Creature (2023) s01e02 Episode Script

Kafamdaki Sesler

[sighs] No, sir, I won't starve to
death on this godforsaken mountain!
[man 1] He's right! Let's go to
the village while we still have strength.
- [man 2] If the demon captures you?
- [man 1] Dead anyway.
Will we die here,
eating one another like cannibals?
- Let's go back then.
- [Selo] Stop!
[cocks gun]
- Don't move. You're not going anywhere.
- Go ahead.
I'm not afraid of you.
Go on, shoot me.
- And I'll take you with me!
- Selo, put it down!
I swear, I'll shoot you both.
Cut it out, both of you!
- You, too! Move away!
- [man groaning]
Simmer down!
[slow, dramatic music playing]
[groans faintly]
[man groaning faintly]
This meat is for you.
Eat it!
- [wet stab]
- Heaven help us.
[music becomes more dramatic]
[breathes deeply]
[labored breathing]
This is for Ziya. Feed him this.
Heal him.
[knife slashing sound]
- Wake up!
- [wind-like howling]
- Wake up!
- [wind-like howling]
- Wake up!
- [wind-like howling]
[dramatic music stops]
- [man 1] Muharrem, don't waste the skin.
- [Muharrem] Would I ever?
[man 2] We must make do with it.
Hide the rest under snow.
[man 3] He'll bring us a new one.
[Muharrem] You saying that
because of the one inside?
- [man 1] More eating, less talking.
- [man 4] You're gonna choke.
You said your name was Ziya.
I said that?
I guess I did. [groans]
Everything seems hazy.
What did you two do?
That thing outside
Did you break out of prison?
We created that prison
and we keep it locked.
It's our choice to become captives there.
What are you saying with your fancy words?
Tell me before I get annoyed. Go on.
Why are you people here?
Were you chasing us?
If you're here for the treasure, forget
about it. We won't share a dime with you.
See those guys out there?
They'll tear you into pieces
like they did to that deer.
Treasure, huh?
You really believe in that?
That's just not true.
That a spoilt Byzantine prince left it out
here to tamper with the fates of others.
It's all bull, man.
Stranger, do you have a disease
or something? Wanna get us in trouble?
I already have.
I've been causing trouble for everybody.
What the hell's going on? Just talk! Talk.
Would you even believe me if I did talk?
[man] Candidates who've had
their photos taken, go upstairs
to the enrollment desk
with the numbers I've given you.
Day after tomorrow, you'll pick up
the photos from me with those numbers,
and take them to the registration office.
Young man, didn't you hear me?
I said upstairs.
First the name, title, and status of
your father, then the name of the student.
Muzaffer. Muzaffer
of the Degirmencioglus. His son, Ziya.
- [man] Place of residence?
- Bursa.
[suspenseful music playing]
[music becomes more dramatic]
[music becomes quieter]
[music fades out]
[telegraph machine clicking]
You should put down a return address here,
in case it's not delivered.
There's not one yet, though. I'm a medical
freshman. I enrolled earlier today.
So you want to be a doctor?
Then, I really feel sorry
for your future patients.
Are you dumb? Do you have
a loose screw in here, or what?
Just put down the name of the school then.
Holy crap.
You're right, sir. Excuse me.
The thought eluded me for a minute.
I presumed you needed my home address.
Wow, that's brilliant, isn't it?
He'll forget the patient and abandon them
in bed. As a result, they'll die.
I see you've already memorized
the address of your school?
So, you're not totally hopeless.
The patient has opened an eye.
But remember, only one eye.
- So how much do I owe you?
- Three coins.
Greetings, young man. What do you want?
I have broth, yogurt, and tripe soups.
Thank you, sir. I'm fine but
I'm looking for someone.
You're hungry.
Son, we've been selling soup
since the time of my grandfather.
I can recognize a hungry person
when I see one.
Even one who is as well-dressed
as you are right now.
Come on, have a seat.
But I'm broke.
Did you hear me ask for money?
- Bon appétit. Enjoy.
- Vegetables in lentil soup?
[chuckling] My favorite.
Have you had this before?
My mom used to make it.
By "used to," you mean
She passed away.
Well, bless her soul,
God keep her in Heaven.
Thank you.
- Mm
- Allow me, I'll take a look. What's this?
- This is a student form.
- My classes are about to start.
I'll become a doctor. I'll cure diseases,
and will be able to heal everyone.
[distant man moaning]
God willing.
[moaning continues]
[melancholic music playing]
[Ziya sobs]
Allow me to wash the dishes.
It's okay, son. Don't bother.
Please, don't let me be in your debt.
I'll wash them.
All right then.
But first, I must impose
a condition upon you.
Sit. Sit.
[man groans faintly]
Tell me what happened to you.
And don't lie to me. Tell me the truth.
[lively exotic music playing]
How do you know
how to wash the dishes with ashes?
I told you that my dad was a doctor.
Ashes clean the dishes,
and remove the stains.
[music stops]
You're welcome to make use of this.
I come here to open the kitchen
before the morning call to prayer.
With the call, customers start coming in.
First ones to come in are the drunkards,
the drug addicts, and the vulgar.
But don't let that intimidate you.
Most of them have no expectations from
life, and their main issue is themselves.
They eat their soup in silence
before leaving for their dwellings
or whatever hole they call home.
You understand?
It will be exhausting.
Your bones and marrow will feel like
they're cooking within these cauldrons.
For a while, it will be rough.
This is how the test
of being a man begins.
[distant man chanting]
[key clicking]
[gasps and clears throat]
Good morning, Mr. Hamdi, sir.
Uh, good morning, son.
[Ziya shudders]
Take this, will you?
It's old, but clean.
The sheet's folded inside.
Well done, well done. This is nice.
[slow, whimsical music playing]
Boss, Hamdi!
Bonjour, monsieur!
Come on in.
Have a seat, İhsan, I'll bring your soup.
I can take it, sir. Which one is it?
Uh, no. I'll take this one,
you can deliver the next ones.
İhsan, my boy.
I wish you a pleasant morning.
[İhsan] You can have the good part.
Bad things find their way to me.
Don't say that. God might take offense.
He knows me.
If God's created me,
he won't take offense.
I thought you said you'd quit, İhsan.
I wish you knew when to stop.
It's obvious you've had too much,
and it could kill you.
What is it now? Tell me.
- [man 1] Have a good one.
- [man 2] Thanks, mate.
[İhsan sighs]
[door shuts]
[moody music box music playing]
The voices I hear in my head
they won't stop.
There's the red one.
In the jug.
And your amazing soup is how they stop.
I thought those voices from the unknown
stopped, and you were fine.
What happened now?
The school.
[melancholic music playing]
They're gonna open the school.
My school, I mean.
Without me.
Another year without me.
[chuckles faintly]
Without İhsan.
Teaching brilliant minds.
Like I didn't exist.
As if I never existed.
What do you mean, as if you never existed?
What are you talking about?
Do you believe my granddaughter would
still be alive if it weren't for you?
She'll marry soon, she's coming of age.
You are a blessing
to the world, my friend.
- You think so?
- Of course you are, what do you think?
You may be a gift to us,
but you're a scourge to yourself.
Please, son. Don't do this to yourself.
Finish your soup,
and go home to get some rest.
Will it be okay?
If I get some sleep?
It will be. Everything's gonna be okay.
If you're saying it's gonna be okay,
then I'll go get some sleep.
Come on, it doesn't work here.
You know me better than that.
[İhsan] It's not for you.
It's for the dowry of her wedding.
It's a present.
[ominous music playing]
Tell that youngster that that school
Is not a nurturing environment at all,
- but an absolute living nightmare!
- [music gets louder]
[music fades to faint, tense music]
[whimsical music resumes]
- How does İhsan know you're a student?
- [music stops]
The other night, I went
to the schoolyard to camp out there.
He, uh, was just there wandering around.
- All alone by himself.
- Oh, my.
He was acting like he had students
in a classroom, and was lecturing them.
Oh, it's so sad.
His mind's playing tricks on him again.
Is he okay? What happened to him?
İhsan comes from a wealthy family.
His father was a merchant who did
business with Genovese and Greeks.
But he was their only son.
An extremely intelligent boy
who was curious about insects
and all kinds of creatures,
birth, and death.
He didn't want to be a merchant.
He was set on becoming a doctor.
His family objected to that.
But he was determined, so he traveled to
Europe and received an education in Paris.
Medicine was always his obsession,
He became a lecturer
but his methods were unorthodox.
Everyone was jealous of his intelligence
and intimidated by his temper,
so before he finished his second year,
he was expelled from the faculty,
and they did all they could
to get rid of him.
Poor guy buried himself in his books
and became a recluse.
A few years ago, there was
an explosion in his backyard, see.
He acquired some gunpowder.
- Gunpowder?
- Yeah. And barrels of it.
Anyway, rumor had it
that he was trying to kill himself.
But with him, you never know.
- I really hope it wasn't that.
- [mysterious music playing]
What if he ever tried again.
That's what really frightens me.
Now that you shared, I'd like to get
to know him. What's his address?
What for?
I didn't tell you this to spread rumors.
I meant it as cautionary tale,
so that you'd be warned.
Son, science is all great and useful.
But it's also a monster
at the bottom of a murky well.
You shouldn't become
too involved with that.
[mysterious music continues]
[music fades out]
[woman] Need some alms?
I'll keep you in my prayers. Help out
a sister in need. I'll pray for you.
What good can your prayers do,
you filthy miscreant!
Let go of me! You're hurting my arm!
You're on the prowl here even on
the first day! You're a pain in the ass!
Damn those hands of yours. What have I
ever done to you? Have I kicked your dog?
Get out of here!
If I see you around here,
I'll make you sorry for it.
I don't know why God
even made people like you.
I'm sure he had his reasons.
You dare to question
the creation of Heaven? Is that it?
Repent this minute, you infidel!
[man] I would never question God, sir.
If you ever treat that woman unkindly,
I'll call you an infidel
and have you expelled out of here.
And these are my witnesses!
Friend, for your information, maybe it's
not a good idea to be in the spotlight
on the first day of school.
- What have I done?
- You put a racist in his place.
But remember, those who belittle others
only based on their race
are everywhere,
and they're not necessarily all ignorant.
There are well-read people among them.
So, you'd better lay low.
- I'm Yunus.
- Ziya.
A good physician always keeps in mind
that although as human beings
we need to take, uh, precautions,
God has the final word
in absolutely everything.
[inhales deeply]
You have to come to terms
with the reality of death
or the grief caused
by the loss of a patient
will be suffocating,
causing overwhelming grief
and desperation.
We're humans after all.
You have to accept that
we are helpless in the face of death.
No one is expecting you to be
omniscient, savant, or inventors.
[distant man shouting]
After all, you can never
take this science further
Than Avicenna did.
Furthermore, in order
to become a good physician,
The foremost thing
Is that you have to learn
to pay attention!
[faint chuckling]
I was, sir.
So, recite to me
What I have just said.
We have to accept
that we're helpless in the face of death.
No one expects us
to be omniscient, savant, or inventors.
After all, we can't take science
beyond what Avicenna did.
[faint chuckling]
I offer you no disrespect,
but I've studied about this for years.
Don't draw attention.
Okay, tell me, how old are you, anyway,
to tell me
that you've been hearing this for years?
Huh? In this faculty,
you're still damp behind the ears.
It's arrogant!
I mean no disrespect, sir, but, uh,
your words are insulting
to Avicenna's knowledge
and the brotherhood of philosophers'
- and scientists' intelligence.
- Shut up!
To find new methods, why not go after
all the new remedies to cure the pain,
rather than focusing on memorizing?
Shut up, you infidel! Wha What
What do you think you know that that
you can talk like this, like, "Yak yak"?
Don't think I'm an infidel.
On the contrary, denoted,
religion, it's pretty legitimate.
- Stop. Get out of here.
- And that is
Get the hell out!
I'm not leaving before I say my piece.
Islam encourages people to truly search
for the causes of ailments.
According to Imam Ahmet's accounts,
the Prophet
[all] May Allah honor him
and grant him peace.
As the prophecy goes,
"All of the illnesses from God
contain its remedy."
"So we should seek the remedy."
[moody music playing]
[music stops]
[man] Come in!
Sir, I don't want this rebellious brat
to study in our faculty anymore.
On his first day,
he wasn't paying attention
and he ventured to argue with me.
He's undermining my status and reputation
in front of all the other students!
I never intended for it to happen, sir,
I can assure you of that.
[quiet, whimsical music playing]
[teacher] He sowed the seeds of discord
with his venomous ideas.
He almost started a revolt
Like the Janissaries did.
[indistinct chatter]
[student] Shh shh!
[music stops]
Now look at this.
You've all had your first lesson today.
As it said, show arrogance and disapproval
and it will end bitterly.
[inhales deeply]
[Ziya screams]
[loud thud]
[Ziya gasps]
[quiet suspenseful music playing]
- [quiet dramatic music playing]
- [horse whinnies]
[adventurous, dramatic music playing]
[music stops]
If you held your tongue, you wouldn't have
to vent your anger on dishes and pots!
You should be smarter than that.
What am I gonna do? [breathing fast]
But how can I face my father in the shop?
How can I go back home?
I'm not sure how I can look
at Asiye's face. I'd be too ashamed.
You're not going anywhere.
Things will be clearer in the morning.
There has to be a solution.
[ominous music playing]
[animal sounds]
[bell ringing]
[music fades out]
[latch clicking]
Mr. İhsan, good morning, sir.
I hope I'm not really bothering you.
If it's not a bad time,
I'd like to discuss a matter with you.
- You can't come in.
- Hamdi sent me
[lock clicking]
I have a lady friend inside
who wishes to stay unseen.
Oh, dear. Well, forgive me.
I can come back. Sorry to bother you.
Hold on a second.
[clears throat]
Wait for me down there, then we'll talk.
[mysterious music playing]
[Ziya] He had a secret behind his eyes
that he wanted to keep hidden.
A secret that only I
could ever understand.
A secret so great that he abandoned
everything and became a recluse.
- [growling]
- [metallic rattling]
[mysterious music continues]
[no audible dialogue]
[İhsan] As an individual who completed
his medical education in Paris,
I would never patronize you,
or try to impress my ideals upon you.
Not at all.
As someone who was born and raised
proudly from these lands,
I really would like to share
what I have seen,
what I've experienced
and what I've learned there,
- As well as learn something new from you
- [men muttering]
while having medical
and scientific debate
[muttering continues]
with all of you here.
[İhsan sighs] My peers.
- [muttering continues]
- [pounds podium]
Obviously it's very clear
nothing's changed in this department!
I could merely gather this many people.
In fact, the dean of our faculty feels
it's too much for him to come
and it's out of his way.
And by living through the whole disdain
and indifference at this podium,
I think it'd be best
that I call this gathering off!
[men muttering and pounding chairs]
And forgive me if I've dragged you
all the way out today
from your comfortable beds.
- Ah.
- [men stop muttering and pounding]
I have a question for Mr. İhsan.
If you are someone from these lands,
then why would you go elsewhere
in search for science in foreign land?
Perhaps it was because
of people like you, sir,
who would rather add fuel
to the flames than debate?
I'm asking you to get it together!
We should do better than that,
don't you think?
İhsan, my friend,
your fervor is justified.
But pull yourself together
and tell us what you did, and experienced.
Let us be a light for each other,
wherever that light is hidden.
Let it come out in the open
and shine brightly and in all its glory.
Let it illuminate our path!
My most valuable gift
to this world, my son,
is called Ziya,
meaning "light" and "splendor".
So I really think my dad
is going to kill me. I'm in big trouble
I know who you are, mm-hm.
What I mean is,
this attitude, these manners are not
strange to me, that's what I mean.
I'm humbled. Thank you.
[breathing deeply]
What I'm trying to say is, I know you're
not a fan of the people in that school,
but I've heard that the dean
was brought in new this year.
- Maybe you could talk to him.
- [melancholic music playing]
[Muzaffer] My dear brother İhsan,
it's been four years since
we met and became friends.
My son, whom I told you about,
is now a candidate student.
In a nutshell, I'm asking you
to keep an eye on him as often as you can.
I don't want him to know
since he's a proud,
and pardon me if I say so,
obstinate young man like you.
In terms of intelligence and nature,
you're extremely similar.
As a father, this is what
causes me both delight and worry.
Best Regards, Muzaffer.
Hey! Who let you in here?
[inhales deeply]
Mr. Süleyman
you'll withdraw your complaint.
Who the hell do you think you are
to tell me what to do, huh?
You have nothing to do with this school?
Who do you think you are?
I could tell you about me
but you wouldn't understand.
However, Mr. Süleyman,
I could tell you if you want,
who, and what kind of a man you are.
You two, out of here! Stay the fuck away!
- [sighs]
- [door shuts]
[İhsan] Let me begin by saying
you're the type of man
who would take laudanum
out of the medical school supply.
Oh, please, come on.
Don't get it all twisted up.
You know the dean can't hear us.
His office is too far away.
And then I think, you can't stop
people from gossiping, can you, now?
Enough, I Um
What do you think you're doing? Oh.
If I may.
You went into a surgery
gnarled by the influence
- of the laudanum, and left a boy crippled.
- [groans]
So you and his dad had to send
for me in the middle of the night.
That child was about to bleed to death,
if it wasn't for me saving the kid.
That's enough, please, stop.
You've made your point.
Pourquoi, monsieur?
I was just getting started.
Dare I even start in on the part about
your medical license being questionable.
[inhales deeply]
I beg your pardon.
I can stop, if you'd like to.
Though the father of the child
you bestowed with a crippled leg
- is never gonna forgive you.
- [groans]
Just the other day, at the old tavern
See, I almost wasn't able
to hold him back.
- I just need to give him the go-ahead.
- [moans faintly]
[moans faintly]
Follow me. Come on.
[whispering] Thank you.
[quiet, lighthearted piano music playing]
[gasps faintly]
Greetings. How are you, guys?
Fine, thank God.
[Süleyman] Listen to me, gentlemen.
Inside the joints, where the bones
are connected to each other,
an egg-white like substance
- [laughter]
- Stop laughing!
[laughter stops]
You think this is a game?
Professor İhsan, as a token
of my gratitude, I've brought you sweets.
It's okay, you didn't have to.
Very nice of you.
[door shuts and lock clicks]
[music stops]
That's why he doesn't give lectures
to the seniors about cadavers,
but sends someone else to cover for him.
Well, now it all makes sense.
I'm talking about Professor Süleyman
and all of his nonsense religious beliefs.
Using cadavers has been
allowed since the Reorganization.
- Mm.
- It's all bull, that religious stuff.
So, he's not qualified for that.
And what about his diploma
being fake, huh?
See how all the pieces
are falling into place now?
Of all the intellectual professors
and that stupid idiot,
- this is what we get, if I'm being candid.
- Hmm.
Whatever. He doesn't have
much to teach us anyway.
Smartest move
would be to wait until next year.
Though it's a colossal waste
of time, a whole year.
[chuckling] Oh my God.
You're fidgeting again. Let it go.
Do not draw attention.
[man 1] Rats! Rats here!
[people screaming]
[people shouting and screaming]
[man 2] By the burlap sack!
By the burlap sack! Get it! Get it!
Little bastards.
Running around since yesterday.
[man 1] Where do they come from, damn it?
Those guys have caught a horse in a rat
disguise. What the hell is that creature?
[man 1] Damn, it's as big as a cat.
[woman] Mrs. Ofelya?
- Who is it?
- It's me, Asiye.
Future daughter-in-law of the late Gülfem.
Gülfem is dead?
- [sorrowful music playing]
- Oh!
Oh, dear God.
Why don't you take our miserable lives?
Forgive me for being rebellious.
Please, don't say that.
It just hasn't come to your turn yet.
You call this living? Look at us.
Right now, I only wish
for one thing in the world.
I wish it would rain
and I could stand in it.
It'd wash me, all over me,
to take away all my wounds.
To take away all my pain.
I wish I could look
in the mirror one last time.
But not to this Ofelya.
To the old Ofelya.
And then I could leave this world.
[sorrowful music continues]
God, listen up.
I've endured your test long enough.
I only want that Ofelya
in the mirror to be remembered.
[music fades out]
[gurgled breathing]
[distant man shouting]
[high-pitched noise]
- [noise stops]
- [gasps]
[breathing deeply]
[pattering sound]
[tense music playing]
[moody whimsical music playing]
[blowing whistle]
[woman] Girl, hold up your head
or your neck will go stiff.
Let me tell you something.
You're either embroidering,
or you're reading a book.
Asiye, we should send a telegram
to Ziya tomorrow.
It's been days
since we last heard from him.
- Aren't you worried about him?
- I am worried, to be sure.
But I think he doesn't have
to write all the time.
He must be anxious
if his classes are getting harder, so
I wish we had that thing
they call the telephone here, too.
They have setup switchboards
in Kadıköy, and Beyoğlu,
but who knows when it's gonna get here?
I still say it's the work of the devil,
but you'll accuse me of being bigoted.
So I'm supposed to believe
the words will just travel over the cables
from God knows where
and make their way here as if by magic.
I can assure you
that the end is very near.
I hope we don't get caught
before we cleanse ourselves.
God have mercy on us.
- [Hamdi] Hey! Wake up, you hear, wake up!
- [ominous music playing]
- Hey, wake up, I'm telling you!
- [rats squeak]
- Are you dead? How can you still sleep?
- [groaning]
If I hadn't come,
they'd be eating your eyeballs right now!
[ominous music intensifies]
[music stops]
- Don't touch it! Don't touch it!
- Ow!
Why the hell am I bleeding?
Those rats were gnawing on you
while you were sleeping.
Tell me, how long
have you been laying here?
How much have you had to drink?
- Ziya!
- [panting] Yes, Hamdi?
Don't you see how he is? Rats have
bitten him! Grab some alcohol! Hurry!
- Oh, my
- Don't touch it, wait.
I bleed a lot! Is my ear in its place?
Hamdi, is it still there? Tell me!
It is. It's just bitten the tip of it.
- How did I not feel it?
- Of course you wouldn't feel it.
That's how tricky rats are, okay.
First they numb the area with
their saliva, then they start nibbling.
I'll be damned. That son of a bitch.
Where the hell is that damn creature, huh?
I'm gonna fucking destroy it!
- [echoing gunfire]
- Wait!
Stop it, you lunatic!
I was the only son of my family!
And now, Hamdi, they're going to refer
to a courageous young man
like me as, Şaban The Half-Eared!
[sobbing] What have I done
to deserve this, damn it?
Forget about the half ear
and pray you haven't gotten the plague.
- [Şaban] Huh?
- Rats are the source of bubonic plague.
A lot of people died because of that,
here and many in Europe,
and in great agony.
- Squirming till the end.
- [tense music playing]
- Ziya?
- What's wrong, Hamdi?
Why are you staring at me?
Your ear's bleeding.
[tense music builds in intensity]
[music stops]
[dramatic action music playing]
[music stops]
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