Crash (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

[car accelerating]
[Seoktae yelling]
[car alarm sounding]
[breathes shakily]
- [paramedic] Make way.
- [bystander] What's going on?
She is unresponsive.
- Come on.
- Make way for the paramedics.
[Yeonho breathing heavily]
[paramedic] Come on.
[heavy breathing continues]
Who are you?
So you're the jerk
who reported me to the police.
It's my job.
You live diligently.
If you die like this,
will you receive workers' compensation?
Probably not.
Jung Hokyu.
Receiving funds for criminal settlements
will also be difficult.
- What?
- My company
considers the case
of the late Kim Bongsoon's death
not as a chance event,
but an intentional accident.
Thus, we plan to delay disbursing
the funds for criminal settlements.
we'll contact other insurance companies
regarding the three previous cases
and reinvestigate your intentionality
Do you want to die?
Why won't you give me the fund
when someone died?
You didn't complain
when I was paying for insurance.
Does it feel like a waste
to return it to me?
In the case of an intentional accident,
you can't claim insurance compensation.
You little bastard.
Are you okay?
[Donggi] Are you okay?
Are you okay?
My goodness.
Can you get up?
- Stay there. Don't come closer.
- Jung Hokyu.
[both grunting]
[Hokyu groaning]
[Min] Stay still!
- My glasses.
- Glasses?
- [Hokyu groans]
- I didn't see them.
[Hokyu] Let go of me!
I didn't do anything wrong.
That jerk suddenly ran in front of my car.
[Min] Jung Hokyu.
Do you admit that
you attempted to run over Jo Seoktae?
Why would I want to kill him?
- Jung Hokyu.
- I was there to make a complaint.
- The used car he sold was too shoddy.
- Your story doesn't add up.
If you were there to make a complaint,
why'd you sell the car in a hurry?
You killed those old women
on purpose, right?
You killed them to claim
insurance compensation, didn't you?
They were purely accidents.
Even the judges agreed with me
all three times.
Let's see if it works for the fourth time.
By the way…
you aren't supposed to install
cameras in the car, no?
Both wiretaps and spy cameras are illegal,
even for the police.
I think Jung Hokyu caught on
to the surveillance camera in the car.
My heart is beating so fast.
You know that I almost died, right?
How did you know Jung Hokyu was there?
I received a call from Cha Yeonho.
Baby, you're exhausting me.
If you cry, it will complicate
my overall situation.
My code name is Number One.
You've heard of going undercover, right?
That's right.
You've watched those movies, right?
The police can't run an operation
without me.
[Yeonho] Jung Hokyu is here.
At Jo Seoktae's dealership.
I think he's after Jo Seoktae.
Where did he go?
Are you feeling okay?
Did Jung Hokyu confess?
"I didn't attempt to kill Jo Seoktae.
I visited him to make a complaint
about the used car I bought.
Suddenly, you showed up
and caused an accident."
That's bullshit.
I saw it with my own eyes.
If it weren't for him,
I would've kicked the bucket!
How did you know that he'd go there?
There was something I missed that day.
- That day?
- We met there the other day.
After every accident,
Jung Hokyu bought a used car
from Jo Seoktae.
I needed to check
the relationship between the two of them.
Between me and that lunatic?
Who do you take me for?
[Min] He's clean.
I checked his financial records
and there were no suspicious transactions.
He's just a swindler.
[Hyunkyung] What do we do
about Jung Hokyu?
We arrested him, but without a warrant,
we'll have to let him go in 48 hours.
[sighs] Right.
What's this? You don't even smoke,
but you're holding a cigarette.
Holding it offers consolation at times.
I acted rashly due to
my determination to catch Jung Hokyu.
It doesn't change the fact
that he killed those grandmas on purpose.
[clicks tongue, sighs]
By the way, we didn't find
any evidence at Jung Hokyu's house.
It's hard to prove
his intention to kill Jo Seoktae.
How will we get a warrant?
Let's apply for a warrant
for an assault on Cha Yeonho.
For assault, you get two years.
If the sentence is two years or less,
an emergency arrest doesn't apply.
If Jung Hokyu walks free
without a warrant,
we'll be criticized for going overboard.
Let's do everything we can.
Hmm, did you contact the man who bought
the used car from Jung Hokyu?
Yes, I'll meet him in front of his place.
But there won't be any evidence.
If Jung Hokyu knew
about the surveillance camera,
he would've gotten rid of it.
Check just in case.
- What happened to your face?
- I fell down.
Be careful.
Even insurance investigators
can get into accidents.
Did you wrap up Jung Hokyu's case well?
You don't live alone in this society.
We should help each other.
If you're having a hard time, talk to me.
If I cover it up quietly,
will I also get some benefits?
The slice of pie in Jung Hokyu's case
seems too small to split.
Cover it up quietly?
We say there are no problems
since it's true.
People will get the wrong idea.
Go to the hospital.
Let's check out the car.
Was this car used for a crime?
Well, no.
The previous owner is a suspect,
but the car is clean.
No wonder it was so cheap.
What are you looking for?
We can't disclose information
regarding the investigation.
- Okay.
- We're done.
- Thank you for your cooperation.
- Okay.
About the man who sold me the car.
I remembered this
when you called him a suspect.
That day, he borrowed my phone
at the parking lot of the market
saying his was out of battery.
Isn't it strange?
He was just on the phone with me,
but he claimed that his battery was dead.
Sir, may I check your cell phone?
I checked it just in case,
but he had deleted the number.
I see.
Why do you think
Jung Hokyu left the camera and GPS?
They were evidence
of an illegal investigation.
Who knows? Perhaps he did it to lose us.
In any case, it's a relief.
At times, he's thorough.
While at others, he's clumsy.
He usually seems meticulous, but
Who could it be?
Who'd he call using someone else's phone?
We'll have to check.
Perhaps, he didn't want to leave
a call history.
[phone vibrating]
- It's Detective Woo.
- Answer it.
- What is it?
- Lieutenant Min, it's about the chief.
- He found out?
- Superintendent Yeom made a report.
- Captain Jung went to Chief's office.
- Seriously? He should've waited for me.
Okay. I'll be there soon.
Things became complicated.
Chief is out to get Captain Jung.
- Why?
- Chief's son got a DUI last month.
Since Captain Jung stuck to the rules,
Chief got into major trouble.
It hindered his promotional transfer
scheduled for next year.
It wasn't Captain's fault.
He should've raised his son right.
- Even so.
- That's Captain's problem.
He should be more flexible.
Why does he have to be so unyielding?
Every time something goes wrong,
he says he'll resign
No way.
[muffled] Not a chance.
What's this?
[Chaeman] The emergency arrest ends
at 7:00 p.m. tomorrow.
If I fail to arrest the suspect by then,
I'll return my ID.
You installed a camera
in the suspect's car.
On top of that, you made an arrest
without any incriminating evidence.
Imagine the press finding out about it.
The public are very sensitive and
unfavorable toward the police these days.
Captain Jung.
I mean, Chaeman. Your ID won't cut it.
Gosh, why did you do that?
You're a stickler
for rules and principles.
Or do these rules not apply to you?
I took the unlawful path
and ended up spoiling the work,
so I have no excuses.
Although opportunities have moved past us,
I'll get back up with an undying spirit.
My gosh.
- Isn't Captain back yet?
- No, not yet.
- Did you find anything?
- [Min] What happened?
I explained the situation
and helped him understand.
We just need to find evidence.
Hold on a second.
- Wait a minute.
- What are you doing?
- What are you doing?
- I knew it. Where's your ID?
Why do you need my ID?
You want to borrow it?
See? I knew he couldn't do it.
What was it?
Did he say something like "fart"?
And then it sounded like a movie title.
Right, The Wailing. Fart wailing.
This idiom sounds so disgusting.
What? I guess I heard it wrong.
For goodness' sake.
It's the 21st century.
Why use so many darn Chinese idioms?
In the last two days,
he definitely moved less.
Around this time, he probably noticed
that we were tailing him.
Which places did he visit?
A nearby grocery store,
a seolleungtang restaurant,
and three gas stations.
He bought groceries at the store,
ate at the restaurant,
and filled up his tank at the gas station.
But he stayed at the gas station
for quite a while.
A total of 9 minutes and 45 seconds.
Doesn't it take three minutes
to fill up the tank?
He went into the office, so I thought
he was looking for the restroom.
Come to think of it, it was strange.
He left the house, got gas,
and went back to his house.
What if he went to the gas station
for a different purpose?
Send me the address
of the gas station, okay?
Oh. I remember this man.
He visited the day before yesterday.
He came to the office
and suddenly asked to borrow my phone.
Your phone?
Yes. He was all worked up.
He said that he needed to make
an urgent call, but his phone was dead.
Do you still have the call history?
Let me check.
It isn't here. I think he erased it.
Oh, I see.
[Min] Now we know that he
borrowed phones to hide the call history.
And the call history of the man
who bought his car?
- It'll be ready soon.
- Okay.
Oh, right. Where is the recording
of his call to the call center?
[Hokyu] If the victim dies,
how much do I get
for police investigation and settlement?
[call handler] It depends on the plan,
but the usual number is
from 30 to 50 million won.
[Hokyu] Thirty to fifty million won?
Hold on.
[faint] What?
- Hello?
- [call handler] Yes, go ahead.
I don't want the plan that gives me
benefits when the insurance expires.
I want the plan that gives me
benefits when there's an accident.
[Chaeman clicks tongue, sighs]
Someone is coaching him.
Listen carefully.
[Hokyu] …won? Hold on.
[faint] What?
- He asked someone next to him, right?
- Yes.
I think this person is controlling
Jung Hokyu from behind.
So there's an accomplice
who's meticulous and careful.
[phone vibrating]
Hold on.
Yes, Mr. Cha.
- I have something to discuss with you.
- Go ahead.
The director at my company was overlooking
Jung Hokyu's insurance fraud.
It seems like she intentionally omitted
the records of Jung Hokyu's past accidents
in the network.
I see. Jung Hokyu has an accomplice.
We're tracking the phone number now.
Perhaps it's your director.
Her name is Park Hyunjung.
I'll text you her number.
And there's one more thing.
Among Jung Hokyu's victims
What about his victims?
Never mind. I'll tell you
after investigating some more.
Okay. I'll call you
once we identify the accomplice.
Okay. Goodbye.
Excuse me.
What? What brings you here at this hour?
I have something to ask.
I told you everything last time.
I was going through old insurance records
and I found something strange.
You were acquainted with Jung Hokyu,
the driver who caused the accident.
In 2021, the two of you met
as the perpetrator and victim
of a car accident.
I don't remember.
So you didn't know who he was.
I wondered if the two of you
knew each other before the accident.
Of course not.
I thought I met him for the first time
after my mother's accident.
- Please excuse me for intruding at night.
- Okay.
Mr. Song Jiman.
You killed your mother
for the death benefit, didn't you?
What are you talking about?
- I'm the victim's son.
- Yes.
You were the only one
who lost your immediate family.
And the only one who received
a hefty insurance payout.
My mother was the one
who bought the life insurance.
- If you don't believe me, go ask
- She never imagined
that her own child would kill her
for the death benefit.
- You must be unhappy I got it, but
- You know Director Park Hyunjung, no?
She was in charge
of Jung Hokyu's third case.
She overlooked the insurance fraud
despite being aware.
She couldn't have done it
for 50 million won.
I'm sure there was a bigger payout.
the family of the deceased
promised her
a large portion of the death benefit.
That's enough.
- Before I call the police.
- I'll call them.
I have to check the bank transactions
between you and Director Park anyway.
Would it be okay to consider this
as your admittance to the crime?
[Donggi] I've got the receiver's number.
The phone belongs
to Song Jiman, 32 years old.
Song Jiman? Not Park Hyunjung?
That's right. Song Jiman.
- Song Jiman. The name sounds
- Song Jiman.
He's the son of Yoon Seungok,
the third victim.
Let me think.
Right. The vehicle wrapping company.
[Yeonho] There's something
I don't understand.
You received a death benefit
of over one billion won.
So why did you murder Kim Bongsoon?
Why did you risk getting caught
for 50 million won?
That wasn't my order.
did it all on his own.
- Let's take my car.
- Okay.
All right.
[line ringing]
[Yeonho] And there's one more thing.
Among Jung Hokyu's victims…
He's not picking up?
No. The call is going through,
but he isn't picking up.
For goodness' sake.
Do you admit ordering Jung Hokyu to murder
your mother for the death benefit?
I wanted to open a business,
but I didn't have any money.
What can I do?
It was the only way I could get money.
My mother jokingly told me
to open a business with the payout
once she passed away.
Then why did you kill the others?
Had I killed my mother right away,
people would've suspected me.
It was a way to divert attention.
Now that the insurance fraud
has been proven,
you'll need to return
the compensation you received.
I had to kill my own mother
for that money.
And you're telling me
to return it?
Just in case,
I bought fire insurance for my shop too.
The total compensation must be
about 200 million won.
An investigator's rude interrogation
angered the victim's bereaved family.
And during a physical scuffle,
the shop caught on fire.
I'll get away with probation, right?
Hold on. Where is the lighter?
Here it is
[both grunting]
[Yeonho groans]
[Jiman screaming]
Donggi, take the back.
Hyunkyung and I'll take the front.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Fire extinguisher!
Fortunately, your wound isn't severe.
Watch out for an infection.
You're more reckless than you seem.
What would you have done if we were late?
I'm sorry to say this
to an injured person,
but we need a statement,
so let's go back to the station.
This should be enough.
I'll email you my statement.
See you next time.
I doubt we'll meet again.
We'll stay in position.
Thank you.
Don't worry. The doctor told me
that your injury isn't life-threatening.
What a relief.
A man who murdered his own mother
for money shouldn't get an easy way out.
I don't know what that jerk told you,
but I'm innocent.
Why'd you set the shop on fire?
He kept painting me
as a shameless criminal
who murdered his own mother
for insurance compensation.
So I got worked up.
It was a mistake.
I'm serious.
[Yeonho, over recording] Do you admit
ordering Jung Hokyu to murder your mother
for the death benefit?
[Jiman] I wanted to open a business,
but I didn't have any money.
What can I do?
It was the only way I could get money.
Let's go. I think we're done here.
By the way, your insurance won't cover
the expenses from this accident
because it was intentional.
Get well soon.
You should eat your meals
in prison, not the hospital.
[Jiman] I
See you in court.
Jung Hokyu.
Are you still unwilling to confess?
[clicks tongue] My lawyer told me
that you'll have to let me go
in 48 hours without a warrant.
That's right.
It's too bad because we got a warrant.
Song Jiman.
You ran over old women
without immediate family
to get the funds for the investigation
and ran over your friend's mom
to get the death benefit.
You even bribed
the insurance investigators.
You've committed so many crimes.
Says who?
Was it Jiman?
- You're wrong. It was a mistake.
- Jung Hokyu.
You're a murderer.
You're a serial killer
who grabbed the wheel instead of a knife.
There isn't a single life
you can take at your wish,
even if it belongs to a senior citizen
who's weak and all alone.
Miss, what's wrong with you?
- Please be quiet.
- You be quiet. Goodness.
I'm being quiet, but they're being loud.
Isn't that right?
Get back to work.
I'll get back to work soon. Just you wait.
Oh my. Cha Yeonho. See you again.
- See you again, okay?
- Get going.
Oh my! For goodness' sake.
Do you want to have a go at me?
Why didn't you come pick it up?
Must I bring it back to you?
Am I a deliveryman?
you should all be glad
that an arrest warrant was issued.
Let's be careful, okay?
It won't end with a pay cut next time.
Yes, sir.
- Stay alert.
- Yes, sir.
Captain Jung, why are your eyes swollen?
Did you drink again?
What are you,
Mel Gibson from Lethal Weapon?
What kind of a police officer
drinks every day?
[door slams]
Hmm. Did you fool Chief with this?
- It's from two years ago.
- [snickers]
- [Chaeman] Is it mine?
- Yes.
Oh, it is mine.
[Donggi laughs]
The weather is nice.
- When did you get here?
- Just now.
Why'd you come here? You must be busy.
Time passes by so quickly.
It's already been ten years…
since my Hyunsoo passed away.
You should stop coming.
You've done enough.
I'm going to quit work.
I want to go into a different profession.
Is there a profession you have in mind?
It's the profession you used to have.
[car tires screech]
Excuse me. [panting]
I'm sorry, but can you please park my car?
I'm a novice driver,
so parking is hard for me.
[Donggi] All New Pride, 2012.
[in English] Okay.
[in Korean] Actyon Sports, 2011.
Okay. Correct. Next.
- New Opirus, 2006.
- My goodness.
Then how about this one?
It's Equus. Let's see.
You need to give me
the exact model name and generation.
Let me answer.
New Equus VI, second generation.
It came out in 2009 and has 430 hp.
Correct. How did you memorize
the horsepower too?
I don't need to memorize it. I just know.
Gosh, you're so annoying.
Hey, is Sohee here yet?
- It'll be lunchtime soon.
- She should be here by now.
[engine revving]
[tires screeching]
Darn, I told her not to park like that.
Why? It's cool.
The car will break down. It'll get ill.
- [in English] Good morning.
- [in Korean] Welcome.
- Good morning, my foot. It's almost noon.
- [Min] Shall I come up?
- Let's go eat. I'm hungry.
- Did you come to work to eat?
- Yes, I did.
- I see.
- Hurry up.
- Let's go eat.
I'll go to the chief's office first.
- [Donggi] Okay.
- What did he say?
He'll go to the chief's office first.
Go ahead without me.
[Min] Jinyoung. [chuckles]
Is the work okay?
Yes, the owner takes good care of me.
Ah. I'm close to the owner,
so tell me if anything happens.
[Min] All right.
Ride safely.
It's him, right? Kim Bongsoon's grandson.
- Did he get into college?
- Goodness.
He couldn't focus on his studies
after what happened. [clicks tongue]
Let's go.
[Donggi grunts]
- We're here.
- Welcome.
- We're here.
- [server] All right.
- Where's Captain Jung? [grunts]
- He's coming.
- Jinyoung is doing well, right?
- Goodness, he's really diligent.
I don't have to say a word.
He does everything on his own.
- Of course. I introduced him.
- [laughs]
We'll have four servings
that are close to five.
[in English] Okay…
[in Korean] …take a seat.
- [in English] Okay.
- [in Korean] All right.
My goodness. [sighs]
What is he doing here?
- [Donggi] Hmm.
- [Hyunkyung] Hmm?
[whispers inaudibly]
[Min coughs]
Did you remove the fat
because of cholesterol?
No. Because of the texture.
- [grunts] It's been a while.
- I heard about your salary cut.
Gosh, how did you hear about that?
How about you?
Did you get a promotion at your company?
I quit. I was branded as a whistleblower.
[coughs] Neither one of us had a gain.
By the way, what brings you here?
- I'm meeting someone here.
- Here? Who?
Oh. Captain, you're here.
- You're here, sir.
- [Chaeman] Yes.
Everyone is here.
Gosh, you started eating alone.
You should've waited for us.
It's okay. I'm used to eating alone.
- Come here. Let's eat together.
- What?
- Come here.
- What?
- [Chaeman] Come. Let's eat together.
- [Min] Come on.
All right. He's the new member
of our team,
Lieutenant Cha Yeonho. Say hello.
- Our team?
- Lieutenant?
[Donggi] Lieutenant Cha Yeonho.
Special recruitment.
Graduated from KAIST with a math degree.
- Gosh, KAIST?
- [Hyunkyung] Insurance fraud investigator,
traffic accident investigator,
and damage estimator.
He's a certified transportation engineer
and a fire and explosion investigator.
Why'd he come here
if he graduated from KAIST?
KAIST isn't that impressive. My alumni
teach at academies
or work in research or games companies.
They all got regular jobs.
Why did you become
an insurance investigator?
The salary was high.
I also got a lot of alone time.
Why did you quit your high-paying job
and become a detective?
I'm not sure.
How did this happen?
You didn't tell me anything in advance.
You said that we needed a new recruit.
Whatever. He's someone we really need.
He's the last piece of the grand puzzle
I have in mind.
The last You said I was the last piece!
Did I?
I see. In any case,
he'll be a good partner to you.
It's true that we need a new recruit.
But we need someone who can contribute.
He's a rookie.
He isn't a rookie.
He worked as an insurance investigator.
His investigative skills were proven
at the Jung Hokyu case.
Whatever. He doesn't belong
in an organization.
You saw him eating alone.
I eat alone at times too.
Teach him well.
He'll be helpful once he gets polished.
- I'll get going.
- Huh?
How am I supposed to polish him? Captain!
[wind howling]
[tires squeal]
[phone rings]
[Min] Hello, this is TCI
Okay. We'll be right there.
- There's been an accident.
- Gosh.
[narrator] TCI members ran over quickly
to the back of the police station,
less than five minutes away.
[Kyungmo groans]
The situation is chaotic.
I know you.
[Yeonho] I introduced myself recently.
I'm the new member of TCI, Cha Yeonho.
I remember. You went to POSTECH or KAIST.
Couldn't you be more alert in the morning?
How could you miss the car?
Didn't you see the car coming out?
He claims that Lieutenant Cha
is the perpetrator.
[Kyungmo] What are you looking at?
- Hey, Superintendent Yeom. There you are.
- Goodness.
- You saw what just happened, right?
- Yes, I did.
Whose fault was it?
The bicycle hit me from the back, right?
According to the traffic laws,
parking areas
Come on. This isn't a road,
so forget about traffic laws!
This isn't a road, but the same laws apply
to accidents in the parking lot.
Uh, we must check and see if there are
any incoming vehicles on the passageway
Well, that isn't a vehicle, but a bicycle.
Hey, stop filming.
Under the traffic laws, bicycles are
considered vehicles. [chuckles]
[Kyungmo] Forget it. Fine. [claps]
So what's the ratio of fault?
Seven to three.
Seven to three.
Okay. Seven to three. I'm three, right?
You You're… [chuckles] …seven, sir.
My goodness.
That's how the law is.
What are you saying?
- Hey, Min Sohee.
- Yes?
Yes, sir.
What are your thoughts?
Hurry and tell me.
Do you think the ratio is seven to three?
[Min] Well, yes. [coughs] Yes.
The accident occurred while you were
backing out in a parking area.
In such cases,
the car that was backing out
is a bit more at fault.
And due to the principle of liability
for the stronger party on the road…
…you'll be 0.5 parts more…
[Kyungmo inhales sharply]
I'm getting high blood pressure
so early this morning.
So you're saying I'm 7.5 parts at fault?
- No, you would be 8.5 parts.
- [gasps]
Lieutenant Cha strikes back.
[Kyungmo] Why?
You didn't turn on the hazard lights
as you entered the parking area.
In such cases, he gets
an additional 10%, right?
A rookie police officer who's much younger
gives him a lecture.
Chief Gu becomes furious.
So… [inhales sharply]
…I'm 8.5?
You really think I'm 8.5 parts at fault?
If you're dissatisfied with the ratio,
call your insurance company.
[Kyungmo] Hey, what did you say?
It's an important matter
to Lieutenant Cha.
[phone rings]
- [officer] Hang up.
- Yes. This is Namgang Police Station.
- There has been a minor collision.
- Hang up.
- [phone beeps]
- [Kyungmo sighs]
- The fellow police officers are flustered.
- [Kyungmo groans]
Don't be ridiculous.
How is it 8.5 parts my fault?
Am I supposed to have eyes
on the back of my head?
Look at this here.
What did the insurance company say?
It was just as Cha Yeonho said.
It was 8.5 to 1.5.
He persuaded the insurance agent too.
At first, he said it was seven to three.
He changed his mind
after listening to Lieutenant Cha.
[Min] Mr. Cha wasn't entirely wrong.
But he didn't have to talk back
to the chief at every turn.
TCI is already in the doghouse
with the chief. [huffs]
Mr. Cha will contribute to that a lot
from now on.
A doghouse is better than no house,
so keep him in check.
How are we supposed to address him?
By rank, he's on the same level
as Lieutenant Min.
We already have a lieutenant,
so what about "Inspector"?
- Inspector Cha?
- Call him Inspector Cha.
Mmm. Inspector Cha.
- Inspector Cha? [in English] Okay.
- [Min] Yes.
- [in Korean] Come on.
- Damn it. Let go of me.
[officer] Sorry, this spot is for
police vehicles. Please park elsewhere.
- [driver] Can't I park here briefly?
- I'm sorry.
- I won't stay long.
- I'm sorry. We must keep this spot empty.
Please park somewhere else.
- Why would you leave it empty?
- We put up the canopy for a reason.
It's a parking spot for police vehicles.
There are no other spots.
Let me park here shortly.
Sorry, but it's only for police vehicles.
It's still a parking area, right?
But only police vehicles can park here.
- It doesn't say so.
- There isn't a separate sign,
but we set up the canopy
to mark that it's for police vehicles.
But it's a parking area, right?
[radio beeps]
Donggi, you're working hard.
We investigate during the day
and do sobriety checks at night.
- I'm an IBM.
- What? IBM?
Incredibly bitter man.
- Since when did we run Breathalyzer tests?
- [Min chuckles]
It's wrong to think of it
- as the chief's revenge, right?
- [Donggi scoffs]
Revenge, my foot.
The Traffic Division's work is our work.
It's the maximum enforcement period
for drunk driving,
so let's help out the Traffic Division.
Cheer up.
Though I can't cheer up either.
[all imitate crying]
[driver] What are you talking about?
Why would my license be suspended?
My result is 0.03%.
You're subject to regulations
if it's 0.03% or higher.
Thus, 0.03% is included.
I know that, okay? How dare you?
Who are you to schooling me?
It's "school," not "schooling."
Move out of the way.
- You don't have to humor him.
- [knocks on window]
Sir, come on out.
You should reflect on yourself
if you're caught drinking and driving,
not yell at a police officer.
It isn't like that. Miss, listen to me.
You drank a lot, huh? Don't "Miss" me.
[stuttering] I mean, he tried to arrest me
even though I was at 0.03%.
- All right, sir. Miss is over here. Miss.
- [driver] Honey.
- Come here.
- Talk to him.
- Come with me.
- Talk to him.
- All right.
- [sirens wailing]
[officer on radio] Sun 22.
There's been an accident
near Kanghee Junction.
Requesting nearby patrol car to mobilize.
Sun 23. Roger that. I'm on my way.
[sirens wailing]
- [Donggi] So many cars are here.
- [Min] They arrived so fast.
What is it? Is there a problem?
[engines start]
Hurry up.
My goodness.
Sir, open your eyes. Sir.
- Where am I?
- What?
Sir, you've been in an accident.
You crashed your car. Please come out.
- [door handle clunks]
- Eh?
- My goodness. Please come on out.
- [driver grunting]
- [Donggi] Gosh, be careful.
- [driver groans]
[Min] Are you okay? Huh?
A ghost.
- [Min] What?
- A ghost.
I saw a ghost dressed in white over there.
[Min] I think he drank a lot.
She was right there.
My wheels suddenly turned too.
[Min] All right.
Please take a breathalyzer test first.
You can do a blood test if you want.
Follow the instructions.
- This way.
- I'm serious.
- All right.
- [driver] A ghost.
She was dressed in white.
- He'll definitely get his license revoked.
- [Donggi] It's fascinating.
A dog can't become a person,
- but a person can become a dog.
- [Min chuckles]
What is he doing over there?
[radio beeps]
[officer speaks indistinctly]
Hold on. Are you certain?
I have someone at the HR Bureau
of the National Police Agency.
According to him, the son of Cha Gyumin,
the Director of Investigations,
passed the police exam this year.
His name is Cha Yeonho.
[sighs] Director Cha Gyumin?
Among the candidates
for the future commissioner general,
he's the strongest.
Is Cha Yeonho really Director Cha's son?
Even a bad relationship is a relationship.
Don't you think it's a good opportunity
to make connections?
Why don't you schedule a meeting?
If you call him over alone,
people will talk.
Call over the entire team.
- Captain Jung too?
- Yes.
I don't want to.
Captain Jung makes me uncomfortable.
Praise them and cherish them.
"I don't hate you guys.
On the contrary, I cherish you all.
As for my son's DUI
and the recent minor collision,
you followed the rules
and took good care of it."
Do you expect me to say that…
…with my own mouth?
Look far into the future.
Cha Yeonho is still a rookie.
That's why he adheres
to rules and principles.
If he disapproves of you, he might
bad-mouth you to Director Cha.
[Min] Get rid of the chief's parking spot?
[Yeonho] Yes.
Because of the chief
and other executives' parking spots…
…there aren't enough parking spots
for civil petitioners.
I understand, but how is it our job?
Eight complaints have already been filed,
but they were all shut down.
I think it's a good idea.
- Why don't you take it to CSU?
- CSU?
Civil Servants' Union.
It's like the police's labor union.
[Yeonho] I'll bring it up then.
It's like tying a bell on a cat's neck.
[Chaeman coughs]
- [Chaeman] My goodness.
- [Min] Hello, sir.
- All right.
- [Donggi] Hello, sir.
Take a seat.
You don't need to be so formal.
Sit down.
The air conditioner isn't so strong here.
I didn't need to bring my jacket.
Hmm. Where should I sit?
I'll sit here.
- [Min] Chief Gu, please come in further.
- That's right.
Why? Is that the best seat?
That's authoritarian, okay?
- Sit down.
- Okay.
All right.
It has been a while.
I've been meaning
to have a meeting with the TCI team,
but it took so long.
I'm extremely busy now that I'm the chief.
I'm sure you were disappointed.
Let's drink together
and talk about what's in our hearts
without holding back.
Let's fill our glasses.
I'll do it.
Your name is Cha Yeonho, right?
- Yes, sir.
- I see.
We have a deep connection.
We're sitting side by side today.
- Let me pour you a glass.
- [Yeonho] Oh.
I don't drink, sir.
I lack enzymes that break down alcohol.
I'll just drink water.
He lacks enzymes that break down alcohol.
Right. You shouldn't drink then.
Let this be the last shot all around.
Bottoms up.
[Kyungmo, Donggi grunt]
By the way…
I want to use this opportunity
to say something.
It's about my son's DUI.
- Captain Jung.
- What? Oh.
[chuckles] Yes, sir.
You did well.
He's weak-minded.
He's nice,
but he needs to come to his senses.
TCI doesn't cut slack
because he is the chief's son.
It's good. You did well. It's cool.
- You did a great job.
- [Chaeman grunts]
Bottoms up.
And about the minor collision
I had with Lieutenant Cha.
Seriously, I learned a lesson.
Without minding
the situation and location,
he pushed through
using the rules and procedures.
I like the youthful spirit.
It's nice.
Drink up.
This restaurant has tasty pork rind. Here.
It's always tasty whenever I eat it.
Eat up.
We need to learn from the youngsters
when it comes to spirits.
Isn't that right?
Chief, you know
Chief, let me pour you a glass.
[Kyungmo] Gosh,
why do you keep pouring me a drink?
[Min] All right.
[Kyungmo] Gosh, how nice is this?
- Thank you.
- [driver] Seocho-dong.
- Yes, sir.
- [driver] Ah.
I'll get going then.
Cha Yeonho.
Work hard.
I have high expectations for you.
I'll keep my eyes on you.
You should be the ace in TCI.
All right.
For goodness' sake.
This is bureaucratic nonsense.
Are you going for another round?
Shall I give you my card?
- No, sir.
- All right then.
- [Min] Thank you for the food.
- [Hyunkyung] Thank you.
[Donggi] Thank you, sir.
[exhales sharply]
I don't know what he's thinking.
Why is he suddenly being like that?
- Let's go.
- [Min] Okay.
If you're going back to the station,
come with me.
You clinked glasses with me earlier.
You had a shot.
It was water.
I didn't drink
since I'm taking oriental medicine.
- [Min] Mmm.
- Are you going to the station?
- Come with me.
- Okay.
Can I ask for a ride too?
- Your place isn't in that direction.
- [Donggi] Sure.
I need to get my bike.
I have something to say too.
Why are you taking oriental medicine?
Are you sick?
Oh, it's a weight-loss medicine.
- [chuckles]
- For goodness' sake.
You don't need to lose weight.
- All of those are muscles.
- [laughs]
It's true, but I want
to lose a bit of weight.
I want to be agile like you.
- [Min] Agile? For goodness' sake.
- [Donggi laughs]
[both laughing]
[Donggi coughs]
[Min coughs]
What did you want to say to me?
Why did you stop me earlier?
Oh, that.
Today isn't the only day, right?
The matter regarding the parking space
would look better
if we combine our opinions
at the Civil Servants' Union meeting
You must've misunderstood.
That wasn't what I was going to say.
I was going to say
that I can't eat pork rind.
Oh, I see. Pork rind.
- [tires screeching]
- [Min] What is that?
- [thuds]
- [Donggi grunts]
[Min, Donggi] Hey!
- [Donggi gasping]
- [Min screams]
[Min, Donggi panting]
- [Donggi] Are you okay?
- [Min] Yes.
Hey, what was that white thing just now?
- You saw it, right?
- Yes.
- You saw it too, right?
- [Min] Yes.
[Min] Hey.
- What? This place is
- [Yeonho] You're right.
It's the spot from yesterday.
The spot where a drunk driver saw a ghost.
Don't you resent Cha Yeonho?
He's a victim too.
That's very noble of you.
It took me a long time to accept it.
I think he's interested
in becoming a police officer.
That's quite sudden. Did he tell you so?
What do you want me to do? Accept him?
That's your decision to make.
Don't have any unnecessary biases.
Why does he want to become an officer
of all things?
There's something…
he must do.
[Donggi] The wheel turned on its own.
The car spun on its own.
I don't see the soul.
My grandpa says that it's a ghost.
- [tires squeal]
- Unable to leave, ghosts haunt this place.
Accidents keep occurring at the same spot.
- [groans]
- It's a serious crime.
Two innocent people have died already.
How will we investigate this case?
What if we become the victims?
[Min] Oh, my!
Mister, have you seen a ghost?
You really haven't seen it?
[Yeonho] The reason
why the road was wet on a clear day.
- I think I know what happened.
- [person] Who are these punks?
I'm sure many viewers who
watched today's episode were worried.
"The insurance compensation regulations
are too lax.
I hope criminals don't take notes."
For those people,
I'll give a brief explanation
of police investigation compensation.
The incident in the drama
was based on a real-life case
which took place in 2007.
The culprit murdered two elderly women
by running them over
and gravely injured one elderly woman.
He masked them as involuntary manslaughter
and succeeded in receiving
insurance compensation.
But the year after the cases closed,
it was revealed to be a serial murder.
The culprit received a prison sentence
of 15 years.
This case became an important trigger
to find a way to stop
similar insurance frauds from happening.
After the sentence, insurance policies
underwent major changes twice.
Now, even if the driver
has multiple insurance plans,
he or she cannot receive more
than the actual sum of the settlement.
The settlement money is delivered directly
to the victim from the insurance company.
Thus, the policies have been changed
to prevent a driver from causing accidents
in the hope of making a profit
from the compensation for settlement.
A crime
for the police investigation compensation
should no longer be feasible,
nor should it even be considered.
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