Cracow Monsters (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [intense music playing.]
[music fades.]
What? - You're a mind reader too? - I'll show you.
[church bell tolls in distance.]
[Iliana sighs.]
I'm able to look into what hasn't happened yet.
So? - Wanna tell me my fortune? - Mm.
[mysterious music playing.]
[inhales sharply.]
[Alex breathes shakily.]
[Alex gasps, pants.]
No husband in my future? No, No.
I just didn't see anything.
It doesn't always work.
Take care of yourself.
[melancholy music playing.]
[scraping, dull thud.]
[sharp gasp.]
What are you [dull thud.]
- [squelching.]
- [gasps.]
[telephone ringing.]
Go on.
[telephone continues ringing.]
[ringing stops.]
So the boy killed his father.
Some powerful force possessed him.
What do you mean "possessed"? Something took over his body? - But that's impossible.
- On the contrary.
We just haven't been able to see it until now.
A human body can be taken over only by a higher deity.
It means that the one you killed had been sent by White Gods to stop a dangerous predator.
And you got in their way.
Prepare the scroll.
Come on.
[breathes deeply.]
[eerie music playing.]
[low growl.]
[in Old Slavonic.]
That's impossible.
- [inhales deeply.]
- Find and kill.
Master, are you afraid of her? [whimpers.]
Time is short.
Get her! [huffs.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[Zawadzki in English.]
In the beginning, there was chaos, which the Slavs called the War of the Circle.
The armies of fire and water, of the White and Black Gods were engaged in mortal combat.
Until the element of earth appeared.
It was then that the battling gods saw that the world was big enough for good and evil.
They made peace and left the world in human hands.
You know, the gods observe what man does with their creation.
Yet they stay silent.
Why did they speak up now? [chuckles.]
I don't know yet.
You see, until now, only lesser demons had roamed the Earth.
[cell phone ringing.]
[hangs up.]
But if a major deity has appeared on Earth, it means there's a new order coming.
[cell phone chimes.]
You have no idea what's going on, do you? None of you do.
What do I have to do with this? You got between fighting deities and escaped unharmed.
If we discover what possessed the boy, everything you haven't understood up until now might finally be explained.
- Specifics! What should I do? - Just wait.
If it wants something from me, be my guest.
- I'm not gonna flunk out of college.
- We're not done yet.
I can be the bait from anywhere.
You're letting her go? [church bell tolls in distance.]
Follow her.
[door slams.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[both growl.]
[computer ringing.]
[clears throat.]
[continues ringing.]
[in French.]
Yes, it's me.
I'm sure this is a case for you.
Let's take the risk.
Extra tests? Professor, let's talk like professionals.
I can assure [sighs.]
Very well.
That's the procedure.
All right.
I'll send out the samples right away.
[bugle call in the distance.]
[growls, snarls.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[Zawadzki sighs.]
She was in some kind of grave.
Buried under dirt but sort of alive.
And what if this is her fault? What if she's woken up something? - [gasps.]
- All the more reason to watch her closely.
You'll replace Birdy.
- But - [Zawadzki.]
I'll be back soon.
[laughing, chatter.]
[loud bang.]
Alex, wait [eerie music playing.]
- [gasps.]
- [music stops.]
[breathes heavily.]
What? Your coat it showed me a woman in the water, drowning.
Maybe because your pal actually tried to drown me.
What? I don't know what you're talking about.
Lucky and Zawadzki have their secrets.
I don't want to know.
Neither do I.
Hold on! I'm never wrong.
Got it? Maybe this happened a long time ago? I see things from their beginnings.
Maybe you've repressed it? Maybe Maybe it's because I bought it second-hand? No.
It has to do with you.
Don't mess with my head, okay? [automated voice.]
Please wait for the confirmation.
Card has been accepted.
Please make a selection.
[sniffing, low growl.]
[breathing heavily.]
Where can I get laid? - [snorting.]
- [student.]
Hey! [sniffs, snorts.]
[door opens.]
Is everything okay? Something strange was going on downstairs.
[professor clears throat.]
Please examine the specimens carefully.
Name the parasite and describe its characteristic features.
That drowned woman Your coat told me the name.
- Wanda? - Mm-hmm.
The only Wanda I know is the folktale, the one who committed suicide.
[clears throat.]
I'm sorry.
There are some parasites that completely take over the body of the host.
A snail attacked by a fluke completely changes its behavior.
It exposes itself to bird attacks.
And then, the fluke will enter the body of its final host organism, there it matures and produces eggs.
On the other hand, the echinococcus tapeworm can infect the human body.
It destroys the tissues, acting just like a tumor.
Please take a look.
[intense music playing.]
It's easy to understand the mythical origins of zombie concepts, you see? [slide projector clicks.]
[bones crunching.]
I asked about the characteristic features of the echinococcus tapeworm.
[music fades.]
No sooner did you get into Professor Zawadzki's group and you've already stopped studying.
Be careful.
Or you'll end up like your colleague, retaking parasitology.
[scattered chuckles.]
I'll take over.
See ya.
- We're going home.
- Maybe you are.
[jazzy music playing softly.]
This gonna take long? What? You said one beer.
It's been an hour.
You trying to piss me off? Jesus Christ, just fuck off! Go to your professor and leave me alone.
I'll have another beer, please.
Coming up.
[low growl.]
[beer pouring.]
Thank you.
[music continues.]
[electrical buzzing.]
Is anyone home? [rhythmic music playing.]
[woman moaning.]
[door creaks.]
[heavy breathing.]
[snarls softly.]
[music continues.]
Where is she? [growls.]
[heartbeat pounding.]
Do you know her? ["Sweet Revenge" by Mary Komasa playing on speakers.]
I feel like she's in every bar in Cracow.
Because she is.
It's Pivka.
Pivka? A Slavic minor deity of the drunks.
She's always around.
She forces people to get wasted.
There's not much else to do in Cracow You know what it's like.
So, what is it like? All right.
I understand what you're going through right now.
When I was a kid, my folks rejected me because they saw me as a threat.
I'm not even allowed to see my six-year-old brother, who thinks I don't give a shit about him and I've abandoned him.
All right, this is getting sad.
Don't drink.
Excuse me? Thanks for your concern, but I have it under control.
Leave us alone.
So? To pathological families? To pathology.
I'll be right back.
Come with me.
[Lucky coughs.]
[low growl.]
- I want her.
- I want her.
- Hey, watch out! - Dude! - What's up? - He's drunk.
[door opens.]
[door slams.]
[Lucky gasps.]
Is everything okay? [breathing heavily.]
What are you doing? [panting.]
[both moaning.]
[breathing heavily.]
[Lucky panting.]
[door opens.]
- [Lucky.]
Alex! - Fuck off! - Alex.
- Don't talk to me.
Alex, wait, God damn it! I blacked out in the bar.
I really don't know what happened.
[loud rock music playing.]
What's wrong? [Lucky.]
Hey! What the fuck are you doing? [loud moaning.]
[loud grunting, yelling.]
Who's that? Gigi.
For several hours now.
What stamina.
He fucking brought a girl here? Here comes Gigi l'amoroso Devourer of hearts that fall prey to him All on their own Gigi l'amoroso Sin incarnate Devilish laughter Who could ever resist him [Alex.]
Wait! [music continues.]
Alex, I swear, that wasn't me.
- Something got a hold of me.
- Me? [Gigi grunting, moaning.]
Does he do this often? No, not really.
- [Antoni.]
Gigi? - [Gigi yelling, moaning.]
Gigi, we can hear you from all over the house.
Gigi, you aren't allowed to have guests here! Who is in there with him? It's been like this since we got back.
- We haven't gotten him to stop.
- [moaning continues.]
My diagnosis is simply an overflow of testosterone to the brain.
- Gigi! - [knocking.]
[Gigi gasping, moaning.]
Ah! [low growl.]
- [snarling.]
- [Gigi gasping.]
[Gigi groans.]
I want her.
[Gigi gasps.]
Come to me.
It's a demon.
["Sauvages" by Mary Komasa playing.]
[Gigi groans.]
- [grunts.]
- [snarling.]
- [growling.]
- [grunting.]
[bones crack.]
- [vomits.]
- Ugh.
[demon gasping.]
[raspy growl.]
She bonded with him.
- Who's her master? - Whoever it was that sent her here.
- [banging.]
- [snarling.]
For me.
[door rattling.]
[loud growling.]
[intense music playing.]
[deep breathing.]
[door rattling.]
- What is that noise? - Fucking hell! - How did a demon get in here? - I don't know! - I secure the house every day, as usual.
- So how? She teleport? Leave her the fuck alone! And you? A demon killing Gigi right under your nose, and you're fucking playing silly little songs so you can't hear it? Like some guards from Guantanamo? Lucky.
- Just calm down.
- And you, you gloved fuck.
What were you listening to, huh? Well, fucking say something! You're all a bunch of fucking freaks.
[demon moaning loudly.]
And where were you, huh? - Well? Antoś finally bites back! - [Hania.]
[Hania groans.]
Basia! I think we need to disconnect.
Come here, you fuck! That girl poisoned you! Lucky! [Antoni.]
Go on, try! [demonic roar.]
- Try it! - Calm down! Just listen to me.
[door rattling.]
There was a girl at the bar, just like the one with Gigi.
- [Lucky.]
- What? [Antoni.]
But here? They live in lakes! - What the fuck are hollowshees? - [Hania.]
The Nymph of Świteź Lake! [Basia.]
You shouldn't have skipped Polish mythology.
She seduces a guy and it kills him.
I don't think it works on me.
What do you mean it doesn't work? All right.
Hollowshees are dangerous but stupid.
Come on, Lucky.
Come on! [Iliana hums.]
Poor Gigi.
Where is Zawadzki? You can't see him? No, I never have visions about Zawadzki's future.
[line ringing.]
All right.
I'm going to do this alone.
Come on.
Hold Alex.
[demon growling.]
[door rattling.]
Take the straitjacket and then put it on Gigi You need to help her get the straightjacket on Gigi.
[growling continues.]
Restrain the hollowshee when she comes out.
[loud grunting.]
[Gigi groans.]
Gigi! [demon snarling.]
[Gigi grunting.]
Come on! Turn her on her back.
- [Gigi groaning.]
- [demon grunting.]
Bend her right arm! [grunting.]
And now face down! [all grunting.]
[Gigi yelling.]
[intense rhythmic music playing.]
[crows cawing.]
Take it easy, take it easy.
[Gigi groaning.]
I don't know what's worse, this demon or what's ahead of us.
[music continues.]
- [banging on door.]
- [demon screeching.]
The phlegm doesn't bother me, but I can't stand the howling.
Excuse me.
[screeching continues.]
First the marcholts, now this shit.
- [clicks on.]
- It's getting serious.
[radio announcer.]
And now the news with Marzena Nowak.
Come on, get him inside.
[all grunting.]
[door slams.]
Quick, cover his whole body in manure! [pigs squealing.]
Hand me the manure.
[spooky music playing.]
Oh God.
If someone who fucks a sheep is a zoophile what's someone who fucks a demon? A moron.
- Faster.
- Come on.
All right.
Put him inside the circle.
Get him Here.
[intense music playing.]
[intense music continues.]
[Gigi groans.]
[breathing shakily.]
- Ah! - [thuds.]
[shouting Old Slavonic incantation.]
[Gigi shouts incantation.]
[all shout incantation.]
- [thud.]
- [all shout.]
[Gigi gasps.]
[shouting incantation.]
[wind blows.]
[in Old Slavonic.]
I'll awake the dead water.
[pig squeals.]
[all continue incantation.]
[all continue incantation.]
[in English.]
The pig! [all continue incantation.]
- [pig squealing.]
- [vomiting.]
[bangs on door.]
[pig squealing.]
[low growl.]
That's a lesser demon? - [cracks.]
- [grunts.]
[in Old Slavonic.]
On the cursed rocks there People's waters come to halt [pig squealing.]
They'll smash their chests, no hope begot Still, they'll stand and in puddles rot [in English.]
You said demons are weaker.
So when the gods appear, are we totally fucked? The Slavic pantheon is like a pyramid.
Masters and servants.
So this one is a servant? Unconditionally obedient to her master.
Like a dog.
[faint growling.]
[leaves rustling.]
[low growl.]
[in Old Slavonic.]
You have freed yourself, my master.
[rasping breath.]
There's no air to breathe.
The Earth is poisoned.
We're on the brink of the abyss.
Go and kill for my glory.
When the Holiday ends, the kingdom of chaos shall return.
[growls in agreement.]
[wheezing breath.]
On your knees, slave! All praise be yours, master.
You know the language of the gods? Yes.
I do.
[footsteps pound.]
[woman on radio.]
children were found in the Krakus Mound.
They were frozen and hanged.
A moment ago, the police reported that a child had gone missing from the kindergarten on Poniedziałkowy Dół Street.
We have learned from unofficial sources, these cases may be the work of the same criminal.
The missing boy is six years old.
Mikołaj! What Mikołaj? His brother.
What the fuck? [melancholy music playing.]
[music builds.]
- She's gone.
- What do you mean she's gone? - The window is open.
- What? Find your master! - You let her go! - I'm a hunter, not a piece of bait.
[intense rhythmic music playing.]
Hey! Are you crazy? We don't work like that! - [woman yelps.]
- [man shouts.]
[crowd clamoring.]
Come on! [music continues.]
[dramatic theme music playing.]

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