Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (2015) s03e05 Episode Script

I Never Want to See Josh Again

1 Crazy is when I go off the rails This is what you've done to me Crazy is how your loving makes me feel This is what I always want to be I like it when a girl gets crazy in bed Don't mess with the bitch who's crazy in the head - You do - You don't Want to be crazy - And you don't - You do Want to be crazy To clarify, yes, no, on the crazy We hope this helps.
What? Previously on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - I feel things for you.
- I got to get the hell out of town.
NATHANIEL: I'll take you wherever you want to go.
We need to talk about this.
If I'm crazy, you made me crazier, because your life is broken and boring.
Your boyfriend does not want a baby with you.
REBECCA: I've officially alienated every person I know.
NAOMI: You moved here for Josh Chan? Of course you would do something like give up your wonderful life in New York to be near that that loser! REBECCA: You're absolutely right.
I give up.
I'll come home.
WEATHERMAN (over TV): We got even more sunshine coming up this week.
Let's go ahead and take a look at the satellite REBECCA (echoing): Your life is broken and boring.
Your boyfriend does not want a baby with you.
If I'm crazy, you made me crazier.
JOSH: I'm sick and tired of you.
I want you out of my life! REBECCA: And don't call me Cookie! I hate that name.
I hate it.
It is laughable that you're my boss.
(clears throat) NAOMI: Rebecca? Rebecca! What are you doing in there? 64 in Harris, and in the afternoon.
That's enough.
- Give me this thing.
- (TV turns off) You've been in this bed the whole day.
I've let you mope long enough.
We have got to talk plans.
Is this a vacation? Is this a sabbatical? What is this? What am I telling people? Tell people whatever you want.
Whatever I want? Okay.
Well, for starters, are you going back to California or not? I don't have all day, darling.
No, I'm not.
I'm-I'm not.
I mean, there's there's nothing left for me there, so Okay, then, it's settled.
You're staying here, and you're getting your old job back.
You know, my darling, it's time that I take over the reins of your life, because clearly, you're incapable.
You're right.
I'm right? Then, we're in agreement.
You're staying here.
I'll send in your resignation, and I will send for your stuff.
Sounds good.
Thank you.
Thank me.
(bed creaking) (knocking on door) (groans) (grunts) - Hello? - Excuse us.
We're here to pack up all the belongings in this room.
What? I'm well, hold wh-where are you taking this stuff? To a storage unit in Westchester, New York.
Care of Rebecca Bunch.
No, no, no.
That-that can't be right.
She's only at home with her mom temporarily.
Okay? She's coming back.
You can't have this.
I'm keeping this.
She's gonna want this when she comes back.
I mean, I don't know if she's coming back, but she wouldn't not come back, right? I don't know.
Honestly? It kind sounds like you just need to move on, dude.
"Move on"? That's harsh.
Oh, it's actually our slogan.
"Move On, Dude.
" (elevator bell dings) Morning.
Oh, God, this is so weird.
What, that Nathaniel's a furry? - I know.
- No, not that.
What's weird is that Rebecca's in Scarsdale and not here, and I need to talk to her about a personal issue.
You can talk to me, D-Money.
No, I can't.
It's about me and White Josh, and you're so obsessed with us.
You just start talking all that millennial-speak.
No, come on, please.
Tell me what's going on with you two.
So We are not in a good space right now.
- And - O M G What? This can't be happening.
You guys are my hashtag goals, I literally cannot with you guys.
You are the best humans.
You give me all the feels.
Okay, it's so weird, you are obsessed with us.
I am.
Hundo P.
Well, I got to talk to Rebecca.
She's perceptive.
I mean, she knew White Josh didn't want a baby before anyone else did.
(fax machine whirring) (shouts) What is that noise? What's happening? I think one of our computers is in pain.
It's our fax machine, loser.
DARRYL: Maya, get the fax.
(fax machine beeps) Ow, it's hot.
It's so hot.
Probably from my dad.
He loves a good fax machine.
It's the only time I ever heard him use the word "love.
" - Oh.
- Let me see that.
(clears throat) (clears throat) It's, uh, it's nothing.
Um, Rebecca resigned.
- Resigned? No.
- MAYA: This can't be happening.
Rebecca was supposed to be my mentor for my mentor program, Girl-Boss-Power-Force.
I have no one else.
Paula's out sick, Karen took a leave of absence to be a hand-and-foot model, Mrs.
Hernandez is such a bitch.
- Get LASIK, nerd.
- See what I mean? All right, everyone listen up.
We're down a lawyer, and that's bad news, especially right now.
The time-share case is not gonna settle itself.
I'll call the downtown office, and have them send a replacement for Rebecca.
What? You can't replace Rebecca.
DARRYL: Nathaniel, please.
Can we wait? Can we at least just talk about this? It's done.
All right? This is happening.
We all just need to move on.
Everyone, back to work.
I don't want to hear her name.
I don't want anyone to even think about Rebecca.
Got it? (sighing): No.
(birds chirping) (insects chirping) REBECCA (echoing): It is laughable - that you're my boss.
- JOSH: I've had it.
I'm sick and tired of you.
I want you out of my life! And don't call me Cookie! I hate that name.
I hate it.
- Rebecca, you need to calm down.
- Don't tell me to calm down.
(Rebecca and Marco grunting) (whispers): No.
I resigned you from Whitepepper, and now I have drafted a cover letter to your old law firm to get your job back.
But we have to go over it.
Becca? No, I we don't need to go over it, okay? I'm-I'm I it's fine.
Just send it.
Doesn't matter.
I'm sure it's good.
It is.
It's very good, but (Naomi sighs) Thank God I'm here to scoop up the poop behind the elephant.
Which is you, Rebecca! You're the one who's pooping.
I'm sending the letter.
Work on your résumé.
- (upbeat music playing) - Honey.
I think that's enough.
It's my friendaversary with Rebecca.
The night at Beans's party, I went home and I friended her, and she accepted.
And I know it's just an algorithm, but they just they picked the cutest photos, I mean Look at this.
This is our first cookie pizza.
I mean, it's just a cookie cut into triangles.
There's no cheese or anything.
And we were like, "Well, we should just call it a big cookie," and that's when I started to call her Cookie, and now it's over.
(taps key) - Okay, okay.
- (upbeat music playing) This isn't healthy.
Uh Paula.
You said you want to spend more time with the family? I think that would make you feel a lot better.
And us, too.
We want to spend more time with you.
(louder): We all want to spend more time with you.
We want to spend more time with you, Mom.
TOMMY: Yeah.
Quality time.
As a family.
We have so little time before I go to college.
Dad, who are we kidding? I'm not going to college.
TOMMY: Okay, look, Mom.
Dad already paid us off to hang out with you, and I spent that $20 on illegal fireworks, so are we gonna hang out or what? Well, that is a great offer, but I don't want to do anything but watch this video, so - SCOTT: What - (taps key) Okay, that's it.
Tommy? Get it.
- No.
- Do it.
- No, but, Dad, not really - You heard me.
(sighs) Fancy Fairy Funhouse? But you guys hate that game.
You don't ever want to play that game because you have those dumb penises.
I only get to play that game (voice breaks): when my sister is in town with her daughters.
(stammers) Come on.
We're doing this.
(crying) Bring on the Fancy Fairy Fun.
NAOMI: Oh, no.
Enough already with the computer.
Come on.
You've been on that thing all day.
Let's go.
Let's go to the mall.
Got to get your hair done, I can't stand that depression frizz.
I can't.
I'm busy.
I'm-I'm looking at my résumé.
I'm making tweaks.
Let me see.
No, I was not done.
Rebecca Bunch, I know what you're doing.
You're looking at porn, aren't you? I know, that's what everyone does.
The choking, the spanking, the cuckolding.
- Oh okay - I'm not looking at porn.
- Oh, really? Okay? - Yeah, leave me alone.
MAYA: My sources downtown say the replacement is a femme-identifying cis-gender woman.
That's a lady.
She's a lady.
Yeah, but is she gonna be like Rebecca, all pretty and cheery and Jewy? You know what I mean Smart, and a little sneaky.
That did not come out right.
I am not a bigot.
I just I talk too much, like a Jew.
Oh, no.
I hope she's a strong, contemporary thigh-high feminist like me and Rebecca, you know what I mean? Never talk again.
I just hope what happened with me and Rebecca doesn't happen again.
- Hmm? - You know, the "will they or won't they" sexual tension? Our little peas in a pod thing? Y-You guys didn't clock that? Hmm (scoffs) So you guys didn't notice the undeniable spark? (laughs softly) Okay.
She's coming up from downstairs.
Don't be yourselves, I beg you.
The body's barely cool, and you hired a new Rebecca.
That is heartless.
I said I didn't want to hear the name "Rebecca" again.
She's not a new Rebecca, she's a lawyer here to do a job.
She has nothing in common with Rebecca, except for her job title.
(mumbles): Okay.
(elevator bell dings) - Welcome to the firm.
- Hello.
I'm Cornelia Wickfield.
What a great face.
So sharply perceptive and honest.
I would love for you to weigh in on a few personal issues that I have on my plate.
I'm gonna e-mail you and I'm gonna give you all the background 411.
- Okay.
- DARRYL: Mm-hmm.
How do you feel about Lena Dunham and do you think pumpkin spice lattes are basic or no? Also, are diets okay? Hi.
NATHANIEL: Ignore them.
They are idiots.
Let's get you set up.
As you know, we are down an attorney - and we have a lot of work to do.
- Yes, I reviewed all the cases.
I'm all caught up.
Just show me my desk and I'll get to work.
Lot of personality on this one.
I mean, did you guys see that? - Hmm? - Flint and steel.
(imitates spark) Spark sound! (snoring lightly) (snorts) Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh, shh.
Becky, no.
Hey, Cornelia.
If you're not too busy, I'm applying for this mentor-ship and I just need a woman in my workplace to sponsor me.
Oh, I did this mentor-ship.
It's excellent.
Looks like you just need a signature here.
You got it.
Here you go.
Shut up.
Just stop and shut up.
You're too amazing.
Honestly, just shut it down, pull the metal grate over your face, and put up a sign because you are shut! Okay.
- You're welcome.
- I can't with her.
I had to leave because I couldn't even.
Did you get my e-mail about the Madigan estate trust case? I did.
Um, you spent the majority of the e-mail laying out the details of your own relationship with someone named White.
White Josh.
Yeah, sorry, that was a typo.
You have got to meet him.
You would love him and it would break your heart to think he might never father a child.
I'm gonna just stop you.
Um, since we're coworkers, we probably shouldn't be discussing personal matters so much.
But if it helps, I just read a review of a book on relationships in The New York Times.
I'm happy to send you a link.
You would do that for me? You would send me a link to pertinent literature that I could read? Maya.
I also can't even couldn't.
I'm such a klutz.
(laughs) It's okay.
Oh, sesquipedalian.
I know what that means.
It means polysyllabic.
That's not even mine.
I was gonna recycle it.
- Do you want it? - A gift? For me? Sure.
In one Indescribable instant The whole world falls away.
You okay? I hope these losers aren't bothering you.
Oh, no, it's fine.
I'm not usually this popular.
And downtown, everyone is so formal.
We mostly communicate via fax.
Which reminds me, I have to send off these documents.
Work, work, work.
Love that.
So refreshing.
She's exactly what's been missing around here.
Hmm? Hello.
How long was I asleep? A long time.
You must be really tired, I guess.
You feeling better? Not really.
I kind of just want to go back to sleep forever.
- What's that? - This? It's for you.
It's a strawberry milkshake.
Ugh, is that some sort of, like, fat-free, dairy-free, 80-calorie blorch? No, honey.
I made it with real ice cream.
You haven't eaten in a few days and, well, I know you love shakes.
Thank you, I guess.
You gonna try it? This is the first time in my life you've ever encouraged me to eat.
Okay, if you don't want it, you don't have to have it.
No, I'll try it.
- This is not bad.
- Enjoy.
I like your walk.
Heel-toe, heel-toe.
What a stride.
I have a tendency to pronate, so I try to walk evenly.
Love it.
Sorry, I have to file these.
Hey, so, um, this weekend, I'm doing a vagina refresh seminar.
We sun her, we steam her, we put crystals in her.
I bought two tickets.
Are you interested? No, thank you.
I'm busy.
Oh, okay.
Well, maybe next time.
Cornelia, this book is incredible.
I have a pathological need for approval that prevents me from engaging in conflict.
You should be a therapist.
You're spot-on.
I didn't say that.
And I didn't read the book, but okay.
I think my issues stem from my father because he said that I had an ugly upper lip, which is why I hide behind this luxuriant mustache.
Oh, feel it, feel it.
It's amazing.
No, thank you.
Some other time.
(chuckles) (laughs) We're dancing.
Stand still, please, and I will walk around you.
Thank you.
(chuckles) Oh, us.
Here is the second draft of the brief for the time-share.
Second? The first draft was excellent, very, very smart.
You work so diligently.
That's what you pay me for.
You show up on time, you haven't thrown anything at me.
Haven't seen you compress a donut into a tiny ball and swallow it whole.
And you appear to have no interest in whimsical trips to Rome.
Can't dispute those very specific facts.
What school did you go to again? Yale and Harvard, but I never mention it unless someone asks.
(clicks tongue) You are a breath of fresh air, Cornelia.
Thank you, sir.
- I'll get back to work.
- Okay.
(sighs) Ah.
(laughs) Bop, you're the princess.
TOMMY: Wait, why are you bopping Brendan? I totally have more fairy dust than he does.
BRENDAN: Oh! Boom.
Sucks to be you.
That makes me the pixie princess, bitches.
Now give me all your gumdrops.
I'm heading to the frosty cotillion.
- (groans) - BRENDAN: Thank you, thanks.
TOMMY: Wait, can we just do this again? I totally messed up at the Rainbow Rainforest.
You guys, this is really fun.
Thank you.
- Let's just - Roll, roll.
NAOMI: Seven-letter word, second letter "U," blank tension.
What could this be? Surface? Surface tension? "S-U-R-F-A-C " Yes.
Yes, it fits.
- It fits.
- Mm.
It works with 15 down, Esai Morales.
Oh, well, it's always Esai Morales.
- I know, it is.
- (laughs) (laughing): It is.
Get over here, smarty pants.
I'm gonna need help with 17 down.
It's a science thing.
You know I know bupkes about science.
And you're so good at it.
(clears throat) You sure you don't need to be doing whatever it is that you have been doing on the computer? (exhales) Not right now, no.
- So 17 down.
- (sighs) It was a silly idea.
You don't have to do it if you don't want to.
NAOMI: I don't have to, I want to.
You know, I'm sorry I never tried these on when you bought them for us in 2004.
(laughs) I was having a fat year.
I thought my ass looked like a watermelon.
Yeah, well, you look great.
Thank you.
(laughs) Mmm.
God, these are so delicious.
It's funny.
The cold kind of gives my head a buzzy feeling and my ears are ringing a little bit.
Yeah, me, too.
Same thing happens to me whenever I have a cold shake.
Brain freeze.
Brain freeze.
(laughs) Why are you being so nice to me? What do you mean? I'm always nice.
Not really.
I am your mother.
I can see that you need me.
You need a little TLC.
Okay, well, thank you.
Of course.
Now, you haven't had any solid food, so let me make you something.
How about popcorn? Let me make you popcorn.
That would go great with your shake.
Yeah, that would be great.
I used to think my mother was the worst That if she didn't kill me, I'd kill her first But now birds are singing The flowers are pink Yes, spring is here 'Cause I'm starting to think that Maybe she's not such a heinous bitch after all Maybe, maybe Maybe, maybe, baby, baby Maybe she's not such a heinous bitch after all Maybe, maybe, she's nicer to her baby I don't want to bash her head in with this cup It may sound harsh, but that's a huge step up Maybe she's not such A heinous bitch after all I still hate her, don't get me wrong Really hate her, genuinely hate her But it's more like the way Normal girls hate their moms Every daughter kinda hates their mom All I ever prayed for every day Was to resent my mother In a regular way Maybe she's not such a heinous bitch After all Sit beside her So weird you lived inside her Maybe old age has tamed this witch And made her a doll But like one of those evil, haunted dolls She's being so nice, it fills my soul For once I don't want her to have a cancerous mole Dark Maybe she's not such a heinous bitch After all I know it sounds like I'm falling in love In love Well, when we're finding a mate It's our parents we're thinking of Thinking of My relationship with her was my first failed romance And now finally the cute boy's Asking me to dance Maybe she's not such a heinous bitch - After all - Say yes It's time to acquiesce Maybe she's not such a heinous bitch After all Since you were born She's never made you popcorn Maybe she's not such a heinous bitch After all Ooh-wah.
(clears throat) Are you sure you want to play Twister, Mom? - What about your trick knee? - Eh, I'll go get my brace.
Oh, well, then I'm not going easy on you.
(both chuckle) - (doorbell rings) - Oh, I'll get it.
Ugh, Audra Levine, what do you want? Oh, I made you a taco casserole.
Hear you haven't been doing so good.
(chuckles) God, busted wedding, and now you're here with your awful mother ugh! You must just want to die.
Actually, I don't.
Because my mother and I are getting along very well.
So, bye Getting along with Naomi? (scoffs) Where's her body? Sorry, is that Twister? Yeah.
You know what, Audra, it's Twister.
My mother and I are about to play a trust-building game of physical skill and fun.
Everything's different now.
My mother accepts me.
Yeah, right.
Of course.
'Cause what do opinionated Jewish mothers do when they turn 60? They change.
Tell me, what did you do to earn this miraculous acceptance from your mother? I'm curious.
Well, I got sad and came home, and refused to shower, and stayed up all night, and she felt sad for me, and now she's taking care of me.
Yeah, you're a smart girl.
That doesn't make any sense.
NAOMI: This thing smells from knee sweat, and now I got some gas.
You're welcome.
Audra Levine.
- Hello.
- Whoa.
- Wonderful to see you.
- (smooches) Will you be staying for some board games and some ice cream, honey? Okay, I don't know what this is, but it's scary.
And I'm not sticking around for the murder-Sui.
Rebecca, she's up to something.
And if you don't know what it is, then it's working.
Bye, Naomi.
Bye, Audra.
(smooches) - NAOMI: Have a great day.
- AUDRA: Mm-hmm.
What a bitch.
Up to something? You know what I'm up to? I'm up to whuppin' your tuchus in that game.
That's what I'm up to.
And before we start, you need some fuel.
How about another shake, stat? Okay.
(clicks tongue) I'm gonna miss you guys at work today.
Ugh, I am not looking forward to it anyway.
It's gonna be tough not seeing Rebecca at her desk.
Then don't.
Just call in sick for the rest of the week.
That's a great idea.
We could actually go on a vacation.
You call in sick, too.
What? No.
Come on.
It'll get my mind off Rebecca.
And I am working on a case with a time-share company in Palm Springs, and they love me.
And they said anytime that I wanted to stay, all I had to do was e-mail and go.
I've seen pictures.
They got a nice pool area with a swim-up bar.
Tommy does love a swim-up bar.
He loves to drink while he pees.
- Let's do it.
- Let's do it.
Hey, Corns? Sit with me.
'Neelia, I got dark chocolate.
Look at, dark chocolate.
Thought we could ironically read our horoscopes and talk about how shallow everyone in the office is.
Thanks, everyone.
I'm just waiting for my burrito, and then I have some stuff to look at on my phone.
I'll stand here.
See what you guys are doing? You're creeping her out.
That's sexist.
You're trying to silence our sisterhood.
Right, Neels-on-Wheels? (laughs) I know, right? - I didn't say anything.
- Didn't have to.
- Want to chat? - Ow! No.
- I'm just make a burrito - Sorry.
to eat while I work.
You're hurting her! I'm okay, I'm not hurt.
Is that still frozen? Uh, yeah, I like it that way.
I'm, um, I'm teething.
I'm sorry, I saw that.
You're really getting bombarded.
Permission to speak freely? - Granted.
- Well, I like how friendly everyone is, but it's getting to be, pardon my language, a bit much.
They're freaks.
Tell you what.
I have to go to Palm Springs for another time-share meeting.
You want to come with? - They're not going, are they? - Absolutely not.
Oh, God, look at them.
Yes, let's go, please.
- SkinnyMom1958.
- Damn it, she changed it.
NAOMI: Rebecca, you okay out there? Yeah, Mom, I'm fine.
Uh, enjoy your soak.
You deserve it after that "left foot blue, right hand yellow" tumble.
My God.
And this is the Brazilian-themed aquatic recreation center.
Robertson almost took a trip to Brazil, but he didn't, because he's afraid to fly.
But he looked up some images online, and he was inspired to create this.
This pool, in particular, is his passion project, and he's very upset about being sued.
When he advertised mountain views from the swim-up bar, he didn't realize there weren't any, because he's also afraid to swim.
Are you sure there are no mountain views from the bar? You know what, it's hard to tell from here.
I think I see a peak between those buildings.
Yeah, I see that, too.
Although, the closer we get to the bar, the more obstructed the view is.
I think we need to get a photo from the swim-up bar.
- Yes.
- You know what? I have a swimsuit in my car.
I'll just hop in and do it.
You wait here.
Sir, you shouldn't have to get in the pool.
I'll grab a suit from the gift shop and take care of it.
Let's both grab a suit.
Gift shop's this way.
- This place is great.
- Yeah, good score, Mom.
(Paula chuckles) - Oh, I'm so glad we did this.
- SCOTT: Me, too.
Hey, here.
This is perfect.
You know, I just I needed to get away from work, and I mean, I love those people, I do, but, dear God, what a bunch of needy misfits.
(sighs, chuckles) Ah - Oh, God! - Honey? Oh that is my boss.
I called in sick I don't want him to see me and Wait, who is that woman? What is going on? Oh, I don't know.
That woman walks very evenly.
She must have a tendency to pronate.
If you're standing here, there's technically a bit of a view.
- Right here, if you lean over.
- Great.
You are so professional.
Even in a swim-up bar.
It's amazing.
I'm sorry? Well, it's just that some people in your position would behave differently.
Some people, who I definitely don't think about or talk about at all anymore, they would not have gone into that gift shop and selected a conservative one-piece, like you did.
They would have picked out a ridiculous bikini, and they'd be slinging their boobs all over the place.
- I'm sorry, what? - And they'd be provoking me and zinging me and challenging my world view.
And warming my heart Thank God that's not happening.
Thank God I don't have that in my life anymore.
(laughs) (voice breaking): I'm sorry.
I'm not crying.
I'm not crying.
It's just the chlorine in this water is Oh, sir, you're okay.
I mean, I think you're okay.
I don't know what's going on.
You're crying, and I'm in a bathing suit.
How did this happen? (sobs) Becky? I was thinking we could do each other's toes.
You've been drugging me.
(scoffs) Oh, this makes so much sense, of course.
Of course you didn't change.
The only reason I was feeling better is 'cause you gave me these drugs that blitzed me out and made my ears buzz.
I had no choice.
I saw all your websites.
Your suicide websites.
I had to do something.
So you gave me medication without my consent? Lest you forget, young lady, we have been through this before.
That suicide attempt in college, and then you tried to burn down someone's house.
And each time, you refused help, so, yes, yes, I decided to give you some of the anxiety pills that the doctor gave me for the High Holidays.
I just wanted to calm you down so we could talk and I could convince you to go away somewhere.
- Commit me? - (clicks tongue) I'm sorry, you wanted to commit me? That is such a dramatic word.
You made me think that you loved me.
You gave me hope when I had none.
And now that hope is gone.
I do love you.
- I'm just trying to help you.
- Help? You were never any help.
Rebecca Rebecca, wait! NATHANIEL: I'm sorry.
(clears throat) I'm sorry.
I shouldn't be talking about this.
It's just that I've been going through a lot lately because You know what? Don't tell me, okay? I think it's best if we just call it a day and go back to the office.
MAYA: Corns! Neels! Yaya! CORNELIA: Oh, God, these jack-holes.
So that's your boss, Mom? And all of your coworkers? - Ee-yep.
- Very cool.
Why are you all here? Well, you know, we never circled back about that conversation we had about my relationship.
And I followed you and then they followed me, like the psychopaths that they are.
And here we are.
I called dibs on talking to you first, because I'm a woman, but they don't respect women or dibs.
JIM: Cornelia, let's blow this joint, go into town, try on some vintage bowling shirts to music.
MAYA: Dude, stop.
She has three children and a husband.
But does he make you laugh? DARRYL: Cornelia, ignore him, ignore both of them.
You like me the most, right? I mean, you and I have a bond, right? - We have a sisterhood.
- We have a oh, what is this? DARRYL: Pick me! Pick me, Cornelia, pick me! You like me best.
You like me best, I know you do! No, I nominate me.
No, honestly, you have a connection with me.
Like a therapy session that I've never I told you all not to follow me.
(overlapping shouting) There's a very good chance - Listen to me! - Come on! (overlapping shouting continues) Please! I feel like this isn't about me I feel like this isn't about me Clearly they're projecting all of their feelings About a person I've never met And making it about me I'm telling you guys, from the moment she walked in the room, there was just such chemistry.
It was love at first sight! Bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah, bah I'm not the best with social cues But this one's pretty clear This isn't about her About her This reminds me to try the Brazilian place With the live band and the meat on the stick That they carve BOTH: Right at the table Right at the table Right at the table Right at the table (overlapping shouting continues) Hey! (music stops) I'm going back to L.
to file several HR complaints.
I look forward to collecting a settlement and finally opening up my custom yo-yo business.
You guys are a mess.
Bye! Have you been crying? Your eyes are all red.
Oh, yeah.
PAULA: What the hell is going on? I take one vacation! And, Jim, you are ripped.
- It's just protein shakes.
- Nice.
They're working.
Becky? Where are you? Rebecca Nora Bunch! Did you crawl out of a window or something? Where did she go? - - What? FLIGHT ATTENDANT: Excuse me, miss? Are you okay? (raspy): I don't know.
Man, I take one fake vacation for a few days and you guys lose your minds.
- That poor woman.
- Yeah, I know.
The thing is, Cornelia reminded me of Rebecca.
Reminded all of us of Rebecca.
To me, she was the opposite of Rebecca, which only made me miss her even more.
Look, we love her.
We always will.
But we have got to move on.
She's got her life, we have ours.
And maybe that has just got to be enough.
You're right.
White Josh and I have got to deal with our relationship.
I'm gonna call him, I'm gonna take him to a yurt, we're gonna take some ayahuasca and figure it out, no matter how long it takes.
Thank you, Paula.
(sighs heavily) - It's not gonna be easy without her.
- Yeah.
You okay? No, but I will be.
I just hope, wherever she is, she's happy.
REBECCA: Actually, yeah, you can help me.
This is gonna sound a little crazy, but, um, I-I need to get off the plane.
I bought a ticket to go to L.
when I was in New York.
But I'm just remembering now, that everyone in L.
either hates me and/or thinks I'm crazy, so, New York isn't my home, but L.
isn't either.
So, all I need you to do, is just drop me off in, like, Ohio or Idaho? In a cornfield somewhere.
Sorry, hon.
We really can't just drop people off.
But you can get off the plane in L.
and buy a new ticket.
True, true.
The thing is, I'm just too tired to buy things or do things or get things or say things or face things.
Tell you what, we have a Merlot that is the only one we have.
Do you want a glass of that? - Sure, that sounds great.
- I got you, girl.
(sighs heavily) (exhales) (pills rattle) - Here you go.
- Thank you.
Do you need anything else? No.
Yes (voice echoing indistinctly) That's fine.
No, that's all right.
- Hi.
Everything okay? - I need help.