Crash (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

The bulletin board?
The murderer?
How did someone like him
become a police officer?
How embarrassing.
The post on the website
of Seoul Metropolitan Police
You're right.
It's about me.
Everything is true.
I was prepared for it.
If a problem arises,
I'll take responsibility.
I didn't come here to say that.
Fine. Let's talk about this openly.
It'll be a problem, of course.
Someone wrote a malicious post.
On top of that, you're in a team
that deals with traffic crimes.
Why a police officer?
You could've taken the easy way.
I didn't want to run away.
Running away won't erase the memories.
Is that why you don't drive?
It's because of that accident.
I'm sorry.
I'll make sure
I don't cause trouble to the team.
You caused trouble to the team in one way.
You weren't honest with your teammates.
This is about Cha Yeonho, right?
Gosh, who knew he had such a past.
Hello, sir.
- Good morning, Director General.
- Hello.
Did something happen?
Director General, didn't you hear?
It's about Cha Yeonho.
The bulletin board is in an uproar.
- Did you see the bulletin board?
- You saw it too?
- Yes. What are we going to do?
- What will happen?
- Good morning.
- Hello.
About Inspector Cha…
- Is Captain not here yet?
- Yes. Chief called him over.
- Chief?
- Yes.
Let's have Cha Yeonho
take a break for a while.
How will we work
with the atmosphere so hectic?
The joint investigation unit is here too.
Until we receive orders
from the headquarters,
I think we should put Cha Yeonho
on leave or something.
There's no reason to do that.
It doesn't raise any legal issues either.
I mean Goodness.
It's not about the law.
It goes against the public sentiment.
It ruffles the public sentiment.
There are national petitions too.
They want Cha Yeonho expelled.
They want him fired.
There are so many posts.
HQ said they'll be sending
inspection officers too.
I understand how you feel.
But this time,
being stubborn won't solve the matter.
I'm not being stubborn.
I'm the one responsible
for hiring Cha Yeonho.
If problems arise,
I'll take full responsibility.
So, please just trust me and watch me.
For goodness' sake.
He's such a nuisance.
Human resources is the most important.
What's wrong with him? How frustrating.
Did you call for me?
Find out who posted it.
Yes, sir. I'll look into it.
What did Chief say?
What? Nothing much.
This is TCI.
The DNA analysis result is out.
Inspector Cha.
Go and check the result.
Yes, sir.
What'll happen to Inspector Cha?
I don't know.
An interview with the deceased's family
tells me that it got resolved.
What's strange is that
the victim's family
kept in touch with Inspector Cha.
Then is that why he still can't drive?
It must be why he rides a bicycle.
Inspector Cha
must have had a hard time.
- Hello.
- Thank you for your hard work.
I should've known when you guys acted out.
You're here.
I didn't think I'd see you again.
- Let's eat.
- Okay, Superintendent.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
How about jjamppong, sir?
- Sounds good.
- Good choice.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
- Let's go.
It's too bad.
It was an interesting approach.
The car thief isn't the serial rapist?
Then Inspector Cha's theory
It was incorrect.
It's for the best.
We can keep investigating the car thief
like we've been doing.
Let's pick up the pace.
We know for sure
that the method was scissoring.
Donggi, list the ex-convicts
who have committed the same crime.
Hyunkyung, go to the 112 center
and find Seo Yujung's stolen car.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Inspector Cha.
Aren't you going to work?
If your theory turned out to be incorrect,
you should try to make up for it.
Moping around won't make the culprit
turn himself in, will it?
Did you join our team to be like this?
If things are too hard,
you can find a different job.
Let's go.
At times like this,
we need to move our bodies.
Can you drop me off on the way
at the Seoul Metropolitan Police?
It isn't on the way.
What are you saying? It is.
No, it isn't.
Director General.
We received a call
from National Forensic Service.
They found another set of DNA
from the scissors the culprit used.
But it didn't match the DNA
from the cigarette butts anyway.
As for the cigarette butts,
we can't be certain
if the culprit smoked one of them.
It's too strange.
The locations and dates are too similar
for it to be a coincidence.
- Request a reanalysis.
- Yes, sir.
It wasn't me.
I'm leading an honest life, so go.
Do you have an alibi?
I don't know. Go.
It's a red Pride from 2010.
It was stolen after August 26th.
Please search this area.
Excuse me. Hello.
You're Choi Seokhyun, right?
Can you tell me where you were
on Thursday, August 29th?
- Mr. Kim Hyungwoo?
- What?
I'm Lieutenant Min Sohee
of Namgang Police Station.
Do you remember where you were
on August 29th?
I was at home.
What happened?
This afternoon, it was caught
on a parking enforcement camera.
I see.
Fortunately, it popped up
as a wanted vehicle.
I see.
- My goodness.
- It's so clean.
I think he cleaned it up
to not leave any evidence.
Let's go inside.
- He took the SD card already.
- I see.
Women who work in the office
carry heels in their car just in case.
Heels are inconvenient for driving.
Isn't it strange?
If he was going to get rid of it,
why steal it in the first place?
Put it down. It makes you look weird
when you keep holding it like that.
Hurry up and put it down.
The silver Festa.
Did the car that ran over Jung Geunso
also not have an SD card?
Yes, of course.
He wanted to cover his trails.
If you were the culprit,
how would you find out
the victims' personal information?
The driver's identity, workplace,
and home.
The dashcam.
I see. Okay.
Let's see if there were similar cases
in previous reports.
- You found it.
- Yes.
The pattern is the same
as Seo Yujung's case.
Cho Moonju, age 34. A female driver.
There were many women's items in the car.
As you can see,
her self-defense stun gun,
dash cam, and SD card were stolen.
I'll give her a call.
Let's meet her tomorrow.
Let's set off early in the morning.
We should meet her
before she leaves for work.
- Do you ever sleep?
- Enough to stay awake.
Is it because the DNA wasn't a match?
You're working hard.
Not that I'm saying
you didn't work hard in the past.
Perhaps, it could be
my last case.
Inspector Cha.
See you tomorrow.
- Are you going to work?
- Yes.
You're Ms. Cho Moonju, right?
I called yesterday.
I told you that I have nothing to say.
I need to go to work.
Were the items stolen from your car
returned to you?
Let's talk in the car.
Please wait.
What do you want to ask?
Well, was a stolen item returned to you?
Had that happened to me,
I would've reported it.
I see. I'm not trying
to pry information from you.
I'm telling you that nothing happened.
If that's all, I'm going to go.
I need to go to work.
Oh. Here.
If you ever have anything to say…
Ms. Cho Moonju.
Call me anytime if you need help.
Not as a police officer,
but as a fellow woman.
What did she say?
She said it didn't happen.
None of the items were returned to her.
there was a pink stun gun in the car.
A pink stun gun
was in the list of missing items.
If Ms. Cho Moonju is a rape victim
It must be the same culprit
who broke into Seo Yujung's house.
The SD card went missing
and a stolen item was returned to her.
So why was the DNA result different?
He threatens with a weapon, ties up
the victim, and ejaculates externally.
He takes the victim's hair or belongings
as a trophy.
He leaves the victim in a naked state
or makes her take a shower
to get rid of evidence
and delay the report time to the police.
The culprit is a controlling type.
That means
That means?
He's likely to commit another crime
in a short period of time.
- Superintendent So.
- Yes?
Are you looking into ex-convicts
with similar records?
Yes, we're investigating the sex offenders
who live
in the four neighboring precincts.
But as of now,
we already have their DNA records,
- so we would've gotten it if
- My goodness.
The joint investigation unit
was set up ten days ago.
If a serial rapist's DNA
isn't in the database,
there must be a reason, don't you think?
He's either a first-time offender
or a minor.
Collect DNA from every single person
who's suspicious.
We'll catch the suspect this week
no matter what.
We can't collect DNA as we want
in this day and age.
The law changed ages ago.
- Are you certain?
- Yes.
It's a 100% match
with the DNA from the scissors.
Who else knows this?
Only the National Forensic Service and us.
Well done.
Hey, keep this off the record for now.
- Got it?
- Yes, sir.
Korando Turismo.
Did you meet Kang Minchul?
It isn't Kang Minchul.
I'm at the hospital.
He has been hospitalized.
He hurt his back last month
at a construction site.
- Did you check the hospital records?
- Yes, I did.
Then Kang Minchul is out.
- Well done. Let's talk at the station.
- Yes, sir.
Park Sungjin.
What brings you here?
You must be very busy.
Gosh, I came here to take a breather
because I was too busy.
Things are hectic, but we have
no process with the investigation.
Meanwhile, HQ is pressuring me
for results.
Oh, dear. It seems like my team
wasted your precious time.
Not at all. The suspicion was warranted.
His name is Cha Yeonho, right?
He's quite smart.
He's eccentric but quite useful.
But there was a bad rumor.
I heard that he caused trouble
in the past.
There were no issues with the procedure,
so it'll be resolved.
I hope so.
He's the first to catch my eye in a while.
Is he a suspect?
Yes. The car thief.
Though we don't know for sure yet.
Is there anything else?
Oh, right. Was it called scissoring?
It's an old method.
Why do you think it came up again
after all this time?
He's a convict
who has been discharged recently, right?
He couldn't commit crimes for a while.
As expected.
Had someone like you joined our team,
work would've been much easier.
Would you like to join?
Why would you want a wolf cub?
You'd be too worried about my fangs
to sleep at night.
You're right.
Wolf cubs like to travel in packs,
so you'd struggle under a loner like me.
Well then. Have a good day.
Captain Loner.
Bring me a list of car thieves
who were discharged
right before the first rape.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
- Welcome.
- Hello.
Hello, sir. It's me, Jaeyoung.
Have you been well?
- Auntie, two more.
- Two seolleongtang.
I can tell it's a good restaurant.
Don't stay out so late.
Sir, why did you ask to see me?
Why did you write a post about Cha Yeonho?
How did you know?
I told you not to babble about it.
Sir, it wasn't like that.
I suddenly became angry.
It makes no sense
that a punk like him is a police officer.
I'm sorry.
Live quietly for a while.
I'll find the punk
who sent the letter, okay?
Yes, sir.
- Eat.
- Yes, sir.
Inspector Cha Yeonho, right?
- Who are you?
- We're inspection officers.
Let's talk.
Gosh, it's my first time seeing
something like this.
Inspection officers from HQ
in the Traffic Division?
Superintendent Yeom.
I'm just saying.
I'm just used to seeing civil plaintiffs.
What's going on? Who is here?
You served in the army
and graduated from KAIST.
You saw a psychiatrist for a long time
after the accident.
Are you taking any medication right now?
- No.
- Any aftereffects?
Perhaps you keep thinking of the accident
or have sleeping problems.
Do you?
Will it pose a problem
in doing my work as a police officer?
Listen up, Inspector Cha.
We're only trying to help you.
You need to be honest
so we can find a way to help.
You need to be honest for me to help you.
I have nightmares at times.
I have trouble having a deep sleep.
I suffer from tinnitus at times.
It lasts 20 to 30 seconds.
When it happens, I see white lights too.
I have muscle spasms
whenever I see the scene of an accident.
But I can control them now.
And it's still hard…
for me to drive.
It may take a while.
Let's wait upstairs.
If a TCI member can't drive,
- you can't do your job, no?
- I'll get going.
You graduated from KAIST.
Why did you become a police officer?
There was a self-defense stun gun
in Cho Moonju's car.
I thought it went missing.
What? Then
It's similar to Seo Yujung's
case. She got a stolen item back.
Does that mean she was raped?
- Probably.
- How frustrating.
Then she should report it to the police
and catch the culprit.
When it comes to sexual assault cases,
over 90% of them are unknown.
It means that the victims fear
the secondary victimization
from society even more.
We can't blame the victims
for not reporting to the police.
During the car theft,
he sought out his targets.
That piece of garbage.
I believe women's items in the car
are his triggers.
For example, high heels.
From the dashcam videos,
he learns the victims' information
and their daily patterns.
Doesn't that mean
Inspector Cha was correct?
The car thief and the serial rapist
are the same.
So why don't the DNA results match
Hold on.
Director General Lee was here.
- Why would he come here?
- Who knows?
He seemed very interested
in the car thief we were after.
Hyunkyung, request a reanalysis
with the National Forensic Service.
An investigation unit for
the serial rape in the northwestern region
was formed ten days ago,
but there are no leads of the suspect.
- The public are growing anxious.
- What will you have, Mrs. Cho?
According to Namgang Police Station…
- Mrs. Cho.
- Yes?
The menu.
Oh, right.
- I'll have this.
- …but the police have no suspects.
The police conducted a DNA analysis
on ex-convicts,
but the situation isn't hopeful.
The culprit's identity has been a mystery
for four months.
Director General Lee Taeju.
What are you playing at?
Why did you lie
about the DNA analysis result?
Oh, that.
I found out just now.
I was going to tell you.
- You expect me to believe that?
- Min Sohee.
- What are you saying?
- Do you really not know?
The car thief and the serial rapist
are the same man!
Let's talk outside.
I can explain.
What is there to explain? It's obvious.
It's not like that.
A set of DNA was found on the scissors,
so I requested an analysis just in case
and found out later in the day.
- Then why did you come to our office?
- That was…
I went to say hello to Captain
since I had time.
You think I don't know you?
You never move without a purpose.
Nothing is different.
Whether or not it's the same person,
we need to catch the culprit.
It's different.
This is an obstruction of justice.
You obstructed an investigation.
Didn't you think that
your greed could result in another victim?
Don't make a big deal out
of something so trivial.
Hey, Lee Taeju.
What happened to you?
Why did he keep it a secret?
For goodness' sake. It makes no sense.
Seriously. What was the reason?
For goodness' sake.
Don't make unnecessary assumptions.
Focus on the investigation.
It's about Director General Lee.
I get why he kept it a secret
from Min Sohee and TCI,
but he shouldn't have hid it
from you and your team.
What kind of logic is that?
He should've let TCI know too.
Isn't it obvious?
The members from the headquarters
want to take all the credit.
But since things have come to this,
it means that Cha Yeonho was right.
In any case,
Director General Lee
made a fool out of himself by being sly.
Anyway, where is Cha Yeonho?
He isn't helping the joint investigation?
Investigation officers came
from the headquarters to see him.
They're investigating as we speak.
For goodness' sake.
He ruined the police's prestige.
Why did he become a police officer
after killing someone?
- Geez.
- My goodness.
Cha Yeonho was definitely at fault,
so it'll be hard for him to get out of it.
That's what I'm saying.
What was he thinking
when he became a police officer?
It caused a ruckus in the station.
It must be difficult for him too.
Why did he dig his own grave?
- Hey.
- What?
You having fun? Huh?
You're spitting on your own face.
Cha Yeonho figured out
that it was the same culprit.
Why don't you compliment him,
not talk behind his back?
- Darn it.
- What?
Hey, So. So!
What's up with him?
Did I say something wrong?
My goodness. If I had a needle,
I would've sewn your mouth shut like this
and made everyone happy.
Yeom! So!
Those jerks…
So what happens now?
What do you think?
We handed over the materials.
They'll take care of it from here.
Gosh, we worked so hard on this case.
The joint investigation unit
is in charge of this case.
It's right for us to step back.
In the end, we did all the work and
Is Inspector Cha still being investigated?
It's taking long.
I know. He couldn't even eat.
Yes, Cho Moonju.
All right. I'll be there soon.
I need to go.
Cho Moonju is at the station.
- Why?
- I'll know once I'm there.
See you later.
Thank you for coming.
Not at all.
What you suspect is true.
I didn't have the courage
to report it to the police.
Soon after I filed a report for theft,
I found the stun gun that was missing.
When I came back from work,
it was in the mailbox.
- The wallet came back?
- Yes, it was in the mailbox.
My husband bought it for me in case
something happens when I drive alone.
At first, it was strange
so I thought about calling the police.
But things got busy at work,
and I was busy taking care
of the babies at home.
So I didn't think much of it.
Since my husband often works overtime,
I'm used to falling asleep alone.
That night,
I went to bed around 11 p.m.
Based on today's investigation,
an evaluation committee will be convened.
The result will come out next week.
You did well despite the long hours.
Do you remember what he looked like?
He was tall. I think he was about 180 cm.
He had a big build too.
I didn't see his face
since he was wearing a mask.
I remember his eyes.
He had double eyelids.
Also, he used a Gyeongsang dialect.
Could it be him?
I'm not sure. He does look similar.
I see.
What was the weapon he had in his hand?
A knife? Scissors?
Craft scissors.
Are there any other characteristics
you remember?
He smelled like cigarettes.
He bragged about himself a lot.
He talked about how
he was popular among women.
I didn't think
that would've been the case.
His name is Park Sungjin.
His address on paper is Sujeong-si,
but that is his mother's place,
and his current whereabouts are unknown.
According to his mother,
he dropped by briefly after his discharge.
She hasn't seen him since.
She doesn't even know his phone number.
Call history, medical records,
bank transactions, and travel history.
Go through everything and find him.
Catch him as soon as possible.
Yes, sir.
The information you've shared
will be used for the investigation,
but I'll keep it a secret.
You don't have to tell me. I know.
Goodbye then.
We'll catch the culprit.
I promise.
Did the investigation go well?
Well, what you said was correct.
The car thief and the serial rapist
are the same.
Then why did the DNA analysis…
Perhaps the cigarette butts
weren't the culprit's.
This time, it's certain
because the DNA is from the scissors.
Cho Moonju visited me just now.
It's as we expected.
She spoke so calmly
despite going through such ordeal.
- Did she say anything else?
- Oh, right.
He bragged about how popular
he used to be.
He said when he had his eyes on a woman,
he had never failed.
He's a bigger loser than I thought
to say such nonsense in that situation.
You haven't had dinner yet, right?
Let's go eat.
- Could it be…
- Why?
"When he had his eyes on a woman,
he had never failed."
What if he was talking about his targets?
- Seo Yujung.
- Let's go.
I'll update the joint investigation unit.
Meet me at the parking lot.
The number you have dialed
is not available.
The culprit is after Seo Yujung.
- What are you talking about?
- I received a tip-off.
He said he never failed
when he had eyes on a woman.
It has to be Seo Yujung.
We don't have time. Hurry up!
The team from HQ went to arrest
the suspect. What are you saying?
She's talking nonsense.
Hey, get the car.
why would you listen to her?
Go get the car!
Inspector Cha, where are you?
- I'm already on my way.
- What?
Ms. Seo Yujung wasn't picking up.
I'll go there first.
Let's talk later.
Hello? Inspector Cha.
I can't believe him!
- You coming or not?
- I'm coming.
Lieutenant, what's going on?
Get in. I'll explain on the way.
Captain, I'll call you.
- Hurry up and get in.
- Okay.
- Go.
- Yes, sir.
How will you catch the culprit?
What good is being smart
if your body can't keep up?
A police officer shouldn't be slow.
You'll lose the chance to save someone.
- Mom, please get me a towel.
- Okay.
Why is the door open?
Did she go to the market?
- Where are you?
- In front of Seo Yujung's house.
What's the situation?
It seems fine.
We'll arrive soon,
so don't act recklessly.
Did you wash up?
- Did you wait for me?
- M Mom!
Your mom went somewhere. Be quiet.
Mom. Mom.
Don't be scared. Calm down, okay?
Hold on.
I couldn't stop thinking about you.
Don't cry. I'll be gentle.
Be quiet.
Be quiet or I'll kill you.
What the hell?
- Looking for this?
- Damn. You startled me.
Darn it.
Park Sungjin.
- Stop now.
- Stop what? I didn't even get started.
No! Yujung!
- Yujung.
- Ma'am, stay with your daughter.
Oh, there!
Inspector Cha!
- Inspector Cha!
- Inspector Cha!
Inspector Cha!
Inspector Cha!
- Let's go this way.
- Okay.
We'll go that way.
- There he is!
- What?
- There he is!
- What's going on?
What now?
You think you'll win this time?
You damn po-po.
Why can't you land an attack once?
How will you catch the culprit?
Everyone has their own attacking pattern.
You need to remember it well.
Attack me this time.
Flip me over.
To do the shoulder throw,
pull the elbow downward with force.
For goodness' sake.
I told you not to show me your back.
Park Sungjin, you're under arrest
for hit-and-run, murder, car robbery,
theft, and serial sexual assault.
Hello, I'm Superintendent So Byunggil
of Seoul Namgang Police Station.
I will give
an investigation report
on the serial burglary and sexual assault
of northwest Seoul.
Superintendent So has
- become a national star.
- What on earth is Superintendent So doing
up there?
Lieutenant Min or Inspector Cha
should be up there.
He's the chief superintendent
of the joint investigation unit.
In any case, Superintendent So cuffed him.
Inspector Cha had subdued him
using the choke he learned from you,
so he just landed a finishing blow.
Either way, the case ended well.
That's what matters.
When will the investigation result
come out?
Who knows? They must be
going over it at HQ by now.
Inspector Cha did a lot for this case.
They'll take it
into consideration.
You worked hard.
Thanks to you, the case ended well.
You're too kind.
Everyone knows that TCI solved the case.
- Congrats, Lieutenant Min.
- Thank you for your hard work, sir.
Congratulations, Inspector Cha.
There's another cause for celebration
for Inspector Cha.
What? Did the results come out?
You won't be dismissed from duty.
Inspector Cha.
I think we'll be seeing each other often.
What are you doing? Let's go.
We can't pass up on this opportunity.
I'll treat you all to beef!
- Yes! Beef!
- Beef!
Be quiet! Why would you eat beef
over something like this?
Let's just eat pork at the bulgogi place.
- Boo! No pork!
- No. Boo! No pork!
No pork bulgogi!
- Mmm.
- Eat when it's cooked.
Who cooks beef all the way?
It's just wrong.
Let's just send her to the butcher shop.
She doesn't need her meat grilled.
Why aren't you eating?
If you wait for it to get cooked,
you'll have nothing left.
I'm eating.
Where is Captain?
He should pay for the second round.
It's the anniversary of his wife's death.
I see. I didn't know it was today.
How did Captain's wife pass away?
- Hey, the meat is burning. Eat.
- Okay.
Eat up.
The night air feels nice.
How did you drive that day?
I don't know.
I just thought that I shouldn't be late.
You said that
a police officer shouldn't be slow,
or I'll lose the chance to save someone.
I'm glad
that this case wasn't your last.
I'm glad that you think so.
I didn't get hurt this time.
Thanks to you.
You did well. Hmm.
Oh. Isn't it inconvenient to wear glasses?
Haven't you gotten hurt
because of your glasses?
By the way, is there a reason
why you won't talk about
how Captain's wife passed away?
Well, there isn't a particular reason.
It was a hit-and-run.
She was on her way to the station
to bring him some clothes.
It makes no sense.
- How could a punk like him
- You heard my father.
Don't make a big deal and lay low for now.
Hey, Pyo Jungwook…
…I don't like
the way you're talking to me.
How is it that everyone in
your family is so demanding?
- Don't you understand what I'm saying?
- I do.
- But your tone is so damn annoying.
- Hey, Yang Jaeyoung.
Go to your dad and tattle.
- Why is this bastard acting up?
- He's just a police officer!
Does he think I'm his underling?
What the hell?
Is he crazy?
That jerk.
Look at this bastard.
You punk.
Look at that jerk.
Hey, stop the car! Are you insane?
I said stop the car!
Is that jerk deaf? Hey!
I got this.
Here I come, you bastard!
You messed with the wrong man.
I'm going down, you punk.
Hey, you bastard. Did you see that?
Stop the car!
Look at you.
You jerk.
Please help me.
Help me.
Please help.
Please help.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I don't think it was a simple accident.
The brake fluid line was pulled out.
Sir, wake up.
A car carrier trailer rollover
caused tens of millions of won's
worth of damage.
- Someone cut it on purpose.
- Then it's a case, not an accident.
I saw a suspicious man.
He was wearing a black jacket
and a green hat.
So you're not going to lift a finger.
He's the suspect we were looking for.
- Lieutenant, it's dangerous. Get out.
- What?
Gwangju, 97.4%.
Jeju, 97%.
Sangju and Chilgok
of Gyeongsang Province, 100%.
Did you figure out what the numbers mean?
The answer is the arrest rate
for hit-and-run cases.
In Korea, the distribution rate is high
for surveillance cameras and dashcams.
The license plate recognition system
using AI has been implemented recently.
So the police have a high arrest rate
of 99% on average.
Thus, a hit-and-runner has
no chance of avoiding arrest.
So don't even think about
running away from an accident.
And harsher sentencing
is applied for a hit-and-run,
so you may receive life imprisonment.
You won't have it easy
for being a first offender.
A hit-and-run is punished
in the strictest way.
So, when an accident occurs,
protect the victim
and report to the police right away.
Keep that in mind.
And even if the victim
doesn't seem to be seriously hurt
or says that he or she is fine,
leaving after giving
your contact information
will make you punishable by law.
No matter how small the accident,
make sure to report it to the police.
Keep that in mind.
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