Crash (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

- [car engine revs]
- [opening theme song plays]
What's going on?
At the spot from yesterday…
What we saw just now…
- [Donggi] I don't understand.
- [sirens wailing]
[sighs] For goodness' sake.
[tires screech]
You can just go.
We'll call our insurance agency.
It's dangerous,
so I'll move your car to a safe area.
- So
- Sure.
[tow driver 1] What? Are they cops?
- Gosh, I got unlucky.
- [tow drivers chattering]
- [tow driver 2] For goodness' sake.
- [tow driver 1] We can't tow a police car.
[Min] You can get going now.
[tow driver 1] Let's go.
Is this the insurance company?
There has been an accident.
- [vehicles starting]
- Yes, at Kanghee Junction.
- Yes. That's right.
- [siren wails]
[tires screech]
- [Min, on tablet] What is that?
- [Hyunkyung] What is that?
I can't sleep
after watching stuff like this.
What's more ridiculous is that it's where
a drunk driver crashed his car yesterday.
He also said he saw a ghost in white.
- Exactly.
- The wheel turned on its own.
- Maybe it really is a ghost.
- [scoffs]
And you call yourself a detective?
- Watch it again.
- Darn it!
- [Hyunkyung] See if it's a ghost.
- [Donggi] Come on. Cut it out!
In two months, there have been
four reports to the police.
Including the reports
to insurance companies, 13 in total.
Among them, two resulted in death.
The number of accidents
began increasing last November.
Accidents keep occurring at the same spot.
We'll need to look into the cause
in order to prevent further accidents.
Okay. Let's meet up with the victims
and secure the dashcam videos.
- Yes, sir.
- And question people in the area
and see if anyone else has seen a ghost.
Yes, sir.
What is it? You have something to say?
No. You said everything.
Let's move.
[Donggi] But we aren't in
the Marine Corps.
How can we catch a ghost?
It seems like
an accident occurs every week.
And the darn tow trucks
are so loud and noisy.
I can't sleep at night.
The accidents were so frequent
- that I wrote them down. Take a look.
- Okay.
- [vendor] For goodness' sake.
- [Min] Here.
- Come.
- Okay.
[vendor] The realtor right over there
has lived here all his life.
According to him,
this place used to be a cemetery.
- When the apartment was being built…
- [camera clicks]
…no one claimed the unidentified graves.
So they just bulldozed everything
and built an apartment.
That was when it started.
Unable to leave, ghosts haunt this place.
They continue to harass people.
My gosh. No way.
[chuckling] You never know.
Why else would accidents keep occurring
at the exact same place?
It's like something
out of the twilight zone.
Have you heard of someone
who walks around
in white mourning clothes?
White mourning clothes?
I don't know.
There are several shaman houses
down the mountain.
Why? Is someone walking around in them?
[Min chuckles]
[Hyunkyung] Is this what you saw that day?
[driver] Yes, it is.
I told you I saw a ghost that day.
You didn't believe me!
It was hard to believe a drunk driver
who couldn't even stand straight.
[driver coughs]
Do you have a dashcam?
So what is this thing that got filmed?
We're investigating.
Did you turn the wheel
because you were startled?
The car spun on its own.
I'm serious.
- [tires squealing]
- [horns honking]
- [tires squeal]
- [horn honks]
It's a place with many problems.
You're right.
[phone buzzing]
She isn't a shaman.
[Min sighs]
- Then who would wear such clothes
- Are you asking me?
[stammers] I apologize.
Shall I look into it?
- Play the video again.
- Sure.
[shaman exhales deeply]
[bells jangling]
[muttering indistinctly]
I don't see the soul.
My grandpa says that it's a ghost.
Excuse me.
You shouldn't do that
when the spirit is speaking.
It brings bad energy.
I'll wait outside.
[Hyunkyung] Wait for me.
[shaman grunts]
Dark clouds loom over that man.
- What do you mean by dark clouds?
- Be careful.
If you stay by his side,
you'll get struck by lightning.
[Min gasps]
[whispering] She said lightning.
Shouldn't you get a talisman?
Don't be absurd.
[cash register dings]
How much is a talisman? I'm just curious.
- [chuckles]
- [shaman] Hmm. Mmm.
Hey. Did you meet the drunk driver?
Yes. We showed him the footage
and he confirmed that was what he saw.
He claimed that the car shook on its own.
It's exactly what Donggi said.
We should check
the condition of the road more thoroughly.
They made the road narrower
when the apartment was built,
making the turning angle quite sharp.
- Let's request KoROAD to do a checkup.
- [Min] Okay.
And this is
from the drunk driver's dashcam.
For goodness' sake. [clicks tongue]
[Donggi grunts]
Aren't you going to watch it?
- I'm good.
- [Hyunkyung scoffs]
[driver exclaims, on tablet]
- [tires squeal]
- [screaming] What's happening?
It's the ghost we saw.
It's the person
- we saw.
- The shaman said that it was a ghost.
No way. A ghost won't get caught
on camera.
I'm glad you brought it up.
Then who is this woman in white?
[Min] We visited all the shamans
in the neighborhood. She isn't a shaman.
We checked with the funeral houses too,
but they don't use white mourning clothes.
It really doesn't make any sense.
do you also want to claim
that it's a ghost?
I'm not claiming anything.
I simply think that it's very mysterious.
I don't care if it's a ghost or not.
Let's figure out the cause.
If someone caused these accidents
on purpose, it's a serious crime.
Two innocent people have died already.
[tires squeal]
Why didn't you join him?
Didn't you hear the shaman?
I'll get struck by lightning
if I stay by his side.
[sirens wailing in distance]
Get rid of the chief's parking area?
Who proposed it?
It'll be discussed next week
at the Civil Servants' Union meeting.
Cha Yeonho proposed it.
[sighs] He is too much.
What a total moron.
Let's get rid of it.
The National Police Agency wants
to eradicate
the hierarchical parking lot culture.
If the matter comes to you
after the Civil Servants' Union meeting,
it'll look like you were pushed
into getting rid of it.
So… [sighs]
- …you want me to beat them to it?
- What matters is how it looks.
While that's true Geez.
What will I do every morning
without my parking spot?
- It'll be inconvenient.
- Look at the bigger picture.
You can't stay
at Namgang Police Station forever.
[sighs] Get going.
Gosh, this punk is fearless.
For goodness' sake.
If you look at the horizontal alignment,
the curvature is 2.12.
The small radius of curvature
increases the risk of accidents.
The longitudinal slope is less than 2%,
so there isn't much gradient.
But the problem is the superelevation.
As you can see, it's 0.08 to 1.12%.
There isn't much longitudinal slope
or superelevation.
That's what caused the accidents.
I didn't understand a thing.
Uh, so simply put,
the road is very flat.
Why did you make it so complicated?
Since the road is too level,
water can't get out.
If water can't get out,
it results in reduced friction.
It'll be slippery when it rains.
The wheels will move on their own.
So, that's what happened with the cars.
Hold on. You have the photo, right?
- The one of the marked calendar.
- Yes.
Hold on.
A calendar?
Yes. We questioned people nearby
and met a fruit vendor near the junction
who had marked the dates of the accidents.
[Donggi] All right. Look here.
Most of the accidents occurred
on rainy days.
Some of them occurred on sunny days.
I said "most."
So the cause of the accidents
wasn't a ghost,
but a structural problem of the road.
But isn't the accident rate
exceptionally high at Kanghee Junction?
It almost makes me wonder
why no one looked into it.
They probably blamed it on the ghost.
That's what the culprit used.
Someone used the rumor of the ghost
to cause the accidents?
[sighs] Let's wrap it up for today
and resume the investigation tomorrow.
- Yes, sir.
- [Donggi] Yes, sir.
[thunder rumbling]
[Min sighs]
[Min screaming]
No! My goodness!
You startled me. [pants]
Why would you
shine the light on your face?
Oh. I thought you'd be scared
if you didn't recognize me.
[gasps] You startled me.
What were you doing there?
Waiting for the ghost?
Yes. No matter what it is,
it may be the cause of the accidents.
So we need to figure out what it is.
[sighs] I see. I felt uncomfortable too.
Did you find anything?
The trees around the junction.
Only the trees around Kanghee Junction
were withering with yellow leaves.
Other sections were fine,
but just the area of the accidents.
Why Why was that?
Were they damaged
by blight and harmful insects?
Who knows?
Perhaps a ghost did it.
Come on! You said
there were no ghosts! [groans]
Gosh. [sniffs]
What? A bicycle?
Did you ride your bicycle in the rain?
Your car is very classic.
Well, yes. It's quite old.
I feel the most comfortable in this car.
Perhaps it's because it was
the first taxi my father drove.
By the way, are you doing okay
after the conflict with the chief?
I'm doing okay.
Are you really going to talk to him
about the parking spot?
You're probably unaware of this yet,
but our team doesn't have
the greatest relationship with Chief.
The chief's son
I already submitted it
to the Civil Servants' Union.
I see. Gosh.
My goodness. It's pouring outside.
It's the perfect weather
to walk around in white.
You should go home now. It's getting late.
What time is it?
All right. [sighs]
- [Yeonho sighs]
- I guess the ghost won't come today.
What? That's…
[Yeonho grunts]
Darn it.
[Min] Stop right there!
- [Min grunts]
- [Yeonho gasps]
- [Yeonho] I'll go this way.
- Hold on.
That way.
It was this house.
This is…
- [whispering] Over there.
- Okay.
[both panting]
Take that path. I'll take this one.
- [snap in distance]
- [gasps]
[breathing shakily]
- [leaves rustle]
- [exclaims]
Lieutenant, are you there?
- [shushes]
- [Yeonho panting]
[whispering] Scoot over a bit.
What is going on?
[Min] For goodness' sake.
What's your problem?
- Let's go.
- [grunts]
Over there.
[nurse] Mourning clothes?
Yes. I was wondering if anyone here
walked around in mourning clothes.
Why do you ask?
Is there?
There was an old lady named Kang Okgeum.
She believed her husband
who passed away would come for her,
so she'd always wear mourning clothes
and sneak out.
She even got into an accident once.
I see. An old lady.
She snuck out today too. You should check.
That's impossible.
That old lady
passed away last year.
What's this?
It's a report of the first accident
involving a ghost at Kanghee Junction.
The person who was mistaken
as a ghost by the driver was…
Kang Okgeum.
The first accident
was caused by a person, not a ghost.
Hold on. But she passed away last year.
Then the subsequent accidents…
They were probably caused by someone
who wanted to look like a ghost.
And this is information on the driver
from the first accident.
What? He looks familiar.
It's dangerous,
so I'll move your car to a safe area.
He's the tow vehicle driver.
So the victim of a car accident
is running a towing service
in the same neighborhood
and the same accidents keep occurring.
Isn't it strange?
[Min sighs]
Something definitely doesn't seem right.
[Yeonho] One towing service
practically monopolizes
the accidents that occur in the area.
It's 007 Towing.
The CEO, Choi Bumgu,
seems to be related to the ghost fiasco.
He does gain profits from the accidents.
What's your basis?
The driver who mistook
Kang Okgeum for a ghost
and caused the first accident
was Choi Bumgu.
You think he designed the accidents
based on his experience?
I have no evidence. Just a hunch.
He used to work on his own.
Last October, right after the accident,
he changed the business name
to 007 Towing.
What? The number of accidents there
went up starting last November.
I studied Choi Bumgu's insurance records.
This April, he hit a tow truck driver
from a rival business with his car.
It was processed as a minor car accident,
but there's a high chance
of it being intentional.
To take over the area,
he assaulted the tow truck drivers
and even the insurance agents.
But here's the problem.
No one pressed charges.
- Why not?
- I guess they feared retaliation.
People are scarier than ghosts.
The scale is too big
to be about the tow service.
Meet the victims
of the previous accidents.
Let's figure out what happened first.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
[Min] All right.
[in Mandarin] Have you eaten?
[in Korean] I told you not to swear at me.
I asked you if you've eaten.
Hey, you should eat Mapo tofu.
- Why?
- You went to the police station recently.
- [gangsters chattering, scuffling]
- So you want me to eat tofu.
You aren't a gangster, okay?
Stop beating people up.
Make them do the dirty work.
I take after my father.
There's a fire inside of me. [chuckles]
- Then drink cold water to put it out.
- Okay.
STOCK LOSS -17,779,880 WON
Anyway, why is there
so little work these days?
Mr. Shin, don't you work these days?
Give me some time.
I'm trying to read the room.
Please make more effort, okay?
I want to feed my boys some meat.
I don't know about you,
but things are quite tiring for us.
If we're a little bit harsh,
we get complaints.
Recently, the insurance company
[slams cup down] Damn it.
I told you to wait.
We're eating.
It isn't just you.
- Look at us. Everyone has it hard.
- Seunghak.
Things are really tough for me too.
I need to recruit actors and pay them.
Here. Let's hang in a bit longer, okay?
Aren't we fellow countrymen?
We should persevere together,
don't you think?
[sighs] All right. Cheers.
[Choi] Cheers.
[Hyunkyung] What's going on?
- [gasps]
- [Min] What? What's going on?
Are they tearing down
the chief's parking spot?
- [Kyungmo] Hey.
- [Donggi] Hello.
Are you guys going someplace nice
without me? [chuckles]
I'm glad you're here.
Chief, why is your parking spot…
Oh, after my incident with Inspector Cha
After the accident with Cha Yeonho,
I was lost in thought.
It occurred to me
that this was all hierarchical.
I was uncertain
about having a tent set up here.
I thought we didn't have
enough accessible parking space.
Once we get rid of this, we'll have enough
accessible parking space. [chuckles]
- [gasps] Chief Gu, you're amazing.
- [Hyunkyung chuckles]
The police reform
doesn't have to be grand.
- [Kyungmo] Mmm.
- That's right.
We should begin
by making changes around us.
You had planned it all along, right?
[both chuckle]
What's important is taking action.
- Setting an example.
- That's right.
Cha Yeonho. Don't you agree?
- Yes, sir.
- What a load of crap. [coughs]
In the evening,
I'll visit the headquarters.
I see. You must see him at home every day.
Maybe not. Do you live alone?
Yes, I live alone.
My goodness.
It's cool to see
a young man live independently already.
How amazing.
I know it's hard to live alone.
I've lived in a boardinghouse so I know.
You're so cool. Indeed.
There should be more young men like him.
We should strive to have such a mind-set.
It's very nice.
Please go ahead.
- Hey, what could it be?
- What?
Chief Gu has been sucking up to Cha Yeonho
since the last team dinner.
And it's strange that he suddenly got rid
of his private parking space.
It was Cha Yeonho's idea.
Didn't you hear him talk
about going to the headquarters?
What about it?
How frustrating. Hey.
Why did he tell Cha Yeonho
about his visit to the headquarters?
It's strange.
Perhaps Inspector Cha knows someone
in the headquarters.
His last name is Cha.
- Maybe it's Commissioner Cha Gyumin.
- Seriously?
Hey. How do you know all that?
Well, I heard it through the grapevine.
You didn't know that? You should.
- [Min] Really?
- My goodness.
[speaks indistinctly]
His rank isn't high enough
to join a meeting like this.
Why does he keep showing up?
You have to be a superintendent at least.
- Don't mind him.
- That's right.
Commissioner Cha.
My goodness, Chief Gu.
Thank you for making the time to attend.
Well, it's a system
the police must implement.
Moreover, I wanted to participate
- in the project you were leading, sir.
- [laughing]
We'll have a trial operation for a while.
Operate it well
at Namgang Police Station too.
- Yes, of course. Loyalty.
- Good.
[both chuckle]
Commissioner Cha, you know…
- I'm a bit disappointed in you.
- Why?
If you were going to send
your son to Namgang Police Station,
you could've given me a heads up.
My son?
We know already.
We know that your son is… [chuckling]
…at Namgang Police Station.
My son is?
Yes. Inspector Cha Yeonho.
He's in the TCI team.
- Hey.
- Traffic Crime Investigation…
Come here.
This is Chief Gu Kyungmo
of Namgang Police Station.
He recently graduated
in police administration
and joined the Foreign Affairs Bureau.
He's Cha Hyeonho, my son.
I see. He's your son.
- Yes.
- Your son…
It's nice to meet you. I'm Cha Hyeonho.
Your son is quite tall.
Gosh, his skin is perfect. [chuckles]
Oh, it's Cha Hyeonho.
Is it Hyeonho, not Yeonho?
Do you use the Chinese character
for "Pot handle" for "Hyeon"?
I was planning
to introduce him to everyone.
This is great.
Let's say hello to everyone. Come.
This is my son.
What's this?
His name is Cha Hyeonho, not Yeonho.
For goodness' sake.
I can't believe you!
How did this happen?
Cha Yeonho. Cha Hyeonho. Cha
This isn't a matter of spelling.
One syllable is completely different.
It isn't an alternate spelling
of a name with the same pronunciation.
How could you make such a mistake?
Seriously. My goodness.
I was too careless, Kyungmo.
I should've checked more thoroughly.
For goodness' sake.
"Kyungmo"? Hey, Jaedeok.
Superintendent Go.
I bet you didn't study this carelessly
when you prepared for the bar exam.
You must've studied thoroughly.
How could you fail to fact-check?
I have no excuse, Chief.
Of course, you don't.
You'd be less than human if you do.
How will I park my car every morning?
I totally wasted my energy.
Goodness, it's been a while.
I didn't expect to see you here.
I heard about your transfer to HQ.
How's work? What was the name of the team?
TCI, Traffic Crime Investigation Team.
That's right.
There are many traffic-related problems
and accidents these days.
Let's grab a drink sometime.
We worked together in Daejeon, after all.
- I don't know why we were so distant.
- Right.
- When you have time, drop by my office.
- Yes, sir.
I need to see the commissioner now.
All right. Take care.
I know why you're here.
Don't even get me started.
When I think about it,
I wake up in the middle of the night.
Did the towing service overcharge you?
That's not the problem.
They said they'd let me rent a car
for free while mine got repaired.
It sounded like a good deal,
so I accepted.
- Hello.
- It has been a while.
Come here for a second.
Look at this.
- What?
- Here.
If you have eyes, take a look.
I didn't do it.
- It was already…
- That's nonsense.
- It was already here, my foot.
- You…
They claimed that I damaged the car
and made me pay a hefty repair cost.
I had to pay for the repair fees
of the rented car and my car.
It drove me up the wall.
I think the auto shop is in on the scam.
The insurance company was shocked
to see the repair costs.
- Please come to the station and…
- No.
I struggled for months because of it.
They came to my house and made a scene.
Geez, forget it.
I'll just think that I donated
three million won.
Please put those jerks behind bars.
Goodbye then.
You need to press charges
for us to do that.
Lee Seunghak, age 53.
He's the owner of New Vision Auto Shop.
All the cars that are towed
by 007 Towing are sent here.
Gosh, Mr. Lee.
It's good to see you. Have you eaten?
There's a business that provides services.
It's Mammoth Car Rental.
The owner is Shin Junggeun. Age, 45.
He's had nine convictions
for violence, fraud, extortion, etc.
[in Mandarin] Have you eaten?
He opened a car rental agency last August
and began to take over the area.
The office of 007 Towing
is under Shin Junggeun's name too.
- Work hard.
- Yes, sir.
He's the one who operates 007 Towing
from behind.
Look at his face.
He must be the leader of the cartel.
The towing fee and repair costs
of both cars.
So many are living off of this ghost.
The amount of money victims paid ranged
from two to ten million won.
[Donggi] They're such thugs.
But we can't get a warrant
unless a victim presses charges.
We'll need a warrant to go over records
and confiscate their ledgers.
The problem is that no one
wants to press charges.
How will we investigate this case?
What if we become the victims?
How do you guys always eat
jjajangmyeon and pizza?
Eat some other food too.
Why do you always come when we're eating?
Go ahead and eat. We'll wait.
Don't be absurd. We're busy.
We can't eat when the police
are in front of us.
Well? What is it this time?
I'm not here as a police officer today.
I'm here as a customer.
My goodness.
These cars are excellent
in terms of cost-effectiveness.
Since you saved my life,
I'll give you a special deal.
That's right. You survived
thanks to Inspector Cha.
I consider this my second life
and I'm living diligently.
Then think of this as returning the favor
and give us the cheapest car here.
Those are about to be scrapped.
- Sounds perfect. Where is it?
- All right.
Let's go.
[horn honks]
[horns honking]
[driver] What are you doing?
Will you really be okay?
Because of the road,
you might get into a big accident.
That's why I must do it.
Plus, they'll look down
on a female driver.
Choi Bumgu has already seen your face.
Right. What do we do?
[horn honking]
I'm sorry.
- [driver 2] You punk, drive properly!
- I'm sorry.
- Does this car even go?
- Yes. I drove it here.
- You didn't buy it, did you?
- I did.
Otherwise, people will complain later.
What a waste of money.
Who pays for such a car?
We just need to set the date now.
It needs to rain for us to hunt the ghost,
but it hasn't rained in a week.
[Donggi] Hmm.
- Come here.
- [Donggi] Okay.
What are you doing?
If you desperately wish for something,
it'll come true.
- Pray desperately.
- [Donggi] Namo Amitabha.
Let's think of another way.
Do you remember the drunk driving accident
at Kanghee Junction?
Only that road was wet.
[Min] Yes, I remember.
It didn't rain that day.
Among the days the accidents occurred,
how many days were clear?
Oh, I'll send you the dates I checked.
- [phone buzzes]
- I sent it.
I'll be back.
Where are you going?
I'll tell you when I get back.
All right.
[Min] My goodness.
That man never talks first.
He's more comfortable being alone.
- Here you go.
- Okay.
Why did you want to see
the schedule for a sprinkler truck?
Would it be possible to meet someone
who worked on this day?
[worker] Kanghee Junction? I go there too.
Why do you want to know?
When you were there,
did you notice anything strange?
I'm not sure.
It can be anything.
Well, I don't know if it's strange or not.
But something did stick out.
Do you see this truck?
It's always parked there
just before I reach Kanghee Junction.
The license plate number tells me
that it's a rented vehicle.
A rented vehicle?
Yes. It's rare to rent a truck.
My goodness.
[Min] If you desperately wish
for something, it'll come true.
Why is it raining all of a sudden?
Did you bring an umbrella?
No. I didn't expect it to rain.
Then why are you smiling?
You'll get soaked.
I know, right?
[tires screeching]
[Min] What do I do?
- [sirens wailing]
- [Choi] Drive off.
We got here first, so drive off.
Hey, drive off.
- [knocks on window]
- [Min] My goodness!
[Choi] Are you okay?
Mister, have you seen a ghost?
I guess you dozed off.
I didn't. I'm certain it was right there.
You really haven't seen it?
You must be in shock.
Stay there. I'll move the car.
I told you to drive off! Darn it.
Get out of the way.
Allow me to take a nice photo.
[shutter clicks]
It won't be easy to repair the car.
Because it's very old,
it'll be difficult to find the parts.
It'll be hard, right?
Don't worry. We'll repair everything.
- I'm just going to have it scrapped.
- Okay.
- Pardon?
- I'll have it scrapped.
Please hold on.
For goodness' sake.
Why did you accept the car
without checking?
- This has never happened before.
- [sighs]
We already paid 007 Towing their fee.
Hey, we're in the negative now.
What should we do?
Must you ask? Geez.
It looks like a regular auto shop.
You startled me.
- Excuse me.
- Hello.
I heard that you wanted your car scrapped.
These days, you have to wait a year
to get a new car.
Why don't you have it repaired?
We'll cut the repair cost in half.
No. I'm too scared to ride that car now.
Scared? Why?
I know that it may sound strange,
but I see a ghost
whenever I drive that car.
I see it sometimes too.
There's one here.
I see one over there sometimes.
It isn't like that. I'm talking about
the Kanghee Junction Ghost.
It isn't a ghost.
Ghosts don't exist.
What is it then?
I don't know.
Whatever. Anyway,
I'll have the car scrapped.
Please find me a car rental agency.
A car rental agency?
Yes. I care a lot about comfort.
Would it be okay if I pick the car myself?
I'll show you there. Please follow me.
[Shin] How many times did I tell you?
Do you still not trust me?
For goodness' sake.
Give us the rental fee.
What did you say just now?
We won't make any money
since she wants the car scrapped.
She'll pay for the car rental,
so give us the fee.
We need to make a living too.
[Shin scoffs]
That's just absurd.
Darn it.
Why would we pay you
when we're renting out our car?
Don't you understand?
Some days are good,
while other days are bad.
You should go home now.
I'll treat you to a tasty meal later.
[Lee] I'll get going.
Damn it.
Does that jerk take me for a beggar?
Damn it.
Calcium chloride.
Why is it here?
Who are you? Darn it.
I'm here to rent a car.
You're here to rent a car?
- Which car does he want to rent?
- Seriously.
This isn't a place you come to rent a car.
[Min] Honey?
I told you that I could come alone.
You must've been worried.
You love me so much.
That's why you follow me
everywhere, right?
He's my husband.
She's the customer I brought.
Shall we go?
I can't believe you.
It's hot, so please be careful.
We're in charge of towing, repair,
and car rental.
It's a one-stop service.
If you look here, there's a spot
for your address and phone number.
Here you go.
My goodness.
I took over 30 photos of the car
so they wouldn't try to pull anything.
What were you doing there?
You almost got caught.
I figured out why the road was wet
on a clear day.
- What?
- It was the sprinkler truck.
Oh, the sprinkler truck.
The sprinkler truck driver said
that a rented truck
was always parked nearby.
I see. So you were there
to find the truck.
Yes. Here.
I see. Why was this truck there?
I don't know.
There's something else that's strange.
All the employees had
burn marks on their arms.
Didn't you see the burn marks on the arms
of the rental car agency employees?
[Yeonho] Burn marks.
Calcium chloride.
I think I know what happened.
The truck the sprinkler truck driver saw.
They're using it
to sprinkle calcium chloride.
When you sprinkle calcium chloride
on a wet road,
it soaks up moisture
and keeps the road wet for a long time.
[Min] That was why the road was wet
during the drunk driving accident.
It was because of calcium chloride.
Only the plants in the area withered
because of the sodium in calcium chloride.
When calcium chloride touches the skin,
it soaks up moisture and leaves wounds
that look like burn marks.
[Min] So they made a ghost to…
[Yeonho] To give a mysterious explanation
for a car slipping on calcium chloride.
They didn't want people to suspect them.
Okay. Let's go.
[tires squealing]
[shouts, groans]
Where are you going? Come here.
Where are you going, you punk?
Where are you going?
Get up. Get up now.
- [groaning]
- Don't act up.
- Donggi.
- [Donggi] Yes?
- Did you get everything?
- Yes, I filmed every single thing.
- Bring handcuffs.
- Lieutenant, what a drift.
- Be quiet and bring them.
- Okay.
- [Donggi] My goodness.
- [Min] I'll be gentle with you.
Who are these punks?
- Gosh.
- What's going on?
Who are you guys?
What's going on?
Who are they?
Who are you guys?
- TCI.
- TCI?
Hold on.
Oh. Are
Are you a thinker?
- I'm a feeler, you punk.
- [laughing]
- Nice one.
- What does he mean?
Hyunkyung, take the left.
I'll take the right.
- Let's go.
- Hold on.
[crowd exclaims]
You guys did a good job
at the car rental agency.
Take a break today.
- No. No way.
- Hey.
- Bring it on!
- Go, go!
[Chaeman shouts]
He's good.
- My goodness.
- Take this!
- We'll do it.
- Hold on. Not yet.
- No?
- Not yet.
- Bring it on.
- What's up with you?
For goodness' sake.
[crowd exclaims]
- My goodness.
- Are you okay?
You sneaky jerk.
- Now.
- Now?
- [Chaeman] Now.
- Now?
- Let's go.
- Okay.
My hair.
Come on.
- Surrender.
- Come on.
My goodness.
Give me your hands.
Hold still.
Come here.
- Donggi!
- Yes, sir.
Relax your arm.
My goodness.
- [grunts]
- [shouts]
Are you that punk from earlier?
- No?
- No.
You're not, you punk?
- Donggi!
- [siren wailing]
- Let go, you punk.
- [officer] Come on.
- For goodness' sake.
- Come here.
- Hyunkyung, nice play.
- Yes.
- You did all the work.
- Nonsense. It was all you.
Captain, are you okay?
- Don't talk to me.
- No?
- Go away.
- What do you want me to do?
[Donggi] Handcuffs.
I used the car well and returned it.
Call me if you find any scratches.
Did you have fun
with the ghost experience?
Enjoy the prison experience now.
- Inspector Cha, take him.
- Okay.
How was working with Inspector Cha?
I'm not sure yet.
But his brain definitely comes in handy.
Right? If Lieutenant Min approves of him…
My goodness.
- Dad.
- Hey.
It's hard to see Lieutenant Min's face.
Hello, sir.
Detective Eo, you're looking good.
- Get in. He'll give you a ride.
- No. I called a taxi.
You always turn me down.
You don't live alone, do you?
It isn't like that.
The taxi is here. I'll get going.
- Bye, sir.
- Take care.
Get home safely.
Didn't you bring your bicycle today?
It needs to rest once in a while
for it to last long.
[Min] You cherish your bicycle a lot.
Who is he?
He's Inspector Cha Yeonho
who recently joined the team.
He's my father.
It's nice to meet you. I'm Cha Yeonho.
It's nice to meet you.
Please take good care of Lieutenant Min.
Get in. You're going
in the same direction.
It's okay. I'll grab a taxi.
Get in. Why would you waste money?
We'll drop you off on our way.
Get in. She says it's the same direction.
Come on.
In that case…
Dad, I'm going to sleep.
[Min] My goodness.
This taxi is like her home.
Her mom passed away when she was young,
so I didn't want to leave her
at home alone.
That's why she always rode around
in my taxi.
I told you not to pick me up.
[Min's dad]
What? Why is my princess in a bad mood?
Why is our car a taxi?
Can't we get a different car?
[Min's dad] Well…
Why? Don't you like it?
Starting tomorrow, I'll walk.
[Min's dad] She ate in here.
How's your studying going?
Geez. Don't talk to me.
I'm sorry.
She studied in here.
Is university life fun?
Fun, my foot. Gosh, I'm tired.
I'm going to sleep, Dad.
Okay. Get some sleep.
She slept in here.
She practically grew up in here,
so I feel very bad for her.
Your car is very classic.
[Min] Well, yes. It's quite old.
I feel the most comfortable in this car.
Perhaps it's because it was
the first taxi my father drove.
I take it you're not a talker.
Although you're intelligent,
you must struggle with human interactions.
You don't have any siblings.
You now live alone, away from your family.
You enjoy being alone.
You eat alone.
How did you know all that?
Sohee told me.
When you don't want to eat alone,
you should come home with Sohee.
I may not look like it,
but I'm a good cook.
[tires screech]
You wanted to see me?
Can't a captain have a face-to-face talk
with his subordinate?
Let me keep it simple.
Jungsub told me about you.
Things must've been hard.
For both the person who lost a loved one
and the person who caused it.
I understand everything else,
but why do you want to be a policeman?
There must be other things you're good at.
Is my past
a problem when it comes to work?
That's none of my business.
Your past must never be a detriment to us
or our teammates.
You'd better keep that in mind.
[Donggi] Two cars ran over the victim.
- What?
- [person] I looked into it.
It's Cha Yeonho, that bastard.
I guess someone else has not forgotten
about this accident.
What's that?
- Why?
- I know that feeling more than anyone.
That dirty feeling makes me stronger.
Cha Yeonho.
TCI team at Namgang Police Station.
[Min] Deputy Commissioner Pyo Myunghak
has big ambitions.
[Yeonho] I met him a long time ago.
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