Cracow Monsters (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [intense rhythmic music playing.]
Come on.
This way! [panting.]
Fuck that parkour shit.
Come on.
Less smoking, more running.
Shut up.
You didn't catch her either.
What the fuck? Come on, it's your choice.
Which way? [lock rattles.]
[growls, pants.]
[breathing heavily.]
[mysterious music playing.]
Ah! [groans.]
One, two, three.
Mama Yaga's watching.
- [gasps.]
- [stones scraping.]
[electricity flickering.]
[gasps, groans.]
[grunts, groans.]
[intense music playing.]
["Jingle Bells” playing on radio.]
POLICE [grunts.]
[toy siren blares, dog barks.]
[siren splutters.]
[intense music playing.]
[wheezing breath.]
[crows cawing.]
So? - Did she lead you to her master? - [Alex.]
What do you think? - Then you shouldn't have let her go.
- She almost killed the poor guy.
- What stinks? - [Birdy.]
What do you think? Gigi's manure.
- How's he doing? - Good.
Clean as a whistle.
- He's sleeping off the ritual.
- That's good.
We're gone for five minutes and there's already some new fucker prowling the streets.
- Or an old one.
- Look at this.
Let me see.
What the fuck were you thinking letting a demon go like that? "A suspect killed three people near Krakus Mound.
" "The spokesperson for the local police asks that people stay home until the perpetrator is apprehended.
" "Below is a composite sketch.
" Wait.
Let me see.
What the hell is that? Definitely not a hollowshee.
[cell phone chimes.]
- All right.
- [cell phones chime.]
- It's Zawadzki.
Let's get going.
- Okay.
[melancholy piano music playing.]
[door shuts.]
Nine, three, eight, zero, one.
Nine, three, eight, zero, one.
- Did you find him? - [man.]
Please don't interfere.
- Please, it might be my brother.
- Are you the legal guardian? - No.
- Then I cannot give you any information.
Do you know Mikołaj? Have you seen him anywhere? He went outside but he didn't come back.
Come on, man.
You're scaring her.
Please, where is he? I'm sorry.
[police siren wailing in distance.]
What are you doing here? - Where is Mikołaj? - At kindergarten.
No, he's not! What are you talking about? How do you know? All the parents are at the school.
Police too.
Some fucking weirdo's running around the city but you know nothing, huh? Don't raise your voice at me.
For fuck's sake! Someone took your son.
And watch your language.
You back on drugs? Oh You really don't seem like yourself right now.
Did you even hear what I just told you? Call the police or look like you give a shit and find your goddamned son! All right! That's enough.
[door opens.]
- Did you run away from school? - [Mikołaj.]
Gigi, that stinks.
All right, I I said sorry, so just let me sleep.
Be glad we won't have to explain everything to Zawadzki.
Wait, come on.
I mean, we do have to tell him everything eventually.
Do we really? You think Zawadzki's gonna explain his disappearance to us? - Not likely.
- He never explains himself.
- He's just totally inscrutable.
- All right, you bunch of gossips.
So, does he do this a lot then? - Well, it's - Yeah, he does.
All the time.
It's been more than usual.
Birdy, I love you.
- Gigi.
- [laughs.]
- Calm the fuck down.
- Shut the fuck up.
["Ludzie psy" by Marii Peszek playing.]
Hey, don't do that to me again.
You really scared me, okay? I thought I saw Santa Claus in the bushes.
Was anyone there? [Mikołaj.]
He was ugly and scary.
And, like, kind of gross looking.
Anything else? He had little bells.
And there were little stick people hanging from a big stick.
That's him.
He was the one in the bushes.
Are you sure? Look.
He's got bells.
All right.
"Once upon a time, when the Earth was a wild, chaotic place giants roamed the land.
" "One of them was called the Winter Spas.
But the others called him Ded Moroz.
" [loud roar.]
"This cruel old man was cursed with the worst traits of the gods of winds, winter, and the underworld.
" "And when his holiday came, people would leave gifts out, so he wouldn't hurt them.
" What did you do? I gave him a present and he went away.
You're a good boy.
They were found hanged from a tree near Krakus Mound.
Where's Lucky? [Alex.]
He's coming.
I don't get it.
What makes you think we should take this case? [opera playing softly.]
You'll find out.
Go ahead.
Short noose around the father's neck.
Could definitely suggest foul play.
No apparent signs of a struggle.
Strangulation marks are narrow and raised.
[shutter clicks.]
No extravasation.
The body is frozen.
This is how they were found on the tree.
So they must've died of hypothermia and were hanged there later.
I don't think so.
The police report says these guys were still alive half an hour before their bodies were found.
It's physically impossible to freeze and hang three bodies in half an hour.
[cell phone ringing.]
Excuse me.
- Still there? Did you see anything? - You okay? Alex, don't disturb him when he's talking to them.
- Problems at home.
- His brother.
And he also For fuck's sake! [both.]
My bad.
It was Spas.
He froze them.
- Are you serious? - What? He's like a Santa Claus.
The appearance, behavior, action, reaction Everything fits.
Gigi! [Gigi.]
- How do you know it was Spas? - My brother saw him.
We have another body.
A five-year-old girl has been found near Wanda Mound.
Also frozen.
- [raspy growl.]
- [bells jangling.]
[tour guide speaking German.]
[tour guide.]
Move! Go! It's all right, folks.
Everything's okay.
[nuns gasp.]
[low growl.]
[in Old Slavonic.]
How dare you come here without her? [whimpering.]
I don't have much time.
[loud bang.]
[groans, gasps.]
[hollowshee in English.]
I'm sorry, master.
[in Old Slavonic.]
Perhaps [hollowshee gasps.]
Master, I can [loud growl.]
- [roars.]
- [screams.]
you were too weak.
Therefore redundant.
This carcass is not enough.
My Lord, you must strengthen yourself.
[opera playing softly.]
[in English.]
Smell of fermentation and decay.
Where exactly was the body found? [Zawadzki.]
An abandoned building.
In a pile of trash.
We'll help them pass on.
It'll be all right.
All of the bodies were found close to the mounds? Yeah.
The mounds are special places where ancient forces still hold sway.
Spas is an ancient demon.
" The hollowshee said "master.
" Maybe the master is Spas.
Spas is a dangerous demon.
But not powerful enough to give orders himself.
Sounds like he might be a servant too, killing for the Master as well.
Or for pleasure.
[in Old Slavonic.]
Make it until the last day of Veles's reign and you'll be born again.
I know you bastard.
[Robert chokes.]
I need a human baby.
Alive! [Robert coughs.]
[rain falling.]
[church bell tolling.]
Listen, if you want to talk about what happened in the bar the other night.
What happens in the crapper, stays in the crapper.
We're cool.
You got a light? So what's up? Too much.
Too much of what? Dead bodies? Corpses, ghosts, demons.
- Dead kids.
- You'll get used to it.
With this job, you'll have to or you'll go crazy.
And to think a week ago I thought I was schizophrenic.
- Now you know you aren't.
- I don't know.
There's definitely something wrong with me.
This all started with my mom.
Alex, she committed suicide.
I think she did it because of me.
Maybe she had PTSD? - Was it a difficult birth? - Honestly I don't know shit.
Just where I was born.
That's it.
- Where? - Copernicus Street.
Why you wanna know? That's the university hospital.
They have an archive.
And, as it happens, I know a pervy weirdo who can let us in.
Lucky day.
You complain about your parents, but at least you have them.
My mom fucking crashed her car and almost killed me in the process.
And I have no fucking idea why.
- I was afraid of her.
- Your mom? My grandma doesn't want to talk about her.
I have scraps of memories, dreams I don't even know what's real.
What are you looking at? January sixth.
Looks like someone's about to turn 21.
So what? You gonna throw me a surprise party in the morgue? [chuckles.]
I don't think so.
On the bright side, pretty soon you will legally be able to buy beer in Texas.
What is? "Woman admitted to post-natal care ward after out-of-hospital birth at 39 weeks.
" [both.]
"Delivery performed without medical assistance.
" [hammering.]
[baby crying.]
Shh! Shh.
[baby continues crying.]
Take her away.
You can't bring her in here! You will be just fine.
Ma'am, please try to feed her.
I can help you.
[continues crying.]
- Shh! - [rumbling.]
He's here.
I told you to take her away! Get her away from here.
What is it? Nothing.
"Patient refuses to care for the child.
" "Due to emotional trauma during labor, the patient reports high anxiety, paranoid delusions, a fear of being followed.
" "Possible postpartum psychosis.
" [camera clicks.]
What do you think that is? I don't know.
But it looks like a plant.
"Productive symptoms abated, the patient was discharged at her own request.
" "The patient was left in care of her mother.
" I have to talk to my grandma.
["Nie bój się nocy" by Mela Koteluk & Kwadrofonik playing.]
[song continues.]
[song fades.]
[light clicks.]
[deep breath.]
[bird calling.]
[eerie music playing.]
Never go into the marshes alone, okay? The marshes are haunted.
They are evil, evil, evil! Come on.
[dog barking.]
Good morning.
[dishes clattering.]
So you finally remembered I exist, huh? [clears throat.]
We need to have a conversation about Mom.
Not now.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- Did I miss anything? - They brought us two frozen penguins.
I mean, nuns.
- [exhales.]
- [knocks on door.]
- Where were you? - Me? I called you like 50 times.
You didn't answer.
- And where is Alex? - [Lucky.]
At her grandma's.
Forget about her.
You in love with her? I know the rules.
That's good.
My brother saw Spas.
We almost lost Gigi to a hollowshee.
I think I just saved you a lot of work.
In my absence, you're responsible for the group.
Remember? [bag zips.]
All right.
Check, uh, the autopsy results and let me know when Alex is back.
Can I help you at all? You are already helping.
You have no idea.
You are my assistant after all.
[suspenseful music playing.]
[music continues.]
[water bubbling.]
Come on.
Come out of there.
Come here.
[cat meows.]
Sit here.
By the stove.
[Grandma sighs.]
[telephone ringing.]
[Zawadzki in French.]
What's the news? THE CLINIC IN DAVOS CAN'T ADMI YOUR PATIENT, FELIKS ZAWADZKI - Who scratched you like that? - [Alex.]
I don't know.
- You don't know? - Maybe I did it myself.
Maybe it was the thing that follows me.
Something followed her too.
Please, just tell me what is happening.
Wounds from the underworld don't last long.
What are you talking about? Listen, I almost drowned.
The pain woke me up.
It means that whatever scratched you must have saved you too.
It wasn't evil.
But evil does exist.
Evil exists.
Grandma, something is killing people in Cracow.
- It's not good.
It's not human.
- Evil exists.
Evil exists.
You know what it is.
- What the hell do I know? - Sit down! Just sit down, for fuck's sake! You can't keep avoiding this conversation.
You let me believe my mother was a lunatic for so many years.
What was I supposed to say to a child? About devils and possessions? I leave the past behind.
I shut the door on it and that's it.
- I wanted to protect you.
- Protect me from what? What? Every night I wake up afraid that I have what she had.
That I'll end up like her.
That I'm crazy.
I haven't taken it out since the accident.
Way out here in the country, we never forget about our ancestors' faith.
This is Kolada.
It will help you come to terms with the past.
Drink up.
It's not going to be easy.
[intense music playing.]
[dance music playing.]
[people chattering.]
[music continues faintly.]
- [unzipping.]
- [moans.]
[continues grunting.]
[grunting continues.]
Once her belly grew, she was hysterical and thought a devil was after her.
- A devil? - Mm.
Well, she'd been raped.
I thought she was talking about the bastard who raped her that night.
That he was the devil.
He was evil incarnate.
Grandma, what if it was a real devil? Was really a demon? I don't know.
I was looking for a rational explanation.
Rape or drugs.
I almost believed the doctors that it was schizophrenia.
When they called from the hospital, Jagna had calmed down and she said Wanda already took care of everything and that you were safe.
Who's Wanda? I don't know.
Some friend of hers.
I didn't ask about anything.
The episodes were clearing up.
I didn't want to bother her.
But she was pretending.
And that devil or demon, or whatever it was, hounded her until the day she died.
And after the accident, I found this bag in her room.
This note was inside.
"Must take care of the sick one.
" Who's the sick one? I don't know.
Maybe Jagna wanted you to become a doctor.
[mysterious music playing.]
[music continues.]
[baby crying.]
The Sick One, Sick One [baby continues crying.]
The Sick One.
Sick One! [crying.]
The Sick One.
Sick One.
Sick One! [breathing shakily.]
[music continues.]
[loud whooshing.]
- [exhales.]
- [music stops.]
[eerie music playing.]
[music intensifies.]
[air hisses.]
[indistinct PA announcement.]
Take me there.
- So what did you want to show me? - Wait.
I'm waiting, not going anywhere.
But we could've brought some booze.
It's freezing out here.
Quit whining.
Haven't been here in a while.
I don't think I've ever been here.
This way, ladies and gents.
I was wrong.
This isn't it.
It's closed for winter.
Leave it.
Come on.
[lock rattling.]
Oh fuck.
Come here, hurry! This is it.
[intense music playing.]
[music fades.]
Hey, was there really a dragon? [Lucky.]
Nah, come on.
All those legends about the dragon, Krakus, Wanda They're all bullshit for tourists.
The Slavs used to call him Khors.
So that would make this Khors's tomb? [Lucky.]
That's what they say, but he's not here.
Weird name.
In Old Slavonic it means "sick one.
" Sick one? [rocks clatter.]
Hide the light [man.]
Who's there? [Lucky whispers.]
Come on.
SECURITY Don't you know gods should always be left in peace? [Lucky.]
Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey! Come on! [claps.]
Up! Get up! [knocking.]
Wake up, ladies! Hello? Professor? [door opens.]
Are you fucking crazy? - [Hania.]
I wasn't asleep.
- What's going on? We have new info.
Meet in Zawadzki's office.
- Gigi! - [knocks.]
You sleep okay? Come on.
Hey, Professor? He's not here.
[door opens.]
You're awake? What is it? [Alex.]
We have some news.
Go ahead.
It might sound complicated, but all the pieces fit together.
This thing that's been hounding me day and night, the thing that's terrorizing the whole city, it's the same thing that attacked my mom and made her kill herself.
My grandma says it's a devil.
- But I think it's a dragon.
- Which dragon? The dragon.
The Wawel Dragon.
I'll show you a photo.
In the first one is what my mother scratched into the wall when she was in the hospital.
The second one is the shadow cast by the dragon's sculpture.
- They are identical.
- Damn, you're right.
I see it now.
You know the legend about the dragon? - Yeah, sure, but - [Lucky.]
The legend had three heroes.
Wanda, Krakus, and the dragon, or Khors.
Wanda was Krakus's daughter.
And ever since all this fucked up stuff started, I hear "Wanda" everywhere.
And the other night my grandma told me my mom had a good friend named Wanda.
And remember the day I touched your coat? I heard "Wanda.
” - [Alex.]
- It's about you.
Everyone is thinking different things.
What is the legend about exactly? Well, Krakus was a typical medieval fairy-tale kind of king, and he decided to give his daughter, Wanda, um, to whoever defeated the dragon.
And, of course, he didn't ask her permission at all.
That's the feminist retelling.
Seriously? But the historical interpretation is that the victims, uh, rams, calves, and people, fell into the Vistula River and drowned.
It was like the Vistula sort of devoured them.
So then Krakus reinforces the riverbanks, which made it possible All right.
Can we please get to the point? [Iliana.]
Going back to the legend.
In the less popular version, Wanda was so upset about her father's plans for her that she figured out how to kill the dragon herself.
Except, it was forbidden to kill gods.
All you can do is imprison them.
- If she really did kill a dragon - Then she royally fucked up.
Unless she didn't kill it.
Only the highest-ranked deities, Khors, for instance, have the power to order other demons around.
And now they kill people in old places of worship that show up in the legend.
Of course.
It seems so obvious.
Three ancient mounds.
Ah Krakus Mound.
Uh, Wanda Mound.
And Wawel.
Three is a magic number.
Our ancestors believed that number had mystical power.
And it's no coincidence that the coordinates of the meridian line that intersects with Cracow adds up to three.
Three mounds demarcate the border.
The greatest power is focused in the center of a parallel world.
That's what we're looking for.
This is the key to everything that's been happening.
[church bell tolls.]
Axis mundi.
The Navel of the World and its energetic center.
[Birdy gasps.]
[baby crying.]
[continues crying.]
This is where you were born, Alex.
[intense music playing.]
[mellow synth music playing.]

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