Cracow Monsters (2022) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

And stay.
Stay! Beherid.
Beherid! Beherid! Beherid! Beherid! Beherid! Beherid! Beherid! Beherid! Beherid! Alex! Alex! Alex! Oh! Alex Alex.
Alex! Alex.
Alex! Alex.
What are you doing? I don't understand.
Were you trying to kill yourself? I wanted to meet my mom.
How long have you been doing this, huh? I found a bunch of empty pill bottles in the trash.
I wanted to induce lucid dreaming.
I've got a bad feeling.
I'm getting visions of you in a tomb.
I don't want to commit suicide.
It's just I used to be afraid to sleep, the nightmares But now that I know they're about her, I can't sleep at all without taking something.
She stopped showing up.
Promise me this is your last experiment you do by yourself.
I've had enough of funerals for one week.
"See, I am beginning to bring disaster on the city that bears my name.
" "And will you indeed go unpunished?" "You will not go unpunished.
" "For I am calling down a sword on all who live on the earth.
" "A mighty storm is rising from the ends of the earth.
" "At that time those slain by the Lord will be everywhere.
" - Where's the professor? - "From one end of the earth" Clearly, he has better things to do.
"to the other.
" Good Jesus Our Lord Give them Eternal rest Let eternal light Shine over them Where all Saints Reign Why would Hvor kill all those people if he just wants to kill me? My mother knew something about his sick plan.
And? I'm trying to talk to her but it's not working.
Will you help me? I won't allow it.
- Have you eaten? - Mm-mm.
Not a bite.
For three days.
And she's popping sleeping pills like candy.
If this goes on much longer, we'll just give her to the other side.
Hvor, between him and that fat guy, they've killed a lot of people.
We don't know why.
We don't know when he'll kill again.
But my mom knows something about him.
Listen, for the first time in my life, I feel like what happened to me finally makes sense.
That's why I want to try everything.
I understand that but I'm not gonna help poison you.
What are you talking about? It's a tried and true ritual.
You can leave if you want to.
This will work fine.
Ladies! Come on.
Today of all days? There's a wake tonight and we're playing a set.
- Sorry, I need some quiet time.
- Oh, magic 'shrooms.
Care to share? Ah, they're not for us.
Actually, you might come in handy.
Almost noon.
INTENSIVE CARE UNI My hunger is not satisfied.
It's for you.
For your gift.
You'll return to me and offer a real sacrifice by the blood moon.
Hurry up.
We've got little time.
- Who's that? - A homeless guy.
He didn't have ID on him and he was naked.
Some jogger found him by the quarry.
You know, next to Krakus Mound.
Two hearts.
A phantom.
It's the only thing I have left from my mom.
That'll work.
- How do you know? - Sit down.
Good idea.
Alex, I'll try to protect you.
But I need you to understand that mushrooms are no joke.
They can be dangerous sometimes.
Lucky, please be careful.
It's okay, Iliana.
He already knows this ritual.
I'm here.
Here's the plan.
Focus on the bag as hard as you can.
Okay? It could be the key to contacting the other side.
Stay focused so the girls can hear your thoughts loud and clear.
Boots and socks off.
Alex, right here.
Hmm? Anything evil shows up, Gigi will bring you out.
- You're killing her.
- Sit back down.
Hang on.
It's okay.
I can feel she just arrived.
It's a place of great power.
But there are no demons.
A tomb.
We're doing it wrong.
My mom wasn't there.
But there was a tomb.
Could be a mound.
Maybe we're doing it the right way but in the wrong place.
We can try the cemetery tomorrow.
Or the country.
Her mother's grave.
Everything we're trying to do revolves around my mother's death.
The registry office put down the date when the body was found.
- Not the date of death.
- Yeah.
My mom died instantly.
They found us nine days later.
Try it.
These are Slavic symbols for the world's axis.
Axis mundi.
Where did your mom get this? Maybe we're looking for a completely different tomb? So, you think Wanda Mound is really her grave or is it just a hill? Archaeologists have never found anything.
It's more of a symbol than her actual resting place.
No, Alex.
You have to stop.
If you keep doing this to yourself, you won't survive.
- You need to rest.
- I'm fine.
Alex! You might still be high for a couple of hours.
If you get in too deep, I'm going to take you home.
Okay? This world is sick.
To our friends.
May they find peace.
I don't know what to say, guys.
Fuck this shit! Satan With the devil With the devil Mechanism Mechanism Satanism Satanism Satan Satan Alex.
Percival Percival Perverse Percival Satanism And when Jesus comes We will show him a sign Pointing to Wieliczka And when Jesus comes We will show him a sign Pointing to Wieliczka And when Jesus comes We will show him a sign Pointing to Wieliczka And when Jesus comes We will show him a sign Pointing to Wieliczka Alex.
Mechanism Satanism Satanism You really think I'm just gonna let you leave? - I'm going alone.
- Stop.
- I got it now.
- Got what? The psychic ritual to get me to the other side didn't work, right? That's right.
We thought maybe a physical trip might work better instead.
- Yeah.
So? - So, come on.
Let's get going.
Not to the tomb.
To Wieliczka.
- Open it.
- Alex.
That's exactly how mushrooms work.
Your brain heard "Wieliczka" in the middle of a song and now you think it means something.
We will show him a sign Pointing to Wieliczka - What time does it say? - It's 3:00 a.
Why? Time stopped.
The clock stopped on the time I usually see my mother.
She's calling to me.
We will show him A sign pointing to Wieliczka Let's take a ride.
It will do her good.
We will show him A sign pointing to Wieliczka All right.
Go run around.
There it is.
The salt mine.
Look at the sign.
There's another sign.
Lucky, she's high out of her mind.
No, it can't be here.
The sign has to be clear.
There are three of them.
We need to find a place with only one.
Let's go.
Come on.
A graduation tower.
That was my bad.
Sorry, guys.
Early birds flying oh so high Standing trees, brother in arms Dying hope in this town of strangers Carbon streets on a rainy day Carpets of leaves under my feet The dawn is coming To my town of strangers The storm comes and goes And I keep walking, I keep walking Raindrops shine with gold My heart was stolen, heart was stolen The storm comes and goes And I keep walking, I keep walking Raindrops shine with gold This way.
My heart was stolen, heart was stolen I'm pretty sure this wasn't here.
An oak.
It's the entrance to the Underworld.
It's Strom.
He's the guardian of the Underworld.
Don't look him in the eye! Alex, you have to close your eyes! Alex! Alex! Alex? I hope she didn't look him in the eye.
She went off the radar.
Want to get some air? No, I'm okay.
You'll feel a lot better.
The stars are beautiful tonight.
I will stay here with him.
I had another dream about that desert.
Actually, I think I will step out.
No one has ever left this place alive.
A life for a life.
I came here to meet my mother.
She gave me the key.
She is different.
She's been here all this time.
She has always been here.
If she goes down below, she will awaken fate.
The circle will be complete.
There are nine that will unite with nine.
Nine steps to the three circles of the Underworld.
There you will find the divine center.
We have to go right now! We have to wait.
This could've all been a trap.
And we handed her right to Hvor.
- We have to go tell Zawadzki.
- No.
Why not? Because it's her business.
And it was her mother who brought her here.
Not Zawadzki.
Alex's mother is a mare.
They are not good ghosts, Lucky.
Nine steps to the three circles of the Underworld One.
Mom Shh Up there.
This is where I gave birth to you.
I heard a voice and I knew this was the place I could bring you into the world safely.
And he couldn't get me here.
It was a year with a terrible drought.
I thought my death would end all this.
I wanted to protect you.
- Remember, I wanted - You took me there.
I was wrong, Alex.
He wasn't really waiting for me.
It was all about you.
Understand? I have to go.
Meet with him.
Meet with the Sick One.
- It's your destiny.
- Tell me where he is.
- Female power is coming.
- Mom, I don't understand.
You must free Wanda.
 Eat it, son.
The vanquisher of Hvor.
Veles' most powerful priestess.
Not all of her shall die.
She will return one day And nine will meet nine beneath the blood moon.
Eat it.
Eat it, my son.
Nine has met nine.
There is no way out.
We are buried alive.
Do something!
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