Crash (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

- [car engine revs]
- [opening theme song plays]
It's getting late. Why not stay over?
What's the rush? I'm disappointed.
My schedule is packed until I leave,
so now is the only time I have.
- Don't worry. I'll be back soon.
- All right. Drive safely.
- Okay. I'll be back.
- [Mr. Cha] Mmm.
For goodness' sake.
If you're so worried about him,
how will you let him study abroad?
If you're so worried, why not follow him?
My goodness.
[car engine starts]
[static blares on radio]
[reporter] …Is closed due to an accident.
- [static continues]
- [reporter 2] Tomorrow at 4 p.m., you
[static continues]
[reporter 3] Hello, everyone.
- This is a late-night
- [sighs]
- [static continues]
- [music plays]
[radio stops]
[CD clatters]
Darn it.
- [exclaims]
- [horn honks]
[tires squealing]
[pedestrian gasps]
[tires screech]
[reporter 4] Last night at
Eundong Junction in Eunseong-go, Daejeon,
newlyweds who were crossing the road
were killed in a car crash.
According to the police,
the driver was Mr. Cha…
- [Yeonho sighs]
- …a 24-year-old KAIST graduate.
He was returning to his dorm to pack up
prior to his departure to study abroad
next week…
[echoing] …when he caused this accident.
After investigating the accident,
the police said that Mr. Cha…
[officer] Did you drink the day before?
You left the house early in the morning,
so you couldn't have gotten enough sleep.
Do you remember the accident?
[Yeonho sighs]
[mourners chattering softly]
How many times did I tell you to leave?
[breathing shakily]
[screaming] Just leave! Please!
Even if you do that… [sobs]
…my daughter won't come back to life!
Even if you hang your heads,
it won't make the dead come back alive!
We're sorry.
- All we can say is that we're sorry.
- [crying continues]
Don't waste your time on these people.
Please leave.
You're only making us feel uncomfortable.
You don't know how I feel.
You'll only know how I feel
when your child dies too!
- You won't know how I feel!
- [Jungsub] Stop it!
- [wailing]
- Honey, that's enough.
Let's go inside.
- [wailing continues]
- [Mr. Cha] We're sorry.
[Jungsub] Let's go inside.
[Mrs. Cha sobbing]
[Mr. Cha] Honey.
- [bus jolts]
- [beeps]
[doors opening]
[thunder rumbling]
[thunder cracks, rumbles]
[person 1] According to the investigation…
[person 2] All right.
[Myunghak] We're still newlyweds.
[horn honks]
[engine revs]
[engine revs]
[driver] What's that?
[tires screech]
[button clicks]
[sirens wailing in distance]
[horn honking]
[honking continues]
Was that you, Cha Yeonho?
Gee, I'm sorry. I am in a hurry.
[muttering] Take that, you punk.
For goodness' sake.
That jerk.
I'm glad I ran into you.
- Here.
- What is it?
- A case.
- What? That's so sudden.
A case always comes suddenly.
Should it come with a warning?
Her words were quite harsh.
What's up with her?
Inspector Cha.
Why are you so deep in thought?
What's wrong?
It looks like you didn't get any sleep.
I'll see you inside.
One is harsh and the other is gloomy.
What's up with everyone?
Chief Gu reprimanded
Superintendent Yeom yesterday
for the indiscipline
of the Traffic Bureau.
His issue was that the parking lot reform
came from the Traffic Bureau.
My goodness. It was a jab at us.
I mean, he went on about the police reform
and got rid of it on his own.
Why is he complaining now? How ridiculous.
That wasn't how he felt inside.
I hate people who aren't the same inside.
What do you call those people?
Two-faced, duplicitous,
- fickle
- That's enough. Two-faced people.
If we aren't going to watch the video,
I'll go back to
Let's watch it.
- Donggi.
- Okay.
It happened last night at 11:41 p.m.
- [tires squeal]
- [engine revs]
- [driver] What's that?
- [Donggi] My goodness.
A woman jumped out, right?
I think so.
Was it an escape?
The woman who jumped out
is Kim Minju, age 25.
She's currently in the ICU
at Dongsung Hospital.
The driver is Yang Jaeyoung, age 29.
According to him,
Kim Minju, who was in the passenger seat,
suddenly felt tightness in her chest
and jumped out before he could stop her.
What's their relationship? Lovers?
She's a secretary at his father's company.
I want to know how the victim's doing.
We need to check if his statement is true.
I'll go to the hospital.
Donggi, Hyunkyung, question Yang Jaeyoung.
Check his criminal records
and driving history.
[both] Okay.
[monitor beeping]
[doctor] She had
a traumatic cerebral hemorrhage,
along with pelvic and backbone fractures.
She is out of the woods now,
but the hemorrhage is severe
so it's hard to predict
how long the coma will last.
I understand.
What is it? Let's go.
Even during university,
she never asked us for help.
[inhales deeply]
I haven't done anything for her
as a parent.
She moved to Seoul alone
and found her footing.
She got a job.
She sent us living expenses every month.
She may be the daughter,
but she's the breadwinner of the house.
By any chance,
did she have a physical condition?
She had a bad back.
But she never had tightness in her chest.
Does she have a boyfriend?
Not that I've heard of.
Did she ever tell you anything
about the driver, Yang Jaeyoung?
Ma'am, please tell us
even if it's something small.
Minju told me about
the son of the chairman she worked for.
His behavior was a bit…
Apparently, he hit on
female employees often.
Even though he is married.
I don't know if that's the driver.
I see.
[Min sighs]
- [engine revs]
- [tires screech]
My goodness.
Geez, what a lousy team.
What's this smell?
The shade is very dark. Can you see us?
- Yes.
- You can see us.
[Donggi, Hyunkyung laugh]
What's your relationship
with the passenger, Kim Minju?
She's just an employee
at my father's company.
- I saw her in passing a few times.
- I see.
Why did you meet her that day?
I'd talked about buying her dinner
and kept my word that day.
It felt rude to make her take a taxi,
so I was giving her a ride.
You have a wife.
[scoffs] She's at home.
- Oh, I see.
- [Hyunkyung] Hmm.
Did you have an interest in Kim Minju?
Or maybe she had expressed
an interest in you.
I told you earlier.
She's just an employee.
What did you talk about in the car?
Nothing much.
We talked over dinner,
- so we just listened to music in the car.
- Hmm.
[inhales sharply] When did she begin
to experience tightness in her chest?
Was it right before she jumped out
or earlier?
Right before she jumped out.
[sighs] In any case, she is quite strange.
I didn't realize this at work,
but she seemed to have a mental issue.
- What kind?
- You know what women are like.
[inhales sharply] She seemed paranoid.
[inhales sharply]
Before Kim Minju jumped out of the car,
was there any type of physical contact?
- If there wasn't, you can simply say so.
- [Hyunkyung chuckles]
There wasn't.
- [Donggi] I see.
- [Hyunkyung sighs]
Would it be okay for us
to check the dashcam videos?
You have a dashcam, don't you?
I do,
but I can refuse, right?
Well, yes. We can't force you
to give it to us.
[Hyunkyung, Jaeyoung chuckle]
Check all you want. Hmm.
[chuckling] Okay. Thank you.
Please excuse me.
What's this?
Oh, wow. Cool frog car.
What? Lieutenant.
- [Sohee] Where are you guys going?
- Well…
He's Mr. Yang Jaeyoung,
the driver of the car with Kim Minju.
I see. I'm Lieutenant Min Sohee.
Did the questioning go well?
I can go, right?
I've seen you somewhere.
Don't you know me?
Cha Yeonho?
Cha Yeon…
- Right.
- Do you know each other?
I was mistaken.
Have a good day.
- [car door shuts]
- [Sohee] Let's go.
[Donggi] Okay.
[Sohee] Did he answer the questions?
[engine revving]
[Donggi] The audio was turned off.
[Hyunkyung sighs]
Must be why he handed it over.
- He turned it off on purpose, right?
- He must do many bad things in the car.
Did you find anything out
during the interrogation?
He said he was driving her home,
but the accident took place
at a completely different location.
I didn't dig deeper to keep him talking.
Don't you remember him?
He seemed to know you.
I'm not sure. I don't remember him.
His personal information
says he's from Daejeon. Maybe…
[Chaeman] Daejeon?
[Donggi] Yes.
[electronic music playing]
[both grunting]
[impact thuds]
- [impact thuds]
- [exclaims]
[yelps, straining]
It hurts, you punk!
- It was supposed to be a light sparring.
- [groans]
[Jaeyoung] I can't believe you. Gosh.
[classical music playing]
- [sparring continues]
- Cha Yeonho?
[Jaeyoung] That's right. Cha Yeonho.
You know…
Jaeyeon and Jihye.
Please give us some privacy. [chuckles]
Let's have a glass of wine after.
- Sounds good.
- Okay.
The driver who caused
that car accident in Daejeon.
The KAIST guy.
- What about him?
- He became a police officer.
I saw him at the station today.
- A police officer?
- Yeah.
Isn't it absolutely ridiculous?
How could a murderer become an officer?
Korea is a truly liberal country.
Why'd you go to the police station?
[sighs] I don't know.
Something that's giving me a headache.
Gosh, because of that crazy bitch.
Is it over a woman again?
Dial it down. You have a wife.
I thought about visiting your father.
If the case has been reported,
connections are useless.
Come on. Even if it's your father?
That makes no sense. [chuckles]
Did you send it?
The article about the car accident.
- Did you receive it too?
- Hey.
[whispering] I received it too, you know.
I'm serious.
My wife opened it first
and asked me about it.
Which bastard sent it?
Could it be Kyungsoo?
- Why would he?
- Who knows? Maybe he needs money.
Besides us, he's the only one
who knows about it.
What is he up to these days?
I knew it. I did some digging,
because Yang Jaeyoung's car
was under his father's company.
His family has been sharing five cars
under the company name.
But their cars are all luxury cars.
- [Min gasps]
- So the car he brought was his father's?
- Yes.
- [Hyunkyung] I should've known.
It's the company's car, not his father's.
Does he think it's his money?
His father's employee
in his father's company's car
- [phone rings]
- For goodness' sake.
Hello, this is TCI.
What? Did she wake up?
- [monitor beeping]
- [Sohee] Ms. Kim Minju.
We're the police investigating your case.
If it's okay, we'd like to ask a question.
Do you remember
what happened in the car that day?
[breathing shakily]
[phone buzzing]
It's a call from the office.
- Yes?
- [Hyunkyung] How did it go?
Does she remember?
Most of her memories came back.
She gave us details of the accident.
She was trying to avoid sexual harassment.
[Donggi] I knew it. What a punk!
We don't know for certain yet.
Her memory might be faulty.
What are you saying?
The victim said it happened.
Do you have evidence?
[Sohee] Captain is right.
Without evidence,
things might get harder for her.
If we check the dashcam
of the car on the other side
[Yeonho] That's impossible.
The cars were moving
at a considerable speed,
and it was nighttime.
It'll be hard to get a useful footage.
Meet with Yang Jaeyoung again.
Deliver Kim Minju's statement.
- Let's see how he reacts.
- Yes, sir.
For goodness' sake.
She's a crazy bitch, isn't she?
Isn't she a gold digger?
She's after my money.
Mr. Yang, please watch what you say.
Many women are like that these days.
They seduce married men
and backstab them later.
[Min sighs]
- You said you were driving Kim Minju home.
- Yes.
Why did you go in the opposite direction?
I just wanted to go for a drive.
Not the vacation home?
You were headed toward Wonseong-go.
That's nonsense! Geez. [chuckles]
I have a family.
Ms. Kim Minju claimed
that she repeatedly asked to get out.
What's this?
Are you suspecting me?
I can't believe it. [in English] Okay.
[in Korean] I have nothing more to say.
Bring evidence.
And tell her to sue me if she wants.
I'll sue her for defamation
and false accusations.
[laughs] The police?
They're just writing a damn novel. Huh?
[exhales deeply]
Myunghak, welcome.
Gosh, I can open the door.
I should open the door
since I'm younger than you.
- [Myunghak] Goodness.
- Let's go inside.
[Jaeyoung] Can't your father help?
I told you. He can't help
if the case has been reported.
- Is it serious?
- That bitch is making such a fuss.
- Do you need a lawyer?
- Hey, I have lawyers too.
It's just a hassle to
These guys will keep things quiet.
Only low-levels take it to court.
I'll send the number, so call him.
[knocking on door]
I'm hanging up.
Let's go inside.
- What? You're here early.
- [chuckles]
Have you been well, Uncle?
I'm sorry. I mean Chairman.
My goodness, Jungwook.
You got even more handsome
after studying abroad in the US.
- [chuckles]
- Hmm? You take after your father.
- [chuckles]
- Don't be ridiculous.
I spent money on his overseas education,
- so he needs to live as a worthy man.
- [chuckles]
Spending money doesn't make a worthy man.
Jungwook, you must have money
to be a worthy man. Got it?
- [chuckling] Okay.
- [Myunghak] You're right.
Chairman Yang, help him
become a worthy man.
- Please sit down. Sit.
- Yes, sir.
My goodness.
[Myunghak sighs] Jungwook.
Chairman Yang is an ambitious man,
so help him by his side, okay?
- [chuckles]
- [Yang laughs]
[sighs] I hope I'm not inconveniencing
you. You have Jaeyoung too.
Myunghak, we aren't strangers.
Jaeyoung and Jungwook played
sports together since they were kids
and drank together once they grew up.
They practically grew up as brothers.
I believe in you.
Please help Jaeyoung by his side, okay?
Jaeyoung is
[clicks tongue] He's my son,
but he has a long way to go.
I'll need to learn from him.
He's my superior now.
My goodness. Superior, my foot. [chuckles]
[inhales sharply]
- What is it?
- [Yang] My goodness.
I'll share the details
once I come back from the restroom.
Now that I'm old,
I have this problem.
Gosh. At our age,
we need to take care of the pipes.
I'll do your favorite activity
and have a smoke too.
My goodness.
[door closes]
[inhales sharply] Chairman Yang
is no longer the thug who did
people's dirty work in Daejeon.
Now, he's the owner
of a respectable company.
So from now,
don't get any funny ideas
and focus on finding your footing.
- Understood?
- Yes.
If you get handed over a listed company,
it'll be worth 100 billion won.
What happened with Jaeyoung?
Well, there was a trivial misunderstanding
involving a female employee.
I introduced him to Lawyer Sung.
[clicks tongue] What a pathetic punk.
He can't hold a candle to his father.
For goodness' sake.
- You know Cha Yeonho, right?
- What?
He attended KAIS
at the time of the Daejeon accident.
Oh, him.
What about him?
He became a police officer.
TCI team at Namgang Police Station.
That team is unrelated to you, right?
[car door opens, closes]
[engine starts]
Inspector Cha, Kim Minju
was moved to a general ward.
We need more information
on Yang Jaeyoung. Come with me.
[Sohee] Let's go.
Here we go.
What's this?
The suspect shouldn't visit
the victim as he wishes.
- The suspect?
- Yes, the suspect.
Ms. Kim pressed charges against you.
[Sung chuckles]
We just finished having
a conversation with Ms. Kim.
She wants to drop the charges
and wrap up the case here.
Ms. Kim, is that true?
The way you work is so…
[laughs] Let's go.
Are you okay?
Did those jerks threaten you?
Even if I press charges,
there's no guarantee that I'll win.
I know that this is hard.
We'll help. We'll find the evidence.
- So if you pluck up the courage
- No.
Why do I have to fight alone?
Why do I need to take
the difficult, painful path alone?
- Why me?
- [Sohee] Ms. Kim Minju.
I don't want people
to talk about me. [sniffs]
Thinking about what happened
is exhausting.
Please leave.
Minju. Oh, dear. It's okay.
She doesn't want to do it.
- [Minju sniffs]
- Please leave.
It's okay. Don't cry.
[sobbing continues]
It's okay. Minju, it's okay.
Kim Minju was crying so much.
She must be struggling a lot.
It's my fault. I should've filed
a restraining order.
You didn't have time to do that.
[Minju] I'll never forgive you.
I'll make sure you get punished.
[Jaeyoung] How?
Will you send me to prison?
Do you think there haven't been
wenches like you before?
Shall I tell you what happened
to those girls?
They got fired
and failed to find another job
because rumors spread that
they tried to seduce the chairman's son.
Hey, you're the breadwinner of the house.
What'll happen to your parents
once you become jobless?
Will you let them live in poverty?
How unfilial of you.
That's enough.
You should've been born to good parents.
Or you could've just dated me.
[elevator voice] The doors are closing.
So it'll end like this.
Having money and power
gives confidence to the perpetrator.
Meanwhile, the victim with no money
or power is a sinner.
It really sucks being a police officer.
That won't always be the case.
[Jaeyoung] What are you doing? Huh?
What's this?
What's this? Why aren't you answering me?
What's this?
Why are there seizure notices on your car?
What's going on?
What have you been up to these days?
It's not like that. Hey, put that down!
- Are you the son?
- Yes.
A report was made
to the National Tax Service.
You're using the cars
under your father's company.
So? What about it?
They'll be seized today.
You can't use it
until the tax investigation ends.
What's he saying?
You son of a bitch.
I told you not to cause trouble.
- What the hell did you do?
- Father.
For goodness' sake.
Damn it!
[Jaeyoung exhales, chuckles]
I can't believe I'm riding a rental car.
It's embarrassing.
It's the same as a company car.
Are you certain it's Cha Yeonho?
I looked into it.
He's the bastard who made the report.
You must have a connection with him.
[Jaeyoung] Gosh. I won't let this slide.
He's a murderer. What right does he have?
I'll make Cha Yeonho, that jerk…
take off his uniform.
[sighs] Don't cause a scene.
It'll be troublesome if people start
talking about what happened.
Maybe we should have dinner.
This is enough.
When you live alone, every meal is work.
How's being a police officer?
Is the work okay?
How about driving? Not yet, right?
I still have a lot to learn.
It won't be easy.
Your health will suffer
more than you expect.
What brings you all the way here?
If you'd called, I…
Your expression tells me
that you received one too.
Who could've sent these letters?
My wife has cancer.
The doctor says
that she won't make it past this year.
After that day,
my wife thought about the accident
every single day.
She went over the thoughts in her mind
over and over again.
I guess…
someone else has not forgotten
about this accident.
Just like my wife.
[on radio] The eighth victim of a series
of robbery and rape incidents
in northwestern Seoul has emerged.
The eighth victim was a woman in her 20s
who lived alone on the second floor
- of a multifamily residential…
- See?
I told you to take the back alley
after making a turn
at Namgang Seolleongtang.
There's a one-way street
in front of Siwon Supermarket.
We'll have to come out
to the main road anyway.
- You have nothing to say, right?
- Fine.
[radio] …No evidence was found.
Gosh, the traffic is worse here.
- [person yelling]
- [car hooting]
- [person screams]
- [Sohee grunts]
- What?
- [Sohee's dad] That little
Eo Hyunkyung.
- [Donggi] Catch him!
- [Sohee] Woo Donggi.
- Shall I go after him?
- No, it's okay. Bye, Dad.
- Dad, I'm going.
- Sohee, your face.
What happened?
Thank you for your hard work.
I am near Ansu Station.
A young man on an electric scooter
hit a child and ran off.
Come on!
- My goodness.
- Stop!
[Donggi] For goodness' sake.
What? Are you okay?
- [Sohee] Hyunkyung.
- Yes?
My goodness!
- Are you okay?
- I'm okay. Move out of the way.
- Inspector Cha, catch him!
- He's a hit-and-runner!
[Yeonho grunts]
[Sohee] Hey.
[Hyunkyung] Are you okay? Oh, no.
- What was that?
- A hit-and-runner.
Stop right there, sir!
Who are you?
You don't need to call me "sir"!
For goodness' sake.
Stop right there.
Once I catch you, I'll end you.
- Why are you following me?
- Stop!
You're under arrest
for running after committing a crime.
You have the right to an attorney.
You have the right to remain silent.
- It hurts.
- Understood?
- Yes, I got it.
- Why'd you run and complicate everything?
I'm sorry.
- My arms.
- I'm exhausted.
- How did this happen?
- You're here.
- I feel dizzy.
- Here.
Come here.
- Take him.
- Gosh.
Oh, right. Geez.
- It's fine, take him. Go.
- Okay.
I borrowed your bicycle
because I was in a hurry.
Tell me if it's broken. I'll fix it.
It's new.
That isn't the problem.
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm fine.
By the way, why am I a hit-and-runner?
I wasn't driving a car.
[Sohee] An electric scooter is classified
as a motorized vehicle by law.
That means it's the same as a motorcycle.
Since you hit a person
with a motorized vehicle and ran away,
you'll receive an aggravated sentence
according to Article Five, Clause Three.
Do you understand?
I wasn't planning to run.
I was running late, so
I can't believe you.
Did you assault an officer
because you were late for an appointment?
I didn't know that he was an officer.
I swear.
- He doesn't look like one, does he?
- Be quiet.
We'll talk at the station.
He looks like a coder.
[Sohee] All right. Get out.
It's hot.
This way.
My goodness.
- Bring him in.
- Okay.
- Come here.
- Can you take off my helmet? I'm sweating.
Quiet. It's hotter for me.
- It tickles.
- [Donggi] Geez.
Didn't they teach you
to make arrests at the academy?
They did.
But you didn't think to use it?
I wasn't sure if he was
a suspect or a victim,
so I couldn't use force.
I see. So even though
you could subdue him with ease,
you didn't.
You're a police officer.
You shouldn't be so weak.
Showing your police badge
won't get criminals handcuffed easily.
For goodness' sake.
Follow me.
[Sohee breathing heavily]
The police's arrest techniques
refer to the techniques that are used
to arrest a culprit or a suspect.
These techniques don't only involve
the usage of the body and tools.
They have a wider meaning
and include the speech and spirit.
A MMA fighter named Wanderlei Silva
once said this.
"I fight with my heart, not techniques."
This means that before two bodies collide,
the heart does the work.
The heart determines
who will win the fight.
That's what it means.
He has no reactions.
You don't want to learn, right?
You have no interest or skills in MMA
and you don't see the need for it.
Take off your glasses.
All right.
Flip me over.
You can use any method,
so just try to take me down.
If my knees touch the ground even once,
I'll call off this training.
I'll do it if you won't.
All right. That motivates you, right?
Inspector Cha.
Inspector Cha, you attack this time.
Come on.
He'll die at that rate.
[Donggi] She won't kill him.
She's a police officer.
I think she might.
[Donggi] You think?
[grunts, groans]
It hurts, right?
It hurts me too.
I know that feeling more than anyone.
You feel infinitely small and helpless.
You feel infinitely pathetic.
I used to be like that too.
But that dirty feeling made me stronger.
remember that feeling and
be more enthusiastic at our next session.
Let's go.
[Hyunkyung] Weren't you too harsh
on the first day? He nearly died.
It beats getting beaten to death
by a suspect.
He should quit if he can't handle
such training.
Didn't you know?
A joint investigation unit will be set up.
For the serial robbery and rape case.
Is that so?
[cell phone buzzing]
I guess they didn't tell her.
I'm sorry. Excuse me.
We're coming through. Thank you.
He was a resident of this neighborhood
named Jung Geunsoo.
He didn't have a job and drank all day.
There have been many incidents.
- When he was found, he reeked of alcohol.
- Who made the report?
A high schooler found him on her way
to school at 7 a.m. and called 911.
Then why did we get called now?
At first, we thought it was
a simple death of a drunk person.
But this.
I see. It's a pedestrian accident.
Is that where he was discovered?
Yes, it is.
Was it a hit and run?
I don't know. Even if it was,
the driver always feigns ignorance
when they get caught.
Go to the National Forensic Service.
Inspector Cha and I will stay here.
- Okay.
- Okay.
Unless he fell ill from drinking too much,
he came here every day.
I begged him to go home yesterday,
but he drank until he couldn't walk.
At what time did he leave?
I kicked him out
when I closed the restaurant.
It was close to 1 a.m.
Did he come with someone?
Who'd drink with him? It'd end badly.
He would pick a fight with anyone
when he got drunk.
My goodness.
What is it?
Are you hurt?
Do you really not know?
Are you whining
because I threw you down a few times?
[groaning] "Please save me."
If this is the starting point
and the location of discovery
is the ending point,
the shortest route between the two is…
Seven factorial divided by two factorial
multiplied by five factorial…
That makes 21. There are 21 routes.
I'll take the odd numbers and you can
- take the even numbers.
- Hold on.
You haven't gotten drunk before, right?
Someone who's wasted
wouldn't care about the fastest route.
He'd take a nap in the playground
- and pee in an alley.
- Forget about the calculations.
- Check every alley and car in the area.
- Okay.
This way.
Come on.
You saw the victim yesterday?
Last night, I couldn't fall asleep.
So I came outside to get the laundry.
I looked outside because it was so loud.
[witness] He was picking a fight
with a man in a black bucket hat.
You jerk, don't throw away
the cigarette butt anywhere.
Why do you care?
Why wouldn't I care?
This is my neighborhood, okay?
If you're wasted,
you should just go home and sleep.
You jerk!
Hey, stop right there!
- He does that every day.
- Hey!
Every time he gets drunk,
he picks a fight with people.
You don't know who the other man was?
No, I don't. I had never seen him before.
What about his appearance?
He was pretty tall.
I didn't get a good look at his face.
How should I put it?
He looked a bit unpleasant.
You know how some people
have a gloomy face?
I understand that the driver
who ran off is at fault.
But if you get drunk
and pass out on the road,
the drivers would feel victimized.
On top of that, it was an alley
at night with no light.
When you're unlucky, anything can happen.
You should be careful.
Don't get drunk and sleep anywhere.
I don't even drink that much.
What kind of a person drinks
five bottles of soju?
We have so many cases backed up.
I'm sorry. But you know
time is crucial for a hit-and-run case.
Your face is so gaunt.
Mr. Kim, you should take care
of your health.
When you're free,
we should grab a bite sometime.
Is the result out?
Yes, it's out.
Here you go.
But there were two cars.
Please look here.
What? A man in a black bucket hat.
He's the one the woman told us about.
This was 50 minutes before
the fight with the victim, Mr. Jung.
I think he was wandering
around the neighborhood.
What was he doing in the neighborhood?
We're back.
- We're back.
- Well done.
- When will the result come out?
- I pressed Mr. Kim
since it was a hit-and-run case.
Eo Hyunkyung, you're the best. Well done.
He was run over by two cars.
- What?
- Two cars.
The estimated time of death
is between 2 to 4 a.m.
The cause of death is organ damage
on the neck and chest.
The tire mark shows it is
a Chinese product named Top A W306.
The other one is
a Korean product named Next Mile.
As for Top A W306,
it's a 235 by 65R15 tire.
It's mostly used for medium-sized cars,
whereas Next Mile is used for taxis.
Then the compact car is out.
The remaining cars are the black Stinger
and the silver Festa
with the broken brake light on the left.
And this is the only taxi.
The silver SM5 that passed by at 2:27 a.m.
We can't make out the license number.
Hyunkyung, check the CCTVs
and figure out where those two cars went.
- Yes, sir.
- Let's catch the taxi first.
Get a warrant before it's too late.
And contact the Smart Company
and ask for the route of a taxi
that passed by the alley in Ansu-dong.
The Smart Company?
It's a company that manages
the GPS in public transportation.
We just call it the Smart Company.
Donggi, take care of the warrant.
- I'll take care of the Smart Company.
- Okay.
My goodness, Director.
Attention. Salute.
At ease.
- Hello.
- Keep up the good work.
- Hello, sir.
- All right.
I told you that you can go home.
It's okay. I want to check out
Smart Company.
How trustworthy.
Thank you for your hard work.
- Thank you.
- All right.
- I'm Superintendent So Byunggil.
- Goodness, Superintendent.
My goodness, Min Sohee.
Oh, wow.
It has been a while.
[Myunghak] Is it our first time meeting
since last year?
- Yes.
- I see.
Hold on. He's
He's a new member of the team,
- Inspector Cha Yeonho.
- I see.
Nice to meet you.
You're working hard in an intense team.
- You're working hard.
- Hello, sir.
All right.
- The two of us will talk for a second.
- Yes, sir.
All right.
So you bent over to pick up a CD
while driving.
So you didn't keep your eyes on the road?
Mr. Cha Yeonho, I think
you should be cool and just admit it.
You need to be honest for me to help you.
Had we caught the car thief sooner,
no one would've died.
- There's someone inside.
- What? Then
He was watching.
The wallet came back?
- It might be a hypocritical behavior.
- Haven't you felt it?
We always lose when
Director General Lee Taeju is involved.
Please take good care of Lieutenant Min.
Who went in my office while I was gone?
Who did it?
You're the only one who knows about it.
Drug deals seem to be involved.
High-ranking police officers' children
are involved too.
Those fools.
All right.
- Hello.
- Move out of the way.
- You shouldn't ride it in here.
- Move out of the way.
You memorized the script, right?
- Do I have lines today?
- Gosh.
Hurry and go on in. People are waiting.
All right then.
Have you heard of a new term,
"scooter deer"?
It's a nickname that's given
to the electric scooter riders
who suddenly enter the road
and startle the car drivers like a deer.
Electric scooters became
the unwelcome guests on the road.
So I prepared rules you must keep in mind
when riding an electric scooter.
Firstly, you must be 16 years or older
and have a two-wheeled driver's license
to ride an electric scooter.
So those without a license
or are younger than 16 cannot ride it.
Secondly, electric scooters need to use
the bicycle roads
or the rightmost lane of regular roads.
Driving the wrong way
or driving on the sidewalk is prohibited.
Thirdly, if you ride an electric scooter
after drinking,
it'll be treated
the same as drunk driving.
You'll get a fine of a million won
and could get your license revoked.
Please keep it in mind.
If you hit someone on the sidewalk,
you'll receive a prison sentence
of five years or less
or a fine of 20 million won or less
regardless of settlement.
So when an accident occurs,
protect the victim
and call the police right away.
Please don't forget.
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