Creature (2023) s01e01 Episode Script

Onu İyileştir

[wind howling]
[man] Why are people scared of ghouls?
Have you ever thought about that?
People aren't afraid of death,
because they're aware of its existence.
People are scared of the possibility
that ghouls might start talking.
Because then, they'll know
that there is nothing after death.
[ominous dramatic music playing]
[wolf howling]
How are the men, Selo?
They're exhausted, Captain. We all are.
We'll stop.
We'll stop before nightfall, hang on.
Hang in there!
We'll set up camp before nightfall!
Behind that mountain
the treasure awaits us!
- Keep an eye on the person next to you!
- Let's move!
- Keep each other safe! Let's go!
- Let's go! Move it!
[music continues]
[music stops]
- [man 1] What will we eat?
- [man 2] Be thankful you've got fire.
[man 1] We're warm,
but we're still hungry.
[fire crackling]
Here you go, Captain.
We were hoping
to hunt some birds, or deers,
but there's nothing around.
This is a desolate environment.
[ominous music playing]
Cook, listen.
Don't let anyone in from this side.
If we eat all that dry food
we'll be parched. [shudders]
Please, God, help us.
- [exhales deeply]
- [approaching footfalls]
What in the world?! Who the fuck are you?!
Osman, Muharrem, help me!
- What's going on? God help us.
- [cook] Help me!
[man 3 grunts] Heal him.
[dramatic music playing]
[Captain] Who are you?
What's this? Who are you? Stop!
[Osman] What's going on?
[cook] Who is that?
[Selo] There.
[cook] Its face was scorched.
[man] What was that thing?
Was it the devil?
This is a place from hell.
I'm convinced this is a demon.
Stop! Keep your mouth shut!
Stop worrying, you're better than that.
This wasn't a djinn.
It was a deranged man.
Or a fugitive.
[sick man] He's not deranged.
- Huh? He's trying to speak.
- Shhh!
So, who then? Who are you, brother?
I'm [breathes in deeply]
I resurrected him.
- Heaven help us.
- [Osman] Oh, my God!
- God have mercy on us.
- [ominous music playing]
[Ziya] Stop.
- [breathing deeply] Asiye. Asiye.
- [music stops]
[woman 1] Asiye will think you're dirty.
What happened to your hands again?
Greasy enough to feed a dog.
- Don't.
- The collar's way too tight, Mom!
Tight things keep your soul inside.
Work with me here.
We're having guests over,
all right, dear?
She's just a little girl.
I don't think she knows about good form.
What kind of a guest is that?
[woman 2, sighing] Poor little girl.
God gives, God takes
but it must be so hard
Five times eight is 40.
[man 1] Mom, don't say anything
while the girl's here.
- Five times ten is 50.
- [woman 2] I won't.
- [woman 1] Oh, they're here. Hi, Gülümser.
- Come in Hüsnü. About time.
[Hüsnü] I know we're late.
Forgive us, sir.
- The wheel came off.
- [woman 2] Bless you.
- [woman 1] Let me look at you.
- [Hüsnü] These are from our orchard.
[man 1] God give you plentiful.
- [Hüsnü] I hope you like them.
- [woman 1] Is this Asiye? So adorable.
[man 1] Ziya, why are you hiding, my boy?
Come and kiss Hüsnü's hand.
[Hüsnü] Takes a village to raise
a daughter. Village life is hard for her.
Her late mother had no one, either.
- No need to worry, Hüsnü.
- Papa! Don't go!
Asiye, you're our daughter from now on.
Ziya may have been given to us by God
but you will grow up together.
[gentle heartfelt music playing]
[woman 1] Down, up.
Down, up. Down, up.
So you see, the heart is the source
of the blood flow inside our body.
All right, children,
look at the blackboard.
This side is west, this side is east!
- Understand? Eyes on the blackboard!
- [music fades out]
- [man sobs in pain]
- [man] You're fixated on this damn thing!
Why do you keep climbing
that mountain chasing a hoax?
There are no treasures up there!
I'm sick of telling you this,
but you still don't get it! You damn fool!
What is this? [groans]
What in heaven's name? Your foot's frozen.
- [man sobs in pain]
- It's necrosis. No choice but to amputate.
- No, doc, please!
- [doctor groans]
[muffled moaning]
- Ziya, leave us!
- [slow, dramatic music playing]
- I want to stay.
- I told you to leave!
I've had enough already! And you,
stop staring! Give me a hand here!
Come on, hurry up!
Hold his legs and arms, now!
Hold his legs and arms!
You should have known better
than to climb that mountain!
- Hold him.
- [muffled moaning continues]
- [moist sawing]
- [muffled screams]
[music fades out]
Look, Asiye,
we perceive this apple to be dead,
but it's become a source
of life for another being.
This worm is gonna eat this up
and go into the soil.
And it will become fertilizer
for the earth.
Then, a new tree will emerge
from the seed of this apple.
Therefore, nature is a perpetual cycle.
So, only humans can't escape from death,
if what you're saying is true.
Why do you say that?
We put my mother in the earth,
but no new mother has ever emerged.
[slow, ominous music playing]
[groans angrily]
[Ziya] She will.
I promise.
I promise
She will emerge.
[Osman] I'm telling you,
we're all going to starve up here.
For a piece of meat I'd give up
my share of the treasure. God forbid.
[music fades out]
Come on, boy.
Open your eyes.
[quiet, lighthearted music playing]
Okay, the other foot now.
[both giggling]
[woman 1] Asiye, stop running, baby.
She's such a tomboy.
This is so beneath you.
People will start talking.
People should mind
their own business, Mother.
Anyway, I'm telling you,
you should stop spoiling them.
- [people chuckling]
- [music stops]
[woman 2] She's really parched,
she's making me thirsty, too.
- But we don't have water anymore.
- [man speaking indistinctly]
Hey there, water guy,
would you mind coming over here, please?
Let's see what it is this time.
- Ah.
- [woman 2] Pour it in there.
[speaking French]
"The Mystical Treatment Methods."
Just so you know,
this water has gone sour.
Where did you get this?
Well, in Istanbul I made some inquiries.
These books are garbage.
Frauds that engage
in fortune-telling and magic
Father, permit me
to disagree with you on this.
Even today, many of the methods we use
show evidence of their traditions.
That's not what I'm questioning.
I'm just checking if the book
you're reading is genuine.
It's just that I actually know why
you ordered these books from Istanbul.
Is that so?
Yes, it's because you're searching for
references to The Book of Resurrection.
Isn't that right?
Ziya, do you aspire to be
a spoiled brat chasing after a legend,
or a knowledgeable physician?
Give up on your search
for that book once and for all.
That book is a scam, it's fictional.
What if it is true?
Would you like me to show you the truth?
Since you're going to be a doctor.
Come with me, and see for yourself.
- [slow, ominous music playing]
- [distant chatter]
Children, you should try
not to offend them.
Do not look them in the eyes.
This way.
We would never have brought you here,
because it could give you nightmares.
But Ofelya, our neighbor,
beautiful like the Moon,
when she was infected with leprosy,
they had to put her in here
with all the others.
Welcome, Muzaffer.
Thank you.
- Gülfem.
- I'll give it to her myself.
- How are things?
- Ofelya, hi! It's me. It's me, Gülfem.
[music stops]
Gülfem? [gasps faintly]
Oh, my dear girl, you came.
[inhales deeply]
Oh, my faithful neighbor.
Welcome, it's great to see you.
Gülfem, my friend, my dear friend.
[breathing deeply]
[Gülfem] I've brought you food.
Muzaffer made a new ointment for you.
This is different than before.
It's supposed to be effective.
I hope it will ease your pain.
- [gasps] Ziya, is that you? [gasps]
- [slow, contemplative music playing]
Oh, my dear boy,
he was so little, but now all grown up.
You shouldn't have
brought him here, dear, you know.
[inhales deeply]
And this is Asiye?
You told me about her.
Oh, no, no, no. No, boy, don't.
Ziya, what are you doing? What's wrong?
- Ziya.
- [Ofelya] Let go of me, don't do it, baby.
Ziya, I'm talking to you!
[music becomes dramatic]
- [Muzaffer] Ziya!
- [music stops abruptly]
You think I don't know that contact
doesn't cause infection?
You want me to avoid contact
with the embodiment of our suffering.
But what can we do about it?
I'm trying my best to find a remedy,
and I give her medicine!
But the drugs don't work,
they're ineffective.
Aside from delaying the moment of death.
Have you ever considered searching
and discovering new truths?
Is it too much to consider
other remedies, Father?
Please, Ziya,
stop what you're doing, just stop.
Ziya, you are well aware the town's
best doctor is your own renowned father.
I wish he was also brave.
Your father asked if you
washed your hands with soap?
And apply this up to your elbows.
I know, I did that earlier.
Patients left yet?
So, has my father cured them?
Ziya, do you even realize
what an arrogant person you've become?
Stop treating everyone around you like
they're not as able to think as you think.
You'll go downstairs now and apologize
to your father for what happened earlier.
I apologize
for annoying you, Asiye.
Come on, Ziya.
Do it for me.
Ziya! That's enough. Stop it.
[receding footfalls]
Gülfem, I saw three cauldrons
of boiling water in the kitchen.
Are you doing laundry this late?
The well's almost completely dry.
We need to have enough for tomorrow.
We also have to go to Gökçepınar.
[Muzaffer sighs]
Dad, I'm sorry, please forgive me.
I'm all for fervor and zeal.
But if you can't control them,
the backlash will only hurt you.
Dad, it's not fervor or zeal
but the desire to learn.
You will learn. Be patient.
- The medical school program.
- [loud knocking]
Who is it now?
[Gülfem] Good God in heaven.
[man panting]
Doctor, please,
my son is throwing up and has diarrhea.
And the neighbor's kid too.
- Everyone is feeling sick.
- All right, I'm coming.
Yell in the streets. Tell everyone
who's able to walk to go to my practice.
I can't go to everyone's houses, go!
Dad, can I help?
- Hurry up, come on.
- Good God! Think it's a contagion, again?
Heaven help us.
Ziya, be careful.
[quiet tense music playing]
Don't worry, I'll be fine.
- [people coughing]
- [music becomes more dramatic]
[man 1] Where's the doctor?
Where's the doctor?
- [man 2] The doctor is here!
- [man 3] Move! Move!
Looks like cholera.
Cover your mouth and face.
Cholera is only transmitted through water
and food, not through contact.
Cover your mouth, I told you.
We can't be sure.
Where's the mayor? Where the hell
has that damn fool gone now?
Alert the city watch.
I might not have
the right materials for this.
All right, come on, go, go! Ziya,
inform these people about what's going on.
Okay, I will.
Folks, listen up. Folks, don't drink
the water unless it's boiled!
This is most likely a cholera epidemic!
Water should not be consumed
unless it's been boiled!
It's extremely contagious,
it spreads rapidly!
Symptoms are abdominal pain,
nausea, diarrhea, and vomiting!
It dehydrates you.
You must drink lots of water!
Even so, it's imperative
that you consume boiling water.
The water has to be boiled.
The clinic is open! Dr. Muzaffer
will be there until dawn is here.
[Ziya] Anybody with the means should bring
mustard plaster to our practice!
Our medications are low.
It won't be enough for everybody!
But folks, you must drink plenty of water!
The wells have been contaminated!
[people retching and coughing]
Where's that goddamn mayor?!
- [dramatic music continues]
- [people coughing]
[music fades out]
Are you okay?
Asiye, stay away, stay away.
I'm exhausting from last night.
I need to rest a bit longer.
Yes, it was exhausting to manage it.
Take your time, get some rest.
You should join the others.
Take something for them to eat
from the kitchen. They must be in despair.
I'll take care of it.
[groaning painfully]
[continues groaning]
[people sobbing]
[melancholic music playing]
Muzaffer. It's Gülfem.
You have to come home right away.
Gülfem is sick.
She didn't want to disturb you.
Listen, continue giving folks
their meds, please. I'll be right back.
Gülfem, why, why didn't you say anything?
I am fine. I took some medicine.
Don't worry about me.
Besides, if I had troubled you,
you would have stopped helping others
and come running back for me,
just like you've done now.
I'll prepare a solution for you.
[Gülfem] Muzaffer.
How did I not see this?
I should have checked on you,
I should have.
- Honey, please.
- [approaching footfalls]
Easy, son, calm down.
It's okay. I'm all right, I'm all right.
You're really all right?
I won't let anything happen to you.
I'm here, Mom, I am really.
- I'm not going anywhere.
- Okay.
I'm okay, I'm okay. [panting]
Come here.
Listen to me carefully.
I knew this. Actually, we all knew.
You two have always
been meant for each other.
- Mother, please, don't
- Mother.
Shhh. I'll feel better
tomorrow in the morning.
But first, can you make me a promise, son?
Ziya, remember our promises?
That is, you will hug me like the sprout
of the grapevine in the garden.
[breathing deeply]
From this time on,
you will embrace each other
and will never let go
no matter what happens.
Promise me now.
[sorrowful music playing]
I trust that you'll
take care of each other.
Ziya, come here, son.
Up you go!
[music continues]
[bird cawing]
[man 1] What the hell is going on?!
Do we not have the right
to bury our dead?!
[man 2] They've banned it.
What do you expect me to do?
- I have orders! You can pray later!
- [crowd shouting]
God rest their souls.
I know you're hurt, but I have orders!
[music becomes tense]
[music becomes dramatic]
[people continue shouting]
[music fades out]
[approaching footfalls]
[exhales deeply]
We're defeated.
Citizens, our mom,
they all perished
because of some insignificant illness.
It was something terrible
and imperceptible
that brought everyone's demise.
None of us could do anything.
What more could you have done, Ziya?
It was fate.
Where is this fate, huh? Where is it?
I'd like to choke the life out of it
with my bare hands!
All those people dropping dead one by one,
and it goes on living forever!
You think it's fair?
Do you really believe
it's what we deserve?
Stop it, there is no one to attack.
This is blasphemy against creation.
If this is blasphemous, then I will burn
[slow, moody music playing]
You know I could never bear
you fall into sin to him.
But you sinned
when you shared a kiss with me.
But God would never see lovers as sinners.
[music stops]
[exhales deeply]
God wouldn't see lovers as sinners.
[Captain] Come on, boy. Open your eyes.
[mysterious music playing]
[Ziya] Dear sir, The Book of Resurrection
which you mentioned in your earlier letter
has aroused my interest.
We may meet at a location of your choosing
when we arrive in Istanbul,
I am requesting an immediate response.
[music fades out]
[door shuts]
[sighing] Asiye.
I wish that it was in my power
to bring the school here,
so I wouldn't have to leave you.
I'm not sad, you know.
Don't you worry about me.
You know, you shouldn't forget me
just because you have to go to school.
- Take care of my dad and grandma.
- Don't worry about them.
- And please write to us whenever you can.
- But of course.
[horse whinnies]
[heartfelt music playing]
You should get going now.
[bird cawing]
[bird cawing]
I'm leaving to cure the disease
[music stops]
that took you away from us,
from this world, Mom.
I'll always remember.
[bird cawing]
[melancholic music playing]
[breathing deeply]
[thunder rumbling]
[groans faintly]
[rain falling]
[Ziya] My dear Asiye,
this is my first letter
and it is addressed only to you.
When I boarded the ship I took a moment
to evaluate what was ahead of me.
A clear, bright, and blue ocean
flooded my eyesight.
Just like the ship floating effortlessly,
I knew that
I would conquer every challenge
and graduate with honor.
[quiet, contemplative music playing]
The coachman who took me to my hotel
was a kind gentleman.
He provided me with information
about living in Istanbul.
Bless his soul.
I arrived at the hotel, which is near
my school, at a reasonable hour.
If my luck holds,
I'm hoping to find a place to rent soon.
[distant man chanting]
You needn't worry, my dear Asiye.
[classical music playing]
[people chattering and chuckling]
- I'd like a room for the night.
- The rates are there.
Last room. It's in the back.
At the end of the hall.
[Ziya] This feels weird.
We've written each other for a year,
but being in the customs here,
it's nothing I've ever seen.
Our esteemed representative
sends his regards, Ziya.
He's pleased that a copy of this book
will be in the hands
of a respectable gentleman like you.
He asked me specifically to give you this.
I appreciate that.
I hope that one day I will have
the opportunity to meet him in person.
[Ziya] The gentlemen of Istanbul are kind,
and gallant, like I was told.
They appear
to be constantly eager to help.
- [glass shatters]
- [grunts]
[suspenseful music playing]
My money. [panting]
My money's been stolen, wake up!
Where is he? Where has the man gone?
Good morning. Slow down.
What's going on?
Are the drinks a little strong, huh?
I have no idea what are you talking about?
All of my money is missing. That money
was supposed to be for my education.
Now there's nothing here for me.
My letters Fuat was his real name.
Hey, hey, how the hell would I know, pal?
You should be the one
who knows your lover, not me.
And so you get off. You were probably
in this together. I know you set me up!
[breathes deeply]
[quiet, contemplative music playing]
Let go of me! You pieces of filth! Let go!
[Ziya] My dear Asiye, a few of the streets
here are lit by electricity.
- [electrical click]
- [man] Huh?
[Ziya] I'm excited to see the meaning
of my name from an electric street lamp.
It's on! [chuckling]
[Ziya] Your Ziya will enlighten
every dark pathway.
He will serve as the people's beacon.
He will overcome every challenge.
[music becomes ominous]
[music fades out]
[man] Hey!
I slaughtered my mother!
I slaughtered my father!
Anyone here dare look at me the wrong way?
[dog barks]
[Ziya] Don't worry about me.
I'll be fine.
There's only one thing
that I can't cope with and breaks me.
My longing for you.
I wish for us to be together again.
Your truly, Ziya.
[owl hoots]
[loud clatter]
[glass shatters]
[suspenseful music playing]
Listen to me very carefully.
[whimsical music playing]
You should memorize whatever I say,
and next week I'll ask questions.
He lost his mind!
[music continues]
Open the door!
- [Ziya] Sir, open the door!
- [pounding]
[inhales deeply]
[lively adventurous music playing]
"I saw that you saw me."
- [panting]
- [music stops]
- [lively folk music playing]
- [fire crackling]
- [heavy scraping sound]
- [barking]
[music continues faintly]
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[exhales deeply]
- [dog barks]
- Shhh.
Darwin, stay.
[metallic creaking]
[dramatic music intensifies]
[music fades out]
[dramatic action music playing]
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