Cracow Monsters (2022) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

What the fuck happened? I've never seen anything like this.
Fucking hell.
What a massacre.
 But what is that? That thing's not human.
Come on, hurry up.
You know the drill.
Okay, fine.
What happened to its head? So fucking cool.
You ever see anything like this, professor? What the fuck happened? I can't get a connection with him.
Okay, pack him up.
Then check the other one.
See if he says anything.
Tony! Sir? What happened? How long did you try to resuscitate him? Did you see what happened? Were his ribs already broken before you started the chest compressions? - My boy - One more time, please, sir.
Keep an eye on him.
Is that your son? Damn it.
Come on.
Get up.
Let's go.
We have to wait for the police.
I should talk to them.
- We don't have to do anything.
- I have to explain.
All right, let's start with an X-ray, spectrometry, and a DNA test, The dad's drunk off his ass, babbling about his son.
He opened his eyes.
- What? - He opened them! Hey.
A dead body never lies.
All right, let's go.
- Not yet.
- Come on! Is that you in my head? Is this how you seduce all your students? Your pulse.
I just want to take your pulse.
What did you give me? - Professor? - We have to go.
They're here.
You're afraid of the police, huh? They'll bring the body to the office.
I'll write a report.
Then they'll confirm whatever we find.
What the fuck is going on? Tell me, what the fuck was that thing back there? And what the fuck is this quorum I heard you talking about? Why won't you tell me the truth? There are certain rituals that require an incantation performed by exactly nine people.
Nine is a mystic number.
That's the quorum.
What does it have to do with the fact that a boy just died back there? And we're just driving around like nothing just happened, talking about demons and fucking vampires.
That it? Do you see flashing lights sometimes? Yeah, I do.
But it's because my mind is fucked up.
They're hallucinations.
You're not hallucinating.
Those are real phenomena.
I've been researching them for 30 years.
Trust me.
Extracurricular classes start at 8:00 p.
but we'll begin the autopsy now.
I used to play with those.
Folk dolls.
For protection.
It doesn't work.
Can I let you go? Classy new notch in your bedpost, huh? A girl here, a guy there, after class with a professor? Did he hurt you? What happened? Alex, what happened? Come on.
MEDICAL EXAMINER'S OFFICE Alex, what are we doing here? Look, he's dead, right? That's your specialty.
I can tell you if he's depressed.
Just check.
Please, just check.
He's dead.
Have you slept at all? You look terrible.
Thank you.
It's starting.
What? I'm exactly the age when initial symptoms start to show.
- That's what you said.
- What's going on exactly? I see things that aren't there.
I saw that boy came to life this morning.
My mom saw things too.
Alex, one of the hallmarks of schizophrenia is the sufferer's inability to think critically about their own symptoms.
You're doing that.
And sleep deprivation can make even healthy people hallucinate.
I've told you that.
Do you know what happens when I fall asleep? Yeah, I do, that's why I think you need therapy.
In a few weeks, I'll be the age my mother was when she killed herself.
I'm sure that's gonna be a tough moment.
But when it's over, you'll be free.
And you can finally stop running from yourself.
Maybe you'll see the people who want what's best for you.
- Who maybe want to build something more - No.
I don't think so.
Those people shouldn't even try.
They should stay away.
And I wish I will show up on your grave With a bunch of flowers Wilting in my hand And I'll sit and scream How he hurt me Oh Lord, have mercy for my sin How did she get here? Where is she? Master, who? Who you're talking about? There seems to be something troubling you, my dear.
Weren't you all way over there.
Want me to tell your fortune? I can feel him getting closer.
He's going to catch you.
He's going to catch you, my dear.
Catch you! Then you'll be weeping, wailing, and gnashing your teeth! Ha! Water.
Black water.
Unclean water.
Cursed water.
Annihilated water.
She must be killed.
Black water.
Black water.
Fallen water.
Wake them up in me.
She must be killed.
Oh! Hey! One Two.
Hey! It was you.
We have a visitor.
The new girl is back.
Huh? That boy is alive.
I've got photos.
- She's telling the truth.
- She saw him in Kazimierz.
By the zapiekanki stand.
What's so funny? Yeah, by the zapiekanki stand.
It draws a huge crowd, alive and dead.
Look, I pronounced him dead.
I'm not sure what you saw.
Some kind of aura? That's an aura? Then it has to be about you, right? - As soon as you showed up - A demon appeared.
- Where was he? - Did he see you? You must have influence on him.
They must be drawn to you.
Like a lightning rod.
Give me a break.
This is bullshit.
Does this look like bullshit to you? Huh? Come with me.
- Bullshit.
Bullshit - Stop it.
Stop it! This here is our killer that the police will never catch.
But he might be able to tell us what happened.
- May I? - Mm.
Go ahead.
Ah! Fuck! Um Yeah.
Take this.
That's his gift.
He sees the origins of things.
I don't want him to fucking touch me.
And you two fucking spy on people, right? We can read thoughts.
What is your gift? Oh She doesn't know.
But she will.
I think we can help each other.
It came from the element of fire.
That means it has good.
It can't attack people.
It wasn't good.
That thing was a monster.
It attacked that boy like some kind of starving animal.
The attack wasn't chaotic.
It was deliberate.
Do you remember what it looked like before it died? Like a moth, a monkey, and an owl had a fucked-up love child.
Did I offend him? - No.
- He does that sometimes.
Come on.
He's not telling us everything.
Come here.
What's that? Sage.
It's a cleansing ritual.
You saw things nobody should see.
Breathe in.
Thank you.
This one? Hmm.
I think that's the one.
It turned to stone when I sprayed water on it.
- Why water? - I don't know.
You act on intuition.
Or pure luck.
What's your problem with me? Think.
Strange things are happening.
- A good deity killed someone.
- Good deities never act with evil intent.
The point is it didn't kill.
The boy couldn't have survived.
Unless death transformed him somehow.
Marcholts? - What? - Marcholt.
The undead.
It's a low-level demon.
They enter dead bodies of people who were cruel and evil in life.
Or, like Gigi, who led a so-called life of sin.
- Only those demons inhabit our world.
- They're easy to kill.
Just sever the spinal cord and that's it.
And then you have to bury them, head and body separately.
That's crucial, never both in the same grave.
And that's what's following me.
What do you mean by that? It's always there.
Looking at me.
- I feel it.
- How do you know? I feel it.
Marcholts are supposed to be dumb.
Very stupid.
Listen, so A good deity attacks and turns the victim into an intelligent marcholt.
Our ancestors believed that the world was created by Triglav.
A god with three heads.
The white head gave rise to the deities of benevolence, beauty, and fire.
The black one created the pantheon of chaos, despair, and water.
- And the third - The red one, settled the eternal struggle between good and evil, creating harmony in the world.
But the higher deities never interfered in our world before.
Then it's the first case in our lifetime.
We need to find the boy.
YESSA All right, Kazimierz.
We'll split into two groups.
One will search from Skałka to Krakowska Street and the other from Krakowska to the Jewish Cemetery.
- He can't have gone far.
- A paper GPS.
There are places on that map no GPS will ever find.
I'll head to the morgue.
I bet you anything he's still there.
I'll talk to him.
All right, just talk to his old man.
Maybe he's finally sober.
I'm going with you.
No way.
Go with the Professor.
I have to be sure.
Hurry up, I'm driving.
Let me know next time you pick a route that goes over water.
I'll just take the bus.
- Got your license out in the country.
Huh? - Shut up or I'll shove you out that door.
My head's fucking pounding.
- What's this? - Aspirin.
- You sure? - Pretty sure.
Pretty sure? Did I hear you right back there? You're on a mission to talk to a dead guy? A bunch of fanatics.
Fucking weirdos.
You're the one who says a demon is following you.
Even if a marcholt evolved and started hunting, why would it go after you? Because I'm just that interesting? Uh-huh.
Plumbing problems have been turning away Western investors for years now.
They have to put up with leakage on construction sites and newly-finished buildings.
There are plenty of complaints from native city dwellers as well.
Yesterday, a child tragically died in yet another local drowning accident.
He's not here.
Maybe they moved him.
Come on.
Huh? Let Come on! Run, Alex! Ah! Ah! Let's go.
All right, put them in.
Perfect for our collection.
From black water, rise up.
Holy fuck.
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