Cracow Monsters (2022) s01e08 Episode Script

Episode 8

1 A NETFLIX SERIES No! What's wrong? Professor? He's dead.
Who? How did he die? I know I know it hurts My open heart is dangerous I know, we were in a hurry To reach the unknown To find the future But you're still in the past Trying to control Your urge to escape One nightmare Was a dead end One nightmare Was a dead end Hello? Who are you here for? Alex's grandma.
Bożena Złota.
I can help.
Grief gets worse when you're hungry.
Tell Alex I'm here.
Kitchen? At the end on your left.
Keep up your strength.
We're not in the mood to eat.
You all could use it.
Especially you.
Do something, for fuck's sake! Don't just stare at me! He's going to kill us all.
And you're just fucking sitting there.
- I had no idea it was - Fuck off! I'll go.
Wait, Alex.
Grandma, take your fucking jars and get the fuck out of this city! Calm down! Can you leave us alone for a minute? Listen.
Last night I watched my best friend die in my arms.
He was killed by the same thing that drove my mom to suicide.
I won't leave you alone.
I never forgave myself for the fact that Jagna was alone on the streets when she gave birth to you.
She wasn't alone.
She was always with us.
I'm sure she was.
I came here because a blood moon is rising.
The last blood moon was on the night you were born.
The waxing moon is fickle, always touch-and-go.
She'll either fade and die or live and glow.
That's what people say.
- January.
- Mmm.
Uh It says here the blood moon will be visible over Cracow at 9:00 p.
It's just not clear what that predicts.
A beginning or an end.
I was born at 9:00 p.
Maybe the fates haven't decided and it's up to me.
"Look for the rise of blood moon, then history will repeat itself.
" Do you remember Mom talking about her friend Wanda? She knew how to vanquish evil.
But then she drowned and took that secret to the grave with her.
What if we recreate her death? You want me to jump into the Vistula? No.
We just need to trick your body into thinking it's actually drowning.
You mean regressing to a previous incarnation? It's dangerous.
And where are we supposed to drown her? In the shower? I think we need to keep looking for answers in these books.
We'll give you a hand.
Quite a place to spend your birthday, isn't it? A walk down memory lane? Mm-hmm.
Thank you.
We're even, Alex.
Whatever you're planning, be careful.
What is this place? A progressive trend in psychiatry.
We don't have a lot of time.
Fill it up.
Well, I found us a place.
What's next? In order to reconstruct the moment when your previous incarnation died, your body has to react in a real way to the fear As if you were really dying.
What's that? Ketamine.
- Uh - Wait.
Hold on.
We never said we were going to use boosters.
They use that for torture.
Alex, don't - If we make one tiny mistake - This is insane.
We're not fucking with mushrooms, we're talking about a near-death experience.
We're talking about a dissociative state, where, as Basia was saying - She can go completely crazy.
- A bad trip is not easy.
Alex, we cannot guarantee we'll be able to bring you out of this.
No one knows better about this What What are you doing here? Good idea.
Jesus! I I can't! Someone's holding her down! We trusted you and look what happened! - Lucky dying wasn't enough? - Why are you risking her life? She has to remember.
Why did you pull me out? Alex I was so close.
One more time.
Alex When you start to drown, make sure you reach out.
Three faces from which the gods were born.
Where three axes of the world intersect on the day and hour of the power of three.
Three faces from which the gods were born.
Where three axes of the world intersect on the day and hour of the power of three.
The fifth of January, 2022 gives the astrological number of three.
And 21:00 hours adds up to three.
The doubled power of the priestess.
Mine and Wanda's.
I get that, but "The three faces from which the gods were born"? It's Triglav.
And? And there is nothing left of his cult.
- Yeah? - Janek Janek.
Feliks! Help him, please.
Help him.
Hurry! Ewa.
Ewa, I can't come there right now.
Don't be scared.
He's afraid of you.
The boy is afraid of you.
I was with the Dark Boy a long time.
I saw a lot.
I saw everything.
Don't scream.
I can help you.
Don't scream.
Are you gonna scream? Wait.
Make him stop.
Now! Enough! Antek! - I'll take him to the living room.
- Triglav.
Triglav's statues do not exist.
Where did you get it? I found it in the ground.
I swear.
He can hear him.
You can talk to it? I'm not fucking touching that thing.
You know the language of the gods? Who taught you that? I don't know who.
He's telling the truth.
He's one of us.
I ran away from the Dark Boy.
I promise you.
One, two, three.
And Wanda.
He brought us exactly what we were looking for.
We don't need him anymore.
He should stay.
Why? Without Lucky, we're still one person short for the ritual.
Triglav will emerge right in the center at 9:00 p.
sharp, no sooner, no later.
Understand? Mm-hmm.
I just dropped pins to everyone's phones with their location.
Nine p.
Everyone in position.
Get in.
Hurry up.
Do you know what's coming? Zawadzki, the world is in our hands.
What the fuck? I'm in position.
Everyone check in.
You fucking kidding me? Here? I'm here! My son! Everyone in position? I'm ready.
All right.
We're here.
Take this.
What's wrong? What don't you understand? - I don't know what it means.
- I thought you knew the Old Tongue.
These are basics.
The alphabet.
All right.
Uh Our ancestors didn't use letters, just four words.
- Ra.
- Ra.
You can do it.
"Ra" says the Prime Mover.
Come on.
- Ra.
Ra! - Okay? Ra.
- Ra, yes.
- Da.
- No, no, no.
Come on.
- Da.
With your tongue.
Your tongue.
Just like you're trying to say "dove.
" Dove, the symbol of peace.
Everything that goes with it.
All that good energy.
It doesn't have to be dove.
What's important is good energy.
- Da.
- Da.
- Da! - Da.
- Ra! Da! - Ra! Fuck.
You can't screw this up.
- Do you understand? - Da.
Read the gestures.
Okay? Start the incantation at 9:00 p.
You all there? Antek? Come on.
Come on! Fuck.
No! No! What's happening? Professor, what's happening? Professor? The professor's not there.
Or Antoni.
Something's wrong.
Holy fuck! Fuck it, fuck it! I'm doing it! All right.
Let's go.
It's almost time.
Rrrr Rrrr Ra! Da! Your pride doomed you, priestess.
You were trying to cheat fate, to change your history.
Rrrrr-ra! Hello? I'm here.
- Antek, we've already started.
- Oh Rrr What's wrong? What's going on? I am Hvor.
I am Knegh.
- This is pointless.
- Shit.
It's not working.
Zawadzki's not there.
I am the black water and the moon.
Terror of gods and mortals alike.
This city will be mine.
What's happening? Lucky? Ah.
Ra! Da! Rrrr! Ra! - Da! - Da! - Ra! Da! - Ra! Ra! Da! Ra! Da! - Ra! - Ra! Da! - Da! - Da! Ra! - Ra! Da! - Ra! Da! Ra! - Da! Ra! - Ra! Da! Da! Ra! - Da! Ra! - Ra! Da! Ra! Ra! Da! Ra! Ra! Da! Ra! Da! Da! Ra! Da! Ra! Da! Rrrr Ra! Da! Ra! Da! Ra! Da! Ra! Da! Ra! Ra! Ra! Da! Ra! Da! Ra! Ra! Da! Did it work? Does anyone know? Did it work? Give us your dealer's number? - Tell us! - Fuck off! Uh excuse me.
May I? Hurry No! What have you done? MEDICAL COLLEGE LUCJAN SZCZĘSNY DIED ON JANUARY 4th, 2022 AT THE AGE OF 26 You cannot kill gods.
Even the most evil ones.
You broke an eternal law.
You will pay for it.
Childhood memories Shadows in the park Hiding in the dark That's what you brought That's what you want That's what I saw in you Running through the streets Secret games we played Coming home too late With bruises on the knees The cleaner source The last we saw That's what I saw in you So don't leave me here Alone So don't leave me here Alone So don't leave me here Alone So don't leave me here Alone City of my dreams No more what it seems Shadows in the park Monsters in the dark That's what I feel That's what I'm scared That's what I see in you Keep running away From the games we played Home before the meal With bruises that won't heal The clearer choice The inner voice That told me to break through You won't leave me here Alone So don't leave me here Alone You won't leave me here Alone So don't leave me here Alone You won't leave me here Alone So don't leave me here Alone
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