Cracow Monsters (2022) s01e07 Episode Script

Episode 7

1 A NETFLIX SERIES [faint indistinct whispering.]
[tense music playing.]
Well, now she's dead.
That's for sure.
I told you.
I told you! If she were dead, I'd have seen her.
Why are you so calm? I don't understand.
You're acting like Zawadzki.
You have to let her handle this on her own.
All right? [birds calling.]
Alex! Watch out.
Who is that? Let's get out of here.
[birds calling.]
She is my guardian angel.
I'm not sure.
Zawadzki called her some kind of goddess.
She acts as a protective deity.
But only powerful shamans and priestesses had a creature like that.
Like Wanda? So you are Wanda.
My mom tried to contact me today.
So I would know the truth.
In an interesting way.
It seems to be normal for the dead.
I saw the moment when Wanda was reborn into me.
Something like that.
[tense music continues.]
[tires squeal.]
[Lucky panting.]
[suspenseful music playing.]
I'm sorry this happened to you.
It doesn't hurt anymore.
It's all right.
I'm not scared anymore.
You shouldn't be either.
It's nothing.
[door opens.]
Lucky? Is everything okay? [woman.]
It's all right.
Hello? Is anyone here? Gigi? Birdy! [birds calling in distance.]
[line ringing.]
They're not here.
Probably still drinking.
Can't you just see what they are up to? No.
You don't need second sight to find some drunks.
Just car keys.
Check the afterparties and Endzior's Sandwiches.
I hate playing mother.
I won't go easy on you anymore.
Go to bed.
Alex, come on.
I'll make you something hot to drink.
[birds calling in distance.]
[melancholy music playing.]
[Alex sighs.]
Get some rest.
Will you stay? [exhales.]
What's it like down there? It's very cold.
It makes you understand what really matters.
Such a cliché.
[soft moan.]
[Alex moans.]
[Alex gasps.]
[both panting.]
[Alex gasps.]
- [panting.]
- [groans.]
[sharply inhales.]
[tense music playing.]
[cell phone ringing.]
Hello? Mhm.
Hold on.
Mm Fine.
I'm coming down.
[church bell tolls.]
[door opens in distance.]
- [laughter.]
- [indistinct chatter.]
On the couch.
Stay on the couch.
- [Gigi.]
Good morning.
- Shut up.
Pointing to Wieliczka [Gigi.]
What? She would have kissed me.
Show us this deity of yours.
- [Gigi.]
Show us.
- [Birdy.]
Show us! [Gigi.]
Goddess! - I'll just touch her.
- [Alex.]
Fuck off.
I'm not gonna introduce her to a bunch of drunken idiots.
Now, excuse me, but I resent those hurtful and insulting comments.
- Can we focus for a moment? - [Gigi.]
Let's focus! I tried to explain it, but I don't know how much they understood.
- [Gigi.]
A bit.
- Alex is immune to magic.
Because the priestess Wanda lives inside of her.
But where is this whole dragon that has been hunting her? It's not a dragon.
Just a kid from the slums.
We should've realized it when Harevit attacked the boy.
Now we don't know where to look for him, let alone how to defeat him.
Maybe if I hadn't killed the Harevit, nobody else would've died.
Alex, please.
This isn't the right time.
Listen, Wanda already defeated Hvor in Cracow once before.
Maybe Maybe you could do it too, somehow? I don't know.
All right, listen.
Here is what we'll do.
The hungover slobs are gonna go take a shower.
Those who feel up to it, follow me to Zawadzki's study.
Okay? [mysterious music playing.]
Who's he calling a slob? [groans.]
[Zawadzki gasps.]
He is not yours.
He is mine now.
His heart belongs to me.
Mary's bugle call in the distance.]
- The professor's not going to like that.
- [Lucky.]
Blame it on me.
Honestly? I haven't a clue where to look for some real information on how to fight Hvor.
Maybe you could try, huh? I think you're overestimating me.
Don't think about it.
Just pick one.
- [Basia.]
Why does this book have - Blank pages? - [Antoni.]
Maybe it's just a notebook? - Yeah.
Or invisible ink.
- Alex.
- Ugh.
I know you're tired, but maybe one more try? [Iliana.]
I have an idea.
Come here.
Sit down.
Give me your hand Okay.
All right.
I need you to focus.
I want you to focus! [exhales.]
"Upon Cracow a terrible curse will fall.
" "Henceforth it will suffocate and decay in a valley, surrounded by houses tall as mountains, so that no wind can chase away the rancid air, and so that people will die from the poison that fills the air.
" "And when a storm arrives from all the ends of the earth, the seasons start to contradict each other, and a great drought begins.
" "Then, from the abyss of the Underworld, Hvor will crawl out, and as he grows in strength, will wreak havoc and death.
" "It is then that history shall repeat itself.
" "Hvor must be captured, not killed, and bound forever in the underworld.
" "Otherwise, once the blood moon rises, the entire world will be devoured by evil water.
" [panting.]
So Cracow is cursed? Fuck me, I knew it.
So it seems like what we are seeing now is the beginning of the end? Evil grows.
And so does his power.
He waits for the rising of the blood moon to destroy us.
"The entire world will be devoured by black water.
" - [Alex.]
Evil water.
- Whatever.
Too bad this legend doesn't have any specific clues about how to defeat Hvor.
Too bad I never got a user's manual.
[birds calling.]
- [bangs.]
- [gasps.]
It was just a swallow.
That's a good sign.
It's like a Slavic Themis.
It heralds the arrival of justice and the punishment of the guilty.
- [bangs.]
- Huh? What? That's definitely not a good sign.
[coffee machine whirring.]
[coffee dripping.]
Get off me! - [woman.]
What's going on? - Bitch! What? What's wrong? - What's gotten into you, sweetie? - Get the fuck off me! - Ouch! Feliks - Leave me alone! Wait.
Calm down.
Calm down.
Get the fuck off! - Ah! - [nurse.]
Hold him.
Hold him.
- [Feliks.]
You whore! - [woman yells.]
Dima! [Dima.]
Hey! Kid! Let go.
[tense music playing.]
[sobbing quietly.]
Where are you going? I'll fix it.
What do you have to fix? Everyone has a price.
- Even him.
- Who are you talking about? [tense music playing.]
What did you do to my son? [grunts.]
I did what you asked.
I saved him your son.
Now a part of me lives in him.
He's my creature.
He and I are one.
What do I have to do to get him back? There's one last obstacle left in my way.
This time - [grunts.]
- Stay down.
magic has failed.
[in demonic voice.]
And history can't repeat itself.
Stay down.
Just like that.
You can feel the blood moon rising.
Tonight you'll bring me the priestess.
To the place where the ancient ones offered me sacrifices.
And now, do as I say.
[man groans.]
Watch where you're going, asshole.
[indistinct chatter.]
[man 2 groans.]
Oh! What the hell? [indistinct chatter.]
[door opens.]
Not now.
[door closes.]
How's your son? He's fine.
That's good to hear.
I wanted I just wanted to tell you that I always saw you as a father.
Which is why I mainly blame myself for for not seeing you for who you really are.
You made me do terrible things for you.
You always told me what we were doing was for the greater good, but you never cared about that.
I don't even know anymore.
Is it fame? Control? Or something more powerful? Hey, I helped you.
Or have you forgotten that? But at what cost? The only thing you wanted was our abilities.
You put her fucking life at risk.
Wait a second.
I wasn't the one sitting in the car with Alex and that other girl.
That was your idea.
- Or have you forgotten that too? - Another one of my mistakes.
I never should have done those horrible things for you.
We'll talk about this later.
I promise.
They're waiting for you.
Come on.
There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy.
[mysterious music playing.]
[soil squishing.]
[photocopier whirring.]
- What have you found? - [Alex.]
Good, you're back.
Professor, sir, the godling Aitvaras is locked in a room upstairs.
She's here to protect Alex.
But Wieliczka.
From the beginning! [Antoni.]
Let me finish.
Alex is a reincarnation of Wanda.
- That Wanda.
- [Iliana.]
From the legend.
They met in the underworld and there Wanda told Alex that only she can defeat Hvor.
That's why we looked into your closet, and in a book we found this legend [Antoni talking indistinctly echoes through pipes.]
But Wieliczka.
From the beginning! [Antoni.]
Let me finish.
Alex is a reincarnation of Wanda.
That Wanda.
They met in the underworld and there Wanda told Alex that only she can defeat Hvor.
That's why we looked into your closet, and in a book we found this legend [muffled talking continues faintly.]
[indistinct conversation echoes faintly.]
[indistinct conversation echoes faintly.]
Hvor will crawl out from the abyss of the underworld and wreak evil, havoc, and death.
I think we need to find Hvor's hideout first.
- But he could be anywhere.
- Not necessarily.
I think Hvor will be hiding in a place where he feels like he's safe.
In places that are connected to his cult.
For example, near mounds where the first victims were found.
Let's go there now.
- Not you.
- Why? [Alex.]
It concerns me.
I need you to stay here.
We haven't had much contact with the Black Gods.
Maybe together we can find something in my library.
Iliana can stay in the library.
I don't want to sit around reading.
- That's her thing.
- Exactly, Professor.
I can stay and do it.
Yes, but you're the one who came closest to him.
Maybe you're also the one who's supposed to find out how to defeat Hvor.
Go to the mounds.
I'll pass.
I have an important personal matter I have to deal with.
[Hania groans.]
Personal? [Hania.]
I don't even wanna fucking know.
What are you waiting for? - To Krakus? - Yeah, Krakus.
Hania's coming with me.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
We're searching around blindly.
- But systematically.
- Mm-hmm.
"The ancient town of Cracow embraced by Vistula's four branches.
" "And in the marshes dwells Hvor.
" What? "Where the first sacrificial stone is located, where the defensive fortress lies.
" [Alex.]
We're looking for him in the wrong places.
We might have found something after all.
[cell phone ringing.]
Hello? [Zawadzki in French.]
Ah, yes, it's me.
Um [in English.]
Excuse me a minute.
[in French.]
["Pussy, Cock & God” by Bass Astral x Igo playing.]
Holy fuck.
Need a lift? [song continues.]
Curiosity will be your undoing.
What's going on? Hmm? Buddy "Buddy"? Still? [laughs.]
When we fuck for the third time, that's when I'll call you sweetheart, sweetheart.
[both chuckle.]
We gotta make one stop.
[song ends.]
Mom This is Alex.
- Alex, this is my mom.
- Good morning.
We just came to see Mikołaj and then we'll go.
Hey, Miki.
Come here.
Listen to me very carefully.
Okay? - This is Alex.
- Hi.
If anything happens, anything bad or scary, remember, she's here to help you.
Give me your hand.
Take care of this.
Always carry it with you.
Now give us a smile.
[song resumes.]
[song continues.]
See anything? [Hania.]
I don't know what I'm looking for.
Neither do I.
Something black and slimy.
[dance music playing in bar.]
Oh, could I have one? Since we're going to war, how about a last supper, huh? - What are you doing? - Having a beer.
- A beer? Are you crazy? - A beer.
Calm down.
The Barbican won't fly away.
Thank you.
- I'll help you out.
- Mm-hmm.
Would the gentleman care for a shave tonight? No, thanks.
[happy chatter.]
- You're seeing them again? - That's normal here.
Come on, let's go.
Come on.
[mysterious music playing.]
[faint growl.]
[eerie music playing.]
The moon has donned a bloody hat.
[dogs barking, howling.]
Get out of here! Get lost! Scram! What are you doing here? I'll show you! [upbeat dance music playing.]
And you? What about you? [music continues.]
Come on.
[laughter, yelling.]
[music continues.]
[music continues loudly [crowd yelling happily.]
What's wrong? What? I think I'm having flashbacks from the 'shrooms.
Look at me.
Look here.
Hey, hey, hey.
Look up at me.
Keep looking at me.
Everything is fine, okay? [music continues.]
- [Lucky.]
- [Alex.]
- Two.
- Two.
- Three.
- Three.
- [slicing sound.]
- [Lucky grunts.]
- [slicing sound.]
- [Lucky grunts.]
[Alex grunts.]
- [slicing sound.]
- [Lucky grunts.]
- [slicing sound.]
- [Lucky grunts.]
[slicing sounds.]
[Alex groans.]
Help me! Help me! [woman yelling.]
[boy yelling.]
[all clamoring.]
[intense music playing.]
[screaming in pain.]
You're getting weaker.
[boy continues screaming.]
Don't Don't Don't just stand around! [screams.]
You fool! [continues screaming.]
You're nothing without me! Ah! [continues screaming.]
I'm here.
Do you hear me? [melancholy music playing.]

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