Crash (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

- [car engine revs]
- [opening theme song plays]
[engine revving]
[phone buzzing, stops]
- What is it?
- [caller] Where are you?
- I'm busy.
- [caller] You're busy?
[driver] Yes, I'm hanging up.
[engine revs]
[phone ringing]
[driver] Yes.
I'm in front of the dealership.
Come inside. I'll be standing there.
Inside? Okay.
- [device beeps]
- [person 2] Commence operation.
2023 SEOUL
[tires squeal]
- Gosh.
- [passenger] Let's go.
You are insanely hot.
[in English] It's beautiful girls, yeah!
[in Korean]
You're here to check out the DLE, right?
No, the Benz.
[knocks on hood, mouths inaudibly]
- Benz. That one. Yes.
- Yes, the Benz DLE.
It's this way.
I'll show you everything today.
Follow me.
It's this one.
The car is very tidy.
[in English] It's clean.
[in Korean]
It has no record of any accidents.
It came out in February 2022,
with extremely low mileage.
I mean, 45,000 km. It's practically new.
On top of that, it's efficient because
it's diesel. It's to die for. [laughs]
- It's 4MATIC.
- What? What MATIC?
- Four?
- Oh, 4MATIC.
It has an all-wheel drive system.
That means it's strong,
- just like me. [chuckles]
- [passenger] Oh.
Then why is it so cheap?
Is there something wrong?
It wasn't damaged in the flood, was it?
Gosh, you girls are so doubtful.
Don't worry. You can check
the vehicle inspection report later.
It's because it was acquired
from an auction. You understand?
We offer an extended warranty too.
So, shall we go sign the contract?
- The contract?
- Yes.
What's the rush?
I'll take it out for a spin and--
The price is unbelievably cheap.
One, two, three.
If you don't make a deposit,
it'll go to someone else. Goodbye, 4MATIC.
- But without a test drive--
- Like you'd know anything.
- [passenger scoffs]
- You're supposed to feel the car.
Don't you hear its heartbeat?
[imitates heart beating]
[scoffs] Girls, you don't know much
about cars.
Besides, that's the rule here. L-U-L.
You can test drive the car
after making a deposit.
[in English] Okay?
- [both sigh]
- [in Korean] All right. Come on.
- Let's go. Okay.
- Let's go then.
- [person] Gosh, I'm so hungry.
- [courier] Understood, boss.
[stranger] Mr. Jo Seoktae?
I'm Cha Yeonho, the one who called.
Gosh, what timing.
We were just about to eat.
[Yeonho] This was the time
you decided on, Mr. Jo.
Hey, is that my fault?
No, Boss.
[shouting] I made a big mistake.
[all] No, Boss.
Jjajangmyeon tastes bad
if the noodles get soggy.
[Yeonho] I'll wait then.
Let's eat.
- [customer] Mister, I'll start the car.
- [in English] Okay. 4MATIC, go, go. Yes.
[engine sputters]
[engine starts, sputters]
[in Korean] What's going on?
What's wrong? Try-- Try again.
- Is it broken?
- [engine starts, sputters]
It was fine earlier.
This is ridiculous.
We even signed a contract.
[sighs] Used cars can be like that,
even after an examination.
Okay. I'll take responsibility
and show you a cheaper and better car.
Come on out. There are many nice cars,
so take a look around.
Let me pop the hood.
What? Why?
Don't you know what a hood is?
Why would you open the hood?
What are you going to do?
All right. Let's see.
Goodness, it was unplugged.
Or maybe someone unplugged it on purpose.
Hyunkyung, start the car again.
- [engine starts]
- Yes! Okay.
- [chuckles]
- We can take the car, right?
Oh, that's right.
I forgot to tell you.
It was acquired from an auction--
So the balance remains?
Or it's imported, so the duty remains.
Perhaps, installment payments remain.
Then you'll take us around
to see other cars
and end up overcharging us
for a lousy used car, right?
If you wanted to make it look like
the car was broken,
you should've removed some fuses too,
not just the injection connector.
Your work was too half-hearted.
Did you underestimate us
since we're women? Or did you get lazy?
I didn't want to get grease on my skin.
By the way, are you in this industry?
We aren't in this industry,
but a different one.
[dealer] Hmm? A different one?
Don't tell me…
- Po-po?
- [chuckles] Did you hear that?
He called us the po-po.
Okay. [laughs]
You girls are done for.
[continues laughing]
- Get them.
- [all laughing]
Take this. Yeah!
Which one of you is Jo Seoktae?
- Who are you guys?
- [in English] TCI.
[in Korean] Well I'm JST, Jo Seoktae.
Are you guys from a TV station?
See? No one knows about our division.
- I'm sorry.
- Let's just say the Korean name.
It's cooler to use the English acronyms.
FBI, CIA, and BTS.
[Hyunkyung] Where did BTS come from?
Which country's police agency is BTS?
- What are you looking at?
- You startled me!
Who are you guys?
- I said TCI. T-C-I.
- Traffic Crime Investigation.
- [shouts]
- T-- Stop!
One, two, three.
[all] TCI. Traffic Crime Investigation.
Boys, get them.
Okay. Hyunkyung, get jjajang.
I'll get pizza.
- Donggi, get the others inside.
- [Donggi] Okay.
Let's go. [grunts]
[all grunting]
Are you jjajang or pizza?
I didn't eat--
- Excuse me. Look over here.
- [PA system dings]
- Excuse me.
- This is your announcement.
- Look over here.
- Please pay attention.
I'll teach you how to use this.
These are disposable handcuffs.
Push your hands through the holes here.
Then you'll pull the ends.
It'll be hard to do it alone,
so form a group of two
and help the person next to you.
Here you go. Thank you.
Here you go. It's the other way.
- [shouting in background]
- It's the other way. Yes.
Darn it.
- Hey, these po-pos--
- Hey!
- These officers know everything.
- [grunts]
Mr. Jo Seoktae. You are under arrest
for fraud, intimidation, assault--
- [subordinate 1] Where are they?
- [subordinate 2] Boss.
- [subordinate 3] What's going on?
- [subordinate 4] Hey.
Don't just stand there. Do something!
[grunts] Okay.
- [criminals cower]
- [high-pitched ringing]
Freeze. No, wait.
[muttering in background]
- Freeze!
- Okay, well done… [in English] …nice play.
- [shouting, in Korean] What?
- You startled me. Why are you shouting?
What did you say?
Can't you hear me?
- Freeze!
- Stop it.
- His eardrums are ruptured. Cuff them.
- Huh?
- His eardrums are ruptured. Yawn.
- What? What?
- [Donggi] He startled me.
- [imitates yawning]
- What?
- [shushes]
[imitating yawning] Yawn.
Mister, get up.
Mister. I said, get up.
[tires screech]
[no audible dialogue]
- What's this?
- They must be here for our case.
- What?
- Did you call the reporters?
- What?
- [huffs]
Either way, it's been a while
since we've been on the news.
[horn honks]
[reporter 1] They're here.
- They're here.
- [reporter 2] The van is here.
[crowd clamoring]
[reporter 3] Do you confess
to committing the crime?
[reporter 4] How many times did you do it?
[reporter 3] Please answer the question.
Please say a word.
Isn't that Han Jiho?
- Who?
- Don't you know who Han Jiho is?
- Han Jiho.
- [clamoring continues]
- [reporter 5] Mr. Han.
- [reporter 6] Please say something.
[reporter 5] Mr. Han.
Who are these people?
Ah, the TCI arrested used car dealers
who utilized false advertising--
- Oh, a used car fraud.
- Yes.
All right then.
Can you just e-mail me a short summary?
Yes, of course.
- Would you pose for a photo?
- Sure.
- Step forward.
- It's for a photo.
- Shall we say, "Let's go?"
- Let's go.
One, two, three.
- [Hyunkyung, Donggi] Let's go.
- [camera clicks]
- [Donggi] Let's go.
- [Hyunkyung] Let's go.
They should use tax money
to build a better office.
- It's dirty--
- Hey. Why are you number one?
I have insanely hot looks. [snickers]
Switch with me, you punk.
Aren't you exercising
the right to remain silent? [shushes]
[door opens]
[officer 1] Quiet down.
Number 34, come on in.
[detainee] Shouldn't you start
with number one?
[detainee 2] This is ridiculous.
What do you think you're doing?
[officer 2] Come over here.
- Stay still.
- [detainee 3] Hey.
- [officer 2] Stay still.
- For goodness' sake.
- What do you think you're doing?
- [detainee 4] Darn it.
- Gosh.
- [detainee 5] Right now--
[detainee 6] Isn't this too much?
- What are you doing?
- Hey.
- [officer 3] Hey, stop it.
- Sit here.
[clamoring continues indistinctly]
[sighs] Name.
- Pardon?
- Don't you have a name?
- It's Cha Yeonho.
- Cha Yeonho.
- Resident registration number.
- 901114-135729.
Management, sales, or inducement.
Which department did you work in?
- What's this?
- You asked me where I worked.
- You're not involved in the used-car scam?
- No.
Oh, my. I mean-- Goodness.
Sir, come here. Mr. Cha.
You should've told us
that you weren't involved.
Why did you come all the way here
in these heavy handcuffs?
I didn't have a chance to speak.
Who did that? Gosh, I can't believe
these punks. [clicks tongue]
I see. Oh, gosh. I'm sorry.
Why was an insurance investigator having
a jjajangmyeon party with those guys?
I was investigating something.
Since I'm here, I'll make a report.
It's a serial murder case.
That's for the Criminal Division.
But cars were used in the murders.
Then I'll look over these documents
and contact you later.
Why? Do you have something else to say?
I'll await your call.
Take care, Mr. Cha.
[Seoktae] For goodness' sake.
Hey, I didn't tell you to come in.
- Ms. Hot Looks.
- What?
I'm number one. You should go in order.
Miss, my heart feels tight.
It's the lack of oxygen.
- What are these numbers for?
- Be quiet!
[whispering] Be quiet.
You guys can go next.
- [papers thud]
- Eight leaders,
including three in charge, were detained.
The rest were let go.
- You guys did well.
- All done.
It's up. Our article is online.
- Let's see it. Captain.
- Here.
- Here.
- Let's see it.
Gosh, an innocent civilian
ended up in the photo.
What's up with this article?
We aren't the
Traffic Investigation Crime Team.
It's the Traffic Crime Investigation Team.
- Let's read the comments.
- [Donggi] Comments?
It got six downvotes.
Why did they downvote it?
- What's a downvote?
- Down…
We're done, so let's eat something tasty.
Okay. Let's go.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
[patron] Over here.
Gosh, Captain Jung's face
has gotten gaunt.
I'll make you a fried egg. Wait a little.
- [kisses]
- For goodness' sake!
[both chuckle]
We should eat beef on a day like this.
Is bulgogi your idea of tasty food?
It's all the same.
Who can tell if it's beef or pork?
The tongue knows.
Sir, did you read the article about TCI?
They arrested 30 scammers.
They say an empty wagon is louder.
They aren't the Criminal Division.
TCI doesn't do investigations.
They should know their place
as the traffic police.
- Hello, ma'am.
- [server] Hey.
What? There are no seats.
- How many people?
- Seven.
The big tables aren't available.
You'll need to wait a little.
Darn it.
Did they come to work or to eat?
Why is your small team
using such a big table?
- Just let it go.
- Don't get up.
Captain So, I can hear you.
I wanted you to hear it. Am I wrong?
You should've found a table
that suited your size and place.
Why would you talk about our place?
Captain Jung is here too.
Aren't you being too blunt?
Chaeman, you were here.
I didn't see you there in the corner.
By the way,
what do you think you're doing?
That attitude lacks respect
for your senior.
If you want me to treat you
like my senior, act like one.
- Excuse me?
- [cutlery clatters]
[whispers] Let's go.
Don't just sit there.
- Captain.
- Come here.
What are you doing?
Your captain is calling you.
[So] Come on in.
Come on in.
Why did you move? It made us lose face.
We're here to eat meat, not to save face.
They think we're their underlings
since you keep acting that way.
I shouldn't have joined TCI.
At the Traffic Accident Investigation,
I would've moved up easily as an ace.
Ever since following you here,
I get all the work and criticism.
The Criminal Division look down on us
for being the traffic police.
The Traffic Division criticizes us
for stealing manpower.
Why did you even make TCI?
You should've just switched teams.
For honor? Or to brag?
How would a petty bird understand
the profound thoughts of a phoenix?
A petty official?
- [phone buzzes]
- Did you call me a petty official?
- A petty bird.
- A petty--
- [buzzing continues]
- [scoffs]
Hey, Dad.
Hurry over here.
Grandma Bongsoon passed away.
[sighs, sniffs]
[breathes heavily]
- [sobs]
- I'm so sorry.
[sobbing continues]
Jinyoung, how did this happen?
[both sobbing]
[exhales sharply]
It's okay.
Dad, what happened?
Grandma was fine a few days ago.
It was a car accident.
Last night, she was pulling a handcart
to collect waste paper.
How did that happen?
- What about the perpetrator?
- He's in a pitiful situation too.
He's a young man without a secure job.
He lives from hand to mouth.
He came by earlier and bawled
- while embracing Jinyoung.
- [sighs]
My goodness.
Want a glass?
What? Why is he…
What is it? Do you know him?
What? Dad, hold on.
[clears throat] Number 34, right?
We met at the police station earlier.
What brings you here?
Did you know Grandma Bongsoon?
You didn't read the document I gave you.
Could it be…
Your action came first,
so I thought you'd be different.
That was my fourth police station.
I shouldn't even bother anymore.
[horn honks]
- [horn honks]
- [Bongsoon mutters]
- [wind howls]
- [gasps]
- [engine revving]
- [tires squeal]
- [tires squealing]
- [gasps]
Jung Hokyu.
Jung Hokyu.
Name, Jung Hokyu. Age, 32 years old.
He doesn't have a stable job.
Two years ago, he had a bad credit score.
Then he began getting driver's insurance.
Now, he has five in total.
Including Grandma Kim Bongsoon,
he caused four accidents
in a year in a half.
Three died and one was seriously injured.
All his victims were old grandmas
without any close family members.
He settled with the families
in the previous three cases.
The court ruled them as accidents
and put him on probation.
The settlement money ranged
from three to five million won.
But from his driver's insurance policies,
he received a total of 120 million won.
That means he kept at least
100 million won to himself.
To reduce the settlement money,
he targeted old women
- without close family members.
- Yes.
Despite the bad credit,
he has too many insurance policies.
Circumstances tell us
that the accidents were intentional.
For a sum of one death benefit,
he attempted to kill four people
despite having to pay for the settlement.
It reduces his chances of getting caught.
If Lieutenant Min is right,
it's a serial murder of senior citizens.
But as the court ordered probation,
it won't be easy to overturn it.
And we only have jurisdiction
over the last accident.
The insurance investigator who reported it
already visited three police stations
before coming here.
It was the lack of investigation
that led to this serial murder.
We must find evidence.
Let's be open to different possibilities.
We don't know if it's a coincidence
or a serial murder.
- Let's meet the victim's family first.
- Okay.
Hyunkyung, check the vehicle.
Donggi, check the nearby
surveillance footages.
- [Donggi] Okay.
- All right then.
[child singing]
A dragonfly flies around ♪
A dragonfly sits on a flower ♪
Nayeon, are you in a good mood? [chuckles]
Hush, hush ♪
- [engine revs]
- [tires squeal]
- [tires squeal]
- Darn it.
[horn honks]
[passenger 1] Is she insane? Damn.
The dog's barking made it fly away ♪
- [driver] Hey, are you insane?
- Hey!
[parent] They startled me.
What's up with them?
- Can't you drive?
- [horn honking]
- Who do you think you are? Stop the car!
- [passenger 2] Hey!
- [passenger 1] Drive properly!
- [passenger 2] Hey!
- [passenger 1] Hey!
- [passenger 2] Stop the car!
Those bastards.
- [passengers shouting]
- [Nayeon sobs]
Nayeon, don't cry. It's okay.
[passenger 2] Stop the car.
- Come on.
- [engine revs]
[tires squeal]
- [passenger 2] Stop the car, okay?
- [passenger 1] Stop the car.
[Chaeman] Pick on someone your own size!
- [passenger 2] Hey.
- [passenger 1] What? Is that a woman?
- Stop the car.
- What is she doing?
Son One, Son Two.
We need backup for retaliatory driving.
- Stop the car.
- We'll teach you a lesson.
You're laughing? [scoffs]
- Hey.
- What? What's that?
- Gosh.
- [passenger 1] Damn it!
- Captain, hold tight.
- Why?
[engine revs]
- [tires squealing]
- What? What are you doing?
[all gasp]
You could just drive forward!
[passenger 2 exclaims]
[horn honking]
- [passenger 1] Gosh.
- [passenger 2] Can't you drive properly?
- Gosh.
- Darn it!
[horn honks]
Pull over.
- Darn it.
- Are they cops?
Back off.
[sirens wailing]
[driver] What's that?
- Gosh.
- The police are behind us.
[officer] Pull over.
- Come on.
- I told you to drive properly.
Captain, hold on tight.
- [exclaims]
- [tires squealing]
She got into an accident
because she jaywalked.
What do you expect me to do?
I told her repeatedly to use
the crossroads, even if it took longer.
She never listened
and jaywalked all the time.
For goodness' sake.
You received four million for settlement.
What was I supposed to do?
He has no money.
I would've felt victimized too.
It wasn't even a crosswalk.
The accident happened at a place
without a single street lamp.
The driver was unlucky.
Why is everyone talking
about the accident?
Did someone else come?
He was from an insurance company.
He said he was an insurance investigator.
[server] My goodness.
My aunt was 82 years old.
She got Alzheimer's last year.
I got a call from the police every day
to come pick her up.
Right. Do you see her scar right here?
Don't get me started.
She cut my baby with scissors.
I was so shocked.
Thank goodness her eyes weren't hurt.
Your aunt didn't have any children?
She had one son,
but he cut off contact a long time ago.
Perhaps I shouldn't say this,
but I'm rather glad that she passed away.
I feel like she left in order to save
her niece the trouble.
- You met the driver, right?
- Yes.
Yes, and he cried so much.
Even I felt bad for him,
as this accident could ruin his future.
Would you like more tteokbokki?
No, thank you.
Do you have any plans
to enter a different profession?
Stop speaking nonsense.
Mr. Song Jiman.
- [Jiman] Yes?
- Hello, Mr. Song Jiman.
What are you doing here?
I had something to investigate.
We're here on police duty,
so please give us some privacy.
I got here first. Why don't you wait?
Let's just investigate.
The police duty can come later.
Please resume.
Okay. You know how it is
in the countryside.
The roads have no shoulder.
When she returned from the field,
she had to walk down the roads.
Your mother's accident occurred
on a long, straight road.
Was there anything strange about it?
At first, I found it strange.
There were no other cars around
and the road was straight.
I wondered how he missed my mother.
But then I noticed that the place had
poor backlight around sunset.
I almost got in an accident there
a few times too.
Excuse me.
It might be a rude question,
but the settlement money was quite small.
Was I supposed to make a profit
from my mother's life?
- No, I mean--
- I know what you mean.
It wasn't as if he did it on purpose.
He was simply unlucky.
I'm a driver myself,
so I know what car accidents are like.
It might happen
if I get distracted for a split second.
Excuse me.
Hello? Excuse me.
Although it's late,
we're investigating the case you reported.
- So please leave the investigation to us.
- I'm simply doing my job.
It's not only a murder case,
but also an insurance fraud.
It seems like we're visiting
the same places. Where are you going next?
Why do you ask?
If we're headed the same way,
I can give you a lift.
It's okay. This is more convenient for me.
[bicycle clanking]
[bicycle departing]
Let's hurry up. Come on.
Why are you smiling?
He'll go to Jung Hokyu.
Let's get there first.
Hurry up.
[Hokyu] I've already been through
questioning at the police station.
Yes. We checked the files,
but we wanted to go over a few things.
Uh-- By any chance,
did anyone else pay you a visit?
No. Is someone else coming?
No, don't worry about it.
You testified
that you couldn't see the victim
because the street lamp was dim.
The road was very dark.
I was checking the GPS.
I saw her and stepped on the brakes,
but it was too late.
I see. What were you doing
in that neighborhood?
It was quite far from your place.
Oh. Well,
I had just bought a used car.
I was heading home
after driving around in my new car.
But I ended up getting lost.
It's all my fault. Had I checked
the GPS properly…
[grunts] It was
your fourth traffic accident
in the span of two years.
I must be cursed or something.
It drives me crazy because
these things keep happening to me.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
He does have
the most innocent-looking eyes.
What did he do to have
all the bereaved families side with him?
They aren't necessarily siding with him.
It's unfortunate, but it seems like
the victims were a big burden
to the people around them.
[sighs] Is there a chance all four
accidents are purely a coincidence?
When a wagon flips over, the following
wagons are bound to take caution.
Unfortunately, Jung Hokyu repeated
the same mistake four times.
It's one of the two.
He's either a fool who doesn't learn
anything from his mistakes,
or a natural-born scammer.
- [Min] Guys.
- [gasps] Lieutenant, you brought snacks.
Stop it.
Did you find anything?
All four cases didn't have
any CCTV footage
- or dashcam videos.
- [sighs]
If the accidents were planned,
he must've picked such locations
on purpose.
- How about the vehicle?
- We were too late.
All four vehicles were scrapped.
He bought cheap used cars only
and got them scrapped
right after committing the crimes.
He's quite meticulous.
That means there isn't a single lead.
Let me step outside for a second.
Where are you going?
We'll eat without you.
[engine revs]
- [horn honks]
- [gasps]
[tires screech]
Are you okay?
What were you doing
in the middle of the road?
Mr. Cha Yeonho.
Let's go to the hospital, Mr. Cha.
What did you do just now?
I was simulating the accident
using the same car as Jung Hokyu.
[Yeonho grunts]
What is it?
The weather was very clear
on the evening of the accident.
If I calculate the coefficient of friction
to be 0.8 on a flat asphalt road,
the speed of the vehicle
was about 78 km per hour.
He stepped on the brakes
3 m before the impact.
That information is already in the report.
He admitted to speeding.
He said he stepped on the brakes late
because he was looking at the GPS.
The problem is…
this spot where the yaw mark begins.
- [tires squeal]
- [wind howls]
[Bongsoon groans]
[engine revs]
[tires squeal]
[tires screech]
[impact thuds]
Two meters before the impact,
the driver suddenly turned the wheel
to the left.
When the accident occurred,
the victim was picking up waste paper.
The victim's handcart was parked 5 m away.
Jung Hokyu didn't turn the wheel
in order to avoid the victim.
He was afraid that he'd miss the victim
by avoiding the handcart,
so he turned the wheel.
[exhales sharply]
That's a nice interpretation,
but how can we prove
that the driver hit the victim on purpose?
The vehicle from the accident
was already scrapped.
There isn't a single surveillance camera
at the scene.
- We need some kind of a lead--
- Have you ever been in a car accident?
Those who have been in one know
how scary cars can be.
It applies to both the perpetrator
and the victim.
Jung Hokyu caused four accidents
in two years.
Three of them resulted in death.
And within a month
after causing the accidents,
he bought another used car.
Jung Hokyu will soon buy another used car.
What's this?
I found it
in Jung Hokyu's insurance records.
Don't we have records
of Jung Hokyu's used car purchases?
Where are they?
We'll need to see where he got them.
And go over this. Where did I put it?
It's a recording of his call
to the insurance company's call center…
Are you guys heading home?
Well, no.
[chuckles] Of course not.
Captain, please go home.
You must be hungry. I'll go buy snacks.
Rabokki, please.
With ten boiled eggs.
- Cheesy gimbap too.
- Stop acting cute.
- [Min chuckles]
- What's "Cheesy"?
It's-- Thank you.
[Chaeman] Tell me what it is.
[Hokyu] If the victim dies,
how much do I get
for police investigation and settlement?
[call handler] It depends on the plan,
but the usual number is
from 30 to 50 million won.
[Hokyu] Thirty to fifty million won?
Hold on.
[muffled] What?
- Hello?
- [call handler] Yes, go ahead.
[Hokyu] I don't want the plan that gives
me benefits when the insurance expires.
I want the plan that gives me
benefits when there's an accident.
It's quite blatant.
We'll be able to use it
as circumstantial evidence.
Where did you get it?
What? Well, I got it
from an insurance company employee.
I see. That was why you left so suddenly.
- You're the best.
- [Min chuckles]
What? Hold on.
- [mutters]
- [tapping on phone]
Oh, so it was you?
What? Who is it?
We didn't need to look far.
We caught a useful lead.
Why are you looking for him?
That's none of your business.
Perhaps I've seen him somewhere.
- If you don't know him, go back inside.
- Miss.
[clicks tongue]
What if I know him?
This place makes
tasty seolleungtang, right?
Their galbitang is even tastier.
[inhales sharply, sighs]
I think it was about two years ago.
He said he was fine
as long as the car moved.
The cheapest cars,
compact cars, and old cars.
He only looked for such cars.
In less than half a year, he came back
looking for the same cars.
And he didn't tell you why?
I asked him.
I was like, "Who could this man be?
I'm curious about him."
Sir, what do you do for a living?
This car will give me a living.
That was when I got a hunch.
"He isn't an ordinary man."
[Min's dad] Where to, Miss?
All right. Home, please.
[Min's dad] You must be very tired.
I barely got any sleep. I'm exhausted.
- What about dinner?
- I had gimbap.
Or was it instant noodles?
I don't remember.
Did you send Grandma Bongsoon off well?
It seems like
Jinyoung reached a settlement.
A settlement? With whom?
Must you ask?
The young man who caused the accident.
Jung Hokyu?
How? How much did Jinyoung get?
- I think 3.5 million won.
- Did you say 3.5 million?
[grunts] The driver was
in a pitiful situation.
He could only pull together
about 3.5 million won.
He begged for forgiveness
and promised to pay back
when his situation improved.
So Jinyoung couldn't complain.
He got 50 million won from insurance
and paid 3.5 million won for settlement.
The only surviving next of kin is
a high schooler, but this is too much.
Let's use Jo Seoktae.
Jung Hokyu will come again
to buy a used car.
So you want to set a trap and wait?
Do you want to install a camera
in the car?
That's illegal. Go with wiretapping
and location tracking.
It'll only be circumstantial evidence.
It's the only way
to prove his intentionality.
Illegally-obtained evidence
is inadmissible. You know that.
It was admissible sometimes.
We have a chance.
We can't depend on a slim chance
and run an illegal investigation.
- We're the police.
- Another old woman will die.
[exhales sharply]
The court let him go every time.
Without concrete evidence,
we'll never put Jung Hokyu behind bars.
The deceased victims,
including Grandma Bongsoon,
were old grandmas who didn't have
family members to come to the funeral.
As if he was on a hunt, Jung Hokyu
picked the helpless and ran them over.
It's sad enough that they suddenly passed
in a car accident.
If they were murders,
who'll bring justice?
No spring comes
before the camellia flowers.
Excuse me?
Nothing good will come out
if we cross the line.
Okay. I understand.
You can feign ignorance.
I'll take full responsibility.
I'm sorry.
Bring Jo Seoktae.
Who are you to take responsibility?
That's my role as the captain.
Gosh, how is this my life?
I'll probably end up dying early. [sighs]
This galbitang tastes incredible.
How long do I need to wait?
Shall I call him and say
- that there's a nice car?
- [scoffs]
By the way, what does he do with the cars?
- Fraud? Murder?
- [Donggi sighs]
Girls. Hey, fatty.
I need to know the situation
to respond accordingly.
We're the ones who'll respond.
You just do as we say.
She always says hurtful things.
[phone buzzing]
- [Seoktae] Hello.
- [Hokyu] You have a car, right?
My goodness. I was waiting for your call.
A good car came in. When will you visit?
I'll call you when I'm there.
You know the parking lot
in front of the dealership, right?
- Yes, I'll be waiting there. Uh--
- [phone beeps]
Even if you roll in poop,
outside is better. The sky is beautiful.
- Be your usual self. Don't overreact.
- Take off your jacket.
Miss, credibility is my virtue.
- Just keep your promise.
- You talk too much.
- [scoffs]
- [Seoktae] I feel like a police officer.
[tires squealing]
[tires screech]
What do you think?
The body is rusty, but a 2009 model
with a mileage of 170,000 km.
It's pretty excellent, right?
I'll take this one.
[Seoktae] You have a good taste.
Shall we sign the contract at a café?
I'm craving some caffeine.
- [Hokyu] And the car?
- Leave it.
My employee will come and park it.
Let's go.
[device beeps]
Drive safely.
- A customer is always welcome.
- I told him not to overreact.
But you come too often.
- [sighs]
- [Seoktae chuckles]
Take care.
- [phone ringing in distance]
- [workers chattering]
[snaps fingers]
Let's grab a cup of coffee.
I already drank coffee.
Let's talk.
- [colleague] Do you have a light?
- [Yeonho] Why did you call me over?
So, you're reinvestigating
Jung Hokyu's case.
I'm examining it.
Why would you poke around a closed case?
It's too much work.
I suspect an insurance fraud
for the police investigation fund.
- So it's natural to--
- [scoffs]
The police investigation fund?
Fifty million?
The total is 120 million won for 3 cases.
He caused another accident recently.
It has only been
a single 50-million won case for us.
You know well.
You were in charge, after all.
Three people died.
- One got a first-degree disability.
- You little--
It isn't our fault, is it?
Bury it. Don't blow up the matter
for a measly sum.
I told you to bury it.
- Did you receive money?
- What?
Out of 50 million won,
how much did you receive?
How dare you?
If you didn't receive money,
why are you doing this?
In a year, one trillion won gets lost
due to insurance fraud.
One trillion won.
Who cares about 50 million won?
- I'll report it to the director.
- [colleague scoffs]
Go ahead.
The director won't bat an eye.
Nothing brings profits these days.
Isn't it the same for you?
Investing in land, stocks, and properties
doesn't bring profits.
It's the same everywhere.
No. Hey, listen.
We shouldn't meet there.
Let's meet at the sashimi place
across the street at 7 p.m.
[chewing] Okay. Take your time.
Yes. [laughs]
It's okay.
I'll call a chauffeur.
I'll be ruined if I get caught.
All right. [laughs]
Name, Yoon Sungja. Age, 81 years.
She's a welfare recipient
without a family that can support her.
Jung Hokyu followed her eight times
over the course of a week.
She works in the field during the day.
Because she has a mobility scooter,
she always uses the shoulder of the road.
[Donggi] He approached her
in the guise of help
and asked about her family
and her routine.
I think he did it to track her.
She fits the profile
of Jung Hokyu's previous victims.
Let's stay alert.
Jung Hokyu will make a move soon.
- Donggi, mark Jung Hokyu starting today.
- Okay.
- Hyunkyung, mark the grandma.
- Okay.
- What?
- [Donggi] Hmm?
[stammers] Let's do that.
- Let's go.
- Okay.
All right.
Damn it.
What were you doing in that neighborhood?
It was quite far from your place.
Hurry up.
[chattering on computer]
[detainee] How much further
do we need to walk?
Used car?
Shall we sign the contract at a cafe?
Drive safely.
That little--
[breathes shakily]
Damn it!
[Min] Hey.
Why did you get so many things?
Cream bread.
And one with sweet red bean paste.
- Close the door.
- [Donggi grunts]
Sweet red bean paste bread.
- Red bean?
- Yes.
- Here you go.
- [in English] Thank you.
[in Korean] Did you see Jung Hokyu?
No, I didn't see him inside.
What did he come here to buy?
- [phone beeping]
- What?
- He's moving.
- What?
[muffled] Let's go.
Let's go and get him.
Where is he going? This isn't
the way to the old lady's house.
No. It's the opposite direction.
Hold on.
[engine revs]
[tires squealing]
[horns honking]
- Lieutenant.
- He steps on the brakes differently.
- Jung Hokyu does it at once.
- [driver 1] Move the car!
[driver 2] The light changed.
What are you doing?
Who are you? Where's Jung Hokyu?
- Who's Jung Hokyu?
- The owner of this car!
I bought it today
through a direct transaction.
I have the contract inside the car.
Ms. Yoon. Please excuse me.
- [honking continues]
- [driver 3] Move the car!
- We're sorry. We're police officers.
- Okay.
[Hyunkyung] Ms. Yoon?
She just went inside. Why?
Jung Hokyu disappeared.
He might go to her, so keep an eye on her.
Which gang are you from?
Bring it on.
- I won.
- [lock clicks, beeps]
- [engine revs]
- You punk!
- [gasps]
- [tires screech]
[Yeonho grunts]
- [grunts]
- [Yeonho groans]
[Hokyu] You little bastard.
By the way, you aren't supposed to
install cameras in the car, no?
Without a warrant,
we'll have to let him go in 48 hours.
- [person] He said his battery died.
- He suddenly asked to borrow my phone.
He was all worked up.
He left the house,
got gas, and went back to his house.
If I cover it up,
will I also get some benefits?
Someone is coaching him.
He asked someone next to him, right?
Imagine the press finding out about it.
I'll return my ID.
Donggi will take the back,
and Hyunkyung and I'll take the front.
I'm sure you've had the experience
of getting into an argument
while passing another car or cutting.
"Since the other car was at fault,
I could honk while chasing after it…
…and swearing a bit."
If you think lightly of the matter,
you'll run the risk of becoming
the perpetrator of retaliatory driving.
Did you know that?
By the law, a car is a dangerous property
an individual can own.
Thus, it's seen as a weapon.
So threatening or hurting another
while driving in a car
counts as aggravated intimidation
or aggravated assault
and can lead to severe punishment.
Some examples might be
cornering the other car so that it stops,
following the other car
with the high beams on,
and passing the other car
and hitting the brakes.
All other violent actions
that could intimidate others
count as retaliatory driving.
Such actions are aggravated intimidation,
so the perpetrator can receive
a prison sentence of seven years
or a fine of ten million won.
If the other person gets hurt,
the perpetrator can receive
a prison sentence of one to ten years.
It's a serious crime,
so don't do such things
even if you get extremely angry.
And if you fall victim
to retaliatory driving,
don't open the window,
and report it to the police right away.
To prepare yourself for such events,
don't forget to turn on the dashcam audio.
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