Cracow Monsters (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

You must get rid of the Sick One.
Anthony of Padua, who art in Heaven, let Thy will be done, let my loss be undone.
- [door rattles.]
- St.
Anthony of Padua, who art in Heaven, let Thy will be done - I don't have the key, Mom! - [bangs door.]
- [woman.]
Anthony - [Jagna.]
Get rid of the Sick One.
will be done.
Anthony of Padua, who art in Heaven, let Thy will be done, let my loss be undone.
Mom I don't have the key.
Get rid of the Sick One? Mom, wait.
Mom? How am I supposed to get rid of the Sick One? [sniffs.]
[cell phone ringing.]
Yes? What? How did this happen? Uh, no, no, no, no, no, wait, wait for me.
I'll be right there.
[mysterious music playing.]
[gasping softly.]
[snaps fingers.]
[church bell tolls.]
["Drugs Saved My Life” by Michelle Gurevich playing.]
I wish I'd met you earlier Or maybe it's better we met as adults You taught me How to stop thinking so much Thinking never got me anywhere How I spun in circles before you came The sober mind is a messy thing Those who know I'm a solid candidate Believe when I say Drugs saved my life Showed me an open hand I owe more than I can say [clicking.]
To those select days Eyes each moment anew [clicking.]
I know it's not right to say But if you've walked Through those fields Then you know what I mean I'm sorry about the things I said Before I met you myself [clicking.]
Those who hate you the most Have never kissed you on the mouth ST.
ANTHONY'S HOSPITAL I'm the type Who knows how to draw the line So I don't visit you that often But I live with The knowledge of your smile GET RID OF THE SICK ONE I DON'T HAVE THE KEY MOM Eyes each moment anew I know it's not right to say [loud grinding.]
[song fades.]
[rats squeaking.]
[disturbing music playing.]
[in Old Slavonic.]
We had a different deal.
Where's my sacrifice? Where's the chaos you were supposed to create? Where's the chaos? [raspy-voiced.]
This world is so exhausting.
It blares and stinks.
Children taste nasty, artificial.
It's hard to finish them up.
Adults are even worse.
Damned are these times.
I have bad indigestion, my Lord, and disturbing dreams.
You've disappointed me again.
Where's my chaos? [roars.]
- [grunting.]
- [Spas roars.]
Go forth and create chaos in the city.
Before it's too late.
The Seer's forces are awakened in you.
Feel them.
- Go! - [Spas growls.]
Your fear does me good.
[floorboard creaks.]
What is St.
Anthony known for? He's an expert in finding keys.
And a guardian of children, I think.
[cell phone ringing.]
[ringing stops.]
Whose calls are you avoiding? - My dad.
- You should pick it up.
Maybe it's about Mikołaj? No, it's just Every year he calls me after Christmas to check in.
So what about St.
Anthony? I don't know.
But you can encounter his contemporary incarnation in the kitchen.
[1930's music playing faintly.]
- [Gigi.]
Any left? - [Birdy.]
I'm hungry! - [music playing.]
- [happy chatter.]
Ooh, welcome, the highest vibration born on the Axis Mundi.
Your mother, did she know about the old Slavic beliefs? [Alex.]
I don't remember.
She believed in talismans, like most country people.
Um Giving birth at Axis Mundi couldn't have been an accident.
She had to know something.
Bip, bip, bip, bip.
[woman speaking on radio indistinctly.]
Finally, some real food.
May I? Gigi, turn it up.
[news jingle playing on radio.]
confirms subsequent cases of missing children.
It is unclear who the suspect or suspects may be but the Cracow police have indicated that there may be a list of More of them.
Even worse.
It feeds on evil.
All right, it's 8:30.
Let's go.
You will be late for class.
Birdy feels bad.
He doesn't want to go.
- Get the fuck out of my head! - [Alex.]
What's your problem? Come on.
Do I have to lead you by the hand? Let's go.
[fork clatters.]
We'll go with Lucky to the university.
Alex and Birdy, head to your internship.
Can I help you? Where's Alex.
Come in.
Lucky! Hurry up.
You're driving us.
Come on.
Yeah? - I'm here - [Alex.]
She's here for me.
Hmm? Will you excuse us for a minute? [sighs.]
Don't take too long.
You're not alone here.
That's good.
Nothing's good.
You shouldn't have come.
I came because you haven't been responding to my messages and I was worried.
Just stop trying to save me.
I can take care of myself, really.
I'm living my life.
I'm glad that you have new friends, a nice house, you're alive Fuck, you cry every time we're together.
Stop doing this to yourself.
- I'm not the right one for you.
- It's It's stronger than me, Alex.
All right, I promise when this is over, I'll call you.
Okay? Yeah.
Don't come here again, understand? [birds chirping.]
[monitor beeping.]
Is this some old legend? Yeah.
But this is the adult version.
What did these people get [coughs.]
for sacrificing newborn babies to him? [coughs.]
A life for a life.
Lousy deal.
[oxygen hisses.]
[monitor beeping.]
[muffled cough.]
Calm your breath, my son.
Breathing is the only thing that is up to us.
[intense music playing.]
[in Old Slavonic.]
A life for a life.
Your fear is not enough.
And Spas' chaos is not enough.
I need fresh young flesh.
Spas will create chaos in the city.
I need you.
To give me strength, to fulfill the prophecy, bring me a baby! [in English.]
This is the first year of your internship in our hospital.
So I want you to take notes, so you can't say you don't know something.
All right.
We're in a crucial area of our hospital.
This is where all those who require immediate medical attention are directed.
The specialized equipment we have in the ED allows us - [woman 2.]
What happened? What happened? - Psst! You hear that? [woman whimpers.]
What? Padua, who art in Heaven [sobs.]
STOREROOM Saint Anthony of Padua, who art in Heaven, let Thy will be done, let my loss be undone.
My loss, my loss, my most grievous loss.
He was so calm.
He was peaceful.
I told him, "Jump, my son.
The Earth will tuck you in.
" I buried him quietly.
But the Earth screamed day and night.
The Earth screamed! [sobs.]
I had to dig him out! I need help! I dug up the body! [sobs.]
The doctor will be soon.
My son! My son, help.
My son! - [Birdy.]
Calm down.
- Where did he go? - Help me.
Help me.
- [doctor.]
It's okay.
Please, don't worry.
- I'll take him.
- Calm down.
It'll be okay.
- [doctor.]
I'll take him.
- Don't be afraid.
He's a doctor.
May I? - Easy.
- [kisses.]
I got him.
Don't let them hurt him.
I promise.
It'll be all right.
- Okay? - [Birdy.]
Come on.
Come on! [panting.]
- [doctor.]
Open the door.
- Wait.
- What? - Just wait.
- Fuck me.
- It's insane.
Listen, I have no idea.
A dead child and some woman.
I don't know.
I'm sending her to the psych ward.
Watch the door.
[melancholy music playing.]
[Alex sniffs.]
[banging on door.]
Come on.
They're taking the body.
[wings flapping.]
- [dogs barking.]
- [car alarms blaring.]
I recommend this as a great souvenir from your visit to Cracow.
- It was made by a local artist - [Spas roars.]
Andrzej! [gasps.]
- Andrzej! - [woman speaking Japanese.]
- [growls.]
- [woman screams.]
[in Japanese.]
Get him to a hospital! Call an ambulance! [men singing drunkenly.]
- [in English.]
Whoa! What's wrong? - Hey, man, are you okay? Someone get him to a hospital.
Call an ambulance.
[all yelling indistinctly.]
Piotr! Justyna! Stanisław.
[in Old Slavonic.]
 We are creating chaos.
[bells jangling.]
[snarls hoarsely.]
Get out of the way! Incoming patient.
Need help.
All the beds are full! [indistinct clamoring.]
[woman 3.]
First-year students to Professor Żukiewicz.
- Second-year students to triage.
- Good morning, Professor.
They called the college and sent for the senior students and assistants.
- And the professors.
There's a lot to do.
- Lucky! [Lucky.]
Something's happened in the city.
We just saw a woman who brought in a child she dug out of a grave.
She buried him at night in the garden.
Nobody saw it.
An illegal burial? All right.
Check if Zawadzki's here.
We'll look for the kid.
Sorry! [blows.]
[thunder rumbling.]
- [man yelling.]
- [woman screaming.]
[doctor 2.]
But all of this is statistically impossible.
Unless it's a mass poisoning with some kind of substance.
Get out of the way! [doctor 2.]
Fuck me, it's some kind of collective psychosis.
We need help! I can't do it any longer.
Chlebik's heart has stopped! [student.]
Doctor, over here! We're losing him! Put in a line and find a doctor.
Right now! [nurse.]
Where are you going? You can't leave us now! I need help.
Can [screeching.]
[low growl.]
[thunder rumbles.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[ambulance sirens wailing.]
He's bleeding! [Lucky.]
This way.
[indistinct chattering.]
[sirens continue wailing.]
What do you want to do? His mother begged me not to let anyone hurt him.
Alex, I think he's a lubberkin.
Children who have been secretly buried and dug up after a few days turn into these Well, you'll see for yourself.
Be careful.
I'm always careful on our dates in the morgue.
[suspenseful music playing.]
Just like in my dream.
- Hey - [gurgling, raspy breathing.]
- I'll handle it.
- Can you hear me? Go back to the ER.
There aren't enough people there to mark crosses on foreheads.
You okay? Can you hear me? [Lucky sighs.]
[raspy breathing.]
- What are you doing? It's just a child.
- What child? - A child! - What child? - Look at it.
What child? - I love you.
I love you.
I love you.
 I love you.
Your mom sent me here.
She wanted wanted to tell you something.
My mom sent you? She made you a sausage sandwich, just the way you like it.
[bone cracking.]
[panting stops.]
Oh God.
The professor taught you that? [Lucky.]
The dirt should contain it.
- Killing children? - Alex, don't do that.
What he said, it's the truth.
I forgot she used to make me sandwiches.
- You heard what he said, right? - Don't do that.
He was talking about my mom.
That my mom made me sandwiches.
She really did make me sandwiches.
I forgot about that.
I forgot she made them for me.
- She wants to tell me something.
- Alex! Calm down.
- She was in my dream.
Outside that door.
- Listen.
- I don't understand what's going on.
- Listen to me! Don't yell at me! Alex, listen to me.
These are demons that are raised Raised by mothers who can't come to terms with a loss of a child.
What are you talking about? You killed that child.
Listen to me! It won't change anything.
- It always ends the same way.
- How do you know that? Because the professor and I have been researching this for - Come here.
- Professor? Research? - You call this research? - Alex, help! [Alex.]
Stop yelling! - We have to get out.
Come on.
Help me.
- No.
- Alex, come here.
- No.
Alex! Don't yell at me.
[indistinct clamoring.]
Call the doctor.
Call the doctor! It's the professor.
What's going on? Take care of Feliks.
It's my assistant.
I'll be right there.
Who's that? My son.
What son? Look at me.
What the fuck? You motherfucker! [grunts in frustration.]
[siren wailing in distance.]
[Lucky panting.]
You should go.
They're waiting for you.
Where is that goddess of yours? - [Alex whimpers.]
- I need her help now! - [Alex grunts.]
- Where is she? [Zawadzki groans.]
You should go after him.
He was the only person I ever trusted.
That's one person too many.
[siren wailing.]
[man 2.]
I need some help over here.
Maria! Maria! Maria! - Someone help! - Come here.
[indistinct talking, yelling.]
All right, get her up.
Please help us.
I'll call someone right away.
- Where are you going? - Just wait.
- [Spas.]
Martyna! - [Alex.]
How is she? Help me! This is impossible.
A healthy guy doesn't just die.
- Antek! - [Lucky.]
Antek, let's switch.
Excuse me.
- Help him.
- All right.
[people screaming.]
What can you hear? Coming! I can hear someone calling me.
Excuse me.
I'm here.
I'm here.
Hania! [Spas roaring.]
You're Hania.
- [Spas.]
- Andrzej.
- Bronisław.
- Bronisław.
- [Spas.]
- Ania.
- [Spas.]
- Matylda.
It's just first names.
What are you doing? Fuck, I tried to handle all of this.
Okay? I've tried, but I can't do it anymore.
- So why medicine? - I wanted to learn something about myself! About that fucking anomaly.
But after all this time I know nothing! Fuck, I don't want that gift or knowledge.
I want to be normal.
We are all fucking freaks, understand? But I'm with you.
I'm still here.
- Fuck, you're here because you have to be.
- No.
I want to.
I don't want to.
You don't mean that.
I need you to help me.
Come on.
[intense music playing.]
[Birdy panting.]
I'm begging you, please.
We don't have much time.
[breathing heavily.]
Maria! Maria! [gasps.]
- Fuck, this will kill me one day.
- [Alex.]
What did you see? - An underground sewer.
- Where? Birdy, I need more information.
Try again.
Do it.
Let go of her hand.
[Birdy grunting.]
- [Birdy.]
- Where is he? - St.
- Thank you.
- [woman laughing.]
- [bells ringing.]
This city is dying.
A black plague is flooding us.
[woman laughs.]
A black plague.
[Spas roars.]
- Olga! - [people screaming.]
Olga! - [Spas.]
Piotr! - [man 3 groaning.]
[woman 3 screaming.]
Renata! [Spas.]
Łukasz! Łukasz! - [man 4 groaning.]
- [Spas.]
Janusz! Janusz! [Spas.]
Waldemar! Waldemar! Stanisław.
- Stanisław.
- Ah! [Spas.]
[distant screams.]
[Alex panting.]
- [bells jangling.]
- [low growl.]
Wanda! [snarls.]
- [Spas growls.]
- [Alex sniffs.]
- [Alex grunting.]
- [bells jangling.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
[monitor beeps.]
[respirator pumping.]
[intense music playing.]
Who are you? Someone who's on your side.
I'll show you.
[raspy breathing.]
[Spas growls.]
Wanda! - [Alex groans.]
- [Spas growls.]
[water splashes.]
[raspy breathing.]
[Spas growls.]
[water bubbling.]
- [bell tolls.]
- [Spas groans.]
[Spas gasps.]
[Spas groans.]
[bell continues.]
[Spas roars.]
[Spas growling.]
[metal rattling.]
[Spas grunts.]
[metal reverberating loudly.]
[Spas groans.]
[Spas gasps.]
- [metal bangs.]
- [Spas yells.]
- [banging rapidly.]
- [groans.]
- [banging continues.]
- [groans.]
[electricity crackling.]
- [water sizzles.]
- [Spas croaks in pain.]
[Spas yells.]
[Alex panting.]
Find me.
Find me.
Find me.
[babies crying.]
[Zawadzki groans.]
Alex has a guardian deity? [Antoni.]
Aitvaras? Aitvaras.
But I thought she only served the highest priestesses.
And it was a long time ago.
Ages ago.
Are you okay? In one piece? I don't know.
And I don't know.
But I do.
You are alive and you killed him.
You killed Spas.
I didn't do this by myself.
You know that.
Just like during the test.
I was counting on her.
Did you really believe that I was going to survive? You just had faith? ["Farewell My Heart" by Mary Komasy playing.]
I'm sorry.
I'll do anything to meet my mother.
I'll greet the cold Embrace it with a smile [gasping, grunts.]
I'll buy my peace of mind My pain untold Will turn into a scar So farewell my heart [baby cooing.]
[woman vocalizing.]
[breathing shakily.]
[woman vocalizing.]
[baby cooing.]
[baby crying.]
[baby continues crying.]
[music intensifies.]
[Iliana gasps.]
[music fades.]
[dramatic theme music playing.]

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