Crash (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

- [car engine revs]
- [opening theme song plays]
[officer] He was a resident of this
neighborhood named Jung Geunsoo.
There have been many incidents.
When he was found, he reeked of alcohol.
At first, we thought it was
a simple death of a drunk person.
I see. It's a pedestrian accident.
You saw the victim yesterday?
[witness] He was picking a fight
with a man in a black bucket hat.
What? A man in a black bucket hat.
He's the one the woman told us about.
I think he was wandering
around the neighborhood.
[shutter clicks]
[Donggi] He was run over by two cars.
The estimated time of death
is between 2:00 to 4:00 a.m.
The tire mark on the neck
is a product used for medium-sized cars.
The tire mark on the leg
is one used for taxis.
The remaining cars are the black Stinger
and the silver Festa
with the broken brake light on the left.
And this is the only taxi.
Let's catch the taxi first.
A joint investigation unit will be set up.
For the serial robbery and rape case.
You're working hard in an intense team.
Inspector Cha.
All right.
[tires screech]
You're working hard in an intense team.
Who is he?
I mean the man we said hello to earlier.
Oh, he's Deputy Commissioner Pyo Myunghak.
He has big ambitions.
I think he'll go to Yeouido.
Why? Are you interested?
I met him a long time ago.
The deputy commissioner? When?
We selected the likely areas
and dispatched officers
to patrol 24 hours a day.
How much time do you need?
You have the DNA.
Will two weeks suffice?
- We'll wrap up the case in ten days.
- Okay.
Uh, the public is very much interested
in this case.
It has been all over the news for days.
The higher-ups are
under a lot of pressure.
Do you all understand?
[all] Yes, sir.
Do you?
[all] Yes, sir!
Meeting adjourned.
Between 2:00 to 4:00 a.m. on the 23rd,
this taxi passed through Ansu-dong.
- What's the license plate number?
- Here.
He called in sick.
It was sudden,
so we couldn't find a replacement.
He's usually diligent.
- The car is here.
- Okay.
Uh, may we check the dashcam of this car?
- Sure.
- Thank you.
Let's see.
It's already been wiped clean.
Okay. We'll return this after we check it.
Okay. But what is this about?
May we check the digital operation record
in the office?
- Sure.
- [Sohee] Thank you.
It used to be your precinct,
so it'd be easy to work.
Isn't that why you gave me this case?
If you get labeled as incompetent,
I'll lose face.
Please save my face this time.
- I promise not to be a detriment.
- Okay.
Are you still trying to win over
Min Sohee?
She wouldn't even meet your eye earlier.
She's stubborn, so it's taking some time.
Gosh, giving up quickly could be
the winning move.
I know you want to take her to HQ,
but she's too unyielding.
What use is a sharp knife
if you don't know whom it's pointing at?
Let's wrap up this case quickly
and get another Mugunghwa badge.
Mr. Yoon Pilsung?
Why are you drinking
when you called in sick?
Who are you?
We're from TCI of Namgang Police Station.
The day before yesterday… [sighs]
…late at night on the 23rd,
you ran over a collapsed man
in Ansu-dong, didn't you?
No, th-that can't be.
I-If it was late at night
the day before yesterday…
Oh, I think I know
what you're talking about.
After dropping off a passenger
on top of the hill,
I ran over a dead cat or something.
This is your record
from the taxi operation record device.
If you look here,
at 2:34 a.m. on the 23rd,
you stopped
in front of Ansu-dong 17-gil, 59
for 2 minutes and 19 seconds.
I think 2 minutes and 19 seconds
is enough time to check
whether you ran over a cat or a person.
The deleted dashcam videos
will be restored soon, so cut the act.
Did that man die?
[Pilsung] We're here.
- For goodness' sake.
- [passenger] Already?
[Pilsung] I was on my way back
after dropping off a passenger.
What was that?
What's this?
What should I do? What should I do?
Just then,
my daughter's face came to mind.
My daughter is getting married next month.
I worried about what would happen
if people found out
that her father ran over a man
while driving a taxi.
[Yeonho] There is a chance
he was already dead.
Another car had run over the victim
and fled before you did.
The area that particular car ran over
was the direct cause of death.
By the act of the settlement
of traffic accidents,
you aren't penalized
for running over a dead person.
You gave up on
an opportunity to prove your innocence.
[crying continues]
[Sohee sighs]
[Yeonho] Are you okay?
You look upset.
Do you know what the hardest part
of traffic investigation is?
It's that, in many cases,
the culprit is often another victim.
Of course, there are many bad ones.
[Sohee's dad] Did you have dinner?
You're not sleeping?
[groans] If you haven't,
have some doenjang stew I made.
It's okay. Don't worry about me.
Go back to sleep.
- [grunts]
- I'm not going to eat.
- I'm full. Go to sleep.
- [grunts]
- I'm going to the restroom.
- Okay.
[toilet flushes]
It's tasty.
[Sohee's dad sighs]
I thought you were full.
I was just going to have a taste.
You didn't have dinner until this hour?
I don't need rice. I'll just have
I'll have some.
It's tasty.
You add something to the doenjang stew
in secret, don't you?
Why does mine taste different
when I use the same recipe?
A meal someone else makes for you
tastes better.
- It's delicious.
- [grunts]
The radish kimchi is insane.
- It's insane, right?
- Yes.
The radish was high-quality.
What is it?
Promise me one thing.
If you hit someone by accident
while driving,
call the police no matter what.
Don't run away because no one saw you.
I can't believe you.
I'm not the type to do that.
[sighs] You're right. You'd rather
get arrested than run away.
But promise me just in case.
Stop talking nonsense and eat.
I won't be able to eat
unless you make a promise.
Promise me.
I promise.
- Thank you for the food.
- Okay.
You've been getting attacked the same way.
Everyone has their own attacking pattern.
You need to remember it well.
- [panting]
- All right. Attack me this time.
Why can't you land an attack once?
How will you catch the culprit?
What good is being smart
if your body can't keep up?
It's the same with the bicycle.
If the culprit runs off in a car,
will you chase him on a bike?
A police officer shouldn't be slow.
You'll lose the chance to save someone.
[Yeonho grunting]
- What are you doing? A shoulder throw?
- [panting]
To do the shoulder throw,
pull the elbow downward with force.
[both grunt]
[Yeonho pants]
For goodness' sake.
I told you not to show me your back.
[Yeonho groans]
Do you surrender? Tap out.
Tap out if you surrender.
Tap out.
Tap out.
[Yeonho grunts]
[Sohee] My goodness.
Inspector Cha.
Inspector Cha.
I told you to tap out.
- Inspector Cha. Yes?
- Lieutenant.
Yoon Pilsung's dashcam videos
have been restored.
- Did you kill him?
- No.
He isn't breathing.
Gosh, that startled me.
Please save me.
- Gosh, you startled me.
- [Yeonho panting]
Are you okay?
- Are you okay?
- Yes.
- Tap out like this. Tap.
- Okay.
- [thud]
- [tires screech]
[Chaeman sighs]
He was quite visible.
How did he fail to see him?
Since it's a dashcam video,
the field of vision is broader
than of the driver.
He was turning into a narrow alley too.
It's easy to miss what's on the road
when you're steering the wheel.
Let's keep watching.
[Sohee sighs]
It's just as he said.
His daughter's wedding
stopped him from calling the police.
Hold on.
Can you rewind it a bit?
[Yeonho] Over there.
That's the silver Festa, isn't it?
It has a broken brake light.
It's the suspect.
If that's the hit-and-runner,
why did they stay behind and not flee?
Let's keep watching.
- Okay.
- Let's watch.
Let's watch the rear camera.
Play it one frame at a time.
There's someone inside.
Hold on. That's…
It's the man who got in a fight
with the victim, Jung Geunsoo.
What? Then he was there…
He was watching
- until a second car showed up.
- [gasps]
[phone rings]
This is Eo Hyunkyung of TCI.
Did you find it?
They found the silver Festa.
We received a report about a car
without a phone number
in someone's designated parking spot.
The license plate is fake.
We checked the VIN and
saw it was stolen ten days ago.
Let's see.
[smacks lips]
- It has been scissored.
- Scissored?
Yes. If you stab the keyhole
with scissors and turn it upward,
it takes less than two seconds.
It's an old-fashioned method.
It doesn't work on modern cars.
A car thief drove around in a stolen car
and killed a man by running him over.
That explains the hit-and-run.
He already removed the SD card.
By the way,
a car was reported stolen last night.
What was the car model?
A Pride. It's an old car.
I got a cheap used car
since I had just gotten my license.
Still, the dashcam and GPS were new.
I see. Were there any valuables
inside the vehicle?
My wallet. I can be quite forgetful.
I see.
Okay, we'll get back to you. Thank you.
Which division received the report?
Namgang Police Station's
Criminal Division.
I see. All right.
We'll go and check. Thank you.
I'll get going then.
What's up with Superintendent So?
Why didn't he investigate already?
They're busy catching the serial rapist.
He travels in stolen cars.
Then it's likely he will commit crimes
outside of our jurisdiction.
See if there were any car theft cases
targeting old models
- in other precincts.
- Okay.
By the way, where are Donggi
and Inspector Cha?
They're checking the surveillance cameras.
Are you okay?
Why didn't you tap out earlier?
I wanted to see what would happen.
[Yeonho] Here.
Isn't this the man
who killed Jung Geunsoo?
The hit-and-runner.
Is that a cigarette?
A man in a black bucket hat.
He's the one the woman told us about.
A cigarette.
Where are you going?
Ma'am, plastic bags.
Do you have plastic bags? I'll take a few.
I'll take some chopsticks too. Thank you.
What are you doing?
- The man in the bucket hat.
- Yes?
We caught him on the CCTV.
CCTV. And?
He was holding a cigarette in his hand.
Oh! A cigarette.
- Are those chopsticks? Give me.
- [Donggi] Yes.
- And a bag.
- Here it is.
What is it? What's going on?
Here. Cigarettes.
I see. It must be a lead.
[Sohee] Yes, cigarette butts.
They're from a scene
and may have the culprit's DNA.
But there are quite a lot.
[So] Hey, Min Sohee.
See for yourself.
My men haven't gone home in days
because of the serial rapist.
A car thief?
Then you should've called for backup
or transferred the case.
[So] Hey, Min Sohee!
Can't you grasp the situation?
Don't you know
what a joint investigation is?
Must I explain every detail to you?
A man was crushed to death by a car.
The culprit is a car thief.
Had we caught the car thief sooner,
no one would've died.
Excuse me?
[Taeju] Superintendent So.
Do you have the eighth victim's statement?
Oh. Yes.
The documents are in the cabinet,
so do whatever you want with them.
Get out of my way.
[door opens]
[door slams]
Let's go.
[door closes]
- [Yeonho] What's wrong?
- [Sohee] What do you mean?
[Yeonho] Why are you walking so fast?
[Sohee] Don't you know?
I always walk fast.
[Taeju] Min Sohee.
Do you need help?
No, thank you.
We met briefly earlier
with Deputy Commissioner Pyo.
He is Director General Lee Taeju
of Major Crimes Division.
This is Inspector Cha Yeonho,
a new member of my team.
I'm Lee Taeju.
Let's shake hands another time.
Please take good care of Lieutenant Min.
Let's talk as we go.
[Sohee sighs]
[phone buzzing]
[voicemail] The number you've dialed…
What are you doing?
So you didn't change your number.
I was checking,
since I couldn't reach you.
Is your father doing well?
Private conversations
are for private occasions.
[Taeju] You must've gotten my text.
Why didn't you reply?
Don't you like the offer?
I don't think it's my place.
You don't think it's your place.
Everyone's dying to join
the headquarters' Major Crimes Division.
That's good.
Choose from the ones
who are dying to join.
Such an opportunity is hard to come by.
You should learn to accept a favor.
It's too bad
that I'm not sly like a certain someone.
- Min Sohee.
- And that position
shouldn't be handed over as a favor.
It's the Major Crimes Division.
You should find the most fitting
and responsible person,
not treat it as a stepping-stone
to success, like you do.
Such old-fashioned practice should
be eradicated, Director General Lee Taeju.
- [elevator dings]
- [electronic voice] The doors are opening.
- [dings]
- [electronic voice] The doors are closing.
Do you have an appointment?
Do you like porgy?
Yes, sure.
It's fine.
Why? What is it?
If you have something to say, go ahead.
Do you have coins?
Let me tell you this just in case.
Don't date anyone at your workplace.
If it doesn't work out…
[smacks lips]
You saw how it was.
Why aren't you going?
Others are dying to join
Major Crimes Division.
It isn't a position I earned
with my talent.
If it's someone's favor, I'll be indebted.
Then I'll be forced to do things
against my will.
I can't do that
since I have a bad personality.
You're right.
What am I right about?
If you're done, let's go.
What am I right about?
Answer me, Inspector Cha.
Me having a bad personality?
I'm not done with my beverage.
Why won't you answer me?
Inspector Cha.
It must be hard to work
at a police station at the front lines.
It was Deputy Commissioner's request,
so I'll finish it as soon as possible.
Of course.
It's upsetting that such a heinous crime
occurred at our precinct.
For goodness' sake.
In any case, I'm disappointed.
You could've given me a heads up
about it to me,
at the very least.
You know the Deputy Commissioner's style.
[Kyungmo] I can't believe you.
I heard that you were very successful
these days.
- My goodness.
- When I look at you,
I'm reminded of the Deputy Commissioner
in his younger days.
Shall I say the aura? Or charisma?
He seems serious and strict on the outside
but very soft on the inside.
A doppelgänger.
You play golf, right?
We should go to the field…
I saw someone new in TCI.
His name is Cha Yeonho.
He joined through special recruitment.
He graduated from KAIS
and worked as an insurance investigator.
In any case, he's an eccentric one.
- You must be busy being in charge…
- [phone buzzes]
…of the joint investigation unit.
Why are you worried about a new recruit?
Please excuse me.
Yes, Deputy Commissioner.
Has he always been that annoying?
Was he always like that?
Gosh, how obnoxious.
[Donggi] I'm back.
We have the DNA analysis
for the cigarette butts.
There wasn't a match
in the forensic DNA database.
Unless he committed
a serious crime like murder or rape,
he was probably exempt
from getting his DNA collected.
He could also be a first offender
- or a minor.
- [Sohee] Right.
Gosh, I can't focus.
Give me the files
that are unrelated to the car theft.
I'll return them.
- [Donggi] Here you go.
- Oh, right. That jerk.
What jerk?
It's nothing. I can do it.
I'll go return them.
[door opens]
It's Inspector Cha Yeonho, right?
What brings you here?
I came to return some files.
I'll get going now.
[door closes]
[Sohee] The wallet came back?
You mean the wallet
that was inside the stolen car?
Yes, it was in the mailbox.
Everything is here, except for cash.
I see.
Perhaps the thief threw it away
and someone put it in the mailbox.
Nothing strange happened, right?
Not really.
I see. Okay.
Please call me if anything comes up.
The wallet came back?
Yes. It was Ms. Seo Yujung,
the victim whose Pride got stolen.
Everything was there except for cash.
I'll step outside for a short while.
Where are you going?
I'll tell you when I come back.
Wait for me.
Whenever you say you'll explain later,
something bad happens.
Let's go.
Lieutenant Min, where are you going?
[grunts] Ouch!
For goodness' sake.
[doorbell rings]
- [ringing tone]
- [bicycle bell rings]
[voicemail] The number you have dialed…
Seo Yujung isn't answering.
Did she go out?
[doorbell rings]
Stop. If she were home,
she would've answered.
Let's go.
Why would the culprit return the wallet?
If he had a conscience,
he wouldn't have stolen the cars.
Don't you agree?
What is it this time?
Someone smoked here until a moment ago.
[doorbell rings]
Inspector Cha, stay here.
I'll go upstairs and check.
Ms. Seo Yujung.
[Yujung whimpers]
Ms. Seo Yujung, it's the police.
Ms. Seo Yujung.
Ms. Seo Yujung, it's the police.
Ms. Seo Yujung.
Hold on.
[Yujung whimpering]
[beeping tones]
Ms. Seo Yujung.
- [Yujung] Please help me.
- Ms. Seo Yujung, we're the police.
Are you okay?
Ms. Seo Yujung, more officers will come.
- So stay here.
- Please don't go.
I won't go anywhere. I'll stay here.
I'll stay here. Don't worry.
It's okay. Calm down.
[horn honks]
- [gasps]
- [tires screech]
[children scream]
[cyclist grunts]
[Yeonho gasps]
[cyclist] What?
[Yeonho] Hey!
[Yeonho grunts, pants]
Whoa, whoa.
- [pots clatter]
- [grunts]
[resident gasps] My goodness.
- Who are you guys?
- [Yeonho grunts]
What are you doing?
Are you okay?
- [Yeonho grunts]
- [resident 2] Who are you?
[toy barks]
[culprit grunts]
[Yeonho grunts]
- Gosh.
- I'm sorry.
[onlooker] Goodness, what is he doing?
[culprit grunts]
[Yeonho pants]
[culprit] Damn, this cop won't give up.
[Yeonho grunting]
[culprit groans]
Let go.
- [groans]
- [Yeonho grunting]
[resident 3 gasps]
- Go on in.
- [gasps]
[both grunt]
[panting, grunting]
- [thuds]
- [grunts]
- [onlooker 2] What happened?
- [onlooker 3] What's going on?
You get hurt so often.
Where will you get hurt next time?
I almost had him.
Had it been a bit higher,
you could've gone blind.
You should've worn different shoes.
Did you see his face?
He was wearing a mask.
[officer] Coming through.
He's gone. I think he ran away.
- [Sohee] The scissors?
- National Forensic Service took them,
but I doubt we'll get a print.
He was wearing gloves, no?
- Yes.
- How's Ms. Seo Yujung?
[Hyunkyung] She has calmed down a lot.
But I don't think it was
a simple burglary.
Was it… [whispering] …rape?
He knew her number and workplace.
That means he did a background check
on the victim.
He probably found out through the wallet.
[person] What?
- [officer 2] Coming through.
- We saw them yesterday.
[onlooker 4] My goodness.
Over there.
[onlooker 5] My goodness.
This is TCI's case.
Yes. We'll take over from here.
I'll receive a report at the station.
[Sohee] Says who?
It's an attempted rape.
The priority is to check if it's related
to the serial rape case.
By the way,
who's the one
that lost the suspect after a fight?
[officer 3] Excuse me.
Excuse me, you cannot film the scene.
- Please get going.
- [Donggi, Sohee cough]
- [officer 3] Excuse me.
- [Taeju scoffs]
[officer 3] Coming through.
Don't film here.
Excuse me.
Everyone is looking at us.
It isn't like that. Don't worry about it.
What's wrong with them?
[So] Are you okay?
Look at his face.
If it was too hard,
you should've asked for backup.
Don't push yourself too hard and get hurt.
Please begin.
On the 23rd of this month,
a hit-and-run occurred late at night
in the alley of Ansu-dong.
The victim died and our team put out
a search for the hit-and-run car.
But the car was reported stolen.
What do you mean?
The car in a hit-and-run was stolen?
So a car thief drove around
in a stolen car, hit a man, and ran off?
Yes. He used the scissor method.
He used scissors to destroy the key box
and stole valuables in the car.
We checked with three close precincts
and found there have been
dozens of similar car burglary cases
in the past four months.
Seo Yujung's car theft case
has already been reported to our station.
Why did you go
to Seo Yujung's house today?
This morning, she called and told us
that her wallet was returned.
- It had gone missing with the car.
- So, the thief stole the car
yet returned the wallet. [chuckles]
- How kind of him.
- [officer chuckles]
And then he went to her house to rape her.
It might be preemptive behavior.
Such behaviors are shown
in serial rapists.
P Preemptive behavior?
Preemptive behavior.
To leave a good impression on others,
one may downplay or exaggerate the truth
or fabricates lies.
Like you said, it's a common pattern
among serial sexual offenders.
If that's the case,
the man who visited Seo Yujung is
I can't be certain.
But the car thief we're after
and the serial rapist
the joint investigation unit is after
might be the same suspect.
- [So] What?
- [officer 2] That makes no sense.
- For goodness' sake.
- [officer 3] He's ridiculous.
[officer 4] Geez.
- [officer 3] What's wrong with him?
- [officer 5] Seriously.
- [muttering continues]
- [papers shuffling]
[Taeju] On what grounds?
There is no evidence to connect the two.
- It's only a speculation. So far
- [Taeju] Hold on.
I'd like to hear more.
If it's okay,
I'd like to take a look at the map
with the locations of the rape cases.
Please take a close look
at the locations and dates.
…these are the locations and dates
of the car thefts.
as you can see,
the locations and dates of the two cases
are nearly identical.
[officers muttering]
[officer 6] What's this?
Well, it's an interesting theory.
But circumstantial evidence isn't enough
to say the two culprits are the same.
We have DNA.
We collected cigarette butts at the scene.
Let's compare it
to the serial rapist's DNA.
[Hyunkyung] What happens
if the two culprits are the same?
One shot, two kills.
Catching one will solve two cases.
It's good for both teams.
It's only good for them, isn't it?
It can't be good for us.
If it's the same person,
the joint investigation unit
will take our case.
We'll just hand over
all our investigation materials.
Let's talk after the results come out.
We'll just continue doing our job.
What's this?
I have a bad feeling
that they'll take credit for our work.
Haven't you felt it?
We always lose when
Director General Lee Taeju is involved.
That's why his nickname is Black Hole.
Everyone around him get sucked dry.
We bore the brunt of criticism
in the unlicensed taxi case.
- That's why Lieutenant
- Hey.
[Hyunkyung clears throat]
[door opens]
[door closes]
- Hey.
- [Donggi grunts]
Why did Director General Lee
want to see you?
- It was nothing. Ma'am, some rice please.
- [woman] Okay.
Why? Did he set the stage
that he'd take the case?
Of course.
He should take it if he needs to. [grunts]
- Please enjoy.
- Thank you.
Couldn't you have given me a heads-up?
Did you have to bring it up
without consulting with me first?
Oh, things happened so suddenly earlier.
I get that it's important to show results,
but you shouldn't dishearten
your teammates.
Talk to Lieutenant Min
and make up with her.
Lieutenant Min is a nice person,
but she doesn't look back
once she cuts someone off.
What was that about?
The unlicensed taxi case
involving Director General Lee Taeju.
Oh, that.
Have you heard of an unlicensed taxi?
Yes, it's a term
for illegal taxi services.
Entertainment businesses in Gangnam
usually operate them.
Last year, we confiscated
the work phone of a top dog boss.
It contained evidence of drug deals
and phone numbers
of high-ranking officials' children.
[inhales sharply] High-ranking police
officers' children were involved too.
Lee Taeju was a superintendent
at Namgang Police Station
When the case got big,
Director General Lee Taeju took over.
- How did it end?
- It ended with
the arrest of 20 taxi drivers. That's all.
Director General Lee was promoted
to lead Major Crimes Division at HQ.
You understand the situation, right?
Lieutenant Min may seem easy-going,
but she loses her mind
when higher-ups mess with a case.
She visited the headquarters to complain
and got reprimanded.
That ended the relationship
between her and Director General Lee.
If it's someone's favor, I'll be indebted.
Then I'll be forced to do things
against my will.
I can't do that
since I have a bad personality.
You're saying that, in this position,
he shook your arm off
and ran away
after kicking your face, right?
- Yes.
- Ah, okay. Remember this.
When you handcuff a suspect from his back,
- do this.
- [Yeonho grunts]
- Immobilize the upper body…
- [groans]
- …like this, okay?
- Okay.
And let's say he shook off your arm.
- Then attack the shoulder like this…
- [exclaims]
- …or get down and do the triangle choke.
- [groans]
- Okay?
- [muffled] Okay.
- Shall we take a break?
- Yes. [coughs]
- Okay.
- [both panting]
[Sohee sighs]
[both sigh]
I'm sorry.
You taught me the techniques,
but I failed to catch the culprit.
You're apologizing for the wrong thing.
I taught you these techniques
so that you can protect yourself.
You sustained many injuries in the past.
I see.
Catching the culprit comes next.
So don't get hurt from now on,
even if the culprit gets away.
Weren't you mad at me?
Because of what happened at the meeting.
Oh, that.
I mean, it's your first time.
No one does well on the first try.
[camera beeps]
What's this?
[Myunghak] We're still newlyweds.
Who went in my office while I was gone?
Who did it?
[engine revving]
If you want to die, die alone.
[Jaeyoung] We aren't going to die,
you punk. Don't get scared.
Your father must be very angry. Hmm?
- Gee, that punk has some serious guts.
- [horn honks]
How did he think
to blackmail your father too?
Goodness. [chuckles]
[exhales sharply]
[car approaching]
[Jaeyoung sighs]
The atmosphere is nice.
[banging on windshield]
[chuckles] Han Fatty.
Look at him all surprised.
What are you looking at? Get out.
My goodness.
Han Fatty. [in English] Long time no see.
[in Korean] You damn pig.
Gosh, look at that belly.
You gained even more weight.
You entering a contest?
What are you guys doing here?
How did you know I was here?
Is that how you greet old friends
you haven't seen in a while?
Have you been well, Kyungsoo?
Hey. Don't you have anything to say to us?
Like what?
[scoffs] Han Fatty.
We know everything.
- You sent it, didn't you?
- Send what?
Gosh. Do you need money?
Then you should've said so.
We're your friends.
I don't understand.
What did I send you guys?
[Jaeyoung chuckles,
imitates painful groan]
- Didn't you send this?
- What is that?
So, you guys think
that I sent this to you?
[Jaeyoung] Wow,
you're an incredible actor.
Hey, you're the only one
who knows about it.
It wasn't me.
Why would I send this to you guys?
Why would I do that?
what the sender should answer.
It really wasn't me.
Why would I? Why would I send it?
Geez. [laughs]
Hold on. What are you going to do?
Stay still.
- [Kyungsoo] I mean…
- [Jaeyoung] Damn it.
Do you drink while driving?
Gosh. What a dangerous punk.
Like father, like son.
Hey. Your father was an alcoholic, right?
What are you looking at?
I'm just saying this because I'm worried.
Let's watch what we say.
It's all in the past, right?
[Jaeyoung] Gosh, that startled me.
Goodness. How dangerous, you punk.
I can't believe that jerk. Seriously.
Hey, Han Fatty.
Let's meet in Seoul. I'll buy you a drink.
Not soju, but something expensive.
We'll get going then.
[Kyungsoo] Hey.
I guess someone else knows
what you guys did back then.
She died because of you guys after all.
- What did you just say?
- It's true.
She could've survived
if it weren't for you guys.
Am I wrong, Jungwook?
Or was it your father's doing?
Hey, say that again.
I'm right. Because of your father
- [Jungwook grunting]
- [Kyungsoo groaning, yelping]
[inhales sharply] Geez. It's not Kyungsoo?
Then who is it?
Those morons.
Those fools.
[Sohee] Check it and call me.
You saw a psychiatrist for a long time
after the accident.
It makes no sense
that someone like him is a cop.
They want Cha Yeonho expelled.
They want him fired.
The car burglar isn't the serial rapist?
How did the culprit find
the victims' personal information?
[Sohee] The pattern is the same
as Seo Yujung's case.
- [Yeonho] No way.
- [Sohee] Why did you lie?
Didn't you think that
your greed could result in another victim?
[Yeonho] I was prepared for it.
Perhaps, it could be my last case.
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