
Wake up! [panting.]
Wake up.
Please wake up.
[dramatic theme music playing.]

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